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User Reviews for Think Dirty – Shop Clean

4.81 out of 5
47.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Becscan
Totally changed my life and my hair! Amazing App!!!
Before I had this app, I had NO idea that the “natural” products I was using for my post-surgery hair loss were actually 1) NOT natural at all and 2) making my hair loss MUCH WORSE!! I love that you can just scan the barcode of a product (or look it up by name) to find out if it’s healthy or not. My favorite feature is the ingredient analysis, though! It shows every ingredient in every product in their database (they’re still building up their database - they have 1.6 million products and counting!-but you can submit new products if they don’t already have the one(s) you want to check out ;) )and shows you exactly which ingredients are healthy, which are questionable, and which are dangerous (using their 0-10 rating system) AND, in an effort to educate people, it tells you the other names of each ingredient (ex. Water/aqua), why it’s in the product, why it’s good/questionable/dangerous, and their recommendations! I’m not getting paid for this review, I really just LOVE this app and think it’s AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING! Bottom line: This app is INCREDIBLE and really focused on educating the public about what they’re using on their bodies- not on getting any kind of payout. From now on, I’m not going to use any beauty products if I haven’t checked them on Think Dirty, first!
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2 years ago, Nikkihuy
I LOVE this app💗
I love being able to quick reference products before I buy with the 0-10 rating and I’m seriously IMPRESSED by the detail that has gone into breaking down the ingredients and you are able to view actual or potential effects these ingredients have when used on our bodies. The references to studies are provided and you can quickly click and read the studies if you’d like to go in depth and to the source of the information. As a skeptical nerd, I LOVE this!! One thing I would like to see is more small brands being available for reference. I understand that takes loads of time with a diminished return as less people use them however, during COVID our small businesses need all the help they can get to stay afloat! I would encourage small businesses to contact Think Dirty to have their products evaluated and links to purchase! You are also able to scan and submit products you’d like to see reviewed. Only about 30% of the products I use aren’t available(as I prefer to shop local) but Think Dirty has added many of them over the past years. You are doing FANTASTIC and very important work! Thank you! 💗☺️
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4 years ago, mscookie0
Better search options
I like that you can search for a product by name, but I wish there was a way to sort products by quality and price (which I noticed the website doesn’t include and is an important aspect for most, how much is this 1 rated shampoo vs the 3 rated shampoo? - for those unfamiliar a lower rating means a better product) I’ve also noticed a lot of comments on the really low rated products were quite negative or indicated they would not purchase more and you’d have to scroll to find some positive reviews, but the app still shows that product with an 80% would use again with 4+ stars?? When most the upfront comments are negative? I’m not sure about the reviews section of this app. I definitely will be using this app to further look into potential products, but it’s not as useful with finding new ones as I hoped it would be. ......after perusing the app for another 30 min or so and cross checking it with “the best 10 hair care products for dry hair” so far were 6/6 being listed as 8 ratings aka very dirty. Now I expected some of the big name brands to not be the best for you, but literally all of them are listed as very dirty because they have a fragrance in them? I get that fragrance is a chemical but if all the other ingredients are green and they have one thing that’s an 8 I don’t think giving it an 8 rating is fair....
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4 years ago, pearsandclementines
No data on common brands
I got this app for the purposes of learning more about the products I apply every day and potentially turning over my makeup bag to include less harmful products. Immediately after downloading I started searching products in my makeup bag to learn more about the ingredients. There was no data on my bronzer, foundation or primer by Fenty Beauty, my Too Faced lip gloss, my mascara, or Glossier brow gel. Admittedly, I don’t race to get the newest release of lip kits or products but I also know that I’m not working with out-of-date or obscure makeup. I’m surprised that there would be no information on my products from the three major brands I listed above. I did get prompted to upload info and submit my products to the app’s database but I could not get a clear picture of my product even after 5 retakes. I don’t have this issue when using my iPhone camera normally so I can only assume it was an issue of the app. I don’t want to completely disregard what this app has to offer. The ability to look further into a certain ingredient with one click and get and overview of health effects and usage with a list of sources is so convenient and the concept I came for. I’m just disappointed that for have an average makeup bag with products from big names that I couldn’t find what I was looking for. For now I’ll just do my own research via Google.
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3 years ago, D. Blevins
Extremely Helpful
I went through my cosmetics and hair products and ended up tossing a large bag full of products that had a bad rating due to the ingredients by checking them out on this app. I began to buy items with a 0 or 1 rating for the sake of my skin and hair. By using this app to look up a product, I no longer have to research whether or not a product ingredient is good or bad for me which saves me a lot of time. There was one brand of hair products that I bought including shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, dry conditioner, blowout spray, and shine cream. Eventually, I began losing my hair, lots and lots of hair. I told my hair dresser that I thought I was allergic to that brand. She didn’t think so and sold me more of the same. What a dumby, I actually bought more. When I got this app, I looked up that product and found that it was given an 8 rating. I threw it all out. I’m hoping my hair grows back in but to make sure of it, I will look up any shampoo for a 0-1 rating from now on. I am very grateful this app exists and for all the people who work hard providing this information.
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5 years ago, Agilbster
Love this App! Everyone NEEDS this!
Love this app, it really has brought me so much awareness to all the chemicals & horrible ingredients in all my products! I used to think if i need to see the ingredients, just check the back, but companies can be so shady & misleading, making you think their products are all natural, eco-friendly, organic, etc. & then you scan the barcode & the product is an 8-10! I’ve been in the process of transitioning all my products over to healthier/eco-friendly products with the help of this app, but it can be very challenging because many of the healthier products either are so expensive or don’t work so needless to say i have been through many product fails & lots of money, but still trying! My only 2 constructive criticisms & the reason why i only gave 4 stars is because sooo many products that I scan aren’t in the system, which I understand because there are so many products out there. I also really wish there was a way to sort/filter the products by cost or an average cost (because i realize different retailers sell for different prices). It would save so much time trying to search for healthier options to potentially buy. Overall Love!
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1 year ago, DermatitisDesperate
Contact Dermatitis Pt /Dermatology Employee Approved!
I was recently patch tested at the clinic where I work, and it turns out I have some pretty severe allergies to certain chemicals that are in SO many of my products. I was given the AmericanContactDermatitisSociety app to help with knowing what products were safe for my particular allergies. However, I found the app was not very user friendly, most of the approved products for makeup options were no longer even being made, it didn’t tell you what you couldn’t use just some of what you can. This app has a MUCH larger and up to date database. I have found it to be so much more helpful than any other app I’ve attempted to use. My skin has very harsh reactions to certain chemicals and it has been a nightmare trying to find accurate information on ingredients for future use (I Had to get rid of almost all of my skincare and makeup, so there is a long list needing to be replaced.) I am so thankful a friend showed me this app! It’s been extremely helpful during this stressful process.
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4 years ago, kkosano
Very Useful App
This app allows you to check what chemicals are in your products and determines wether or not they are harmful. I didn’t realize how “dirty” (products that contain harmful chemicals that can be possible carcinogens) the items I owned were until I checked this app. It’s a great tool to use to be more conscious about what products to buy. You can search specific products using keywords or brand names to check their “dirty” score. While there are a variety of products, not everything is in the system. You can upload product information if it is missing which will be reviewed and later added to the system. I knocked one star down because the app seems a little difficult to navigate, especially when looking for a specific product. Sometimes typing keywords is not enough to locate the item which can be a little frustrating. Depending on the product, there can multiple submissions with different scores that could be confusing. Other than that this is a great tool to have; I use it for all my products and am working towards cleaner products. I would definitely recommend this app for the conscious shopper.
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12 months ago, azana02
Do you want your health behind a paywall?
TLDR; you won’t be able to do much at all without a subscription. You’re better off Googling ingredients. I was a premium user for a bit when I was more actively using the app, but then didn’t need it so I cancelled. I reopened the app today to look up some ingredients I saw in a face wash, and discovered that even looking up ingredients is now paywalled. I tried looking up the product itself in the product search, and now every product after the first 6 results is also paywalled. You can’t even see the basic product rating. This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if the search optimization for products on the app was good, but it isn’t. I typically have to scroll past 10-20 products before I find the one I typed into the search bar. I understand that you have to make a profit somehow, but making an app nearly unusable unless you pay up while still marketing it as “free” is deceptive and sad. I was so happy when I found this app to help me live a healthier and cleaner life, as it was insanely confusing and stressful googling every ingredient I saw in a product that I was unsure of. Now, that unfortunately seems to be the better method over using Think Dirty.
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5 years ago, qdbass
Most extensive app in clarifying cosmetic ingredients lists
They don’t just slap a grade on said item, they clarify the entire ingredient list. They give grades to both the product itself as well as each ingredient within the product. The best grade a product can have is a “0”, meaning it has extremely low risk ingredients- if any (I believe it is considered in the “green category” with a grade between 0-3; “yellow category” is 4-7; and “red category” is graded 8+). When you click on an item, it shows the list of ingredients, sorted by most toxic to least. You can click on any one of them to see the nitty gritty details, including scientific name (or other names it may be disguised as), usage and health impacts. There are other perks that are probably to be expected, like saving products to your “bathroom shelf” list or “dirty products” (I have yet to use all of those features yet). These guys have all my support but I deducted one star for difficulty finding many items I’ve tried searching for, as in they are not yet in their database. I wish there was a way to suggest products or brands for them to add, otherwise a really great app for cleaner living :)
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2 months ago, Sandee Hiatt
So helpful!
I have an autoimmune illness and I am using this app to change over to products with much less chemicals or no chemicals. If you have children or anyone, I would definitely use this app for every purchase. This is also a way to “vote” with your dollars and support those companies that are doing right. This is an update to my first review: after using this app as a guide to change my purchases to products that have less (or none!) harmful chemicals, 60 days later, I am seeing and feeling a big difference in my skin and lungs. Less irritation, and fatigue. I have started to check every product I buy in this app. Target is a great store for offering many of the cleanest products recommended on this app. I have found 80% of the items recommended by “Think Dirty” there. There is a “clean” button on filters for most every product, which helps isolate which ones might be best. It does take some cross referencing to the app, to assure the cleanest products! Thank you for having the app!! 💜💜💜
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7 months ago, ProductWhore
Insanely Informative
I just realized I have a tree nut allergy along with a ton of other allergies and had to give up all of my products. Mostly Shea Moisture because they changed their formula and added some bad ingredients. I’ll be honest, it made my hair fall out. So now I have to navigate a whole new world and this app is a LIFESAVER, literally. It’s saving me from anaphylaxis on a regular basis. It’s also teaching me about the chemical properties of products and how they affect your skin. You WILL be shocked at some of the products you’ve been using that you swear by, but you can now understand how and why some things are very toxic. I won’t purchase anything now without checking this app first. My only complaint is that it’s now sponsored and it didn’t used to be, that’s a huge conflict of interest. The comments don’t match the products now and a lot are obviously fake. I think everyone values transparency who’s using the app. Everyone I talk to has this exact same issue, it didn’t used to be this way….
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5 years ago, Gabsteryyy15
The app is biased and not giving full info
A friend referred this app to me as an expecting mother. I got the app and started scanning and was appalled at what the app thought was dangerous. I did my research on some ingredients, carcinogens, health problems and whatnot. The app is very biased towards organic product. If it’s not organic, they will label is 8-10 and call it very dangerous. One of my products is labeled a Group 2B by the national Cancer society- there is a possibility of it having harmful effects towards humans but the studies were inconclusive since it was tested on animals and not humans. But the app said it was a 9- very dangerous. It’s good to know what is in your products, but the app doesn’t tell you how much exposure to a product you’d have to endure before seeing effects of the bad ingredients. For example, *possible* carcinogens are found in Johnson and Johnson baby body soap. But to see effects of those possible carcinogens, a baby would have to be exposed to thousands and thousands of gallons. And even then, it is only a slight possibility (less than .0001%) that the child would get cancer. The information the app provides is misleading and it’s in favor of organic products. I think the app producers get paid to rate those products as “heathy products.”
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5 years ago, kemyers
I was so unaware of what I was bringing into my home. My cleaning products (all purpose cleaner & dish soaps, laundry soaps, etc.), body products (deodorant, shampoos, conditioners, facials, makeup, etc.) THEY WERE ALL TOXIC- and I had no idea. Some of these chemicals effect human hormones, skin sensitivity, and some chemicals lead to cancer & I didn’t even know they were in my home. I was uneducated which is the exact reason I am writing this review- once you know, you know & I guarantee once you know you will want better for your husband, your kids, yourself, and even the dog. TAKE ACTION! Download this app and use it to your best ability the app has a ranking scale from 0-10. 0 being the healthiest 10 being the MOST toxic. This is judged based upon the chemicals and products in your cleaners from home cleaners to body products too. All of my home products & body products were sitting at like an 8 or 9- which is really scary- Now you know, and YOU should download this app && change your life.
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5 years ago, MMBrady_Theo
At the least it makes you think
I downloaded this app several years ago. I went on a scanning frenzy. It was both alarming & terrifying to read all the suspect ingredients that were in items I had assumed were for the most part safe, particularly skin care. One expects chemicals in cleaning products, but not your lotion or toothpaste or even laundry detergent. It also made me think about where all these chemicals end up, that is in our water supply & soil, basically they are assimilated into our environment one way or another. That is the real benefit of this app, it makes you stop & think. I have found that some of the rating is misleading & not fully accurate like they are trying to scare people. I do not like the persistent level that they push products on users. It seems to have increased significantly since I first downloaded the app. Also I had a ton of products scanned & submitted that were not in the system & they are all gone now. That is extremely frustrating to me. It takes time to input products. I check back occasionally to see if they have been rated & to find that they are all just gone was pretty crappy.
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5 years ago, KKP95
Good app with room for improvement!
This is an excellent tool if you’re just starting out down the clean ingredients path. However to get the most out of this app, you need to actually read and learn. For example, most agencies agree that talc is fine in pressed cosmetics, but talc, no matter what form, automatically gets an 8 (ie. bad) rating. Therefore, you need to read and decide for yourself if you feel comfortable using that product or not. That’s why I call this app as a “tool.” One definite area for improvement is the products included. I wish there was a little less pushing of clean, indie brands and more assessment of the bad brands. I can find clean brands myself, but I need to know which to steer clear of. Entries on cosmetics are extremely limited even though it’s a booming market. It would also be nice if there was a way to view items by brand so that you could look at a company’s entire product line since the keyword search can be a bit off. Overall, I will continue to use the app but I look forward to future improvements!
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5 years ago, jmwheeler1109
Must have app
This is a must have app in my opinion. It’s amazing to be able to go through the store in skin products to see which are the least toxic before purchasing them. Marketing gimmick’s make you think “natural” Products are way safer than they are. Think dirty really shines a light on the truth about what’s in our products. I do however think it needs a little work, which is why it got four stars instead of five. Sometimes it will rate things very low such as a zero or a one because the ingredients are not fully in the system yet. So it looks like it’s made of water and aloe vera… When really there’s 10 ingredients missing. I wish that the product was not listed if the full list of ingredients have not been added to the products profile and been properly evaluated and rated. Despite this fact I still think it’s an insanely useful app and everyone should have it. Just use caution when you are looking at a product to purchase because you need to make sure all the ingredients are listed.
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4 months ago, jbc0130
Not all info provided
ADDED FRAGRANCE IS A POTENTIAL IRRITANT. Therefore I feel the ThinkDirty rating system is misleading. Fragrance seems to be completely ignored it their reviews and ratings of products. Whether it’s an honest oversight or for less naive motives, app users are potentially being misled to believe their products are clean and safe. At the same time ThinkDirty boasts about the number of products reviewed / user count. While the majority might not be negatively affected by added fragrance, I feel the app and company are omitting information about added fragrance, which feels dishonest and could open the door to spreading of misinformation. While the reasoning behind my review is subjective, I challenge the leadership of ThinkDirty to do a better job of educating themselves on all potentially irritating / unsafe ingredients. I would like to hear the thought process behind why fragrance isn’t addressed. Based on reviews of products in their catalog that have top ratings, fragrance is not taken into account. Bottom line is anything that has any added fragrance, chemical or natural, should be disclosed as potential irritants when used in skincare, hair care, and other beauty products.
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4 years ago, gmv1121
This app is beyond amazing. The explanations for every ingredient are so detailed and informative. They have most of the products you are looking for, or might have already. I really enjoy the fact that you can scan a barcode directly from a product or search that product by name. You also have the option to submit a new product if it’s not listed. Every product also comes with a review from other people on the app. Every product is rated based on the safety of its ingredients (0 being perfect, and 10 being terrible). Overall one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded. In order to access some of the features, you do have to pay. But you can use the app without paying a dime and enjoy 100% of the basic info that you need to make decisions about your products. Paying extra is just a perk to add a better experience if you’re really into the app or clean products in general. 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Candycrrushqueen9362589492
This app is super helpful..... BUT
I really do like this app, it’s a simple way to look at the ingredients and quick. What I don’t like is that if you have a bottle of shampoo with all 0-3 rating ingredients and one single ingredient is bad (8) that shouldn’t make the overall rating an 8. If the last ingredient (since this is the least amount) in the bottle is that bad rating then it should be weighted so that the overall rating isn’t just ruined because of an ingredient that’s barely in the product. There should be a better system here. Maybe even just a mean of all the numbers to have the rating. I don’t like the way the app does it at all. I’m not gonna be worried about 1 ingredient especially if it’s last in the list. Other than this I like how every ingredient is given a different number and color, it makes it easy to check out what’s in my product instead of trying to remember every bad ingredient in the store while reading the bottle. Finding the product is a little crazy if it’s not a popular one, and sometimes it’s not even on the app.
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2 years ago, Ayeshah H
Not sure… what to think
Honestly, I don’t know what to think about this app or how many stars to give.. it’s great has a lot to say about the products…..BUT about 90 % of the products that I currently use this app doesn’t even have in its database. For an app that says it has about 4K products in its database, why can it not find the products I use? They are all commonly used brands like dove/ doves mens, clean and clear, Olay, pond’s, Vaseline, etc out the products I only got rating for secret deodorant, summer’s eve, gold bond, listerine and Carmex. If these common brands aren’t in their database then what products are? Not to mention the products are rated rather oddly.. many factors are considered they say but I’ve noticed that many are based on one problem, such as fragrance.. I get that many fragrances may also have chemicals for stabilizing the products and can have many aerosols but fragrant products should not be rated an eight or 9 based on that alone unless they specifically state which fragrance or fragrances are the cause and why.
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3 years ago, ZiyjabCon
My Starting Point
Think Dirty is my starting point before deciding on any new product, I also cleaned up the products I already had in my cabinets. I love the feature that allows us to submit a product for research if they don’t have it in their already elaborate inventory. I feel empowered when making decisions on what I will use on my body as it will beAbsorbed by my skin. There were some products that I had already had that affects the liver so I got rid of those and replace them with cleaner products. I mostly purchase products that are rated zero on the app, but I will purchase products up to a 3-4 depending on the additional information that they provide when reading why they are rated that way. It has truly changed my life and my moms who has asthma as with cleaner products it improves your overall quality of life and you are breathing in less toxins.
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3 years ago, Sarah E Johnson
Grain of salt
Like a lot of negative reviews on here, take the information with a grain of salt. The idea for this app is VERY interesting, but it’s been executed poorly. - not all of the ingredients they deem “bad” on some products are accurate. I’ve noticed on a few skin care products I use have been labeled as containing fragrance. The ingredient list on the bottle says otherwise and is staunchly fragrance free on the bottle. - secondly, I think methylparabens shouldn’t be labeled as a “dirty” ingredient. This is controversial and is used in a lot of formulas to keep the product stable. There are also other ingredients several other people have pointed out as safe but are labeled dirty in this app. - they 100% sell your information to other companies to make a buck. This is the biggest no-no to me that made me delete the app. An app that truly wants to help people wouldn’t be using a platform to do this. I understand they need to make money somehow, but this isn’t the way. By rating products the app is paid to rate as “safe” (i.e Native) and selling information to other platforms that you viewed this product, you ruin your credibility.
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6 years ago, A/Bird
Useful app for a naturally cleaner lifestyle
This app is useful to find naturally driven products as opposed to a more chemical based product available in many stores. The only issue is, the app will rate a product low, then in a larger size or a different scent it is rated high. For example I was looking for a cleaner, truly greener laundry detergent, it included “all” brand, “free and clear”. The list rated it at a 3, when I scroll down, a bigger size of the exact same product, same ingredient, is rated an 8?! I think the app needs better regulation of products for higher integrity to all who use. This will ensure the products are up to date. I also learned a big name household company bought out the app, and now many of their products are listed lower, when it had a high rating before. Definitely look more into the products you wish to try. However the app is great for a quick comparison when you are choosing a better, honest, and of course natural selection for your family 😊
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4 years ago, Cinnamon Tulane
Very useful!
For as many items as the have in their database I have still found a lot of products that are not included, and some barcodes are to the incorrect item. However considering the service is free, I’ll take it! Recently on the EWG search I couldn’t find products I know are listed because I can find them other ways, using a simple search! My wish list for this app would be to be able to search for something like “dish soap” and be able to filter the results by score so that I could easily see all the products with a 0-3 score for example to target my future purchases rather than have to search for the individual products my store carries. Second wish on my list would be to have a separate rating for products that would otherwise be “clean” if it weren’t for “fragrance” being listed as an ingredient. Thanks for this service! The app is very user-friendly.
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2 years ago, KeriMQT
Don’t remember how I got here.
Caught on the spot, usually bypass reviewing. But since Think Dirty asked, I believe it knows that I am a regular user.. Oh, yes! I do not bypass doing my homework on a purchase. Think Dirty is my; at the store, to just remember, I would love to not pinch my favorite clean toothpaste out of the tube anymore, that I exclusively subscribe to but yet never have enough of… Anyway, teeth and all other chemical avoidance, has me prowling down chemical lined store aisles, and Think Dirty is on the job of finding my best clean option… It’s responsible for many a conversations with strangers down the makeup aisle. I’m always excited to encourage others to use it though. I’m realizing, some people just don’t think about it.. It’s so amazing to have a easy tool in my pocket to just check quick. My skin is so sensitive to most things, so saves me a lot of hassle. Thanks Think Dirty!
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5 years ago, Nikkietheestie
Super handy
I love being able to look up products’ “dirtiness” so that I can stock my shelves with those that will be the best in terms of ingredients’ safety. I really appreciate the added articles that back up the claims to where the ingredients are on the scale. As a licensed esthetician I love knowing the why and how of things. I also love that if a product is not yet in the system, I can send in info about it for them to review and add later. A couple suggestions: - Options for filtering search results (brand, score range, product type, skin type, etc). I would love to be able to go window shopping for certain types of products but the search engine doesn’t seem to always be the best place to start. It seems like when I try searching for something it gives all the 0 scored products at the top. So something like a “popular” filter would show those products (high and low scored) for a good idea of where to start in a search for a go-to product. Maybe also allowing users (or designated ambassadors/moderators) to help in categorizing would be a cool feature. - More customization options for the lists. Maybe instead of folders, we can add our own hashtags for a more optimized search through our own set-aside products. That’s all I can think of for now. But dang I already love this app (I’ve been wanting something like this since getting my license in 2015!) and am so excited to see what comes next for it. ❤️❤️
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3 years ago, M0rrgan1313
It WAS a great app…
until it put half of its features behind a PAYWALL. I used to love this app and I used it a lot, never went to the beauty counter without out. Until they ruined it. I understand apps have to make money and nothing in life is free. However. It went from, a easy to use app with lots of good information and some of the more advanced features needing a subscription…to locking up all the item ingredients and even my profile behind a PAYWALL. After I had been a registered user for YEARS. Not cool guys, not cool. I can’t continue to bother with this app since it is now useless unless you pay for an annual subscription. The developers could have done something else for basic users like advertising to keep their profit margins but no, they chose instead to change an app that was free with some extra paid features to, a yearly subscription app thatis essentially unusable without a subscription. I will not be recommending this app to anyone in the future because everyone always has more yearly app subscriptions than we should have anyway and you can find similar apps online for free.
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1 year ago, RenPureSunsine
I’ve had this app for 3 years.. I recently got a new phone but I still have it on my old phone and I use it from there… I noticed that they locked products to where you can only view with the membership that they didn’t have locked before… I’m giving this app one star because it’s gotten significantly worse over the past 2 years and there has always been limited information on products because you have to have the membership to view it… in a world where everything is getting progressively expensive you think humans would work together to at least make it a little cheaper to stay healthy… especially in this “great america” where healthcare is ridiculous… it’s nice to look at your favourite soap to see if it has cancer causing carcinogens and be able to possibly avoid breast, cervical, skin cancer etc… I’m sure they will keep locking products and raising the price for the membership because we live in a very selfish self centered world… so I will be deleting the app… I downloaded it to make this comment… thanks for reading my review! (Proverbs 28:27 check it out 🙂)
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5 years ago, Koolieooooooo
This is the only app I ever been willing to actually take the time to review! This app has been so extremely helpful. I went fragrance free 7 months ago and I don’t think I would have been able to make the transition without this app. I will say sometimes it slow and has some issues. I do think that it needs some improvements. I also wish I could search the price of products on here because I have to do so much back and forth between the app and my computer to see which products are reasonably priced. Also the app is missing several products I looked up. But I love the breakdown of the products and how it helps me finds things that are actually safe to use. I have this app front and center on my phone so if I’m ever about to buy something I use it right away! This app has been a lifesaver so many time because so many products are greenwashed!
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5 years ago, Toni.2121.
Cleaning out all my closets!
This app has seriously helped me to start clearing out my crap. I’ve been environmentally cautious for some time as a vegan and always wanted to clear my toxic products but never got around to doing it. This has really kickstarted a new journey and has already introduced me to amazing new, green and no toxic products! I’ve already started with new makeup hauls (via this app), skincare (again, products I found on this app), and have tossed products out. I love the methodology provided and the information-for a research nerd this is the best. It’s an easy to read app and I enjoy the barcode scan feature. It’s a fun way to ditch the toxins out and find new, exciting products that are aligned with the efforts of other business trying to provide clean, healthy products for all. It’s also a platform to educate you on common ingredients with negative side effects. Love it!
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5 years ago, O2B_Mamade
Great app and hope it will get stronger
It is a great starting point for looking for clean products at home. I’ve found some of my products aren’t listed and I like that I can submit them to be added. I do research before trying new safer products as I have been tossing the dirty ones out, but I do want to be sure the new ones work and don’t have hidden dirty ingredients. The two things I would like to see are: 1) links via the company name between items of the same brand so that if I find one item from say “Bright Green,” I can find all other products by the same company. It would give consumers an idea of how good a company is overall. Also, I’d like to be able to sort lists by name or clean number and have the ability to filter the list down. Some of the search results are huge and I’d love to make the searches smaller. Thanks for listening. I’ll keep submitting the items I have here at home. Hope you can keep up with me. :) Ha!
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4 years ago, bmorgan1018
Good, But Not A Bible
While this app is a great starting point for finding harmful chemicals in hair products and whatnot, everyone must understand that it’s exactly that: a starting point. This app is not tailored to anyone’s skin type, hair type, or allergies. Marking fragrance at an 8 due to allergens, therefore making out the product to be very harmful, is simply not applicable to mine or many other’s standards. I’ve been using the Renpure brand for many years and have never found any other brand of hair care to suit my hair type better, but this app marks all the products as harmful due to containing diazolidinyl urea, a cosmetic preservative, simply because it can release formaldehyde. Yes this is a bad chemical, but after doing my own research, I found that DZU doesn’t release formaldehyde in a large enough amount to cause any sort of health problems. So while i believe this app is a GREAT start, make sure to take anything with a grain of salt and ALWAYS do your own research!
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5 years ago, MonalyssaBrooke
Gotta love living in the 21st Century
This app saved me so many times from buying the wrong toiletry product(s) just because another source told me the ingredients were safe. My favorite part about this app is that not only are the ingredients listed just for you, but they’re sorted by level of toxicity along with examples you need to fully understand the products you put in your body and in your home. You can’t go wrong either, it’s completely free and easy for anyone to use. I would highly recommend downloading this app. Speaking from personal experience, you’d be in utter shock by how many toxins you will discover just by doing a little research. Not just a little makeup, shampoo, lotion, etc. research you will find in every product you own, but it goes even deeper than that. Let’s just say, I did my research on the FDA’s makeup ingredient laws and I quickly became disgusted and infuriated. Just be careful with who you put your trust in, even ‘Think Dirty’, so it’s always a good idea to triple check your information, especially the ones we’re supposed to blindly trust, apparently...^ I hope this helped :) I know it can be stressful, but once you start learning about your everyday items, the better you’ll be at choosing the right products for you and your loved ones. Good luck!
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3 years ago, eagleeyekat
Good, needs cleaning + adding more
Information about a product’s ingredients and user reviews are very helpful. The available lists to save products makes it easy to reference later. The search bar can sometimes put unrelated products higher up on the results than what you’re looking for, but most of the time it pulls up what I’m looking for. There are duplicates of some products, which are either identical or are for different formulations; these should be consolidated, or noted as to which one is an old formula because the ratings may be distinct but only one is on the market. I really wish I could tap a brand name on a product page and be taken to a new page with all rated products by that brand, as it would it easier than trying to search for individual products in the search bar. Lastly, there are brands with only some products rated, so an expansion of the database would be appreciated.
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6 years ago, Nsb4
Needs to be updated. Very glitchy.
Loved this app at first. It seems they spend more time pushing the products they are sponsored by instead of cleaning up listed products and repairing the glitches. That’s fine if they are reliable products that work. Most seem like they do. I have found many products with conflicting ratings! Also products given a score with no ingredient information. They should not be listed if no reason for the score given. So many products I’ve searched for are not in the list. I submitted popular products many months ago to be reviewed and still are not shown. But I do understand the data base is constantly being updated. The comment review feature is a bust for me now. I am unable to read comments on the products. Not to mention it’s very glitchy and stops working every time I open it! I gave it 3 stars because this app has a great foundation to work with and will be great once these major kinks are worked out.
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6 years ago, Lisa Breyfogle
I love this app! I struggle with severe allergies to chemicals, especially the dirty ones that are in cosmetics, lotions, shampoos and etc. it takes me hours in a store, to find products that I’m not allergic to. I have to vigilantly read every ingredient label for everything. Where has this app been all my life???!!!! I still have to read ingredient labels in every single product I purchase, even if the product is on my safe list and I’ve used it before. Companies can and do change ingredients all the time, with out informing consumers. I have spent countless hours searching for products on line. It has been such a daunting task. It’s been so difficult to find ‘clean products’ unless you know where to look. Trust me Ive looked everywhere! If you don’t know of a clean company, it’s had been extremely difficult to find them on line no matter what search terms I’ve tried. This app is amazing, I can sort through products quickly, by scanning the barcode. If a product has a rating of more than 3, I don’t even bother reading the label. I move on to the next product. With this app it gives suggestions, and now I know where to look to find safe ingredients!! Best app ever!! Thank you for making my life easier!!
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2 years ago, TJCW6
Can’t trust this app anymore
I’ve been using this app for years. Now they are making you pay for things that have been completely free in the past and quite frankly it’s not worth it. Even before they started charging money for it the integrity of this app took a steep nose dive and I don’t trust their rating system anymore. They would mark products as having a really good ratings but have missing ingredients or incorrect ingredients listed (checked against the product websites), would constantly have product ratings not manually verified (same product I kept checking on and it was like that for years) and obviously giving certain brands higher ratings when it was clear that they didn’t deserve it (certain ingredients for one product would give it a bad rating but in another was completely ignored). The greenwashing is ridiculous. I can no longer recommend. Which is a shame because it used to be a really good resource for finding better products. I just don’t trust it anymore.
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2 years ago, nhillard0001
Great app but needs some improvements
The app is wonderful and eye-opening. It’s frustrating that so many cosmetics contain garbage that could really be impacting our health. I highly recommend! Some improvements could be made to the search functionality. When searching for a product by a particular brand, it often gets buried in results containing other brands/products higher in the search results list. Several times I thought the product I searched for wasn’t found, but it was actually much further down in the results beneath other brands I didn’t search for. I also wish you could sort by brand or search all one brand’s products. Hopefully updates will be made in the future, but even so, it’s still worth using! Thank you for this app, it will definitely change which products I choose to use.
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2 years ago, Mreeves336
Good but could be a bit better
I love this application and I just subscribed. I wish that you could upload a product without having to scan the barcode because not every product has a barcode. I wish there was just a + where you could add the product manually but still be able to scan the ingredients and description and such. Having to scan the barcode also requires that you have the product physically in your hand which may not come in handy for making purchasing decisions. I wish that you could simply scan the ingredients off the packaging to see what’s harmful and what’s not instead of having to search them one by one with the subscription, that was this app a five out of five for me. It’s also unclear what “contamination concerns with X chemical” means so maybe some sort of Key would be good as well.
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2 years ago, G Hann
Great concept, but user experience could be improved.
Lots of the negative reviews are saying the ratings aren’t fair, that things are given bad ratings even when questionable ingredients are in small amounts or in forms that aren’t necessarily dangerous…. But that’s what I APPRECIATE about it. It gives me all the info, and red flags things so that I can make an informed choice about what I use and how frequently. I’m glad they’re so thorough. My gripe is that it’s not especially easy to navigate. If I could filter by verified brands and ratings that would be great. Also an easy way to click to view the entire collection of a brand would be awesome. The search feature also leaves much to be desired, if you look for “tinted moisturizer”, you’ll get a few results at the top, followed by unrelated products. I paid for the year long subscription in hopes that the user interface improves and their database continues to grow.
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6 years ago, chipotlite
Very misleading now pushing notices more than daily
I downloaded this app a few years ago after reading about it on a favorite bloggers site. She was very impressed. I checked a few things I use and a few things the blogger was throwing out. I have a BS, MS, and doctorate degree in the sciences. My masters is in Environmental Sciences. I have always worked in the biological sciences. I found the app information and scoring quite alarmist. Here’s an example. Selsun Blue is listed as toxic. The reason because it has Selenium. Selenium can be toxic. But it is also an essential mineral for animals. So just stating it is toxic is silly. A short exposure to selenium in your shampoo should not be harmful. In fact tinea versicolor a fungal infection of the skin can be treated by applying Selsun Blue to your skin and waiting 20 minutes before showering. So the suggestion that simple use of Selsun Blue as a dandruff shampoo is dangerous because it includes selenium is at least misleading. I haven’t used the app in a few years. What lead me to comment today is the fact that this app has started sending me notices. It is pushing products.
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6 years ago, Emjhartl520
A blessing and a curse
A friend posted online about this app several months ago and immediately I was obsessed. I liked how products were broken down and each ingredient rated and explained; it seemed very thorough. Every time I shopped online or went to a store for a new product, I opened the app and searched and scanned, checking to see if what I wanted was “approved.” Here’s the catch: I fully believe that they totally ignore user-uploaded products. Really basic and popular things I use, from major brands, have not been added for months now. Brands that are up-and-coming in the natural/non-toxic beauty world are not even listed. The makers of this app are clearly focusing on promoting products from sponsor companies and other great products get left in the dust. It is useful but only to a certain extent. A good starting point for someone looking to clean up their beauty routine but shouldn’t be considered a thorough resource. Also, it glitches and refuses to load about a third of the time for no apparent reason.
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3 years ago, proud piglet
Best App for clean products, but has room to grow
better than EWG. Much less corrupt because companies don’t have to purchase their label or pay a fee to be able to receive a good score unlike EWG. Unfortunately they don’t have as wide of a range of products in their database as i would ideally like. But their explanations are thought out and they are scientifically based but easy to understand. overall i think this app is transparent and has the potential to be the leader of the pack in the world of clean beauty products being held accountable for the ingredients they use. I also wish that there were not locked sections of the site. that seems pretty wack to assume that you need to be able to have enough extra money to pay their unlock fees if you deserve safe product knowledge that can seriously make a difference in your life and the lives of your family. -maia spinner portland oregon
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2 years ago, Skylarjolleyxo
The perfect app for buying clean products!
This app is literal perfection. I have recently switched to all clean products in my household and before I found this app, I would be in the store googling the best clean products and it would take forever to figure out if it were truly “clean” or not. This app is so quick and easy and allows you to scan the barcode or type in the name of the product (not every product is in the database, but I’m sure will be added with time) and you can see the results as soon as you search. You will be surprised of the amount of items labeled “clean” in a store that will have a score of 3 or 4 when the best is 0. Yikes! Amazing app and so happy I found this to make sure I can continue buying clean products.
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2 years ago, BellaxBambina
Not necessarily accurate, App Developers Do Not Stay Up-to-Date with products.
Love the concept of the app. Missing a lot of inclusive products, barcode registrar process for listing new products = tedious.. you don’t have to type everything out, or else it will disregard your submission. Mainstream product lines from big brands and their ingredients are not kept up to date, resulting in other apps, with similar concepts to be more accurate in what ingredients you’re buying in stores. I guess this is to steer you toward ordering products from their app, and have to wait for pesky shipping times. I am more of an “I ran out of this the other day, and need more/a replacement - let me run to the store!” kinda gal. Hope to see this change, and hopefully get popular again in the future - as I see most of the reviews are from several years ago, few and far are recent.
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7 months ago, MommyAhn
Natural flavor is not natural!????
I highly recommend this app, especially to those who have young children. I found this app from a review of a website advertising that their products were all natural and baby friendly. I thought this app might be something I would keep going back to check products for my kids, so I gave it a try. Not only did I learn that many products that were advertised natural and kids friendly contained harmful ingredients under name of NATURAL FLAVOR, but also I learned what ingredients to avoid in the future. On top of that, once you check the product you want to buy, you can click a button on the top and look for online markets that carry the product. All in all, I’m in absolute love with this app!!
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4 years ago, Dr.Apple93
Extremely useful
As someone who strives to purchase the cleanest, cruelty-free products for the home and my body, this app showed me that I wasn't getting the whole truth from various brands I thought were the best. So happy I was told about ThinkDirty. Such a beneficial tool for anyone that cares about what you're really getting when you go shopping. I haven't purchased a single item in the last month without researching it and being sure that it is truly safe to use. Don't be fooled! Use ThinkDirty to maximize your lifestyle and brand awareness. You'd be surprised what's actually in the products you've been loving and supporting. Only issue: when submitting new products for review, I never received any confirmation for doing so, nor was I ever notified that the item was added to the app. Been nearly a month now since adding an item and yet to hear anything.
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5 years ago, Kristina_7628
Life changer
To say this app changed my life would be an understatement. As soon as I downloaded it I began looking up all the products I’ve been using and found basically everything I was using (makeup, lotions, body wash, etc to be either carcinogenic or containing harmful articulations fragrance. I am not smarter about the things that I buy, and I actually read the ingredients list instead of being tricked by a persuading label. I’m so happy I downloaded it. The only problem I see now is some things are labeled ‘0’ but once you click on them they have stuff in yellow...this to be is not considered a ‘0’ and I’m starting to think these certain brands are paying this app to advertise them as ‘0’ which I hope isn’t the case because that would destroy everything they say that they stand for.
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6 years ago, knakagawa
Looking forward to an updated version.
I love the concept behind “Think Dirty.” I’ve already scanned several of the items not only on my side of the medicine cabinet but my boyfriend’s as well. I think it’s a great starting point for looking into what is actually in the products we consume. I couldn’t believe that some of the things I thought wouldn’t be so harmful actually are! The format of the app is very easy to understand, but a lot of information is missing if you click on the different ingredients with “info coming soon!” placeholders. A couple of things I don’t like about the app so far: 1. Sometimes it’s very slow at loading when searching for products. 2. Scanning small barcodes such as those on a nail polish bottle is difficult if not impossible. When you punch in the barcode numbers instead, the correct product does not always appear. 3. Several products in my home are not in the database yet. I know you can add unlisted products, but this process is tedious. 4. Duplicate products are entered in the database, which I think may be artificially inflating the number and variety of products available for evaluation in the app. Overall, I think this app has potential, though. Looking forward to improved versions of the app.
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