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TikTok Ltd.
Last update
2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for TikTok

4.75 out of 5
17M Ratings
2 years ago, Payton Jordan
A place to start
Hello! My name is Payton, today I am writing a review for one of my most favorite apps. There are so many good things about this app, the selections, the filters, the sounds, and the people you can meet on the app! You always want to keep on the good side of tiktok, with kind people and people who don’t expose their bodies for views. TikTok tries their best to ban people, but most of the time they end up banning the wrong people at the wrong time. TikTok makes multiple mistakes and has let me and others down, despite being my favorite app because of the things you can do on it, there truly is a bad side of TikTok. TikTok tends to have bugs here and there, but one of the bugs they have are so annoying. At a point in time, a few days ago, people couldn’t follow people back. This went on for 2-3 days. It didn’t fix until the next day because you could have 100 people following you, and you didn’t follow back at least 1 of them. Also , what is stupid is that they have sending messages too fast now. It’s annoying, what if it’s my best friend and we only text on tiktok ? Sometimes what TikTok does is actually annoying and makes me want to delete the app. Despite all of this, TikTok is a great app, but could use some improving. Thanks for reading this review, hope you have a great day! Chow !
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5 months ago, Undergroundking81
I love TikTok
The only thing I dnt like is how it changed and now u can’t make videos with music more then 1 minute long when I love to remix music videos with effects and upload and some are videos of concerts and other music videos I’ve seen on tik tok on others pages but I upload them with my own spin by adding more effects to make the music videos even better and much different from original or what anyone else is doing but yet,as of lately now their muting a lot of my videos I have had on my page since I started and new ones I try to upload.i dnt understand I thought it was about making content for entertainment purposes and to do something someone else is not but their pages that promote drugs and other drug products in their videos and theirs remains but mine just music videos that are out for the public already all over TikTok and other platforms and I remix and remake them and my account and videos get muted I dnt think it’s fair nor do I understand..I thought their was freedom of creativity that’s why I joined TikTok to begin with but if I can’t do my passion there I guess I’ll just have to start another social platform to show my creativity in this land of freedom like it supposed to be ..
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3 years ago, Whatdoyoumeanineedanickname?
Drafts Button
I love this app. I think it’s a great way to connect with people of similar interests and create a unifying experience for everyone. I’ve always thought of the app as very easy to use and accessible to all people (especially with the captions added to the app), but the new update that caused the drafts button to shrink has been a big problem to many creators. People are fond of their privacy, yet they still love the idea of making videos. This leads to many creators making little cringy videos that they would then just save to their drafts to post later or to just save the sound. Many have that muscle memory of just automatically clicking the middle of the drafts button, but because of this new update, they have been accidentally posting their drafts. Not only is this a nuisance to mentally check every time that you are not posting a draft, but it can be very compromising to creators who need videos to be only saved in their drafts, away from their followers. These people would be minors or others who are uncomfortable with their face being public, Islamic women who like making videos with their hair but cannot show their hair to the public for religious reasons, and others who make videos for themselves and not for the public eye. This new update has caused a lot of frustration in the community and as an enjoyer of this app, I, and the whole community, would please like it if the drafts button was changed to its original size.
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2 years ago, Call_Me_Spuddle🐒
Trash app permanent ban for no reason
I loved this app until recently I ran into complications. One day I say a video and thought it was funny and shared it to my friends. Didn’t realize that none of them were being sent and it was because it was saying that every time I sent a message that it was violating the community guidelines. I even sent the letter “O” and told my girlfriend “I love you” and those were immediately taken down too. I did an appeal and they all came back and said it was a mistake. Then it would happen again. Today I went to log into TikTok bc for whatever reason I was logged out and it said that my account was permanently banned because of multiple violations of community guidelines. This is me coming back for being inactive for several days and just and apparently it banned me just for logging back into the app bc I wasn’t banned according to my girlfriend and my emails until I logged in again. Never have been banned before but yeah permaban right out of the get go and the best part is that it didn’t even give me the option to appeal just let me request to download my data whatever that means. So yeah years of memories down the drain bc of that dumb bug. Trash app. Unless I get my data back I’m never using it again because that’s a waste what’s to stop it from happening again anyways? I’m not the first and they didn’t get their accounts back either and apparently they never even got called back just ignored so yeah I’m done.
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2 years ago, sarahhmmm
Poor updates
I’ve had this app for three years now, and one thing that remains consistent is how every update has made the app worse in one way or another. In one of the latest updates, the ability to search up videos was removed, and I just don’t see this benefitting anyone or anything. How does this make the app better? How is this improving the app? How can I feel comfortable updating this app when it’s highly probable I’ll end up regretting it, and the odds are NOT in my favor?? After discovering this feature was removed, I went to the App Store and saw that there was another update available. Thinking this would fix the issue and very poor choice on the devs’ behalf, I updated the app. Opened it and the format is completely ruined. There is now a seemingly pointless dislike button attached to each comment and ruining the formatting of the comments, the favorites button is now taking up an unnecessary amount of room on the screen, and there is a new “Friends” tab on the bottom of the screen that just isn’t useful. What’s the point of any of this? Why add these useless and hindering features, and yet continue to take away the things that make the app more accessible, the things we truly need? As an avid user of Tik Tok, I am fed up. It hurts to see this happening, and I don’t know how much longer I can put up with it and use this app. I hope this message reaches the right person, and my voice (among many others) can be heard.
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3 years ago, 1292272
This app is completely biased and treats certain types of content creators horribly
TikTok has TOS and community guidelines that only work if you are either making them money, or if you conform to what they want. Not only this they will make up bogus violations against certain people that are not even real violations of terms or guidelines. For example they will ban accounts of people just for eating. And worse than that they don’t always review stuff and when they do it’s just personal opinion on their part if they like it or not. Also they will suppress content creators like cosplayers or just ban their accounts all together for no reason. They also claim to have rules and stuff against bullying and harassment yet instead when someone comes to them about being bullied or harassed TikTok will punish the person being bullied by suppressing their account and making it so their videos don’t get seen as much rather than dealing with the actual bully, and they also will do this same suppression and content hiding on people who they don’t find attractive, people with disabilities, and people who they think are overweight. Some people don’t have these problems because TikTok just picks and chooses who to cause problems for. The list of problems goes on and on. People need to be aware that TikTok is a horrible app and is not user friendly to certain people just because it doesn’t like them. These problems need to be made public and need to be fixed.
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2 years ago, sammyssheep
Please don’t overuse this app
I’ve had this app for over 4 years and it’s been a problem, most of the community on this app pushes this mentally ill mindset and I know some people can just ignore it but it’s EVERYWHERE. When you see that stuff so much for that long it starts to get to you. TikTok has changed my generation so much, (hear me out I know this sounds like something your grandpa would say), there’s just something wrong with all of us, I think it is because TikTok is so addictive. The short videos on this app make our patience way shorter, and our attention span. The addiction of TikTok keeps you on your phone 24/7, when you are addicted to something you put it above all else, even other human beings, real people with feelings. I’m not making this up, I am seeing it happen to people I know, I’ve seen this generation get meaner and meaner everyday, it could be because of the mental illness trends or the selfishness the addictions push. And the terrible racist algorithm is another reason people are so upset on TikTok, POC creators are getting banned way more than white creators are, and POC creators barely get any reach. In conclusion, please don’t overuse this app, it’s very easy to get addicted to so I suggest not getting it at all.
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12 months ago, KollierWallace
I have had my fair share of issues with many websites when it came so spam, scams, and horrible content that shouldn’t be allowed on the platform, and for the most part they are good at detecting spam accounts and fake content… not great, but most of the time it gets done or at least worked out. TikTok does none of this, and instead plugs its ears and says there’s no problem. A majority of the accounts that like my posts or bookmark my videos are fake porn accounts trying to steal private information, and in spite of making multiple emails to TikTok and filing over 100 reports towards these fake sex accounts, they have told me there’s nothing they can do about it. Furthermore there are constant issues with e-beggars who steal other people’s content begging for cash or straight up pirating movies and making money off of them, as well as multiple pornographic posts that have been reported and TikTok has insisted don’t violate their TOS. Even many of their ads are scams or spam as well, leading to fake sites pretending to “go out of buisness! We have 99% off sale on product!” or “We’re hiring! Click link below for more info!” I have never ran into so much spam on any other social media platform in my life, and I have never had this many issues with the company refusing to listen to me when I show them the problems at hand. Not worth your time and effort when all the engagement you’re getting are from bots and fake accounts.
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1 year ago, vbmsn10
OK I keep trying to write this with you but it keeps not letting me so I took one store away from it because I was going to rate it 2 stars but now I’m rating it 1 start and the reason why the rating so low is because I TikTok will not let me follow anybody anymore. Every single time I try to follow an account it always says you’re following people too fast. Which is not even true because I haven’t followed somebody in a long time and I’m only following 112 people right now it has been saying this since like 415 which is ridiculous. Normally I would right it’s a 10 out of 10 or a five star out of five stars. I just want to follow these accounts but it’s not letting me and that is why I am upset so yeah. Update from me 3 years in the future: I was recording a little video for fun that I was NEVER intending to post trying out a new filter and when I went to watch the video tiktok glitched and made me post it to my story, before it was all the way done posting I left the app and powered off my phone on hopes that it would not post and just save the video to my drafts. I waited a minute then powered my phone back on swiped out of TikTok then got back on it and my daft was POSTED. I am very very upset because I know that people will see that TikTok EVEN THOUGH ITS ALREADY BEEN DELETED. I know this because sometimes tiktoks will come up on my fyp and then when I try to like it it will say that the tiktok is deleted but I still saw it!!!!! I am EXTREMELY upset.
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3 years ago, Bjbjbjbjbudbekdofbd
TikTok is a fun app to watch dancing, comedy, cooking, hacks and many more videos. I would 10/10 recommend getting it if you haven’t already. If you are a parent figuring out if your child should be able to get TikTok just know that some songs and some dances are a little inappropriate for the younger kids. If your child is 11+ I would say they will be fine. The app itself is organized very well, so you save videos and sounds to look at later. You are allowed to have a private or public account depending where n your comfort. A private account means that you have to send a request to follow the user. This also means that you have to follow the user in order to watch their videos. Having a public account means anybody can follow you and anybody can sit and scroll through your account. You can remove followers. When having a public account, your videos may also be on the for you page. The for you page is videos you can scroll through of content that is recommended for you based on what you like and save. This is how many videos go viral. So an overall rating on this app, 10/10 would recommended, it keeps you busy all day and there is a video out there that will make you laugh.
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3 years ago, veda nice
I recommend TikTok, here’s why. TikTok is a great place for socializing. Better than other apps, TikTok asks what you like then shows it on your fyp, you can also customize what creators and specific content is on your fyp by liking videos and following creators. There are fun trends to follow, with cool filters as well! You can have 8 accounts in total and they won’t be connected to the others, (so if you want a secret account, no one will find you). You can favorite sounds and videos, comments, etc. That was Tiktoks good features! Now for the not so great ones. These are the reason TikTok got a 4/5 from me. So, TikTok has something called community guidelines, to keep every young child on the app safe and just cyber bullying under control in general, but the thing is, these guidelines are commonly false. For example, I got banned on a account with over 1000 followers for bullying even though I was duetting myself saying I was improving. And dumb things get removed on TikTok, such as videos, accounts, and comments. But then there are some cases where someone is doing something so wrong and it doesn’t even get removed until it gets over 1000 reports. That’s messed up. Other than that, tiktok is a great place! I recommend it! Just watch out for those guidelines! 😬👍
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4 months ago, remie 💁🏼‍♂️
love hate relationship
I’ve loved this app more than anyone could ever express, It’s been there for me on the darkest and happiest days, but not today. Today is the worst day of my entire existence. Tiktok suspended my account. FOR NO REASON!!!! Back about a few months ago my main tiktok account got banned, for no reason. I didn’t care that much though, because I had other accounts and I used them more often. About a month ago my friends tiktok got banned, for no reason, along with her spam and her cousins account. She also brushed it off, even though it hurt she just made a new one. Today I get home from school and the worst thing I could ever possibly imagine happened to me. MY TIKTOK GOT SUSPENDED ALONG WITH THE SAME FRIEND. FOR. NO. REASON. Our other accounts also got banned. We can not log in. Our tiktoks are glitchy it wont let us click on anything. This has caused so many tears. Do you know how many memories went with these tiktok pages. No you don’t, and don’t you dare call us dramatic because you will never understand our pain until you’ve been put in our shoes. So if you call us dramatic I wish this upon you. Maybe if I just would’ve used those stupid subliminal stuff on there. What did I do to deserve this. 😢
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4 years ago, isablla brophy
Good until it bans you for no reason
It is a pretty good app and I loved it. It kept me intertwined until my friend and I took a video together and she was wearing a pretty big sports bra. It cover everything except her stomach. My video got banned even though charli and Addison and other famous girl tik tokers were short shorts and bikinis. I thought okay well I guess that’s okay to get banned. So I kept posting and everything was fine. At that point only one of my videos got banned. I hadn’t posted in a couple days so I decided to post a video of the song “Thank you next”, by Ariana grande, org pictured of horses at the barn I ride at. Just the horses themselves and at the end I put a picture of me and another horse. It was a selfie and you could see a lot of the horses face but a little bit of mine. It got banned and said I was permanently banned from my account. For no reason it should be banned. I was wearing normal clothes and you could only see my face. I have no clue why it got banned and I’m really upset because that was a really good account and every school friend I had and or friend followed me and I got a decent amount of likes on each video. I’m am really mad at TikTok right now. Like did the horse not wear enough clothes. Seriously...
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10 months ago, E-Criselle
Banned for unknown reasons
I downloaded TikTok about two weeks ago or less. I noticed after a day of having it that my profile or app may be broken. After I would close out the app and get back on later, all of the creators I followed and all of my liked/saved videos would disappear. Not only that, but when I first attempted to upload a profile pic and bio, I received an error message saying I reached my daily limit. I let it go and tried again for the next few of days but with no luck, I kept receiving the same message even after 24 hours. The only thing that succeeded and stayed were my email and phone verification. I became so frustrated with this app that I stop using it for the next couple of days. Tonight I decided to give it another shot, only to receive a message saying that I “violated guidelines” and my account is now banned….. How does any of this make sense? I couldn’t use this app for the most part so what were my violations? Was liking BTS & Christian content my violations????? My main reason on getting this app was to watch Jungkook’s TikTok’s and lives, but nooooo, apparently I can’t do that. There’s truly no point on making another account because it’ll probably get banned again for no valid reasons. So with that being said, to my fellow Army, if you happen to see this. Thank you so much for sharing JK’s & BTS content for the rest of us to watch outside of this horrendous app. I truly appreciate you all 💜 Apobangpo!
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10 months ago, Alex Bernt
Frustrating and tiring
Tik-tok has undoubtedly been the most toxic and infuriating social media app I have ever used. Objectively speaking, the app itself is alright and has no identifiable flaws within its basic functioning. Contrarily, an extremely large portion of the users along with the content they put out makes viewing content tiring and frustrating. Whether or not the videos in my feed are influenced by the ‘algorithm’ is questionable. I am constantly being bombarded with extremely controversial viewpoints, none of which I am fond of, and am finding it almost impossible to eliminate this content from appearing. The ‘not interested’ button seems to have little to no impact on whether or not I see the content again and sometimes feels as if it has the opposite effect. The few times I’ve found success in adjusting the content in my feed I’ve had to dedicate an unreasonable amount of time immediately swiping past and posts I want to avoid. As time-consuming as this process is, I find that there is no delay whatsoever in reverting back to the old feed I try desperately to distance myself from. I’ve even went as far as creating a new account to try to avoid countless topics that I’m sick of hearing about. Within hours, regardless of my viewing habits, I am back to square one. I have used this app on and off for 3 years and have found that periodic breaks are extremely necessary.
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1 year ago, Stellzyoogireview
I was really excited to start using TikTok about 2 weeks ago. As an app, I absolutely love it. I did prefer the older version of tiktok, without the “find relatable content” at the top of every tiktok and without your caption sliding upwards every time someone likes. But, as soon as I tried following ONE person, I wasn’t able to. It unfollows them as soon as I leave the page. I’ve researched this problem, and A LOT of users experience this. Sometimes it goes away, but after MONTHS. I figured they might be verifying that I’m a real person for the first few days, but it’s been TWO WEEKS. I logged out, logged back in, created a whole new account (still didn’t work), cleared cache, updated the app, deleted other apps, uninstalled TikTok and installed it again, and reported a problem through the app TEN TIMES. Every time, it’s just an automated bot reply, saying that there was suspicious activity. I verified my email, checked my settings, yet still nothing. This is incredibly frustrating, because I’ve never spammed anything in this account. There’s no way to reach any real people or agents so it’s just unfair. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to follow anyone ever, or if it’s going to go away and when. I genuinely enjoy TikTok, I think it’s the funniest app HANDS DOWN, and the comments are always the funniest. But, to not be able to follow other users is incredibly frustrating because there’s no email or phone number you can reach out to.
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4 years ago, Suazo Sofia
Definitely A Great App But.....
Okay, here’s my review. This APP IS WONDERFUL. But there are some down sides to it. So, I deleted this app once but I wanted it back so I can use it on my spare time. So I just got it back and apparently I can’t get back into my old account. I saved all the data but the password doesn’t work. I’ve tried a bunch of times. It’s probably a bug. Anyways, my second “but” is that even if you don’t want an account and your trust trying out the app, don’t pull up the pop-up that says “SIGN UP” or “LOGIN IN”. I honestly don’t want an account for many reasons. Bullying, mean comments, inappropriate things, ext. At this time-period, you don’t have anywhere to be, or anything to do besides hang with your roommates (roommate), family members, or yourself. Trust me, it’s tough. But at this point social-media is our life now to figure out things and to learn more. (This probably has nothing to do but I’m trying to give ideas and my opinions). Sometimes I try to not open this app up because I don’t want to see the pop-up where it says to “SIGN IN” or to “LOGIN IN”. Please don’t get me wrong but this app is incredible because I use it on other devices. But this device I use daily needs this app! Thanks for letting me share my review. Hope it’s well enough for ideas. Stay safe! Happy Holidays!!! -Your fellow TikTok Fan.
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2 weeks ago, queentots3
Love tiktok
I love tiktok …it’s my go to happy place when I’m sad So many funny vids on there. I can stay up all night long and watch tiktok. I’m also a Cindy ent creator and love it. Just wished tiktok would stand behind the creators more. We get a lot of hate when we are known and popular. Always getting reported for things that aren’t against guidelines. And being reported multiple times no matter you appeal is and they put it back up every time. They will delete your account for multiple reports and that is not fair at all. I feel they are a bit biased as well. What the young ones get away with us older ones do not. I’m on my third page and I do nothing wrong. I can help I’m so gorgeous..god made me this way. Otherwise i love the app I love all the wonderful people I’ve met from all over the world and friends I’ve made along the way. They have come along way with their filters and tools to edit. Great music to choose from and so much more. I would recommend Tiktok 100% Just be careful there are lots of scammers and hackers on the site. But that’s everywhere these days. And Tiktok please stand up for your creators!! If one’s been reported 100 times for having pedicures don’t delete the page lol makes no sense.
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4 months ago, wondermarkgpd
This app connected the world
I love this app so much because of how it has been able to let me experience the entire world like as if I were standing right there next to people. I have seen places I never would have seen without this app. And I am so grateful. I have walked the streets of different cities, as if I were there at eye-level, I have seen in villages and towns, and restaurants and experienced the food with my eyes. I have witnessed peoples stories and struggles and injustices and personal wins and their families and their pets. This app truly is amazing. All of the amazing independent businesses and views into peoples businesses all through this app, not to mention the TikTok shop, which has brought some of the most amazing and fun products to us all to share together. The different friends I have made on here and that I “hang out with “when they go live, all the different amazing people that go live doing amazing different things unique only to TikTok. I can’t say enough amazing things and I hope the band doesn’t go through. It would not be fair to only let a few social media platforms have all the power, especially when they are supposedly taking our information as well. fingers crossed for the best.
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4 months ago, Cool the best thing
Hello, TikTok is amazing most of the time but sometimes when you make videos it don’t even get out to the world. You only get a couple views and that’s sometimes sad because you really did work on your video and you sometimes you have to pay for views and I don’t really want to pay for reviews cause it’s most expensive and when you do you don’t forget likes and when TikTok ask questions they don’t help out. I wish they would improve TikTok because I love TikTok with all my hard TikTok was with me into like 2018 TikTok to improve and by the way 12 years old for kids to join I think that kids is not gonna listen kids all over all over the world page have TikTok little kids big kids adult kids all types of kids so I think they just have a 0+ because all the jokes that they make on TikTok is really really funny so if you are thinking to have your kids to have it, it’s gotta think about it because someone’s parts are negative and some of them are really bad especially when you see profanity I saw her once I don’t know if it got banned or he got banned or anything but it was it was not good but TikTok for the most it’s really good for the most part. Well thank you for reading my review and I really do hope you get better for TikTok sake. Thanks for reading.
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1 year ago, Happy_Thought_Weaver
My favorite go to
I recently went through the roughest sickest I’ve ever been in my life (with Lyme disease), I was bedridden 3 months; and nothing lifted my spirits like TikTok. I was too sick to be social, post or like; but I still wanted entertainment. Somewhere I could see comics, musicians from around the world, new artists - mindlessly - but only TikTok of all available apps, had “Take a Timeout” commercial to suggest a break for you when I spent too long online. Where every other app is attempting to force me as a user to do things their way (changing format to keep people on, forcing other users other than your friends into your Feed whether wanted or not, or were just becoming repetitive to me); with TikTok, within days, I was watching my favorites, along with suggestions for others; and the algorithm helped find exactly what I was looking for; all by scrolling or amount of time spent watching. It became my reward, when I was getting treatments or a having a really awful rough day; I could lose myself in old & new becoming favorites that had a built in post on self care, saying do something else besides be on their app. I can’t name another app that does this, and I am hoping that it won’t be taken down.
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2 years ago, Teacupeevee9399
My acc got banned
so this is no hate at all but my acc got banned for no reason at all. My last vid was of me and my friend doing a dance together. I don't know why that happened. Then like 2 hours later i was on my other acc then it got banned! just one got banned but i cried for hours and i was in a state of depression. I think my vid gotten taken down bc it was my last vid and i am soo close to 100 followers and idk what happened so i tried to get back into my main acc that gotten banned and then it said ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY BANNED!!!!! my friends got their accounts banned before but only for like 3 days but mine is permanently banned but in all this app deserves 5 stars!!! pls tell me what i did wrong TikTok. Ps. My access Galaxymaewolf. They did it again its very annoying i am 13 and my acc then gotten banned AGAIN its soo ooo annoying!!! This time i had my acc for not even a week and ITS BANNED!!!!! free both galaxymaewolf and thegalaxymaewolf2 !! its too annoying and i did rate this 5 stars bc the whole app besides the YOU NEED TO BE 13 YEARS OR OLDER TO HAVE AN ACC!!!!!! Which i am 13 btw!!!!! Unban these accs and others that are older or 13 yrs older that are banned! Except the creepy weired ppl! So pls if u r reading this pls spread the word! Ps my acc had 340 followers!
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2 years ago, @ash_who1994
Great concept- inconsistent access to features
Very disappointing.. Once every 1-2 weeks the app will switch on its own to the newest update from the older version. Then I’ll have access to post Stories, Tiktok Now photos, and use other features but the moment I close the app- sometimes if I just switch apps for a moment all the new features disappear and the app reverts to a previous version. When that happens, I can’t see anything I created with those new features.. This issue has been going on for more than a year. I’ve asked for answers from Tiktok support, done all their basic troubleshooting, and sent them screenshots and videos of the issue. All I get back are the most irrelevant, unhelpful copy/paste responses from support staff that aren’t even trying to understand the problem. It’s extremely disappointing to know that an app with virtually unlimited resources can’t manage escalating issues like these to the appropriate departments to get answers to users. Even if nobody knows why I’m having this issue, they could just say that. But the way they respond to user issues truly gives the feeling they’ve gotten so big they don’t care about every users experience. Aside from algorithm and censorship issues with creators getting videos taken down and accounts wrongfully banned, this is something Tiktok really needs to work on. The user experience is lacking.
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2 years ago, no longer a tik toker
addictive , and very bad to my mental health
I downloaded this app during Covid, and used it mostly positively. I enjoyed the content I was seeing , and it helped keep me entertained during the many months of being stuck bored at home. However, when life did start returning back to normal, my usage of the app didn’t decrease. I was stuck scrolling many times throughout the day, and by the time classes returned in-person, i would still find myself scrolling…even during class with an earbud in. i dealt with some personal issues during 2021 and my feed was beginning to change, relating more closely to what exactly was going on in my own life. i felt lonelier, sadder, and my attention span was becoming terrible- it was affecting how well i performed in school exams, how long i would spend practicing music, and long films became harder to sit through. i felt engrossed with this addictive never-ending cycle of scrolling through short videos…and i decided to finally pull the plunge and straight up delete the app, and delete the THOUSANDS of videos saved to my camera roll, (which i never even re-watched in the first place), and i could almost instantly see an improvement in every aspect of my life. this app literally changed the way my brain worked for quite some time, and now i feel like a new person without it. Please be very aware of the psychological impact this addictive app has on your life…and consider stepping away from its influence.
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1 year ago, Kaity Jo
TikTok is THE BEST social media app!
Like so many others, I talked crap about TikTok & how it was just “a silly dancing app for teens🙄”. One day I downloaded the app and made an account to watch my kid’s videos they made, and in less than 24 hours I was hooked. The algorithm is awesome, the community is awesome, it’s always there when I need a good laugh, and sharing TikTok’s with family has become a great bonding time, tbh. Now with the STEM related FYP having been added, it’s even better! Based on the amount of likes on some of the STEM videos it’s clear that the entire world enjoys “nerdier” videos, too. You learn something new every day on TikTok, and I think that above all else is my absolute favorite thing about it. If heaven forbid they ban TikTok, I will definitely not be going back to old social media like F📖, T🐦, S👻, or I 📸, they are worse than TikTok will ever be when it comes to invasion of privacy or promoting dangerous things to minors AND adults. As an American I cherish every ounce of my freedom, and I like my social media like I do my life, and that’s censorship free. If this rambling of a review doesn’t convince you to try TikTok for yourself then I don’t know what will. I do know that you’re missing out on something really cool if you don’t😎💖
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2 years ago, supremesaveger21
I like tiktok but got randomly banned
Tiktok is a very great app that I like and I never hated it until now. Ever since 2020 There’s a lot of racism in the app that hasn’t been stopped a lot of inappropriate info that hasn’t been stopped, but small accounts or accounts that have done nothing are getting banned. Today for no reason I uploaded a video showing the evolution of my pictures, after that i edited my bio and switched accounts. when trying to switch back to my main i couldn’t and it told me that I was permanently banned for violating the community guidelines. I couldn’t Appeal at all I wasn’t underage and I have never posted an rude or racist video that would have caused me to get banned, tiktok has not only banned me but they have also banned my friends for no reason. I just want to know why I was banned and if I can appeal. that part of my review was in 2020. i am on my 4th account now because i was banned over and over again. they don’t tell you why, and just ban you when you have a height following. i just reached 3k after a year of trying to grow my account. i spent hours crying and figure out why i was banned and they told me it was because of minor safety. i’m 13 and i still get banned for that reason. they said that anyone under 13 is banned but im not. people over 13 just have certain limits. i give them this rating because if they way they treat their users.
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5 years ago, Here you are!
Here’s a review !🥰
I enjoy this app a lot and all the thing that you have added is wonderful! The only problem is when you report someone, it doesn’t do much. I think that you should be able to report someone and they would not be able to go on with doing the same thing they did, though thankfully- more than one person has to report the user, but indeed I have an idea you could add! The person should be active on their account at least 3 days so the same person does not report them with different accounts they are making. I suggest this app for many people that should be at least 10, basically double digits due to multiple swears that are allowed on this app. Maybe more edit options like, example; Camera swinging from on direction to the original video. This app is definitely absolutely perfect for people who enjoy making videos for others to see and enjoy! Though maybe make accounts get to the for you page more since its uncommon people search up a hashtag and find your video. Though I absolutely can’t stand this app, it’s amazing! And for another suggestion you should definitely add, make notifications for people messaging you and not allow spam if that is already added to the app, I suggest this app for you if you are looking forward to getting it! Enjoy 😊
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3 months ago, ObsidianNyx
Bans and App Moderation…
I love the app, it is entertaining and I met some really amazing people. Now my issue comes with the way TikTok autobans and warns. There is no real person behind it unless you appeal a decision. So what this means is someone can make a false report and it hits you or an automated systems detects a word or phrase and it issues a warning or ban that you have to appeal. My issues with this. Was telling a friend of mines story and brought su1c1de just because it was part of her story. No one promoted it, shared a plan to do it, none of the things my 1st warning and 7 day ban that was issued with the warning. A “warning” with a 7 day ban attached to it is not a warning. It is a ban. Now the other thing that could have triggered a response from the system like that was someone came in and was hinting at it. We did not condone, we tried to reach out and help the person. Once again nothing I did or my moderators did violated the terms. In fact we tried to get to the person to help. So yes I can appeal but the damage is done and will continue to be done because of some lax and ridiculous bull that TikTok pulls. What else do they expect to happen in a safe space/mental health live? People are going to tell their stories. That does not mean it is encouraging, sharing plans, etc that they claim was a violation. As much as I like TikTok until something is done about this bull, I will keep a one star rating because situations like mine are just that, bull.
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3 years ago, brookshhtbrfhd
Awesome, but some complaints.
Tiktok is a fun and creative platform that I’ve grown to love. I like that when I’m bored I can hop on my phone and watch a 15 second video instead of watching an entire movie. But I’ve tried to report for multiple reasons. Do I get listened to? No. Tiktok doesn’t even read the reports. I spend my time writing reports to keep the environment on tiktok safe. They will not listen to any of them so I will be posting on here my complaints instead. I have a few complaints regarding blocked accounts and adding new accounts. My account, 17._.Brook._.17 was blocked a few months ago. On that account I had countless memories and would’ve liked to keep some videos. Instead all of the videos were taken away and I couldn’t save any! I have made a new account but would still like to have the videos from my old one. Also I have been trying to add another account under the same phone number or email as mine but it will not let me make more than two accounts. I would like to be as creative as I can and I can’t do this without being able to create more accounts. I love tiktok, but I want to share my ideas and creativity and right now I can’t. It would be very helpful if you looked into these and fixed some of them. Thank you! <3
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5 months ago, Hellataz
Was good, now an annoying mess
When I first began using this app it was very entertaining. However in the past year or so it’s become flooded with ads, popping up between most videos, content creators who sell items on the TikTok shop get pushed onto FYP. I spend just as much scrolling away from ads as I do scrolling through videos. That’s excessive! Also I’ve noticed the quality of live streams is much worse, audio and video glitching and dropping, live accounts being banned or taken down because of their automated moderation, and then you can’t get in touch with a real person to appeal bans. I don’t go live but it’s a consistent complaint in every live I watch on a regular basis. They also complain about TikTok shadow banning their videos and lives (reducing how many people view their videos and how often those content creators pop up on your FYP) if you don’t agree to sell stuff on their shop. You’d think that if TikTok takes 60% of the content creators monetary gifts that they’d offer them a more accessible options to manage their accounts and have an actually customer service line they could call. I get a company needing to make money but the greed this company exhibits is gross. If you’re going to push ads and take most of the gifts given to creators one would think you improve the platforms operating system, but it’s only gotten more glitchy.
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8 months ago, lil grouch
A lot of growth
Tik tok being one of the newest social media application is not only one of the best social media platforms of this generation but also connects you with so many different cultures and communities! I’ve been online since the MySpace era and can say tik tok will be hard to top good job to everyone involved with this project I see big things for the future of social media, but unfortunately moderation and the attention you receive from the people behind some of the community guideline procedures play into favorites and also break community guidelines without any real probable cause to the reasons behind taking down content or restricting access to certain features. I feel that if you have regular creators you should try and have a REAL support team reach out to them and continue to help them because like I said earlier anyone can play favorites or do anything on this application I’ve seen just about everything and i barely post or go live anymore now I just pay attention to algorithms and how you will allow some creators to poke fun at racism and make jokes but ban people of other ethnic backgrounds for doing the same to themselves! People have to walk on eggshells and if you don’t know somebody on the inside or have any necessary connections sadly you will never be able to prove your innocence.
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2 years ago, sammomabear
Kicked out of my account
Kicked out of my account after I put my birthday in. I’m 29 years old. I put my birthday in under my account info. It then said “you are 29 years old” I said yes. Then it said you weren’t eligible for an account when you created your account. This makes no sense, I was 27 or 28 when I made my account. It says the app is for 12 and older so I’m really confused as to what is going on, I was literally 12 in 2005 and tiktok did not exist then lol Now everytime I try to get on tiktok a thing pops up that says I can get my videos emailed to me or choose to have tiktok delete them. I created a lot of memories on there, videos with my kids that I made so they could see one day when they are older, I don’t have a lot of followers but my account is still important to me. I also enjoy watching videos on tiktok I don’t want to have to start all over. Just a warning to anyone don’t put your birthday in under your account , this definitely seems like a glitch or flaw in there system. I hope they can fix this so I can get back into my account. I contacted support twice but haven’t heard anything back yet , hoping some fixes this soon as I am really bored and would like to get on tiktok lol
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1 year ago, bootynootyeater
4 stars for fun, but…
There’s no denying how entertaining this app is. And if you’re just watching TikToks, not posting, this is probably going to be a 5-star experience for you. As a content creator, it’s been a bit different. I’m enjoying the success I’ve had in the short amount of time since I created my account, but I gotta say the auto-moderation is just awful. Nobody should ever have a ban enacted on them or a video automatically removed just because the mod AI picked up a no-no word without context, or because people who simply don’t like the content reported it instead of scrolling. And there’s no real way to talk to a human being if you’d like to discuss issues like this. I’d love to have actual humans deciding what happens to my content and my account. And I’d love the option to speak to an actual human when I need to hash out account-related issues. I mean, I like being here so I bend over backwards to try and meet community standards while still retaining the humor that brought followers to my account in the first place. But these auto-disciplinary things still happen, often for no really good reason, and that is super frustrating. Otherwise, it’s a really fun app and I like it. Obviously I’m still around. Just wish we could get this one aspect actually fixed.
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3 years ago, #speakingfromtheheartbfletcher
Updates are bad
Hello, I’ve had tik tok sense 2018 and I have always loved it. But recently there have been a lot of updates mainly focusing on the drafts and the draft button and I just wanted to point out how much everyone hates it. The draft button went small and now the size is back to normal just because so many people complained about it. But now the drafts are weird. Just stop messing with the drafts it was good how it was before. Another thing, we can’t screen record drafts anymore? Whoever came up with that idea is obviously a very dumb person. Some people don’t like posting their tik toks and would rather screen record them to post in snapchat. Another thing I wanted to write about concerns the lives. I’m 15 and I like going live all the time, my lives however are always getting banned. You guys may be too old to realize this but a great majority of the tik tok population is under the age of 15, and it gets me so frustrated when I see a bunch of other lives with people doing way worse stuff than me not getting banned. It’s just not fair, instead of focusing on things that are actually bad going on in tik tok you guys are focusing on banning 15 year olds for joking around and going live.
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6 months ago, ✨💞𝐻𝑎𝑖𝑙𝑒𝑦✨💞
TikTok really is a good app but this needs to be fixed PLEASE.
So i’ve been using the app for quite a long time now, back when it even was musically and i normally dont really have complains about it but some stuff really has been bothering me and it can be really annoying. Normally it is the issue with the bugs and glitches. 1st the number one most ANNOYING problem that i gotten into a lot lf the times is with the FYP, it sometimes glitches and shows me videos im totally not INTERESTED in and videos i never watch, it basically doesn’t show me the normal FYP i really have, the cool and the fyp im interested in. And yes i have also tried sometimes clicking on “not interested in” on the type of videos i dont like. And it barely even works, and when that glitch happens and i restart the app it STILL shows me a fully different FYP, which really does freak me out… because my fyp means a lot to me- and the 2nd is bugs where some things that normally are there disappear like for example my profile views button disappear on my phone in my tiktok’s account and it really is frustrating so please please fix theses bugs it really is frustrating. Especially the FYP i beg. 🙏 i just want my normal fyp back.
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8 months ago, dlakstins
I love TikTok‘s algorithm
I’ve been on many platforms, but I have to say that TikTok’s algorithm is the most forgiving for someone with dyslexia or those of us that may have a learning disability. It’s not the fault of a computer program, but it’s hard to program a computer to not show favoritism or bias towards those with exceptional abilities. I’ve experienced great things with TikTok. Thank you! And may you have success too ❤️🦋🙌 TikTok representative: Please give clear guidelines on how to follow and Unfollow. Use positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement to teach people what the guidelines are. • How can a content creator follow back 1000 people that liked their video in one day? • How are creators supposed to only follow only 30 people an hour when trying to create content and still maintain a job that pays real money? Consequation is a full-time job with all the risk and only hope for a reward at the end of the tunnel. • why not create automatic tools in the creator portal, that are simplifies and makes it easier to use for a dyslexic content creator to handle these tasks, to free up more time so they can do what they do best spending that time on creating content. It’s a win-win for both TikTok and for the creator. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Brady and Yoda
Tik tok
It’s just a really fun app to watch and for all those parents out there who say that their child shouldn’t have TickTock well guess what if you set your child’s birthday as the real birthday if they’re under 12 years old so put a child lock on and you just have to put in your email so you can watch your child’s activity on their account and if they are 12 years old and you still don’t want them to have it then put in a younger birthday so you can still watch their account tick-tock is a really fun app you can see videos follow friends and if you’re bored TickTock will not upset like it’s honestly really fun just to lay down and watch it even you can download TickTock so you can have fun there’s this thing called the for you page and then following whatever you follow someone it goes to the following page whenever you don’t follow someone so it’s just random people will be on your for you page whatever you like so basically if you double tap a video you like it and the for you page customize his videos you like to put more time on your for you page basically the customizesSo what you like so everyone’s for you page will look different from another persons for you page
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11 months ago, xxisopodsatemydoritosxx
Punishes people for using the app… in the way it was intended?
For the context of this review, I’m going to state that I’ve just created an account on here and am getting started with using the app; or at least, I was. I followed a couple hashtags, tried liking some videos and following people so that my for you page was more custom to me, since that’s what the algorithm is for, right? Guess not. After a long session of scrolling - to be fair it was probably way too much time on my part - I noticed that everyone I tried to follow was just… not in my list. As in, I wasn’t following anyone. Anybody I did try to follow was immediately removed from my list, and any videos I tried to like were no longer listed in my likes. After some googling I found out that TikTok apparently shadowbans you from using the app’s features if you like too many videos or follow too many people in a short period. I get that this is a feature created to prevent botting, but… why create an app that’s meant to keep you scrolling and watching, and customizes the content based what you like and who you follow, and then punishes it’s users for using these features? I followed so many cool people and now I can’t even figure out how to find them again because I don’t remember their usernames and their videos aren’t in my likes. I spent way too much time on here anyways, so I guess this is a sign. Since my account is unusable I might as well just delete it.
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1 year ago, GrammerBug
Please fix this.
Look, I love tiktok and I have been using it o n multiple accounts for the past few years, but recently I broke my phone and I got a new one and everytime I tried to sign into my account it would tell me that the password was wrong (It wasnt I had it written on my notes.) and when I pressed "forgot password" and I completed the thing and pressed sign in, it said "login failed" or "login error" or something like that. I had already made a different account I was just trying log back into it because I had a lot of saved/favorited videos but then it logged me out of my other account which I had already started. I was very frustrated but I thought it was a bug so I just created a new account and went on with my day. A few days later, my friend gifted me her old account even though I had made a new one after that incident, and when I tried to log into that one, it logged me out of my account. I still thought this was a bug until one week ago. I had made 2 accounts on 2 different devices and instead of flipping through them because of notifications, I was gonna sign into one of the accounts using one of the devices. But guess what happened, it logged me out. Im really frustrated and I hope tiktok fixes this bug.
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2 years ago, Micay_k
Please fix actual problems on the app
Recently TikTok has been rolling out a lot of really bad updates to their app. The new inbox system is really confusing and unnecessary. I have to click through a few different tabs before I can see my notifications. It’s just tedious and confusing as the “activities” tab is not immediately obvious or easy to see. The other thing that irks me is that when I’m trying to preview a video in my drafts there is now an overlay over the video that is no longer collapsible. This doesn’t make any sense at all because the point of previewing a video is so you can see what it looks like on its own without all the buttons and overlays and what have you. Now there’s a big red “post” button that cuts off the bottom half of my video so I can’t even see what’s going on. Not only does it just not make sense to have a post button in a preview window, it’s just bad design. I’m convinced TikTok is just rolling out new updates that make the user experience more complicated instead of making it better and more enjoyable. There are numerous other problems like algorithm and report system they should focus on but they keep updating things that don’t need to be fixed and ultimately make the experience on the app harder and less fun. I hope they undo these unnecessary updates before people start leaving the app in favor of something like Instagram instead. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
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2 years ago, eas12353
Great app but needs serious improvements regarding censorship
TikTok has easily become the most prolific social media app among all different demographics ranging from prepubescent to geriatric. It’s a wonderful platform to learn new information that is engaging and can even teach you new skills. I love that about this app but the one thing that I cannot and will not ever go along with is their censorship protocols and how their algorithm is trained to be extremely sensitive to look for keywords, phrases, names and places. TikTok will flag your video and remove it for a “community guidelines violation“, however, they failed to tell you which community guideline you have “violated“. Within the past year, TT updated their T&C to include a specific “community guideline“ that you “violated“. For a couple of months it was being implemented but now it has gone back to just a notification that your video was removed and one option to press one button, “appeal“. You cannot write or attach any supporting documents when appealing a video that supposedly “violated“ their community guidelines. Having easy access to information from all around the world is what average every day citizens want but that is not beneficial for the mainstream media so censorship is the “go to”. TikTok has a lot to work on regarding censorship even though they are a Chinese owned app.
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3 years ago, runtalexcag
Good app but needs some fixes.
Tiktok is a good app for wasting time scrolling for hours. It’s a ton of fun. But there’s a lot of details and settings that need to be fixed. These features really bring down the experience for me. For one, Every other video is in another language. I’ve checked and redone my language settings, and I’ve clicked “not interested” for every one. I’m still somehow on Russian tok or Arabic. Another small thing is the favorites tab. All your favorited videos are in the same place with one problem. You can favorite thousands and have no way of finding that one video from a couple weeks ago. The app desperately needs organization. Favorites should have a sorting feature to group videos manually. That’s a feature I’ve been praying for over the last few years. An odd thing tiktok does is review the videos you post to “only visible to me” and deletes them. It isnt right to go through personal videos not meant for the public eye. Of course I don’t mean people post explicit or inappropriate videos there, but just like drafts, as long as the video is private like that, it shouldnt be reviewed by tiktok. There’s plenty more I could list off, but i believe those are the ones that bother me the most. I hope these issues will be taken seriously and solutions will be, at the very least, considered.
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10 months ago, anime xx lol
TikTok is the best😻
I honestly love tiktok, its features like, videos, likes, comments, shares, chatting, ext… I’ve been having tiktok for about 2 years now, and I really don’t have anything bad to say about this app! When the pandemic started I really was bored and had nothing to do. Until I downloaded it, and I was having fun, it’s just brings so many memories with me. The community is literally so nice! But mind you not everyone is nice, which I wish it would stop but unfortunately can’t. If you are trying to look for an app that you can share your feelings, or even opinions, then this app is tods for you! I find so many relatable videos in my Fyp which helped me a lot when I was at my lowest. It made me realize a lot of other people are going through the same things as me, and that I’m not alone on this. TikTok can make friendships go, and come. At one point I had a friend, but I sadly moved until I got tiktok, and got in touch with her. Ever since then me and her have the best friendship, but I think that happened because whenever I sent her a relatable video our friendship grew stronger with trust. I can go on and on of howTiktoks changed my life! If you are looking for a great app then this is your chance!!
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3 years ago, Rangeffx
App problems
Ok so I've been using TikTok since 2018 and the system back then was great, Like I loved how everything was back then. But ever since like May 2021 the app's been doing some strange things like out of nowhere people are getting their MAIN accounts with like over 10K followers banned cause of some troll accounts. Also the app has been banning people off the LIVE access because they disobeyed the community guidelines like not being able to go LIVE because they're 15 and younger (In order to go live apparently is 16 with a license). Most of the app's community is 15 and younger and the app is letting all these sexual and violent people go live and then I go on the app some of the people I see going live are like 7 year old kids playing fortnite and is getting spat on by their viewers for the game they play "it's not the person it's the game". Also like last week out of nowhere I've been seeing people make meme videos about the drafts button being smaller than the post button, and me trying to avoid the update actually gets the update without manually doing it. I don't see the point in that and I don't know if the app wants to think that it's a good thing. No it's pushing buttons towards other creators that think the video they just recorded wasn't good so they have to draft it. Now I wish TikTok was banned in the U.S. one update I do have to give them though is the skip video option. anyways that's all I wanted to blabber about.
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4 years ago, kkp_gymnast
Love the app, but....
Hi, first I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE TikTok and use the app on a daily basis, but I have noticed a few things that bother me. The first thing is when you are uploading a video, you can’t save videos,sounds,etc. This bugs me because there a several times I’m on the For You Page and I want to save a video or sound, but I can’t because I’m uploading a video, and then I will accidentally lose the video or sound and not be able to get it back. The next thing is I only ever see people with 1.5k or more likes on my For You Page, and I would appreciate it very much if it were easier for smaller accounts to get views, because most of the time the smaller accounts work just as hard as the larger ones. The last thing is about the comments. I wish people couldn’t limit the comment section to only ONE person. I understand if it is limited where only friends can comment or if nobody could comment, but I feel like limiting the comment section to only one person could make people feel not welcome and it is a big waste of a comment section. Thank you for making it this far in my review. Once again, I LOVE TikTok but these are just some small things I don’t love.
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2 years ago, Ailychees
Lack of a real Support Team & Lack of Consistency in Updates
These issues began fall of 2021.I don’t know if it’s favorites or if other people are paying to push their LIVEstream. It feels like they’re mimicking Instagram “pay to play” for LIVE. I just noticed you can select who in your followers list to notify if you go LIVE instead of it being automatic. In order to do that you have to pay to advertise to your followers your going LIVE. It’s not pushing out to all my followers even though their notifications are on. (-1 star) Received community guideline violations without specifying what went against guidelines while on LIVE. No rhyme or reason other than possible mass reporting by spam accounts or trolls. There’s no warning message that my account is temporarily banned from going LIVE. Then if you get another ban within a timeframe your account gets removed completely. Be clear about why the account was temporarily banned and permanently banned. I don’t want to guess why; please tell what went against the guidelines in order to dispute it. I get no response from a real person from support. (-1 star) For update features I wish it was more consistent throughout accounts. Some accounts have stories but some don’t; some accounts see 3 different things like comment bar in the video instead of the description or the moving bubble comments and likes. (-1 star)
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3 years ago, Mama4duck
‼️Stolen content‼️
When one of my videos gets posted I want people to enjoy them; not steal them!! I posted a video a while back and I accidentally tapped on the sound button for it (it's my original sound too) and I see another video so I tap on it and it's my video, my edit, that I worked for hours on, cropped and shared on someone else’s platform, when I went to report it for “intellectual property infringement” it won't work, I would like to report that some stole my edit and didn't give me credit or ask permission to post my edit let alone cropping out my watermark! And the button to report that problem won't work!! Because other people are seeing that video and they are telling the person who posted my edit cropped to look like theirs “wow this is so good”. I realized someone tagged me in the comments of that video and said the original belonged to me which was very nice to do, but the damage is already done because other people are going to think they worked hard on that edit when all they did was a 20-second crop. NOT COOL!! It is wrong and they need to see that what they did was wrong. And I hear many other people have this problem too!! You need to fix your reporting button so I can report “intellectual property infringement”!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this!! That person needs to learn their lesson.
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1 year ago, Nichaveli0311
Amazing app for so many things. But beyond the obvious entertainment aspect of it, it gives the user a sense of community support. Feeling connected. supporting each other. Making friends. And also it gives the user tools to be able to create and design , as well as star in their own content that is seen by up to millions of people potentially. This app is also getting families a chance to be involved in something together. Especially in a time like 2020 (to current day) and quarantine happened, people moved 6 ft apart but because of TikTok we remained connected. And in the case of the family at home during quarantine, TikTok made a way for families to grow closer, engage in fun challenges and videos together. To learn more about each other, grow deeper connections and have fun together. Also, this app has helped people feeling down, alone, and possibly having self harm ideation, to find comfort in other on the platform. To find others who have felt or feel the same way. TikTok gives opportunities to those to find support or comfort or laughter in what it is they are seeking. I believe TikTok is amazing. I just began using a few weeks ago and I am amazed. I am also not being paid to say this.
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1 week ago, T-Mobile4%
Repost button is disappearing?
Hi, before I address my problems, I just wanna say I love TikTok, TikTok is a very fun and good app I like to use, but the issue is, my repost button will randomly get taken off, I have 2 accounts in TikTok, one as my main account, and one as my backup. So recently I’ve been switching from my main account to my backup, and I’ve been on my backup account more often, but Everytime i switch from my main account, I go on my 2nd account and I’ll be scrolling, and if I find something I wanna repost, I tap the share button, and I can’t find the repost button, and when I try to look at inbox, it takes of the “active now” button. So if I’m on my main account I still have my repost button but once I change too my backup account, i don’t find my repost button and I can’t repost things, and it’s really irritating, because sometimes when I try to go back to my main it takes it off in there as well. I’ve mentioned it 2 or 3 times in the TikTok report, but it’s never been resolved. I would like for this to be fixed, I want to repost on my main and backup account. But it just randomly disappears, and it’s almost every time I switch. Please fix the issue, it’s very frustrating. I even deleted TikTok for a week and it still hasn’t fixed. As I said please fix it. Thank you!
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3 years ago, sis 1957
Hello I don’t have much talent when it comes to you know making videos and what have you what I do have a talent for is listening and understanding and then trying to come up with a solution rather than throw fuel on the fire. I’ve noticed that a lot of the creators on TickTock that are of African dissent get in trouble for bullying and other things you feel are a violation. If we respond as an African-American woman if we respond to someone bullying us who are you two criticize and chastise us four verbally handling someone who is being disrespectful willfully disrespectful to us. This just shows me that you who are in control of TickTock are showing your true colors and maybe have blinders on if you can’t see or here what some Caucasian creators are saying about black people I’ll have you know I don’t look like a monkey nor do I sit out on the porch but yet and still this is what we are called porch monkeys you have to know that the God you serve had a son that has skin of amber and hair of sheep‘s wool his feet were like burnt bronze this man is of color stop being disrespectful to black creators and let them speak their minds without being put in what they called and I quote tick-tock jail thank you so much for listening
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