YouTube Kids

4.7 (2.2M)
170.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Google LLC
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for YouTube Kids

4.68 out of 5
2.2M Ratings
3 years ago, thin mint oero
I like this app a lot! It’s fun and perfect for kids. And even has special videos for special ages. So if your 12 you get 12 year old appropriate videos. And if your 4 or 5 you get the idea! But anyway this app is very well crafted. I do however wish that would update the videos more...Some of the videos are old and aren’t really up to date. And sometimes they do put new ones out there. So I guess that is a good thing but also a bad one too. But the sounds of the app is AWFUL! The video audio is perfect. But the sounds that the app make is VERY pestering if you ask me. Like when you use your finger to scroll through the videos it makes the ugliest noises. So I’m constantly adjusting the audio. But it’s a okay app!
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2 weeks ago, X sprout X
This needs more than just this. 😾
This app doesn’t entertain me that much. All I can watch is just some lanky box and lavender blossom. It’s kinda boring watching the same videos over and over again. When I got this game called “Hatsune Miku: colorful stage” (or as I and other call it, “project Sekai”) I fell in love with the game. So, I started seeing if there are any videos of it on this app. There were ZERO videos on this topic. I saw some Miku related stuff, but none of the characters. All I saw were 2 videos of just the project Sekai irl stages in Japan. I’m 10 years old and I’m getting introduced into better things other than this. I want gameplay videos on this fake ripoff of the real yt. Though, I think the reason why you stupid asswholes (so sorry for the name-calling) don’t put project Sekai content, which even includes the official petit Sekai and journey to bloom videos, because the people playing the game keep saying curse words. Well then just put gameplay videos without any people chatting around while playing the game! I don’t get it, project Sekai is a kid-friendly, Japanese game and you don’t put videos of it on here? I’m very offended by you.
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5 months ago, aSimpleMan583
I feel that there is things I wouldn’t want my child to see
Now I don’t have I child, but I’ve used this app and even if I set restrictions and put the content for 3-7 year olds there will be political things that I wouldn’t want my child to see, such as an episode of Dino riders, and also some innapropreate videos make it through the security, but there’s unnecessary censoring as well? So that’s confusing and even if they take down the innapropreate videos after a short time, you can’t wipe a child’s memory, and the unnecessary censoring will teach my kid that so appropriate things are bad which is not ok, and there are a lot of videos that my child could click on that would teach them that certain things are ok, I won’t say what, but if your old enough you know, and I’m not saying they’re not ok, I’m saying that I wouldn’t want my kid involved in those kind of things, because they could lead my kid down a path I wouldn’t want them to go down. I don’t know why I’ll even give this a two star review, it should be one, but I feel that there are somethings that are good and will keep my kid entertained, so add more videos like that, and get rid of the “woke” ones.
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1 year ago, lucY doggito
I wish it was the way it was in 2020 I can’t be the only one
First of all you used to be able to search stuff but now you’re not allowed to and second of all just made it so much more confusing because there is a shared recommended and approve for you sections I like the old system better because like it used to be shared then recommended then like learning or like if it was Black History Month there would be an entire section for that which would be a learning section and then you have the gaming section and the music section and they just ruined that cause I use a search a lot and they just ruined that for me because I am not the only one I think that just this app got ruined I think because now it’s just whack because I cause I started using this around 2017 it was just so much better that way why can’t they just change it back
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3 years ago, L. E. F <3
Great, but some suggestions.
This app is great for little kids, but for parents with older kids there’s not much good content. I’m constantly trying to find good videos to watch but whatever i do it leads back to the same childish videos. The search bar barely shows you what you’re looking for. If you search mukbang, nothing comes up. And tik tok, none. I get there are little kids, but there are also 11+. They should get some content they’ll actually enjoy. Also, the security system isn’t very safe. They ask east multiplication equations like 9x8. Children can easily google it or know it by the top of your head. you should also be able to watch clean vines. They take away a lot of things that are kid friendly and replace it with super childish content. It’s not fair to the children that are older and have stricter parents. Otherwise, good for little kids.
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8 months ago, lialuvkaz
Inappropriate Content
CONSTANT Inappropriate Content. We’ve had to block so many channels and videos because many were either teaching our daughter bad manners (bratty behavior videos) or all about ghosts, monsters and scary stuff. I set her age group correctly. And another parent said they blocked YT Kids for the same reason but it was when we were new to the app. I like that you have some kinds of controls but only one that matter was only when it was after the video played and it was too late. Cannot chose content for your kid. It’s saturated with bad stuff. I like that there’s no ads, prob only reason we kept it as long as we did. Honestly, regular YT is not even as bad as YT Kids. We ended up deleting the app and downloading PBS Kids. I’m bummed because I wanted to like this. My daughter did but she was learning way too much things that I didn’t feel was right. Kids are sponges. The company should reevaluate what’s appropriate for the younger age groups. It’s ridiculous!
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2 months ago, magic tiles master gurl
Good but a few updates would be great
I love this app for kids. But there is also older kids (10-12) that have limited options to content that is entertaining for this age group. Something could be like a section with shorts that you could scroll though with things that are appropriate for older kids. There is so many age appropriate channels out there that kids are not able to have access to though this app and some of the things they show to older kids is like cocomelon and ms rachel. That is the kind of stuff that should only be show to the kid in younger age groups. Overall it is a great app for little kid but it might be a bit boring for the kids that are older and maybe have strict parents are parents that want to protect the kids from the bad stuff.
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3 months ago, Xavilover4eva
What I like and dislike
So first of all, I like it because there’s videos for kids like for my little sister, but what I don’t like it’s that there’s not like my favorite YouTuber like Fede vigevani or short nothing like that and would I do like is that you can customize your picture and that you can change the name but what I also don’t like it that only has like videos for kids or stuff like that and sometimes they delete channels but they’re still some of their videos, but would I don’t really like also that you’re not allowed to send or comment on those videos. I would’ve appreciate if you guys would let us comment on other videos if you do thank you so much bye!🙈🙉
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3 years ago, Lithtnrnjwmq nww
Good, but has some Flaws
1. Overall, it is a good app. It’s child-safe. But, now I see way more toddler videos, nursery rhymes, and LOTS of stories for kids read in foreign languages than before (as of 2018). Most of the channels I liked back then (Jessii Vee, PeetahBread, and a few more) were removed, even though they have safe content! Meanwhile, you put kids faking as if they were breaking into peoples homes, robbing stores, and doing very creepy challenges that I’m sure an innocent 3 year old would be terrified of! I would look forward to watching them every day! And now they are gone. Now Gamer Girl, Titi Games, and other childish gamers are on my ‘recommended’ list. 2. Let’s say if your 2 year old wanted to watch “WAP.” When they are in the search engine and put in the keyword “WAP,” it gives them a bunch of options like, - WAP music video - WAP lyrics - WAP performance And when you press on them, it shows Cocomelon or videos unrelated to what you pressed! I’m not saying I want to watch those type of videos but, there are options on the search engine that aren’t even in the app! Maybe fix that so you don’t get people’s hope up, and then they can’t even find it. Thank you for reading.
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8 months ago, landry power
So this app is very good don’t get me wrong butttt theres a problem in the kids app theres a channel called Queer Kid Stuff and I think just by reading that yk that’s not good in there song its like its okay to be gayyyy I have no problem with LGBTQ but kids shouldn’t be getting an influence from a channel plus most adults do not want they’re kid knowing about this stuff until they’re older theres also one called pop and olly which is also inappropriate for kids to be Whatching the only reason I’m saying this is bc the influence from these channels is literally in the kids mind to be gay and they’re parents should tell them about this stuff when they’re ready not some random channel that claims to be kid friendly anyways no other problems ❤️ the rest of the app
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2 years ago, Abby V :)
Please add 10+
I like YT kids and I have had it since I was 5 (parents phone before 7 years old) but I am ten and it’s kind of boring now, but I like the music but I have 2 suggestions for music ( And it includes the 10+)I have a couple songs I would like to you to add, I had to re-download the app because my little brother deleted it by accident and I did not know for a while (3 years) and I have some favorite songs and I was wondering for the 10+ Mabye you can add videos that have 1-10 swear words in it because we are tweens also can you add a 15+ for the teenagers who have strict parents or insecure parents but could you add songs like the haylofts hayloft II only has one swear word in it and the first hayloft has no swear words in it. And for the 10+ maybe do you think you can add let’s game it out and mr beast? From, Abby
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3 years ago, rockets only
Pls ad more big kid kid stuff
Hi what I would like you to please do it please please do could you add more like like more big kid shows like Dan TDM like some good good stuff like it would be pretty good to be like two years old and 9 years oldWhat I would like you to do is like how do you some more baking stuff and add some more try not to laugh challenge is because it’s it’s kind of fun because like like whenever you get a drink and then you watch a video then you go and then you slept so hard forSomething I like so bad about this kids blah blah blah app but I would really love you to do is add some big kids stuff because it would be pretty good 8 to 3 because a lot of stuff is babyish and a lot of it’s not like eight years old-ish please add more
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9 months ago, Games to make
Thank you
My kids really like this app so much and it has been a blessing to me Is it OK if you make more apps and games for example, maybe make a game that has flappy bird involved and drift boss involved if you made both of those games or just one of those games or if you helped create one or both games it would really mean the world to me if you made the bird act like the car in drift boss, or make a game that has drift boss and tiny fishing put those two together but instead of the car like drifting on the road. You have the fish like or one of the sea creatures from tiny fishing drifting on the road or you can make both of those games or you can choose to do one
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3 months ago, Pizza_ lover
Not the best,but great
Hi! So I have had this since I was one (yes, one) and I’m eight now. What confuses me is that u take off videos on channels. If u have permission from the YouTuber,it’s okay. But if you’re just doing it,then u could get a copyright TBH. Another thing is that I’m in third grade and u thing I would not know 8x6 . I know 48x48! My parents let me watch the 9-12 videos ( actually) and I STILL can’t watch Cookie Swirl C’s nail polish de-clutter. What’s up with that? And how come I can’t subscribe myself? I understand u not wanting kids subscribing to any channel. And then I see that if you’re eight,you’re still “ a younger kid” . Like bruh. Options are very limited,but overall a great app! Thanks!🩷🩷🩷🩷🩵🩵🩵🩵💜💜💜💜😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍
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2 months ago, ari slays ari plays
Great would recommend but...
So I got this app for my 2 year old daughter (who is 9 currently) and I for some reason keep forgetting to put the time limit since we got this app she keeps bugging me to change the age thing but we have to go to another app and put the time there so can u make like notifications like that would say ‘’please ask a parent to put the time limit for you’’ or something like that and same for the age like the child puts their birthday and the device can send a notification that says’’happy birthday this is a reminder to tell a parent to change the age appropriate videos for you’’ so please do this
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2 years ago, patriotic peanut
The search does not work
So I was trying to look up this I’m dodo kids story and the thing would not work and it was in raging me I was infuriated and I was so angry it doesn’t work I like the app because it does not because it doesn’t have like as many like him if they have stuff that would have like bad words but still stare it’s terrible with the search and this would be a problem but sometimes it’s hard to type stuff so I need them to fix the search would actually work so I can get so I can actually search up the right thing and I just have to look through 1 million different videos to find it well that ends this I would say it’s a good app you just have to know how to type stuff and it’s OK
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3 years ago, &68(2288&;#3#9'sjmdciouwej
It’s great but has a few minor issues.
I think that YT kids is a very nice app but sometimes there is not many videos to watch and they are kinda babyish. YT kids is good for children 4-8 years old but I don’t think a 12 year old would want to watch this. Maybe you could change a few things, but overall this is a great app and I definitely recommend this app for children 4-8. And if parents are complaining so much about inappropriate stuff but no! There is nothing on there that’s inappropriate so pls stop saying that. I also wish that we could comment or turn on the bell or even subscribe without are parents account 🙄. Thank you for reading to the end I hope you make some changes with the videos and maybe make an age group 12+?? Maybe?
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6 years ago, Flipside0983
Used to be better
When I first downloaded this for my son the app in itself was a lot easier to maintain and control. I suppose some changes after recent updates does not allow the user to clear the browsing cache anymore. I’ve gone through the settings over and over but can’t seem to find that option anymore. While my son used to watch educational, entertaining or kid friendly videos now there is nothing but homemade crap videos of mostly adults “reviewing” toys or doing some other nonsense. Since the last update I’ve had to block probably 30+ channels from the lite nonsense that comes up on the app now since I am unable to clear the cache. Please add this feature back. I really do enjoy the app for my son but having to block all the foreign channels so he doesn’t get confused and the other nonsensical channels is getting a little overwhelming.
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5 months ago, Snow Eevee
Nonbinary goth teen disapproval
My favorite idol YouTuber is NightCove_thefox, but she’s not on here. Like, there’s nothing wrong with her (except for swearing in some videos, but she censors them). Also, when I try looking up FNaF, I get weird terrifying things that are scarier than those cringey Minecraft animations. There was this one vid I found of like “True Story Fnaf 9 Security Britch”, and I recorded a video of me cosplaying as Vanny and reacting to the video. It had absolutely nothing to do with the lore or gameplay, it was very inaccurate, there was this one kid who I had no idea who she was, and the “animatronics” were made of foam. The only GOOD video I found was this guy making a realistic Kirby out of clay, and it was actually pretty fire. But either way, one of my friends tried looking up SSSniperWolf, but she found nothing, and there’s nothing wrong with SSSniperWolf. In conclusion, this app is trash and should be only for SMOL children.
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4 years ago, appppppppplllllleeee
Hi I’m writing first to say it a good enough app but there are A few things I’d liked changed so first after you watch some videos it starts to delete videos off the app for example after I used this app for a while I watched danTDM but then my brother found out my second favorite YouTuber was on there but I couldn’t watch him because it had already deleted his video off the app!!!!! Then they have Series on there but like there’s say episode one of a let’s play but not the next episode!!! Why?!?! And you can’t share videos with your phone 😡 and I wish you could comment and ring a bell 🔔 but you can’t even watch the whole series!!! I’m thinking about deleting this app please fix this five stars if you do🥺 thank you for reading to the end.
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2 years ago, omg try this pls😍😍😍
Omg perfect
If you have a little kid it’s perfect no swearing no gore no scary things none of that. now one other good thing about this app is that your kid can be timed for hours or minutes one of the bad thing is that when your child is off it and on something else or not even on the electronic is that it we’ll still time your girl or boy but other then that it is the perfect app for your child another grate thing about this app is that I don’t have to be worried about what she is watching and thanks to this she can learn more and more next year she’s going to pre K and she will have a head start in school I’m so excited and so thankful for this app ❤️❤️❤️
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1 year ago, CortMcNooget
Okay, but needs more older kid stuff
Okay, this game is kid friendly as I have a little sister who loves this app, but I’m 11+ and have to watch yt kids because my parents won’t let us watch regular yt. Yt kids has a couple good youtubers, but almost all the youtubers I actually like aren’t on here and most are totally kid friendly. Also this may be kinda stupid but during series they cut out some videos and I can’t watch all the videos of the series. Recently Moriah Elizabeth’s channel got deleted! Her channel was totally kid friendly. I just wish yt kids would have all videos of a channel and have more tween videos and not soooo kiddy. Srry this is so long,ty.
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10 months ago, magical special
The best game I could ever have
This is all I have to say it’s amazing what I have to say really grown-ups what your kids have this app right now if you see this video right away at this app it’s amazing there’s a whole bunch of little stuff and you can search stuff only for the age of eight though that’s what I don’t like about it and you have you and your kids can add other stuff because you gotta write your parents name or something a password something and I really like it just that’s all and you could put the password onto it to make to make it so no one can get in your profile :)😘
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5 months ago, Averagelyhung
Has some weird videos and also a loophole
Overall it’s an okay app for kids. You still have to monitor what they’re watching because there are some pretty questionable videos on there. I understand that it’s near impossible to go through everything that’s uploaded, so I don’t fault the developers. It just means you still have to parent, which is fine. The thing I’d like to see fixed is the loophole around the timer. Once the timer is done, it essentially locks the app until it’s reset. But my four year old has found out that if you force close the app, and reopen it, it bypasses the timer lock and reopens back to the homepage. If the developers could find some kind of fix for this, I’d appreciate it. Thank you!
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5 days ago, The_Real_Banana_Cat12
Not enough content
So I use can’t use yt so I use yt kids but there’s mostly babyish stuff and all the songs I want to listen to are replaced by kidz bop versions of them and if I hearone more kidz bop version of “Cruel Summer” I’m going to scream. Like, if you click older group it’s still like the same things. I think there should be less babyish content if you click the older group. Some channels you can click and some you can’t and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. One more thing, your security system isn’t that good. You just act multiplication facts and A. Most kids learn multiplication in 3rd or 2nd grade and B. There are things called a “calculator” that many kids know to “press 5 press the x press 3 press =“ Idk that’s my opinion, bye!
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10 months ago, iamacowsheepmonster
❗️read this to save your kids from insanity❗️
my parents don’t let me watch The standard yt, so i have to watch this. it’s fine, but their are some things that are just plain dumb and drive me insane. let me create a scenario. a channel posts one bad video, ONE BAD VIDEO, and the “philosophy of yt kids” is to REMOVE THAT CHANNEL. i’ve had multiple channels that i LOVE removed so many times. i don’t want to be forced to watch coco melon because a channel got removed for a second in one video. on the topic of channels, youtubers would say their posting schedule. so i’m like “cool now i know when to check their page”. nope. not even close. it can be five days later that they post their videos. it takes them that long to check the video, i don’t even know why they would block their channel cause isn’t this supposed to be kid friendly? #bringbackcimorelli
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2 years ago, kennadi parsons
Amazing my child loves it
This is a save and appropriate for kids my little girl loves it she is always doing the gymnastics she learned her back handspring in one day and it keeps her creative unlike some of the other apps where you stare at a screen all day like I said she did a back handspring in one day the gymnastics is very simple and not super rough I’m 37 and i did gymnastics as a kid and they thought me a cartwheel in one day.🤣But the videos are sooo funny she love this channel called ninja kids tv and what’s inside family. If you hear bad things they might happen on certain peoples I pad or what ever device but you should try it
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9 months ago, MaryclaireB
The only way to get the money
The first thing that came to my mind was that the first time we had seen the first thing in a video of the game we were talking about in a game of restaurant in a cafe was the same scene that was being played on the same night in a cafe where a woman had to sit on the table in the kitchen with her boyfriend in a room with her husband in a kitchen that had been a little bit of an apartment with no windows open in it so we had a little room for the first thing that happened to the first time in a cafe that had the room was an empty bathroom in there was no room in a kitchen there is only room to have room in there was one bathroom there were a bathroom that is not an open door the bathroom and there were no door there is no room for a bathroom there was a door and the bathroom and the second door is the second bedroom
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11 months ago, xXE.E
A bit TOO childish.
I had this app when I was 5-8 probably and I remember it being superrrrrr boring. My favorite youtuber had very few videos on there and so I would be constantly watching the same videos over and over again. This youtuber is literally kid friendly. Itsfunneh is their name. All their videos are meant to be kid friendly so I’m not sure why they’d replace these videos with some reallyyyyy childish videos. I’ve read other reviews, and apparently most of the videos they see on this app is 20 years olds opening up LOL dolls and cookieswirlc playing with Shopkins. That’s literally the only content on this app. I recommend adding back the kid friendly videos, because there was nothing wrong with them.
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3 months ago, Ella937<3
Love the app
My kids love it because there are a lot of features and you can have different accounts that have an age customization. They also love it because one of them is older and can still watch the younger kid stuff. They love that they can make a passcode so that their siblings don’t mess with their recommended and I can take off the passcode their favorite thing is how they can change their profile pictures. My favorite part is time limit and the ability to make multiple accounts for my kids. Definitely recommend this to parents with younger kids.🥳🥳🥳🙂🙂🙂
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6 years ago, thatonerailfan
It was ok... UNTIL NOW
This app was ok and serving me well. Until recently. Any time I go on the app now, no matter how good my WiFi connesction is is, it says “oops! Couldn’t load any videos!” And when I click try again 5 million times, all the videos that normally pop up aren’t there! No recommend videos, no music videos, no learning videos, no nothing! Just the search icon and settings icon. When I search for a vid, the title text is superb small! And when I click on a vid, most of the time it just says “something went wrong. Tap to retry” and I do that multiple times, and it hardly ever works! And when it does, the title and other vids don’t even apppear! I have tried reinstalling the app, hard restarting my iPad, and going on different WiFi’s, but nothing works! All these problems have arisen in the past week, so I hope a bug fix comes out soon, but for now, IM REALLY MAD!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Me and Jobandeep
This is great!!!
My child loves this app so much!!! she is now 6, and started when she was 4!!! I like how when the parents sign jn you choose the child’s age, and it gives age appropriate videos. I also like how if you sign in, the children can change their profile and name, which my daughter really loves! She also learns and interacts with this app!!! I also like how many videos for kids you have and how you block videos for grown ups. I got this for my child because she kept watching adult content on my phone and now that she has this app, she stopped watching yt forever! Tysm for making this app!
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2 days ago, mrsdpierc
Language settings please!
This app is great! However I would like to say, please PLEASE add language settings. Sometimes I search for a specific concept but the videos that I need are in a completely foreign language. It is annoying I would love for them to add a way to change the language to English. Please YT kids monitors, if you are reading this add a language choice button! Make it accessible for kids as well. I don’t like having to get my parents to tweak one small setting. Other than that one thing, this is a great app and safe for kids (like meeeee) I'm 12 - sincerely This 12 year old child
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2 years ago, 💗Ava💗
Good! A few suggestions
I love this app but I think that it could use some work. I think that it would be better if when the YouTubers that are showed post, it immediately shows up. There are probably thousands of channels that are age appropriate for The age range and none of them are showed. For example, I love to watch gem sisters in some of their videos never showed up. I also wish there was a column where you could post on Kid Tube and it would get approved so it’s still age-appropriate but it has better videos. Please take some of my ideas into consideration. Thank you 😁
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2 years ago, barrle racer girl
Lots of bugs other than that great app!
Hi I started watching yt kids when I was four I think it’d a wonder full app! But one day I woke up and waited to eight thirty for my time limit resets and when I hit yt kids I noticed it did show up the accounts it said hi get a parent to do some stuff and I was going to just put like 1958 but I did not want to I went to App Store maybe I had to upgrade it? It did not work yt DO NOT GIVE TO FIVE AND OLDER ITS FOR LIKE 12 YEAR OLDS IF U WANNA HAVE SOMETHING MORE SAFER DOWNLOAD RUMBLE it’s not much for kids but has some kid things I guess anyways yt kids also has some stuff up there that was not for kids on a kids channel and account I was like bro this ain’t for kids I was scard for what I saw I still have nightmares about it anyways THANKS FOR READING THIS PLEASE FIX THIS MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A THUMBS UP SO THEY WILL READ IT! Have a nice day(:
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2 months ago, chezcaike
An 11 year old’s opinion.
Now, like it says in the title, I’m only 11 as I’m writing this. YT kids is pretty good, I see it’s supposed to be suited for all ages based on the graphic design or whatever. Here are my suggestions for YT kid’s future updates. Comments. Maybe when you make a profile, you can comment on the video.. But with censorship, obviously, since it’s for kids. Also, when I try to visit a yt profile, the profile isn’t there. Just their user. Why? I think it’s because they aren’t posting appropriate videos that don’t live up to YT kid’s standards, but the more I thought about it, the more I think it’s a different reason then that. So, YT kids, if you see this review, respond to it and tell me what your opinion is.
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1 year ago, what_wrong_with..apps2475
Idk what to put here…
For some weird reason the vids such as kindly Keyin or the frustrated gamer DanTDM (Etc.) there videos (or entire channel) are kid friendly and not accessible no bad words violence nothing but…the best channels I ever watched would never show up WHY…those videos of people are not bad!!!…next (at the top I mean that tfg kindly keyin are my favorite yet channels and yet it just never would be an accessible channel :( ) ok they delete channels that are so popular which just is sad to ALOT of people but it’s a good app I will tell you that whoever’s reading this stay safe and have a good day!! 🙂(please don’t delete this just add more channels everyone loves that they can watch more videos of or add an entire channel that everyone loves :D)
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1 month ago, yemslave
Best app ever
I think you guys really did it and I think you just make sure has a little more safety for kids and it’s just a really good thing, but I think it should make the kids choose like which like program or like which section or what people or person they want to follow or something. It would be fun. If the kids her own you know it’s just I really like it because I can learn stuff on it and I can learn new things a lot. I can learn new things and it’s just a really good thing for kids like me and I just think it’s really good. Did a good job. Libby and I am 10 years old.
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6 years ago, Ominous172
Honestly, what a useless app. My mother wouldn’t let me download regular you tube because she was scared of inappropriate content. Of course, now being older I can watch regular you tube and say, WOW. I was sometimes annoyed when a video from a series was missing cause of maybe like one curse word, but then I saw all the reviews saying they came across bad content anyway. WHAT!?!?!? They remove perfectly good videos for no reason, and then leave super obvious bad videos on the app???? I think I’m LESSS likely to run into anything bad on regular you tube. And then in the beginning when I first got the app it said preschool, school, or both. I clicked school but I still got baby cartoons and other pointless things I don’t care about. I like You Tube better. I’ve discovered some of my favorite you tubers there and seen videos from them, with nothing bad at all, that I couldn’t find here.
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2 years ago, purpulkiki23
Please read this
Overall I really like the app, but let’s be honest there are not many things you can watch on this app. Actually I feel like there should be another age for example 11-15. because all the 11+ who have strict parents can’t watch something that they actually enjoy. I should know because I am 11+ and I find that all the videos are extremely childish and something that isn’t super entertaining for me and some other 11+ kids. I feel like eventually there might be dirty things that your children may be able to find so before you download this app please consider not to thank you for reading my review -{Lo¥3_Bûg}
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6 years ago, U3005061
1. Plz put actual songs on this app. Not just instrumental, and covers of the song. Or at least put clean versions on it!!!! 2. I KNOW, this may be a little too much to ask... but would you consider clean vines??? PLZ!!!! 3. You only have animal try not to laugh challenges. Some of us don’t find turtles very funny. 4. The 15 second cartoon musical that plays when you open the app is beautiful, It really is, but sometimes, I don’t want to watch dinosaurs dancing to bad music. 5. plz allow US to make our OWN albums, like a music album, or a DIY one so you could find your favorite videos without looking them up every time, and, so we have our own playlist of music we like. Plz do this.
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6 months ago, YouTube kid user
Sooooooo great but some tweaks would be nice
I love this app and there’s almost no adds and when there is it’s like a toy add and it is totally kid friendly and still entertaining and educational videos and stories like Anne of green gables and a whole library more there’s cartoons Garfield and Charlie Brown and you don’t have to worry about swearing or inappropriate things and stuff like that there’s also gaming videos and it works on computers and iPads phones and tv’s even though there’s a few things I would change it is great for kid and will keep them busy for hours and it deserves that five star review
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4 months ago, horesgamefinder
YouTube’s great and all that stuff but read more to find out
This app is great and all that stuff it does not show any inappropriate videos and it also is nice but the thing is do you really think a child does not know 3x4 cause a child can easly find a calculator on their device and search it up and they even could know that a second thing I do not like is that when you want to subscribe to someone’s channel you GOTTA SIGN UPPPPP like no one kind wants that but ok like sure the first time my child did it I was ok but then we had to delete it actually kinda changed something’s about my privacy and stuff like that so yeah but please read this if you are going to download it THANKS FOR READING THE I FORMATION I HAVE TYPED!
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5 years ago, Marx24
Great for kids but needs screen lock
We have 2 kids a 7 and 3 year old. And I like how they each can have a profile that parents are able to control what content they are allowed to see. My 7 year old does a good job sticking to her shows but my 3 year old is figuring out how to go into the other profile. And will be very touchy so constantly keeps switching back and forth from show to show and it gets annoying. Please add a screen lock so that way they can’t get out of full screen when a show is put on. Even with guided access they are able to get out of full screen. If you could take this into consideration it would be great. Thank you
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5 years ago, Slwstevens
No, no, and also No
I’ll be honest with you, kids YouTube=good for 1 year olds. ANYBODY older than that will hate this. Somehow, this app takes off good videos for no good reason, when I search up specific songs it somehow restricts the actual version of it and allows a “kIdZ bOp” cover of it, which frustrates me beyond belief. And it doesn’t even matter if it’s a clean song! It’ll just restrict it for no apperant reason! If you’re a parent and you don’t want your kids lookin’ at bad things this is the app for you. If for any other reason you want it, don’t do it, this is a flawed and crappy app, that could use some major improvement.
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5 years ago, ms Eva10
I used to like this app for my child and have recently deleted it. However it needs a better blocking and monitoring system. Such as blocking a certain type of video genre. Also just anybody can create videos. There are videos that are talking about suicide, sexual activity indirectly (with doll toys movement) and creepy images. Who is agreeing to these videos of even being on here? How is this ever okay for kids? It’s sickening! I have blocked more than hundreds of videos but the same type always pops up. I used to like it because it would show short clips of regular tv shows but when it gets to random people who are creating videos I have to sit there and watch listen and monitor it.(which when I’m trying to get things around the house done that’s impossible! Parents please be mindful of what your kids are watching!
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3 years ago, Graemikan
Pretty good
I like this app a lot, and I like to watch KarinaOMG’s among us videos, I would stay tuned every day to see if they add a new one to YT kids and they did for a while but then it stopped, and her channel is my go-to source for among us videos! Plz add more of her among us videos and I checked on normal YT and there were way more of her among us videos on there! Also plz add more LDshadowlady! I love her channel and have watched it ever since I found out about Minecraft. Btw, I’ve seen LDshadowlady’s among us videos on normal YT and they are good too. One of them is called Panic! On the Spaceship and I was like XD LOL. Bye! — Holly, the among us lover
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1 year ago, MadelynWolfy
Ok so this is a awesome app but there are some stuff your child may not wanna see like some ghost stuff it’s not that scary but it may scare some kids and if your kid plays Roblox or likes watching people play it there are videos for that too and if your a parent there is safety controls and you can block some videos and keep some others and you have to set it up and your child picks their profile and you can also have multiple accounts as one and I am a kid and I enjoy this app a lot and I totally recommend you getting this app for your child!!!
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4 years ago, squidnut247
For ages 0-12!?!
I agree with the idea of having just kids content on a different app. I respect the idea that children should not be exposed to inappropriate things but this gets different for ages 10-12. The experience for them is terrible and most of the videos that they are watching at this point may have a few swears and they can not be found. YouTubers like ninja and markiplayer are not there which kids enjoy. They need to be more flexible on the age because kids are not going to only play any to have access to bad toy reviewers and not what they actually enjoy. This app should be more directed towards ages 3-8 or 9. Kids at that point are exposed to more swears and want to branch out to some of these other YouTubers that may swear.
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4 years ago, Jbigg21
Parental Control
You are able to go in and block certain things and report them as well, but my 4 year old love watching LOL Dolls and some things would pop in such as the “naughty kids” are her words. These kids pull pranks on each other and their parents. Such as putting window cleaner in each other’s water, bullying pranks, etc. we would block and report them as not appropriate for other kids to watch and they would pop back in as a different language or name. They did delete some Peppa Pig being murdered videos, but again would pop up in different languages. Learning videos are great, but being able to control every single thing that may pop in is impossible. I would recommend downloading apps that are strictly learning apps for that age group.
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