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TrueCoach, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for TrueCoach

4.84 out of 5
20.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Josh Kaslewski
The best app for fitness coaching
I currently use TrueCoach as a coach to coach over 120 clients globally, and the experience my clients have had across the board has been nothing short of amazing. I also coach myself and design my own program. I use this app as a “client” to myself and it has been a game changer for tracking my own fitness data. I would hands down recommend this app for clients and coaches at any level, no matter what. I’m a customer for life. Their customer service is second to none, they’re fast, responsive, and they LISTEN. They actually care and make changes based on feedback. You will NOT be disappointed.
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3 years ago, Joshua Lee Clay
New Update Seems Like a Beta Version
As a coach, my primary concern in choosing a software to deliver my programming and store data is to not only ensure that I can store & deliver everything in a single location, but also to ensure the app is easy to navigate on the part of the client. While this was the case up until today, the new update now acts as a barrier of entry to any new clients looking to work with me. The last thing a client wants to do is be forced to invest time into learning a new app before they even train but that is exactly what the new update does. The busy interface floods the user with so much stimuli, buttons and options that you cannot be sure where one exercise ends and a circuit begins. As a coach who frequently works with clients new to training and working out, the previous version was easy for anyone to use. Following the recent update however, clients have been messaging and dm’ing me confused how to read or navigate their workouts. Take into account the fact that these are clients who have used the app for months to years of training with me, are well versed how to read a workout, and that should tell you everything you need to know regarding the update. I’m a big fan of truecoach formerly but the client comes first and the most recent update is by no means a client-centered version.
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3 years ago, peyto8
New app no es bueno
Font seems even smaller and for sure thinner, so hard to read. Videos start way too easily just by scrolling. I don’t like how the entire workout is one scroll. Much easier to navigate the super sets via swiping. This way I easily know I’ve done everything in my super set before starting the next super set. Updating notes on the workout is now an extra touch which I don’t like and I lose efficiency. I also don’t like how the day of the week is missing on the summary of the week. It used to be there. The date doesn’t help me. The day of the week does, so I need both. Also, the comments on past workouts used to be easy to read and find. Now, they are hard to find the icon and have to add an extra step to touch them and find them and read them. I used to always review the entire workout on the main for each superset to review my comments, the new layout is so busy it is hard to do and again, if I actually touch the video it starts to play. It’s also an extra step to find and complete a workout if you don’t make comments. Unfortunately, there is nothing I like about the new app, PLEASE revert back. Thank you.
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3 years ago, jjjelhob
Version 11 is a DISASTER
The new UX design in Version 11 is a diaster. Here's why: - Too many button clicks to enter workout results - Font choice and size for workout results is too small and hard to read, Why make it different? - Can no longer collapse videos and hide them, results in accidental taps that start playing them when you don't want to - Color choices don't work, too many colors that don't work together. There is gray, aqua, purple, light aqua, blue. It's visually UNAPPEALING to look at! - Too many buttons/blocks that look/feel the same, makes it hard to navigate - Eliminating swiping left to right to get to next exercise, now you have to scroll up and down, which make it hard to keep track of where you are and makes it hard to navigate. - Can't see if you have a comment on a workout? They burried that, under a button click
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2 years ago, afman907
Still absolute garbage
The big update they released ages ago continues to be an unmitigated disaster. No autocorrect Video upload takes forever to start Can’t write longer than the window Video completion ends text input, erases what you wrote, and dumps you back to main screen Scrolling is completely broken. Often when you are trying to write the app autoscrolls off view. Post 4 videos on one exercises and then try to type - the view will try to include the videos The history button takes you to the workout instead of the comments which is what you want 99% of the time Can’t seem to remove videos or images from the app Using the computer and the app at the same time causes them to overwrite each other. The app clearly does not follow the ACID principal like it should. At a minimum isolation should work for this use case The screen frequently moves such that the add video button is not visible. When it is visible it is frequently unclickable Leaving the app usually causes video upload to fail Workouts do not autocomplete when there are entries for each exercise If you look at history, you can’t comment for some reason Pressing the save button too quickly after uploading a video causes the video upload to halt. My best guess is this is an async call in your app and there isn’t a mutex or lock somewhere to make sure a page can’t close before the video upload begins
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3 years ago, @OffbeatSheHulk
Returned to the Stone Ages
New update and UI is terrible. Went from a clean squarespace website to a custom MySpace page with an annoying playlist. A few things: entering exercise data doesn’t mark an exercise as complete, auto play videos while viewing a workout, can’t swipe between exercises in one workout, TOO MANY FONTS ON ONE PAGE (inaccessible), too many bubbles, buttons, and added boxes to enter data (it’s now double clicks to enter notes), unnecessary animations upon completing a workout, typewriter serif fonts (Inaccessible), now have to video upload ONE BY ONE and wait for each video to finish compressing, comments per workout do not load in order(Sometimes new messages populate at the top, MIDDLE, or bottom in the same thread), The button to add a comment for a workout is tiny and hard to click, clicking the banner notification no longer pulls me to the workout where my coach commented (now I have to manually check all messages areas to find it).
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3 years ago, Jolee1717
Bad App & Developers
I normally do not take time to review apps, because I have a busy life and do not have time in my schedule to waste. But with how down hill this app has gone I had to let others know to warn them. They have new ownership and ever since that happened things have gone down to the pits. The app worked fine for 2+ years. Now they changed everything and half the stuff will not work any more. It is more of a hassle than helpful to use this app. The videos will not load. The input of activity glitches. It shuts down on you in the middle of doing stuff. When you tell their “team” about it they take a long time to respond. Than they have no idea what to do so they ask you a bunch of “troubleshooting” questions. So I humor them and respond. But the amount of time I have spent responding to their questions, sending screen records, ect…has been too much. I have been doing thier job for them. I need to be on their payroll at this point. When you put out an update it is the developers responsibility to test it first. It is CLEAR they do not do this. They refuse to just fix the issue and it is obvious they are just muddling through it and have no idea what they are doing. Waste of my time. Don’t bother. Find another route.
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4 years ago, Mrsjtpreston
Pretty Solid
Overall, the app is pretty good. It makes communication with a coach very easy for remote relationships. The only improvement that would be awesome is to change the data entry for workout results so that looking back at history is easier. It would be awesome if, when I hit exercise history, it gave me a variety of stats: max 1-rep, maybe 3x3, 5x5, or a graph of recent history with the lift...everything in a single window or with minimal scrolling...and if I wanted to read all the comments, I could scroll to my hearts content. The lift history is a little bit of a pain since you have to scroll so much just to see the last few weeks. Hard to see trends, etc. again, the app is really good. This type of improvement would take it from 90% to 100%, in my opinion.
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3 years ago, thecoach_anna
Not happy with new updates
I’ve really loved using TrueCoach as a coach and for my clients. I chose this platform for virtual coaching specifically because it was so simple and user friendly (from a client perspective) which is what I care most about. The new updates have made even my clients who are familiar with the app, confused. The automatic or sensitive video plays are super annoying for myself and for clients who are listening to music, then having it switched off as the video starts, even when you didn’t want to. The toggle and results section is very busy looking and supersets are harder to decipher. I’ve talked to several other coaches who use this app and the sentiment is the same. I hope you’re working on fixing these things, or even going back to the older model. I really don’t want to have to switch to another training app.
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3 years ago, bbcje
Bring back the old version
So many features that I loved about the old version are now gone, and there are zero new features that I like about the update. It seems like no one took any actual coach or athlete feedback into account when creating this new version. I liked being able to read my comments on the same screen as my workout. That’s no longer possible. I liked being able to see my entire workout with sets and reps included without having to scroll. That’s no longer possible. I liked being able to delete a video if I uploaded the wrong one by accident. That’s no longer possible. The only thing that seems “improved” is the overall UI, and I would argue that it has been changed for the worst. After talking to my teammates we all agree that the old version was far superior to this updated version. Please change it back 😊
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3 years ago, GHmagic
What. The. Heck.
What. The. Heck. Happened to this app?? Prior to this “redesign” this app was pretty darn good. Sure it had its rough patches, but was still very easy to use, and you could get the information you needed quickly. Would I take it over this current iteration? Absolutely! The things I WOULDN’T do to have the old app back are few in number. Please, for the love of all that is holy, bring the old app back. The current version is an absolute nightmare. The mishmash of fonts, colors, and graphics is headache inducing. Not to mention auto-play videos with sound, even while the ringer switch is set to silent. It also has the added detriment of cutting off my music that’s playing every time I go back to the app. The previous version of the app also had a way of viewing a summary of each workout. If you needed more information, you could touch in and get the information you needed. This summary view is no longer available, and you’re forced straight into a horrific UI where the user can’t find anything. Due to this redesign, I have no desire to use this app anymore. I will ask my coach to send future workouts in a spreadsheet. That is how bad this app design is. An Excel spreadsheet would be exponentially more pleasurable to use rather than the headache that is this app.
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3 years ago, bbcje
Bring back the old version
So many features that I loved about the old version are now gone, and there are zero new features that I like about the update. It seems like no one took any actual coach or athlete feedback into account when creating this new version. I liked being able to read my comments on the same screen as my workou. That's no longer possible. I liked being able to to see my entire workout with sets and reps included without having to scroll. That's no longer possible. I liked being able to delete a video if I uploaded the wrong one by accident. That's no longer possible. The only thing that seems "improved" is the overall UI, and I would argue taht it has been changed for the worst. IAfter talking to my teammates we all agree taht the old version was far superior to this updated version. Please change it back 😊
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3 years ago, 145422457764
Coach - bombarded with complaints
I was recently informed by a vast majority of my clients that there was an update to the app. To my surprise, pretty much every single person to inform me of this also brought up frustration and complaints about how difficult, unintuitive and cumbersome the new app is. Look, I’ve put up with the complaints about how videos often do not upload on the old version and went to great lengths to onboard my new clients with the app so they get the hang of it easily (you really need to figure out this video upload issue, True Coach). However, I am being told it’s even WORSE now after the last update. Clients are expressing their frustrations and notifying me that it is a burden using this new version. TrueCoach, you are a business that handles other people’s businesses. Do you think it is wise to do a massive overhaul of your service, without any notice, overnight, without CLEARLY testing the new version to see whether it is actually an improvement? Apple doesn’t just come out with a new iPhone every year that is completely different, and WORSE than the previous version. That’s not what successful companies do. You had something that worked (mostly) and you made it exponentially worse. Reconsider backtracking to the previous version please.
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3 years ago, badlegs
New Version, Worse Experience
While the new update has a modern look and feel, there are old school issues. - As you attempt to scroll thru workouts, videos now start playing as you touch them (without touching the play button). There should be a way to hide videos (as there used to be) so that this isn’t the case - The updated font/text instruction area style is more difficult to read - There isn’t a clear way to mark a workout as not complete when you accidentally hit the complete button (which is incredibly easy to do) - Opening each section and using a toggle to mark an area of a workout complete just doesn’t make sense to me. The “x” in the top right corner to mark the area as complete is also confusing. It looks like the “x” that is generally used to delete something - The colors and style used for each workout as you’re scrolling thru past/upcoming workouts is too similar. It’s too difficult to distinguish Perhaps most of these complaints could be rectified by setting adjustments on the coaches end. However, it doesn’t appear coaches were notified before the change? Overall, while the colors and style are “prettier”, I think the experience on the trainee’s side is far worse than it once was.
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3 years ago, adav1001
App Always Down
App is literally always down for server maintenance. It’s so annoying to try to get to my workout at 5pm PST and not be able to access it. Their team definitely needs to plan outages better. As others have said, the new UI is not great. Video play is so sensitive, it constantly interrupts my music when I’m just trying to look at my workout. I’ve resorted to looking at my workout beforehand and writing everything on a whiteboard so I don’t even have to touch the app once my workout starts. You also have to literally complete every item whereas before, entering a result would complete it. The new app looks smooth but adds more steps to what were very simple processes. It seems like they could’ve invested more time into the back-end of things and left the old UI alone.
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3 years ago, m3gstr
Awful update makes this app unusable
This app was very useful before this update. The old version was outdated looking, true, but it was FUNCTIONAL and supported my fitness journey for over a year and a half. This upgrade removed all the user friendliness. I spend more time tapping and squinting at the app than I do working out now. The font is small and hard to read. You have to tap several times to enter your stats and then you have to remember to save it! The videos are TINY! They show up about an inch and a half square on an iPad. This completely negates the one of the best benefits of the app which is the integration of my training program and the video demos. Please, PLEASE bring back to functionality of the old version. This version looks more slick, but it is not functional. I'm going to have to go to pen and paper if it doesn't improve.
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3 years ago, Theonlyjjones
Needs improvement
I use this from both coach and client perspective. Client perspective: only get notified of comments or messages via email. Would be beneficial if you could view all notification of comments in the actual app. It’s also very glitchy. Sometimes can’t upload photos even with strong service. App glitches almost daily if you try to review past workouts. (Especially if end of month is middle of week...) From coaching perspective, no real complaints there except it would be so beneficial if you could view clients program from the app. Not always working from a computer (benefit of online coaching is working from your phone) But you can’t do any of the programming from phone
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1 year ago, htwtwywywywywyw
This Works!
Once apon a time a long time ago 🚀 I was in U8 at my first regionals but I didn’t recall in my set. Then in my solo I got a recall! But 19th. I was happy but I knew I could do better. I did Feis Fit’s regionals program and worked my best and I got 9th!!! It wasn’t because I was like “oh it is just luck” I new I tried and I got more help than ever! Jeanne helped,my mom helped,my dad is clueless but STILL managed to help me. So you see ( I'm not Dhar Mann) you need to work listen and believe. Everyone helped me and this especially.
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2 years ago, Yeah, and I'm a Guy, too
Good basics but it feels like a website port
Pros: as a client, my coach is able to provide simple text descriptions and videos of each workout, as well as communicate through the chat feature. I am am able to record text descriptions of my performance, take notes, and ask questions easily. Cons: As the title indicates, this app feels like it was ported from a website and not primarily designed for phone use. Maybe the simplicity is intentional, but it would be great to have some tools like a stopwatch/timer or circuit/round/rep/set counter. I currently compensate for these tools by switching back and forth from my clock app and writing down my set/round numbers in the notes section.
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3 years ago, Mgitterm
New Update Ruined Trainee Experience
My coach and I have used this app for multiple years, coaching me through nationals remotely with it. The only issue I ever had was how long videos took to upload. Annoying but manageable. The new updates make it overly complicated and more frustrating in almost every way. Waaaaay more clicks, which makes uploading videos for a day’s session take twice as long. More difficult to see history, which is so unhelpful if you’re look for…you know, progress? Too much on the screen so accidentally clicking buttons is super easy to do. Summary screen is gone. App is buggy when saving workout results. Who in the world thought this was a good idea? No way can you convince me that these updates were intended to make the app easier…hate it.
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4 months ago, joshua jaytee bennett spiffy
New updates?
I am currently a coach using the app to help my clients. As far as client use goes the app is great. The interface is getting better and easier to use for most clients. As far as the coaching side goes, needs more improvement. I’m glad the new updates allows me to switch over to use the coaching side of the app but it doesn’t really allow me to edit workouts or edit programs. The only thing it allows me to do is chat with my clients which is great an all but sometimes workouts need to be edited on the go and I find having an app to be able to do those things would be more efficient. Hopefully these updates come in soon
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3 years ago, Boston720md
New version is a disappointment
This app was probably a 4 out of 5 for me until the recent update. With all sets now on one page it’s very easy to lose your place. The videos also start playing all the time when I don’t intend to click on them, I think I am mistakenly clicking on them when I just try to scroll. With the old layout it was easier to keep track of which set you were on, mark as complete, AND it kept my phone “awake” when I was clicked into a set so I didn’t have to keep waking it up every time I needed to check notes. I honestly do not see any benefits of the latest update and wish the UI would just go back to the old version as I was used to it and it worked well
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3 years ago, Danielle21 in DC
New update is TERRIBLE
I am a client and the old version was working well for me, I hate the update. First my biggest complaint is that I cannot click on exercise history for a specific movement and then click on those past days and see the comments my coach made for that day. I have to see the date, go back to my past workouts scroll down to the day, then click that workout to read the comments. I also will scroll through a workout to see what I have to do and my coach’s demos just automatically play, which is really annoying. I haven’t updated on my iPad and I’m just using the old version until this new version gets some serious adjustments. Please make this better!!
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3 years ago, newer isnt always better
constant frustration
app crashes, interrupts my music to autoplay demo videos, doesn’t not display the full screen to view the actual workout when i click to enter my results, and the results box will not scroll to view what you are typing if you exceed the standard size of the box. SO. MUCH. CLICKING. working supersets is a nightmare to continue updating my numbers. the old format was perfect. TrueCoach, please do something about this. there are at least a hundred other comments here expressing their disappointment. also, please stop deleting comments on your instagram page when asking you outright if you plan to address all of these issues. just accept this update was a bad idea and go back to the old format, for all our sakes.
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3 years ago, freehighfives
Bring back old version
I enjoyed using this app. It was easy to navigate and the programming my coach adds was accessible and easy to digest. Yesterday I discovered it had been updated and the new version is awful. The amount of information jumbled together, as opposed to being cleanly separated by set, is overwhelming. The typewriter font is not user friendly and everything seems to require several more clicks to get to a place where you add feedback and videos. Going through and adding videos after my workout took significantly longer than it did before. Please bring back the old interface.
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2 years ago, ponyo tokyo
The worst!
The new update is just so much worse than the one before, so confusing and I really hate it! You can’t upload videos like before u have to do it one by one only and now you fixed that but it’s not reliable and it doesn’t upload them!!! And it takes forever! And it’s confusing just altogether. Honestly the old version was better even tho it wasn’t the best it was still better than this one. I hate using it now 😓 Pls fix the app I can’t even upload my videos to my coach properly it’s so frustrating and it takes so much time to upload and it keeps telling me to retry! And sometimes it doesn’t even work and I can’t upload anything !!! 😭 it’s stressing me out pls fix this app!
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4 years ago, ablenis
Love it - missing cardio integration
TrueCoach works beautifully for the strength athletes that I coach and I have a tough time imagining any improvements related to that aspect of the platform. However, it’s not great for coaching endurance athletes. I would love to see easier/better ways to program runs, rides, etc, and eventually 3rd party app integration with Garmin, Strava, etc - like importing distance, heart rate, etc. It wouldn’t have to be much done on the same level as TrainingPeaks, but it would be nice to see something.
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3 years ago, Makitron
Minor Inconveniences
Overall, the app works well and satisfies my needs. However, there are a couple of inconveniences that if the developers resolved would make my user experience vastly better: 1) The UI for Chat/Messages with the coach should allow the user to return to the Workouts page. I have to close out of the app and reopen it in order to go to the Workouts page; 2) It’s also impossible to upload videos in the order you select them, let alone re-arrange them in the order you want. The desktop version of this app also does not allow this.
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2 years ago, brookey02
Glitchy With Every Update
I keep hoping this app will get better with updates, but it continues to disappoint. I use it because my coach uses it, but both of us are continuously frustrated by the glitchiness of the app — videos regularly fail to upload or aren’t able to be viewed once they are uploaded, the app will sometimes glitch in the middle of writing a comment and erase everything and force me to start over, and overall the interface is clunky and has weird quirks that just make it difficult to use. PLEASE fix all the bugs, developers! The app has a lot of potential if you just put the effort into it.
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4 years ago, Mojobitten
Mostly good
I’ve been using this app with my online coach for over a year. It’s mostly good but it’s a bit buggy and will often not save my data despite being in a strong wifi signal and showing as if it’s “saved” Also really wish they’d add the feature to make notes on my daily body weight. When I’m training as an athlete (esp comp) - food is everything and some days even though I’m adhering to my food plan.. will gain a fulll pound due to the type of food or time of day I eat. Yet I can’t add this note anywhere - so to my coach and later if I go back to review - I don’t understand why I went up a full pound. Please add this! :)
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3 years ago, Nosia886
Autoplay video is extremely annoying
This app worked OK prior to the most recent update but now I am finding it a big hindrance to my workouts. I’m a client and I want to see a list of exercises with the reps/instructions right next to the exercises. The new update has made it so the exercise is followed by a video you have to scroll past to get to the instructions. It’s almost impossible to not accidentally click to play the video when you scroll, and since I like to listen to music on my phone at the same time the autoplay video stops my music. So I am constantly switching back to my music app to turn it back on. I also don’t like having to click into each exercise to add comments. I wish there was one place I could go to see all comments from my coach, rather than having to find the past workout that they commented on. I’ve started writing my workouts from the app on paper so I don’t have to deal with the frustrations while I’m trying to exercise.
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3 years ago, daltonsolo
Some specific comments on the new update
Not a huge fan of the update like others, but here’s some constructive feedback for the devs: - Most of all, I’m missing the option to swipe between different exercises (e.g. first page shows A1, A2, next page shows B1, etc) - Don’t like having to tap a button to edit exercise results, it was nicer just having the text box there and being able to tap & immediately start typing - Comments on workout are not updating properly; I saw a message from my coach on the lock screen, then when I opened the app it just duplicated her last message instead of showing the new comment. When I replied, it showed a third copy of her message instead of my reply. Eventually it updated after reopening the app, but still, weird. Honestly, the new design is not bad. I like the font and colors, buttons and stuff. Just missing some of the simpler functionality.
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2 years ago, Aneesa S.
Unusable with recent updates
The last couple updates have rendered the app unusable. It’s not the fonts, or layout, or whatever, people have different feelings about UIs, and I can get used to most design changes. But they’ve had this scrolling issue for MONTHS now, and even after several updates where they claim to have fixed the problem, I still can’t scroll through a workout without it jumping randomly to a different section of the workout. Which is to say, I literally cannot even read new workouts from my program when they’re released. Which means I can’t do the workouts. Which means the app has failed at its one goal.
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3 years ago, Michah3
Overall great, but needs tweaking
Overall I really like this app. Communicating with my coach is easy. I love the connection to MyFitnessPal. But please take away the update to photos where I have to select pictures out of my camera roll to an intermediate dashboard before I can add them to my workout. Can I please just give the app access to my camera roll and be done with it? It only asks to see my camera roll half the time, so I have to force quit the app to get it to prompt me again. It’s just a major pain. It didn’t used to work this way.
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5 years ago, michrn17
Great app
I really like this app, it’s user friendly, the setup is great. I really like how I can communicate with my coach and upload the videos for him to critique later when he and I can’t be at the gym at the same time. The only thing I can think to make it a little better is to add a calculator. My coach programs percentages a lot based off of our one rep maxes. It’d be nice if I didn’t have to exit the app to use the calculator and then get back into the app to type it in. Just a thought. Other than that I really don’t see any flaws with it at all!
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2 years ago, pjdj3
Gets the job done - could be more user friendly
Overall this app gets the job done and allows communication with my coach. Wish list of future upgrades… 1. Comments PER exercise, not just for entire workout - hard to read comments on separate screen then go back to workout to remember the exercise related to the comment. Maybe a drop down feature below each exercise for comments? 2. Do not exit out of workout after video uploaded
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3 years ago, Jack3dHawk
Horrible UI update
This app *was* fantastic. Been using it a for a few months with my coach and loved all the features and how easy it was. The most recent update absolutely mangled the UI, though. This is seriously the worst UI I have ever been forced to interact with. Not intuitive or nice to look at. I seriously cannot stress enough how terrible it looks and feels. Whoever designed this needs about 10 more years of app development training. If it reverts back to the previous UI I’ll change my review to 5 stars or delete this comment. Seriously, coaches and clients, you are better off using an excel spreadsheet until this is fixed. Worst UI in the history of apps
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8 months ago, Cramking
TrueCoach is super neat
One of the things I love is the ability to watch demos and not interrupt your music or navigate away from the app, and its a seamless integration in the aesthetic. I love that I can add pictures just in cause I need to deviate a little and I can justify/explain the alternative. Only used it one day so far but definitely user friendly and easy to use during a workout!
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3 years ago, Briney T
Video (mal)function is total failure
I am beyond disappointed in this app, since for two weeks now, I cannot upload videos to each workout on the mobile app. I’m not the only one with this issue. I wrote the TrueCoach team and heard nothing. My coach wrote them on his clients’ behalf and they told him that we could use the mobile browser until the next update comes out. That is completely unacceptable. If you’re considering adopting this app, don’t. Me checking the box that I completed a workout is useless. I need to be able to upload videos using the app, so my coach can review my workouts. It’s absurd.
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4 months ago, hdhrhi
99% of the time it works but the 1% it doesn’t…
99% of the time, the app worked great and did what it was supposed to but the other 1% was a royal pain. I had frequent issues (no less than 4 separate occasions) with this app. It would freeze me out of my account and it would require my coach and the app support to reopen and it would erase all my progress which was the most frustrating part. The last time this occurred, the support was less than stellar and the response was also less than professional. It doesn’t look like I’ll be going back, even if I could.
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3 years ago, Murph95
From great to awful in one update
I have been a big fan of this app which my trainer introduced me to a year or more ago. Suddenly an update ruined the ease of use and functionality of the app. It’s difficult to follow exercises in a set, I have to do a lot of extra steps to input my results, and, most annoying of all, when I use my phone as a hotspot True Coach blanks out completely except for a message telling me to connect to the internet. I used the hotspot function on my phone all the time with the old version with no problem. This is the worst update I can recall of any app I have ever used!
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3 years ago, megankw
Horrible update & lack of historical tracking
Really liked the older version. I could see back to my first few sessions and mark progress, easily log comments, and the interface was easy to use. This update has horrible UI components and takes way more time to log my actual a than before making it cumbersome. It also only goes back 2 months in history so I lost all my historical progress. Really disappointed. The team really needs to do UX research with actual lifters on how this should function.
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12 months ago, LKatA22
Horribly Clunky
I love the program I’m using right now but this app is enough to make me want to switch to something different. Why would I want to scroll up and down over and over during a superset? Why can’t I collapse the videos? And if I miss a workout day, I have to navigate around to find it rather than it just all being together on one list. So many clunky and just overall obvious issues with the entire setup. I have never been so emotional about my hatred for an app before and it feels silly but it seriously hinders the flow of my workouts. Awful on every level.
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3 years ago, ZakDSF
Please go back to previous version
I am giving a two star because I support this company and what they have in the works. But this new version has all my clients confused half the time. The exercise history doesn’t get saved half the time and the program is an 5week plan with no changes, so the history should collect the info my clients input. I have been with TrueCoach since before the pandemic and it honestly was a game changer but this version has over complicated the beauty that TrueCoach provided, which was simplicity.
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3 years ago, SRadab
Now less user friendly.
The app was great before. You had supersets showing together. It was easy to enter as you went along. Now you have to click “update results for exercise”…enter the results then click “update results for exercise again”. Before I could scroll back and forth and enter results as I went along and click completed once for each exercise. So. Much. Clicking. Now. Only good if you do one exercise to completion then move onto the next one. Not good if you are moving back and forth.
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3 years ago, FullNelsonL26
Updated version is not user friendly
I’ve been using this app as a client for almost 3 years now. The former interface was much more user friendly. It takes me so long to upload my videos for my coach now that I am no longer able to select multiple videos for upload. I also dislike the results input because I now have to go through so many more steps. The comments are now more difficult to find, so I have to search to find my coach’s feedback. Please readjust this app!
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2 years ago, kurryanne
Ridiculous customer service, suggests using website instead of fixing anything
Wish there was a 0 star! After troubleshooting with them all week where my True Coach app is now rendered useless after the new update, I’ve gotten nowhere with their team. The videos are grayed out and I can’t click into them at all to get anything to play. Sent their customer service screen recordings of all the issues I’m seeing on the app. They come back and “claim” that they can’t replicate it on their end and their solution??? “Use our website instead” Then what’s the point of even having the app if you’re not even going to try and help all these people struggling with it?? From the 2.5 rating it’s obvious I’m not the only one struggling with their mediocre app. Cannot wait for my coach to find a better solution for our training! Coaches looking into this as their client software, RUN FAR AND FAST!!!
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9 months ago, grilo preto
Please Improve
Development on this app has been extremely slow and almost non existent. When something is released it’s a feature our integration that’s useless. Looks as though they’re trying to integrate communications with clients into this app but when I try to log on as a coach it says this feature is not available yet. The app looks nice but doesn’t work well. The client side is basic and needs more options for client input. Would love more advanced features but development is slow and they aren’t even getting basic client communications down which is essential to coaching. The prices recently increased and I was hopeful the quality of the app would increase but this feature is not available yet. Looking for alternatives but don’t like the Trainerize ui look and feel or else I’d go with them.
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3 years ago, NOM Personal Trainer
As a fitness coach and owner of my own business, my clients and I could have gotten over the fact the new update layout is drastically less user friendly than the old. However, lately the complaints from my clients ranging from the app randomly closing to the more consistent occurrences of glitchy scrolling through upcoming workouts has me scrambling. I put many hours in uploading videos and creating programming for my clients and was so pleased with how well it worked when I first started the service. My business and clients depend on this app and I cannot afford to lose money over this software tanking. The recent Pandy has shifted a lot of exercise enthusiasts to online training, which has hopefully driven the demand for the development of more fitness training apps. Time to start searching for a new home for my business and clients. Man, TrueCoach had such a good thing going too.
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3 years ago, piegirlpearl
Disappointed with newest version and update
Version 11 was marketed as an upgrade but the interface is more complicated and less aesthetically pleasing. It requires more clicks to do everything now. The most recent “bug fix” has actually introduced more bugs- I cannot upload my videos at all, and I can’t scroll in the results text box. Unfortunately, the app is now just a presentation of my coach’s programming and not really interactive between my coach and I, beyond messages. I’ve sent multiple feedback emails. Any plans to fix this, True Coach?
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