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2 months ago
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User Reviews for UCHealth

3.12 out of 5
457 Ratings
2 years ago, BcosofMercy
Useful but could use some tweaks
The AP is very handy when trying to schedule an appointment however, lately it’s been sluggish when I’m trying to do that and seems to get stuck when I’m trying to choose the location. It also seems to have issues on the page where you put in the requested information such as when your last appointment took place, relevant questions and Dr. info. And it would be great if that page popped up after you figure out what day you’d like to schedule your appointment. And last but not least, you should be able to go backwards on whatever page you’re on if you need to make changes, especially if you want to choose a different appointment time. These changes or updates would be great.
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1 year ago, qwerttyyyyupoffjklzbg
Useful to handle meds,appt and communicating with medical team, but very bad for data management
I have over 1000 unopened autogenerated messages. The app doesn’t allow to mass delete any of messaging. To delete each message needs to be opened individually and deleted from inside the message. The system generates bogus questionnaires sometimes 3 per visit. None of the messages are sortable or file-able. Almost impossible to find Doctor notes after the appointments because of all other worthless messages. Being a leukemia patient for over 1.5 years this app is horrible in data and information management and it doesn’t allow stopping stupid questionnaires and irrelevant notifications. The app is preoccupied with feeding unnecessary news and advertising Colorado instead of data management and assisting patients with actual needs. I complained about it over a year ago and nothing had been done. The app also doesn’t allow screenshots of the tests, claiming that it violates my privacy. It’s my privacy and for me to decide if I need a screenshot of a blood test
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3 years ago, Cindy D D
So horrible I’m seriously considering moving my medical services elsewhere since it’s nearly impossible to reach a person on the phone. Sadly, the doctors have no idea how bad this app is and assume communication is moving smoothly. I am scheduled to have surgery next week, prep documents were conveyed through the portal. Even though I have the app set to send me email notifications when I receive communications, I wasn’t receiving the emails. I was told in person that I would need a COVID test within 5 days of the surgery. Documentation necessary for the COVID test was in another part of the app that was not at all intuitive. The billing portion is not user friendly either. I over paid a balance and instead of reducing that on the next bill, I received an email (!) not in the app to down load this money transfer app. They gave not instructions how to get the money once I downloaded this obscure app. And the overpay could not be applied to the current balance.
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1 year ago, JoRaeOU
Could be better.
The app is great, the one downside is it needs to allow for time sensitive notifications. If you’re on a waitlist for a provider like I am you’ll more than likely miss the notification sent to you saying a new appointment time is available. You go to click on it and the offer has already expired. I tried to change the notification sound to something unique in my phone for this specific app and I can’t because the app itself doesn’t allow for time sensitive notifications. I would say if you get notifications for being on a waitlist then those notifications are time sensitive. If this is fixed then the UCHealth app notification tone could be made different than the generic app notifications you usually get with all the other apps in your phone. Please fix this so I can have A CHANCE to not wait 7 months for the appointment I just booked.
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5 months ago, nathangsm
App wants full assess to my calendar!?
The app asked for full access to my calendar. Like, ALL of the access. What is the purpose for this? I can imagine some benign and awful reasons, but the app didn’t tell me WHY it wanted that access, so I kept it at “Add Only” (to add appointments to my calendar). If the app is trying to do something fancy like know when I’m available, accessing my entire calendar any going to do it, because I have multiple calendars that list events that aren’t actually places I’ll be.
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2 years ago, AZDoodle
App doesn’t show badges and I don’t get text messages
How do I turn on text messages? I miss time sensitive appointment notifications because I am not continuously looking at my iPhone or iPad. I don’t get notifications on my phone. The are no sounds or badges. This has caused me to miss things. I called the support number given in the “developer response” and was told that the app doesn’t give sounds or badges. The only way to see if you have received a message is to check your email. The doctors are busy so I’m on wait lists for early appointments. When they become available there is a very short time window to accept the earlier appoint. Since I don’t keep my email in front of my face all day long, I miss the window. I hope this is fixed in the near future.
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4 years ago, Nikkita South Bronx!
I had a covid test scheduled for a Saturday at 9am. The app was working fine throughout the week because I had to reschedule due to work obligations. I couldn’t remember the address and ended up having to google it because the app kept saying that there was a problem logging me in. Not that my login was incorrect. I turned my phone on and off. I deleted and then downloaded the app again. Tried everything I could think. Called the number and technical support only is available M-F 9am-5pm. So now I’m in the line to get a covid test and I was not able to check in for the almost hour I am waiting. I kept trying and trying. So hopefully when I get to the front they understand and let me get tested.
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1 year ago, Maureen CK
Long time listener, first time caller
10/10 would (and have) recommend to friends. For someone with complex treatment plans this is invaluable because it keeps everything in the palm of my hand- priceless peace of mind and empowerment to make smart health decisions. All the things (bills, tests, messaging, scheduling, ALL MED HISTORY) you need and can do on a desktop website but ACTUALLY works IN THE APP. There just isn’t another healthcare system that is on the same level in CO. Honestly sits top of the nation functionality and offering wise.
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11 months ago, Hansola1
This App is disappointing because it is supposed to be the site for UC patients to be able to see and review their test results, messages from their providers, and message to their providers. First of all, the App drops the contact info for one’s provider if they have not communicated with them within 1 year. Consequently, a patient is unable to message that provider within this App. Secondly, the App limits how many characters a patient can input when messaging a provider. Meaning, one has to communicate in abbreviated sentences which often leads to a misunderstanding of exactly what the patient is attempting to convey. Thirdly, the App support is limited to M-F business hours, 9-5. And it crashes too often.
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10 months ago, Adam_Wolnski
This App has no business being this good
Went out of my way to come write this review. This app is ridiculously well-designed and helpful. All of your records are in one place and sent to you in real time, there is a gps function that will walk you directly to where you need to go in the hospital, you can check in for your appointments before you show up. Truly well made.
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4 years ago, Lja1375
Useful app, but with big problems
I like being able to see my test results, as well as contacting with my doctors. However, twice I have been incorrectly notified by this app to stop a prescription. I also like being able to pay my medical bills here, but - you get the bills with no information about what service is being billed. Please update the app to show what each bill is for.
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4 years ago, Flcub
Unable to login
Unable to create an account and login. After receiving an email and being asked to download the app I would have guessed it would be a little simpler. Tried calling tech support and was put on hold for roughly 30 minutes until I hung up. Sent a message to support and nothing through that route either. Less than 24 hrs was contacted and the issue was resolved. So far the app works well.
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1 year ago, Tomas Est13
Definitely the best health system app
Let me just say wow. The app had everything I needed in one place. It was super easy to make an appointment and send messages to my doctor. I loved the Livi chatbot function too. The bot was able to help answer questions and reset my password. I will definitely using the app going forward
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5 years ago, Butterfli2933
Very happy with this app
I have been using this app since it was available. Fortunately I have never had any issues as described by others on my Apple apps. I use the app on a iPad Pro 2017 hardware and an iPhone X I also access the normal online access one on my pc win10 version. That one I have run into issues frequently with (acct does not exist &wrong password). Nearly to the point that I rarely use the windows version.
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5 years ago, CO_Kid
Very Useful
This has been our go to app for the last several months and has worked well. One thing that we would find useful is if you had an integrated medication scheduler. We have one from another developer but since this app is used so much for our other medical-related items, a med scheduler/reminder/tracker feature would add to its convenience.
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4 years ago, Eindecker
Outstanding App
We live three hours away from Denver. I am managing cancer with my UCH Oncology Team and having this app is critical. Test results, visit information, scheduling, and quick communication with my team from home is always quick and easy with this app. Very well done. Get it and use it fully. No excuses not to.
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3 years ago, kct1taylor
App crashed trying to get on a flight
It’s a great app and set up well until you are standing in line to get on a flight you need a covid test for and the app decides it is completely down. Also you can’t access UC health connection log in as a browser. Just the app? Seems not smart when people are in a sticky situation. Does not help that the help line does very little for you. When it works it’s great.
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6 years ago, Jsoeihbfnkkshdbb
Can’t pay bill
It’s great for my medical info, but I cannot seem to be able to pay my bill through it. Today it kept telling me my CCV was invalid. Went to the website and it worked fine. Also, what is the point of having an account if I can’t store CC info for easy bill pay? UCHealth, I’m just trying to give you my money, why don’t you want it???
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3 years ago, Spaniard0001
Best Health App out there
There are many health Apps available now, but this one is by far the best I’ve used of the 5-6 I’ve tried. Might be a comment on how good the health services are at my local UC Health hospital, but either way, the App does a fantastic job of helping me stay on top of my appointments, tests, and general communication with my doctors.
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1 year ago, Sunanta.Bee
Great tool
I love the feature where you can see your loved-ones appointments and notes. It keeps us both on track when it comes to our health. The only thing I’d improve is the capability of responding to providers.
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4 years ago, qurlyjoe
Fix landscape view on login please
After the latest update the login page no longer displays properly in landscape orientation on my iPad. Once I log in it works ok but the big graphic on the login page pushes the text entry boxes below the bottom of the screen. You need to fix the scaling. Landscape is how I look at everything on my iPad.
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5 years ago, mattxcorePOP
Useless app with no integration
This app is of no value; I can pay my bill but it won’t pull credit card info from my saved cards. It’s slow to load the information and often gives server errors. About what you’d expect from a senselessly expensive “healthcare” facility, but still exceptionally disappointing. You’d think they’d be able to afford a half-decent app with all the money they’re siphoning from sick and hurt people, but, this is the American health system after all. Great work UCHealth!
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1 year ago, User5634
Cant turn off research opportunities
While the app is very useful, pls give consumers the option TURN OFF research opportunities. Or at least, show it as read. The red dot is always present telling me i have a “to do” in the app. I dont. You are forcing unsolicited marketing on me. Fine if i have the opportunity to opt out but I dont. There is jo way to turn it off. It text we can reply STOP. In apps, say yes or no. Your uchealth app….just forced into seeing ur red tick mark every time i open the app. Pls stop.
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3 years ago, tkift
Great app
I love being able to make appointments and email directly to my provider. Get test results before the doctors tell me. Just wish there was some was to print out the results from my iPad. Haven’t found that yet.
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1 year ago, SEPKeyboardist
Much Improved
The UCHealth app has significantly improved since my previous review, and I am happy to now give it four stars. If and when the ability to increase font size for all displayed text (editable and non-editable text fields) is added I will award the 5th star for my review.
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2 years ago, Mitch J B
Customer service dies not LISTEN
When you call asking for help booking an appointment at a tier one provider down near Denver because you do not feel like working with the providers that are up here in the mountains on tier 1. And the customer service representative just keeps giving You information about providers that you were aware of but are choosing not to use. Thanks UCHealth for making me prefer to not get treatment rather than dealing with this maze of confusion 👍👍👍👍
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4 years ago, BlazeJester
Just a big ad for UC Health
It works, so a star. However, the entire content screen is taken up by articles and irrelevant content promoting UCHealth instead of making things easy for its users. This is supposed to be a health portal management system, but those aspects seem to be a side thought. The little red info bubbles don’t tell you what you need to look at and don’t go away. Some are not for actions at all. There’s no way to adjust settings to stop seeing the crap on the front screen.
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4 years ago, ....An....
Developer needs to do some TLC
Cross reference family’s conditions to patient’s. Questions asked about relatives should also be asked about patients. 🙄 Provisions should be made for uploading files. Automatic assignment of a password should not be done unless user requests that you do so. You need to sit down with someone who is filling out the forms and watch and time without offering any advice whatsoever; you will find the coding changes you need to make.
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3 years ago, blahblah_blah564+564+564
Two things
It would be great if we could print the PDF bill from this app. It’s only viewable. The second thing is that I can’t find the list of suggested tests and vaccinations (unrelated to COVID) that is so easy to see on the web. Both of these would make this app better.
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2 years ago, Kdpatty
Great App, BUT
I love this app. It’s worked very well for me, which is great for patients during the past two years. HOWEVER: there is a perpetual alert on the “Pay Bill” tab, even though I owe nothing and cannot find any message under this tab. Is this a bug?
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11 months ago, Gizzmostarr
I receive notifications on my iPhone letting me know I’ve received a “Letter”. I can click the notification and read the letter in my app. However, I cannot find a way to view “Letters” from the app itself. Great feature if it were fully implemented.
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4 years ago, HerbieDaHusker
Not so great
It’s great to be able to communicate with my doctors and nurses. I also love keeping up with my appointments, and being able to see my test results. But only when The app is working. Since the last install, the app does not launch on my ipad. It works on other devices, but not the ipad. The only thing I see when launched, is the snowboarder guy. You cannot X out, nor do you have any options to sign in.
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2 years ago, VelkySyr
Almost flawless
I have used the UCHealth iOS app on quite a few Apple devices and it has been almost flawless. It makes dealing with “normal” healthcare processes easy, as well as COVID-related things. Like the rest of UCHealth, the app is outstanding.
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3 years ago, 23munchkin
Not sure!
I downloaded this app yesterday and was just getting used to using and this morning it looks like an entirely different! Strange and weird. Well problem solved turns out United Health care has two different apps! My health which I had downloaded months ago and totally forgot about! I don’t need both but not sure which one I should delete! Could be why my husband is getting the vaccine and I’m not?
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4 years ago, jjvvlla
Update needed
Very inconvenient to be able to send a message to only one person at a time. Also patient needs to be able to delete drs/Correct dr list. Also asking a provider to fix records data seldom works. Evidently they mostly ignore info/requests from patient. Duplicate data entry is a disaster. I have quite a few specialists who enter contradictory data on a regular basis. In my case this could be life threatening in an emergency.
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4 years ago, Leupold Vortex
Cluttered Landing Page
The landing page is chock full of announcements about UCHealth but I thought this was supposed to be MY healthconnection- doesn’t seem to be much about me except for small icons atop the page. There will undoubtedly be a canned response they’ll copy from another response about “overwhelming support from patients for articles” and other marketing blurbs despite other reviews below to the contrary. The app team is definitely committing staying on-message.
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1 year ago, SEPKeyboardist
Greatly Improved
The UCHealth app has significantly improved since my initial review, and I am now happy to rate it with four stars. If/when the ability to increase font size for displayed text (editable and non-editable fields) is added a 5th star will be award to my review.
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5 years ago, CorcA
The Information is There
The information I need is there, but it’s a bit clunky to navigate through it. I can’t figure out if it was missing a UX designer or the front end developer couldn’t figure out how to make the design a reality. All in all the data could be better organized.
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3 years ago, AMCCOLORADO
Terrible App
I can’t log onto this app although I can log onto the website. The app tells me I’ll receive a password reset link in my email but one never arrives in my inbox and isn’t in the junk folder, either. Called Tech Support, was on hold for a good while, and when someone came on the line to help me, she put me on hold to look up my account and I was promptly cut off. SMH. I give up.
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1 week ago, CiCi;)
A Bill I Can’t Pay!?!
Don’t trust the bill section. It will have a badge you can’t clear as if you have an outstanding bill. Click on every thing in the app and it won’t clear but I have a zero balance. Call UCH no bill UNTIL I get a paper one in the mail from a collections agency. That alone makes it a one star app. June 2024 the banner remains along with the banner for research opportunities.
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2 years ago, gref720
Won’t Take a Payment
Neither the website nor the app will accept my credit card. Tried Safari and Chrome, as well as the app. It might cut down on your collection calls if your app worked.
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6 years ago, Moma’Tec
Awesome app.
This app is awesome. very easy to understand. There is one thing that I think make this APP even more useful. Under the medication have a link to the information, about that medication. :)
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6 months ago, Cyclocolo
Doesn’t work
The app won’t scroll down on initial page. Limited use because of that. I never found useful patient information other than professional notes. Which should be discussed with patient anyway. The big failure was canceling appointments and being harassed for it by therapists. Done rely on this app. It doesn’t come close to expectations.
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3 years ago, dysentigreator
Easy app, no tie in to Apple health app
I love the ease of use of the app. I like being able to see all my records and test results, email my doctors office and pay my bills online. I wish it would also tie in to the health app on my iPhone so that I could more easily keep a historical record of my test results.
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6 years ago, Grewe03aa
Upgrade fail???
I have used this app for a few years and while everything was great until recently when I have to log on with a computer to see test results. Strangely though my husband doesn’t - for exact same test too. 🤨
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5 years ago, mjsm60
Works great now!
Recently purchased an iPhone Xr a couple months ago and every time I opened the app it would immediately shutdown. This latest version resolves all those issues, at least for me. Nice work.
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5 years ago, DaflockinatoR
More Frustrating Than Windows ME
If you are considering downloading this app, you’ll be better off just calling your office and speaking to a human. This app is frustrating and antiquated. Very few things are easy to do, and almost everything is pathetically slow. There are buttons in the app that dont even work, and other buttons that lead you in an endless loop.
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2 years ago, Heagleone
UCHealth App
1. Most every time try to access App all the servers are busy! Message call back later!!! 2. The “log in to my account rarely” is accessible and the help robot is always unresponsive to any questions or attempts to lock “Liv” out of any further interruption or attempting to hold the system out of dialogue to provide helpful guidance to log in request
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2 years ago, megatran123
Please maintain your app
It’s been a week and nobody can log in to the app nor website (the log in page doesn’t even load if you go to the website). Multiple emails have been sent and no replies. Please at least communicate that you’re fixing this because important health discussions are being delayed.
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1 month ago, cvs2001
New updates make app worse
I don’t understand why you would move the useful features of the app, like messages, out of sight and keep the “stories” and “live Colorado” front and center. People use this app to communicate with their healthcare providers, we don’t care about the things your institution has done.
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