UHC StudentResources

Health & Fitness
4.6 (1.5K)
49.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
United HealthCare Services, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.1 or later
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User Reviews for UHC StudentResources

4.59 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Optimistic99
Sensible navigation
UHC patient portal application effectively provides information through a simplistic graphic user interface.
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2 years ago, caleb18🤔
It’s actually surprising that a major company has an app this terrible. You have so few features, and you’d be better off in EVERY sense of just logging into a browser than ever using this app. I don’t even know what it’s supposed to be for. It just goes to show that United Healthcare really doesn’t care about their student plans. Because I honestly think this app is worse than many solo-developed apps on the App Store.
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2 years ago, Ronny927
Borderline Unusable App
This app is so far behind its competitors. Switching from BCBS’s Sydney Health app, it was quick and intuitive. UHCSR’s app froze up several times during the sign up process, and is hard to navigate even once you’re through. Cannot recommend this app but there is no better alternative. Please do better UHC, you make a ton in profits annually the least you could do is make healthcare more accessible to people.
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12 months ago, Random reflex
Cannot login anymore
After latest update cannot login, when logging in, it opened a pop up and you can authenticate and it sends the text and everything but then after you click confirm it hangs on a window “you are being authenticated” and it never goes away. If you click done at the bottom it just redirects to login again
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1 year ago, lorenzot94
Can’t even login
I’ve tried to install it both on iPhone and iPad and the login doesn’t work on both platforms. Just wanted to mention that, according to Section 16 of the Certificate of Coverage, United Healthcare states that the user will be able to use this app to access their ID cards, find claims, etc. I guess they’re stating the false and we’re paying for a service that we don’t get
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6 months ago, Naw1waf
Awesome app
This app is awesome, easy to navigate.
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4 years ago, Gef522
This app is absolutely terrible. Everything is slow and nothing works. The same problem as the website. Whoever designed this app and the website needs to be fired. If almost every review is one star and everyone says it is bad, then that means it is very bad.
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1 year ago, DAnbag
Wish it would save login
App is fine. Mostly does what we need but despite clicking the “remember me” button I have to renter my login every single time. This has happened on both my wife and my phone, and through two devices each
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8 months ago, Pandabelle123
The App and Website Do Not Work!
Have tried for months to access the app and website to get my insurance card information and they do not work. They both just refresh for hours after logging in
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11 months ago, bSuvab
Allow ID card to be added to apple wallet?
I think we should have an option to add the Insurance Id card to apple wallet. Please check it if possible.
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12 months ago, Charithwij
Login Broken
When logging in, it redirects you to a page saying that your login is being authenticated. It will remain like this indefinitely. If you hit done, it brings you back to the login screen and attempting to log in again repeats the process.
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4 years ago, megowhee
The app doesn’t even let me open my insurance card. That’s the ONLY thing I need this app to do, but it’s designed so you must select your card from a drop down, which you can’t see. Maybe they’ll fix this soon, but right now, this app is basically useless.
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3 years ago, notname543
Can’t login. This app is actually worthless. Waiting for the dev to reply contact our dev. Which is honestly hilarious when you think about it. You’re customer support is horrible. Don’t bother downloading because it’s useless.
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1 month ago, RespectGoesALongWay
Pathetic, useless
worthless, useless. most of the time logs me out if i switch apps at all or look at another app. I can’t find a DR that’s covered because the feature isn’t available and i can’t see my claims at all. Why even have this app?
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2 years ago, Moataz T.
This app needs a total redo
It is very bad and it is basically useless, I think it needs a new total update… Also they can add the ability to add your insurance card into the Apple wallet which will make things way easier.
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4 years ago, Laila Noureldin
Can’t See ID Card
The app just stopped working. You can’t see your IF card which is basically the only reason to have this app. You also can’t see your benefits. So what’s the point of this app? Someone needs to fix this ASAP!
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3 years ago, Wyatt Yurkovich
Can’t even login
The only review I see is that a member wasn’t able to access their card through the app, but it won’t even let me sign in. Will this ever be updated?
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3 years ago, howaboutIjustdonthaveanickname
Literally Does Not Work
Running it on a fully updated iPhone 12 and it literally doesn’t work. Won’t go past a never ending load screen on trying to log in. What’s the point of an app that doesn’t open?
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1 year ago, oftvisacuck
update broke the app
this app was great and accessible but ever since it updated i can no longer log in or access my information. i have to use browser to check everything now :/
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3 years ago, Jules23137
This app does not have any features on it at all. Like zero. You cannot see your ID card, find providers, view insurance info, NOTHING. Do not download this app.
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3 years ago, 哈利波越
Need id card in my iPhone wallet
This app does allow you to view your digital id, which is a pdf file. But it's 2021 now! We need to add it to our iPhone Wallet!
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10 months ago, lizaestro
The care finder doesn't work, the app has zero functionality. Anything you'd need to do must be done in a browser
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3 years ago, DrPearl3
Cannot see insurance card
The most important feature is unavailable. Huge disappointment.
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1 year ago, honestly..!
Shuts down
It glitches!! You have to redo everything again for registering or signing in!
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8 years ago, jaydoc15
Great app!
Great app for viewing and sending my insurance card and being able to view in network providers around me by just selecting a specialty! Very easy to use!
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11 months ago, GQ in Utah
Support Wallet
Hi, please support Apple wallet which is more convenient for us to use
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2 years ago, freshnewyorker
Stop scamming students with broken app
Fix it so I can look up which doctors I can go
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2 years ago, LineOfCoelacanth
Useless for claims.
You cannot view claim status. Or EOBs. Or claim letters. All you can do is check accumulators and view your ID card.
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3 years ago, psnpsnpsn
Does not work
I can’t even login to my account! What I suppose to say more?
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2 years ago, JPPDLM
Terrible app
Not helpful at all and hard to use it if you need it.
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3 years ago, SAM21550141
Just want to see the people who designed this garbage
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4 years ago, Surnameahhh
You can’t open any of your explanation of benefits. It just glitches out.
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3 years ago, homo_morphism
Utter Disaster
Won't even let me log in. Not really sure what the point is.
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3 years ago, FrankCTompkins
Can’t view insurance card
Why have an insurance app that doesn’t display insurance card?
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7 months ago, almurdif
Outdated app
Worst app and service ever
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10 years ago, Mike Farcasin
It's stupid that I have to login to see my healthcare ID card, the one thing I want this app for. The authentication is Hellish! I was on the phone with a nurse who needed my card info. I said ok, opened the app, HAD TO LOGIN. Failed over and over because I couldn't remember my password and had to HANG UP ON THE NURSE so she could get back to work with a promise I'd call her back. I reset my password, then found out that UHC sends a new password in the clear by email (bad security!). Then logged in but had to reset my password before I could continue, only to find out the password I had entered before was correct (because of the stupid "can't be the same as your previous password") but didn't work because who knows why? When I entered a new password I got "old password doesn't match our records." BS. It's the one you just sent me. Tried again with the same result, then gave up. Nurse called me back and said she got my info by jumping through a few hoops - she got it faster than I could! I will never use this app again.
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8 years ago, Kalich7
Terrible App From A Terrible Corporarion
I was invited to download this app to access my ID card. It's frustrating enough to have to reapply for the student insurance twice a year and wait for weeks to get a legit ID card sent, now throughly UHC's new "go green" policy I can either print my ID card on regular, flimsy paper or use this poor excuse for an app. It barely has any options and keeps taking time to load then kicking me back to the last page. I'd also like to know why there's a "go green" effort yet any coverage appeals must be printed out and mailed to corporate headquarters. Oh yeah, that means there's no electronic paper trail and they can ignore appeal. Another corporation looking out first, foremost, and only for their bottom line and not the well being of their paying customers.
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5 years ago, Please fix the output!
Why so terrible?
This app is awful. I would give zero stars if I could. Always crashing when trying to log in to find some health support. And if you are lucky enough to open it, good luck finding a member covered by your student insurance. Map take forever to load and surprisingly, there isn’t an easy search platform for specific info - you need to scroll down the whole thing if you want an X-ray clinic, for example!! It’s a joke the way they treat health insurance for students. Starting with the app.
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7 years ago, Lou.who
At doctor's office app won't work
Today I am at the doctor's office and it will not let me sign into the app. I tried over 50 times (not exaggerating). It wouldn't load or even say that I had put in the wrong password, or that there was an error. Hours later it still will not let me in. I used the app a week ago to request a physical card and had issues logging on (it took a few tries of me typing in the exact same password). Not like today though.
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5 years ago, PigBro69
This app gave me liver cancer!
I never write reviews, but... I cannot stress enough how useless this app is. It freezes with the simplest tasks. Dont't put any hopes on this app because you will be disappointed. I am so angry at how useless this app is. The company hasn't changed anything in the past couple of years judging from the continuous terrible ratings it keeps receiving. Save time and use their clunky almost-obsolete website. At least they sorta works.
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5 years ago, Voodoo viniger
Don’t use this at all costs
This app is absolute trash. It takes 30 seconds to process any button you click on, crashes every 5 seconds..... literally making it impossible to set up or even use your insurance information to get care. My 14 year old cousin built an app with an entire front & back end that runs 100x better than this. What an absolute joke. Wish I could give this ZERO stars
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9 years ago, Michelle1000888
Provider Search has no results
The reason I looked for this app is to make in-network provider search. However, the search is not like whats on the webpage, in the app you would have to choose the specialty (e.g. urgent care non-hosp) then YOU HAVE TO log in either a doctor or facility name! Haha if i had known either a facility or doctor name I WOULDN'T need to do the search! I hope this can be resolved to create a better provider search on the go.
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7 years ago, ethereom
Evil and nonfunctional
I have successfully used this app twice. I have TRIED to use this app about 30 times and not been able to log in- no problem logging in from the browser. I kept thinking I was forgetting my password. Nope. It's an app that will literally make you question your own sanity. Insurance is bad enough. Get computer access and log in that way instead.
Show more
10 years ago, adc19
Easy to use
Makes it easier to keep track of my claims. Thank you.
Show more
5 years ago, jl3390
Terrible and slow
This app takes forever to login and forever to access even the home page. Every single time I tap the home page I am greeted by a wait nearing a full minute. Even if I am trying to return to the home page after viewing One other page! It’s so awful! I’m so frustrated!
Show more
5 years ago, Alana102938
Login does not work
When trying to log on to your account through the app, an error pops up saying “your browser doesn’t support this type of page” or something. This happens on any type of phone, doesn’t matter. There’s no usefulness in an app that doesn’t work to begin with.
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8 years ago, Israel fox
My my you guys made the owner of the app rate his own app 5 star. It's not easy to create an app anyway. That's the reason am rating it 5 star. 👍🏾
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10 years ago, lizhuwei
has Potential!!
Allow this app to use (( Passbook )) Feature!!!!
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10 years ago, OliveOilAnna
Bugs & crashes
App is great when it works. More often than not it crashes or freezes. Need major improvement.
Show more
5 years ago, Bucky62738
App designed by a 5th grader
App constantly crashes. App will not log in or save any information for a login. App will literally deny you a request to login in even when you enter all the information correctly.
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