United Concordia Dental Mobile

Health & Fitness
2.9 (176)
15.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
United Concordia Dental
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for United Concordia Dental Mobile

2.91 out of 5
176 Ratings
3 years ago, Mermaid123321
The wellness and emergency options do not work. When trying to view it just gets stuck and doesn’t allow you to exit from the “cookies” acknowledgement. Only thing you can really do is view basic benefits, see your claims that were processed and search for a dentist. But you can talk to a representative and ask questions about your claims etc..
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2 weeks ago, Richie Smash
Thank you
The ease of navigating through the app is great. I can track my families progress and expenditures. Plan details are available here also. Though that can be confusing, I was able to get quick remediation with a call or chat! Thank you for making something not so fun easy to do
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2 years ago, Stephanietoo
Unable to login
After creating an online account I am unable to log in to the app. I called the number that popped up after several tries and that was unhelpful. I asked if spaces in the password were accepted and he did not know but assumed they weren’t (nothing in the signup process indicating that). I reset the password and still can’t get into the app. Desktop website works fine (and yes, I confirmed I was keying the password correctly). Would really like to be able to access and save my ID cards!
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3 years ago, OZisKTB
OK, no wallet card, can’t share it?
I can’t find a share function, so having the insurance card in the app isn’t accepted, and they ask me to (illegibly) hand write all the info. With no card, they would make the effort to look up the info. Other features are OK, but I don’t use often.
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5 years ago, Andrew1512
Looks good and easy to use
It took a min for them to fix the issue of the app not letting people sign in and I must say I wasn’t expecting a response. I re-downloaded the app and I must say it look nice and simple very easy to use.
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2 years ago, Dilly:) Dilly
Lacks basic functions
It won't allow me to share an ID card with covered adult dependents. It doesn't pull up all covered dentists in the local search or with the filter parameters. Requires logging in every time on the app. Since it's a personal phone app, it should allow the user to decide if they want it to log out each time or to stay logged in.
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3 years ago, PC Girl 63
Better than before but still needs fixing
You can’t print from it. If you need your EOB you get taken out of the app to the website and have to log in again. What good is the app if what I need is on the website. I’ll just log in there.
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1 year ago, BGL57
UCD Mobile App - Lacking
While I can do everything I need, there is no option to turn off paper and use electronic means to communicate with UCD. In todays world, and privacy concerns, this is a must for successful businesses.
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1 year ago, ugivmeafreakinnickname111
Type of dentist and national Medicare Advantage
I really don’t like the fact that every time I search a different area I have to put in the type of coverage and I have to put in the type of dentist can’t that just hold and you can search different areas so annoying
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5 years ago, asecretary
Nice but need more
Would love to be able to put my ID card into my iPhone wallet. This way I can access it without having to start the app.
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5 years ago, Artz2012
Love this new look and feel
The new look and feel of this app is great. Very easy to navigate and LOVE being able to use the biometrics!!
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2 years ago, j.hall06
Everything you need
The app works great. Wellness doesn’t work on the website either but otherwise it’s a life saver
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1 year ago, Mrblythe
Login just loops through a pop up stating “restricted member access” only the sponsor can see all family information and every other individual can see only theirs. But I’m the member and after pressing ok it kicks me out of the login process and wants me to log in again…
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2 years ago, still pod
Enter birth date not good
When You go to enter your birth date a default menu with current date pops up and you must scroll backwards one month at a time. For those with some age that is way too much scrolling to be worth while. It is a showstopper.
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4 years ago, 68Sweets68
Excellent App
Everything is at my fingertips couldn’t ask for more. Cards on my phone like wow!!!!! Thanks
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4 years ago, Nancy Peña Brocker
There is no way to ask a question about my benefits. There is no way to search anything. Just the most basic information is included... basic information I already know. This app needs a lot of work.
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5 years ago, FDeFazio
Great App! Nice job
I don’t use this app every day but when I need it, it’s great to have on my phone! Love the thumb print access!
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5 years ago, Kspecht85
Works well
Works well. Wish it showed more than the most recent claims.
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8 months ago, Quidg
Not user friendly
Not user friendly and saw no where to ask questions until you got to survey at end! I should. E able to check on a service and see what I have to do to get it down!
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4 years ago, aanonnnnn
Unable to verify data
The app as well as the customer service agents are not able to show me up to date data. The customer service agent was rude and tried to rush me off the phone instead of explaining why the data was not up to date.
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4 years ago, Kiamike2
Pretty descent app
Pretty descent of a app - not all app is designed like this ... I appreciate this coverage came at the right time 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 thank you
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5 years ago, Rationalist/Pragmatist
Apple Wallet
Thanks for developing this app. In a future update, please allow us to put our United Concordia ID card into the Apple Wallet with all of our other ID’s.
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5 years ago, Shalyguyd
I wish I could pay my premiums through the app
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1 year ago, F4 fixer
Rarely shows claims
Most of the time I try to check my claims they’re not available. Try again later. Hey try fixing your ap instead!
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4 years ago, eggburt1103
No DS Logon Support
I’m military and can logon to United Concordia via a web browser using my DS Logon. There is no DS logon option in the app, if I use my DS logon and password I get an error and when I attempt to create an account I get an error. This app needs DS logon support just like the Humana Military app. Useless, rated 1 star because It was the lowest possible.
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1 year ago, 132452341
Not up to date with participating dentists
Looked on app to find a dentist and it still lists an old practice. The practice was taken over by a new group who are considered out of network.
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2 years ago, crosssu
Bad info
There’s no one behind the scenes doing any quality checks to make sure the information they are providing is accurate. Same goes for the company website. It’s kind of a joke!
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5 years ago, CHLOEDD63
Andrew Izdepski
I have tried to find dentists in my area. Providing all information required. After going through the process (including last four digits of social) only to be told they could not find me in their system. What a waste of my time.
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4 years ago, ¥enm
Doctor search
Unfortunately not able to search within app
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5 years ago, DRiggs304
Enjoy the app
ILike the app it needs one more feature they . The ability to add (ID card) to Apple wallet.
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3 years ago, zethuz
ID Card feature needs improvement
Needs the following improvements 1. Full address where the claims are to be submitted is not displayed on the ID Card 2. The app should allow the ID cards to be saved , printed or shared
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3 years ago, mattwhitefbg
Needs more functionality
Why can’t I add the ID card to my wallet on my iPhone. This seems like a basic function that should be possible.
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6 months ago, DJ EXTRODINARE
Pretty good App !
I really like the App. It works pretty well ! Specially for finding a Dentist in your Area !
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4 years ago, Arjadaga21
Add Card to Wallet
Fine app overall. Would be nice if there was an option to add the insurance card to Apple Wallet.
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1 year ago, DJMon199999999
Limited Information
Unable to access or view an eob through the app and it does not provide instructions or reference the webpage to obtain it.
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8 months ago, Marquita the Photographer
So Far so good !!!
I’m new to this dental application but “ so far so good”..
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2 years ago, wjr17
Can’t use find tool
Doesn’t work to find a dentist
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1 year ago, SunSetMySkys
Nop 🤔
App is deceiving so is the insurance company..when app tells you that you have no copayment it’s not telling you everything canceling everything thing to do with this company!!!!!
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4 years ago, Ben Crull
Needs Apple Wallet Support
Great app, adding support for having insurance cards in Apple Wallet would make it perfect.
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5 years ago, dkingofpa
Great update!
Love that I can now use Touch ID with the app!
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1 month ago, Kelseyd24
Such a terrible app.
All it does is take you to their website. Can’t see your ID number or find your plan info. So useless.
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1 year ago, Brian7376587
Having trouble loading your claims, try again. If I can’t see my claims then what is the point of the app?
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7 months ago, DC_Soldier
Great App!
Amazing app for tracking benefits and payments.
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5 years ago, Bhjester
Doesn’t work
Can’t use the app. Won’t allow login. Hippa disclosures keep popping up telling me I’ve got restricted access and I need to be the primary account holder - which I am.
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5 years ago, TJ Schu
TJ Schuessler
I just signed up and every time I try to log in I get a message “SYSTEM UNAVAILABLE Something went wrong while trying to retrieve your information. Please try again later.”
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1 year ago, MellowCoder
Not really an app
Don’t bother with this app. It is simply browser that serves the same pages as their website.
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3 years ago, Bobob03
Cant even see full back of card....
Good luck giving your provider the claims mailing address. The app doesn’t show the whole thing.
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3 years ago, beemstep
Poor Support
In today’s world of technology it amazes me to no amount that you cannot do an online transaction for coverage. Printing forms and sending them in with a postage stamp is a great service! Worst app ever.
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8 months ago, Me gusts, es buenisimo
With United Concordia Dental it’s easy to fine pier Dentists and the benefits.
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9 months ago, ccbhhghbbhf
Cannot get out of pocket cost before receiving treatment
Cannot get out of pocket cost
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