Health & Fitness
3.5 (17)
147.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mayfonk Athletic, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for VERT

3.47 out of 5
17 Ratings
8 years ago, Katthecritic
wont sync
It wont connect via bluetooth. my vert wearable jump moniter wont sync to the app even when i turned on bluetooth. I have the Iphone 5c.
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5 years ago, Okay1979
A must workout tool!!!
I’m an athlete 🏀 and this device has helped me to measure my workout progress tremendously. Because it can measure my vertical jump height with accuracy i could see which exercise works or doesn’t. Also their customer service is amazing. They respond right away and give you all the answers with speed.
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4 years ago, usserr1222334455
Good but problem
I have to hold the video when jumping but I can’t do that
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4 years ago, mayfonk
Easy to use!
Great for quick combine testing!!
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3 months ago, purplepuppylove2020
unable to set up vert
We tried setting up the app on different devices but each time the app crashes.
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10 years ago, stephen in oceanside
Years Ahead of Existing Vertical Measurement Technologies ...
I looked everywhere for a simple, wearable device to accurately measure vertical jump. I was surprised that none existed. Then I found VERT. I would have been elated at the small VERT device, and its capabilities, alone, but the app greatly enhances the utility and usability of the measurement data. I've designed leading edge electronics all my life, and I've found some companies lose their focus and vision in their products. Not Mayfonk Athletics ... They have designed an elegant and deceptively simple device and app that hides its absolute state of the art engineering to bring the customer a powerful and accurate product that is, at the same time, fun and intuitive to use. Great job Mayfonk Athletics!
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10 years ago, Dad101 not worrying as much.
Accurate and so easy to use. Great add!!
When I was younger I tried most vert programs out there and ultimately used one that mixed a few. My focus was vert for basketball. Part of the program is dunking off of different legs from different angles. Did that program with Vert and it measured every dunk perfectly on my iPad on the side of the gym. I have one for each of my two boys. I also use it with crossfit workouts measuring box jumps and height on burpies. It was easy to dog it and not get off the ground until now. Really cool product, easy to power and use and a great way to enhance my Bball vert and crossfit workouts. I've recommended to friends. Nice work on this device and app!
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10 years ago, AG-SiLveR
Needs some work
This app only works with the vert sensor. The app crashes quite a bit on my iPhone 5 and iOS 8. It crashes. A lot. For example if I play 7 vball games to 25, 4/7 of the time, the app has crashed when I check my phone after the game. It could use a way to edit sessions on the phone instead of just on the website. It would be nice if the app could pull the best jump from your sessions and not just when "training". For picture talking create a mode to trigger the shutter when at the peak of your jump for the best props pictures. When in session get the app to disable the auto lock feature. It needs some work and it's the only app that works with the sensor so it's all you got until they improve upon it.
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10 years ago, Bunyan33
A coach's dream app!
This app is a coach's dream! It gives the coach the ability to not just measure a player's vertical easily but to measure it during a practice when the player is in their game mode. The jump counter also helps coaches regulate jumps by a player and also help with players that are injured. A must have for any coach!
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7 years ago, KC10s
Recently purchased and love this product for my tennis game and the students I train. I can see overall workload along with the stress of the impacts on the athletes movements. Easy to share and save data and highly recommend to any athlete, coach or trainer.
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10 years ago, Dzelenock
As good as advertised
Measured with the device and with traditional vertex at the same time and was dead on. Wish the app could handle more profiles, but the next app i’m told will. Great device, app, and support staff.
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7 years ago, Shark_055550
Not ready
The app has too many bugs. You can not subscribe because "the server is down". You can not click on your profile without the app closing. You must always re-sign in on each launch. There needs to be some major backend work before this app can truly function.
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10 years ago, Mandorich
I'm entering into my fifth year of coaching volleyball. I like to incorporate technology into my practice with statistical analysis, video analysis, and now this app will allow me to test the vertical jump. Great job!!!!
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7 years ago, trflick
Where is the watch app as shown?
Interesting that they still show the watch app when there is none new version of app requires monthly subscription SERIOUSLY it's not enough that I bought your device. I just want to count jumps
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7 years ago, Vert User
App requires a subscription
Please note the app requires a $7.99 monthly subscription to get full functionality
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11 years ago, richardg413
This is going to be big
As soon as I saw this app, i jumped on it.
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7 years ago, Pio Diaz
Quits when logging in
App quits as soon as you enter you password and logs in. Please fix
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10 years ago, Bo wiez
Turing to do a sign up
When you try to click on "sign up" as a new user, it rejects you and sends you back to your home scree on your phone.
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7 years ago, StuPac7
No go
I updated yesterday to the 2.0 version and now it doesn't work at all. If it works for you then great.
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10 years ago, Daniel140
Crashes immediately when trying to sign up in the app. IOS 8.1
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7 years ago, Jeff - Infinity
App Crashes
App used to work. Now it just crashes on login, sign-up, or password reset. FIX IT!!
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6 years ago, Animanimac
Vert Classic no longer works with app
I don't know what they did to the app but I have two Vert Classics and they used to work and now they don't. The VERT shows that it measured my jump but it won't send it to my phone. My phone shows that it finds my vert but won't read the jumps. Please make it work with the classic version again
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7 years ago, Formerib
Used to work
Used to work. Was ok, had flaws (e.g. data graphing was useless). Now does not even work any more after the most recent (2/13/17) update. Crashes hard during login on the very first screen. Do you actually test this stuff before you put out updates???!!!!
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