Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive

Photo & Video
4.5 (47.8K)
99.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive

4.5 out of 5
47.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Koi_1022
No need to pay YT premium to download to watch offline , this is it!
Ive always been skeptical about ‘free apps’ that allows you to download videos to watch later. But I can I stand by my words, this app does the job and no need to pay monthly fees. Like most people, I didn’t want to pay monthly subscriptions for just few videos I want to watch awhile on the treadmill at the gym with no WiFi/limited data plan. The Free version of the app allows download of 20min long videos. Upgraded version $3.99 charged just once/use for life, allows for as far as I know 1.5hrs, since most of the shows I watch is about that length. I tried the app in airplane mode to watch my downloaded videos, and it works! But the Video quality will only be around 480p, which I don’t mind as I just need something to keep my mind off the boring aerobics workouts. Direct URL mode is the one I used on the YT app, copy&paste it into the video savers apps direct url tab and you’re good to go. You can name your show files, and each videos too. You can name the files in other languages besides English too. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, SoulDivine7
Apple Update removed ability for web downloads
I have used this app religiously for the last 2 years roughly. It was the absolute best app to download videos from the internet, instagram, Facebook, etc.. But after the most recent update Apple has removed/restricted the ability for this app to download videos from the web anymore. Apple has basically stopped or removed All Apps that have the ability to download videos from the internet. Seasoned users will now notice that no option to download comes up anymore when you play a video in the web browser. It is such a shame, I used to use this app Constantly. I used to be able to download Any Video I wanted on the internet, now you can only Download from Google Drive, DropBox, etc.. There a hundred apps that download from Google drive, etc.. so this app has just become one of the dime a dozen apps...Shame SMH
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3 years ago, Gunesman
One-Stars were too quick to give up...
This app works pretty great to download and store videos. I’ve also really liked the playlist option, although I wish you could make multiple playlists. To all the people saying you can’t download videos anymore, you guys clearly gave up once you found that the simplest method didn’t work anymore. You can still download videos, you just need to use a different method and it’s easier than you think. I just had to say this because I was seeing a lot of reviews complaining about being unable to download videos and giving low ratings. I love this app and would rather not lose it because a bunch of its users gave up too quickly.
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1 year ago, Blahflunga
I love this app and found it years ago and upgraded to the ultimate experience pretty much right away. It did at one point stop letting you download off a lot of websites but then started working again after and hasn’t had an issue until just a couple hours ago. I literally even used it multiple times today and was fine until then. Now whenever I try and download a video it starts the process of how to download and the name you want and where to download it to but as soon as you click ok to start the download it freezes and then the app force closes. Try it again and the same thing even from the failed downloaded file of it. Really frustrating as I use this a lot for tv shows and movies I can’t airplay directly so I save them and airplay them from my photos app instead of watching on a phone screen. Please fix ASAP 😫🙏
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4 years ago, BofromKansas!
Love it...
This app is great for downloading videos from the web to gallery. Took a few minutes to learn how to rename and put into photo gallery but not bad. As a 57 year old I’m appalled by other users out here that are griping about having to pay a few bucks for a good app. These apps are not created by your mommies and daddies. They’re created by intuitive and creative people who spend time, energy and money doing testing, engineering and development. Seriously, those of you complaining that is, if you lived on your own, would you spend weeks or months of testing, research and work to develop an app then just put it out there for free ?? Didn’t think so. Nice work Video Saver!
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4 years ago, Quacky//Quack Productions
This is a great app! Now I can watch the videos I like offline whenever I like, all I got to do is paste in the URL for the video then I click download! Yes it may be simple, but since I never download apps that cost money, I can’t download more then 5 videos until another 5 hours. I’ve only experienced this once but I’ve seen a glitch we’re all the videos you download are gone, I’m gonna download my videos again but I am hoping it won’t happen sooner or later. It’s a great way to save money if you don’t plan on spending money on cellular data, you can even save storage! All in all, if you are still reading I recommend you download this app and give it a go, especially when you watch a lot of random videos and you don’t have a lot of WiFi or Cellular data.
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4 months ago, Lania :)
Extremely useful, has even more potential
I absolutely love this app and this is one of the few purchases I do NOT regret making or find useless, one thing I’ve started doing is downloading my music and making playlists and has been super useful but I feel like there should be a system where the app uses an MP3’s metadata (artist preview, album cover, etc) on the playlist option, it would help a lot when listening to music and would be a great feature to have or at the very least allow users to upload their own photos and insert their own information for mp3 files! Thank you for making this extremely useful app
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4 years ago, Mamoth114
Great app!
I have the pro version, so when they were forced to update this and remove the auto download feature I was rather bummed. But unlike other people I like to experiment and found you can still, and may I add very easily download stuff. Use a converter to make whatever music or video an mp3 or mp4 and either use drop box or google drive to download that file to. Once you do that you can simply sign in to drive or drop box and download the music file. Just experiment with it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. This works on mobile too as I did it all on my phone. Your welcome.
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2 months ago, J Piggie
I was skeptical at first after reading all the positive reviews. I decided to give it a try. And it works great! I didn’t really know how to navigate the app, but that’s not the apps fault. I would recommend this app with the relief that it actually works. It downloads to your gallery, which is really what I wanted for reels from someone else’s post reels. on Facebook. I have not been overwhelmed with ads. Honestly I have not seen an ad at all today which was my first time using the app so I am not even sure if there are ads. But I highly recommend this product. And the only reason I gave it a four star is because there is always room for improvement. But the developers did a great job with this one!
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4 years ago, Galactius2003
The End of VideoSaver for the U.S
Recently, I’ve been trying to download more videos onto videosaver and soon found out that this app has been getting numerous copyright claims from vast amounts of services. As of these claims, they have terminated all use of downloading videos to all U.S users. In my opinion, I understand that what they had to do, for this has happened to the previous app to these same developers. However, since I’m unable to use this app anymore, I’d definitely would like a refund of the app. But my thing is, why cancel services in the U.S rather than every other country around the world. It makes no since for this at all. I still have videos saved onto the app, but I’ll try to find more alternatives to see if they work for download. In the mean time, if you’re a U.S user, don’t bother downloading this app. It’s a waste of Storage and possibly money if I do say so myself. Anyway take care.
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5 years ago, pumpdup
“Direct URL” Navigation is Error Prone
I download this App yesterday and have spent several hours playing with it. While I have been able to download several videos, it has been a little difficult since the “Direct URL” button doesn’t always bring up the Direct Navigation page. Most times it just brings up the “My Files” page with the header that says “Direct URL”, and if you’re lucky, a few seconds later the real “Direct URL” page just slides up from the bottom! But not always. This is clearly a small bug which will make this App much better once it’s fixed. Note to Developer - Please fix this asap and maybe make the navigation in general a little more intuitive. Currently it’s pretty frustrating to use. I’m on an iPhone XR running ios 12.3.1
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12 months ago, NitroNight44
good, but recommend a second version of it.
I used this app today and thought to try it more but when I saw that I have to pay for unlimited downloadable videos, so I payed it and when I tried another video to download the download button doesn’t work anymore, this app was good and all but since apple removed it and it doesn’t work anymore I should suggest to the developer of this app to just create a completely new version of it, btw I haven’t gotten a email yet about the subscription I payed for this app, so to Apple, Developers, or whoever owns this app please read this and try to fix it or make a whole new app, Because I want a refund. Thank you (Don’t know if I already posted this, I don’t know how to see my own review).
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4 years ago, lorvzepam
It’s good but
Okay so i make video edits. To make theses I need to download scenes/videos . This app has been great when I use the direct link to download whatever I need to download. I even got the pro version so I could download things faster. But ever since recently when I try to use the direct link, the white box that usually come up (the one where it has me name my download/select where I want it places in terms of folders) isn’t coming up. At all I’ve been restarting my iPad and everything, thinking it wasn’t the app. But it just isn’t letting me download anything from the direct link. Please fix that, the only way I use this app to download my videos I need is the direct link option. Please fix this
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1 year ago, persistenceofvision
It Saves!
I’ve been using this app for sometime now (like a year or so) and it does what it says. I’ve grabbed videos from various video sites (including that really popular video site) and it comes through. I can’t always get video that is 1920x1080 video, in fact it’s rare that I can get 1920x1080 but I do get good quality. The app can only get what is uploaded. Keep in mind there’s always that chance it could be circumvented but in my experience so far it’s done a fantastic job 100% of the time.
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4 years ago, Quarterican660
Unfortunate update
Video Saver Pro + was an iPhone essential until the most recent update (version 3.9) when they removed the auto capture feature. This feature is what made the app so valuable. The ability to stream and download any video for your offline enjoyment. I understand the removal of the auto capture was due to Apple terms and conditions, but please add a way to still download videos manually. It’s the reason why I support this application. I used this app rather often and it was amazing for watching downloaded videos on the go, especially while in the air. If you are only looking for an application to export and download files/videos from the cloud then this is the app for you, it gets the job done.
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5 years ago, asrxctu
Unable to use the unlimited downloads feature on a second device
I paid the upgrade on my iPhone 6 SE and it works fine on this device that means I am able to download as many as I can also regardless of the video length or size. But the feature of unlimited number of downloads was lost when I used it on my iPad (6th generation) which is under the same Apple ID as I have with my iPhone 6 SE. Whenever I tried to download more than 10 it asks me to pay again. I hope the developer could help me resolve this issue. Thanks
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2 years ago, AdamBoss68
Please More update’s
Please give it a update. I use this app everyday it’s my favorite app. Every time I go to my files and try to search up a Video I want to see doesn’t work anymore. So now I have to find it by scrolling down which is stupid and Time consuming why even have the search bar if it doesn’t work anymore. Please give an update if you can I even paid for this app. Which I don’t regret at all. Still love this app from day one I download this app on all my app Devices. Thank you
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2 months ago, ninelotus11
Works like a charm again!
After several days of the app glitching out, I was looking for a replacement but I had paid for this one and really hoped it would be fixed because it had been reliable for a year. I tried again today and it worked! This isn’t the most intuitive app, but I figured out the sequence and have used it almost daily - mostly to send cute videos to my mom who isn’t on IG. She’s back to getting her daily puppy fix thanks to this app.
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3 years ago, MAMebane
Great Simple To Use App
I have been using this app non-stop since getting it. It is MOST definitely worth the upgrade to PRO. Perfect downloads, organized, can export to your iPad. I love it. The only thing I have found is that when you export to MP4, it has little pops it the video, like a quick “blackout”, if you will. This is not the case if you just export it normally. So I’ve been doing that and it works like a dream. I would highly recommend this app if you need to download videos a lot.
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1 year ago, AaronJones56
Needs improvements
Not bad as a video saving app. It is missing several things though. Needs functionality to play saved gifs. It also needs a complete video editor, not just one that lets you cut clips down in size. Interface is generally good, with video saving from websites being largely seamless. But it needs more options to customize the interface. Overall though, it is a better app than most I’ve seen that serve the same purpose.
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1 year ago, WriterR5
So far very impressed.
There are videos I lost that I uploaded to Instagram and the only way I could download them was with that annoying Instagram branding popping up, which should not be the case IMHO if it is original content I uploaded that is mine and not someone else’s. So with this program I can download it without the branding. It is pretty intuitive and it works and the unlimited use price is worth it, but you can use it five times in 24 hours for free. Nuff said.
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2 years ago, AbraDabraHocusPocys
Good with periodic malfunction and could improve playback speed options
I have paid premium version. Often when I play a file and go to folders to search for other files Player stops playing. This should not happen. Also for most of my speaking audios best speed is 1.25 but player only has 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 speed. Basically I am looking for another app because this application doesn’t include industry standard speed of 1.25. Be more customer oriented please. Many other features are good in paid version.
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4 years ago, iPhone freakster
This app is useless after updating it
I downloaded this app about a month or so ago and I loved it. It did what it needed to do and got the job done. Like some have pointed out in their reviews, I should’ve read what the update included before actually updated. It has removed the option to download videos. I went to a website and pulled up a video waiting for the download video option and nothing happened. I thought it was just happening to me until I read these other reviews. This update has made the app completely and utterly useless. Honestly, what are we supposed to do with this app now, since the download feature has been removed? I know the answer to that: I’m deleting this app as soon as post this review!
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11 months ago, GoodNewsWe'reAllDead
Would give five but
I love the app. It bypasses several types of pop up ads, and is simple to use. Their are however two con: one meh one and one kinda big. The meh one is you have a five video download limit then you have to wait several hours. Not a big deal, I understand the app needs some way of making revenue. The bigger issue is the app doesn’t support all video/embedded types like some just basic browser apps can. Not the end of the world but would love an update where it can support most video types! Would easily give five stars once it supports more.
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4 years ago, Nazi punk
Ipod IOS foul up
My ipod freezes by annoying IOS update issues with no warning and blocks things from following thru which is another Apple annoyance yet i have learned now to check the updates despite not being alerted by an update and the ipod does not do them itself. The app of video downloader gains 1.3 GB by some act of Christ during an update freeze...despite having 14 GB used out of 16GB. Regardless the downloader works just fine now... bottom line my bad and my idiocy. My apologies.
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5 years ago, DrBrabd
Exactly what i was looking for
I used to use an app called mytube. The mytube app let you download any videos off of the internet you wanted. However, just like my iPod 4, eventually everything must die and the developers stopped supporting mytube. I looked for about a week before coming across this app. The downloads have been speedy, good quality, and painless. The file sorting is great! I bought the pro version and have not regretted it at all. *note* the trial version rly isnt any good. You need to go pro which is inexpensive
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8 months ago, Rolltideguy77
Privacy Issues
I wanted to like this app and Evan bought the Pro version. However it only worked properly once for me (your mileage may vary). That aside, this app gives your info away to practically any collection site who wants it. Yes, it says before you download it collects some info but how much is suspect, and then all passed to a variety of sketchy data collection sites. This app background contacted more domains than any other app on my phone by far. Some recognizable, but others looked highly questionable. I’m deleting my account with them, and deleting this app. Hopefully someone can have the integrity to value consumer privacy and cultivate brand loyalty without being sellout greedy.
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4 years ago, AJ619_
Works well, at first.
The first time I got this app it work perfectly. Then after a certain amount of videos I couldn’t download anymore. It resembled as if I just wanted to play the video but the option to download it wasn’t showing up anymore. I was gullible enough to purchase the upgrade and yet the problem still persists. I can’t download any videos regardless of me purchasing the upgrade. This has been a hassle in itself because this was once the only reliable video downloading app that actually functioned compared to the other ones. I guess it now fits into that category. There will never be an adequate video downloading app.
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3 years ago, Jennie the Jesus-lover
Background audio listening
Just wanted to say I love this app but ever since the update the background audio quits when I Lock Screen to sleep mode on my phone and i have to turn screen on to tap play button for audio to continue. I don’t really like having to do that I rather have the audio carry on like it used to when I put phone in sleep mode was wondering if you could fix it to that? Thanks God bless 🙏😊❤️
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2 years ago, BaffleBlend
False advertising. Pure false advertising.
This app had one job. Just one. To save videos. But it can't do that. Before you accuse me of not trying hard enough, I looked up their official FAQ. They had to remove all video saving features to comply with Apple's draconian App Store guidelines, and told me to go to websites that I could have just gone to anyway on any browser. Sites that I already knew existed, but looked for an app instead because those websites have limits. If you're not allowed to do the one thing you set out to do, then don't list it on the App Store! As it is right now, it's just a much worse version of Documents By Readdle. Get that instead. It can even go to those websites.
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5 years ago, San Mateyo
Decent App
Needed to download some videos, very simple to use. Some oddities here and there: like the download limit(the free version). I’m not one to pay for an app unless its an absolute need. Kinda wish I would've known about the download max before I downloaded the app. For 2.99, I need more than unlimited download, I want customization of hud, a dark mode maybe, and definitely an option that when I close the app, the video last watched doesnt just continue and at top volume! If these things are added, I’d totally go “Pro” or “premium”, whatever they call it.
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1 year ago, MadHatterMatt
If you pay for the app it’s awesome
It’s the only easy to operate video saver the only downside is having to pay but nothing good is free find that out threw one of the other apps which don’t even give download options when I press on the video unlike this app so good job just don’t ruin it with any updates that changes its downloading function I wanna hold the video and download makes it simple so keep it that way please❤️
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4 years ago, Kat 1429
I wish it worked for me T^T
Up until I got my new iPhone I was able to use this application and I used it quite frequently. I recently picked up a newer model because my other phone was getting pretty old. I downloaded this app excited to use it again but much to my chagrin it didn’t work T^T I am unable to download YT videos like I used makes me sad...T^T This app was soo awesome!! I loved it very much!! So not being able to use it now makes me very sad. I don’t know if this can be fixed or not but it doesn’t seem that anything can be done at the moment. I hope one day maybe it could work again but I dunno I give this app a good rating because I loved it (still do) the only problem I have is I wish I could still use it
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5 years ago, BOP B 3AKOHE
Please fix the app
I have this app running on a couple of iPads mini - software version 12.4.3 Downloading videos seems to be working ok. However the player part of the software glitches to the extent that I’m not able to use it . When playing movies - it glitches that I am not able to pause the video it keeps playing. Also sometimes video freezes and you can’t turn it back on - I have to shut down the app and open it again to continue watching the video. That happens like 3-4 times during an hour movie - which is supper annoying since I can’t use another app to play videos downloaded by this one.
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5 years ago, Luiscepeda2
App is okay but needs further development
Firstly, you can’t change the name of the videos you download once you have them saved. Often times the video pops up before you’re able to type in your title and then the dialogue that pops up where you’re supposed to put the tittle disappears and then you have to restart the app and redo the process because clicking on the download link again while in the same session doesn’t do anything. I like this app a lot but it’s very frustrating to have to deal with these bugs all the time. Please fix this!
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4 years ago, Hi! My Name is Jeff.
Great app, but here’s a tip...
I love the app, I can download music and listen to it offline. I’m fine with the limit is 5 songs per day and what not, but I recently discovered that the app won't let me have over 5 songs in my playlist, so I’m constantly moving around the app just to listen to music, and this has come to annoy me. I would suggest that this app could lift the 5 songs per playlist rule. I’m also fine with having ads from time to time, but the 5 songs per playlist just seems a little ridiculous to me..
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5 years ago, SpanishTeacher
It will ruin your camera roll
This app created over 1200 albums for itself in my camera roll. I have downloaded nowhere NEAR this many videos, I’ve never even opened the app that many times, but my camera roll is FILLED with over 1,200 (I counted after individually deleting over 100 of them and not making a tiny dent) completely empty albums titled “Video Saver” now. It only stores videos in the first album, the others it made just for fun so I could have to spend literal hours of my life individually deleting a bunch of empty albums from my phone (you can’t mass delete camera roll albums). Please fix this ridiculous feature as it literally ruins an otherwise ok experience.
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5 months ago, Authors ADM
I love this product but sometime it quits allowing me to download videos for reasons unknown. However when it is working properly it’s great. Therefore, I would still give it a 4 1/2 stars due to its programming layout, and ease of use. I only wish when it stops me from downloading videos I could get the problem resolved quickly. I am a author and do a lot of research using this product.
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4 years ago, Krayze3
You can still download videos
Click on the Upgrade link on the main page, from there, click on the icon of the person at the bottom of your screen (middle icon). Your web browser will open up to the developer’s website with instructions on how to continue to download videos using the app. I’ve done it 4 times since i found this out and it’s worked just fine
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4 years ago, BigDaddyJace
Unbelievably Perfect!!!!
Best video downloading app ever!!!! Beautiful video resolution and mind blowing download speed, that makes it unmatched by no other!!!! I heavily recommend purchasing the unlimited pro upgrade. That way you won’t have a video download Limit and a video length limitation. This app can be a bit tricky to figure out but once you get the hang of it, you won’t be searching any more. Plus this app has features that other downloaders lack!!
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5 years ago, luhan4000
not recommend, but after that everything perfect
the app is good and download videos i want But not recommend to everyone buys the unlimited with $2.99 because u can only use with the device u buy. When u change other phones, u need to buy again and again, waste of money. After, i asked the owner about the recharge of the app, figure it out u can restore it without cost, so i give back this app to 5 stars , good app
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4 years ago, <¥
Not working by not downloading the video
I am trying to download a video off this app which I always use to use until I kept deleting the app because it wouldn’t download the video. I don’t know the reason why it is not working anyhow please give me a reason why it is working or just simply tell me how to make it download when it doesn’t work (I know how to download it but it seems like it’s not downloading , it happened when I enter the link)
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4 years ago, 737(6227$1/72
Recent update broke this app
They’re was a recent update that came out on this app and now it doesn’t allow me to download any videos I want... I use to be able to copy any link I want go to the click on web and an option would pop up saying if I wanted to download this video. Now it never even comes up whenever I want to download any sort of video :(
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4 years ago, linkon virus
Only two problem!!
I’m using this app since 8 months and I think this is the best app for download but from yesterday I’m seeing that u have upgraded this app.. the upgrade mode was I can’t play more than 5 videos at one time which was very disappointed for me and yes I’d be also happy if u give this app another option it’s the videos priorities as the user taste. I mean I can’t edit my videos at top which I always want to listen first. I know it’s a free app but still as a user I’m praying for these change !!!! Pls 😭😭😭
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4 years ago, Longman4
Useless App, Waste of Money and Time
Just bought the app because of so many excellent reviews. It will not let you download video over 20minutes unless you pay. Paid, but it still does not work. Disappointed as the app does not do anything it promises to do. The interface is confusing. You will find out once you start with your first download with a URL. Will NOT export the video to your iPhone local storage or iCloud. It only downloads a very limited format of video mp4, else you get ERROR mark. It was a waste of time. I guess no one will request a refund since it is under $3.00. Still, save your bucks for a better app. This one absolutely does NOT work.
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3 years ago, Mrmatt4L
Glory days went and gone a few months back
This app was banger when it came to saving any video off the web. Saved the hassle of recording a video, trimming the areas of space off and such. It was a sweet feature but about a year or two ago they removed the feature and only had you download via third party companies. It’s a shame but the app works very well for storing and organizing files. Again this app isn’t bad, but the key feature they once prided upon is gone and I wish they could add more like customizing backgrounds etc.
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4 years ago, Jaydakidd2019
Video saver
Okay so After I copy a link now and put it in the app to download the video the white box where you can name the video does NOT pop up anymore. It’s like this has been happening to me ever since I purchased the Ultimate Version. It kinda upsets me tbh. I mean this is a good app it just needs to be fixed where the white box to name the video can pop up again. I mean it wasn’t happening to me before So can you plz fix this
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4 years ago, SuniTaKe
Low reviews cus people don’t know how to read
Low reviews are just because people are lazy looking for information. Creators literally put some valuable resources for downloading videos. This app is worth the bucks, it takes simple steps to download videos. It’s not like why it used to be but they have to follow the rules. Don’t worry about the low reviews, just read the information given by the creators. Enjoy.
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4 years ago, St.GGBG
Better than my initial impression!
I wrote another review earlier where I gave a lower rating as I was getting very frustrated with moving around the App. I guess you really need to spend some time with it to figure out the ins and outs. I’m no tech genius, but normally have no problem navigating around when it comes to Apps. I feel this one can be done more intuitive. Anyway on 2nd thought I would recommend this App and I apologize to the developer for the earlier review with the low rating.
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5 months ago, clos the b00m bap
Still works..sorta lol
Use "videodbridge" option on Premium and it will work. It actually begins automatically cueing you to toggle the download on wifi (with that option enabled) and have the song title added to the download file—unlike before where you had to edit the filename yourself. I have an iPhone 13 Pro. Good luck to everyone & hope this app stays
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