Walking for Weight Loss

Health & Fitness
4.9 (5.1K)
90.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Leap Health
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Walking for Weight Loss

4.89 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Ned Elliot
Motivates me when nothing else has
This app gradually adds challenge to my walks, and this keeps me engaged and motivated. I am ready for each new challenge because the app has prepared me by slowly increasing my stamina. I appreciate the days off, too. I’m learning that effective exercise does not have to be grueling and exhausting. Thanks!
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5 months ago, bbmomof3
It’s okay. Not terrible not great.
I don’t see any difference on the app layout between the free and the paid. I expected more when I started the free 7 trial. The only difference is you don’t get an ad. So I don’t see the advantage of paying for it. I feel like it lacks substance. It is good for motivation to walk, and keeping a diary of your walks, but I think it should be able to track your workouts even if you change levels when you’re paying for it. When I switched from beginner level to the hardest level, it did not keep track of my original walk that I did on the beginner level. It was like starting over. That’s frustrating. I believe there should be a main home page that tracks everything overall. If there is something I’m missing, please pointed out. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Me012385
Wish it was more customizable
This app is really good and easy to use. I just wish that I could adjust the timing of my workouts. I only have time for 30 minute workouts but some of these workouts are more than that in the advanced plans, and you can’t adjust it. I love the occasional encouragement in the app as you walk and how it lets you know if you are almost there. I also love the pace notifications and the calories burned notifications. Great app!
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4 days ago, dcambrian
Volume situation
I am using the app. It’s easy to use and affordable. I’m hoping someone sees this, because I listen to podcasts rather than music as I walk. I don’t want to pay for the Apple Music sub as well (wow Apple thinks a lot of themselves that they have to make Apple Music capital 🙄). Anyway, the walking app turns down the sound in other apps when it is giving updates and the sound never goes back to normal volume. Can you fix that?
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2 years ago, miwxchaser
Needs a patch for dropping volume after halfway
I’ve use the app for over a year, it has a serious drop off in volume after the halfway point of any walk. Let’s say for instance volume is set at seven. When he reached halfway and the voice comes on to give you stats after that volume drops to a two it never returns to a seven. I can’t stand that. Other than that it’s a great app. It just needs a patch the fix that problem. Thank you
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2 years ago, sLiPkNoT fReAk
Eh it’s okay
I think it’s lacking in features and functionality. The voice is annoying and I wish I could turn it off. I don’t want a robot voice constantly interrupting my podcast, it just talks over it. Then, in the last 2 minutes of the workout or so, the voice comes on again and then reduces the sound of whatever I have playing, so I have to turn up the music, then the workout ends and the music is blasting. Not sure I’ll keep using this.
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3 years ago, Ardfannin
Automatic renewal
I like the app itself. It’s useful in helping me walk faster. The description of the app says there will be a button with the app to turn off if we don’t want it automatically renewed, so we aren’t automatically charged the $30 a year rate. The button is NO where to be found on the app. I’ve reached out to the developer and haven’t received any information. I want to know how to cancel before I’m charged again next year.
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4 years ago, Kmarcisz
Not really intervals
I really like the setup of this app and would continue to use it, but the intervals don’t make sense: one long stretch of steady pace and then another long stretch of increased (but still steady) pace isn’t the kind of interval training I was looking for. Anytime incorporating intervals for walking is mentioned online, they say to alternate 1 min fast pace, 2 min slower pace, or something like that. I’m personally going to be doing 3 min/3 min. I would download this again and pay for it if the intervals made more sense.
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3 years ago, gatocat46
Great app
What a great find, downloaded the app and have gone for three walks of 23-25 minutes. App is very easy to use. I play my music through it and enjoy a nice long walk every night in 9 degree weather like last night. Feel accomplished after the the walk and getting the blood flowing. I am on a 6 week mission to shed the covid 19 weight gain.
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4 months ago, Saydiema
Keep my weight going down cause of my disease I was born with
If it wasn’t for the reminder from this walking exercise app, I would forget about doing my walking exercise 100% if it wasn’t for the reminder to tell me too start walking
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2 years ago, NicknameeeBE
Alerts mess up volume
I like the app but today may be my last day using it. The alerts knock the volume down on whatever I’m listening to and it doesn’t go back up. It’s hard to focus on working out if I’m constantly having to restart programs to reset the volume. I tried turning it off in the settings, but I still get the voice alerts.
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4 months ago, HeatherD79
Great app
This is a great app so far. I have back issues and cardio has gotten rough but I love that this helps me get cardio in but at a slower pace. Only thing I noticed is the sound with music has issues. You have to restart it at times
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3 weeks ago, Sidney ELA
I love it!
I’ve only been using the basic plan but it keeps me on pace with my walking workouts; regardless if I’m walking outside or on the treadmill. I love the voice that encourages me while I’m walking so I’ll definitely keep using it.
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4 years ago, Daisha Holmes
Omg y’all!!!!!!!! This app is so amazing. I’m trying to lose some weight that being in quarantine has given me. This app is literally everything!! I go on a walk every morning and it’s so helpful to be able to keep track and get some motivation and set goals. 10 out of 10 for sure!!
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2 years ago, Greatfu user
Fantastic program
I started using the app for my husband and he loved it so much tat I decided to use it for my own walking program. I love it. Especially the gps that it provides.
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3 years ago, orwalker
Not accurate
Timer is off, if you use the treadmill option it says you’ve walked way farther in the total than you actually have and states you burn way more calories than you did. Without knowing weight and speed your walking there’s no way this can be accurate. I considered buying the premium version but decided against after I saw how inaccurate it was.
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3 years ago, XXXMommyXXX
I hate to exercise
Nothing motivates me to exercise. I loathe it. But I know I need to and this app actually has helped me get started l. It reminds me, it keeps track of so much, I like seeing my path I took. It just working for me and I like it. 😁
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3 years ago, hellbentongettinganickname
The goals are good
The change I would want is that if you go past the goal it keeps track of what you do. Other than that it performed as it was supposed to.
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4 years ago, Mattughs
Great app!
I am new to this app, but already love it. The intervals are a great help! I love that there is a beginner, intermediate, and expert level. It really pushes me to help me loose weight without being unachievable and discouraging. I’ve already recommended this app to my friends!
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3 years ago, tiktok in distress
Awesome app
It’s really an amazing app if you need some structure to your work out it gives you daily times to walk and keeps up with how far you’ve walked and how long
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1 year ago, Athena Druid
There is no reset on the app, so once all the days of walking have been done the app is pretty much useless. I emailed customer service asking about a reset and the have flat out ignored. Probably a bunch of stupid republicans that own this useless app.
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1 year ago, Aylah's glamma
Membership issue
I downloaded the app and paid for the membership and now in order to download again I am being charged. Does anyone know how to get passed this since I just paid for the yearly membership?
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1 month ago, NormsieO
The command voice is so low.
Right when I started my walk, I noticed the command voice was super low. I was listening to music and missed commands. I was watching for the next command to see if the voice was off, nope, it’s just super low and barely audible. This defeats the purpose of the app as a whole. This app is completely pointless.
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8 months ago, RosieP76
Not a useful app
This app is terrible. You get reminders to walk even when you w completed the walk for the day. You can’t mark the rest day as done so it just stays selected until you move to the next day. It doesn’t connect with any fitness trackers. Not is a monthly plan available. Just a year long subscription. Wast of money.
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5 years ago, Poochie7564
Good starting app
I have always “bit off more than I can chew” with walking/running apps and this one is a really good bridge for me. I have stayed motivated and injury free and so far am enjoying it.
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3 years ago, Cynthia407954
My Accountability partner
This app has helped me so much with staying on track and focus as I start my fitness plan. I love the set up and the fact that it is user-friendly.
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4 years ago, Metalplr
Why use GPS if it’s not going to track right.
This app was no good. It told me I walked almost 10 miles in a half hour. Yeah, no. It supposedly uses GPS but I’d say it’s not other than to plot a map, which was also pretty wrong. Showed I walked a straight line to a point and back. No, I walked around in a circle in a field, then back to my apt and around the building. Nothing this app read was correct. Don’t bother.
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3 years ago, LRRTEXAFORNIA
This is motivational!
I absolutely love this app. I have been wanting to do two a days, and now I do. This is my new morning routine. It’s a good way to start a new day!
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3 years ago, Anđi 999
Can’t turn back on the warmup
When I started using this app I accidentally tapped “skip” when the warmup appeared. I can’t see anyway to turn it back on and I can’t find a way to contact support to ask them.
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3 years ago, pugmom12
Great app
I am 73 and this gets me movin . But the gps stops when the warming ends the walk. Not good cause I was still walking and that last stretch of walk-in was not recorded But glad I found this app
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9 months ago, Beachpreach
Good, but there’s a problem
Others mentioned this: halfway through the workout the music volume becomes muted. I maxed out my volume but it still felt distant. Fix that and you have a perfect app!
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1 year ago, 23fishybear
Waiting for some type of update
It used to work great for tracking but recently it hasn’t been able to track me accurately. As a result my data is skewed.
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5 years ago, Rvangelism
Walking coach
This is an amazing app and coach. It strengthens my thighs and help lose weight in my stomach area. Two days walking one day rest in between. I love it and affordable monthly.
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3 years ago, Strong joints
Keeps me on track!
I love the gentle way this app helps me build up stamina and stick to me plan.
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3 years ago, sandydhg
Great for oldies
I am old snd not used to carrying my phone. But the ease of this app is encouraging me to get a watch so I can really use this app. I need to get Covid fat off!!!
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3 years ago, Amy soccer mom
So far
So far it’s ok .... but when the computer voice comes on it turns the music way down and the music doesn’t come back to original volume until the app is done
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4 years ago, JW-WB
Walking Works!
Simple, easy to use app with an impressive ability to create and monitor a personalized plan.
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5 years ago, Tf all nicknames are taken
Too many bugs
Too many bugs. Please fix it
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3 years ago, Mags316
Did my first walk with this yesterday. It says I did .78 miles. My Apple Watch said 2.1. And I know the path I take it’s definitely 2 miles little disappointed.
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4 years ago, Rainah$#1
I like this app.
This is a very good app for me I just gave birth a week ago and this has helped me keep up with my goals. ✨Five stars ✨
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3 years ago, dasinga1976
Motivating App!
I am enjoying this App. It’s a great motivation tool! Easy to use and a fun way to get fit.
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3 years ago, 67cfc
Walking App
App does a good job at tracking and giving you workouts
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7 months ago, r I'll cut G C
The best way to lose weight
The best way to lose weight
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4 years ago, Nelsonio87
The alarm option is what I was looking for. Is a really good option.
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2 years ago, lola las vegas
Third day & I love it
I love this app, it’s motivating and makes me want to keep going
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4 years ago, charameen
I just start it today
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2 years ago, Road rider 2t
Too controlling
Was looking for an app that kept track of my walking and exercise. This app is way too controlling telling me how long to walk and what days to walk. I need freedom to decide on my own.
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4 years ago, pao mares
I love this app keeps me going, I feel great after my walk.
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4 years ago, susanmarie50
I just downloaded this app two days ago. I walked once. How can I rate it already?? Ask me in two weeks.
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3 years ago, MoochMe
How do I turn off sound??
This app interrupts my pod casts, but I like it otherwise. Please tell me how to turn off the sound!!
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