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User Reviews for Walking Slimkit - Step Counter

4.4 out of 5
6.6K Ratings
6 months ago, Deacon ess
First day
Not used to walking that much so I got tired pretty quick but I will keep doing it every day for 10 minutes. I have to split the 10 minutes five and five so until I can do the whole 10 so thank you so much I appreciate someone being able to keep track thank you.
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5 months ago, radike2
No value add
I purchased and downloaded the app after taking a quiz which “calculated” the best program for me, a 62 year old not very active and had 30 minutes to spend exercising each day. The promise that I could lose weight just by walking—running is not an option right now—was enticing and I made the purchase. So far, and I’ve done two weeks, no workout has been under 45 minutes. Also, today’s workout prompted me to run for 5 minutes. So this program is a big fail in the personalization promise1-I suspect that all the programs are the same. The actual program that takes you through a workout—I could find a program online that would tell me to warm up for 5 minutes, walk for 10, walk briskly for 5, walk for 10, run for 5, walk for 10 and then cool down for 5 and I could time myself or set up an ai with Siri to prompt me. The program calculates distance based on the run time of the program. Has nothing to do with your performance. The meal plan is not helpful! You can get better tracking free from My Fitness Pal! The marketing is really effective and compelling so I congratulate them on that— their revenue model must rely on the initial payout and then people forgetting to cancel their subscriptions. I’m sorry but this is nothing I should have paid for and I’m sorry I didn’t figure out a way to know that before the purchase. (Except reading reviews, which I’m skeptical about)
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6 months ago, Yashashree92
I purchased the app and the premium books and everything before reading the reviews just by watching the ad which is quite misleading. The ad basically says they will give you a workout schedule and tell you how much you need to walk to lose certain amount of weight but the actual app unfortunately is nothing like that. It doesn’t give you a plan or how much walk i need to reach my goal weight. The stupid quiz asks you dietary preferences but the diet in the app doesn’t consider those preferences and gives you dishes you cant eat in my case i get all the chicken recipes when in the quiz I clearly said its vegetarian dietary preference. There is no setting in the app which allows me to change my preferences either. I am giving this app like 2 stars because it was quite misleading and only part i liked was they have recipes ( nothing for me though) and water reminders. Waste of money and you can actually get these features for free on some apps. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. DO NOT BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION
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7 days ago, CWilb
A little misleading
I selected this app’s link in Facebook to learn more about it. I went through a questionnaire which asked me for my height, weight, etc. It repeatedly said that I would receive a personalized plan based on my answers. When asked how much time per day I wanted to walk, I selected the answer that was something like 5-10 minutes. Before I could receive my personalized plan, I had to pay. I even went with the upsell of the premium plan, which was to include two guidebooks. Although I had indicated 5-10 minutes a day for the length of my walks, the plan showed over 30 minutes a day! The end of the questionnaire said I would receive my plan by email. I never received it. I was only able to see it in the app. I also never received the guidebooks. Update: I’ve updated my rating from 1 star to 3, because their customer service responded to my complaint quickly and refunded my money.
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1 month ago, Meleanna1
Not intuitive, no support
Like others I stupidly paid before looking at the reviews. There is no explanation of a plan after I filled out the questionnaire and no clear guidance. There are days to walk, warm up exercises and no explanation of cooldown except to use the same pace as warm up- which were exercises not waking. It is not clear how to determine water amount or calories to count. I have submitted a request for assistance. If they help I will modify the reviews. As an update - customer service did refund my purchase price and stop the subscription. The company still needs to update their services so they are usable, and correct the algorithm that sent a survey before I received assistance but those are engineering issues, not customer service.
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8 months ago, mollybinion
Misleading Instagram Ads
Don’t end up like me and purchase a subscription for this app based on an Instagram ad. I, very foolishly, signed up after taking a "quiz" linked in the ad which was ultimately very misleading regarding what the app actually offers. (There is no "customized" plan and I have no idea what the quiz was even for apart from fooling potential customers into thinking it was a necessary part of setting up this imaginary plan.) In general, the app is also very clunky, confusing, and difficult to use. Everything it offers (weight tracking, step counting, workout tracking) I can get via other apps for free or with a one-time lifetime payment. The only reason I am giving the app two stars instead of one is because they granted me a refund when I asked for one.
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2 months ago, Mdventura
Missing Something
I’m not sure what I paid for, am I missing something? It gave me a walking workout it for a 3 month calendar, but the workout doesn’t seem to account for starting point… I already walk 1 hour a day 5 days a week, why would I start at 25 minutes a day? The meal plan is a bit ridiculous… I don’t know anyone who eats scallops for lunch in the middle of a busy week… There’s no heart rate connection that I can find, so as far as I can tell the app tells me to walk 25 minutes and then tells me when 25 minutes is up… I can read a clock, I don’t need a $40/3 month timer. I was really excited for this, but the app severely underperforms… it might be user error, but the app is not intuitive at all if that’s the case. Super disappointed
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8 months ago, Sharaya321
Just an expensive tracker, don’t waste your money.
I unfortunately, purchased this app via an ad before I saw the reviews. As those before me have said. This app is just an expensive tracker. There are no custom work out plans that come with it. The quiz you take leads you to think that after you give your health info you will be provided a walking plan custom to your needs and goals. I suggest making it very clear in your marketing that there is no custom walk plan, this is just a tracker that cost $39. Which most phones health apps will already do for you for free. Or the next solution would be to actually provide a walking workout plan and you might find more satisfied customers with the app. I would like a refund, as I did not receive what what was supposedly being offered.
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2 weeks ago, einalemilio
Latest update
I love this app and see great results with these workouts. I used to be a runner but, due to an accident that left me with an injured ankle, I am doing walks. This apps have helped me to build up my strength and I have started to jog on my “speedups” which is so exiting for me! What saddens me is that the latest update does not let me skip the workout of the day or go back to a previous one. That feature is important to me since I also adjust the intensity of my cardio depending on my weights routine. Been able to go back or skip a workout helps me to combine the walking routines with my weight workouts and give my ankle a easier workout when needed. Please fix it! 🙏🙏🙏
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4 months ago, JenFen87
Ads Are Misleading
I purchased this app after seeing many ads stating I would get an workout plan customized for my goals. The app is nothing like this. It tells you how many minutes to walk, no recommended distance or pace. Also, it does not track distance correctly. It’s saying I’m walking a little over ONE mile in 35 minutes! My treadmill and watch are tracking I am walking between 2.5 and 3 miles each time. That’s a pretty big difference. I linked this app to my watch and it tracks it as a very slow run instead of the correct walk. I can’t believe how much they are charging a month for incorrect and unhelpful tracking. There are better apps for free.
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7 months ago, LeenitaV
False Advertising
Beware!! I am one of the many who fell for the false advertising on their instagram ad. I took the quiz and signed up for the premium plan only to see that what was advertised is not available in the app. No personalized walking plan to speak of, no walking maps, and the app is much different than what is shown in the App Store. It really is just you subscribing to sync with Apple heath what is already free elsewhere. What a scam. I immediately unsubscribed and have requested a refund. I also paid for two e-booklets that were never sent. Hopefully I get the refund or this will have been a very expensive learning experience.
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5 months ago, SweetnSassyJL
Misleading app
I took the quiz through the ad I saw on Instagram to get the workout plan, but then there is no actual plan. They falsely advertise that they will give you a plan to lose weight with how much you should walk. When I emailed Support about this they acted like they had no idea what I was talking about and said that the plan is on the home screen of the app. The app is underdeveloped and does not allow you to make any changes once you have signed up through that quiz/questionnaire. I should have read the reviews before downloading or signing up because they are refusing to give me a refund now.
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1 week ago, Bobby Joe Rasmussen
Just do not
Look. I am obese and just had a baby, and I can’t even break a sweat with this thing. Basically walking ten minutes a day and then I walk another twenty minutes to an hour that the app doesn’t track because so actually need a little exercise. Doesn’t appear to be any sign of adjusting to my feedback. It asks if the workout was too hard or too easy. It is always too easy. And then it is too easy again and forever. I need my money back and to verify that I did not mistakingly sign up for a recurring payment plan. That would be an extreme waste of money.
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3 months ago, Alameda307
Stop. Don’t do it
Seriously. I too was wowed by the ads and should have read the reviews first. No plan was given, it doesn’t connect to my Apple Watch (yes I linked it), and the program isn’t intuitive to maneuver through to record workouts. No tutoring or help. I’m better off creating my own spreadsheet or going to Weight Watchers. Yes WW is more expensive but a lot easier to use. How does this app have a 4.4 rating when all I’ve seen are one star reviews. On day 2 I looked at my stats for a walk I did and…. nothing. DO NOT download and pay a red cent for this app. I need to make sure I cancel this.
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10 months ago, RuthG131313
Where is my plan?
I filled out the information required thinking I was going to get a definite plan. You know walk at whatever speed for five minutes warm up and the for 30 minutes at this speed and then another speed for cool down. Nope there is no plan customized for you as advertised. This is just a tracker. An expensive tracker at that. Waste of money. I can get a free app that does the same exact thing. It’s a rip off. Also note when getting a nickname for the Freire Disappointed and Ripped-off are already taken, that’s how unhappy people are with this app.
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2 months ago, Anblea42
Terrible interface, difficult to cancel
Do not use this app! It’s terrible and difficult to cancel. The interface is terrible. You have to tap through multiple screens to get started with tracking a walk. Navigation to plans and recipes is not straightforward. The app send you to the generic subscription cancellation instructions but the app isn’t there. You have to email support to get a link where you enter your email to get another link to do the cancellation. I’m not even sure that after all of that my subscription has been cancelled.
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7 months ago, Hazem Helal
Attention! They will use your credit card after you unsubscribe
how can you allow yourself to charge for service you didn’t provide? What kind of “agreement” in small font you assume a user would read while activating an app? I clearly unsubscribed before the payment, and still you deducted the amount taking the advantage of having a personal credit card details? What kind of customer experience you provide for your users? You’re running a business of stealing people’s money in a legal way. That’s a shame.
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5 months ago, Jrestes927
VERY flawed - not worth it!
It’s a nice program tracker and reminder, but that’s about it. The steps from my Apple Watch Ultra 2 don’t sync to the app, nor do the calories or distance walked. I finished a 50 minute treadmill walk on 6% incline and between 3-3.5 mph. At the end, the app said I had walked 0.1 miles and had burned 158 calories. I wonder - from other reviews - how custom my program actually is. This app is heavily flawed and not at all worth what is being charged for a subscription. Look elsewhere.
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5 months ago, Deajahboo*
I am disappointed with the app and I am trying get a refund and they have made it almost impossible to get the refund. It stars the can not do the refund - you have to got through the App Store. But , there is not refund option on the App Store. I wrote via email days after I purchased the app and have not had any luck. I hate feeling like I have no control of my purchases. You all should be ashamed of your business practices. The app is too busy for me. I don’t have time for it. I just want a freaking refund.
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5 months ago, sawylle
U go girl !
Wow this app is terrific! I’m an experienced walker but we’ve had a polar vortex for about 4 days and I knew I need to regain my passion for walking. I lost 100 lbs when I started my walking journey about 2 years ago and felt after the holiday season of feasting that I was doomed. But nope just needed a push thank you app!
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6 days ago, Very disgruntled 21
Don’t buy
With all the different tracking software out there when you buy this app you have to give it access to your data. The app can’t sync with your Fitbit and requires you to walk around with your phone to track your steps. In this day and age with three kids under three carrying my cellphone in my hand is impossible. I bought an app that has no viable usage for me or for anyone else that has an active household with kids. If I hear from the company I’ll update my review.
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3 months ago, Twabella
This app is a scam. I’m not sure how but they received information from a credit card that I NEVER gave to them. They made fraudulent charges on my credit card. I find it very odd that my subscription ended on a particular date yet charges were made on that same date. The number that they have for contact is a VOIP number and is not traceable. Luckily I have an amazing credit card company and they are looking into this scam of a company. Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT subscribe or give them ANY of your information!
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5 months ago, Donna Lowe
I purchased this on Facebook then they sent me a email to click to activate app then it wants to charge me again Couldn’t find anywhere to contact them so I sent a return email. Waiting results. I just want my money back at this point
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9 months ago, zandygreene
Scammy app
I never write reviews but I’m soo mad I have to. I signed up for a $40 premium subscription and I changed my mind and went to cancel the subscription to prevent future charges. The company then told me to try to use the links and insert emails to start the process. I got an immediate message on the screen stating the email wasn’t associated with a subscription when that is a lie. I used the email when making the purchase. They never sent me a receipt. But they charged my credit card. DONT SUBSCRIBE!
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1 month ago, Cornonda9
I have an iPhone and I would like to connect to my Apple Watch, I don’t always carry my phone with me but I ware my watch! My step count is much higher then my phone tracks, can this be adjusted to work with Apple Watch?
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1 week ago, VNap
Don’t waste your money
This app is lacking in anyway that is helpful when someone is trying to walk regularly to lose weight. The app on your watch and on your phone are not in sync so you have to either start the exercise through one or the other, which is obviously very frustrating when you’re trying to monitor your walks. The features don’t really make any sense. not able to track your steps while you are working out
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1 month ago, A duke basketball person
Please add Apple Watch
Well you didn’t mention that I needed to take my phone so it would track my walk. I walked in the house and left my phone on the table. Picked it up when I saw I had 0 everything after walking 5 minutes and half of cool down. Come on not hard to add the sentence your phone will track your activity if you take it with you!!!! This was not a great start with your app!
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4 months ago, westland52
I paid thru PayPal and went to the App Store. I didn’t realize I would be charged there also. Waiting for a response from Slimkit. Not happy, I want a refund for both purchases made within the last hour. I’ll never learn.
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6 months ago, arwoomer
Feels like a scam
I was gullible and was convinced by their TikTok ad that this app would create a one of a kind plan for me (as stated in their ad) and paid $30 for “premium.” What you get is a knockoff of Fitbit that just tells you to walk 10,000 steps. I’ve written them for a refund as they mislead countless people and have likely made hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the process. They were quick to respond to other emails… haven’t heard anything yet. Do NOT pay for premium.
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9 months ago, donamays
1.25 mile (2.5 miles round trip to Seaview Docks
It was a sunny 28 *, wind was off shore 15 mph making it tough to walk home. Busa was a good boy and healed the entire way . Although on the way home he did pick up the pace, I imagine even sub freezing weather affects him as well with the wind chill at 15 *
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5 months ago, read'emandweep
No Apple Health Sync?’
Problems: 1) Help/support documents clearly claim that Apple health is an option for syncing. It is not. I paid for a premium subscription only to learn that there is no choice in settings/connect for Apple health app. 😡 2) if you’d rather listen to audiobooks or watch Apple TV while walking on your treadmill, you are out of luck. Music only. 😢 Apple audiobooks yes but no link to any other audiobook app. My audiobook book apps are Audible and Chirp. No simple solution to walking while watching Apple TV. 3) maybe I haven’t figured it out yet but the short 20 minute walk is not enough. I can’t figure out how to set them walking time for longer. All in all, I regret purchasing a subscription.
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9 months ago, Dmwhatever
New to app
I am new to the app. There are no instructions. I’m having to click through everything and try to piece together what is expected of me. The idea sold was there was a plan… no plan seen. I selected to walk between 10–20 Min a day in the questionnaire and everything is a minimum of 35 min… because of my cortisol levels I am not supposed to go passed 20 min. Nice idea but it is over sold! It may work… but who would know. There is no plan to follow. I know it is not as simple as start walking because there wouldn’t be all the extra settings and options. But there are no instructions. I don’t want to guess at being successful when I’ve paid for a service.
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4 months ago, Autumn Stoneflower
No Vegetarian or Vegan Options
The original website sign up is misleading, giving both vegetarian and vegan options, but there is no option like this in the app. Every lunch and dinner includes either fish, seafood, or meat. There is no workout plan other than it counts your steps. The leaderboard feature is nice for competitive people, as is the ability to add friends. Edited to add that their support tells you that you can’t get a refund on iOS.
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4 months ago, Katester57636
No point to this app
This app simply provides a timer. The coaches just say when to start and stop. They are completely pointless. The questions lead you to believe this app will somehow be tailored to you, but it’s not at all. $40 not well spent. Don’t bother. You’re better off to set a timer or reminder on your phone. It doesn’t tell you a pace or incline, nor does it monitor your heart rate for real calories burned. Literally no point to this app.
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6 months ago, Bizsharpe
Extremely Misleading
When I went to do the quiz to “see how long you’d have to walk to burn x amount of weight” they charged at the end of the quiz. You have to do the entire quiz for them to tell you that you have to pay for your results. Fine. I tried it—no result. They just sign you up for the account that is literally no better or different from my Garmin watch/fitbit. The marketing is so misleading. I felt duped.
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2 weeks ago, TuneTastid
What a farce!
While the Instagram ads are very inviting and encouraging, it seems that you will not get what you signed up for. There is no plan and things don’t seem personalized at all! I am a 61 year old male looking for a proper solution or plan for weight loss while not subjecting myself to high impact routines. This app is a complete disappointment and I have requested for a full refund of my 3-month subscription! Let’s see what happens next.
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4 months ago, BecLaw80
Like many of the reviews I am reading, I saw an add on Instagram. I have started (very slowly) walking on my own, but thought it would be great to get personalized workouts, so I took the quiz. THE QUIZ PROMISED I’D LOSE 200lbs IN 3 MONTHS!!! Needless to say, that was the end of my interest in this app and company. If they boldly claim to be able to help me lose 200lbs in 3 months, they obviously have absolutely zero credibility or any idea what they are talking about. Extremely disappointing.
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1 month ago, C.Collins.10293847
Terrible app
Not keeping the pace correctly, asked me on day 2 if I had lost a few pounds since my last workout - of course not, that’s just dumb. Looked over my stats and it said my pace was slower than yesterday - don’t slow down…. But also my heart rate was up, so slow down, please! Just awful program all together. Better off using something like ease into 5K or just the Strava app.
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4 weeks ago, jbekah64
Enjoying app
I’m new to the app and am enjoying it. I did find some spelling and grammatical errors in the information topics that you may want to address.
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4 months ago, Juliess77
Misleading please read before buying
I purchased this app because the add says it’ll give you a guide on how much you need to walk to loose weight in 3 months to achieve goal weight and meal plans it does not you basically put in what your goal steps are in that case you can just do it yourself and track on your phone or Apple Watch
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4 months ago, Cleofeed
This is a scam.
The ad makes it seem as though you pay and they provide with a personalized plan. But you basically just pay for the privilege of using the app (which is no different than the steps tracker built into your phone) and then they try to get you to pay even more for a personalized plan. Don’t do it, look for a better option with more honest brokers.
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3 weeks ago, CeeCashMoneyMacMama
Scam! Stay far away.
There is no plan! The questionnaire you fill out is useless as it’s not applied to any sort of strategy for reaching your goal. It’s just a step tracker and a poor man’s version of My Fitness Pal, which you can get for free. I wish I read the reviews before I downloaded and paid for this. Shame on Apple for letting this credit card scam of an app be allowed on their App Store. I will be reporting them.
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1 month ago, Lash Girlfriend
Very misleading ad
Do not buy this app. I, like many others, watched an ad that very misleading to make you believe that there is a custom work out plan for you and it is not. It’s very minimal and not custom at all. I bought it less than 10 minutes ago so if they don’t give a refund, you can bet I will blow up all their socials and get a refund somehow. This is ridiculous. Do not get this app.
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4 months ago, Butterfly3342
Don’t Bother with Premium
Nothing like the ad shows. There is nothing personalized about the program. The ‘statistics’ function hasn’t worked from the beginning so it’s not even showing me my full progress. The ‘meal plan’ is just a list of recipes that don’t even tell you the calories in the dish. The ‘dinner’ today was Surf & Turf. Give me a break. Very disappointed I spent money on this.
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4 months ago, Hlpoufx
Parallel subscription!? Facebook support????
What do you mean that I have parallel subscription? Stop messing and make a feature to leave and delete your app!! They replied as below. Where is your Facebook ti contact??????????? Gosh!! "Hello, thank you for your detailed feedback. Most likely, you have two parallel subscriptions activated. Could you please send us a message via Facebook? We'd be happy to resolve this asap🌿 "
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8 months ago, Jeniwats
Walking all
So far so good. They use symbols in this app without defining them so I’m having to figure out what it means. Not to bothersome and I think it’s helpful overall.
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1 month ago, hdkdbsodm
I filled out the questionnaire, put in my info, and selected a workout routine and paid for a plan only to not receive any email confirmation and when I tried to sign in it said I didn’t have an account but charged me anyways. Do not use. Working on getting a refund but based on other reviews probably won’t get one. Would put no stars if I could.
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6 months ago, Old Twig
Cancel my subscription Immediately
You have renewed my subscription, even though I canceled it immediately after purchasing it because I wasn’t interested. When I go to my Apple purchases, I can’t even find it.. You just charged me another $39 without my permission. And you don’t offer any way to get hold of you. This is not a good way of doing business.
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6 months ago, LilPaul94
Very Misleading
Like many I fell for the stupid ad and paid for this app! It’s just going to tell you to walk 10,000 steps per day no matter what your size/age. It also told me I was obese, which was quite shocking for someone who wears a size 10 jeans. The app is also seems to pause every time I put it in my pocket. Don’t waste your money. Just use the free Apple health tracker instead.
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5 months ago, Dreambagz
Waste of money
Total waste of money, I demand a refund for 3 months purchased….app of no use and doesn’t give the option of recording the data from Apple Watch… totally disappointed with the amount they are charging… don’t bother to take the subscription… I want my money back !
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