Walking Weight Loss: WalkFit

Health & Fitness
4.4 (25.6K)
450.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16 or later
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User Reviews for Walking Weight Loss: WalkFit

4.45 out of 5
25.6K Ratings
4 months ago, AngryBlueEyes
Appears to be a Scam
Signed up for a 3 month subscription and payment verified as having been received via Paypal. When I went to the app to get account set up the app is asking for payment AGAIN. Paypal advises to resolve with company but the link they provide to contact the company seems to be broken. I can’t contact them via the app because I don’t have a completed account due to not wanting to pay for a subscription. I would appreciate someone reaching out to me because I’d like to give the app a try. So far this has been a very suckie experience but at this point I’d advise anyone to NOT try it due to my unfortunate situation with them. Follow-up. Was contacted by developer with suggestions for resolution. It really was a User Error situation so upgraded to 4 stars. Can’t upgrade to 5 because I haven’t used the app only s few times. It does cast very nicely from Iphone to smart TV which makes it very nice to use. Slow but thorough followup with no “canned” answer. I could tell the developer actually researched the issue and I appreciate it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this app to anyone wanting to get a workout in from the comfort of home.
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2 months ago, Deathbydomo
Good but has flaws
The workouts are fun and I can tell a difference in my health after 3 weeks. That said, there are flaws that, at first, don’t appear to be that huge. However, after awhile, they become irritating. Considering I pay an outrageous sum of $38 a month for this app, it should be near flawless. The problem lies within its interface with an Apple Watch and the related Fitness app. You know the one — it has green, red, and blue rings, points calories and steps, exercise time, etc. Sometimes the app will report the exercise time, steps, and calories accurately. Lately, it does not. Yesterday I worked out for a total of over 45 minutes with the app. At the end of the day, my watch said I had worked out for SEVEN. And this is not a new occurrence. It is hard to keep track of things when accuracy is suffering. Also, this app pops up in your watch while you are working out, showing your pace, pulse, calories burned, etc. The accuracy varies on that as well. For that matter, it varies on the app on your phone, too. Again, I pay a lot for this app. There is no “pay for the year and get a discount” type thing. It’s a flat fee after that brief free trial. My phone is updated and under six months old. My watch is the latest version and is also updated. The app itself is updated. What is the problem here? And let add that I was NOT given the option of purchasing an entire year. Wish I could change that.
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3 months ago, DJoaquinHilo
Appreciate this App!! A 65-year-old user:)
I’ve only been using this app for about two weeks now. Already I find it to be friendly and easy to use. It’s been a long while since I’ve exercised consistently, and I know I need a lot of work and I can already tell that this app is going to be a game changer for me. Have had a couple rocky days at the start, but I was soon starting to keep up. I love how it paces the user. You are able to select the difficulty level you need which was a must for this old lady beginner:) Also, aside from the daily challenger there are a lot of extra walks to choose from. And it’s not just a walking app, there are some mini workout/dance routines to choose from too and I love them! I can see myself reusing the workouts and walks in the future and still getting a lot from them. I really like that the extra workouts and walks are set to music as I find that so very helpful! And the reminders and daily tracker info are non judgmental yet encouraging. I now wish I had selected the annual subscription because I believe I will be using this for a long, long time to come. I’m so happy with WalkFit!
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6 months ago, for-pete's-sake
Some frustration but if glitches were fixed, I’d be happy with this.
***update from 3 stars to 4: the developers are super responsive and clearly listen to issues and respond quickly. Apart from leaving a review, I emailed and got a quick response. The connection works just fine now. Final issue is that when I walk, I need to close app and reopen to get the step count to refresh. For me they don’t change in real time. But not a deal breaker. I find the app motivates me. Just started using the app. I like the mini short workouts for the times you want to be home and have something short that you can do several times a day rather than one long walk. That said, I’m frustrated by two things in particular: one is that the music is louder than the voice of the person giving directions. The other is that more often than not, the app tells me the workout could not be down loaded and to check my connections. Soooo frustrating! I have a strong signal so I have no idea what’s wrong but if this continues, I won’t stick with this.
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2 months ago, renegade1765
Cost too much
I like this app. The provided exercises are a good workout but the rest is up to you. There are daily goals that you need to meet if you are going to try to lose weight. This gives you a steps number to meet daily so…. Just walk. The exercise minutes are another goal to meet. They give you a daily exercise but it’s not your daily goal so…. Exercise and walk on your own. I can not ever meet the exercise minutes because 1) I don’t always receive the exact minutes of the exercises they provide (for a 7 minute exercise I have gotten 6, 5 or even 4 minutes added on my daily goal. Also I do exercises that my watch doesn’t connect to so those minutes don’t get added to my goal. The goals are nice but to pay so much for a daily 10 minute or under provided exercise and for them to give you goals…. It’s not worth the price to get this. I got the discounted price which is more reasonable then the regular price but I’m not paying the regular price for this. I know what things they do for the daily exercises so I can make my own routine from that plus walk around my house on my own and do my other exercises.
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1 week ago, Briface09
Good Motivation, Needs More Features
This app is a great motivator to get walking. The daily reminders are helpful, and I really enjoy the walking challenges they create (which are optional to take part in). The only issue I have with this is that they should be taking into account how much time you have available in your day to walk. The amount of time they want you to walk every day varies, which makes sense. However, I wish you could choose which days to walk certain lengths of time. There are days that I don’t have 48 minutes available to get a walk in. That doesn’t mean I don’t have time to do any walking, it just means that maybe I only have 30 minutes available that day. Either the ability to choose which lengths of time you walk each day of the week or the ability to tell them how much time you have available to walk on a typical day would be super helpful.
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7 months ago, chickps
Good app, poor billing practices
While I like the App, after trying it and paying for the 1 month auto renewable trial, I decided I would not use it as I had hoped. I went on my phone and thought I had cancelled it a week before I was going to be charged for the next year. (The charge for the trial month was nearly half the amount for a whole year auto renewable trial! ) Since I paid for it by double clicking on my phone, I mistakenly thought I could cancel it on my Apple account on my phone. Instead, I found that I was charged for a whole year. When I contacted them, and sent a screen shot of my purchases, it did not show up, making me believe I had cancelled my account before the time they had told me I would be charged for the next year. They pointed out the very fine print saying I needed to contact the app company to cancel. I have to wonder how many of those of us of a certain age with cataracts have been charged for another year because of this? I was offered the chance to go ahead and use the next year though I had wanted to cancel. However, I was afraid I would find myself doing this again next year!
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2 months ago, Monstergirl1234
This app is absolute garbage! I saw the positive reviews and thought I would give it a try - I used my free trial and decided it wasn’t the app for me - it was set to default billing, but was supposedly going to send me an email prior to my card being charged again. I cancelled my subscription before my free trial was over. Fast forward a few weeks and I see a charge for a three month subscription on my account. I was completely floored as I believed my account to have been deactivated. I received no message saying I was going to be charged so this was a complete blindside. I contact their service team rightly upset and I keep getting corporate baloney saying they “understand my frustration” and “want to offer me a free service” - I declined several times saying I want my money back just for them to tell me according to their policy that is not possible - their “policy” also promised I’d be notified if I was going to receive any charge which I was not and should never have been since I cancelled my service. I’m so beyond upset and frustrated with this garbage and blown away that a company would withhold money that should never have been theirs and stand by a non-applicable policy.
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3 years ago, jmazeing
Don’t let the rating fool you. This app is not worth it.
I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing this. I saw it had 4.5 stars but I don’t know why. For the amount this app costs it should be much better than it is. Too many glitches and not intuitive to use at all. I really wish I could get a refund, because, after using it once I don’t plan on using it again because the experience was so bad. The app won’t operate in the background like most fitness apps do do when I went to something else on my phone or when it went into power saving mode it didn’t count my steps. Also when you select music to play through the app it lowers the volume when the instruction voice comes on but when it stops it does not raise the volume back up. So I had to turn the volume up on my headphones. Then without warning it would raise that volume back up and blast the music in my ears. You also can’t use it with your Apple Watch so I have to pull out my phone every time I want to check my progress. The free basic Apple fitness app is ten times better than this and FREE! If you are going to charge for something it should offer something more.
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3 years ago, Puplove315
Not worth it!
This app isn’t nearly as effective or easy-to-use as advertised. The beginning seems promising as you put in your goals, weight, etc. but once you pay for the subscription, you quickly realize it’s not worth it!! You cannot view a workout plan as advertised and it doesn’t accurately track data. The app would be better if there was a calendar with an actual walking workout plan that users could view including expected length and duration of walks. As is, the app is not conducive to a lifestyle that involves planning. Also, a huge fault is that it does not connect to any devices or app such as an Apple Watch or Fitbit for data. Basically the app uses phone data only so you always need to have your phone with you in order for it to track data like steps. I was very disappointed to find this out as the app does not appropriately track or gather correct data of my movement. For example, my health app and Apple Watch app currently say I have about 1,200 steps for the day but because I wasn’t holding my phone for them, the app says I only have 66. Confusing and not worth the price. Save your money!!!
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8 months ago, bulldoguk72
Off to a good start but…
First day with the app - I like the setup and the choice of workouts and I look forward to following those. BUT - especially for those of us that walk outside (not on a treadmill) could you make the UI easier to follow please? I have no idea how fast I’m walking, so having a target pace is great but I need a big, easy to read display that I can see without reading glasses while I’m working out. Even better would be a cadence sound and a pulsing icon on screen, like a tick every other step, something that I can easily match while walking. That would make this an awesome walking coach.
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These people are something else and liars. I canceled my subscription 2 days later after I got it. And charged my account without my consent two $3.00 fee’s. I emailed the “customer support” and they tried to play like they didn’t know what I was talking about. And asked me to screenshot everything. So I sent them screenshot with unauthorized charges and they said it is a currency conversion fee and I need to talk with my bank. Ummmm what!!! So this company charged me $3.00 “currency conversion fee” and told me I need to look at my bank policy and terms. Like come on really. Yall charged my card with out my consent. Nothing in your policy and terms states you will charge my card for anything other then the subscription. Which I canceled. Nothing else should be coming out of my bank account without being authorized. You no longer should’ve been in my bank account after I canceled my subscription. They like to play games and play dumb but they know exactly what they are doing. Please don’t allow them to scam you. Trying to taking peoples hard earned money.
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2 years ago, GennM
Love the app, HATE the new voice
Ever since the last update I can confidently say I HATE the new narrator. I can barely hear it over my music when prior to this update I could hear the narration and cues just fine over my music because the app made the music slightly quieter to ensure the cues would be heard as long as you launched the music from the app. Now, the narration is almost comical. It’s high pitched and fast. It honestly sounds like an old school Nintendo Mii trying to talk. I HATE it. Also, when music is playing after I launch it from WalkFit, I cannot even hear the cues anymore. It makes walking less enjoyable and more of a hassle. I enjoy having music going while working out. I wish the narrator and this simple setting wouldn’t have been changed with the new update. Everything else in the update has been awesome, but these are the reasons I can’t give the app the 5 stars it deserves.
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3 years ago, Barr64
Wait. I need to learn how to use it.
I couldn’t make sense of how to use this app. Still a bit fuzzy to me, BUT, their support cares enough to get back to questions and try and clarify how the app works. If you are new to this app, take time to explore the work outs and ask questions. The aha moment for me to unlock a better understanding of it: The duration of the walk and time of completion will vary upon your pace. Likely obvious to most, but to me it was not. I followed what the target speed was supposed to be and assume I’d complete de work out based on what the workout preview said. I suggested the app offered a way to allow users to set their own work outs based on time and pace for some of us with domination and control issues. :-) I will stick to it for a moment. What this app has that most don’t is variety. Variety matters a lot when it comes to walking.
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4 days ago, AmsLeigh85
App won’t connect and freezes, didn’t even keep it for a day
I purchased this app this morning and have tried multiple times to get the app to connect to my Health app on iPhone, including deleting and reinstalling the app. Upon reinstalling I attempted to connect to the ihealth app again during setup, followed the directions and it still didn’t connect. I had to select now now because it froze. When I follow the directions to allow the ihealth app to link within the app and return back to the WalkFit app it looks like I haven’t done anything and is still showing locked access even though everything is turned on in ihealth. Additionally the app freezes every time I go back to it after attempting to connect it and I need to restart the app. Extremely frustrating and have every intention of requesting a refund. I didn’t even have the app for 24 hours and wasn’t even able to use it once.
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3 months ago, D6558
Beware!!! Total Hassle to request a refund.
I purchased this app for 30 days. I was not too concerned because I saw the refund option if not satisfied. I tried to do a simple task setting up my profile/account. The links didn’t work well and kept redirecting me to FAQ and to repay. All I was attempting to do was “ full name, password etc. I finally get that set up 30 mins later. I then tried to go to the link to cancel “auto subscription” and again, it does not work. I was so frustrated and decided to cancel because I personally felt at 65 years old, I don’t have the patience for this. How am I supposed to use an app that is this messy and all over the place? I sent a message through “contact us” and requested a refund and to please cancel the auto subscription. I receive a message back stating the subscription is cancelled and more info is needed to request a refund. I respond and I am told I do not qualify for a refund. SCAMMERS!!!!!
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3 years ago, Pinkysbiatch
No way to test without immediately signing up
Am I missing something? I’ve never purchased a membership to use an app sight unseen. I don’t have a problem paying for a subscription AFTER I see that it’s some worthy of my payment. No trial period plus lots of tracking info sold to who knows who all add up to a major turn off. I’d also like to add that attempting to leave this review required typing this part in another app and copy pasting. Is there some attempt to stifle unfavorable feedback? Thanks for reaching out. I did sign up and completed the process. It’s not for me. The app was glitchy and did not track well. The program also did not seem to take my original responses into consideration for the program is developed. I told it that I walked at least 3x week and about an hour a day. The suggestion was to walk for 30 minutes. Still not impressed but it might work for someone who is not so active.
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6 months ago, LoveThisAmazingMusic
Bugs / Not Accurately Tracking Full Workout
I started using this app a week ago and think it has the potential to be one of the best exercise apps. But, there are bugs that need to be fixed in order for the app to get there. The workouts are great but I’ve had several instances of the app not properly tracking my workouts or crashing. For example, I completed a 38 minute workout, but the app only showed I completed 30 minutes. While this might seem like a minor issue, it is extremely frustrating to push myself through a full workout, just to not have all my progress tracked. I would also recommend improving the Apple Watch UI to be more user-friendly. If these bugs are not resolved soon, I will be canceling my subscription and deleting the app.
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2 weeks ago, Hfsyhcd
Loved it - update messed it up
I enjoyed this program. Started at my level and has absolutely improved my fitness over the last couple of months. With the last update I lost the voice that tells me what step of the workout I’m on. The watch app only shows “pace” rather than the “fast walking” it’s labeled as in the phone. I need that as my pace is not measured accurately. It’s frustrating to have to constantly get the phone back out to see where I’m at in the workout. Dropped my phone while trying to look at it to see where I was supposed to be when I had missed the watch buzz to notify me of the next stage. Also really like the warm up exercises targeting different body parts and the cool down stretching. But again - now I have to stop each time my watch vibrates to grab the phone and figure out what to do next. Significantly more difficult than just listening.
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4 weeks ago, Fgyhjuisbgy
Not Worth the Money
Purchased 3 month subscription. I enjoy the workouts but am disappointed that it doesn’t track my exercise correctly. It doesn’t always sync with Apple Health & sometimes doesn’t give credit for workout minutes done in the app. Not sure the workouts are strenuous enough to have much impact. After using it for 2 weeks, I realize the basis of this app is increasing your steps, not the workouts. It aggressively increases your step goal & by day 16 the goal goes over 4 miles a day. Anyone who walks 4-5 miles a day is going to get fit & lose weight without using any app. My 28 day challenge has reset twice causing me to lose all tracked progress. I have contacted them twice regarding issues & have only received the “we got your email, we’re very busy & we’ll get back to you” reply. Even though I got a great deal for my first 3 months, it’s not worth paying anything for.
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2 years ago, cheese burger deluxe
I haven’t been fooled in a while
I’m currently out of shape. Haven’t gone to the gym in over 6 months. Gained all the weight back and just wanted to get back into shape. The introduction and process of how it asks you what your current body type is and where you want to be was the attractive part. I didn’t mind paying $4.99 for a week to see how it goes as the app promises a personalized exercise routine based on the set up. Once you pay then you are prompted to pay for something else I don’t even know what for. Like it was so complicated to understand I was like nope. Once I bypassed that I then was granted access to the app and it is also complex to look at and nothing like the demo they bait you with. I should’ve read the reviews first, the real reviews say the same thing. This app is basically a scam and not useful for any reason other than taking your money. I’ll be requesting a refund.
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6 months ago, Lenovian
Some adjustments and glitches
The app is generally good with lots of variety. I have two main issues. 1) the music is so much louder than the narrator giving technique instructions. Really need to turn down music level while they are talking. 2) More often than not, the daily workout will glitch about 2/3 of the way through. The technique listed on the screen will change to the next one but the video doesn’t match the step listed. This is really annoying and the only way I’ve been able to overcome this is to pause the workout and then end it completely and start over again and try to skip to where it glitched. This totally screws up your momentum and you also have to guess where you were when it bugged out. Pls fix this!
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2 months ago, Nat_73_Nat
Love the app but wish I’d hear back from someone
You replied to the last review saying to text with subject store feedback. Where is one to text to? I’ve sent emails since 4/12 with no response. It’s sad I may have to cancel my subscription in a few days because no one will respond regarding my subscription. I am loving this app. It really helps someone who never exercises and who is overweight to start slow and get used to exercising. I only wish I would hear back from someone regarding my subscription. I reached out on April 12th and haven’t heard back yet. I signed up for four weeks but then when it brought me to install the app I see I could have had a year for double the price. Hoping someone gets back to help me change the subscription.
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3 years ago, Tafoya PC
Not as advertised or worth any $$
First off they rope you in with screen shots from the App Store that look wonderful and then when you download the product they demand you purchase it to enjoy it right off the bat with no trial period (1st sign of a scam), then I faithfully believing the product offered as advertised the screens shown from the App Store and described there. However after purchasing the 1 year subscription I was opening a simple step counter and guided walking excersize tool. The app did not perform at all as described in the App Store or have screen graphics such as the ones they offer there as well. In fact the walking and heart fit manufacturer app was offering more than this one and made me worry that this is only a “SCHEME “ used to lure people like me to pay for useless apps. And I messaged everyone and am as of yet unable to cancel and get my money back.
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2 weeks ago, Bobbokelso
Great scam to get your money
I signed up for the three month trial. Didn’t end up using the app like I thought I would. It really wasn’t what it was advertised to be. Today I got charged for the auto renewal. No notification, no reminders, nothing. It doesn’t show up in my subscriptions, so I had completely forgotten it existed. Reached out to customer service and kindly explained that I would like a refund. They responded by saying all charges are final. If I wanted to cancel I needed to do so before the charges went through and that it was in everything I agreed to when I originally signed up, that they don’t send notifications of renewal. Funny thing is, when I was canceling, I was given the option to stay on and get a notification 3 days before the next billing! I guess this is an expensive lesson for me, but I hope this saves someone else.
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2 years ago, streviewer558822
Complete waste of money
BUYER BEWARE. DO NOT PURCHASE. I really wish I had read through the reviews before paying for this app. What a joke. First of all it falsely advertises that it has an Apple Watch app. You’d think that the app should work independently on the watch without needing the app to also be open on the phone but that basic assumption is not the case. Moreover despite all the integrations that should be in place the app cannot seem to calculate pace with the data from the Apple Watch which forces me to not only have to run the app on my phone but also walk while holding my phone in order to get the actual value of the workout. Seems like the developers have been getting feedback but are choosing not to act on it and instead have decided to rely on tricking new users to pay the money upfront for such a terrible app.
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3 months ago, AngryRedHd
Don’t waste your money
The goal they set for me was 3 Miles, but then on the activity tab is says I hadn’t accomplished my goal is 7 days because the Graph shows my goal as 3.5 miles. Also, they don’t tell you that you must use their app during your “walk” in order to have it count towards your daily activity, bad thing is that if you walk long than the allotted time on the activity it doesn’t show up as extra anywhere and it stops recording your exercise at the end of the time. Super discouraging. I emailed them to tell them of this problem, and immediately I received an email saying they have cancelled my subscription. No, other response, no “here let’s make this right” nothing…just you complained now you are cancelled. Horrible. Now they have $15 from me for nothing. I should learn not to be a sucker for these scams!!
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4 months ago, Ban-Zeus
Good App…except
Because of my #1 lost a star - with app I did get exactly what I wanted. Results were seen by sticking to plan. Now for the couple downfalls -1) CUSTOMER SERVICE replies- did what app suggested to reset my profile; when asked to sign back in I tried resetting my password; got 1 reply saying try FAQ, ok didn’t work replied that email and now over 10 days still nothing - Cancelled the subscription 2) at times when wanting to skip warm ups the app would glitch with wrong exercises on display and unable to be corrected with out starting over. 3)when placing walk on pause you can’t leave that walk without loosing your progress resulting in having to start over and skip to fast forward to spot.
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3 weeks ago, G00bers Mom
Not reliable
I have a couple of problems with the app. First I lost some of my data when I redownloaded the app. It dropped the progress I had made on challenges I was working on. Second a lost hearing my progress on workouts. I toggled the volume button on the right hand corner of the workout screen (off and then back on). This didn’t work which is why I deleted the app and redownloaded. Lastly if a segment of a workout is over 5 minutes occasionally the timer freezes. Like in a 10 minute segment I had gone thru 2.5 songs on my playlist(roughly 7-9 minutes). I checked to see how much time I had left to complete the segment it showed I had 9 minutes 4 seconds left to complete the segment. I find the reliability of this app questionable.
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2 months ago, StopUsingMyCreditCard
Told my Credit Card company they issued a refund but didn’t.
I went to cancel my subscription three times before it had renewed. Those three times the app told me that it “wasn’t able to complete the transaction.” Then it tried to charge my credit card. At first, the credit card company denied the charge. When I saw this, I went to AGAIN try to cancel the subscription and it worked. Three days later, my credit card was charged. I tried to dispute this with my credit card company and they were told by the app company that the company had issued a refund to me. This is a lie. I haven’t gotten anything from the App company and now I’m out money for an app that I do not have and cannot log back into. I’d LOVE for someone to contact me about this and truly issue me the refund they claim to have already done.
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1 month ago, writetrvlskate
Absolutely Awful and 30 day money back is a scam
I tried the app and found it annoying and extremely unproductive. I asked to cancel 2 days after I bought 1 month and to get my refund. I was told that I didn’t buy it within 10 minutes of their offer so the money back guarantee was void. Cancelling in the app doesn’t stop the subscription and they’ll keep charging me if I don’t specifically send them a cancellation email…you only find that out if you contact customer service. They specifically said they wouldn’t give me my money back but offered a year of free service if I didn’t cancel, however I still would get charged if I didn’t send a cancellation email. I didn’t agree to this and demanded a full refund. They didn’t respond and instead sent me a new subscription.
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7 months ago, Squeable78
I’m finally enjoying exercise
I’m not sure what the negative reviews are about. This app so far has been extremely easy to understand and is getting me into a routine that is just my size. I’ve tried so many apps for tracking and they just weren’t fun or required me tracking all my food too but this is exactly what I need. Give me daily goals within my reach and are quick enough I can do them in my home office in between meetings. This is really great. Thank you for putting this program together for me to take my weight loss journey without frustration.
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9 months ago, Cmdove83
I signed up online, paid the subscription in advance however when I attempted to login it would not recognize my email and password. I tried to use the “forgot my password” reset option… didn’t work. I reach out to WalkFit they attempted to troubleshoot giving me the same instructions. I even recorded my screen to let them see I did not receive their “forgot my password” email. I’ve asked multiple times if it doesn’t work, just issue me a refund. I was told they would escalate the issue. Randomly I started receiving soliciting emails from “Tom” about “getting started”. I reached out again now asking for a refund and they have not responded. Now, I have to call my bank to have the charge disputed and get a new debit card because they refuse to issue me a refund.
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2 months ago, KayluhAnne3
So close!
I REALLY want to like this app and gave it 3 stars because it has helped me get up and walk. However the daily goals on the main page don’t always match the ones on insight which is confusing. It also appeared my steps should have increased week over week but have been going randomly up and down? It would also be nice if they pulled in data from workouts outside of the app to count towards it as I haven’t used the ones in the app. Would also be nice to track weight and have the weekly step goal adjust based on that. Some food for thought and is close to being a 5 star app but def missing some stuff.
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2 weeks ago, Unhappy with nickname
Great when started to use. Now not so much!!
Initially, there were no issues. Everything worked well and enjoyed the variety of workouts. For the past 2-3 weeks (since multiple upgrades in the app) I no longer have voice directions for ANY workout. Unable to use this app now (even though I paid for a year’s use)as my phone is in my pocket to capture step count and I do not know when the workout changes as there is no voice directions. The iPhone and iPad are both affected. App, phone and iPad have the latest updates/versions. I have emailed the company & provided them with all pertinent info with only an automated response. Now I’m stuck with a paid app that I cannot use! Not happy!
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3 years ago, snailpiee
more development needed
i thought this app had promise! i checked off every box necessary, then whabam! i have to pay to lose weight, just like majority of every weight loss program. if you want consumers downloading your app, make their plan free, make sure there’s a post notifications option to remind your customer that there is walking that needs to be done. if you want to make money, there should be an extra plan that a consumer can purchase that includes diets, gaining muscle, or even workouts focusing on one part of the body. i guarantee, people who see that they have to pay will delete the app as fast as they saw it. to make your consumer buy, you already have to offer something spectacular! for instance, in games people enjoy they have to work for a lot of the stuff they want/own in the game, and usually there’s features where you can buy more, or buy a premium. i think, that is a rather suitable for this app, you offer the walking plan first for free, and advertise other plans the consumer can buy like exercises and diets. hope you take this criticism for good!
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2 months ago, bethanysueb
Not easy to cancel
I cancelled this subscription in the Apple subscriptions just like I manage all my other subscriptions and thought that was it. I thought it was a glitch that I got a renewal notification because I could see in Apple subscriptions there was no subscriptions. I had already deleted the app and their website makes you go through all the registrations steps again so that isn’t helpful when trying to confirm your subscription status. Finally I just re-downloaded the app and went through the cancellation process again. I do recall doing this so not sure where I went wrong. This is not a cheap mo they subscription so this was annoying to try to figure out.
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2 years ago, marbrill
bare bones
A decent daily walking guide that changes up the routine — slow, fast, very fast, moderate — delivered by a robotic voice that pronounces “moderate” as “moder” “ate”. I’ve grown fond of this anomaly. While you walk you can see how your pace compares with the “target” pace. This used to be in good old miles per hour — then the other day without warning it changed to some unit of measurement I cant make sense of. Why? You can also see how many calories burned and how many steps you took, which is nice. In your profile they ask your height and weight and age and then…no analytics. Not sure why they ask! For more than the $29 per year you can get ofher things.
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6 days ago, Arlette Navarro
Just ok
The app is very glitchy. I've been using it for about a month or so now and more so lately I'm finding the app less appealing. I'll be almost at the end of the workout and the app will just reset, not giving me credit. This has happened to me a few times and it's very frustrating. The voice prompts that I like have gone mute. Many times as I'm looking at the seconds count down it freezes for a few seconds essentially making the workouts longer which I don't mind, but I feel just shows how glitchy it is. Overall it's just OK, but will not renew when my subscription is done.
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2 months ago, SunnyD1115
Repeated Charge Attempts After Cancellation
I purchased a 3-month promo initially and was hopeful. However, life was crazy and I didn’t really use it much. I went into the app to cancel about two weeks before the end of my subscription. The app said I could keep using it and set a reminder 3 days before renewal charges. I never received that reminder. They attempted to charge my card the day before my subscription ended. Thankfully, my card declined it. I went back into the app and completed the cancellation process and got a confirmation of cancellation across the top of my screen. No such luck. They tried to charge me again the next day. Again, I went in and completed the cancellation. I really hope they don’t continue trying to charge my card!!!
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2 months ago, Unhappy app-er
Don’t bother. Too expensive, bad service.
This is an expensive app. After purchasing the discounted initial trial (still $15 USD), I found that the workout videos would not load without constant buffering nor would the FAQ section so that I could get assistance. After the next month auto-renewed for ~$39 USD, I used the email address on the receipt to reach out to customer service. They refused to refund the auto-renewal charges even though the subscription had been cancelled and not used since the 3rd day after installation. They offered me a year of the app for free (but since videos won’t load, that’s not helpful.) I was unable to use many features of the app. My phone can track my steps for free, and that’s all I got from this app.
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2 years ago, Delete Option Needed
“Contact us” isn’t working
I was planning on using the app for my very first time this morning. I clicked on today hoping I was going to get a preview of the workout but it started running the timer instead. I tried reaching out to support to help me get it reset to todays workout because I am now automatically on day 2, but the contact icon isn’t working …. I don’t want to rate this as a bad app so I’m hoping someone on their team will respond to this review and tell me what to do. Not really enough instruction on how to use the app unless I’m just missing it? Don’t give up on this app…..that’s not what this review is about.
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5 days ago, koko92729
I regret trying this app
I purchased the trial for this app when I tried to cancel before the renewal date. It says they were going to send me a notice a few days before renew so I can cancel it. They never send me the notification when I notice that they had charged me for it. I tried to cancel the subscription , but it’s not giving me the option. I send them an email asking to cancel my subscription and for a refund because when I send them the email, I only had past one day. I don’t wanna use the app. I have not used it so there’s no point for me to pay for something that I’m not using so it’s hard to communicate with them and to cancel my subscription 😫😫 I don’t recommend this app. 0 Stars if I could give!
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1 year ago, MochaDolce
Doesn’t work - I use treadmills
Hi. I’m talking to the developers please. I didn’t realize until after I purchased your app, that it doesn’t work with a user if you’re using a treadmill, “GPS tracking is disabled for treadmill workouts”. It only tells me what to do, and if I follow your prescribed time, how much calories and distance I should have achieved. But on a treadmill I ran farther and burned more calories, and of course gained more distance. But in this app, it doesn’t allow a user to change the calories burned, distance, or time. I really need to be able to make those changes to use this app. Your description led me to believe that it would work with me, your target audience. . Until then, please refund me my money. I would greatly appreciate it.
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2 days ago, MagicEdith
Too inflexible
Appreciate the 7-10 minute video exercise segments; a nice quick burst after inactivity. I agree I wanted to increase my walking as a way to decrease weight, but to jump from 4000 to 5k to 6.1k to 7.5k and now at 9300 per day on a weekly basis is way too fast an increase for these 70+ year old feet. I’ve gone back to over 5000 as a goal and use the exercise videos. I haven’t found a way to reset goals. Other issue is that the app does not automatically update from Apple Watch. I can get it updated, but it still can be off. Also, why don’t the workouts count on Watch workouts?
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1 week ago, LulaUtah
Horrible- DO NOT BUY.
I signed up for the trial. When I was done with the trial, I was offered a lower rate for a few months. I took it, and I went to cancel it so it wouldn’t renew. When I clicked the “cancel subscription” button, it said they could send you a reminder 3 days prior to the renewal. At that point I was happy with the app, so I decided not to cancel in case I still liked it and wanted to keep my subscription. Well, I didn’t get the 3 days notice, just the bill AFTER they charged me. I canceled it, no matter if I was still enjoying the app or not, and contact their customer service. They have denied my refund request. Now that I’m reading more reviews, it is a common practice of this company to scam people during their renewals.
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5 months ago, ElishaG
Don’t waste your money!
This app is horrible. I downloaded on Sunday and began using it Monday. It worked perfectly through Wednesday but all of a sudden yesterday all of my data changed and was incorrect. At 10pm last night the app showed I had over 8000 steps - when I woke up this morning it changed it to 4300 total steps? I also have an Apple Watch and Health app that I synced to it that shows the correct data yet somehow the app is incorrect. I tried to email support and said I was disappointed and if the data was inaccurate i would have to cancel my subscription and they went ahead and cancelled it so I guess they don’t care that their data is incorrect. Super disappointed- don’t waste your time or money on this!!!
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3 months ago, Ocseahag
Nice daily workouts but major glitches recording activity
I chose this app for the daily workouts that don’t stress my Achilles tendonitis, and they are as advertised. I have the app linked to my Fitbit, and it does pick up the steps recorded…but then it LOSES them. The app will show 8,000 plus steps on a given day, but by a few days later that same day may show 3500 plus steps. I am ignoring this major inconsistency for now, but it is highly annoying. App also shows a calories goal but there is not explanation of where the data comes from and what it means. It is NOT a measure of food consumption.
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1 week ago, Millielt
Poor customer service
I signed up for this app months ago. I should have done more research but it is not what I needed in a walking app. The day after I signed up, I sent an email requesting to speak to someone about the possibility of a refund. In the last three months, I have sent over a dozen emails. Not once have I ever received a response from Customer Service. You get an automated response email with a FAQ. It says if you have additional questions to reply to the email. When you reply to the email, you get another automated response email that says their response time may be longer. It’s been three months and no response!!! Don’t waste your money! They have a non-existent customer service department!
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1 month ago, Befound
Not as advertised
When I saw the ads I thought this was a lot more than it was. The ads made it seem like the app revolved around these indoor work outs. I was very excited for it. I signed up for the three month trial and downloaded the app ready to do my thing. The app turned out to be more of a walk tracker. The work outs were walk either outside or on a treadmill. There isn’t anything wrong with that it just wasn’t what I was lead to believe I was getting. I did find indoor walking work outs in a different section of the app which is great that they are there. They are not part of your work out plan or what the app tells you to do daily. If I had wanted something to tell me to walk I would just have stayed with the health app on my phone which is what I will go back to. I would not recommend getting this app. Just go for a walk that’s what it tells you to do. Also I’m now concerned after reading all the reviews that even though I canceled my subscription they will try to charge me. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.
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