Wall Pilates Workout: WallFIT

Health & Fitness
4.9 (600)
188.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fast Builder Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wall Pilates Workout: WallFIT

4.89 out of 5
600 Ratings
3 months ago, #justmeYouNeedJesus
Satisfied so far!
I’m somewhat in shape and i put myself as like pretty much out of shape so it’s my fault that the exercises are too easy. With that being said, I can still do them and make them a bit harder, like while doing the calf stretch, I’ll do wall pushups at the same time. Also speeding up the exercise can get you moving. Bicycle crunches are the way TO GO. They hurt like crazy but my abs and core need that workout obviously
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3 months ago, Jaguarjaz
Come On….we can do it!
Starts off easy, but don’t be fooled. Day 3, you will want to skip, but talk your self into it….but….you are worth it to keep going. You are tired of feeling out of shape….see you at the end of the month and now you are feeling amazing and fitting your flat tummy into that dress….Girl!!!! Keep going….the prize is looking hot at the finish line! 😁
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3 weeks ago, Camille73
A r routine I can do every morning!
After only 10-15 minutes every morning I am feeling and seeing changes. The workouts are easy to follow and understand. After a knee injury skiing this winter I needed something that would keep me interested with low impact. So glad I tried this app!
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4 months ago, upset and bored
3days in
3 days into this program and I like it. It's easy to understand with the visual aids and keeps me from getting distracted by the music and verbal instructions. Would recommend anyone with ADHD to give it a try as I feel like I'm doing great so far.
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4 weeks ago, Dis teview
Great any time
You have 10 minute sessions for a quick start to your day or combine multiple sessions to create a longer separate exercises at target all aspects of the body great overall
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4 months ago, bobber dog
Lots of choices
If your hurting that day you can at least pick something easier for you. I’ve got a lot of injuries and I’ve had 4 surgeries so it does help.
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3 months ago, Poodlelover3
Would probably enjoy if only…
Probably the only app I’ve ever paid for. I wanted to supplement my aerobic exercise with short toning, strength building and flexibility. workouts. I love this equipment-free idea, but— this app freezes up constantly during workouts (means start over with full frustration!), and now I’m on Day 6 and the workout won’t download more than 80% so I can’t even work out! What are we paying for????
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5 months ago, MotherofKims
Challenge accepted
Love this app! Free to use and really helped me start wall pilotes on an easy level. I can’t wait to see the hard work pay off in the end.
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3 months ago, Anonymous0122457
Videos freeze daily!
I have tried to give it a chance but of the 5 days I have done it, the videos have become frozen 4 out of those days. The only thing I can do is hit the back button and then have to start it all over again because if I try skipping to where I last was it just freezes all over again.
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4 months ago, hollydoll7189
It’s not versatile there’s definitely flaws in the app
I was already frustrated within the first 30 minutes of using it. A lot of the workouts hard movements of stretching but I’m here to work out a stretch separately. I was not impressed with the fact that you have to do the first work out which is so Mundane and if you’re used to working out. The Apple not let you skip it….
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3 months ago, Keep movin 34
Like the workouts
The works out are easy to do and the right amount of time for me. Time will tell for toning and weight loss. I enjoy the workouts.
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5 months ago, Chrisdalmata
Just what I Need
I’m super busy like the rest of the world and need something that fits my schedule. These workouts are short and doable. I look forward to them.
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7 months ago, Artistry in Motion
So far so good. I can feel the exercises working out my abdomen. I am looking forward to the 6 pack!
So far so good. I can feel the exercises working out my abdomen. I am looking great
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5 months ago, Pretty Momma 215
My first workout today I’m five feet five inches tall and weight 250. . It was very easy to complete workout with quoting I felt the burn!!!!
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3 months ago, 001Giuseppe
Not happy
I sign up for wall exercises. I got bed exercises. I switched to chair exercises and I got 1 (one) chair exercise the first day and the rest are bed exercises. Additionally, there is NO sound. I have to keep peeking at the screen to know when to switch. I don’t need music, just an indicator as to when the 30 seconds is up.
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4 months ago, Raethebyrd
I personally hate the gym
This is such a perfect alternative. Super easy but I follow and effective
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3 months ago, JPAD12345
Thought this was wall Pilates
Started out as a wall Pilates than after 2 workouts changed to other type of exercises. I didn't want a plan, just a workout. This does seem to work for me.
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1 week ago, Caliyah Farrow
It is very good. I love it. I feel good and it works very nicely. I have lost weight very good.
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5 months ago, BunnyB2k
Very bad bugs
The plan is great but the app itself has MANY MANY bugs. It freezes during workouts and doesn’t reload. Very disappointed.
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5 months ago, Tam23501
I’m very satisfied
It will have you sweating and toned
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5 months ago, sdc:)
Great free workout routine
Works up gradually. LOVE it!
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5 months ago, Stubbon
Doesn’t track well… workouts completed and saved but app won’t move to next workout session …
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2 months ago, Ms. Lif
Just Started
I’m on day 4, it’s a little bit challenging. I like the sessions are short especially on 10 hour work days. We’ll see after 2-4 weeks if I’m stronger, more flexible, with more endurance. Also, I’m trying to lose weight, but it will depend on my Keto diet, playing tennis, and riding my bike just to name a few things.Not solely on wall Pilates.
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4 months ago, Cj nahey
Not that hard
Not what I thought it was .
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3 months ago, millthom
day 3
feeling good going to keep it up
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5 months ago, ccockerham10
Newbie to Pilates
Did my first one today and it kicked my butt.
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6 months ago, Kpc1264
Not free…deleting
Listed on App Store under wall Pilates free app-it’s not free. Have to pay for your personalized plan. Deleting - I can go to YouTube and get free content I’m not paying for this. Definitely false advertising to hook people
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