Water Reminder - Daily Tracker

Health & Fitness
4.7 (59.1K)
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3 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Water Reminder - Daily Tracker

4.73 out of 5
59.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Bubby of 4
Water /fluid intake helper works for me
After getting a diagnosis from an ER visit of dehydration from feeling dizzy and having heart palpitations, my kids demanded that I drink more water. I’ve always had difficulty doing that, so they recommended I try using a water app with a reminder to drink and keep tabs on my ingested amounts during each day. I checked out several such apps and found this the easiest to use plus the reminder part keeps me in track! I’ve only been using it for 10 days, but it has made a big difference in my behavior with fluid consumption. I recommend it highly. Although I plan to check out with my family physician the true requisite amounts for daily fluid intake, this app bases it total daily amount in ones height weight and gender. The ER doc said to try to drink 64 oz daily. This app suggests 55 minimum for me...which is an easier goal. I’ve most often surpassed that. But it is an easier “mountain to climb” when the minimum isn’t so tough to get to.
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3 years ago, waterdrinkerAM
Water Intake App
I personally really enjoyed using this app. I like it because it keeps track of all of the water your body should be Sri king and it also alerts you when it has been a while for a drink. You can put in your personal information about your age, height, sex, etc. This helps the app estimate how much water you need to be drinking. The app allows you to add some information so that you can link it to the health site and you can track other things that are inside of the health app that come with the iPhone downloads. This is probably the best aspect of the app in my opinion. You can log for different reasons. For example, if you want to lose weight or just feel good, you can add that to the app to help with your goals. To make this app better I would add more graphics and I would allow the app to send more notifications for different reasons for drinking or keep up with caffeine content for example.
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2 years ago, Ryryspy
Good app but subscription is bogus
Water is basically free, so why am I paying $4 a month to log my water intake? Also, the notifications get annoying over time, especially when dehydrated, if you're like me and can shame spiral due to being highly sensitive. I've cancelled and re-subscribed a few times, so it's a good app, obviously. Especially the integration with Apple or Siri Shortcuts and widgets! Also, they have everything from coffee to green smoothies to vodka and orange juice and sparkling water, which helps people who get bored with plain water not over consume liquids out of guilt or fear. PLEASE charge, like, maybe $10/year. This is pure greed and it's disgusting if you truly care about people's health AND wealth. I'd recommend this app if it were a one-time purchase. This app would beat all the competitors because everyone hates all the new subscription models. Stand out from the crowd, dev!
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3 years ago, Mentsh
Without Audio or Haptic Reminder A Dud
After downloading the free version I was lucky enough to receive audio alerts on my IPhone for a few months. Found this extremely helpful. Then, after latest update, no audio. Well, this made the app useless since it neither provided audio or haptic notification on phone or Apple Watch and so no reminders. While the developer deserves payment for efforts, the monthly cost being charged is ridiculous. Charge a one time $3.99 fee for sound and I’m all in. Found a simple workaround for audio alerts on the free version. Set up DAILY Reminders on Phone for the times that correspond to the reminders you set in the app. You’ll get a visual Water Reminder reminder as well as a sound alert from your phone.
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4 years ago, WmnOfStl
You HAVE TO PAY just to get a notification? WHY?
4 stars because overall, it’s a great app in the free version. Problem.... why should I have to pay $3 a MONTH just to have the sound feature? This app is a rip off if you need to have a sound notification. I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous. I’m a nutrition and weight loss coach and personal trainer, and I need my clients to use a hydration app. Can you imagine the look I get from them when I tell them they have to pay for a simple feature like SOUND when they are only using it to track water and be reminded to hydrate when they aren’t good at drinking water? WHY are you charging for this feature? What a TERRIBLE TRAP!! You need to rethink what your ultimate goal is here.... creating a helpful app that is truly a gift to those who need the simple features, or making money off of EVERYONE for a sound notification. Charging for SOUND.... really?!!
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6 years ago, Chic_Chef
Almost perfect
So far, I am really enjoying this app. I have tried a few of the other water reminder apps in the store, but some of them have too many features and some of them have too few. I wanted something that would track water as well as other beverages as some items can actually reduce your hydration. This app was definitely worth the in app purchase to get the additional beverages. The only areas that I would like to see improved would be 1) a widget to update my beverages without having open the app, and 2) the ability to edit previous days. Sometimes when I’m out at night I forget track, and there’s no way that I can see to update that information. I reached out to the developers about two weeks ago and have not heard back. That’s also disappointing. Other than that, the app itself is great!
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5 years ago, rrdot
Really like this app! Just needs a little tweak.
This app is great, ads aren't intrusive so for a free app, it really does the job. Works with my apple watch so the pop up is awesome. I just wish that you could remove a drink in the list because at first I thought that the "plus" sign meant that was how you added your water consumption and now I have a bunch of waters at the bottom before I realized that you just tap the water (or coffee!) to update the consumption for the day. Please please please update to remove our own goofs or identify that drink is already there and doesn't need to be added again. Thank you for a great app!!
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2 years ago, gadgetgirl1010
Would be great if it worked
I bought this app for the obvious reason of helping me drink more water and because it had an Apple Watch interface. Unfortunately the Apple Watch interface does not work. Every time I try to log a drink it gets stuck on a screen that says “sending” and although it does not record it on my watch, it will record it in multiples of what I drank on my phone so if I look at my watch it says I haven’t had any water today but if I look at my phone it shows double entries from me getting frustrated with the Apple Watch being stuck on the sending screen and navigating out. I tried leaving the watch alone on the “sending” screen for over an hour and it still never recorded what I entered. My watch is my primary tool for reminders as I don’t always carry my phone on me so if I can’t get the watch app to work it is useless to me. For reference, I have an iPhone 13 Pro and an Apple Watch 7.
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2 years ago, {*@$$@*}
Good app But the Price 😬
So far this is a nice app. I like that it reminds me to drink water and the layout is nice. The app is super easy to navigate and I like that it tells you when you have reached your caffeine and sugar limit for the day. This app will definitely keep you on track. But…. I can’t believe how pricy it is if you want to use the full version. $0.99 a week? That’s $52 a year! Or if you pay for the whole year up front you get a discount of about $20 I think. But still that’s a lot! I think it would be better if the app was a one time purchase. I know I would be more likely to pay for it if it was. Besides most apps like this are only a one time $3.99 which is much more affordable. Just my opinion. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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6 years ago, Irish1280
Bad math
I like the simplicity of this app, it’s pretty easy to use, as water reminder apps go. Simplicity is high on my list of priorities. I gave the app 2 stars for that. But you know what else is high on that list? Accuracy. And this app is lacking that big time. For the life of me I can’t figure out how this app is calculating total daily amount of fluids. Their percentage calculation is pretty suspect too. Example: my daily goal is 100 ounces. As of right now, I’ve consumed 94 ounces of fluids today. But the app is telling me I’ve only had 86 ounces. Which apparently is 84% of 100 ounces. Math was never my strong suit, but even I can add up a few simple numbers and divide by 100. But the point is that I shouldn’t have to do that math in my head because I have an app that’s supposed to do it for me. This is a deal breaker for me. I have a chronic illness that requires me to drink a certain amount of fluids every day and it’s very important that I not fall short of that goal. I also use fluid intake data to help my doctors determine adjustments to medications. I emailed the developers over a week ago and haven’t gotten a response nor has the issue been resolved. So I’m back to square one looking for a water reminder that actually works.
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3 years ago, just…bluue…💙💙…
I just got this app today, and haven’t tried it out yet, but one thing that really put me off right away was the strange buzzing sound as soon as I opened the app?? It sounded like a swarm of bees… Very strange. Is this an actual glitch or is it just me? Absolutely NOT the sound you wanna open ANY app and hear. Please fix this… Maybe use the sound of water splashing or ice clinking instead, but definitely not whatever that was….. Also, it’d be nice if you could just put your height in feet.. or you could at least have the option to do so, that way people like me won’t have to search on google “whats 5’4 in inches” lol. Anyway, I hope this app is a good one, because I don’t wanna have to spend forever downloading, trying and deleting every water tracking app on the App Store to find a good one. In short, I really hope this app lives up to its good rating. Who knows, maybe you’ll get that last start (Note: I’d give it a 3 1/2 if I could, but I just decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and bump it up to 4 instead of down to 3. 😊)
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4 years ago, ShaimaSharaf
Ramadan Feature
It is a nice application that reminds you of drinking water based on your schedule (when you wake up to sleep) and it has a good measurement with percentage of water drank; moreover, it is easy to add your water ml. Nevertheless, there is a feature that I believe will make it nicer, there should be a « Ramadan » or « Muslim fasting » option because during these times the Muslim cannot drink water as they please, so it provides an option that functions at after Iftar time. Also, it will be nice to have an option that allows us to save our mls, so we just tap on it and it will be added, instead of measuring each time. Having both will be better than having an individual.
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4 years ago, Jjb22787
Been using for less than one day but I’m leaving a review because I can already say it’s better than another app that had more reviews. I just got an Apple Watch, downloaded another water app this morning which was so awkward on how to track your water. It showed you a bottle and you had to adjust the level which is fine if you start with like a 2 gallon of milk size jug or an enormous bottle of water but if you’re doing refills on a reusable 8-32 oz container and or cups of water THIS is where it’s at because once you drink one, you log it. And onto the next (or not) you still see progress clearly indicated.
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2 years ago, Michael from NorCal
Subscription issues, no timely customer service
I used the free version for a day and liked it. There was an ad banner at the bottom but no big deal. Decided to subscribe to the monthly plan to see if helped me record my hydration efforts. After signing up is when I started seeing full-page ads that prevented using the app until the app ended. This was about 10 hours after signing up. Figured it was a glitch so I double-checked I was subscribed. Submitted a trouble-ticket, then I rebooted my phone and checked if the app needed an update. Nope, all good. Hoped it was fixed. Later that day it happened twice more, so I submitted another ticket each time. The third time, I dropped the sub and deleted the app. If you don’t mind highly intrusive ads and a lack of timely response, this is a great app.
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2 years ago, Mr. Lovit
Mr. J
This is a great app to keep track of your water intake. It also tracks your coffee, tea, soda and yogurt consumption . It gives me reminders every 2 hours that my body needs water, which is a good feature being that I don’t like drinking water. Therefore, it forces me to go grab a bottle. Once you have drunk your daily amount, it will congratulate you. The only minor problem is it reminds you to drink even when you have already drunk your daily amount. Maybe that’s no problem since you could never drink too much water. Other than that, I love it!
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4 years ago, SuperSunnyDXL
App remains on phone even after uninstall
So I have had the app for a few months, and it’s been fine. But today out of nowhere it starts spamming water reminder notifications like crazy. When I tried to open the app to see if I could stop it, the app crashed everytime I tried to open it. I deleted the app (or so I thought), but even after I deleted it, the app wouldn’t stop spamming notifications. And yes, I did delete it, I checked and made sure it wasn’t in my App Library or in my settings. So I force reboot my phone, and that seems to work, except when I came back to this app on the App Store to leave this review, the app is still installed on my phone, yet I can’t find any trace of it actually being there! It’s not in my App Library, it’s not in settings. Either this is a glitch on apples end, or this app is doing some weird crap.
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2 years ago, mtbross
Bummer. Not working during trial.
I’ve tried several different apps now and this is by far my favorite. It checks every box except for one thing. I signed up for the trial and an annual subscription and every time I close the app it doesn’t show any of the premium features. So I really don’t know if I can subscribe hoping it will actually work after my trial. Is anyone has had a similar experience and knows if it does work after the trial would really love to hear from you.
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6 years ago, dyan007
Final contestant
This app is polished and has nice integration with the Health app and decent range of features. What I’m missing is the ability to add something to a previous day. I literally went to log my final drink of the day and couldn’t because it was 12:01. No way to edit on previous days. Another of the final contestants (of water tracking apps) is also tracking additional things like caffeine which I think is helpful. But it has the same flaw as this one (no adding to previous days) and isn’t quite as polished. Haven’t decided yet if I’m keeping this one ongoing but it has promise at least. Would really like to see an update.
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5 years ago, Cinder77
Great App! Found another glitch
Updated: The developers listen to feedback and fix issues. The issue reported below has been fixed BUT I found another glitch when adding amounts of water or other liquids. The math is INCORRECT. For example 4oz plus 4oz is 8oz and it adds it as 9oz in the app and on the watch. Please fix the math. Also, it would be nice to have 24oz and 32oz options rather than having to log and add intake together to get full amounts of liquid consumed. I’m still willing to give a 5 star rating if the developers continue to fix the app when issues such as these are reported. I’m satisfied with this app and the beverage choices as well as the amount of water (%) for each choice. There’s an issue with setting the daily water goal in the app and coinciding with the Apple Watch. If I set the daily goal at 64oz in the app, the watch reads 66oz for the goal. The amounts should be the same. Hopefully the developers can fix this glitch and then the rating would be 5 stars.
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2 years ago, ansalong
I want to love it
The interface and watch reminders are so good, and the wide variety of drinks you can add with the paid account is so useful! Two things make this not work for me. (1) As others have mentioned the watch takes 5 full minutes to log your choices and then logs multiple instances of your choice, so you have to go back and delete the extra logs. It renders the watch pretty useless for this function which is one of the main reasons I got the app in the first place. (2) You can’t customize drink ingredients. I think there would be a difference between a whole milk latte and skim milk latte, for instance, so it would be more accurate if we could customize.
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6 years ago, philly_jen
By far the best
I've tried about 4 different free water tracking apps before this one and the others were so frustrating. This one is everything I was looking for in a free easy to use water tracking app. And I am actually achieving my water goals with its help! I love so much about it: -easy to add drinks -several free drink types without having to make purchases -easy to edit drinks if you accidentally added one or put the wrong ounces -adjustable reminders so you can choose the frequency of when and how often you get reminded (if at all) to drink -you always know how many ounces you drank AND how many you have left -there is a physical icon for every drink entered and you can edit them at any time during the day. The ONLY con is that it resets at midnight and with my work schedule, I am sometimes still on my last bottle to make my goal and it resets...so sometimes I have to cheat it which doesn't help.
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4 years ago, Ber84
So Good, I Deleted It
Thank you Water Reminder. I used your app faithfully, every day, for two months. Last week I realized I hadn’t checked my app at all and yet I’d had more than my normal amount of water - and I’ve kept it up all week. You’ve helped me to build a habit! And it’s stuck so far. I am so pleased and was not expecting that it would happen so quickly. Highly recommend this app - and paying the $1 per week is totally worth the bonus of being able to input many types of beverages. Also loved that the app tells me what percentage of water my beverages are. Great app that does what it says. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Charolastration
It Works for Me
I was skeptical because I’m so very bad at following routines, building habits, and I don’t like to be told what to do (silly, I know). I wasn’t sure if I’d just ignore it or be annoyed by it. Surprise, surprise, it works. First, it helped me realize that I don’t drink as much water as I thought I did. Second, the reminders are sufficiently spaced apart that it’s neither too much or too little. As the days passed, I got better at drinking when the notification rang on my watch. Now my husband uses it too.
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2 years ago, Javier rover
Time for revisions
Great app in many ways but your selection of drinks and warnings is inadequate. Percentage of liquid probably okay but sugar warnings are off. So unless you’re gonna add specific information about specific drinks then leave it alone. As an example, you list a generic protein drink with all these calories …meanwhile the actual protein drink I use has 100 calories like about half what you’re saying. I do like the app for helping track water but beyond that I think you’re sorely lacking.
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2 years ago, ASHHHhHh🥺
Amazing 🤩
At first I thought it was kind of sketchy because it looked a little bit cheap and weird but honestly it is one of the best ways to remind myself to drink water throughout the day and I have not only gained clear skin because of this app but also stayed healthy and reminded myself that water is a daily thing that I need to drink it’s definitely something that I think you should get if you’re looking for a Water Reminder app❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨
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2 years ago, Lia_Bell
Easy to use when it works.
Signed up for the free premium 7-day trial + one year. The next morning, it was back to the free version, even though the trial is listed in my subscriptions still. Restore purchases button did nothing and “contact us” only works if Apple’s Mail app is set up. Cancelled it and trying a different app which is a same because this had a huge variety of drinks, integrated well with the watch, and is so easy to use. Not going to watch ads for 7 days and then hope it works on day 8 when $36 comes out of my account, though. :(
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3 years ago, tptwyman
App doesn’t sync with Apple Watch
Ive had this app for several months now and it worked fine until about a month ago. Now I cannot get the application to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit, my pre-stored beverages amounts have disappeared and when I go to log a beverage it logs it to to three times on my phone app. I added preset drinks to my shortcuts connected to my Apple Watch, and it does not work. It only works from shortcuts that I have to manually input from my iPhone. Completely missed the point of having a verbal shortcut Please fix this glitch.
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1 year ago, Just desserts 1
This app does a really good job of reminding me to drink…I am not a water person but do to my health and weight lose journey…I needed to become a water person. It records my water coffee juice intake and calories plus after some questions it determines how much water I should be drinking per day…it also calculates where you live tone.p determine the right amount to be hydrated and since my weather is tropical I have drink more…it’s a really good app
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2 years ago, Cath484
New user first impression
I’m impressed by the range of drink options and the way caffeine and sugar is also tracked. However, I’m disappointed that after paying a subscription fee I don’t have the ability to modify that information. The chia tea concentrate that I use has less then half the sugars that the program includes. And I know it’s a little thing and if this app can really help me keep track of my fluids and help me be healthier this is relatively minor. But if I’m tracking my sugar I’d like to do it accurately. And there isn’t a way to do that here.
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3 years ago, lsgjkrucfj468"
Awesome 😁🤩🥳😍🤗😊😆☺️😀😃😄🥰😎😇🙂🙃😋😛
This app is awesome 🤩 It helps me make sure I get the right amount of hydration every day. It shows you the nutrition facts for each drink and has a wide variety of different drinks. It also gives you suggestions like after you drank a certain amount of coffee in a day it will give you an alert that that’s enough coffee. This app is a life changer and I absolutely love it 😍 I definitely recommend this and
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4 years ago, Emeritus Em
Water app
Hard to believe something this simple could be life-changing! But, that’s what it’s done for me. I get busy and forget to drink water on a regular basis. I was overestimating how much water I would drink in a day and often get headaches. It was when I started using the water app I realized I hadn’t been drinking nearly enough water, so with these prompts, I’d dutifully pour myself a cup each time. The number of headaches I have now have gone down significantly and I feel so much better!
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1 year ago, sunshineangell
Great water reminder
I love all the aspects of this app. The reminder keeps me on track. The nutritional information is of value to me since I watch my weight for my diabetes. The one complaint I have is when I drink ice tea it will not let me say no sugar. I do not like sweet tea therefore I do not need to count it. I gave 4 star rating because I can not change that I did not have sugar in my tea. Please consider this bug and fix it.
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3 years ago, ksearles
Don’t get unless you plan to subscribe ($4/month)
I downloaded this a little less than a month ago. The limited functionality was great and I didn’t have a need for the additional features offered by the subscription (additional drinks to record, etc). Keeping track of water intake and occasional reminders is exactly what I needed and what this app did great for the first 20 or so days. Unfortunately, I was pushed behind an ad-wall a few days every time I have to record a drink. That’s a big fail in my book… don’t present me with one set of features and then throw up an advertisement just because I don’t want to subscribe.
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4 years ago, isla petty
I was always dehydrated, and never remembered to drink water. I got this app, not really thinking it would work, but in the first week, I was already upping my amount of water! I love that you can personalize the messages for the reminders and reminder time! There are many drinks to log down, and it gives you an alert for max sugar or caffeine. This is great for a daily reminder to not drink too much coffee or soda. Highly recommend! ❤️
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3 years ago, Leash913
Absolutely love this!
It is by far one of the best water tracking apps that I’ve used. Especially for free. The reminders are great and the amount of options to choose from are fantastic. My only complaint is the caffeine tracker part. I wish there was an option for either decaf coffee or tea. I hate getting the “over the caffeine limit” for the day notification when I haven’t usually consumed that much - most teas that I drink are caffeine free. I’d like to see this option for it. Otherwise this is a perfect app!
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2 years ago, 123eyesonthelady
Love it
Tbh this app is good for keeping track of how much water I take I use it everyday. I love these kind of apps because it very easy to use. I got my friend to try this app and she LOVED it ! I hope this app still is here until I turn 40!! I’m 26 right now and I love using it my mom thinks I’m weird but I’m not thank you for making this app I love it - Sam <3
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3 years ago, LoveableKits
@ Dev / Support
I love this app and the obvious help it brings in tracking health. I suffer from a lot of dehydration and kidney stones. This app would be so extremely life changing for me. I wanted to reach out and contact y’all via email but the app tells me to check my settings (everything appears to be fine). Do y’all offer free subscriptions to those who can’t afford a weekly charge? I have next to no income, and rely on others to get by.. Thanks
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3 years ago, ssiavashy
Issue with syncing with apple health
overall, It’s a great app, specially working simply with Siri. However there is huge fundamental problem syncing with apple health. It writes data to health twice. For example when I order to Siri to input a 250 ml of water in this app, after checking the data inputed in my apple health app in the water section, I see it has been inputed two time of 250 ml which means 500 ml. I wanna appreciate the developer team for this awesome app. However i expect this problem to be solved. Thanks.
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1 month ago, Pencil1234534
Not my favorite
First do not download this game unless you have time in your day to measure your intake of water and put mone into this game. Personally I do not have time in my busy school day to measure water. I also do not have money to spend on apps. Please do not have my review hold you back on getting the game it is just that I do not have the time and materials to have this game. Please I think that this is a very nice app but I think developers should still mak the app more accessible.
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5 years ago, BigDaveHuddy
Good but missing some features
This is the first I had had that tracks water so in that respect it’s great and it tracks on my watch as well very easy. It is missing a diet version for the drinks so it can’t toss the data to my other apps. But this only tracks water so I guess that is fine. My main upgrade wish is to have a voice or keyboard search for the drink. I’m getting older and reading the the fine print under the drink icon is difficult.
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2 years ago, MsloveyGirl
The best water tracker app
I love this Water tracking app. This app is so easy to navigate and useful without it being so difficult to just add the daily water intake. Unlike other water tracking apps that are so confusing this app is just very useful and straightforward and helpful. I Highly recommend this (Water reminder)app you won’t regret it. 🙂
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3 years ago, bw31313131
Find another app you’ll get hounded to upgrade
I’ve used the free version of this app for about a year now as the paid version offers nothing even remotely worth paying for. I just want to track my water intake to make sure I’m hitting my goal. Over the last week the genius developers decided that it was a good idea to now hound users to upgrade to the paid version EVERY SINGLE TIME you log a drink. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. They’re either desperate or really dumb. Probably both. But, don’t bother downloading this app, find a different one like I’ll be doing if this constant advertising continues.
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3 years ago, Metallicos
An Ok-ish app infested with adds
Until the last update it was a good application with basic functionality, good enough for my needs - add water intake, basic reminders, some weekly and monthly reports… just the free version. However, most probably the developers decided they can get more money by starting using ads, almost every time you want to add your water intake you’ll get an ad too. Plus constant nagging that you can pay and get a load of functionalities (that you might not need!). Well, good luck with that!
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2 years ago, Bearaccoon
Disappointed with recent changes
I’m sure the devs needed to make changes for their own bottom line, but anytime you take away something that used to be free there will be some blowback. That’s what happened here. I’d been using the free version of the app for a while but then they stopped allowing a few key drinks for free so I deleted the app. It worked well before and I wasn’t a paying user so maybe no loss for them. If you pay for the app it’ll probably work great but I’m not able to do that now so will have to find a different app to use.
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4 years ago, emme0510
Best app ever
I love this app! I never drink water and I’m always so dehydrated so I wanted to do something about it! I downloaded this app and it’s helped me reach my water goal! There are varieties of drinks so it’s not all water. This app is amazing and I don’t have to feel shamed of not drinking enough water. I 10 out of 10 would recommend this to anyone who struggles with drinking water!
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2 years ago, TatertotMN89
Loved it while it worked.
I saw another review with this same problem. The Apple Watch component of the app gets stuck. I try to log a drink on the Apple Watch and the screen reads “sending.” It stays there forever and never logs the drink. I tried closing the app on Apple Watch and the problem persisted. I tried power cycling my watch and the problem persisted. I tried uninstalling the app completely. Now that I’ve re installed it and set up my info on me iPhone, the Apple Watch part of the app just reads “loading.”
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4 years ago, Vamp2727
Great app
I like this app. It’s nice to see what other drinks on here and their water content. I would like to see some Starbucks drinks on here because it’s challenging to figure out what’s most accurate to my beverage. I don’t drink most of these things so it would be nice to be able add some you do drink and get rid of what you don’t. But beside that of the water apps I’ve tried I like this the best.
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4 years ago, bredivad
Issues with Watch integration
This app has really helped me address my hydration issues, but the Apple Watch integration doesn’t work reliably. My guess is that the fundamentally intermittent Bluetooth connection between the phone and the watch causes drinks reported on the watch sometimes to be reported several times on the phone app. In any case, today, for example, when I reported one bottle of water on the watch while my phone was in the next room, my phone eventually reported that bottle eight times.
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1 year ago, Jotzzz
Nag, nag, nag
A note to the developer: I'm only logging water, and I make about 8-10 entries each day but this app annoys me I've been using this app for 7 days now and I'm only using it to log water, which is 'free'. 'Free' because it didn't cost me money, but I have paid in aggravation. I make at least 8 entries each day and the app annoys me too often with a pop-up asking me to upgrade. I completely understand developers need to make money from their apps. I know it costs them to develop the app, maintain it, improve it, market the app, etc. And I gladly pay for apps that are valuable to me. Weather apps, flight apps, note apps. On and on. So I'm not against paying. What I am against is being annoyed by an app so I'll likely be moving on from this one soon.
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3 years ago, Sgt2511
Perfect Health App
I was having a problem with headaches. My doctor told one of my med was causing me to dehydrated. So I look for a app to keep track of my fluid intake. This app has made it so easy to take care of my problem. When I go back to my doctor I am showing him this great tool that can help a lot of people. Thank you for being there!!
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