Water tracker Waterllama

Health & Fitness
4.9 (89.4K)
325.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Llama Luna Apps
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Water tracker Waterllama

4.9 out of 5
89.4K Ratings
8 months ago, Scottich Cheese
Hey! If you are wondering if you should get the app, read this. This is a water tracking app with very cool details! Smooth animations, graphics, and tools! You can experience the whole app BUT It has some features that require payment which is disappointing. But the main focus is available. So get the app! It’s fun, free and encourages water habits! (For Luna Lana) Hey! Can I request a few ideas? 1.) Could you allow free users to have more drink options and create a couple of their own? Of course you can have them to create a certain amount of drinks for free before they pay, if you like. 2.) Could you have unlockable characters if you don’t have them already? Like you can assign tasks for certain characters and have the payed plan unlock everything without completing tasks. 3.) Have some free challenges too! I would add some challenges that allow free people and paid people to have healthier habits Example: Milk Worm Encourage people to drink more milk. Of course you don’t have to listen as these are only suggestions, but it would allow more people who can’t pay to experience more! Last, I have a suggestion for a character. His name? Florence The Frog! 🐸 Sincerely, A WaterLlama fan! UPDATE: OMG! I got a response! I respect that you have to cover costs for your app, they were only suggestions, and that’s OK! And if I could use Florence as my character, I would be ecstatic. Thanks again!
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2 years ago, Tho sapsuckers
A simple and effective app
I never really paid any attention to how much water I was drinking and the negative effects of dehydration. It was brought up at almost every visit with my doctor. I acknowledged it but never took the step to see if I was getting enough hydration without having to give it any thought or attention. I found out using a body composition scale that on a regular basis I was measuring below the minimum daily requirements and was effectively dehydrated on the regular. I looked at apps to help keep me on track and come to this one because of its simplicity and the way that it positively encourages you with these cute little characters. They make me laugh in a way that traditional feedback does not. The results almost immediately were amazing. My daily intake has almost doubled. The other major reason I chose this app is that I couldn’t believe, given all that’s been happening in their country, the creators continue to produce and manage a tool that is meant to help others. I can’t ignore the fact that their creativity and desire to help others breaks through what has to devastating to them on a personal level. If it helps them to continue to thrive and survive, using the app is a simple way to support them. While you’re at it, and if you have the means, show your support by making a contribution to keep them going.
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1 year ago, unicorn if the century
Love the app!
As someone with P.O.T.S. (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) I originally had to just drink 60oz which I found fairly easy. Still not the easiest thing but I normally drank 40 or 50 oz a day so it wasn’t extremely hard. Then, my symptoms still didn’t go away and I still got super dizzy. So, my doctors said I had to go up to 100oz which is challenging especially when I forget to do about a million things all the time I also forget to grab something or well drink water! My friend suggested getting some sort of app that sends reminders to my phone and my reminders app on my phone I find boring and some of the apps I saw seemed super fun. Until you got into them. Some of them didn’t even remind me to drink water and others were like $10 a month and no other option?!? That’s a total of $120 a year and it wouldn’t even let me have notifications unless I had the “premium” this app is so incredible though. I am able to actually get reminders and just $9 for lifetime is so incredibly amazing. I am so glad i Found this app! It’s so motivation too especially with the characters I can unlock! I haven’t bought the lifetime yet but I am doing it soon. Even without you are still able to do exactly what you need too! The others apps it’s like as soon as You touch something it asks you to pay😂. I love this app!!!
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1 year ago, A11iOop
Good but a little soon to tell
First of all, I like how many reviews the developers respond to. That means they are in touch with their customers. Additionally, the latest update was only days ago from me investigating the app, so that, too, is a good sign. Secondly, however, I felt seduced to give this a 5-star rating a little too soon just to get a benefit. But so be it, this seems like a good app but I do wish there were a Q&A place one could easily find on their website or in the app itself, and perhaps there is but it’s hard for me to navigate this app. I wasn’t even sure what I was doing when I first pressed the + button to add water; there was no tutorial, which would’ve been nice. Since you don’t sign in with an account on the free version, I am not sure if the data will sync from my iPad to my iPhone and vice versa, but it does sync to the Apple Watch. I’m almost wondering if I can take it off the iPhone and iPad, and just leave it on my watch alone. Those are things that would be nice to have in a Q&A. This is my first day using the app and I think that I should measure my water bottle and figure out how much I’m actually drinking because that’s what helps give more accurate results in the app. (I like my stainless steel bottle but having a glass bottle might be easier to see your progress and record it.)
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5 months ago, Al2TheShizzle
On the fence? Download it.
“Do I really need an app to help me drink water? Am I going to actually take the time to open and app and hit a button EVERY TIME I drink something?” I asked myself those questions. For a few years, after my diagnosis requiring me to drink more water, I have been trying different water bottles and jugs to help me drink water. “If I drink 1 of these I’ll drink my entire day’s worth of water!”. Jug is too big and heavy to carry everywhere. It never happened past the first couple of days. “If I drink 3 of these…”. A lot better but I started forgetting how many I drank. I finally broke down and downloaded this award winning app. I wanted to know how hydrated my body really is so I paid the one time fee. So far, this app is helping me feel so much better! I can track as much, or as little, water I drink from my phone and watch. They make it very convenient to record what you drink so it takes a couple of seconds. Down the road, will I use it everyday? Maybe, maybe not. At least for the foreseeable future, I’m going to be using it daily so I make sure I can lose weight and feel better. My mental attitude is so much better when I drink the required amount of water each day. It’s definitely going to build good habits.
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2 years ago, lumdusol
Potential to be great...
I love that this app syncs with Apple Health. The drink icons are cute. The animals are interesting and I prefer them over a wheel or a human figure when working to meet my goal. The watch app is a bit buggy and inconsistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. For example, it would take my entry, and when went to add a second entry, the watch app showed I had zero intake for the day even though the first entry was transferred to my phone. My requests for additional features: 1. I'd like to be able to see my history and some fundamental statistics, i.e., progress over the last week/month/quarter/year/all/custom date range in the form of graphs: total fluid intake over time, caffeine intake, percentages of different drinks (of my total fluid intake, what percentage was from soda?), etc. 2. I'd like the ability to edit the drinks I've entered directly instead of having to delete the entry altogether and then add missed drink. 3. It would be fantastic if the app could scan bar codes to enter new/custom drinks with the correct nutritional information (caffeine, calories, etc.). Overall, a useful app; however, I think as it is, it should be free (or at least much less than $8) and I harbor some buyers remorse. If the additional features I suggested, I think it is worth a small one-time fee (but still not $8). Hopefully, the developers will continue to add useful features such as editing and visual history tracking.
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3 years ago, katieP&fam
Very cool, very smart app. I love my WaterLlama!
This app really is well done 👏👏👏 on so many levels! It is also one of those rare apps that I actually have bought the full version of and that I am still happily using after many months! It still makes me happy to fill up that llama! I love getting it’s toes wet at the beginning of the day, knowing I should be well into its belly during the bulk of my day, and the satisfaction of being up to my neck in sweet hydration at the end of my day. The apple watch complication is also designed well, reliable, and easy to use— which is quite a feat! The design is simple and colorful, but also so very smart and thoughtful. And the developers are very responsive and are still improving this already wonderful app. Just get it! The free version is great. The full version unlocks all the animals, all the drink types and the ability to customize drinks and do challenges. But honestly, I only use the llama, and the basic water, tea and coffee most days—I just WANTED to give the developers money for this app. And if you are serious about staying hydrated, they got your back with alcoholic drinks now actually triggering you to drink more (increasing your goal) to compensate for the fact that they actually dehydrate you. Very cool. Very smart. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love my WaterLlama!!
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2 years ago, polkadots2359
Favorite Tracking App!!
I’ve used this app to track my water every day for over a year now. This is no small feat as I am constantly trying to download new apps to help me remember things and I usually only use them for a week or two before stopping. But WaterLlama is my favorite!! I paid the one-time amount to use the version where I can edit and go back and add drinks. This is super worth it to me because I am forgetful. Also, this seems like a small team of developers and they’re constantly working to make the app better and add new things. This app is so cute and super user friendly. I love that it has a widget I can use on my Home Screen to quickly add drinks. The only things I wish was different: I wish some of the challenges weren’t weight-loss focused. There’s some that I would gladly try, but I’m turned off by the fact that it’s “diet”-focused. It would also be cool to have a setting to turn that off (for people for whom that might be triggering) and to have an option that recognizes non-dairy lattes, as I never drink dairy (but that’s a super minor point!). Otherwise, totally love the app!!
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1 year ago, sunshinereagan
so far working well! LOTS OF APP INFO 👇
i’ve just recently downloaded this app but so far i feel like i’ve definitely been drinking more water. it also has reminders to help me remember to drink water. the app also has a home screen widget to add which makes it easy to see how much you’ve drank that day without having to check the app. without knowing the exact size of cup i’m using it is kind of hard to guess how many oz. of water i’m drinking. another feature is the water intake customization. it’s optional, but you can add your gender, weight, and temperature of where you’re at to get a more accurate water intake amount. there is also a premium that i believe you can purchase one time for $9 ($8.99) or monthly for $4 ($3.99) but it allows you to add different types of drinks other than water. i won’t be purchasing it most likely because i feel like i can use the app fine without it however if you drink a variety of liquids it could be helpful. besides that i’m not sure of other premium features and it’s so far a great app!!
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1 year ago, hoffdug
It’s so good but also not that great
I love this app! It’s so cute and fun and it’s a wonderful water tracking app. I get migraines all that time because I have a really hard time drinking water but with this, I won’t forget “oh I have to have water now” because of this app. But I would just like to add a few things. I believe (in my opinion) that there actually shouldn’t be anything that you need to buy. If the other drink options were available for free, it would make things much simpler and easier to use. If I drink, let’s say an apple juice, then I want to be able to mark that I had a few ounces of that specific thing and not having to add it to my water take in. Also with the other add on’s like “weight loss sloth” and “lose lactose platypus” I think that they should either be 1. Not on the app because it’s a water tracking app or 2. Should also be free because I’m sure no one wants more than one app to keep them healthy and then have to pay for it. It would just make the app even better in my opinion and much simpler. Thank you!
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2 years ago, JesLuA
This is the one
I never leave reviews, but I’ve been trying all the water reminder/beverage tracking apps since I got my Apple Watch and let me tell you: the amount of apps that cost money to download then have a monthly subscription + pay to unlock certain features is all I kept running into! I wanted something I could pay once for. I looked and looked and tried and tried and could not find one that wasn’t laking something or another. Until now. This is it. There’s a one time fee to unlock all features - THANK YOU DEVELOPERS!!! And a guilt free option to tip the developing team, which they so deserve. This one is worth it. As a strange fellow hydrator, I promise. I love that you can add your own drinks AND adjust the hydration level of that drink AND pick which ones appear in your Apple Watch add list! They even included soup 🥲 and negative hydration for alcohol. I adore this app. It’s glorious. Did I mention the awesome challenges? You’ll have to see for yourself. They seriously thought of everything whilst making it simple to use. Thank you waterllama 💖🦙
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1 year ago, Bonziegir
LOVE 💕❤️💕 your app! - Have an IDEA!!!!
Hello my lovely Ukraine friends….🥰 My name is Sonja. I’m from a small town in Minnesota, USA🇺🇸. First, thank you for this BEAUTIFUL app. I just discovered it yesterday. It is EXACTLY what l needed to motivate me to hydrate myself more every day. Thank you 🙏 for making it so FUN!!! 🌟🤩🌟. With all the animals 🐼🦊🦋🐸🐯. It’s so creative & colorful…. 🥰 So… Because I love this app, I looked up your breathing app. It’s nice… but I have an IDEA! COOL Fact about me - I haven’t had a “drink” (alcohol) for 25 days!! Woo Hoo!! YEAH ME!! 🌟💖🌟 I would LOVE one of your fun apps to keep track of my days “sober”…. So.... I was thinkin’….What if you created an app, COMBINING both your HYDRATING & BREATHING ? You know, to help us make healthy choices. Maybe it could be an app that tracks # of days of “Healthy Choices” ? For EXAMPLE - Days “NO Alcohol” …. Days “Eating Healthy” (ie. No Sugar?), Minutes “Exercised Today” ? Start with tracking our Hydrating & Breathing… TO help us with making healthy choices… you know? Anyway… thank you so much for taking the time in CREATING something BEAUTIFUL & inspiring… 🌟💖🌟. Your friend, Sonja
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2 years ago, Ranger01287
Where has this app been all my life? I love this thing.
I have been using another very popular food tracking app - and it’s great for that. But the liquid/ water section is very basic and hard to get just right. I was looking for a good app to track water intake and found this one. At first it was a little bit confusing-as it isn’t laid out as I was expecting. But after using it for a few days I fell in love. It’s really just what I need. I want to be able to only list drinks I generally drink, and to be able to customize (type, amount, how much caffeine in it, and also relative percentage of hydration-some thinks are liquid but actually dehydrate you etc.) On top of all that - the developers are Ukrainian, and my heart goes out to them in their struggle for survival from Russia’s dictator lead old-world aggression. I bought the app - and will do all I can to encourage other freedom loving people to do so as well! Keep up the good fight! Your country’s courage and sacrifices for the cause of freedom are a warning and inspiration to us all!!
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1 year ago, Bread 2.0
Hero for dysautonomia warriors
Let me first say I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, or dysautonomia, and I require at least 80 fl oz of water per day. This Target was so difficult for me to hit on my own, as I couldn’t keep track very easily. That’s when Water Llama came along! This app has tailored challenges, cute characters to unlock and even educational material about how different drinks impact your hydration levels. I immediately bought the lifetime version, as my illness is chronic and does not go away. When I’m feeling especially symptomatic, I check my hydration goal and sure enough I’ve fallen behind. The notifications keep me in check, and ensure I’m providing adequate self-care. The only irk is that I need to remember to record every time I drink, but I’ve figured out that one full gulp is approximately 2 fl oz, so I’m able to measure and record that way. I don’t need to know exact numbers when I require so much water anyway. This app truly helps me live a better life, and I cannot praise it enough! THANK YOU WATER LLAMA! 💧🦙♥️
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2 years ago, Callie32J
I am always severely dehydrated, and have been looking for a water tracker and have downloaded countless apps that I end up deleting within the week. This one though, is super cute, you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to, anddd, the llama is adorable. The notifications are super fun too, and have facts, and are not annoying. It makes me very happy seeing me finish my goal for the day. I also love how you put in your weight, activity level, etc. and it gives you a water goal based on your individual situation. That is something I have not found in other apps. Also if you do decide to pay for the upgraded features, there are programs for quitting drinking, stop drinking soda, and many many other things. Also if you pay you can change the little character which is really cute. Its the perfect app, and I recommend it to anyone struggling to drink water more. Or anyone in general tbh, its an all around great app. Thank you for this amazing app and I am praying for yall over there. 🙏🙏🙏
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2 years ago, BrittNharley
Holy cuteness, Batman! 🐻🐼🐷🐐🦍🐒🐢🐯🐅🦀🐙🐘🦎🦉🐳🐧🦒🦘🐪🐋🦦🦢🦭🦚🦧🦩🦥🦛🦓🦏🐊
How stinking cute is this app?!?! I love it! It’s really helped me concentrate on my water intake and how many energy drinks I’ve been consuming. I was getting constant headaches. Anything from your annoying cluster headache to full blown migraines where I’m in bed for 48 hours or so. 😰🤒😵‍💫😑🤮 awful, right? Well this app actually made me see the lack of water in my diet. I’ve cut back immensely on the energy drinks and I’ve even cut way back on a lot of processed foods. I’ve lost 6 pounds so far over the past month and I’ve actually kept it off! This is such a simple app, yet aesthetically pleasing to look at 👀 and fun to use! I’m a HUGE animal lover too so it always makes me smile to see what animal I have each day (shuffle mode) 🥰 🇺🇦 UKRAINE 🇺🇦 myself and my family all stand with you ✊ 🫶 Thank you for creating this amazing app in a time of war. It’s incredible and leaves me speechless that your team is doing such great things in the middle of all of the chaos there.
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3 years ago, melt1995
The best
I have tried several other apps for hydration. I think this app is the best hydration app in the App Store and certainly a five star rating. The app provides Apple Watch support with complications on the Apple Watch screen. This includes a closure ring or the actual consumption amount (seeing the consumption amount each time I look at my watch is the motivator for me). I appreciate that this app does not require a subscription (although available). The one time charge of $6.99 (also not required but does allow you to create pre-programmed cup sizes on the phone app) is really not a lot to ask given this app really does influence hydration habits. I reached out to the developer with a question and received a very fast response. One thing I’d like to see on the watch app is the ability to program the specific cup sizes that show by default. This allows their selection with a single tap. For instance, I use bottle sizes of 18, 24, and 32 ounces. It would be great if the 3 cups on the (watch) app screen could be configured to 18, 24, and 32 ounces respectively.
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4 days ago, MarsBarszs
Insane paywalls to basic features
Tracker is actually pretty helpful if you’re like me and need some motivation/help remembering to drink enough water. There is a paywall for a lot of features which is fine. special “challenges,” sure. can’t make your llama colorful since you can only track water, less fun but not necessary plus the app still lets you see the “hydration %” so you can still track your water intake when drinking coffee. Can’t change your animal, fine the llama is my favorite anyways. What really gets me is that in order to type in a specific oz you need to pay for membership. Why is that behind a paywall? Yeah you can use the slider but it is such a simple thing that I see less than 0 reason for it to be premium. In top of that, the app doesn’t tell you most features are premium until you try to use them - you get rewards but when you try to redeem/use it *then* it tells you to pay. Just a bit obnoxious. For that reason it loses a star (and tbh I wanted to take more off but that seemed a bit unfair).
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4 days ago, Mandie143
Bariatric Girl’s Best Friend!
I desperately needed something to help me remember to drink water so I searched and downloaded a variety of apps but none seemed to “just click” until I downloaded WaterLlama! The graphics, the ease of use, all the options for adding liquids, the ability to set frequent reminders to drink- it was a perfect fit! Since having gastric bypass almost 4 months ago, drinking water is actually a painful event (causes discomfort in my chest area!) so it’s become something I’ve just pushed out of the forefront of my mind- that doesn’t make hydrating any less important though and I NEED this extra level of support to hopefully turn around this under-hydration trend I’ve been on! I look forward to using this app in my daily life and I love that it can sync with my Apple Watch! Thank you for making a fun and interactive app for remembering to stay hydrated! This is truly a medically helpful app for me because I do NOT want to end up in the hospital for dehydration again!
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11 months ago, girl nickname girl
Thank you for the new schedule!
This app is very cute! It is simple and easy to log water intake and monitor hydration needs. The free and paid versions are both likable in my opinion. I bought the paid one to collect more animals, although I've lost a little motivation for collecting because a favorite animal of mine changed its look after I collected it. I'm a passionate collector of things and that was a big part of the apps appeal to me to spend money on the app, but I only like collecting things I can keep that don't change. I'm very happy to have logged in again after not using the app for a week or so to see that the update brought the option to change the end of your day and what time you go to bed instead of midnight, great for night owls! I was disappointed that the Koala has a hat on now though where it didn't before, I'm not a fan of change to things I collect, it makes me less likely to pay more for the new extra animals /avatars if I think they may change after I've collected them.
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11 months ago, TheAdamKramer
WaterLama really gets my juices flowing!!!
I have been absolutely loving WaterLama! I downloaded it after ordering a new 500ml water bottle, with the desire of upping and tracking my water intake, and measuring how often I was peeing (not the purpose of the app, but I made a funny workaround). It’s super easy to log water from the app, iOS widget, and even my watch. You can setup default sizes and drink types, which made it easy to make the “Water” drink match the size of my new water bottle for quick entry each time I finish the bottle. I even added an additional drink type called Pee (NO I don’t drink that haha...just for keeping track!) with a 1% water content so that it doesn’t really mess with my actual water tracking, but let’s me still keep track of the circle of H2O life. Data is king, and I really feel so much more informed about my body - and perhaps the best things are that I’ve been less hungry, more productive, and feel the desire to be more active. Pretty sweet results all around! Thank you WaterLama!!!
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2 years ago, Lyrenn
Buy the app for full watch usage.
TLDR: If you buy the app you CAN choose different drinks to log from the Apple Watch. I have been on the hunt for a water tracker that will let me have options for liquid and let me track them simply from my watch. The ones who allow you to choose multiple types of drinks typically are subscription based. I really dislike subscriptions. I was not very sold on the watch interface since it only let me choose water. Although the cost of the app was much higher than I wanted to see, I decided to give it a shot and buy the silly thing because it was super cute and I figured if I had to I could log my 2 cups of coffee on the phone. I was also tired of looking for the perfect app. But then when I checked, buying the app unlocked the option for other drinks in my watch. Honestly, if that information had been accessible, I would have happily bought it when I discovered the app instead of downloading the 99 other water apps.
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7 months ago, aprilengelbach
So helpful!
I stumbled upon this app and figured I would try it out. I am so glad I found it! I usually drink water as my bev of choice. I like to add flavoring to it so that I can mix it up some so I thought that I was doing a pretty good job with my water intake until I downloaded this cute app. I love the little reminders and they also calculate the average amount you should have with your body and lifestyle. I always thought 64 oz was a good amount for a 24 hour period and I usually had trouble getting to that amount on a daily basis but with the reminders it really motivates you to drink the proper amount. Since I’ve started using this app I feel so much better about reaching my goal. And my body is pretty happy with the extra water intake too. I’m sorry for the rant but I highly recommend this. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference when I first downloaded it but it really does make it so much easier and it sorta holds you accountable.
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8 months ago, Tn_honeyqueen
Engaging and cute.
I’ve had several water minding apps over the years, and so far I’m really enjoying this app. It’s visually appealing, the notifications make sense for those who don’t live by the clock, and the widget is a nice feature. The fact that WaterLlama focuses on hydration, not just water intake, makes it a winner; accounting and adjusting hydration factors for teas, coffee, soda, alcohol, and even soups! Genius! The large widget gives you three beverage options at your fingertips. You chose the beverage, the order, and the volume. If you need to adjust the amount or beverage it auto opens the app. Easy. Something I would like to see is the ability to change the preset icons image & colours. i.e. The “sparkling water” default is a ribbed bottle, my most purchased sparkling water is canned, or the traditional coffee cup for a large tumbler. It’s a non-issue, because you can create custom beverages and turn off the individual defaults so they don’t show in your list.
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11 months ago, The jewel pool
The best
This is the best app you can probably find that will help you hydrate. It has cute animals. It has a reminder and you can set it to anything you want but you have to pay for the couple sound but you can get one sound for free. It’s a bamboo sound. I just love this app so much and it makes it so you press the button when you’ve drank water and like when you took a step or whatever and it’s just, it’s such a good app I really hope that it gets out so many people in the world and I really hope you are doing good one thing for the people it’s just like it’s not a problem it’s a recommendation you should make it if you’re trying to help people you should make it not cost money but if you just doing it for the money but maybe you shouldn’t it’s like you’re trying to help people that way you’re just like it’s actually helping them so that they don’t have to pay money to like help themselves hydrate
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5 months ago, FoodIsTheRoot
Water with caveats
So, this app is great. I’m currently on a diet, so some days when I have a cheat/or I’m out busy doing something, I have no idea how many bottles of water i’ve drank. So this is a great app to keep track. My main thing about this, is I wish it had “healthy” reminders. Like say; I drank 32oz of water in one sitting, and I logged it. For it to tell me i’m drinking water too quickly or something, and to give me a factoid about how often I should be drinking water. Rather, sometimes I’ll drink 32oz of water within the hour, i’ll log it, and within the following minutes the app will tell me to drink more! I feel we should all attain our goals, whatever they may be; but the way this app is built is not completely what I was hoping for. To ME, it’s more about how i’m improving my body by drinking more rather, much more than “yay you reached your goal, drink more tomorrow.” (Disclaimer for the following, I haven’t purchased the “premium” version so maybe this is included, I dunno!)— I’d much prefer maybe “Hey you’ve been consistent 3 days in a row! Good job! By out calculations you’ve boosted your metabolism by 2%!“ Wish it would log things like weight, and facts about water, something DEEPER besides llamas! But no, atleast for the free version, it’s just exclusively, and only to log your water. (P.S, Making it a premium feature to log water you forgot to put in the day before is crazy. The whole reason I got this app is because I forget sometimes but whatever.)
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2 years ago, phrazelle
Both my wife and I are pretty stoked about filling up our llamas every day. Things I love: No personally identifying information being tracked, Apple Watch integration (seamless), and the ability to customize drinks and move regulars to the top of the list. What I could see improving: Analytics visualization. There is a pile of data there and the only way to visualize it is day-by-day and as an unsorted list (except by time). How about sorting functionality like “X amount of specific beverage last month” or “You drank 83% water, 12% coffee, 5% tea during date range” or even just highlighting days on the calendar that have booze in them. Would be good to be able to review personal trends with fluid intake in an easier way than clicking each day. Non-animal vessels. I came here for the llama and don’t envision changing. But. Some other vessels like trees, vases, plants, buildings, humans, whatever, might be a fun way to expand the visual gauge options. Nighttime logs. I go to bed late. Usually past midnight. While it’s not medically sound to drink water before bed, I do it all the time. Those logs miss on my current day gauge and I either have to manually delete/input them to the previous day or miss my mark for that day, even though it’s technically still “my” day. Overall great app! Love the functionality! Biggest suggestion is better visibility into the data I’m meticulously logging. Thank you!
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2 years ago, x0sushi
i just bought the lifetime premium thing, so far, pretty fun, i like that it lets you input any type of beverage even "strong alcohol" 🤣🍻 it has different cool characters to fill up with your hydration level, gives you LOTS of tips and health advice, has these cool challenges were they teach you about things and give you advice and important facts like theres one on taking a break for alcohol and smoking, losing weight, theres one right now till Sept 15th to drink a smoothie or an 100% juice every day for 7 days and it teaches you about the benefits and whats best to drink and how those are going to help boost you in a positive direction! i NEVER drink water, i've had the app for 3 days, nothing changed, but after buying this premium thingy only because theres a 60% OFF SALE AND ITS ONLY $4, i drank 64oz of water!!! 5 more oz to go for my daily intake! i got a little more than 10 min to do so!!! TRY IT OUT!! MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE TODAY <3
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10 months ago, RainbowPuppydogg0
Amazing, Just one thing….
This app is amazing. I’ve always struggled with water. I never got enough. I only drank water when I was really thirsty. But with Waterllama, I have the motivation to drink water. Before Waterllama, I had dried a number of things, Like putting fruit juice in my water, But nothing ever worked until Waterllama! Now I get excited to fill up the little shape with water, and the confetti when I reach my goal makes me happy and proud of myself. I’ve also noticed healthy differences in my skin and bowel movements. The only thing that I wish would change is that in order to participate in challenges or even log other drinks, you have to pay. I know it isn’t much and I know the creators have to make money somehow, But maybe just consider making a few of the drinks free (Like Milk, tea, and soda, since those are the most common ones people drink). Other than that, Great app. Thank you so much!!
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1 year ago, Zeecheesychick38
Meaningful Reminders!
I can honestly say that I’m a terrible water drinker - really with any drinks for that matter. So when I decided to try this app out I was hopefully that it could help change my habits. 🫣🥤 First off, I love that you can set the time of day for the reminders and the amount of time between them. You get facts about staying hydrated and receive fun characters when you complete. If you miss logging something (because, well life) you can go back and enter the time and amount of beverage. ⌚️🦖🦙 Secondly, it not only has helped me stay more hydrated- but I work from home, so the reminders throughout the day help me get up from my desk more often to refill my glass. Extra steps for my feet & breaks for my eyes! 🚶🏼‍♀️🤓 I used the free version for a while to make sure I would actually use and like the app before I purchased it. I was happy with it then - and could have continued on it, but I love the items it’s opened for me. I love that I can create new drinks & keep them in order of my most utilized choices. 🧉🧃☕️ I love that this app is an opportunity every single day to crush a goal, albeit small. Hey, some days are tough & this might be the biggest win of my day. I’m happy with that. 🏆💯 This is definitely an app I plan to continue using- helping to keep my hydration game strong! Thanks to the awesome team behind this app!! *cheers! 🥳👏🏼
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2 years ago, Arlechinno JR.
great interface, interesting options
i typically don’t have an issue drinking at least 64oz of water, but reaching fitness and weight loss goals has driven me to also track what i drink (even if it doesn’t have calories) along with what i eat… i also have a lot of issues with bloating, headaches, dehydration, and muscle cramps despite drinking “enough” fluids... so i’m considering this an experiment. a suggestion would be to add a feature to track other symptoms like the ones i mentioned above; dehydration/headaches, bloating, etc in an attempt to correlate it to a lack of sufficient hydration or a particular drink/alcohol. as an avid tea drinker, i was also intrigued to learn oolong is considered its own category of tea, halfway between green and black in terms of oxidation and caffeine. though i added this as its own new drink, it would be cool if it could be added as a standard. white tea as well! also! add a home screen widget!! iOS 16
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1 year ago, rocknrollclown97
A Forgetful Person’s Best Friend
I have a double whammy problem - I’m not a huge fan of plain water, AND I’m very prone to being forgetful due to a history of anxiety issues. Not the greatest recipe for self-care. I tried Water Llama last year in hopes of giving myself an adult version of a gold star reward chart (unlocking new characters when you reach goals = get a sticker in my head). It worked surprisingly well for me! The combination of reward plus gentle nudges throughout the day to hit my goal was exactly what I needed. The integration with my Apple Watch was the extra nice in case my phone was charging elsewhere. Something else I’m a huge fan of - since I’m not big on water itself, I can track my progress with other types of drinks and find out how they contribute (or hinder) my hydration progress. Over all, I’d say this app was well worth the couple bucks and I will continue to use it!
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3 years ago, sazimm
I always meant to load up on water but never seemed to drink enough. Now my friendly llama reminds me to drink and it’s not in an obnoxious way. I’m consistently drinking 65-70 ounces each day and feeling great! One caveat though, since the first day I let my intake go well into the evening and was up, visiting the bathroom all night. Now my cut off is 8pm and all is well. *I had a thought for the developer. Wouldn’t it be more meaningful to have the day begin with a blank animal that reveals color and detail as water, or other liquids, are added? I think that’s more of an incentive to a person who wants to track intake. Just my take, but thanks for a great app designed to promote health. UPDATE -question for the developer- I’m still loving this app but I’m puzzled as to why my llama does not work on both my phone and my iPad. I generally input info on my phone but even though the app shows on my iPad it remains empty.
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2 years ago, QuirkyTxn
Great Surprise
I haven’t use this app very long but it’s just wonderful with the variety of drinks available to choose from It allows me to know if I’m drinking too much coffee or soda or wine or any other liquid drink besides water and make the adjustment needed to make sure my water intake balances out, and I am hydrated. If I am clearing up my diet I need to increase my water, and it helps me make that adjustment with cute little icons that make me smile. Could I do it without cute sure but the smile makes you feel better about it. I absolutely love it. I’ve told my friends about it and I would encourage anyone to use it that really wants to track the amount of liquid they’re in taking when they’re trying to increase their water consumption. The goal is to hydrate and decreased other liquids that might be overtaking your water consumption. Ultimately, it’s about your health and living a healthy lifestyle.
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2 years ago, Calzone Stegosaurus
Love it!
I love this app. It took me a little bit to get into it, but once I did, I became obsessed with it. I currently have a streak of over 100 days drinking 70+ ounces. It’s seriously helped me and it’s super cute too. I love how easy it is to add drinks throughout the day (buying the premium version was completely worth it to me too bc I can be forgetful and adding drinks late saved my streak so many times 😂). I also love the new frequent amounts update - it makes it really easy to add the amounts that I drink often. My only complaint is that the app used to randomize the character you’d be filling up that day from those you’d collected. I don’t know if I accidentally changed a setting or something but it doesn’t do that anymore and I miss it. Regardless, I love this app and I’m basically a walking advertisement for it. Any time one of my friends brings up water, I go on a 5 minute tangent about it. It’s amazing.
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5 months ago, Labellaflor83
Download the App it’s Amazing
I have been using this app for 2 years now. I absolutely love it! These past two years have been incredible for hydration and my skin, hair and overall health has improved. Being a busy person with a horrible memory this app is a fun and encouraging way to stay hydrated! It’s nice to look back and see your hydration pattern thus allowing one to make better choices for yourself if you wish to do so. I’ve never had an issue with the app. I recently upgraded my cell phone and I had a hard time syncing both my devices and they were so kind, helpful and didn’t make me feel like a bother at all. And because they have been so good to me and helpful I added some extras to my account for just a $1 month. Great companies deserve great supporters and I am one of many. Just download the app and give it 30 days. You’ll see that it won’t disappoint. 😀
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5 months ago, WillsMommy14
Cute Hydration App
★★★★★ In the world of hydration apps, this one truly stands out with its irresistibly charming approach to keeping you hydrated! The app is delightfully user-friendly, boasting an interface adorned with super cute graphics that are both eye-catching and heartwarming. Each reminder to drink water feels less like a nagging prompt and more like a gentle nudge from a caring friend. The characters in the app are not only adorable but also motivational, making you look forward to your next water break with a smile. The personalized touch in the reminders adds a unique flavor, ensuring that staying hydrated never feels like a chore. With its perfect blend of charm, functionality, and motivational elements, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to increase their water intake in the most delightful way possible. Five stars for its effectiveness, cuteness, and the overall joy it brings to a mundane task!
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11 months ago, BABY PICTURES OF YOU
Great app, BUT,
I love this app and have a 197 day hydration streak. I started using this app to help keep track of my water intake because I didn’t want to keep having headaches caused by dehydration. I also wanted to reap the benefits of hydration, such as clearer skin and better overall health. BUT, there needs to be more drinks added, I am constantly drinking things that are not on the app and I do not know how they affect my hydration level. Furthermore, I also feel that you should be able to add to your water intake from the outside the app widget. MEANING, you do not have to enter the app to add 6 oz of water for instance. Also, I think it would also be great if I could add to my water intake without even unlocking my phone by using Siri. And I could just say, “Hey siri, add 12 ounces of water to my hydration level” Overall I think having these improvements would really but the app over the top. but as of right now I don’t think the app is there yet.
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10 months ago, Lagranbicha
Worth it!
I almost never write reviews but this app deserves it! Honestly for free, it offers exactly what a lot of people are looking for but they don’t take the time to explore the app since they see there’s a subscription abatible, (in this case theirs also a once-in-a-lifetime-buy option). We all know a lot of apps are virtually useless without a subscription. Regardless, I believe this app is extremely good and useful, it’s interactive and simple, overall great qualities to get people to do what the app is meant to accomplish: keep tabs and encourage healthy hydration and monitor how much fluids we consume in a day. As someone who is currently trying to keep better health habits and monitoring is key, this is extremely useful for me and honestly I am considering buying the one-purchase option, since it fits my needs best, but let this not deter you from a great and useful app for free.⏳
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1 year ago, game kridic
This App pretty much changed my life!
So first of all, this app is great if you need a bit of good ol’ hydration! It gives you alerts throughout the day, along with why water is important to our health! Any ways when I saw this app I immediately got it (after seeing the rating & a few reviews). Anyway I’ve been using it for a few days now and I’ve been feeling so much healthier and more active. There are even these little challenges you can do to stop drinking wine and beer, there are many other challenges as well. You can also get these challenges and get characters by paying about 8.99 so it’s really a small price but you can get a secret discount from pressing hide app then you may see a discount that is only 3.99 for full purchase! Anyways thank you very much for reading this! I really enjoy this app and I very much recommend it to ya’ll! Have a lovely day :3
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2 years ago, PurduePeg
Seems silly but it works!
I wasn’t too sure about this concept at first, honestly. I mean, a grown woman challenging herself to drink enuf water in order to win a kinda weird anthropomorphic cartoon animal? Hmm. BUT, in the 6 weeks or so that I’ve had it installed, I have definitely noticed that I drink more water when I’m using the app, versus days when I don’t! And the weird animals are growing on me. Today’s character is the owl (I let the app randomly chose for me from my growing zoo inventory)! Please note that the only thing I’m getting in exchange for this review is a very special, “Limited Edition!” character, that you should be extremely jealous of! Bring on the pink llama, guys!! In all seriousness tho, I have several autoimmune and genetic disorders, so staying hydrated is extremely important for me. Thank you thank you thank you, Team WaterLlama!!! Be well and stay safe. We all continue to pray for you.
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4 years ago, The best Meditation app ever
10/5 The best app ever! 💕😁😁
I’ve tried a bunch of other water tracking apps, but if you are looking for one this one is the best one ever 🥰! I had a question and they answered it the next day😁! That’s actually pretty fast! And by other reviews I know that they take suggestions! It’s really good without premium too! Since I mostly drink water🌊 (and Gatorade haha not sponsored) it’s pretty good without but personally I would like to help out this wonderful company by getting the premium!😌 Now it’s not like any other premiums that I’ve seen! You can pay the one time pay (7$) or pay (4$) monthly which isn’t a lot at all. I look forward to paying monthly in the future to support the app more. I’d have to say this is the cutest,best, and most supportive app I’ve ever had! 🌸10/5! I’m about to share this with my family and my bestie! They will love it! Thank you for your time and your great customer service! 💕-Beanzii🥰
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2 years ago, kaylee kowbel
It’s important
Drinking water is just so important imagine if you forgot. Things won’t go so well and that’s why we’ve important apps like this one to remind us if we’re really really busy enjoying life as we should we also don’t want to forget about drinking water which is the most important thing on earth. Did you know that without water you’ll die within three days did you know that without being reminded to drink water you would also die within three days because he wouldn’t remember to drink water. Just let means that without a stop you you might die within three days it might. The reason I love the top is because it allows me to do everything that I wanna do and everything that I love without remembering to drink water because that’s what this app does it makes life easier. So thank you for making life so easy go on download today.
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7 months ago, Sproch
The widgets make this app for me
I’ve tried several other water reminder/tracking apps in the past and never ended up sticking with them but the lockscreen and homescreen widgets on this one that let you tap to add water intake without even opening the app are a game changer for me, it sounds ridiculous but just removing that extra step and being able to tap a button on my lockscreen to record my intake has made all the difference. Plus the smart reminders that only send a notification if you haven’t entered any water within a certain timeframe are a great idea, I found myself tuning out the reminders from other water apps because they would pop up on the set schedule even if I had just drank water so they were rarely relevant. With waterllama I’ve been able to consistently hit my water goal for the first time ever.
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1 year ago, 1248495
The best water tracker that you could find
This is a VERy good app I mean you can tell how much water you have drank you can see a lot of stuff but the thing that I don’t like is you have to pay to track something else like u want to track yourself drinking coffee u have to pay for it but anything else after that it’s a good app I saw it in the App Store and I always wondered i need a water tracker to see huh do I need to drink more water? Or not this app helps me out a lot😃 so I would want you to download this app becuase you won’t regret downloading it I feel like they should make more apps like this😁😁😁😁😁 this all is just the best I mean I don’t even know how to explain about this app but I just love it I feel like if I new about this earlier I would have downloaded it a long time ago and I’ve only used this app for like 4 days and I already love it thank you for making this app❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥✅✅✅✅✅❤️‍🔥😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
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2 years ago, ginge104
Best Water Tracker!! Instant 5 Star Rating!
I love this app. I have been using it for a while now, and tracking my water could never get more simple using this app. I have premium, but even without premium this app would be amazing. I love the Apple Watch app and how simple it is to track your water right from your wrist. The art and overall style of the app is super cute also. One thing I don’t really get is that “Weight loss sloth” and “No cheat cheetah” are very similar programs, but I don’t care much about that because it’s not like it makes the app bad. Please download this app! I noticed that I was not drinking enough water and ever since I downloaded Water Llama I have reached my water goal and stayed hydrated. Overall, Water Llama is a well-made and super helpful app and I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with proper hydration or just wants to start tracking their water intake.
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10 months ago, Justin6782
Distance Runner - Always Forgetting To Hydrate
Dear Waterllama Team, I just wanted to let you know how great your app is and that it helps the people of Ukraine. You should know I downloaded it today and I love it! I'm a distance runner that constantly struggles to stay hydrated throughout the day. I run twice a day during the week, and I’m constantly on the go. The (2) hour reminders are perfect! Waterllama is exactly what I need to remind me to keep my body hydrated and healthy - Many thanks Waterllama for creating such a great app! P.S. - Also, I did notice you took the time to program the ability to let your users change their animals and watch them getting filled as they drink throughout the day! Personally, I like the llamma because it’s Waterllama, of course! I just thought you may like to know that I noticed that. Thank you again, and may God bless you!
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1 year ago, A11iOop
Gets better the more I use it!
I have the app on my iPhone which syncs to my Apple Watch, but because you don't create an account, it doesn't update on other devices. No matter - I LOVE this app! At first I gave a 5-star review to get the great price break; I had only used it for about 2 days, but could see it was very good and probably was worth the 5 stars. However, I am now on a 6-week streak of logging my intake and reaching my daily goal and I can testify that this is more than a 5-star app! I earned all the stickers, so moved on to the challenges to get more stickers, and love them all - they are so healthy and informative! The app is truly designed to keep you wanting to keep your streaks going and engages you in tracking your intake and not get bored in the process. If only every app could be this engaging! Very well done!Thank you!
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12 months ago, scarexbear
Amazing- just a few suggestions ;)
I got this app because I thought I should be drinking more water (I am really stressed rn) and I partially got it because the llama was so cute lol! It was so neat and useful and it’s really helping me so I can get enough liquid in me! When I was downloading this onto my phone, I saw you can add different drinks and stuff, and I got really excited. Then I figured out that you had to pay for that feature… I now use the math they use and do it for the liquids I drink :) . I feel that it should be free because some people don’t want to or can’t do the math, and I just don’t see the point of it costing money. Other than that one complaint, I love this app! I am really considering paying the $8 so I can have all of the features!! Ty to the people who put a LOT of work into this almost flawless, helpful app!!!!
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2 years ago, zazasmama
Who can resist this cuteness?
This is my go-to app for tracking my hydration through the day/week/month. I like that I can rearrange the order as well as add size and types of drinks. It makes it easier to log when I already have preset icons tailored in order of my most frequent usage. No problem if I don’t finish the amount on the icon. It’s easy to just swipe the beverage icon to adjust the amount being logged. I appreciate that they also automatically adjust the effect of caffeine on hydration in their default caffeinated beverages. And I can easily go back to previous days to log missing drinks if the day had been too hectic. I’d highly recommend this app just based on ease of use and the developers attention to details. The menagerie of fun animals is just a great bonus feature on top of ease of use for this app.
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