We-Vibe App

Health & Fitness
4.1 (19.8K)
305.5 MB
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Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15 or later
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User Reviews for We-Vibe App

4.05 out of 5
19.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Heb4$12
Fun-But Please Increase Intensity of Vibration
Love this concept! Boyfriend and I are often working cities apart. App is only thing we’ve found that has allowed us a way to incorporate a form of cyber touch when being intimate remotely. The technology isn’t perfect yet... but it’s still a ton of fun to play with. As mentioned in other reviews, yes... the toys do sometimes disconnect during a session, sometimes multiple times. There have been moments when trying to connect a toy impatience and bit of frustration experienced when it takes multiple attempts to get toy connected. Boyfriend got stuck in “communication” once and couldn’t control the toy. I’ll add one more comment that might be particular only to me? I typically use a bullet vibe and it has a very strong intensity. The Moxie doesn’t get strong enough for me to climax. It’s still fun. I haven’t tried any of the other toys—maybe they get stronger? Moxie fits pretty well, stays in place, but the vibration intensity is too weak, even at highest setting, for me to actually achieve climax. Again...might just be me because I’m used to something with stronger vibe? Still a unique way to interact w significant other when we can’t physically be together.
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2 years ago, jeffro3107
The toys are OK, the app is the same.
Ok, of the two toys I own ( the chorus and the melt) my partner tells me that they could both use more intensity .. especially at this price point. The battery life and waterproof ratings are accurate. We got right at about 2 hours of usage with both the toys we own. The feel and weight of these toys are definitely more premium than some toys we’ve had experience with at the same price point. All said, these are definitely high quality toys, just lacking a tad in the power department. Onto the app. The app does function fairly well. The pairing process literally takes seconds, the app didn’t seem to disconnect often ( it happened to us once in a total of about 4 hours total usuage ), the touch controls are very responsive, the available battery remaining is visible ( although it would be nice if it showed up on the Home Screen underneath the toy name, just saying ). So the app is, in my opinion: pretty user friendly, but could use some minor polishing. That said, I do with the We-vibe Melt had MORE settings.. similarly to the Chorus. I feel like it could definitely do more with the motor inside ? All in all is it an awesome brand to get into ? Well I’d say that depends on your budget. If you’re willing to pay a premium for a unique experience as a package I would definitely say We-Vibe is a pretty decent investment and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
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3 years ago, sardog07
Great toys, app needs fixing
No need to go into detail about the toys, connectivity is quick and flawless. The app, however, needs work. I bought this brand because of the app and I hope things gets fixed or sad to say it will be the last toy I buy. First experience, had Bluetooth headphones on so things and be discrete…. 1- Started video with my significant other and audio switch over to the phone speaker. No matter what I tried, the audio was coming through the phone, so that sucked. 2- Once the video starts the icons should disappear from the screen so it does not block anything you want to see, also the camera screen should be moveable (it’s stuck in the bottom left) and can’t be moved. The combination of icons and that camera screen showing my face blocks a lot of screen space… 3- going from video to controlling the spouses toy is a bit annoying because you have to go to another tab to make adjustments. Honestly, during a video session, I don’t need to see my ugly mug… Change that space to a small toy controller so you can add vibrations and still see the other person full screen. Honestly, if this company could fix the amount of time the “connection drops” this happened 6 times in one session, and all the fidgeting to get the settings done while in session, and make the video screen less cluttered on my phone, i would give it a higher rating. These issues really ruin the mood for my spouse and I.
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3 years ago, Katiebug37
Fun Concept But App Needs Improvement
First of all, I love the concept of the app and being able to connect with your partner and play while over video chat. HOWEVER, in the month that my partner and I have been trying to use the Chorus, we have struggled to not only get him connected as my partner, but to get the toy connected to Bluetooth, and also to be able to use any of the fun video chat features. We have only successfully connected once for a session and we’re still only able to use the camera text chat features. The video and phone features were not illuminated, even though we had both allowed access to our microphones and cameras when prompted. Very frustrating when you’re horny and ready to play and you can’t get your $200 toy to work! Probably the worst thing is that I have to reconnect my toy every time I close out the app. This is the most frustrating because the only way I’m successful in getting it re-paired is by also removing it as a recognized device from my Bluetooth. It has fallen to the very bottom of my toy box, that’s for sure. I’m not sure if mine and my partner’s connection compatibility issues are due to one phone being an iPhone and one a Samsung or if it’s just the app, but please fix the reconnect toy every time the app is closed and the video chat features as top priorities!!
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3 years ago, TowerMugFan
Recent connection issues
Update: Changed rating to reflect fixes. The app is working for us again so it does seem to have been a bug that the devs fixed. We’ve used it for about six months with minimal issues, so it’s generally been OK for us. Glad to see it was fixed quickly Have been using this app for months with my partner and it’s been working really well without issues, but the past few days we have both been getting an error (“Sorry, your request failed. Please check your connection and try again”) trying to connect. We get the same error trying to look at News and Offers in the app. Seems like an issue on the app side at this point and I hope it gets resolved soon…
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4 years ago, Ronnie_Notes_
Great Concept and Design, HORRIBLE connectibility
Ok so I bought this for My lady love and it hasso many great things about it and 1 MAJOR flaw. The great things? Simple. Fits wonderfully. Vibration is awesome. Definitely can bring her to her heights, if you know what I mean. The dual motors are a huge PLUS and its sleek and stylish. The flaw? It NEVER connects. Ok ok ok, it connects for a minute or so. If you put the phone next to the device for 45 seconds or so, 3 or 4 times. Then after a minute or 2 of connection, IT DISCONNECTS again. The manufacturer knows this, they MUST! Because every forum I goto, users say the SAME things! This product ONLY works when the device is on wifi and the phone is on wifi. You would think the remote would be a great substitute for the phone but it isnt! Reason? The remote is pretty much driving blind. You have NO IDEA which setting you are on or what the “wearer” is feeling. The phone (when you get it to work), has a VERY illustrative display which lets you know EXACTLY what your partner is feeling. The remote has nothing but buttons. They should design a remote with a screen so the operator knows which setting is on... so the operator knows if the device is even on for that matter!! GREAT IDEA, HORRIBLE APP because of MAJOR connections issues. Get it together we-vibe. We paid our money, now upgrade your software AND remote!
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2 years ago, Blackcatcoven
Good Toys with Dysfunctional Technology
I love the we-vibe Bloom my boyfriend bought for me. Learning about the app was the selling point. We both download the app on Apple's app store “we-vibe”. Pairing the bloom was easy and playing the app on my phone worked well. When it came time to connect with my boyfriend through the app I wasn't able. The coral-colored section that reads “Connect Partner” displayed a circle with a + sign inside. I touch the circle and nothing happens. Out of curiosity, my boyfriend tried on his phone and was able to send a link to my iMessages. From there I was able to add him and my app acknowledges him as “partner number 1”. Now the section displays an add button, an edit button, and a partner button. Even still nothing happens. The add button doesn't acknowledge my tap nor the edit or partner. Feels like I'm not allowed to have this function. I watched a few we-vibe videos where I learned about the we-connect app. I search for this app thinking it was for connecting and it doesn't exist. I enjoy the product as a toy and for its quality however the app’s unfunctional connect partner issue has killed the mood. I give the plaything 5 stars The app a 0. 😕
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8 months ago, brodifus
Shameful effort
I know this may seem to be an overstatement but there seems to be zero effort in making this app work. The selling point with these toys are the fact that you can play from a distance and connect to your partner. That is impossible with the current version of this app. There is currently no means to add a partner. Instructions specify to create partner and share a link but the link never gets formed. It’s not just a glitchy or buggy complaint. It just doesn’t even try to work. If you then try and go Into the faq section to see why, the script for the instructions are not even visible. Include the fact that this app has been having trouble for months, It’s Proof that there is almost zero effort in fixing this issue. The toy cost is almost a hundred dollars more than a non-app controlled competitor. Advertising that it can do all these extra things. Because of standard adult toy return policies you can no longer return once you open it. It’s at this point you discover it’s worthless with the app. This is infuriating. In essence this is false advertising and should be illegal..absolutely ridiculous
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3 years ago, Zmemama
I would have rather given my money to a bum because I could have got more satisfaction from it than I do this toy/app. We bought this specifically for the app and Bluetooth connection. As you can read from every other review it’s glitches, unpairs, and sometimes says it controls but isn’t. The constant having to reconnect make public play impossible. Having to repair or reset the device multiple times ruins the mood. There is a remote but that’s really only useful during sex or by the wearer. There’s no indication of what setting or intensity the toy is on while using the remote. Because you have to press and hold the button to turn off the toy, sometimes it’s not off but you can’t know that from the remote. I bought a super cheap knock off od this toy and it’s app didn’t work either for a fraction of the cost the toys work the same. I also see all the other reviews where the company ask the reviewer to email the company and they get them running. This shows me the company is not only apathetic to its customers but they have not real intentions in fixing their problems.
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5 years ago, hwhsocjsjso
Great device but the app...
So my boyfriend and I got the toy and honestly it’s great! Waterproof, multi speeds and strength overall great! The remote that comes with it also works as long as you remember to pair it to the device which doesn’t take long at all. It’s pretty quiet which is also good. So far you may think “soooo why is this a 2 star rating? Seems like it’s great?” Well you would be correct the device is great however the whole reason my boyfriend purchased this device was for long distance and the app is so glitchy I feel as if it won’t be good for long distance. This is a shame since we spent so much money on the device! Please please please improve the app! For all the couples out there who just want to find pleasure this is a great way to do it but we need this app to work better! UPDATE: The old update finally worked then.... They updated the app, now the device will pair with the app but the app won’t control it...seems like they went back a step...please fix this otherwise this was a huge waste of money and not worth ANYONE buying!
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2 years ago, mmandoh
Initial app wasn’t amazing, new one is awful
Firstly, why change the app to something that is definitely not an improvement? The new app crashes and glitches multiple times during each attempted session, and is frustrating enough to ruin the mood. The control changes for the different modes are okay, but not really noticeably better, with the exception of the multi vibe mode. Good job, guys. BUT the ultimate reason the new and “improved” version inspired review: why erase the library of vibes and patterns created by the user?? The standard vibe patterns are also no longer the same so it’s not as if I can go through the tedious process of recreating all of the different vibes strictly from memory. Hey, maybe I’m just lazy, but if the only reason I would want to continue semi-successfully attempting to use this faulty interface is because there’s no other option, then there should be no surprise at having a disgruntled customer. Sexually frustrating people surely only amplifies it…
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2 months ago, tarsomere
Remote control doesn't work anymore
For a little while after we got the toy (the Melt) a couple months ago, remote control seemed to work at first, but recently the app has become unusable. We can barely connect at all. It shows my partner is offline when they're actually online and vice versa. Control requests don't go through... It's so frustrating we've simply given up. My partner reports that remote control is not even capable of reaching the maximum strength of the toy, not even when I put it on maximum strength for the strongest vibration pattern. (In comparison, Lovense allows you to set the maximum strength of remote partners.) Also, the vibration patterns of all four quadrants reset to the default settings after each session and it's quite tedious to set them up anew every single time. Overall an extremely disappointing and frustrating experience, to the point that we are now planning on getting Lovense's competing suction product instead.
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4 years ago, ithaspromise
Excited about possibilities but so far falling flat
First this is sleek soft quiet and discreet. So many options for vibration patterns and customizable. The touch and sound setting really got us excited to you it. And we made plans to use it on a romantic night out. But we hit a snag. My wife is very sensitive and we often find it hard to find a toy that allows us to adjust low enough. Although this toy does it, we can not consistently get it to adjust. I often have to reset and repair the device several times before the intensity controls respond. Having to spend so much time pairing and re-pairing she lost the mood and I was frustrated. Same issues using the remote it just wouldn’t change intensity and then it randomly would. Still really excited about the possibilities, it feels so close. Hoping a future update will resolve and waiting to hear back from tech support who asked for a video of my problem.
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4 years ago, Jlynnflores23
Good product. App not so much
I purchased the toy specifically for the app. The toy is amazing and works fine with out the app. However, the reason was so me and my husband can stay “intimate” while he leaves from time to time. So far the connection is good. He hasn’t left the country yet but when we both have good signal it works just fine. The reason for 2 stars is because sometimes it can be glitchy and it doesn’t give us an option for the video call. We both have iPhones and used to face time but I thought this would be better but it’s not. We like the face to face Interaction, yet we’re not getting the option for it in the app. Also, videos on how to use the app says to “swipe left or right” to change the stimulant pattern and this doesn’t work either. The pattern stays the same. Please fix this so we can get the moneys worth or don’t advertise these things when it can’t do it. Thank you.
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4 years ago, liayb
Worst Purchase I’ve Ever Made
I literally never write reviews, but this product is one of the worst, most frustrating purchases I’ve made. The app seldom works for me, and it definitely doesn’t work long distance. The device itself works well (when it’s working), except half the time it is glitchy and doesn’t charge well. It disconnects from the app every few minutes, and even though I’ve charged it overnight, it runs out of power after a few seconds and constantly needs to be switched on and off. The buttons on the device don’t work properly, and there isn’t much sensitivity control. The toy looks sleek and has the potential to be really worthwhile, but it’s just designed so poorly. I should have trusted the reviews before I bought this device, but I’m warning you now that it’s not worth it’s price. The manufacturers really need to sort this out because it’s disappointing and a waste of money. Honestly, I’d like my money back.
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2 years ago, JOJOforyourhead
Help please
My partner and I have (3) toys. He has a Vector and a Verge. I have a Moxie. He is using a iPhone 14 and I have a iphone 10. Occasionally we can connect and have a really great time! Most other times we can not connect at all and it leaves us quite frustrated! We always are using while we are long distance and in separate states. I researched your product line before purchasing.. We were both sold on your products and your guarantee. We would appreciate your prompt response. Thank you
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2 years ago, TayTay509406
Love the idea (see whole review for update)
I bought the bloom today and was super excited about being able to control it from the app, literally the only reason I bought it. When I downloaded the app and tried to connect my toy it kept crashing. Any button I hit makes the app crash. We tried it on my boyfriends phone also and it does the same thing. This is a pretty expensive purchase and I’m really upset the biggest selling point doesn’t work Update- they fixed the app and now it is great! My partner loves to use it while he is at work and I am at home. Totally recommend their products, we will be buying more!
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1 year ago, PlexQ
Poor connectivity kind of ruins the mood
It’s an okay app, but the connection to the toy drops out so much it’s really not that great. Developers, please just have the app go into stand by until it can re-establish a connection rather than forcing us to completely re-initialize the whole thing! This would quickly push this back to a five star review. It’s not that difficult for this to go from a fun kinda okay experience to a really great toy that’s super good for folks who are apart. Maybe also release a Wi-Fi edition that can join the local network and get a better signal. The app itself is a bit fiddle to use, but it’s doable. The constant drop out to make you wonder if you’ve done it right, and sometimes seems like it takes a couple attempts. All in all a rather less than mediocre experience.
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2 years ago, Shamoke12
Wish it were better!
My wife and I bought the Chorus because it sounded like it could be a fun time. However, as it currently stands it’s just a lot of frustration. For starters you have to use 3 hands to connect to the device; one for your phone, one for the remote, and one for the vibe itself. The app doesn’t remember the toys and so you have to go through multiple steps with multiple hands from both the phone and the device to sync every time, if it connects at all. Once connected the app does allow you to set some configurations on intensity and standby (up to 4 hours), but unfortunately the battery only last about 1 hour even on standby. We were very interested in the hands free mode, but it’s glitchy and the modes aren’t even accurate from app to device. Not sure we buy anymore products from this company after this one.
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4 years ago, barbie-like-the-doll
Believe the bad reviews
If I had known what the reviews were like for the app before I bought my we-vibe chorus, I would have never purchased it. It's the most expensive piece of worthless silicone I've ever bought. I bought it because I'm in the US and my partner is in the UK. After watching all the help videos, reading all the trouble shooting guides, and trying to get in touch with countless help desks I've finally decided to file a complaint with my credit card company in dispute. YOU CAN'T SYNC IT WITH THE APP. It simply doesn't work. UPDATE TO DEVELOPER RESPONSE: You took almost 3 months to respond, how poor is that? In addition, your clearly copy-paste response of sending information to your email address is something i already did, which if you had read my original post you would've known. I can promise I'm never buying from the company and will discourage anyone i know from purchasing from you as well.
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3 years ago, Katelyn0914645
Connect does work
I saw a lot of reviews saying theres connectivity issues. I just got mine and it works really good, the battery also lasts pretty long. Make sure when you’re using it that your WiFi is working and your phone is either in your hands or next to you. I bought this strictly because another vibrator I tried from a different company didn’t work with their app. Anyway I really like this and hope to try it with my girlfriend when she’s back from work. The app also doesn’t show me ads so make sure it’s the right one you downloaded for your vibrator.
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5 years ago, TW322
Great app when it works ... Desperate need of an upgrade or bug fix. app will work fine for multiple days and then will flake out for no apparent reason. Won’t allow us control over each other’s device, will drop connection, will only allow one of us to control, drop the sync ... both of using high speed connections. Sometimes have to delete and then reload or do a hard set on phone... sometimes that works sometimes it doesn’t. And then all of a sudden everything is fine ... needs to be made more consistent and stable
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4 years ago, Lilxviv
Constantly needs to be re-paired
The app and concept is great, but I find that the device and app unpair very frequently and need to be paired again upon each use. Not sure why it keeps forgetting. I’d then have to resend the invite link so that my partner can connect again and having to recreate custom vibe settings again. Very frustrating the technology seems to just have amnesia all the time. Talking over the phone while using the app is also very finicky. Sometimes you’ll lose connection to each other mid-way through and need to exit and restart the app. Hope they can work out all the bugs and issues in the future because if so, I would absolutely update my review and highly recommend to others.
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3 years ago, ColonelCheez
When it connects its great!
My wife & I have both the Jive and the Wish. They work great on their own, but we were really excited to test both out via the app. Well, the app is great. Especially when it vibrates along with the songs on our phones. However, it’s constantly losing connectivity. If my wife rolls onto her chest? Loses connectivity. If the phone goes more than 2 feet from the toy? Loses connectivity. We really wanted to try the Jive out on a date, but with these types of issues there’s no way it would work. What a total disappointment. And it’s definitely deterred us from buying the Sync (as we’d definitely want to have both hands free & away from a phone when using that!)
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4 years ago, Sarabellum93
App is Frustrating (and not in a good way)
What a shame that I spent $100+ on a toy for the app functionality but the app barely works. It’s essentially useless because it takes so much adjustment / rigging / positioning to even get it to work. Y’all would not want to see that in action... And there’s no surprise element. I literally have to sit on the phone with my partner until we can get it to work. VERY ANNOYING. It gets to the point where you’re just like “screw it” and stop messing with it. The app doesn’t work in the background either. If you close it or even open a text, you have to go through the setup AGAIN. I am so beyond frustrated with this, it’s been just sitting in my drawer for months... devs, please fix this before marketing a toy that is (mostly) reliant on an app that doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, cole-reynolds
Works most of the time, but still needs work
I’ve had this app for 5 months now to play with my girlfriend via the Bloom while she’s at her desk in the office. We love it when it works, but some days the app won’t stay connected no matter what you do. We’ve tried it with WiFi on, WiFi off, restarted the app and even our phones but it still doesn’t stay connected some days. It becomes so frustrating that we just give up and try again the next day. If they could fix that and the glitch with the vibe patterns not showing up until you swap to chat and back after choosing a new vibe, I’d give the app 5 stars.
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1 year ago, AnonymousGwen
Refuses to stay connected
I’d leave a 1 star review, but I know sometimes those get deleted by developers or app owners or whatever. Also the toy is not horrible for solo/local play, but that’s not what I paid for. I didn’t want what is essentially a bullet vibe for $130, that I could easily have gotten for under $30. It’s incredibly complicated to connect, and won’t stay connected. It’ll occasionally work if we’re sitting 10 feet from each other , but it’ll disconnect within 15 min or if he walks 30+ ft away. I’d rather just buy one with a wireless remote for less that half the price if that’s actually what I wanted. This thing is wish quality at best.
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4 years ago, Kristen524
Great in theory, but doesn’t work
I purchased the we-vibe chorus for the app experience. My first remote did not work and I was quickly sent a new one, with updated firmware, which was great. Unfortunately, the new one connects but will not stay paired, or will randomly disconnect. Sadly, this makes the app pretty much unusable. Also, the battery on my we-vibe chorus will not hold a charge, even when charged for many hours (until the indicator says it is fully charged). The battery runs down to nothing in minutes and I have only used it a handful of times. I had really high hopes for this one and wanted to love it & was even considering trying buying their we-vibe melt next, but my experience with the app and the we-vibe chorus makes me hesitant to do so.
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1 year ago, whatnicknamesareleftavailable
Cannot connect
It used to work but I got a new phone and had to start over in the app. Now my Chorus connects to Bluetooth on my phone but the app never progresses beyond “app waits for the signal” even though it shows up as connected in my Bluetooth device list. Nothing else is paired to my phone currently, I have uninstalled reinstalled, reset to factory settings the app numerous times. I have restarted my phone. I have restarted, reset, re-paired my chorus to both the remote and phone numerous times. Nothing works. Because it pairs with my phone but not the app, I think the problem is the app not the device. Is there a way to restore to the previous version of the app…?
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2 years ago, “PC"
CAN’T EVEN DELETE THE APP!!! after deleting the app, the App Store does not recognize that the app was deleted. App is completely dysfunctional! And it will not stay connected. After countless tries, I tried rebooting the app, I tried rebooting the device I was using the app on, I tried multiple devices of which none worked, utilized the help/frequently asked questions section, I tried deleting the app and re-downloading, none of which made any difference whatsoever. now I can’t even get the app to delete despite the app instructing me to do so. I’ve tried numerous times to delete the app, do a hard reset on the device utilizing the app, none of these made any difference whatsoever!!!
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12 months ago, Dillon4638108865
Playlist bug
Great app but I found a bug in the playlist section that will happen when you leave the app after turning on a playlist. The playlist will just play the current pattern it was left on and won’t actually change patterns until entering the app again. Not sure if it was meant to be like this but why would someone want to just hit a playlist button and stay in the app???
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4 years ago, Dennis80134
Great Product, App laughably bad
We have been using We-Vibe products for a long time and decided we wanted to try one of the “smart” units. The app will crash, the host will lose Bluetooth connection to the unit, and there’s no good way to communicate with your partner, except a clunky message system. Once you do connect with your partner, if you tap the camera or the video button, the app freezes. If you try to leave them on speaker phone in the background the app will never connect. I believe all of this stems through running the connection between phones through their “secure servers” which just adds more delay and complication. Great unit, but till have to stick with the remote control.
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2 years ago, Rainitka
Beyond Disappointed!
First of all the toy was expensive but bought it since it came with this app and allowed long distance play between me and my partner. (We live in different states) Thanks to this app we can’t even enjoy the toys together. This app constantly disconnects from the toy(multiple disconnects a minute) and we cant even open the message section between partners. You click on message for partner and it says “your messages are secure” but then there’s just a buffer wheel that never stops and we never get into an actual chat. We’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app with no improvement. Please improve your app..
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4 years ago, Ayoits3li
The reason for a 2star
Great design. Awesome mode options. My lady has only one complaint. The devices gets disconnected from phone app guaranteed every few minutes of use, when that happens it changes the selected mode on occasion. When it reconnects (mostly automatically) the vibe setting definitely changes. Although it is still fun without the app. As stated on other reviews the app let’s you see the vibe setting and makes things a lot more interesting. I’ve only used the device for less than a week but would love an update or something that could resolve intermittent disconnection between app and device.
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3 years ago, Nizims
Waist of money
My fiancé and I got this as I will be out of the country and we were told it could be used anywhere in the world. We didn’t even care it was almost $200 if we could use it anywhere. Well, the device itself works well but the app will not sync to it no matter what we try. We even contacted support and all they asked was ‘how long until it disconnects?’ But it won’t even find it. Now we have a $200 mini vibrator that just sits in the drawer that’s as good as a $50 one. Only reason the price is so high is because of the distance aspect, which doesn’t even work. Not worth the money, use it for something else.
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3 years ago, Heiwneksone
I was so excited to receive this in the mail. I opened the box, paired the device to my app and it worked for about 20 minutes. It then kept disconnecting and despite all of my efforts to get it to connect (turning off Bluetooth and turning it back on, deleting the app and redownloading etc) the device will connect to the app but then it won’t vibrate. After getting frustrated with the app, I deleted it and tried to pair with the remote. It pairs (vibrates 3 times) but then does not let me control any of the vibration of even turn it on. Do not buy this product. The app is horrible. Worst waste of money.
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4 years ago, Saboral
I was in love with the concept
The device has the power, it fits great, and is easy to place. Like other reviewers though the app and connectivity are terrible right out the gate. The app goes in and out of connectivity and I imagine it’s hard for Bluetooth to reach down there adequately. Then if your partner does anything on their phone it drops the device connection and the session. It doesn’t automatically recover either which is disappointing. Please fix the app and figure out the connectivity. Would also be great if my partner could give me unencumbered access without having to setup a session each time. Great concept needs better execution particularly in connectivity.
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4 years ago, Emiby619
Problems with partner connection
When using on my own this app is fantastic. However, my partner and I are currently long distance so we got this for the two of us to enjoy. We were able to connect fairly easily but were quick to notice a few flaws. You can’t leave the app during a session or it disconnects. Using the messaging/ pictures/ videos causes the app to freeze and crash (ending the session). And sometimes the app has a mind of its own, switching control between partners without user request/acceptance.
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2 years ago, Congested Goat
They fixed the crashing problem.
They fixed problem with long distance connection. It works well, the options are plentiful. There are some connection issues where my gf could get information (messages, requests, etc) but I could not receive the information she sent (always said request pending). It takes some persistence but it’ll work.
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2 years ago, Aubryanna F.
The app is very intuitive and easy to figure out. It allows for great versatility with your toy especially if it has multiple settings. The slider is great to control intensity and I like the quad slider so you can get more versatility! The only draw back is when you accidentally slip and go a little too high on the intensity and then you’ve made a wet mess. Keep towels handy when using this app.
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4 years ago, AlienWoof
Not compatible with iPhone 8plus and X!?!
I purchased this device specifically to be able to use with our Apple devices (8plus and X). After much fiddling and failed attempts to get either device to work (both sat they connect “good to go” messages but absolutely zero control of toy (Moxie)) I noticed that the app is only compatible up to iPhone 7!!?!! Does Apple even make those anymore!? What gives? This is an amazing product and an incredible and sexy way to interact but if it’s not going to work with the most updated devices what’s the point!? One star is one to many if it won’t work!! I promise I will give more stars if you fix this glaring issue!
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4 years ago, atom88
Drops connection and partner timeout too short
The app drops connection constantly and the partner timeout can only be set for a maximum of 90 minutes. the device timeout can be set for a maximum of 4 hours and 15 minutes (275 minutes). not sure why they cannot both be the same at least? I would like to be able to go either a full 24 hours or even 1 week without a timeout . this way your partner could randomly “surprise you” at anytime during the day. Also if your partner starts up the app when your phone is connected to it, it automatically connects and takes control? so if you have 2 phone devices with bluetooth they will both fight back and forth via the app to take control of it without any permission option. It will also randomly say “your partner is offline” even when they have the app up and running and network connectivity working . the device itself is great but the app and connectivity settings needs lots of work
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4 years ago, AP306
Good idea
It’s a great concept but the inconsistency of it actually working is frustrating and makes buying the product not even worth it. Been very sporadic when the connection works. Right now the Bluetooth works to the toy but I can’t connect to my partner. It won’t even let me send the link today. (It did earlier this week, but wouldn’t connect). In all, it hasn’t worked in a month, even when we were in close proximity it was hit or miss. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I’ve deleted it from Bluetooth and reconnected... no luck. Bought the product got to connection ability a and it doesn’t work, so Not worth the purchase.
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4 years ago, Pilot guy 67
Needs work
This app has potential, but needs major work. The first issue is pairing the device - it is the most difficult device I’ve ever tried to pair and the most frustrating thing is you have to pair it EVERY time you connect! Why won’t it remain connected like all other BT devices??? The other issue is there are SO many functions of the little toy, that it’s confusing which setting you’re on or what intensity... make it easier to use and for goodness sake, make it where you don’t have to LOOK at your phone while you’re getting down with your business!
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6 years ago, LoveUnityIntegrity95
Honeymoon Phase Over
It was fun the first night but now I’m over how exciting it was to first buy it. It disconnects after 30 seconds of being connected, sometimes it will take 3 minutes just to reconnect, then disconnect again! If I could I would get a refund. Very disappointed in this product. Now, if they fix all the bugs soon then I may change my mind, but for now -3/5 stars.
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4 years ago, MaryJK2009
Great toy horrid app
I have had my 4 plus for about three years. I quit using the app three years ago because my vibe would connect and disconnect every 15-30 seconds. Fast forward three years and you’d think oh they have fixed it and it’ll work. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I love the idea that it can be controlled by my man if he’s states away. Which is all good in theory but for three years it’s having the same problem. If you’re looking into one of their toys for long distance I would suggest looking elsewhere because this app is so buggy that you will be more frustrated than having fun. It’s completely not worth it.
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5 years ago, musiciansgirl777
Great app, none of the bugs previous reviewers mentioned
My husband is away for an extended period of time, and we are thrilled with this app and accompanying vibe. No problems connecting, or keeping toy connected. I will update when he travels internationally if it doesn’t work anymore but is currently working while we’re both in the same country and connected to good WiFi/signal.
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3 years ago, lkjjjggdafhdkgl
Connection doesn’t work
I probably would not even have purchased this product if I had know the Bluetooth connection would drop within 30 seconds with each connection. It was taking us longer to reconnect than the device would stay connected. This resulted in a unsuccessful session if you know what I mean. We reconnected 15-20 times before giving up. And the product works on about half the power without the app. From what I can tell, I would’ve been better off buying an extremely cheap product for the same bad results.
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4 years ago, Should I get it
Won’t stay connected
I have the Verge and my partner seems to get disconnected every 2 minutes or so and the verge never seems to stay connected to the app, if these issues were solved then I would easily turn this into a 5 star rating! Also they should add a feature where you don’t have to accept every time your partner wants to connect, if you already connected them as your partner you shouldn’t have to allow them to connect to your device every time, they should be able to connect whenever! If you didn’t want them to connect you could just remove them and re add them later...
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4 years ago, Jazzy Melanin
Great Toy, The app and control are horrible
I purchased this toy to use with my boyfriend while we’re together or apart. The toy itself... AWESOME!! The app and remote however... HORRIBLE!! Don’t get me wrong, when the app works, it’s definitely worth wild but it usually only works for a few minutes before it disconnects. The remote, I’m not a fan of because the settings either don’t change or maybe I just don’t feel the difference. Overall, I feel like I wasted my money buying a “couples” toy that can’t be used as a couple (because of the faulty app), when I could’ve just gotten a vibrator that does the same thing (no app or remote needed)
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