Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage

Health & Fitness
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage

4.79 out of 5
17.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Jay DiMasso
Weight Loss Journey
In the beginning, I didn’t think I needed an app to cause me to lose weight, but constantly checking my weight and putting it in and watching the percent rise as well as seen my overall progress very visually calls me to really enjoy the weight loss process. Because I never wanted to watch my progress go backwards I did not have cheat days on the weekends. I also join multiple competitions one of which was in a team. From the very beginning of the competition, my team is in first place because we had a great way loss right off the bat. With the desire to never lose that position and being able to see each other’s percents, we had daily chats to keep our team moving in the right direction. I’ve hit my official weigh in and maxed out on the team competition. Despite that, I continue to wake up for 530 am runs and work outs. Thank you Healthy Wage. I will do more challenges.
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6 years ago, BitRogueTroll
App needs a lot of work
Confusing navigation; create a dashboard for all challenges, instead of a menu. Too much “meaningless” info; who cares about ribbons they can’t see? Also, Heather Warnat needs to make it more clear and intuitive on how to sign yourself and a friend up for the same challenge. Knowing the sign-up steps prior to entering them would be most helpful. Nothing like trying to do a challenge with a friend, you both pay for it, then end up not getting credit for each other (something you couldn’t have known until AFTER signing up), because you did it together individually, and not one at a time via invite. That blows! Tip: sign up one person at a time by invite only to get credit for linking friends!! : Two weeks into a challenge, some folks are at 105% - 150% of their goals - these seem like they should be red flags for “ringers.” HW: Are you REALLY investigating these people who may be taking money from others unethically? I have a lot of weight to lose, have no reason medically that would impede weight loss (my metabolic rate is fine), I work out 4-6 days per week for at least 90 min at a time (more on weekends) with a certified personal trainer; I eat clean, organic, and am exercising portion control, and I have nowhere near those numbers. Something stinks.
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6 years ago, Margareta87
Good premise, terrible execution
This is a great idea, and highly motivating. While I haven't completed a challenge yet, everything I've read tells me that this is legit. But OH MY GOD the app is an absolute disaster. I am enrolled in seven challenges right now, and yet there is nowhere I can go to see all my challenges listed with amounts, goal weights and important dates. You have to go to each individual challenge page in order to view this information for each challenge separately. When you're in multiple challenges, that makes tracking extremely difficult. And there's no visual tracking (i.e. a chart) at all. I can't even see how much money I've committed--not in total across the challenges, but not even for the individual challenges! Once you've committed to a challenge, the information on how MUCH you've committed just...disappears. There's just really nothing good to say about the app itself. It needs to be burned down and rebuilt from scratch.I was torn between a 2-star and 3-star review, but went with a 3-star review because the program itself is sound. Just don't expect a good user experience.
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6 years ago, Flou52
Mostly good. Certainly a good motivator
I love the concept. Money is certainly a good motivator to lose weight. The app is good too, for the most part. I like that you can join several challenges at one time. Just a couple things I’d change. 1. There’s a social aspect to the app. And you can tell people how great they’re doing. But someone likes your post, you can’t see which post they like without scrolling through all the history. That’s a pain. 2. When you enter in your unverified weight, you have to navigate away from the page before going back in so that the app can refresh. 3. I wish you could have more interaction with the other participants. I’d like to be able to reach out directly to some that I see. You can see their posts and comment on them, or create your own, but direct person to person contact isn’t an option. I think some of the people on here (like me) would like to be able to make friends and talk to people. Making direct friends and sharing things with them is also a good motivator.
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2 years ago, Gamerase
Total motivator! Totally legit!
It works and they pay out. The step challenges have netted me a 25% ROI each challenge. Sure you actually have to put in the effort but it totally is legit. It is a $7 fee to get a check cut so save up your winnings from multiple challenges and get one check not one after each challenge. Also sign up for multiple challenges at the same time and you win money for each for the same lost weight or steps. I had a major problem with my tracker and their customer service reps went above and beyond. (If you are doing a step challenge keep a screen shot record of both the step count on HW and your tracker it made it easier to get my steps recertified when my tracker died) You will loose money if you sign up and don't put in the effort. I lost a weight challenge but that was on me and I made back the money in a different one.
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6 years ago, LisaLisa323
Wow! Love this app. It works!!
This app is the reason I was able to drop 20 pounds in 6 months. Losing my money if I didn’t meet my goal was very motivating. Also having the support of other members helped me a lot. I haven’t reached my final goal, so I will be signing up for another round soon. The few times I needed to reach out to customer service they were very responsive. And i received all my payouts promptly. The only negative for me was one of the Team Challenges I participated in. The first one was great. The second one I joined was disappointing because all but one team member quit So if you do a Team Challenge, I’d recommend you know the other people on your team. There are plenty of individual challenges, so this is not a big deal. Overall, this is a great app and a great program!
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4 years ago, Alver Leighton
Designed to take your money
If you are like me and your company sends out an email to sign up and create a team, you think great. After you sign up they have you set your goals and write down your weight. After all that there is a verified weight, they don’t tell you about. My non verified weight was 220lbs. I didn’t own a scale when I signed up this was the weight from my parents machine 2 weeks earlier and I knew then I was going to loose some weight. So when I signed up I had already been dieting for 2 weeks, my goal when I signed up was to loose 30lbs and get to 190lbs. Everything I put down when I signed up. Then I got a scale and did a verified weight I was already at 211. Now all of a sudden healthy wage changes my goal to 181lbs because I said I wanted to loose 30lbs. I ended up after a 12 week program loosing 34lbs. Weighing 187lbs but healthy wage doesn’t recognize what I put down they make stuff up for you and then send you endless emails based on the goals they set and it just makes you mad, loosing weight isn’t easy all they care about is taking your money
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6 years ago, BoredParticipant
LOVE HEALTHYWAGE, but the apps needs some serious TLC
I signed up for my first HealthyWage in October, and so far have LOVED IT. The community is so supportive, and the concept is so motivating in my weight loss journey. HOWEVER - please, PLEASE, I am begging y’all PLEASE show this app some love. Some suggestions that I would REALLY love to see on the app: -THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, when typing out a comment, it would be sooo helpful if my typed out message didn’t disappear as soon as I click somewhere else. I cannot tell you how many time A DAY that I type out this long, well thought out reply or comment only for me to accidentally tap outside of the comment and it all disappear. It’s so incredibly frustrating. -Currently, when trying to reply to others comments when using the directory from notifications, the app will completely shut down after pressing “post” - oh, and it doesn’t post the comment... again. -If there was a way from your friends list to see all of that friend’s recent posts... also a way to bring up all of your own posts would be nice. -the “on track” tracker graph in the app would be AWESOME. It truly is a great way to see your progress, but it can be tedious to have to go to the website to view it. I’m in my HealthyWage for another 13 months... would love to see these improvements along the way!! Thanks HW team for everything you do.
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6 years ago, Shmersh
Definitely motivating
I joined a team weight loss challenge in January, just about a week or so into it. I never quite got into it in time for this one, however it did launch me into other challenges. I went on to join a step challenge (which won me my entry fee plus $7), an individual weight challenge for a more reasonable amount of weight (3 months to lose 6%, as opposed to the team challenge of 10% in 3 months—pretty hard to lose that safely). The phone app is slightly less useful than the website. It’s hard to find the Weight Watchers weight verification on the app, for example. In fact the website isn’t all that much better, but it does provide an easier dashboard view. All in all, the challenges are a bit of extra motivation for me and they’re helping me sustain the right mindset for losing weight. If I just win back my entry fee—and continue to lose at least 6-10%—I’ll be satisfied with this experience.
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3 years ago, mscj23
Double charged
I was all for this company until my monthly wager payment was taken out of my account twice for the month. I took screenshots of my bank transactions that clearly shows they took out 2 charges and they had 2 different transaction numbers , so no it wasn’t the same charge. I emailed them and we have been going back and forth for a few days now about the charge and still no resolution. The person I was communicating with even went as far as to suggest the friend I referred to the HealthyWage program might have used my card , like are you serious here. I’m sorry if I have to continue to go back and forth about my money that was taken out by your company that should’ve never double charged me, that isn’t a company I would want to simply do business with. My advice to anyone who’s looking at this as a way to help you lose weight and gain money, you might want to search elsewhere because you just might end up losing weight and your money smh!!
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7 months ago, Yankeechick86
App needs improvement
Seems to have disappeared from my notifications list, and I can’t get rid of the annoying pop up badge notification. When I went under my notifications list to try and turn the red badge off. That’s when I noticed HealthyWage is not even listed under my notifications anymore. Not sure how this happened. But if I can gets some advice on how to add the app back to my notifications. That would be great. Other suggestions are saying to delete the app and reinstall it. But I really don’t want to lose my saved information.
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5 years ago, lilhoupy
Shady practice
I downloaded the app and filled out all the info. I said 40 pounds in 6 months for 30 bucks a month. That comes out to 180 dollars I pay for the 6 months. If I won I would be awarded 480 roughly. The whole prize came to 631. However I put it off. I just received an email as an incentive to go ahead with the wager of 40 bucks! I thought wow that’s nice! so I pushed the link and it added every thing together.....but now it tells me that my my OVERALL prize goes up to 671 instead of 631. However, instead of the 180 im continuing to pay it now says 220 a month which comes out to about 36 dollars a month and my PROFIT prize stays the same at 480!!! How is that an incentive?? I’m so confused. You award me 40 dollars extra in prize money but essentially take it back out when you charge me more a month? I’m hoping it was a mistake. That’s so shady to me!! You promise me an extra 40 bucks a month if I win, but you take it out by charging me more a month! Way to NOT get my business. Smh
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4 months ago, A Review for You; Santos
Not a User Friendly Interface
Only allowed to do 10 “active” games at a time, but you are expected to count them yourself and keep track. The app doesn’t keep track. So, you can actually participate in 20, 25+ games at a time until HW realizes. But, it’s not your fault because it’s genuinely difficult to count how many games are active and which are not. This should be built into their app. Also, you can’t sort the games at all. They are in one order, and that’s it. I want to be able to change up the order to show how many days are left, or how many pounds are left for a challenge, or even alphabetize the challenges - but no. There are also no color scheme options, and the app has terrible colors. It looks like it was built in the early 90s. The app takes 20% of all the money from each game - and clearly none of it is going towards improving the app.
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2 years ago, apple nickname 1234
Rating for app NOT program
The app is clunky and not user friendly. It takes three clicks to view team chat messages for the team challenge. When you click notifications to view messages it only redirects to that message and does not show the chat “feed.” The bottom menu bar changes after you click into whatever challenge you want to view. The interface is not intuitive at all, and it’s easy to get lost and not know where to find things. It is slow to load and difficult to navigate. In my team challenge others commended they had issues navigating the app. This is not a rating for the program, which I’m very excited to be trying right now. Based on other reviews Healthy Wager seems like it’s totally legit!
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4 years ago, Jpreston62584
Really helps
When I first heard about this app I was very hesitant to believe it. Well I just hit my 6 month goal the other day and they’ve already paid out my winnings and everything. Great concept! Wonderful community. It was nice to have people going through the same thing with me. They helped motivate me. Even the healthy wage team is there to help with suggestions if something isn’t working for you or if you hit a point where you can’t lose more. If you are looking to lose weight and money motivates you then this is the app for you! Highly highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Lily199882
Needs to let you edit till after official wage in
Several problems. Never emailed back. I’m one of those people who doesn’t have their exact weight memorized. App said to guess. I Guessed I was about 13 pounds heavier than I was. Obviously want to change my goal since it doesn’t need to be so high but can’t. I put 35 pounds. Id be thin but not too thin if I made it at the weight I guessed. I’d be super unhealthy if I made i now. Instead of 95 pounds at 5 foot I’d be like 70 something pounds. Id probably die if I successfully make that goal. and I still can’t adjust it or be refunded Also I’m too light for this app & got an error when I tried to enter my current weight before I guessed higher. So I’m too thin for the app, but they’ll still take my money and refuse refunds. Also DIGITAL SCALE ONLY. YOU MUST BUY ONE BUT THEY DONT TELL YOU ITS REQUIRED BEFORE SIGNING UP. never would of signed up if I knew I’d have to buy a scale which I can’t do.
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4 years ago, amyjorob
Charged for additional months! No support, no hel
I’ve been on this app for about 4 months now. I don’t get any emails with info, i don’t get any messages to keep going, or helpful info to help with weight loss. It’s not worth it. Today I decided to extend another 6 months just to try and win my money back. The app said zero due now for another six months and $25 a month when that extra 6 months was to start. Instead I was charged $150 in full immediately. Now i don’t see any way of contacting them except for email. My advice is to find other means to get help with weight loss. It’s not worth the money even if you don’t win! They need to make it worth the money with ongoing support and immediate help when someone needs it like in this situation. I have emailed them now to get a full refund and Withdraw of that 6 month extension. I will not be using this app again!
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4 years ago, Scottie_2_Hottie
If you can’t log in try this
There is a bug in this app, Wells Fargo sent me a replacement debit card, so my monthly wager didn’t go through. I wasn’t aware of this, so I tried for days to log into the app, I couldn’t see any of my stats or wagers. I thought the app was bugged, so out of frustration I tried accessing on another device. As soon as I logged in on my laptop, I received a notification that my payment didn’t go through. There was no such notification when using the iPhone app, which is the only way I had really interacted with HealthyWage. A simple pop up could have saved days of frustration. My app and phone were up to date. Hopefully this saves someone else some frustration.
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6 years ago, Kimberley A.
I was stuck in a rut 7 months before my 40th Birthday. I kept saying I would lose weight before my birthday and as it crept up I was only gaining it. I happen to see this ad for Heathy Wage on Facebook and so I researched it. It was just what I needed to motivate myself to drop the pounds. I triple checked to make sure it was legitimate before I committed. It was a seamless process after that. I put in the effort and really made time for myself during this journey. I was successful and I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for that extra push to lose weight and get healthier.
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6 years ago, Leauant
Easy to Use
This app is pretty user-friendly and quick to use for recording weigh ins and checking stats. It definitely helped keep me on track during my weight loss challenge. I would recommend this app and the Healthy Wage challenges to anyone who is dedicated to losing weight. I just recently finished my challenge after losing 60 pounds in 9 months and made a little over $2900. They verified my weigh in and sent my prize money within a few days. I’m so grateful that I found this opportunity! Thank you Healthy Wage for helping me reach my fitness and health goals!
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4 years ago, WalkerMom27653
An Amazing Motivator
I didn’t talk much about HealthyWage the first time I used it, because I wasn’t sure it was legit until I received my check in the mail. But it’s legit! Besides the money, it is an excellent motivator! I was disciplined and hard working. But because I was able to pick my own time table and weight loss goal, I wasn’t miserable or starving. I was happy and healthy! I’m doing the challenge again because I’ve gained some weight back and I don’t want to get back to my original weight. Since I know this works for me, I am very excited to do it again!!
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6 years ago, CBGiannini
Perfect idea for motivation!
I love this concept. I am a known degenerate and at one point the largest person I knew! A few months into dieting pretty hardcore I found this group and it was a perfect match for me. I made a few bets on myself. This is much more than just setting some nice goals. Thinking about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow pushed me harder than any reward I’ve tried giving myself in the past. Still a long way to go but first 2 bets down. One big one left to meet! Great support if you want it or you can just go at it alone.
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5 years ago, Chazikstan
Team Challenge Feature Weakness
Team Challenges require you to be part of a team. But, team standings are meaningless and only individual totals count in the end. YOU SHOULD BE AWARE, and they don't tell you, that if one of your teammates doesn’t pay the entire team’s status is hidden from the standings board. No way to tell how many are actually in the challenge and roughly where you stand among them. I’ve not been able view my status for weeks because teammates I’ve never met have not paid. Requests to change this policy went unhonored. Might be best to create your own team and adjust settings to prevent those you don’t know from joining.
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6 years ago, Marcella83
Amazing!!!! It definitely works!!!
When I found out about Healthy Wage, I wasn't sure if I should trust this app. I kept thinking.. "Will they really pay me if I lose weight? Is it going to help me at all at losing a few pounds?" I decided to give it a try and wowwwww!! I've lost 38 pounds in 6 months and won a US$1,550 prize. Incredible!!! I'm sure I wouldn't have lost so much weight if it wasn't for the $$ motivation! I feel great, everyone I know wants to start a challenge with Healthy Wage too! I never write reviews here but I really want to spread the word of how GREAT this is!!!!
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6 years ago, Angieredclix
Great program, dismally bad app
Update your app folks! You can’t access a good portion of the program from your phone. The chat feature shows a shortened message with the option to click “more” to see the rest.....but it only works maybe 1 in 10 times. The notifications that someone has commented on or liked your comment don’t take you BACK to the comment so you can read them. You have to just scroll scroll scroll to find it. When you leave the app it signs you out with no option to stay logged in. When you come back, you have to click past the new member sign up page to log back in. Every. Single. Time. I love the program, but this app is REALLY poorly designed.
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1 year ago, Jules032
Got me motivated
I have just about completed my first challenge and I can say that this is just what I needed to get some more motivation and meet a goal. It would be wonderful if Healthy Wage could offer a weight maintenance challenge, and maybe they do but I’m just not seeing it. I don’t have a lot more weight to lose but I would like to keep using this to help me maintain my weight after I have gotten down to my goal weight.
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6 years ago, Emuqum
Be Careful With Your Wager Amount!
This seems like a great app and a great approach to weight loss. I initially gave it a five star review, but am dropping it to four stars because of their algorithm for prize amounts. After experimenting a lot I found that there were cases where increasing your wager actually reduces your prize, once you subtract out your wager. In one case doubling a wager from $600 to $1200 increased my prize by only about $530–in other words I wouldn’t even get back the full extra $600 I paid, much less any additional prize money. So I encourage folks to do lots of testing and look at the math before settling on a wager.
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6 years ago, TheColorBug
Not for all fitness goals.
I think this app is an awesome idea and concept, however all of the challenges that I read when I first started using the app required for you to lose at least six percent of your current weight in order to successfully achieve the challenge. I don’t necessarily want to lose weight, I just want to become more fit and stronger. I’m what you’d call “skinny fat”. I really only think this app is going to be useful for those who need or want to lose an excessive amount of weight rather than people that are just trying to generally get back into shape.
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2 years ago, Vaheleo
Scam and unfair system / read this before losing your money
They know that more than 90% of diets fails, and use it, they are not a dieting app or concerning about your health, just want your and also your friends money. Be aware: even if you choose monthly payment, you can not stop it till end of the challenge, also they encourage the users to choose unrealistic goals so if you want to loose 10% of your weight in 6 months they will offer you more prize for 20%. You cannot buy more time, you can add minimum 6 additional months with no return, so you are going to pay 6 more months the same amount to take your initial money back(if you win) e.g. if you are half a pound short for winning and want 1 month extra you can’t do that. ******* If you still want to challenge yourself set a goal and in case of failing donate your money to a charity not losing to this casino disguised in the shape of a health app. If you want a really good, healthy and realistic app for losing weight and also healthy foods recipes try Lifesum, free and super useful.
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5 months ago, Smkwrt
Doesn’t work. It is an app to take your money giving you zero motivation or means to lose weight
ou basically pay for bet for something that few if any may be able to achieve. Whoever came up with the idea, they realized they could take advantage of people who wanted to lose weight and couldn’t achieve that goal otherwise. If you couldn’t do it for free, you cannot do it for a money, especially if you pay to “lock” the so called stupid “prize” which pretty much is the same money you pay monthly summed up for the duration of challenge you take. So sorry to be fulled to pay these liars $250+ for nothing. Now I cannot even cancel the challenge that is ongoing.
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3 years ago, Yooper33
Great motivator for the financially
This was just the motivation I was looking for. Just seems to good to be true to get paid to lose weight! Yet, that’s just what happens when you make your goal I. The amount of time you choose. Great find!! The losing weight was hard, but maintaining the weight loss was harder. I love that they are giving a second chance to those of us who gained our pounds a back. Would love to see HW look into bets for weight maintenance.
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6 years ago, IzzyH157
Missing features
I really like using the app and I enjoy how easy it is to put in your current weight and see your progress. The only two things that I wish it had is a graph that shows you your weight loss and the feature you can find on the website where it says: your current weight loss and expected weight loss. I really love this feature because you can immediately see whether your on track or not and how much your ahead of behind. That gives you a great overview of where your standing and I wish I could see that in the app!
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9 months ago, Jazmineshea59
Needs a leaderboard!!
I want to see if I’m just close enough to rank up! It will keep me looking at the app every day and a leaderboard will help keep me focused. I would love to see how I stack up to others within the same challenges I’m in. If you don’t want to or think it’s fair at least make viewing the leaderboard optional. It may discourage others but it will definitely encourage people too. That’s why it should be like a toggle switch setting to view. Please do this!!!!
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5 years ago, okie74
This walk challenge I’m doing helping
I have just been recently diagnosed with diabetes walking to beat my own goal with this app and program to challenge their steps has really motivated me I was also diagnosed with asthma was having hard time breathing but since I been putting more effort in walking and beating my own steps and others that’s participating is exciting and believe it or not today I just noticed I haven’t coughed as much Thank you
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5 years ago, losing again and again
This is a great way to keep on track and be accountable for what you’re doing to yourself. I did SO well the first two times I used this app. And then things fell off track. I’m now back feeling like this app is what can hold me accountable to where I was and where I CAN be. I wish y’all did a sustainability app as well. So a group or community who can now sustain what they’ve done. I am getting myself back on track thanks to the HW Challenge!
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5 years ago, Beauryan09
This made all the difference!!
I have struggled with weight loss off and on for years. I have done plenty of diets, but this is the first thing that ever worked for me. I dropped 50 pounds in six months. The thought of winning money but more importantly losing money really kept me motivated the whole time. I’m not saying I never splurged, but it became a one meal or one day thing versus just giving up for the next three weeks. I highly recommend!
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5 years ago, 4321fish
Baby weight
I had lost ALL my motivation to lose weight and had been carrying around 30+ extra lbs from my last baby 5 years ago!! Healthy Wage was the only thing that motivated me. I did it! And I lost 34 lbs! I did have to buy more time but I still will be able to win a little over a $100. Not too bad considering most people spend a lot more on weight loss products and programs and still don’t lose the weight 😅
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6 years ago, SueJ0129
This is making weight loss exciting!!
So far I love this app! It’s making my weight loss journey pretty fun. Being only one week in I’m sure I’ll love it even more when I win me some $$$$! My only complaint is once you make your bet it’s not posted on the dashboard. I’m in 4 different challenges and I can’t remember how much I bet. Having the number starting me in the face every time I updated my stats would make it more encouraging.
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1 year ago, linda-chloe-1
Not helpful unless you bring a group with you
I thought this app would be great to help me lose weight by competing again myself and others. I thought I would be connected with others who were in the same weight loss journey but that is not how the app works. I kept getting emails to have friends and family sign up, but I don’t feel it is my job to get other people I know to buy into an app. I did one challenge but I was on my own and didn’t feel motivated at all by the app. It felt more like a Ponzi scheme for the company than a way to help me lose weight and get fit. So it didn’t work for me.
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6 years ago, Sarahloooove
Awesome motivation !!!
I started slacking a little and once I realized my deadline was getting closer I really started working at it and met my goal plus an extra 4 pounds!!!! I lost 30 pounds in 7 months betting $50 a month and I weighed in my final time today for a prize of $1078! I did this to have some extra Christmas money for my kids and I’m so excited that I got the weight off and now they can have an extra amazing Christmas too!!! Thanks HealthyWage!
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3 years ago, ns2ncyke
Halfway There
I made my bet in February and struggled for months because I was newly diagnosed with severe anemia in March. I had no energy to exercise at all but still tried my best with my eating. I started at 237 and got down to about 225 by May. It’s now June and I’m at 217. I’m still anemic and faint when I try to exercise but I don’t know if I can get my money back so I’ll keep trying to hit my goal of 187 by December.
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4 years ago, blac queen 86
I loss the weight
For so long, over two years I kept trying to lose weight and get back into my jeans. I would lose some weight and then gain it all back. HealthyWage actually worked for me. It forced me to go to the gym. To try low carb and to consistently count my calories. I really didn’t want to lose all the money I bet. So now I’m back in my jeans and I have a few extra bucks to my name. Money is very motivating.
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2 years ago, Traci ( SUPER DOG WALKER)
Healthy Wage has changed my LIFE
I want to shout it from the roof top!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE HEALTHY WAGE! My Family and I started in the middle of April and the weight has just fell off!!! I know it is because I’m HAPPY!! Healthy Wage is like your FAMILY!! I love the Unity it brings into your life!! I’ve never experienced anything like this!! It is FUN EASY LIKE PLAYING A BOARD GAME!! Your the star of the show and Healthy Wage guides you the whole way!! I LOVE YOU HEALTHY WAGE!! KEEP STEPPING!! Sincerely Traci
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5 years ago, Wants to love this
Love HW, but the app is HORRENDOUS.
Please create a whole new UI for your app. It’s so bad. To start off, when you login it’s on the sign up page and the login link is super tiny at the bottom. People like or comment on your posts and you get no notifications whatsoever. You can’t even see who has liked your posts. There’s no messaging system. The stats page is not visually appealing - information could be organized better. Overall, the app is SLOW especially when trying to load the newsfeed (sometimes it doesn’t load at all and tells me I’m the first to post). It’s so frustrating. I love HW...but y’all need to get your app together!
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7 years ago, ProMarkMGN
Great Company and App!
I work at HealthyWage and cannot stop talking about how much I love this company! It is rewarding to hear how weight loss is improving the lives of so many. We are constantly updating our app based on real user feedback and our support team LOVES hearing from participants and helping them reach their personal goals. Trust me, don’t pass on this one! HealthyWage challenges are fun and effective - I recommend HealthyWage to everyone!
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6 years ago, crazy4mydolphins
Excellent motivator
I have used this app and can confirm that they do indeed pay you upon successful completion. My only gripe with the app is it’s somewhat difficult to navigate and I found myself logging into the desktop version more often than I would other apps. This really helped me to stay on my diet through the holidays...I lost 51 lbs so far and plan on losing more with the help of this app!!
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3 years ago, Dawnsie63
It’s ok/ just starting
I just started using this app. I have a team of which I am the team captain. I don’t think this app is particularly user friendly. I am still getting accustom to all that I can do or see. Maybe once I use it a while it will seem better. The concept is great. Looking forward to losing weight. I like that we have a “coach” assigned to us. I will need all of the encouragement and advise I can get!
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6 years ago, Bro1222
Several pain points that could be improved: every time you open the app it takes you to the sign up page - not the login in page. Doesn’t make sense for people who have downloaded the app already. Second in the unverified weigh in section to add new weight the slider starts 60lbs away from the last entered weight and scrolling the slider 3 lbs at a time to get to the current weight is frustrating. Thirdly entering an unofficial weight doesn’t automatically update the stats page - have to close the app and re open to get the update.
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3 years ago, Mzpigy
Needs Notifications
I really like having an app where we can communicate with the team and keep everyone motivated. It’s nice to see how we are all tanking. I wish there was a better notification system for when there are In Team messages. Sometimes I forget to get on the app for several days, but if a banner would come up on my phone, that would help.
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2 years ago, Trena24
Of course there’s a catch
They market this as having no catch to it, but the catch is that once you make your first payment, you’ve apparently agreed for automatic payments to go out from your account each month on that day. There are also no cancellations or refunds so even if you change your mind or don’t understand what you did and try to delete it, you’ll still owe the money and the payments will still come out of your account each month. I came to my senses minutes after signing up and now I’m completely screwed!
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