Well onTarget Fitness Program

Health & Fitness
1.1 (617)
31.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tivity Health, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Well onTarget Fitness Program

1.13 out of 5
617 Ratings
2 years ago, MehMehMeh at best.
The worst app I’ve EVER experienced.
Seriously, this is the worst I’ve ever encountered. You can’t even get past the Login because it won’t accept your credentials, name, or password. I even called them about this for tech help, and they claim this has never happened before, yet one quick glance at these reviews and it is clear it ALWAYS happens and this app is 100% non-functional. I have not encountered a single person who has been able to even use this app. Unless you plan to use a desktop ALLLLL the time to access the benefits of a Tivity membership, do NOT join Tivity. Without the app, there is absolutely no point. Do NOT do it. Furthermore, after over an hour on the phone with them, they seriously pretend that they have never ever had any complaints and that everything is completely fine and no plans to rectify the issues. Just read the reviews here. It hasn’t worked for sooooo long. You literally can’t even log in.
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10 months ago, WillyWonka903948383
Worst App I’ve Ever Used
This is, without a doubt, the least intuitive and most frustrating app I’ve ever had been forced to use. I can’t understand how someone could create this app and the. sit back and do nothing while all of these horrible reviews come in. Please, make it easier to log in, make shortcuts for items people are looking for most often. There are bugs with the links, bugs showing weird sized text, bugs that won’t allow me to log in sometimes. It’s a whole mess. Please fix it. Please also include the name of the fitness program on the digital gym card so the gyms know what we’re talking about and I don’t have to chase around client support to help me explain to these gyms what I’m talking about. Please.
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5 months ago, T3max
This app is obviously broken, and based on the rating and all of the negative comments, it appears to have been broken for quite some time. I am paying a lot of money for this fitness program for my family. I expect the program and its support tools, including the app, to function as advertised. Now my family is unable to find gyms or schedule classes, etc. which was one of the main selling points for us choosing this program. I am very disappointed and angry that BCBS and this Program do not fix their unusable app when they have clearly received feedback from their customers stating that it is broken and unusable. If this is any indication of the level of quality and customer focus I will receive as a part of this program I expect to be cancelling very soon! I will take my money somewhere else where they care about their customers, the quality of their products and services, and correct issues when they do occur to keep the customer experience positive.
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2 years ago, validate credentials
Makes me not want to use the app
Every single time I open the app I have to validate my credentials and enter a passcode I get through email. Not super convenient especially when I'm trying to check-in at the gym. I also accidentally checked in twice and there's no way to delete one of the check-ins. Please update this app for easier access to check-ins without having to validate through my email each time. There should be a quick view mode by entering in a personal pin or passcode. All I want to do is check-in in real time. This app has so much potential but unfortunately by reading the reviews it's been an ongoing inconvenience to users trying to "stay on target".
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2 years ago, icekween25
This App Is Garbage
I pay $40 a month to have access to thousands of gyms across the country (I travel for work). You’d think given the price and the fact that they tout their app as easy to use to search for gyms in your area, and the fact that Blue Cross Blue Shield is a very well known brand that they would have a more reliable app. I can’t even log into the fitness app as it returns “oops something’s wrong” error message. Can’t even get to the login screen. What’s the point?? I have to go to the Internet on my laptop every time in order to access the location search feature which is cumbersome and more trouble than it’s worth. Do better guys!
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2 years ago, jh802
Fix this app please!
I’ve had and used this app for a few years now and it worked okay. Over the last handful of months I can’t even log in, it says “something went wrong.” I don’t carry a computer with me when I travel so I’m stuck using the app on my phone. I can’t utilize my membership if I can’t find where to go! I’d like to get back about 5 months worth of payments for not being able to use this app! Please fix this! I’ve tried deleting it from my phone and reinstalling it - doesn’t work.
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2 months ago, Camerón Nicky
It's what everyone has been saying for the past three years
I give two points for at least being easy to navigate. But I have to revalidate my login everytime. I can't book studio classes either. there's no support page or contact info. and you can only use the website to access your account details (ie to check into gyms or book classes there's no option to go website only). At this point I say use it for the price not for the reliability. I feel lucky it even lets me login at all (not a compliment btw).
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1 year ago, Lutzow10
Would give it zero stars if it was an option
How is this app even a thing. If I was Trivity I would just take it down from the store. Nothing like having to login via double authentication for a check-in app every single time you want to check-in. How do you not have saved devices, or face id, or the ability to stay logged in for X amount of time. I get security, but this is so stupid. I won’t use this app if it takes me 10 minutes to get logged in every time I have to open the app.
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2 years ago, Leelipups
Used to work great but for last two years has been completely useless… I’ve updated my cell phone every time but still wants to send a validation text message to my email, which I never get, so I can never log in… add that the website doesn’t work either and it’s a huge pain in the rear. What is so hard about making this ap work that the developer can’t figure it out?!? I have called about it as well and keep getting told it’s fixed when it’s not!!
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2 years ago, GGDatBoi
App works again
So I got the notification that the app was updated. Checked it out and it sure is. App let me log in and the UI looks even better than it did before. It seems functional enough now. With that I can search gyms/studios easy now. Good job y’all.
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1 year ago, MikaelMikhol
Not worth the hassle
Despite all of the other negative reviews, I still gave this app two weeks of use before finally abandoning it like the rest. Logging in, from set up to ongoing, is a nightmare. It takes forever to check in, and connects to very few studios in my area despite them being listed. The frustration of this app isn’t worth any of the potential perks it offers. The developers clearly haven’t tried to use their own app on a consistent basis.
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1 year ago, Adams AppDL
The pain is real
I never write reviews but feel compelled to do so with this. All the negative reviews are 100% accurate. Those were in 2022. And in 2023 nothing has changed. Worst login experience I’ve ever encountered with an emailed 2fa every single time you log in. Then after waiting a minute, there is only a 50% success rate. Having to use this app to do anything related to my fitness memberships takes away joy. I doubt BCBSIL will do anything to make this better.
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2 years ago, Slapstick komedy
Absolute worse
Spent thirty minutes on phone to try and get to work and still nothing. Can not get passed log in screen. Really basic and have never encountered an app that has this many issues by every review from a know group. Seriously you can not have same issues all the time with almost everyone trying to use it. Should be kicked off platform until it becomes functional.
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2 years ago, WhatsNext30
App won’t log in- so I get fatter…?
Trying to get excited about gym options and fitness choices but this app actually deters me from working out. The app rarely allows me to log in and I can’t enter the gyms unless I pay. I pay $90 a month for someone to tell me don’t work out today, maybe another day? Pro tip- completely ignore the app and when you can log in- on a laptop- screen shot all of the access numbers you need.
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11 months ago, GarthDarthFarth
Can’t even login
After the prompt to enter login credentials it takes you to a screen that says it needs to authenticate it’s me. The ONLY option presented is “text me” and proceeds to try to text me at my email address. I have tried to have it somehow text my email address multiple times and have not successfully gotten an email. The UX/UI designer and dev should be embarrassed by this epic fail. This app is completely unusable.
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2 years ago, denny4380
Worst app out there
For being part of such a successful Company benefits your think this app could work. It went from rarely working and super slow to can’t even get to a login screen. Deleted and reinstalled twice without any improvement. I’m giving up on it until it looks like updates actually fix the problems. Try again is the only message this app will display…ever.
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2 years ago, Porsche Barry
Doesn’t work anymore
Like the other reviewer, it won’t even log in anymore. I hit login (got a new phone so had to log in to all my apps again and save the data) and it goes to a blank screen with a “remember me” option at the bottom. No user name, email, nothing, just a blank screen. Which is a problem because this is also my card to use the gym so now I’m without gym access. Nice going guys.
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2 years ago, NJMom of 4
Cant log in
This app is garbage. The app doesn’t let you log in. The login works on the web but not on the app. You can register repeatedly and you are brought back to the website. There is no way to “check in” at the health clubs or search a club if you are traveling. Good luck getting points for attending sessions. It is just holding space on your phone. You expect more from an insurance company.
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2 years ago, MCHolloman
Good luck even logging in
Tried installing the app (and deleting and reinstalling several times) because the web site is so clunky and fails so often. This was even worse. The app never works, not even getting past the login process. Defeats the purpose of a wellness program if you can’t even log in to find available gyms, let alone track activity and progress, etc.
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2 years ago, Acali91
Zero stars
There is no way to even login to this…there is no one to contact it just sends me to the website. It would be so nice if it actually worked. I really feel there is no excuse in this day and age, especially working with a big company like BCBS that you should have an app not working. Based on the other reviews this has been going on for a while. Please fix it.
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1 year ago, mbc5647
Can’t login with company switching insurance
I’m still getting billed for my coverage and in a grandfathered plan. However, my company switched health carriers and BCBS and the app will not let me login to see my account or update payment info. I tried resetting my accounts and using different browsers. Still error messages 😢. It won’t let me message support because I’m not an active BCBS member 😩. Please help.
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1 year ago, Log in help!!!!!
Log in
I was having a problem logging in as well I called customer service and got transferred a few times made it to the managers and she couldn’t help either said she would have tech guy call me in a few days . I didn’t give up I tried again and got in touch with a lady that knew what she was doing I had to use my credentials that I use for my insurance app
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2 years ago, deadidol
App is non-functional
The app is non-functional and the gyms apparently associated with it have no ideas what this program is. Even the insurance company doesn’t know much about the program. The customer service team recommends using the website over the app, but the website is often broken. So, just be prepared for a LOT of stress and negative health experiences from this app.
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9 months ago, Lisa Jokic
The Most Useless App Ever Downloaded
Downloaded the app to see which gyms I had access to and I can’t even get past the login page because it won’t recognize my login credentials. Those dumb 2008 early apps like the Zippo Lighter app where all you could do was tap the screen to light or kill the lighter is more useful than this app. At least it functioned as intended.
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1 year ago, Mavo69$
No way to login
The app will not let you log in . It will always say “the membership is not compatible” when it’s completely fine over the web browser. With that as well the customer service is useless and will send you into a loop between blue cross and tivity to resolve the issue with no success. Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your money.
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10 months ago, Man 1790
Add my name to the list
To bad that you can only go to 1 Star on the rating. I was able to log in however nothing fits the screen on my iPhone. It look like not much effort was put into programming and the company doesn’t care either if they feel ok putting a product out like this. I’m discouraged and will most likely stop my membership.
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8 months ago, Rowingstacey
Can’t even get the app to work
Downloaded the app and just trying to register doesn’t even work so this app is totally useless. Supposed to use this for work related wellness tracking but can’t even register to use it. It gives me an error every time. Looks like I’m. It the only one with a complaint about this piece of crap technology.
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2 years ago, wllcch
Gyms are listed but not a part of the program
Several gyms are listed in the elite program that I’m paying $99 for but several of these gyms are not a part of the program. I call the gym and they tell me they are not a part of the program and I am not allowed to enter. False advertising on Tivity healths part. Illuminate fitness and renewu4life and are listed but I am not allowed to enter their facility.
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4 months ago, DisappointedSC
Worse application EVER
Half the time it doesn’t work! It always times out when trying to login. It’s so disappointing to use and for what you pay and what my company expects me to use just get points. THIS app is very disappointing and makes ME just not want to use it !!! There’s no help assistance either on this application when YOU can not USE
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2 years ago, Bruendy
How does a company generating $15B in revenue not have a working app?
You’d think with hundreds of 1-star ratings, the company would work to improve their app especially in 2022 when their membership is over 95 million people nationwide, generating $15B in revenue. You’d be wrong though; the app has been and continues to be cumbersome, constantly crashing, and essentially a waste of space.
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2 years ago, Bloomy43
App Doesn’t Work
I thought this would be a great thing to have, but this membership is harder to use than buying a day pass which is a real bummer. Every time I attempt to login it says my account isn’t compatible. Long hold times with the company to try and get things figured out. Kind of surprised blue cross would be associated with this.
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2 years ago, Cece6829483524173940
Terrible app can’t even login
What’s the point of this app if you can’t even use it? Can’t even review the features of the app because I am unbelievably to make it past the login screen. I keep receiving and error that “something went wrong”. Fire whoever designed this and get someone who can actually create something that works.
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3 years ago, Gibbz720
Bad performance
This app has always been very sluggish and it seems the developers haven’t been able to figure out how to get the login screen to appear let alone remember your login. This app lives on my phone, I shouldn’t have to login to it each and every time I need access the app. I know what a good app is and this one is not it.
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2 years ago, Wookiesr
OK, not great…
It works, but it’s a pain. Text authentication doesn’t work, but email does. It’s fairly useless, really, but it gets you points…I think. Those haven’t populated yet. Additionally, some visits aren’t validated for some reason. I’ll be calling in to ask.
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2 years ago, Rem Griffey Jr.
No Membership!
I signed up for membership. It says their was an error for payment but when I checked my account, it says that the transaction was completed. I called on the merchant and they said they don’t see any payment from me. In that case, where did the money go? Will most likely dispute the charge. What a joke!
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1 year ago, et123018
Easy to check nearby gyms
Once I realized the login was my BCBS login, it was easy. The search and filtering of nearby gyms is convenient and simple to use.
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2 years ago, Musiclover988
needs a lot of fixes
please fix it so i don’t have to login literally every single time i use the app. also when i do login, do i really have to do two factor authentifiction every time? sometimes logging in doesn’t even work so i have to go through that cycle like five times and it takes me way longer than it should to get access to this. also, every time i try to go to a studio website, the app crashes. i literally can barely make it two minutes in using this app without it crashing for some reason.
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2 years ago, The aggravated Jew
This app is about as functional as a potato. Can’t log in easily, any info about what each pricing tier entitles you to is inaccessible. Impartial reviews are next to impossible to find. Well on target ignores questions in targeted ad feeds. Maybe the service is good; who knows it’s virtually impossible to get info without shelling out money.
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2 years ago, Ken-jam-min
Useless app because I can’t login
Can’t login. Been like this for weeks. Either they don’t know their app is down for weeks or they are incompetent to fix it. It’s getting horrible reviews and the devs aren’t responding. Maybe it’s their strategy to discourage you from earning points. UPDATE: The app is now fixed.
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3 years ago, jen12357
Not Bad But Could Be Better
This app is not bad by any means, but like others I’d appreciate the faceID feature instead of typing in password everytime.
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3 years ago, aieshaapple
Garbage App does nothing
Can’t login, you try but it doesn’t work. If you try too much it locks your BCBS account. Then you have to call them to reset it. Their support can’t help you at all with login. Basically the app is great if you need to take up more of your phone storage. It has no other features.
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3 years ago, bpatters69
I was able to use the app for a while but I just tried to login and it keeps saying something went wrong over and over. I tried removing the app and reinstalling it but that did not work. There really is no excuse for shoddy apps. This stuff isn’t rocket science. It’s too bad I have to use it.
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1 year ago, DenniL21*
This app is useless
I keep seeing that the verification process has supposedly been fixed but it has not. Totally frustrating waiting for an email that usually doesn’t show up. Why can’t people stay logged in after the initial verification? Fix this!!!
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2 years ago, AT&T client
An amazing piece of
Every time I try to log into this program, I have to verify myself. After verifying myself, it then promptly doesn’t login and when I try to login again, it forgets my login credentials incredible. This program is so bad. I wish I could do more than just uninstall it.
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2 years ago, Griffbrown
Signed up for this service because they said my neighborhood gym was in network. Paid my money and went to the gym. Turns out the gym isn’t participating and didn’t accept the pass. Here are the problems: 1. Can cancel in app 2. Called in and waited 30 minutes to talk to someone 3. When cancelling, they told me to go to the gym and have them call Well On Target 4. After insistence and escalation, finally got my membership canceled 5. They refused to refund my order even though they obviously deceived me during my purchasing decision Ooooff…..
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3 years ago, Campestrian
Two months, not working
I have had this app for just over two months, and I haven’t once been able to login successfully. It feels of like a bit of a racket to have us pay for a service and not be able to prove that we payed for it via the app.
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2 years ago, bsca22
Can’t stay logged in
Have to login literally every single time i use the app. Then there is multi-factor authentication every time. The app auto logs you out. It does not support Face ID. I understand that security is important. But so much friction within just the login experience makes the app unusable.
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2 years ago, ales0026
Never works
This app never works and it’s extremely inconvenient considering you have access to 100’s of locations and will not be able to know until you can figure out how to access via the site which is equally as horrible.
Show more
1 year ago, MimiNobody
Horrible and they’re in complete denial
No way to access this app. Every link is dead or fails. Customer service line is clueless. If you enjoy having a “required” app take up space that requires repetitive password resets and fails at the simplest of tasks then this is the one for you!
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2 years ago, oreut
Toddlers testing Fisher Price toys could build a better app
After using this app a few years ago with no luck, I thought about rejoining this program. The website doesn’t work, so it’s no surprise this app won’t even load pass the login phase. I’d give it 0 stars if I could.
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