Health & Fitness
3.3 (45)
52.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wellmark, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wellmark

3.33 out of 5
45 Ratings
3 months ago, Fujimel
App Crashing
Just updated the app. Not ok boy is it not showing in “Recently Updated” but the app keeps crashing every time I try to open it. Hopefully this is fixed quickly!
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5 years ago, QHild
Love the new app
The login is much better, happy to see the finger print option. New site is slick and information I’m looking for is easily found. 100 times better than last version.
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5 years ago, bdom34
clean and easy to use
Much better than the last version. Much cleaner and easier to use. I love the electronic EOB option and being able to access or reference anything I need at my fingertips.
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5 years ago, Tresinnoctem
Battery Hog. DO NOT USE!!!
Installed on my iPhone yesterday. It drained my battery to 10% in 8 hours, when I usually only drain down to 80 or 90%. The Battery summary in Settings revealed that the app was running for the whole time, and using the bulk of the CPU and battery resources. It was accessing audio for 22 hours of the last 24, for some reason and the phone was nearly too hot to touch. Bad App. App deleted. iPhone running normally now.
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5 years ago, blerzer
Love the new app
It is so much easier to log in with thumb print login. The NEW feature for EOBs makes it easier to identify the eob I am looking for on the site. Easier to understand my benefit information! Great job Wellmark!
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3 months ago, 110yat
Update- Consistently Crashes
App is working again and now has Face ID! Go to click on the app, it loads for a second then completely crashes
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1 year ago, Go Cyclones!
Add wallet support and dark mode
It would be EXCEPTIONALLY handy to be able to put our insurance cards into the Apple Wallet. The current method to display the card is more cumbersome. Also, dark mode would be a lovely addition.
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4 years ago, 123wally123
Everything at my fingertips!
Very easy to use, everything I need at a glance to see how claims are progressing and to look up any providers I’m interested in.
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2 years ago, S.E. CinD
Can’t log in
Not sure what’s going on, I haven’t been able to log in for going in two weeks! And tech support is always such a long hold! Can they fix the update that is preventing from logging in and checking balances, or doing anything at this point
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2 years ago, BeachBound13
Awful Update
This new update is terrible! I do not see the same claims on here that I can see on the website. The app is missing claims. The amount and details of the claims pending has totally disappeared. An update that gives me even less insight into my healthcare. Hmmm…seems pretty on par for Wellmark customer service.
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3 months ago, PhinsFan2015
App Refuses to Open
The app acts like it’ll open but then closes within seconds while still loading on the blue Wellmark screen.
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3 years ago, DubuqueFan
Apple wallet?
Can’t figure out a way to add my ID card to Apple wallet via this app. ???
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3 months ago, MStevenB
App won’t open
I used the app a couple times and it seemed ok. The last time I opened it I was told to update the app. I did the update and now it won’t even open. I have the latest version of IOS on my IPhone. Please fix this.
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3 months ago, blue_66_132
App won’t open!
Every time I try opening the app it immediately crashes! I can’t view anything. I am having to use a browser to access my account. The app is pointless!
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3 months ago, G&R Nolan
Used to work!
I have tried opening this app for the last week and each time it crashes. I uninstalled and reinstalled and same happens.
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2 years ago, BuddhistAngel
Can’t log in
Latest update removed the ability to use thumbprint identification to log in. Resetting a password doesn’t seem to be working either. So now I can’t log in.
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1 year ago, Annie In Fate
It is not working at all today
I have tried several times today to log in and it says wrong ID or password though it’s not wrong.
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3 months ago, MrJayITGuy
Latest update crashes on launch
Got a new phone and installed the app. Will not open crashes immediately.
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4 years ago, bvorwerk
Decent app if it would let me log in
When I can actually use the app, it’s great. Problem is, I can never access my own account. RIP
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3 months ago, alkalinetrio94
App Crashes
The app won’t even open. It’s updated but crashes immediately.
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3 years ago, endofpatience
Rate app
Terrible. Not up to date on claims, etc. Computer geeks running the app should get off Facebook, etc. and get to work improving the speed and readability of the app (for non-geek readers).
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3 years ago, JustinOmaha
“Please Wait...”
My summary of this app and their website is: Please Wait....................................................... Sorry, we encountered an error. Call us during inconvenient hours.
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3 months ago, Mad and frustated!!!!!
App crashes
After last update the app will not open
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3 months ago, teddybuck
Just crashes lately
It’d be cool to access something I’m paying for, but whatever.
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7 years ago, spencerbieri
Fine app
This app is fine. It does what it's supposed to do, but it's missing key features: Touch ID and Apple Wallet integration.
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3 months ago, Up3tp
S Skehan
Just updated and the app keeps crashing.
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10 years ago, HuffGirl4
Love it!
I don't use the app that often, but when I do I can easily find the information I need. I use it most often to find my children's doctors' contact information to schedule an appointment or fill in forms for school and sports. I also use it to check my flex spending account balance and how many chiropractor appointments I have left in my benefits. I love it!
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13 years ago, Brent Huffman
Convenient access to my network.
I love this app. Now I have direct access to my network. I especially like that I'll be able to find a hospital or physician while out of town visiting my in-laws! Now I have one less thing to worry about. Thank you Wellmark!
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6 years ago, RickdSD
Pathetic app. Improve it or just take it down.
Constantly getting logged out while moving between pages. Little function. Can I pay my bill via this app? Not as far as I can tell. Touch ID for login? Nope. If every function requires going to the full website just send everyone directly there. Can’t even store my ID card in my iOS wallet? You can do better. Maybe start with the Anthem BCBS app and go from there.
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7 years ago, jdeg83
Good app
Overall this is a good app for those with health insurance from Wellmark. The only additions that would improve it would be Touch ID login and the ability to add your ID card to Apple wallet. Would love to see those added in a future update.
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10 years ago, LN3741
Can't Log In
Can log into the web site fine. When I try to log into app it says "check internet connection or try again later". Internet connection is fine. Tried many more times, nothing. Called tech support and they recommended deleting app and try again. I did that, same thing happens. I'm sure it's a great app. Just can't get in. Anyone else having this issue?
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12 years ago, Kurt M B
A useless app
My company has locations nationwide but this app won't search outside of Iowa and won't show anything near me. My company's health plan is not listed on the available plans even though a personalized mailing indicated this app would be useful to me. Why is this app so limited? Wait until it's finished before advertising it!
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8 years ago, Jafulton
It's getting better. Wish they would add Touch ID as a log in option.
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6 years ago, jfleckband
Poor quality
No options for saving login name or enabling Touch ID. This app is no better than browser access and in many ways worse, the session expires w/in 30 seconds if you go to the messaging area of the app and then back to claims area.
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6 years ago, nevettedoc
App is terrible to use. Simple looking interface, but will constantly log me out within 2-3 minutes of me logging in. Will not load pages and tabs, so when trying to scroll nothing will show.
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8 years ago, yolc
No way to save the login data
It is such a pain to have to log in each time. This includes moving around in the app to one of the other 8 menu options other than mywellmark.
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6 years ago, kjwinni
This could be a much better app
Would be better app if we could log in with a fingerprint. The app continually logs me out if I go to different menu items. Please fix!
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6 years ago, StewThompson2
Not well designed
No better than a mobile site. But a mobile site would save your login. This app is basically a shell for mobile pages. They need to redevelop it to be a native app and include Touch/FaceID.
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6 years ago, lpsbw
If Touch ID was added it would be a big improvement. All my other similar apps have this feature and I LOVE IT! (ʘ‿ʘ)
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7 years ago, Fred Roterwetsegelnoggin
It works sort of
Not a great app by any means. You are better off getting online on a web browser to view your benefits.
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9 years ago, jwpolley
It is just their website
This is just the Wellmark web site wrapped into an application. Because they made it into an application, you can't use password managers, like 1Password, or the Keychain to enter your login credentials.
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8 years ago, Benjamin Sondelski
Please enable TouchID for login and Apple Wallet to store ID card. Then this would be a really handy app.
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12 years ago, jlebhu93
Not was I thought!
This is not the app I thought it was going to be! You can not check a claim or see pending claims. You can't even contact your agent. Two thumbs down.
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8 years ago, Jesy51
Not working
I keep getting a server error when trying to login. What I pay for insurance you'd think they could afford an app that works.
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7 years ago, randeeb6052
Just loads and loads and lots ads and loads. Will not bring up any information, not even your account number. It's garbage. Totally useless
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6 years ago, Scotchbutter
Wicked poor app
Logs you out constantly. Forget about accessing info without taking up your evening. Very limited info found.
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7 years ago, DSMUser
Absolutely Useless
Worst app I have ever used. Loads and loads and never finishes. Don't download it, it is a waste of time. Embarrassing how terrible it is.
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8 years ago, Regenbogen7
Doesn't let you search for doctors in other parts of the country. Very unhelpful. Not everyone lives in Iowa or South Dakota.
Show more
8 years ago, Rondaroodle
Just crashes, doesn't even open now. Utterly useless.
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8 years ago, John_B
Updated Analytics?
Updated analytics? Your only update is to collect analytics on your users?
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