Welltory: Heart Rate Monitor

Health & Fitness
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Welltory inc
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Welltory: Heart Rate Monitor

4.76 out of 5
80.3K Ratings
4 months ago, Bears 7
This app has helped me improve my Health!
Welltory has done a excellent job of helping you to monitor the metrics that are important to keep you in touch with your health. Receiving your daily reports, monitoring your stress levels and your energy levels along with numerous other metrics, helped me to improve my heart health, and my stress levels. It is shocking how accurate the program has been. Coupled with my Apple Watch keeps track of my health after exercising, giving me an indication of how my body is during the first few minutes after I exercise. I especially appreciate that. It monitors your stress levels so that you know when you should just sit down and be still. I see the correlation between my energy levels and stress levels if I haven’t eaten or skipped the meal. And that is affecting my overall health. I’ll began to change my diet substantially to get more vegetables in herbs, micro greens, and fruit. Within days it picked up on the new energy levels my body was experiencing. I am considering the lifetime membership. Anyone that really cares about their health should consider this app. They have a free version. That gives you the basic information you need, which is still pretty good. But the paid version is much better. I’ve recommended a program to several people. Great app Welltory!
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1 year ago, kentofcantubury
Put in a find key so I can get blood pressure and heart rate
facing difficulty in navigating through the application. I can understand how challenging it can be to find the information you need, especially with a learning disability. It is great to hear that the application has been helpful in identifying your stress levels and other heart-related information. Perhaps one solution to simplify the information overload could be to customize the application's dashboard to your personal preferences. You could have your most frequently accessed data displayed on the main screen, and other data can be accessed through specific tabs. Additionally, a #search function could be added that allows you to type in what you're looking for and brings up relevant information. hopefully, the developers can take your feedback into consideration to improve the user experience for people with similar challenges in the future. What I really want is my heart rate I want my blood pressure and I want my sine wave function all in one place. It’s very difficult in the settings to use it. If you could enlighten me what to do, I would appreciate it. Eyes started studying hearts in the seventh grade. When I wrote a paper on the heart I’m an expert on hearts I have a gerontology degree I study Mindbody Medicine I know a lot, but this thing has shown me things that I never even thought of before I Schopenhauer said Genius is describing someone something that no one else has even imagined
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3 years ago, Elizabeth751
Confusing recommendations
I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), a disorder that affects my autonomic nervous system. Some consequences are that I frequently have an unusually high heart rate as well as unusually low heart rate variability (along with sometimes dangerously low blood pressure). I got a Welltory subscription because I like being able to get more fine grained data about my heart functioning, and I love that part! I can take an extended measurement using the Breathe app and get a lot of useful information that way. But I don’t love the various summaries and suggestions that the app issues on the basis of my data. Or at the very least, I find them confusing and extremely difficult to interpret. I’m not sure if that’s because my own case is unusual (because of the POTS) or if this is a more general issue, but this morning, for example, I woke up to find two alerts issued while I was in bed overnight. One was a very low variability measurement and a warning: “Your body is screaming at you!” The other one, issued just a few hours later, urged 90 minutes of exercise: “Today is a great day for a killer workout!” I generally try to ignore all of this stuff anyway (I live a lot of my life, even my “resting” life, at 120+ BPM already, so I have to let my heart call the shots when it comes to “killer workouts”), but it would be really nice to be able to bypass some of these suggestions entirely. They’re just added clutter and stress that I don’t need.
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4 years ago, Melons
“Sci-Fi” Update
I am an occasional user of this app. I was previously a subscriber who used it everyday - sometimes multiple times per day. That will not be happening again with the newest update. It is no longer user friendly. I have no idea where to find anything and there are no explanations as to what each button means. The app keeps bragging that I should be able to use my Apple Watch to take measurements - that’s not working. I read the “help” section on how to connect my watch to the app and all it advises is to connect Apple Health. That’s done. But still no luck. I turned on the “Breathe” feature and did that a couple times yesterday, and none of that information has been loaded into this app. The raw data is really the only thing I looked at on this app previously, and now all of that is gone...or impossible to find. The reason I am even bothering to write a review is because I received 15 notifications from this app between 2AM and 7AM last night. That is totally ridiculous! The notifications were the same three messages repeated five times. Truly annoying! I went into the app to change my notification settings and, of course, that couldn’t be found. I think I am ready to delete this app completely even though I have data for almost 400 measurements saved.
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2 years ago, eyeInvent
App So good, I referred it to my Dr. & RN
My Mom just got out of the hospital and Im taking care of her. I wanted something to manage her health and mine. So, I can see her sleep, heart rate and stress! This app is hands down the best!! I even told the RN and Primary care Dr all about it and showed it to them. This app has been proven scientifically through rigorous tests and it is more than accurate. It goes above and beyond what you would ever expect from an app. It even tells you that you’re possibly going to make some errors today with minor things. Proving itself to be true. I’m still using the free features and haven’t subscribed to the whole thing as of yet. It’s not often that I tell people about an app I download because people download hundreds of apps a day and you know what’s another app. But this is different. So, I felt it deserved a review which is something I seldom do. The only thing that I would say re:the flip side: is that there is so much information that the app gives you…I would like to see it simplified a bit for the elderly and their caregivers. Maybe even have a separate download all together for the aging/elderly and their caregivers and call it: Super Simplified Welltory?? Thank you all for a tremendous job in creating this app!!!
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5 months ago, Brity89
It’s a great app, butttt
Let me start off by saying that I do love this app, but the sleep part is what irks me. I track my sleep with autosleep—my review has to be twofold due to the apps being connected. That app is okay, but I have to go in every morning to edit my sleep. I tack my sleep due to a whole host of medical conditions. It’ll say that I’m awake for an hour to multiple hours at night when I’m dead asleep. I have high cortisol and POTS so my heart rate spikes in the middle of the night even when I’m sleeping. Autosleep thinks I’m awake at the time that it’s spiking and it’s really annoying having to go in and fix it every morning. I go in to make edits every morning, and when I get to Welltory it won’t update with the changed data that I edited from Autosleep although the apps are connected. My score will be really low everyday saying that I was awake when I wasn’t. I need Welltory to track how my health conditions are going. I paid $60 for the app and I’d like to see a feature where editing sleep is possible, but also when data from connected apps is updated then it updates on this app in real time as well. Other than that, it’s great. Just kinda upset that I spent money on this app to not have it fully be accurate. I understand my case is unique due to medical conditions, but if those features are added it would be more accurate and accessible for me and other chronically ill individuals.
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8 months ago, Fergu51
Abnormal heart rate
I sat in church one day, and suddenly I could feel my heart pounding occasionally as if it wanted to jump out of my chest. I used my Apple Watch app to see what was going on. I am a critical care nurse. I saw a few premature ventricular contractions (PVCs), and thought nothing if it. We all walk around with it as healthy folks. As the week progressed it got worse, and I became symptomatic (lightheadedness, pressure in the chest, fatigue with weakness). I do not use much salt and thought it was the problem. When this did not help. I went to urgent care. The doctor did not believe the accuracy of the app, and did an electrocardiography (EKG). It showed that the app was very much accurate. What did he do? He said if it was 10 or more PVCs on the strip call 911 immediately. He referred me to a cardiologist. I have an average of 5 on the strip. I have booked to see a cardiologist. The urgent care doctor (who was a cardiothoracic doctor). He was amazed at the accuracy of the watch. Thanks to my techno savvy son who insisted that I buy another Apple watch (the first was stolen by movers when I moved out of New York just before the pandemic, an I vowed never to buy another as it might get stolen again). He is a computer science major.
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3 years ago, Rebound Ruby
I am really enjoying learning more and more about the detailed information available, simply from readings of my heart rate. There is so much yet to discover. After just a couple of months, I am seeing an improvement in my energy and resilience, based on changes I have made as a result of regular readings. There are tons of pertinent articles to read to help with understanding and improving results. My only problem with this app thus far, is the very tiny and poor contrast print on so many of the charts. It can be a real struggle to read the detailed information. Otherwise a five star app. The above paragraph was written about a year ago. Seems I never actually sent it. What I am about to say is not a review per se. But since I downloaded the newest update a few days ago, the app keeps killing on me such that I do not even have time to contact support to let them know. I just tried restarting my phone and that did not help. Because this is a new update, I will wait a few days for bug fix. Otherwise, I just re-upped my subscription so may come looking for a refund. Hoping this will be fixed soon, as I have been finding the app helpful as I try to live a healthier life.
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1 year ago, yousuk777
Very good
I really like this, like a lot. Suffering from long Covid as one of the early ones who got it, I deal with POTS, irregular BP and arrhythmias ..just very complex health issues and the “why how an solution?”…Questions the medical community just does not have yet. This app understands people like me who are looking deeper into cardio metrics given… where I was hit hardest, I just had a TIA after nothing but worsening problems after getting Covid again this past September, which is believed to be caused by the excessive heart runs upwards of 300bpm after standing longer then 15-20 minutes. I am now showing issues at night with heart waking me an low oxygen, basic sleep study suggesting apnea with 02 as low as 80 an this was from one night study at home. They had tried setting me up to go to Cleveland clinic, but I just could not make the trip and at that time they really did not offer much help others were reporting, they just really didn’t have the answers. But sadly, I just can’t afford a annual subscription cost upfront right now, I wish they offered monthly subscriptions as I am going to be soo sad when the 5 day trial ends.
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10 months ago, Michelle ODonnell Asbell
This app is very negative.
I enjoy reaching goals. Found I can be very competitive to do so. The fitness app on my iPhone started me down the path to close my circle!!! Then a friend told me about the Apple Watch… so I got one!! Love earning badges and closing my circles! Then this app popped up… said it would give more info. Ok, that it does… but not encouraging info. You need to stand for three minutes each hour instead of one. Ok, I usually do that, so should not be a problem…. Oh! Problem! Two days ago I was up and moving for 22 out of the 24 hours…. It only gave me credit for moving 13 hours…. Yesterday I was up and moving again…. Apple told me 18 hours… this app only gave me 9…. Didn’t meet their goal because they didn’t credit me for all of it. Things like this might “encourage” others, but me… it’s very discouraging…. I was so busy, so active, gave all I had… and this app doesn’t give me credit. What’s with that. The harder you work, the less it gives… but doesn’t mind telling me to watch my stress, rest more, move more…. Oh, have an organism…. Good grief…. Not excited about this app at all. I worked my tail off yesterday. Not really having anything to do with this app, but just life… and I got very little credit for it!
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1 year ago, Yogilyon
Changed my life !
I started off with the basic option which is good, but having the premium version helped a lot to gain even more insights about my sleep and daily stress levels. I use it 2/3 times a day now to assess how I’m managing my stress and constantly now I’m much more aware of how I am treating my body and managing my work day tasks. I often would aim to do too much, but now I see how much it is wearing me down with clear data analysis and positive advice for me to check in and change direction when needed. I use an Apple Watch version 3 and very useful data reports. The self tests are great too. I wish I got more automatic analysis but it requires you to be resting and relaxed; however I also use breathe feature on Apple Watch to assess whenever I want. Overall very helpful in assessing my life and making changes to improve my health. My only desire would be to get more automatic updates throughout the day. It’s say you need to be calm and relaxed to get a reading, but I often move throughout the day as I work as a teacher, so it would be beneficial to know when I should take a break and time for myself.
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1 year ago, PinBallWizard69
Great app. Minor glitch
First off let me just say this is the most sophisticated HRV monitoring app in the App Store. I am a yearly subscriber and very satisfied. However, I noticed something strange the other day. My Heart app started registering 0’s on my BPM chart. Obviously this is a glitch and I thought it might have been because of the latest iOS 16.4.2 update. However, I have now realized the 0 recordings are from every time I manually measure my HRV in Welltory. But here’s the catch. It only occurs on a manual reading and only on the finger on the camera method. When I breathe through the meditation app it does not record a 0. To prove my theory I went back one week and cross referenced all my manual readings with 0’s and sure enough they all matched up. I recently updated the welltory app as well and this is still occurring. A minor glitch because, well, I’m still typing this review, but an inconvenient one. I would also like to point out that this started recently. My first 0 recording was on April 23. Please look into this. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this issue. Thank you.
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9 months ago, SeanaLyn
Dont pay for premium
While the app itself is great I deeply regret paying $100 for the annual plan. I only did it because the app was confusing (i thought premium was needed for working with the Apple Watch which was incorrect) and it wouldn’t let me try it for one month. After purchasing I have discovered there is no benefit outside of getting “ai recommendations” which are just generic tips and articles that have no tie to your actual data. It’ll say I need to relax and suggest meditation when my energy, stress, and health are all great. Or tell me to go for an intense workout when my health is listed as vulnerable. The worst is I get ads CONSTANTLY pushing me to upgrade to premium (I know you can pay even more for an actual human to coach but the ads appear to be just for what I already pay for). The ads and pop ups are way too frequent and very annoying considering I already paid $100 to upgrade. I do like the app itself but comparing my experience to my friends who use the free version the only difference is repetitive and unrelated tips. The free version is probably a 5 star but the premium is a 2 at best (hence the 3 stars). Already turned off auto renewal as I definitely will not waste my money again.
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1 month ago, asdfghjklpoiuytmnbvrewqcxz
Good measurements terrible feed and customer service
The HRV measurements are very good, but there is no way to customize anything!! And it is almost impossible for me to get answers and I can’t find a way to communicate my questions either. I have multiple chronic health issues, but there is no way to indicate that so my feed is constantly being filled up with useless content. I have no way of indicating what I want to come into my feed. I can delete most things, but having to delete 9 out of 10 things is Super annoying and frustrating. The “daily wellness” thing is never accurate because my body isn’t normal but I can’t turn that off either! I have tried for weeks to contact someone or send a message with no luck. My chat box keeps saying chat over when my concerns are not resolved because they give you your chat options and I can’t write my own down. There needs to be a way to customize your own feed or a way to indicate what is healthy for you, not just a “scores generated by science” If I followed their advice for me I would be 10 times worse off! This app is good for normal people who don’t have health issues, but horrible for people with chronic illness. That being said, my own HRV measurements in the app are actually pretty accurate.
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3 years ago, grA.V
My new favorite thing
This app may is my new favorite thing in my life. I live with a rare chronic autoimmune condition and stress/inflammation are serious concerns for me. Recently learned about HRV and have tried various things to start to manage & track it, including the expensive Whoop strap and Oura ring. Neither of them is as good as Welltory. The comprehensive data they give you is unparalleled, the sync access to other apps is flawless and comprehensive, and I love the clear, cheeky summaries and lessons they built in—it’s clear the team working here is thoughtful, dialed in and fun. It’s weird but I feel like I love them—I’m that grateful. Ok, one small request now for whenever you have time, I would love to be able to click on an individual metric from the measurement data page (like moda, rmsdd, etc) and see the history of that measure alone, maybe scrolling to see them alongside the other individual measures’ history. I am just so fascinated by this level of insight into my body’s systems, and learning even more about what lifestyle changes are helping me improve. Thank you so much!
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4 months ago, MrsWallToole
Graphics not the same as Ads but GREAT info!!
2 Month UPDATE: I’ve shared with all my providers. Cardiologist loves that it gives “real time layman’s terms” feedback. The ANS feedback has allowed one provider to shift focus to some Vagus nerve stimulation to help relieve POTS symptoms. The report sent by Welltory on a statistically significant relationship has been added to my permanent medical record. I believe AI plus our everyday wearable devices will change treatment in the future. I requested from developers a way to link with Kardia Mobile. ORIGINAL: I wish the graphics matched what was advertised, as I saw on X, but it still provides great info and analysis. After only 24 hours I upgraded to Pro. Seems like most of the analysis is on heart rate variability. Haven’t figured out yet how much is coming from the Apple Health ECG readings. It does link with lots of devices and apps. I just use the Apple Watch/Apple Health that is already linked to everything I use. There is a big difference in readings between lying down and sitting, but the app tells you to pick one and stick with it.
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1 year ago, SAEJOCK
Apparently I'm always on the verge of collapse
I got this app because I liked the idea of having another way to track my health and sleep patterns and work outs. However, I have not been happy with it for the most part. My sleep stats seem to get recorded only sporadically unlike when I first downloaded the app. That's a somewhat minor issue because I can always see them in Apple Health. The more disturbing issue is that, according to the app, I always seem to be overworked, overtired, and/or seemingly on the verge of collapse. I work from home, I get exercise, and aside from gym workouts I don't do much that would put a huge strain on my body. But every notification I get seems to sound the alarm that I'm not well. Even when I have taken a day off from work and am just lounging around the house, my notifications indicate that I'm not doing well. It's al rather confusing and bothersome. And while I have a background in exercise, health, anatomy, and physiology, the info in the app, while I'm sure some in the medical field would find very informative, seems a bit much for users not as versed in those fields. I may hold onto the app for now for basic functions (I ended my annual membership) I don't know how long that will last.
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12 months ago, Eholiveira
Great app with lots of daily insights
I love this app! I decided to start getting fitness seriously last year and this app has been a great companion to guide me with daily insights about my health in general, including cardio and sleeping patterns, two of my main goals of improvement. i read a lot about HRV, a concept I didn’t have, and using it with my Apple Watch got me to improve dramatically my VO2Max, track stress levels during the day, which I can address immediately with meditation and breathing exercises, seeing the results right away in consecutive measurements. It’s really a good positive reinforcement to see that 5 min of meditation effectively reduced your stress levels! I wish though that there was a way to see the partial progress on daily goals. It’s a bit frustrating to only see the next day that you fell a bit short of a goal, something you could have addressed if you knew it…the day before! Just a minor improvement on a great, feature packed app, I totally recommend it.
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2 months ago, Pepsi Zero
Very disappointed
I’ve had this app for probably six months now. Really excited about how they set goals for you. Must say the goals they said are not practical. I’m 58 yrs old I workout every other day. The days I don’t workout they are suggestion that I work out for almost 2 hours. To me this isn’t practical the avg person who works. Works 8 to 10 hr days. This doesn’t count for travel. So please tell me how this is possible. I tried this App again hoping that it evolved. To my dissatisfaction it didn’t. Still doesn’t make sense. I work out four days a week to the extreme. Keeps telling me ridiculous amount of time that I need to work out… I definitely would not recommend this app to anyone. Please don’t waste your money. If you have an Apple phone, I would just use what comes with the Apple apps. If you are intent to use this app, I would use it based on a trial. i’m basing this decision on 1030 pieces of data that it has received from my usage. When I did did contact the developer. Was told that AI would evolve around my workouts. I just noticed that they blocked me from responding on X (Twitter). Wow now that’s really sad. The truth hurts…! The last data I have received telling me, I should be more consistent with my workouts. Really how much more…..
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2 years ago, PapaBrox
An Honest Review
I not sure how I found this app, gave it a free try and bought the whole package. I work 3rd shift and I am always tired. So I never know when I am 3rd shift tired or if my body is tired. This app is something that I show my family to kind of prove how much I need to rest. I have Apple Watch also. The sleep thing does not seem to be too accurate l, but I don’t usually sleep straight through the day, that might be the algorithm not sure. Stress is confusing to me, I wish it was labor different. The fact that I don’t sleep through the night might be a reason not sure. I wish there was a 3rd shift mode or something. Something that will help me say go exercise now. I am glad I bought this app and for the most part I don’t go past the pay wall with anything. Just knowing that I am not crazy and have to sleep is worth it. I am working through all the small quiz and stuff not really seeing a benefit yet. The meditation stuff does work and I am not that guy to meditate. Is it worth it? Yes . Do I want more… yes I can’t put my finger on what would be completely helpful, maybe a video explanation of the stress case just reading it …
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3 years ago, ChunyanSong
Love the concept! Need a few fixes to be useful.
I really like the concept of this app but I don't find it very useful at all. I hope they can fix a couple of things. - The timing of the reports and suggestions is often way too delayed, even when Apple Health data is synchronized to Welltory in a timely manner. For example, I think activity target is meant to be sent to me in the morings but I often get it in late afternoons. Reminders to "relax in the evening" often arrive the next morning. - The metrics of HRV score, productivity, energy and stress all come from the same data sources (you can measure it in app using camera, and it also imports from Apple Health). But those 4 metrics seem completely uncorrelated for me. They explained HRV score is calculated using InRMSSD, but didn't explain the algorithms and theories behind productivity, energy and stress. I find it hard to trust the metrics. As of now, the app is not easy and intuitive enough for unsophisticated users who just want simple actionable recommendations. It’s also not comprehensive enough for power users. But I think both are fixable. So I’m looking forward to its future versions
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3 years ago, MyaS5
Great data - stupid design
ETA: to developer - I never had the old version. This is not a comparison to how it used to be, it’s the opinion of a new user. You seem very patronizing and like you are not listening to a large portion of your community. This would be a 5 star rating if not for one thing. The data and insights provided by this app are terrific. However the design isn’t just bad, it’s dumb. I can’t understand why they think this idea to show your insights as “a fluid” is so fantastic. Numbers are fine, thank you. Or if you love it so much, at least give the user the option to turn it off if they don’t like it. They also don’t give you options as to what types of info or advice you want in your feed, which makes it really cluttered. At least you should be able to delete the unwanted items after they appear. There’s also subtler lacks in customization such as the inability to setivh to a 12-hour clock, which depending on where you are from can be a constant annoyance. I’m a paid subscriber and have concretely benefitted from the data but these user experience negatives are starting to add up.
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2 years ago, Frankie6363
Sleep metric is not good
I want to respond to the response I got from the app but the link to do so doesn’t work. I said the sleep metric is inaccurate, basically it cuts off early and doesn’t pick back up. They said: Hello there. Thank you for the feedback! We appreciate it a lot. We're sorry that your sleep analysis wasn't accurate. We collect your sleep data from the aggregator (Apple Health), so you need to check it there. Most probably, your sleep app didn't share the correct sleep data with AH — all the data we got is from there. But to help you out, we need you to check your data in the aggregator because we don't have access to your AH or sleep app. My response: Your app might not work the way you think it does and you should really look into that. If I get up to use the restroom, WellTory is DONE gathering data. Doesn’t matter if I go back to sleep for six more hours that are perfectly captured by both Pillow and Apple Heath, WellTory is OUT. It knows you woke up, and it stops collecting data and tells you you didn’t sleep well. Or sometimes it tells you you slept like a champ! For ninety minutes. But it doesn’t go back and collect the complete data, so it’s basically useless.
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4 months ago, sokerwo79
Actual HRV measures are rare
I pay for this app, after using the free for a long time I decided to buy. The layout of the app and the feedback it gives is fantastic and spot on. It knows how I’m feeling before I do. However, I have 2 issues: It is very erratic in taking hrv measures. Every update seems to change the consistency of this. Recently it has just been bad. Now it runs about 2 a week...maybe. A WEEK! This has been going on for at least a month (that’s as far as I bothered to scroll back in my summary for). I get a daily heart report, a move plan/report, as well as a heart summary of my workouts. But no HRV. It’s literally the reason I pay for this and it’s not running unless I sit down and manually initiate it using the breathe app. This isn’t the first time it’s been bad, it’s just the worst it’s been. If it weren’t for this, I’d give 4 stars (at least), because it really is that good when it runs HRV. The purchase doesn’t work for the whole family. We’ve tried multiple times and can’t get it to work on other devices. If both these issues were addressed, I’d give the app a full 5 stars, because it truly is a great app when it works.
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11 months ago, Earthbear80
This app is remarkable
I can’t adequately convey how much this app has helped me improve my quality of life. I’ve got PTSD and consequently, an overactive autonomic nervous system. It is hard for me to connect with my body and listen to the signals it is giving me. Enter Welltory, which has more or less become my ground-truthing barometer of self. I rely on it constantly, to inform me on if what I’m experiencing is, say, truly sickness, or if it’s just my stress levels wreaking havoc on my body. I’ll often find I’m fine enough to do more exercise, as my body is in good shape and what I’m experiencing is just too much ANS activity and fight/flight/freeze response. And then, I feel better listening to the app informing me more or less on what is neuropathic pain, and what isn’t. Thank you Welltory - you’ve changed my life for the better! I love the layout, the exams, the monitoring and the occasional research results you provide. I also love how you link to actual medical research, enabling me to always learn and grow.
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2 years ago, Mental Health Nut
Validation of your ‘gut feeling’
I’ve suffered from mental health issues the majority of my life. While I do see a therapist and take medication, I often feel like something is still “off”. Of course I know that medications can have side effects and sometimes cause other issues so this has raised personal concern however I haven’t been able to track and/or even see how my body was reacting. I’m fairly new to Welltory, and I will say it’s been more than eye-opening for me. While I don’t feel stressed, since my body remains in fight or flight because of ptsd, this app SHOWS me that I am stressed. It allows me to stop and Breethe when I don’t recognize that I should. The 3 things that I’ve come across that I’d suggest for developers: 1) a way to schedule several auto checkins instead of having to use Mindfulness. 2) the ability to enter additional notes in personal checkins, perhaps after blood pressure and weight. 3) alerts that tell you when your stress level is too high.
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2 years ago, terrywayne1980
Anxiety & Stress
I just downloaded this app and I already love it because it gives detailed information of my health & stress just from my finger tip and that’s amazing. This app tells me how I am feeling and that’s mind blowing I’m very impressed with this app. I been to the hospital 4 times over me thinking I’m having a heart attack but all 4 times to the hospital my heart was X-rayed and blood work was done and my heart was in perfect condition and my blood work was perfect and my last trip to the hospital I was diagnosed with PTSD and Anxiety. The anxiety was the reason for my rapid heart rate and cramping and chest pains so that was I big relief but I still wonder if something was overlooked and something is wrong with me cause I still have chest pains but deep down I know it’s my anxiety and this app helps reassure me that I am fine and as long as I own a cell phone I will own this app. Thank you to all the men & women who developed this app to help people like me make our life’s easier.
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3 years ago, Chelle042
Love it but sleep part way off. Needs improvement
I absolutely love this app. I have the free version for now. My parents and my sister has this app I sent them and they love it too except the sleep time is hoursss off. So until that gets fixed we’re keeping the free version. Would love the full paid version if it would actually get the sleep correct or whatever else needs to be corrected. We all said we’d buy the full version if it worked right. I tho i everything else is pretty much on point tho. And like I said I found it and lived it sooo much I shared with my entire family and they downloaded it also. And we all use our Apple Watch with this. I gave only 4 star ⭐️ for now until they fix the sleep part that is it way off. Will change to 5 star ⭐️ when fixed!!! And again this is the free version we are using until then. My dad really loves it as me n him have tons of health and heart problems. Plz fix this so we can buy the full version ASAP !!!! Great job on this app. I highly recommend it !!!
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4 years ago, Grateful Dog
App fails to sync, will not show your data
Doesn’t identify the date correctly, consistently, or at all, depending. Does not show data it has collected. Makes you wait indefinitely while it is “syncing” but never completes. Sometimes says server too busy. Your data is never revealed for you to use. Does not identify where to look for your data, so you go fishing. You wind up at endless blank screens, sometimes black, which you cannot exit, or nothing but white with a back arrow. Unusable. Will demand refund. Oh, and you cannot export your data. Nice touch. I needed my health data. But, “we’re working to resolve a technical issue on the server” is all I see, for days. And despite tech support and the developer’s response that it can all still be done from the web, no, it cannot. Because of the aforementioned server issue. As though they didn’t know. And, it’s not an “inconvenience“ — I need hard data for personal health reasons that may make crucial differences in my life and longevity. I trusted Welltory to not rob me of my own data, so I have no other records of this vital time, and now I have no context. Developers: You stole from me the very thing you purport to provide, and in doing so, you have robbed me of my ability to make informed healthcare decisions.
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2 months ago, Damfu
A Valueless Badgering Money-grab
I signed up for a year, a couple months ago. Almost immediately, I started getting prompts to get a lifetime subscription at 40% off through weekly emails, Home Screen notifications and ads at the top of my feed in the app. I’d say I get at least 2 prompts a day, which is annoying. Graphically the app is very slick. Content wise though, it offers nothing that you cannot get in other apps that are free or much cheaper. The advice cards in your feed offer little to no value and are just basic common sense tips your mom and doctor already tell you. Also, good luck trying to contact Support directly. There is an AI chat feature in the app that, when you open, presents you with a button to submit a comment. When you press it though, it just takes you in a circular cycle of buttons that never ends in the ability to submit a question. Only when you cancel is there an option to leave a comment. If I could get a prorated refund I would, but I doubt that happens. I also expect any response here to begin with something akin to “sorry you had a bad experience”.
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9 months ago, Zero Turn
Never been normal!
These last few years have been epiphany to me. I had a stroke in 2007 and I’ve had TIAs And other vascular issues as recently as 23 weeks ago. In 2011 I went I went to a procedure to to Discover I had a bundle branch blockage of the first degree. That is the electrical signal in my heart measures three beats instead of four. I believe I was born with that. The latest issue is I have a clot in my left in my leg the big one I’ve been placed on Eliquis and told not to do any lifting, and I’ll be on that medication for six months. I fight with my live girlfriend. She said she was going to have a job and then she quit and I think she’s somewhat of a grifter. I am amazed at how well wellatory knows I’m under stress. The important thing is that sometimes I am on stress and I don’t even realize it but that is but that is par for the course when you grow up the way, I did in a very violent neighborhood and high stress working environments.
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3 years ago, Oboliver shagnasty
Disappointing and expensive
First off they don’t tell you that there is a free intro period so I ponied up the $80 for the full app service. The app immediately on set up wants you to download and purchase several other apps for full functionality. Buy this time I was already feeling burned due to the free trial period notice after the purchase screen so I have not opted for any of the partner apps. This app works solely off of manual hrv recordings and you telling it how you feel! It also gathers info from your health app and what ever other app you connect to it. The readings are very inaccurate, you can take 3 readings in a short amount of time and they are all very different. Then when you go to look at your metrics the layout is very convoluted and not informative. It is not streamlined for you to access current and past information at a glance to see where you’re at and your history against your training schedule to figure out how to adjust your training. What a waste of $80 I really hoped it would work since I have an Apple Watch and use it for all of my training. I was looking at the Whoop band but did not like the thought of wearing two bands. I wish there was a way to request a refund.
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2 years ago, tojo25
Doing too much
The idea behind this app is great, but execution seems subpar. It is just weird/odd that they do not allow users to move / hide stuff from their feed. I got this app purely to track my HRV daily and obtain insights. I have followed the instructions to a T for both Apple Watch and camera HRV measurements. However, the app is pulling in the random HRV measurements that the Apple Watch takes, rather than utilizing the Breathe measurements I am taking first thing in the morning (per the instructions). I’ve only had one random HRV measurement pull in and show on my measurement history, and workouts are not being captured. Would be nice if the app would work very well and consistently on the basics, then introduce the fluff later (ie the prompts/notices/etc that are forced on you in the feed). Response to developer: I have been taking measurements with Apple Watch using 3 min breathe cycles exactly as described in your instructions. I have not been receiving any messages about low quality readings. Over the last week I have been doing the breathe cycles lying down; this week I’ll try sitting up and report back.
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2 years ago, FoxPleb1
I like this app, but…
It’s a great app and good design, even though some things aren’t as advertised (maybe depends on the type of phone/watch?) I was hoping to get readings on my Apple Watch but all I get are health advice and facts, kind of a bummer, but oh well. I also sometimes the readings can just be… well… off? They don’t match with how I currently feel. Sometimes when I’m tired and groggy, it tells me my energy is at 80-90% while stress levels are below 40%. Other times it tells me my body is under an immense pressure 80% stressed 20% energy, when I actually feel fine. Also late at night I get a reading telling me Im under a lot of pressure, but I stayed up till 6am and the next reading tells me I'm rested, full of energy and low on stress… How does that make sense? Am I not doing something right or understanding this well? I think the app also thinks when ever I get a fast heart rate after eating or taking an edible, it thinks I'm dying or something but it’s just how the body works during digestion. Sometimes I forget to drink water too, but I can’t blame the app for not knowing whether or not I am hydrated enough. Still, at least the app gives me good advice & pointers and some reassurance about my health considering I’m a hypochondriac. However I hope the app isn’t rigged to tell you the obvious depending on the time of day.
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2 months ago, manuelalonso54
Improving to become possibly great
This app started very tentatively, using HRV measurements to give you certain daily scores with a bubbly, graphical interface, and some advice in a snarky language. The main problem was that the readings were not often updated regularly from the Oura ring, so the app will be behind for hours, even one or two days before updating delayed HRV readings. However, they have come up with a much better interface , easier to read. Also a wellness index that seems to be promising as well as a pressure chart that if it works, it would be very good. The problem being that the pressure chart still has some issues updating daily exercise data so it doesn’t always balance correctly stress with exercise. However this is the most promising interface I have seen in the HRV world, and I look forward for the developers to really make it solid, and improve the data refresh and interface with Oura ring and Apple health.
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4 years ago, Davonte W.
Inaccurate data + unhelpful support = disappointing
I wanted to like this app SOOOOO BAD because it serves such an important function in a persons life IF the HRV data is ACTUALLY accurate. It’s NOT. It’s that simple. You can be a competitive athlete with an excellent HRV, a solid recovery protocol, and get 7 days in a row of good nights rest with no training and the app will still not match your subjective feelings. Not only will the app read low energy when you have high energy, high stress when you have NO stress. To add fuel to the fire they employ a support staff that is incompetent and unhelpful. I’ve taken over 250 measurements with their PRO version with a polar heart rate strap following all of their procedures to the T! They do very little to solve your ACTUAL problems INSTEAD they just send random knowledge base articles that have nothing to do with your concern and after you finally get to the bottom of the real issue which is an ALGORITHM issue. They say things like “we’re working really hard to improve our algorithms are theres a big update coming”. So wait... you admit this app is inaccurate and impractical but continue to charge ME and other people for a PRO version of it? Good deal! SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY FOLKS
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8 months ago, skrrt skrrt noogins
Can't View Heart Rate Measurement Without Subscription
The app is a waste of time. It was good at first when they gave the trial subscription. When the trial ran out, it wouldn't let me see my own heart rate without subscribing. It showed the insights like stress level, energy level, heart rate variability, etc; but all of that doesn't mean much to me without knowing my actual heart rate. App would've been great if they let you know your heart rate without premium. I don't understand why you need to pay to see your heart rate. They measure it, but then don't tell you, and thats honestly absurd. I understand paying for all the other features like a breakdown of what your measurements mean, but having to pay to see your heart rate? No thanks. The least they could do is tell you your heart rate if they're measuring it in the first place, but nope, you gotta pay nine bucks a month. If you're here to measure and track your heart rate, then find a different app. If you don't care about seeing your heart rate and would rather blindly be told your stress and energy level, then by all means go ahead.
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4 weeks ago, canthearandcantadjust
Lots of data, but not actionable
I really want to give this app a great review, but I feel it’s missing some things. Especially for the price. The app is great for a lot of details (sleep, heart rate, etc). In fact, it’s way above any other app out there for this type of data. And amazingly, it’s really accurate with how I feel, whether I’m stressed or energetic, etc. Where it lacks a bit is what to do with that data. Sure, I know when I’m stressed or exhausted, or even feeling great. I don’t need an app for that. But what I do need is an app that tells you you’re stressed, and what you can do about it. If my HRV is high, do I take a nap? Go for a walk? Or do nothing because it’s a good thing? The app does give you some basics, but for the cost, I would expect more. However, if you’re looking for more details on your health, and don’t care for the healthy suggestions, or if you’re taking it to your doctor for advice, this is a great app! Head and shoulders above the rest! I guess it all depends on what you’re looking for.
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3 months ago, snrankin
Loving the new dashboard, waiting for revamped location insights
I love the new dashboard with the gauges, especially the recommended sleep schedule. Would love to see this information on widgets, but I know this is all still rolling out so I’ll be patient 😊 Location insights were recently removed and the company has said they are going to revamp them, which is good because it never really worked well for me anyway. But I’d love to see it properly implemented. Especially in regards to local weather. I’m particularly sensitive to it so it would be very useful to me. If they could somehow incorporate a proactive approach to it, that would be so helpful. I think my only other comment would be that I think the move goals piece. Since they are calculated differently that Apple’s, I wish I could see them throughout the day (like in the new dashboard area). Perhaps incorporating move reminders or exercise suggestions would make it more useful. Also I like the way Gentler Streak does exercise in that it allows for rest days. Overall a great app! Helps with being more mindful of how I am actually feeling physically and mentally. What would really bring this app to five stars would be more proactive suggestions. The suggested sleep time is great, but it could go even further with recommended exercises, move reminders, reminders to work less (or more) based on your productivity analysis, and heads up about upcoming weather.
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12 months ago, ben2009
Somewhat promising but lately annoying
I started using Welltory in May after an HRV tracking app I’d used for a couple years suddenly required a subscription to see basic data with no analysis. In that app’s reviews someone mentioned Welltory as a more insightful alternative for around the same price. I’ve used Welltory for about two months now and it is indeed more insightful, though lately I keep getting push notifications about a 40% off offer for a lifetime subscription. It is ridiculous to abuse push notifications to upsell. The value ad is not urgent and doesn’t require my attention now, I still have 10 months left on my yearly subscription, yet I seem to get one of these upsell alerts every few days. There doesn’t seem to be a way to prevent upsell notifications without turning off all alerts, which would make Welltory less useful overall. If I were using the free tier of Welltory, this behavior might seem less hostile since no money would have changed hands. Since I’m a paying customer, it is at best disrespectful of my time and not in line with the purpose of this application. It isn’t bad enough yet that I’ll cease using Welltory, but it certainly has stained its reputation for me. I hope the developers take this into account and either stop the upsell notifications or provide an opt-out. I read a few other reviews where Welltory said to opt-out via email, but I don’t see how that would get back to the app and it’s notifications.
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2 years ago, Poedul
It all started with an anxiety attack
I thought I was having a heart attack. I had never felt this way before and I was afraid. Not afraid enough to visit the ER during a pandemic with the possibility of it just being gas, though. Instead I strapped on my heart monitor that I use for my daily jogs and tried to relax. Turns out my stress was through the roof. Not going to die today. Since then I have been wearing an Applewatch and I have learned (with the help of this amazing app) what the signs are that I am going through a stressful situation. Also, with the help of Welltory, I am learning to avoid such stressful situations. That certain someone who every time they are around gives my monitor a run for the money. I am not suggesting in any way shape or form that this app should be used in place of visiting your physician or going to the ER if you are having symptoms of a heart attack, but Welltory has given me great insights into my habits and their effects on my body. Recommend to everyone!!
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2 months ago, LongCovidrecovery
It's helpful when it's not annoying
I'm using this as I regain my ability to workout , following 18 months of long covid recovery. The app definitely is a solid evaluation tool and in this regard it's very useful. BUT: text is VERY faint against a black screen and this cannot be changed. It's VERY difficult to deal with. The other annoying feature is the many suggestions (to meditate, listen to music,etc), which are frequently posted, repetitive, and for me, annoying and cluttering the screen (also not easy to remove due to the tiny, fine red on black text). PLEASE, add a PREFERENCES option to this app - it would be a TOTAL winner! Oh, the AI assessment is painfully blunt and useless. At 7 pm, if I take a measurement, it clearly has no sense of it being late in the day, so the comment sounds like a morning type of alert/encouragement. In spite of its flaws, I'm using the bits I find helpful and trying hard to ignore the rest. Hopefully some fine tuning down the line will improve the overall ease of use.
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1 year ago, Mille1776
Life Changing
This application has been truly life changing, and I’m only a week in. I learned that I have been way overtraining at the gym and my body is totally stressed out for many hours afterwards. I now know what activities help me build energy, focus and health, and which ones drain me. I’m a busy professional with 6 kids, and this past week I’ve now become known as “relaxed Dad” instead of stressed Dad. My relationships are better due to stress management. I also bought the iHealth BP sleeve and integrated with Welltory. BP was stage 1 hypertension last week, but now I’m learning to manage it, and I’m borderline into the normal range already. I pair with my Apple Watch Ultra which works great. If you care about your health, you should have this app. My wife loves the app as well. My sincere thanks to the Welltory team. *first app review I’ve ever done— hey I’m busy, six kids, remember?
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12 months ago, j3nnyfer13
Don't buy if you fall outside of "normal" parameters
I have a naturally low resting heart rate and low blood pressure. My heart rate takes a bit to rise as I'm exercising and it's recovery is super efficient. I sleep well and deeply. I have a physically active but not difficult job and little daily stress. However, I love optimizing all that I can about my life, so I bought into the promise WellTory gives that the algorithm will adjust over time to one's parameters and give specific and helpful advice. After nearly four months: it's still telling me I don't sleep well, that I'm exhausted when I know I'm not, that I should exercise like crazy (or not at all) apropos of seemingly nothing. I've been told by customer service that the algorithm is set to "normal" parameters for heart monitoring. Then what use is it to anyone that naturally falls outside these parameters? And what of the promise of individualized data and advice? We only get these if our rhythms are "normal", I suppose. I've requested a pro-rated refund and suggested that the advertising is altered to be factual. We'll see.
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2 years ago, Jdru
UI is horrendous.
From gaudy half-highlight impossible to read text, to overly intrusive cards with links to articles, the dashboard of this app is so terrible that I refuse to use this app any longer. Who cares what data the app compiles when you present it in an a completely unreadable and annoying fashion. Edit: They responded with a useless response about having them help me navigate the app to understand the data… except the data isn’t the problem… the way data is physically presented is awful—it’s like driving a car with a windshield covered I. Mud. Your UI is gawdy, the text is atrocious, and you literally half highlight words to make them extremely difficult to read—especially with advertisement cards all over the place. There is no help you can provide users except to remove the ad cards and change the font and remove the half highlighting. There are other apps that obtain the same data, and simply present the data in line item so you can actually read it and use it. Completely obtuse developer response.
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3 years ago, Chris65432876
I didn’t want to leave a review, I actually wanted to contact someone about what I see in my App. I went to the website and it was more advertisement, no support. They do offer a help section which I didn’t find very useful. I downloaded the app and I have the pro version. The videos that I viewed mention all these different things that you can do, like immune health and other categories, I don’t have in my pro version. I have basically exercise information and what my heart rate did throughout the day. The same information I get from my standard Apple health app. I read that there was a recent release of a redesign but I have the latest release and it’s the same. I also see a videos showing a completely different interface then I have. I also tried to dictate within the review app and it doesn’t allow dictation but every other program I have does. I hope someone can let me know why my information doesn’t look like anything what’s being advertised and where is the other information is for $75.
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5 months ago, Gramuk
Good app, feature set is stagnant
I’ve been using Welltory for over a year now. I first got it before they had watch integration. Has a great set of metrics that it will help you understand your bodies stress, which helped me better understand when I was in physical vs. mental drain. There have been a few things that keep me from a five. 1) I have seen no change in the app since they introduced the watch integration. It’s just the same. Probably will be tomorrow. How many times can you tell me the benefits of meditation when you can see I meditate? Have you even bothered to look at AppleHealth new mental module to glean data from that. 2) Watch integration, which was highly anticipated, turned out to be a lackluster feature. Just kinda meh. 3) There are notable bugs/lack of features that kinda makes it less than ideal. A) I had to completely reinstall the app after it just stopped functioning and lost a lot of history. I suspect that they have performance problem if you are a user for too long or don’t sync for too long. B) The feed like nature of the app makes it think I have only slept 3 hours sometimes. I wouldn’t want them to change the paradigm, but a second entry saying “you slept longer after more data came in would be great.” I still just use AutoSleep for this. C) They primary keyed users by email, so you can’t change it.
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5 months ago, Arielledross
Useful but design and advertisements are obnoxious
I like the info I get from this app. It’s helpful. But the design of the app is off-putting. The fact that I can’t change the theme to a lighter theme makes the app really difficult to look at sometimes. I know some folks benefit from dark mode for a plethora of reasons, including accessibility but for whatever reason the way it’s implemented here doesn’t make it easier for me to take in the info. it would be nice to be able to turn that off. Moreover, despite being a premium subscriber already, the app continues to advertise subscriptions to me, including the lifetime subscription, all the time, using a huge banner. I also can’t add tags to the check-ins, despite being a premium subscriber. And yes, I’ve tried to “restore my purchase” and that doesn’t help. So — There’s no option to change the theme or remove the in-app advertisements and both those issues make me want to open the app less.
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4 years ago, SwearIAmNotAKaren
Cool, but could be better
Cool app. I’m an exercise scientist, so I like getting my hands on any actionable data that I can. Welltory definitely provides this, but here are a few things I would like to see improved: 1. The only way I can get a reading with 90%-99% accuracy is to lay my phone down and then rest my finger on the camera. Every time I tried doing it per the instructions I got 65-85% accuracy. 2. The measurement readings are considerably different between a 70% accuracy reading and an 85% accuracy reading. I’m talking one says I’m juiced up and ready to take on the world and the other says I’m dead on arrival. It would be nice to have a feature that allows you to delete the data from low-accuracy readings so they don’t appear on graphs and affect your averages. 3. I’m not sure if the free trial lasts x number days or for x number readings, but if it’s x number readings I don’t believe low accuracy readings that have to be redone should count towards that x number.
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1 year ago, phdavids
Useful information to monitor health
When it comes to monitoring health, blood pressure and regularity/irregularity of heartbeat cannot be beat. But this app measures the interval between heartbeats and comes up with indicators of stress and energy and more. Now that is not something that the doctor will ask for, but it sure is useful - I can track whether I start the day rested, whether I have worn out during the day and need to slack off, and many other things as well. It has some neat information included to read while you wait for it to take its measurement. Great little app, and well worth having, so long as you use it. The only problem is that tracking with the phone camera which I do every morning does not always work. Using my Apple Watch is more reliable, although sometimes that message does not through to the app.
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