White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

Health & Fitness
4.8 (163.9K)
132.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

4.8 out of 5
163.9K Ratings
1 year ago, terriblegame560
Transforms my urban garden into an outdoor paradise
I had originally gotten this for the usual white noise to help me sleep in overly quiet rooms, etc. But then I found the ultimate use for it. I have a small townhouse yard that is a beautiful patio and garden space, complete with rock fountain. But because I live close to an interstate, it’s impossible to completely block out the sound of traffic despite the sound barriers. So I finally discovered the mix feature. (Where have I been?) I run a Bluetooth speaker, and suddenly my yard transforms with the sounds I love from a lifetime of outdoors and camping. I layer in katydids, frogs, a gentle stream, maybe some distant thunder. The distant cars disappear and my yard feels kind of magic. My 15 yo daughter loves hanging out there too. Sometimes I switch it up to an oceanside theme; possibilities are endless. The mixes are insanely easy to make and each sound can be individually adjusted for the right volume. The annual subscription price is nothing for the best sound machine out there. My only complaint is that I wish some of the animal/insect loops were longer. Some of them (e.g frog sounds) can sound obviously repetitive on such short loops. But for ambient sound that you’re not actively listening to, it’s brilliant. This app is awesome!
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6 months ago, Stale_Bench
Amazing for focusing
I originally got this for when I house/dog sit and it’s too quiet. I have the hardest time falling sleep and staying sleep especially in a strange place. This thing helps me fall sleep so fast even when I feel wide awake. I found a second unexpected use. I have the hardest time focusing when I’m studying I would say I have ADHD tendencies.(never been diagnosed so I don’t claim to have ADHD.) but this gives my brain something to think about without it being distracting to the point I can’t take in or retain the information I’m reading. The third use I found list this is it helps a lot with my anxiety. I’ll just play whatever is calming to me and I helped to bring down my stress and anxiety to a manageable level. I NEVER pay for subscriptions or apps being, I don’t have the disposable funds to do so, but this app 100% would. For a yearly subscription it’s only like $3.50 a month. It’s so worth it to get all of the sounds, and even further customization, so you can create all kinds of mixes. Download the app I promise you with a couple days you’ll be hooked listening to some of the best sounds out there.
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4 years ago, Sleeper At Disney
I travel a lot and I cannot sleep without noise. When I was watching a video about things you need in Disney, the video said that you would need a white noise machine. I didn’t have a white noise machine so I looked and found the app. I was super impressed and I am very impressed that you can make combos of all of your favorite noises. I always get stressed especially with my cousins wedding coming up and whenever that happens I just listen to the bird noises it offers. It’s so amazing! I go to Disney a lot and haven’t found the right thing to help me fall asleep because the neighbors next to my Disney room are always wild when they come back from the parks. I’ve finally found the right tool to help me go to sleep. At Disney, this helps me get a good night sleep and the best morning the next day. I’m always ready for the day and I love it so much. If you are a Disney lover and you know how much your neighbors are next to your Disney room are so loud after coming back from all the parks, definitely get this app. This is a must! Definitely get this app if you have trouble sleeping!
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5 years ago, EmilyKM12345
It’s like the baby whisperer
I downloaded this to help my one month old son fall asleep faster, and it works like a charm! I love the white noise and the pink noise options. I mixed both those sounds together and play them when I want my son to sleep. He’s a very content baby, most of the time, but he really struggles with falling asleep to the point where he will keep himself awake and get overtired. Almost as soon as I turn on the white noise, his eyes start to get heavy and it usually takes about 20 minutes or less for him to fall asleep. Without this it would be HOURS! we use this in the car to calm him down too because he absolutely hates being in the car seat. This usually helps soothe him to at least contentment and sometimes to sleep in the car as well. This app is an absolute must have for new parents! White noise is such a useful tool for fussy babies who don’t like sleeping like my baby, and this app is high quality! I don’t have the paid version and I think the free version gives me just what I need.
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5 years ago, SchoolGirls On Fiyah
These sounds are spooky and obnoxious! Even with the oscillator option off there's been times when while I'm asleep there's a sudden clap of thunder or crash of a wave that wakes me up..The piano songs are all so creepy, and the baby songs are one note types of songs not like symphonies. They get annoying quickly... The fireplace one sounds like a house burning down..not like a soft familiar crinkling you are familiar with... and idk who can sleep to the Shush option and the howling wind tunnel option..that's very very creepy...but I like creepy. Sometimes. I'm on the premium and sometimes it takes days to load the sounds. I'm glad they made the price more affordable and annual instead of a monthly thing like the trash apps out there have. Bottom line: good for conducting seances when you need some unsettling ambiance, not so much for sleep perhaps. Maybe if more soothing sounds were implemented or maybe redone recordings and the oscillation effects to stop...always open to hear new sounds though. I don't plan on getting off premium, but I also don't think these sounds will help me sleep very much at night...I just find it funny how they managed to take all the sounds that kept me wide awake at night and out them in a sleeping app...too funny..😅😵
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1 year ago, Stop dropping my reviews
Great app
Even with the 100% free version you get eight hours of ambient sound and the option to blend two sounds to customize what you hear. I use white and brown noise together when I sleep for example. You can also set a timer to have it stop playing when you want, so if say you just want to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon you can set it for an hour or whatever and wake up to the ~absence of noise~ versus some annoying alarm. It’s got other great features as well but if you’re just trying to sleep they’ve got just what you need. You get a lot more if you drop a few bucks but they don’t force you in to anything just to use the app. My only issue is that if you have to use your phone’s speaker then it will kill your phone overnight even if it’s charging. However this is likely more an Apple problem than a developer issue (like forcing me to close the app or listen to it over carplay…) so I don’t fault them for that.
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7 months ago, Giannaiscold
This is the best sleeping sound ever!
Okay starting off, I was out camping a while away from my home. The bedroom I slept in was so overly quiet. So I went on my phone into the App Store and started to look for some sleeping sound apps. This leads into getting the app. I couldn’t find any so then I texted my friend. Let me remind you,it was like 10:00 at night. Anyways, I texted her and this is what I said..”Hi! Sorry I know it’s late but my bedroom is overly quiet and is uncomfortable to sleep in. Do you have any sleeping sound app suggestions?” And she responded “Yes, there is one called white noise and you can pick your sound to sleep too.” I searched up white noise and got this app. I was so happy because when you listen to any of the sound effects it is 8 hours long! I love this app and it saved my camping trip. I was able to calmly sleep without being an uncomfortable camper!
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5 years ago, ddfgtes
Disappointed they’ve moved to a subscription model
I bought this app over a year ago and used it frequently. I paid for the premium upgrade to unlock all the sounds. I hadn’t used it in a while, and upon loading it when traveling I found out that a lot of the sounds were locked again and I had to upgrade to the subscription version of $50 a year to continue to hear them. As a previous customer I was told that I could get a free year as a sort of consolation prize; but what I really want is all the old sounds back I paid for and there doesn’t seem to be any way to retrieve them. I really don’t care about all the new sounds they’re adding to justify the subscription model, so what would have been a five star review is now a three star review. I’m not sure what’s up with developers moving to these subscription pricing models. The last thing I need is another subscription, especially on something I thought I had already paid for. These subscriptions by themselves aren’t a lot of money, but they do add up with everyone seemingly moving to this model.
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6 days ago, AliciaThrush
Excellent Customer Service and Worthy Download
I found this app from a Reddit thread on white noise apps with noises for babies. Boy, what a find! Not only are the sounds easy to navigate, the free version allows 8 hours of a continuous sound. I decided to make a huge ask for a new sound that wasn’t yet available. Our 6 week old enjoys the clothes dryer as it mimics the sound of the ventilator he was on while in the NICU for the first 4 weeks of his life. It was about 3 days after I sent the email that the new sound was uploaded and able to use! Our son was screaming in the backseat and after turning up that clothes dryer sound, he was quiet within 10 seconds. Thank you to the team for adding a new sound (and so quickly) and for making an exceptional app for us parents!
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4 years ago, Jujubeanlife
Ok, so I used to have trouble sleeping, like waking up in the morning with red eyes or whatever. That’s what my mom said. But when my friends told me to try White Noise, trust me I didn’t want to. But I did anyway. So when it first downloads, it’s gonna ask if you trying to calm da baby, of course I said no, then it’s like welcome to White Noise and stuff. Anyway, so when I tried it the first night, I woke up the next morning and looked in the mirror, can u guess what? I almost lost the red marks in my eyes! (From terrible sleeping til I downloaded the app) I had an amazing sleep! I really did sleep like I baby! I didn’t expect the sounds to actually calm my mind down in less than two minutes! But yeah, this app is AMAZING totally recommend it for y’all, bye. Also, just by the way, your friends are always right.
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4 years ago, 😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😄❤️
This Is Amazing!! :)))
I love this app!! It helped me fall asleep SO much faster! Sometimes I struggle to fall asleep, but with this app it helped me a lot! There is also so many sounds to choose from, even without the membership. There is Stuff like water, electronics (fans, washing machines AC, dryer, Dish washer, etc.) beaches, animal noises, nature, weather, ASMR, lullabies, classical music, and much more! There is also no adds, so you don’t have to worry about ads popping up on your phone while using this app. I definitely recommend that you get this app. Especially is you have trouble falling asleep. :) I personally use the sounds Airplane Cabin, River, Forest Creek, Fan, and sometimes more. I recommend these sounds, but of course this is your choice. I really think you should get this app! I really enjoy it! :)
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2 years ago, Staciemagril
Was great, now subscription model
You’ll see this is a trend in the reviews… As far as functionality and sounds, this really is an excellent app. I’ve tried many white noise apps, and I do prefer the sounds on this app. That said, I preferred the old payment model and the ability to buy sound packs or do a one-time purchase. I understand needing to pay the dev team, but a sub model with a yearly fee of $40 per year is crazy to me, especially for those of us who only ever use a few sounds. Maybe there could be two sub levels—one for people who want access to all sounds, and one that gives people like 5 additional sound “unlocks”. Seems to me there are a significant number of reviewers saying the same thing. If they offered sound packs or dropped their sub price by 50%, I think they’d see a huge increase in number of subscribers which, in turn, would generate more income.
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3 years ago, Calvin Winkle
Beautiful Sounds
At first I only used the free version of the app for brown and pink noise to help drown out a loud housemate to help me sleep. However recently I decided to investigate the rest of the sounds on the app, and have been delighted by the variety of water, wind, rain, bird, nature, and other sounds. Listening to the classical music now as I write this. I have ADD, and I have found that using this app to provide background noise or music helps me focus, and also helps my anxiety when people are making noises around me. I am still on the free trial, but I believe this app is definitely worth the $40 annual subscription. I used it to fall asleep last night, and looked forward to listening again today. 10/10, highly recommend from someone who is neurodivergent.
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5 years ago, Xxkempseyxx
Great App but wishing for more classical music!!!!
Great app!! I use it to mask the noise of loud, noisy, and chatty roommates. Thanks to the background feature I am able to listen to various sounds/music while listening to audiobooks which helps me stay much more focused than listening the the audiobook alone. My favorite sound while listening to audiobooks is the classical music. I really wish you add more classical music and maybe even some suspension/scary music/sounds to make listening to horror audiobooks even more interesting!! I also like listening to the various sounds as a meditation when I’m on the train/bus or even studying. It helps drown out the chaotic world and have some time to just breathe and relax and think about whatever.
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3 years ago, AcesHeustess
So good
After I moved into a four bedroom apartment, it became apparent that my roommates really liked to party, a lot. After about 20 days of sleep deprivation I was becoming desperate for a solution and downloaded White Noise. It allows you to create your own mix of different sounds to create what works for you. Personally, I fall asleep with a mix of airplane cabin, train, and light falling snow and I’ve pretty much trained myself to be able to fall asleep even when my roommates are blasting music and yelling in the living room, literally only a few feet away from my door. If you have problems like this, then yeah the yearly subscription is worth it if it means preserving your mental and physical health
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6 years ago, DLily406
So worth every penny; free version is awesome too!
This app!!! My newest FAVORITE thing ever!!! I used it for a few nights and then forgot to turn it on last night. I kept waking up like usual. The nights I did use this, I slept STRAIGHT THROUGH until my alarm went off. Not once did I even sorta wake up. There’s lots of good sounds in the free version, but out of desperation the night I downloaded it I paid the $13 for ALL the sounds and features. So worth it! I can set it to turn off half an hour before my alarm goes off so that it’s not keeping me in a deep sleep until the last second. Sooooo many great nature sounds to play! Also has “mechanical sounds” for those of you who need a fan or something. Highly recommend!!!
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6 years ago, Kenge894446
Perfect Option For Travel
We have an actual white noise maker we use at home. But we were recently on vacation and I was having trouble falling asleep. I remembered I downloaded this app while my daughter was a newborn in a desperate attempt to try something new to get her to sleep. Anyway, I decided to try the app again and was SO pleased. After it was on for a few minutes my husband asked what fan I turned on because he couldn’t feel any air. He wouldn’t believe it was my phone app and made me show him the app :) ONLY complaint is that the free version only lasts for 1 hour. But for $4.99 more (one time purchase) it can play for up to 12 hours. Which to me, $5 is worth a great nights sleep!
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7 years ago, Bree.!.!.!
Lifesaver For New Parents!
This app has been crucial during our daughter's first 6 months of life! If nothing else worked, the vacuum cleaner sound could always calm her. Playing it over the auxiliary cable in the car can even calm her during 5:00 traffic until we make it home. I love that the sound lasts for an hour and that you can set it to automatically start playing the last sound as soon as the app opens. This means calming baby even more quickly without having to fumble around the app to find the perfect sound. Super convenient for parents with full hands! This app was recommended to me by a friend who used it for her child as well. And it's free?! What else could you want?!
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2 years ago, krd25
Love it! Just one thing to note
I’ve been using this app for years and it has been my rock through high school and college. If I can’t sleep or my background is too loud to study in, boom, just use this app to relax and do my thing. About a month or so ago I had made a widget (iOS) on my screen, but as of a few days ago the widget is suddenly pitch black and not responsive. Not sure if this is an iOS update bug or if it is the app, but I’m hoping it will be fixed soon as it adds so much convenience! Great job developers and keep it up !! (Edit: everything works perfectly now! Highly recommend if anyone is considering a good sleep app)
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4 years ago, Cass650
I really like this app! I actually don’t use it to fall asleep often (I have in the past with noisy roommates and it works well) but I use it to study! I think it’s really great for keeping me focused and not get too distracted. I do have a suggestion though, I think that instead of buying a premium to get all of the sounds for $40 a year; I think it would be a lot better if you could just individually buy the locked sounds. I don’t want all the noises, and I would be willing to pay for the locked ones that I do want rather than pay for all of them for $40 (which I’m not going to do). Just something to think about, otherwise a great app!
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4 years ago, Wine & Cheese Please
Wonderful app. Lots of free choices, a two sound mix included, ability to play sound behind others apps (no upgrade required), plays for up to 6 hours, battery saver mode automatically turns the sound off if your phone gets to 20%... too many great things to list. I am an extraordinarily light sleeper who cannot sleep at all without ambient noise. I have a $100+ noise maker by the bed but I always use this app instead. The loop isn’t obvious (those of you with misophonia know what I’m talking about), and I really appreciate the mix. Thanks for putting, and keeping, me asleep every night!
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2 years ago, andreas0lis
Better than the Hatch white noise machine!
Soooo as a first time mom I bought a Hatch white noise machine while I was pregnant with my now 4 month old daughter. It had great reviews and was on all the must-haves lists I could find. Unfortunately the Hatch just didn’t do it for my baby. I tried all the noises, at all different volumes and nothing soothes my baby. Finally I found this app when baby was around 2 months and tried the shush/pink noise combo someone else recommended in a review and oh my goshhhh. My baby started falling asleep faster than she had ever before. Her dad and I have been using this app ever since.
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2 years ago, dweez92
Excellent app, slight limitations
I’ve been using this app for many years and it has saved me many a sleepless night. It has a lot of free features for those unable or unwilling to pay. Back in the day you could purchase “packs” of sounds. Something I found as an excellent option as I wouldn’t use all the available sounds myself. I understand developers need to make a living as well but the price for the subscription is something I just can’t afford. I would enjoy if something similar to small pack of sounds or even single tracks were available for purchase. In the meantime I will enjoy the current sounds I have
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12 months ago, bellamusky
My travel fan noise
I have been sleeping with a fan since my first child was born 32 years ago. It is the only thing that would get her to sleep and keep her sleeping throughout the night, I continued using a fan with my 2 boys, then of-course, mommy was addicted to sleeping with a fan too. This app is so amazing, it has been a lifesaver at times, and the fan sounds exactly like the fan we all have been using for so many years, my kids tell me they all use this app when they travel. Non of us can sleep without the fan noise, and who has room in their suitcase for a fan… not me.
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4 years ago, kelliboone617
Best purchase I made all year
I absolutely LOVE this app, especially paired with external speakers. The quality of the sleep sounds is unparalleled. The wave sounds like you are sleeping on the beach. The thunder apps sound like the real deal. I requested a train cabin sound and two weeks later, there it was! Maybe a coincidence, but I am SO pleased! I struggled with paying $50, but am SO glad I did. I literally use this every single night and have never been happier with an app purchase. I used to wake up every hour, but since I started using the Thunder Close sound, I sleep six hours straight, the first time in YEARS!! 100% recommended!! A+ product!!
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5 years ago, peter.alt
Works great, nifty details
We use this app on all our devices for our little girl. When she was born, the shushing sound worked great and now we moved on to the fan sound. She falls asleep quickly. We love the additional settings, like timeout and advanced Bluetooth settings. At night, we keep the white noise on only for 15 minutes, but during the day, when it’s noisier in general, we switch it to a couple of hours run time. Everything works as expected, we haven’t had any issues. We’re not using premium features. I haven’t experienced a single crash and I love that it works natively on my iPad as well.
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5 years ago, Quick It's Urgent
I hate hotels. Especially hotels My job tells me i have to stay in. Seriously, people are living in a space station orbiting the Earth in a zero gravity, no oxygen environment AND HOTEL DOORS STILL AREN’T SOFT-CLOSE? Anyway, i only travel with a carry-on which means no room for my Marpac. I came across this app while in Pittsburgh, desperately searching for comparable white noise. Yes, desperate and Pittsburgh often appear together. Anyway, this app is AWESOME. The sounds are incredible and they make getting some rest much more possible. Pro tip: if you have a really noisy environment and no Bluetooth speaker, blast your favorite sound thru your phone and place under your pillow!
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3 years ago, Monica Nason
Ocean windstorm
I had never given much thought to “noise” actually helping people to sleep better. I am a person that needs it to be perfectly quiet, dark & cold..that’s my ideal sleep environment. After having had COVID, I was left with some lingering health issues that were causing me to loose sleep. One night, I was laying in bed trying to go back to sleep when I thought about the whole “white noise” thing. I knew that just listening to the sound of a “fan” wasn’t going to put me to sleep ! I searched the App Store looking for a app that had sounds to help you sleep & I found your app !! I love that there is such a wide variety to choose from ! I found the noise that I thought would work best for me, and it did ! I now sleep through the night listening to my own personalized sleep noise … I absolutely recommend to anyone loosing sleep that they give this app a try, find a sound that works..and say “good night”.
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5 years ago, Xotiff17
I normally never write reviews but after last night I felt like I had to! I’m 7 months pregnant and can NOT sleep at night. Was averaging about 3 hours per night. Last night I didn’t fall asleep until 1am and woke up at 4:30am. I couldn’t get comfortable, I was wide awake, and so frustrated. My boyfriend laid next to me snoring away. I had the idea to look for a white noise app... and after choosing this one I put on the “Brown noise” (less high pitch than white noise) and it completely drowned out all other sounds in the room. I was asleep within 30 minutes and slept until 10am! Definitely my new go-to app!
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6 years ago, kookagirl
Finall can travel without a fan in my suitcase
I am so thrilled to have found this app. I always sleep with a fan which is so inconvenient when you travel. I always traveled with a small fan in my suitcase, I took up to much room n my bag and limited what else I could fit. I went away for the weekend to visit friends and forgot to pack it. I tossed and tuned ad finally searched my phone for a white noise fan app. Tried two before I found this one. I am so please with it. I No longer need to pack that fan when I travel and I’ve even started using it at home when I sleep. No more ugly fan on my nightstand.
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6 years ago, --MaDiSoN--kÜhLe--
it’s an amazing app and it is so calming to listen to. Sometime I’ll be in public and I’ll get really anxious all of a sudden, I just put my earbuds in and listen to it and I’m instantly calm. My favorite sound is the airplane cabin one. It also helps me go to sleep and is probably the best sleep sounds app I have ever downloaded, and I’ve had a lot of the really popular ones on the App Store. This is better than relax melodies and even the sounds on calm. I use this app for all my calming sounds, and the calm app for actual meditation. It’s a super great app, never crashes or has ads. I give it five stars and totally recommend it.
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1 year ago, Tribaljade
Almost too many options…
This app is really great. It’s definitely improved my sleep and I love that you can customize your own blend of sounds. My only issue is that it’s tedious to scroll through everything since there are so many options and new ones being added weekly. I would love to see the next update include drop down bars for each category – that way, if you have no interest in colored nose or lullabies or whatever, you don’t have to scroll through them. You can just collapse them and move on down the list quite a bit faster.
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5 years ago, Kathy M-T
I love this app for its white noise & fan sounds
I was traveling not to long ago, and had trouble falling asleep because I’m used to sleeping with a fan running and didn’t have one where I was staying. I’m glad I thought of searching for an app on my phone, and found Deep Sleep. I had questions about the app concerning the subscription and Al responded quickly to my message and I was happy to hear that there are 30+ free sounds, including the fan and white noise sounds which are my favorites! This app turned my night into a night of sweet slumber, rather than a night of sleep deprivation!
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6 years ago, mayaczki
I love it
I’m using only the free features of the app since I have troubles to fall asleep, not to stay asleep and to be honest one hour is even more than enough for me. My partner needs to fall asleep with full light and tv on while I need a complete darkness and silence. I put on my headphones, lovely crickets and I’m passed out in less than 5 minutes. I tired different noises and I highly recommend crickets. So lovely and peacefull. Oh and also, while you listen, keep thinking about positive things, like “I will fall asleep soon”. It has been proved that thoughts like this actually help to fall asleep faster ☺️
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6 years ago, Htown_lv
Great for newborns!
I have a 3 weeks old baby girl. The first week was rough as we were adjusting to her sleep patterns. I came across this app and thought I’d give it a shot. There is a sound that replicates sounds from inside the womb and wow what a difference it made! She’s now sleeping in stretches of 4/5 hours and she’s less fussy because she’s well rested. I ended up buying up so that it’ll play all night. I noticed within minutes of the sounds stopping she would get fussy and start to wake up so to save myself waking up every hour to hit play I had to cave. Totally worth it though!
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6 years ago, paigerrzzz
Just downloaded and very happy!
Just tried this app out and it’s wayyy better than other white noise apps I’ve tried. It still plays when your phone is locked so you don’t have to keep your phone open the entire time you use it. There’s also a pretty wide range of sounds. I was lookin I to buying a white noise machine but I’m really glad I found this app cause it’s free: my only complaint is I wish the rain/thunderstorm sounds were a little better- they’re all rain against a window or something which I don’t find very relaxing. But still a very nice app!!
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5 years ago, MrsWS21
Saving a light sleeper from Hell
Due to some health issues, sleep is a struggle for me and I am a very light sleeper. Small changes in routine or sleeping in places that are loud (hotels) almost always end in terrible nights. I bought this app while sharing a room and my colleague was snoring and it was one am and I wanted to saw my ears off. I found this and downloaded it and actually managed to get some sleep! From the bottom of my heart... this app helps me sleep better. I love Ocean Waves it is my favorite sound! I even use some of the sounds to help my students at school relax. Thank You and Good Job! Erin
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3 years ago, APC3!
Here for the Delta Waves
I typically have very broken sleep but I knew from past meditation videos etc, that the binaural delta waves really do improve my sleep. When I found this app where I can have them play all night instead of just a few hours (most videos) I was excited to try the free trial. Then I realized you can layer multiple sounds together for your own customer sleep track and it’s been some wonderful sleep. To me it is definitely worth the price to purchase the app after the trial.
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5 years ago, SadieJames23
HomePod issues
I have always slept with a fan but haven’t been able to find one loud enough for my needs lately. I tried this app with my HomePod and it is pure magic. I fall asleep so fast and stay asleep. I haven’t slept this good in years. The only problem is connecting to the HomePod. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If it stops for a minute I can’t get it to reconnect. I have to reboot my phone and try over and over again while missing out on sleep. If you sleep during the day like me or live in a noisy area try this app connected to a HomePod or other speaker. You’ll never be able to sleep without it.
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1 year ago, awesome Alexa app
App is great,, I like sleeping with White Noise. My dad doesn’t like it so I use a democrat places. It’s great. The timer works good., The timer works good, but this one night I was setting a timer for eight hours and it just went off by two minutes. I was super craved, but I just press the play button again this was very annoying, but I don’t know if it was a one time thing or not…. but today I set a timer for one minute and it actually work, so could you test the app please. I would like you to respond\\ seen
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3 years ago, srhgqqsf
Great for baby!
I’ve been using this app since my baby was like a week old. Started with a combo of the womb/heartbeat sounds when she was in our room and eventually moved on to ocean waves as our go to whenever we aren’t home/in her room where her air purifier serves for white noise. I’ve even accidentally pavloved myself so that now I get sleepy when I turn it on for her, and use it to get myself to sleep quickly. I love that the baby sounds are free, it has really been so instrumental.
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1 year ago, Kay hrl
The sounds are good but I wish you could do more with mixes
I like the sounds but I think that you should be able to make more mixes and more sounds in a mix without having to pay. I get the fact that you have to make money, and I get having sounds that you have to pay for but I feel like you should be able to make two mixes free, and it would be fine if you could only make one mix but you should at least be able to mix more sounds in. Now I really do like the sounds and the way you can do mixes I just wish that you could add more tracks to the mixes
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5 years ago, 01839273
Instant Deletion (Unexpected Scam)
Being a free app offering almost laughably minimal software (oh, fancy, you can play various background noises like you can with many other legitimately free apps), I was unexpectedly and instantly met with the message that I had an option for a “7-day free trial”. After which, apparently, I’d be expected to pay $39/month or something, just to listen to the persistent sound of static... or whatever other noise options will surely be mentioned by some vague developer response in a poor attempt at mitigation. When you have a stupid product, expect disappointing reviews, my guy. (Side-note: gotta love how Apple’s rating system works. Looks like a highly-rated app.......... until you sort by “most recent” and are bombarded by legitimized one-star tirades.)
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3 years ago, gigaelectronvolt
Helpful little app
This app isn’t just for falling asleep, but for staying asleep through background noise. The interface is a little clunky aesthetically, but the app is solid. The developer introduces new sounds frequently and has many sounds that are available without a subscription. You can play multiple sounds together to create your own personal mix, and the timer feature lets you decide how long to play the sounds.
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2 months ago, SunnyofDailyAmbrosia
This is essential!
I love the variety of sounds of this app, however I do wish more of them were free or even you could sample 60 seconds of it to know if it’s even what you’d want to upgrade the app for. With that being said, I love the ability to make “mixes” of your two favorite sounds. The womb and airplane cabin always lull me to sleep swiftly!! The sounds are able to turn up really loud so it helps to drown out whatever noises are going on outside of your room!! It’s perfect for sleeping peacefully and relaxed. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, 🏐🏀Baller🏀🏐
great app!!
So personally, I can’t sleep without a fan. This comes in so so so handy when i’m off traveling and i’m at hotels or i’m at my family members place and it’s absolutely silent. It has many many options, not only a fan. It has all kinds of white noises that you could imagine. Definitely, Definitely recommend it. I had trouble finding a white noise app actually and i downloaded the top 5 that came up and this was by far the most organized, useful and overall better app. 5 stars!
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3 months ago, chiken_nuget lover!
No premium required!
This app is great especially if you can’t afford premium. It has a wide variety of sound options and you can can adjust how long you want it to play. It can play for up to 8 hours without premium and 12 hours with premium. You can also play two sounds at once and adjust how loud you want each to play. This is an overall great app if you need a sound machine but can’t afford or don’t want to buy.
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2 years ago, Joce.lynfigueroa
I found out about this app from a family member who puts her kids to sleep with it, and it works great! While putting my nephew to sleep, it was so relaxing I just wanted to join the child and sleep too! It has great free choices like, you can add a mixture of two sounds, and it has plenty to choose from. I also really enjoy the fact that it has a timer, so I don't have to worry about the sounds playing all night. Overall, great app:)
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2 years ago, Danamang
Needs independent volume control
You can run it in the background but the volume is tied to whatever other app you have open. This would be perfect if you could lower the noise volume independently so it didn’t drown out whatever else you are listening to. **Updating this review. You can actually mix the sound independently from other apps. This is fantastic and I am glad the devs replied to this and pointed out how to do it. Kudos to them. My only other want out of this program is to load custom sounds into it. I have bad tinnitus and some of the sound options available in the app are not as good as specific frequency white noise that I have files for and want to run in the background on this iPad. This would be a five star App if that option was available. Either way, this is now the best white noise program I’ve found on the App Store.
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4 years ago, CheetahReveiwGirl
Sad 😢
I LOVE the sounds I just wish you didn’t have to pay more! I don’t like the mechanical sounds so there aren’t many other options for me I just want sleeping music! These peeps keep coming out with new sounds and then locking them! I don’t do in app purchases so all I want is for someone to unlock some stuff Other than that I really like the color changing seatings and how you can add a timer but I dont get why I should have to pay for adding stuff to my mix and extending the timer, add a few adds but please unlock stuff because this is not okay! 😢😢😢
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