White Noise Lite

Health & Fitness
4.8 (202.9K)
88.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for White Noise Lite

4.83 out of 5
202.9K Ratings
4 years ago, scate727
Puts me to sleep every night
Be sure to get the White Noise Market app if you get this, with both of them you have the best and widest selection of free sounds you can get on apps like these hands down. If you've already tried of all the sleep apps that lock out all the good sounds unless you pay, you'll really appreciate this one. Tons of free sounds publicly uploaded and some uploaders even take requests. Even the premium sounds are free at a slightly lower quality. You'll find anything from beautiful thunderstorms to some dude squishing puddy in his hands. After you've found all the sounds you can search for on the market you can put them all into your own mix, change the pitch, position where you want the sounds to be. i like letting the sounds roam around freely in my headphones and you can even change the speed at which the sounds move around. I love how much freedom this app combined with the Market gives you for free. I'll spend my money on the premium version of this before I spend a penny on the other apps trying to sell me a limited amount of sounds i can't even preview in a mix first. Glad I got this one and I can delete all the other apps i've tried. The fact this app has helped me sleep for the past couple months while being diverse enough that i can always try something new with it deserves all my appreciation
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12 months ago, Sydney Rider
My White Noise Review As to Why You Should With Emphasis Download This App
I really truly do love this app because I can use it anywhere I am, even if I’m in a hotel in a big hotel room, where there’s lots of other people around me so that I can both fall asleep and stay with emphasis asleep at night without interruption and problems from babies screaming to babies crying in anger and frustration of hunger and chaos, somebody vomiting in the middle of the night, early, early, early, early morning vomiting to somebody using the toilet or taking a shower really early in the day, your house alarm going off downstairs because you’re still asleep at 9:45 AM and somebody downstairs got up at like 9:30 AM to a door being opened at night because somebody is freaking out because an epileptic person is seizing and having a seizure, from somebody making a bunch of noise next to you to somebody talking next to you while you’re trying to fall asleep or are asleep and you’re telling them to please be quiet, please stop talking, be quiet, stop talking, please shut it, shut it, shut up, please shut up, etc. Obviously, don’t ever say shut up to somebody, instead, say, hush, please hush, or please remain quiet, please get quiet, asap, as soon as possible, fast, and quick, quickly.
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3 years ago, MommyJoy12
Still in love
Everyone should have this app then learn how to use it to make your life better. I’ve had this app since my first smart phone and I still love it. We have 8 children now and I love to travel and visit a variety of places. This app makes it so easy to help them have a good nights sleep wherever we are. We can all sleep in the same room if needed and not be terribly worried we’ll wake up like sleep-deprived Zombies. I absolutely love the clock feature! When in landscape, I’m able to see the time from across the room with a color of my choice conducive to our needs. This is especially helpful if the phone needs to be particularly close to a certain child. It is so nice to see the time at anytime through out the night without even touching my device. It is my travel sanity. It is also handy when mom (or anyone) needs to catch a nap, but the background noise is a bit too much (even when they are trying to be quiet) or I need to be in the same room, but want to override their whispers to concentrate better.
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6 years ago, Yo estoy dat gurlzzz
Love it!! No longer need melatonin nor caffeine!
I have not been able to sleep well for a very long time, as a result of mental health issues, homework, and other stressors. It would take three melatonin pills, a heavy fan, and a humidifier in my room to get me to sleep more than 8 hours. Even after sleeping for 12 hours, more than three times my normal sleep time, I woke up feeling half dead. I consumed a lot of caffeine as a result, with 2-3 coffees a day and a red bull in the mornings. I needed help, and my doctor/neighbor/friend recommened this app. I had tried other white noise apps before, but none really worked. This was not the case for this app! Never had I used a white noise app with so many options. The volume and several other settings are adjustable, and the diversity and range for this app is astounding. My struggles were almost cured, I can sleep longer and less fitfully without drugs. I wake up feeling refreshed to some degree. The best part- it's free!!! 10/10, would recommend.
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3 years ago, Riley Delles
Great App!
This app is really great, and it lets you choose from a bunch of different sounds, such as rain, ocean waves, camp fire and many more! It also includes kinda strange sounds like vacuum, hair dryer, crowded room and heartbeat. My favorite sound is cars driving, and if you combine it with rain on a car roof, it’s very relaxing! Oh yeah, you can combine sounds! If you create mix, you can combine as many sounds as you want to create a really good sound! Some good one are rain storm and cat purring, cars and rain on a car roof, and ocean, wind, fire, and jungle! You can also record your own sounds! You can record something out in nature, or something at home if you’re going on a long trip, and if you get sick of the sounds they have, there’s a website where you can download additional sounds put up by the community completely for free! I’m gonna stop now, cause I sound like a commercial. 10/10 would white noise again!
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7 years ago, Cyborge No More
Wake up feelin like BEYONCÉ
You will literally wake up feeling like a goddess. Listen people life is crankin. Constant sleep deprivation is a way of life. I wish I'd been the guy who invented Starbucks because regardless of what anyone tells you that's what America runs on and I'd be a millionaire. Sleep had become a distant memory in my life, like a lover from the past. THEN. WAIT FOR IT. Like a sunny day in the black of winter, this app rushed in and turned my world upside down. It was a whole new world, literally a dazzling place I never knew. Now I drift off to sleep to the sound of running water and when I awake I feel as if I've been handed free ice cream on a sweltering day. I feel alight, refreshed, and full of new belief that I will make it. I can conquer. No longer will I live like a cyborg with no feeling and complete disdain from lack of sleep. I can be better. I can be anything. Most days, I want to be BEYONCÉ. So...if you're weary, if you're tired, if you're running out of options, get this app, because your worth it and you too can Bey anything your wanna Bey.
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6 months ago, Lady624bug
Love the white noise lite
This is such a great app. I only have the lite app, but really I see no reason to pay for one when this gives me all I need. There are many different sounds from which to choose, the ads only scroll across the bottom of the screen and I am not even looking at the screen when it is on because I am either using it to help me fall asleep or I am using it to mute out other sound when I’m reading or praying. I have used this app for a couple years now, and I really love it. Thank you! Also, I noticed that slot of people are complaining about the ads. I don’t get it. I don’t have any audible ads. They are all on the screen. The noise ( I usually use pink) continues regardless of ads. For those who complain that the ads cause the audio to turn off, did you try turning your phone off then on again?
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6 years ago, Catlover24675
White Noise Addict
I am literally addicted to white noise because I can not stand silence. It’s constantly on at home and I also keep on constantly at work. (Luckily I have a private office). If I’m in a room in my house where I don’t have a white noise machine, I use this app. I also use the app when I travel instead of packing one of my machines because It’s so much easier. I like the variety of noise this app offers—pink noise is my favorite. The volume is great- it definitely goes up loud enough to not only block out silence, but also block out unwanted noise. I have peace of mind knowing that if one of my white noise machines stops working that I can just use this app until it can be replaced, and I’ll still have decent white noise. I definitely prefer this app over the Marpac Dohm white noise machine, which is one of the top white noise machines on the market. This is a great app, and I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, mfourur
Can combine it with other audio!
As my anxiety has gotten worse it has gotten harder to quiet my mind at night, and I often found myself lying awake for hours even with my ambient sounds (from another app). Listening to podcasts helps calm my mind but the intro music/laughter/inconsistent volume/etc. can make them difficult to sleep to. I researched ambient noise apps that could play with other audio and fortunately found this one! You can even adjust the audio balance between the two. Now I fall asleep quickly to my favorite podcast/rain noise combination :) The customization options are really impressive, especially for a free app! My only suggestion is that the audio balance could be pushed even further as the podcast audio is still quite loud even at the lowest setting, but this app has been such a blessing I really cannot complain.
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12 months ago, ILoveToWatch
Not at someone’s mercy ever again!
I was never in control of my own sleep. I was always at the mercy of a neighbor’s lawnmower, a barking dog, a loud party, my daughter’s music in the room next door or my husband’s late shower. And I was dragging around grumpily with a lack of sleep headache to prove it. Then I learned about white noise for babies. But why should they get to sleep uninterrupted and not me? Now I can decide when and how long I want to sleep. The rest of the world is finally welcome to go about its business. You can’t bother me! And whenever I hear anyone complain or blame someone else for their lack of sleep, I have no sympathy. Take charge of it with white noise. Yes, it does take awhile to get used to. But how important is your sleep to you? Do you want to sleep or just keep complaining about it? Sleep or get out of the bedroom!
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2 years ago, ocean*et
2 years, 300 days, 18 hours, 49 minutes….of peace
This app is exceptional. I’ve been using the free version for years, and am at the point where I feel like I should just send them money, because it has been a staple of my life for so long now. I have my own custom mix of sounds, ocean waves and rain falling and a cat purring and rain on a car roof, in a balance that soothes my nervous system as soon as I hear it. The sound quality is excellent, the mixer is easy to use, the app has been reliable for…I don’t know how long I’ve been using it. Maybe 10 years? However long, the amount of time in the title is the amount of time I’ve been actually listening to the app. Could not recommend this more strongly. This is the one you’ve been looking for.
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1 year ago, Jeff Pham
I liked the old version better
I've been using this app almost everyday for a decade and I love that it always was free to use. The app basically stayed the same for years and I like that it is very simple and doesn't take up a lot of space compared to other sound mixer white noise apps. However, I don't like the new UI layout with the words written on the menu buttons on the screen which doesn't look very good (the old one just shows a simple minimalistic icon which is easy to understand). Also, the banner ad has been moved further up which gets in the way and is a distraction, I liked the old version better with the banner ad at the very bottom. I still love the app but wished these changes weren't made, I hope the developers could add an option to make the UI look like it did before.
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4 years ago, teamsometimessleeps
If you like to sleep...
Been using this app since my baby was 1 month. After 3 hrs of my baby nonstop crying because he fights his sleep & momma wasn’t getting any sleep my husband took him to the bathroom and turned the faucet (a tip from his pediatrician) and he instantly fell out! Of course it annoyed me that my husband had him for 2 mins and he put him to sleep. So I did some research and found this app. Thank god, if not for this app our water bill would’ve made us homeless. I am able to sleep train with it and it also puts my husband to sleep which is a plus! Now my baby knows what time it is when he hears “heavy rain” and it’s convenient because you can use your phone normal while it’s on. So get your Bluetooth speakers and leave it at their crib side and Go about your business with your phone.
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7 years ago, LoriAgent
Good App, glad I have it
I live in an apartment and have two small dogs, one of whom barks at every voice, every car door, every other animal she hears in the parking lot. I used to keep the TV, radio, or floor fan running to muffle the street noises so she didn't hear them. With this app I was able to record the sound of the fan running and play that instead over a bluetooth speaker sitting next to her bed. No more TV or radio playing when I don't want to listen to it! The "fan" sound totally calms her and keeps her from barking, all without running a real fan. I feel this way is safer, cheaper, etc. AND, an added bonus is the volume control. I can turn the white noise on at a lower volume level than the volume of the floor fan and get the same result. This app is a daily stable in my home.
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6 years ago, wildflower🌻
Block out that external noise!
I got very accustomed to the noise of an idling engine to create that white noise while on the job. Used the little fans to create some sort of white noise and they are pretty awesome and have done the trick but over the years the motors have gotten QUIETER and the arent as efficient at creating that turbine engine sound. Plus it can be a pain to travel with the small fan... ( takes up too much room !! ) White noise really blocks out noise! Ive only used the air conditioner sound and its great for travel since all i needis the ear buds. Last monday I stayed at a motel room in Kenley, NC. and I slept so hard and actually woke myself up 2 times from my snoring because the White Noise app worked so well!! Let it be known I was WELL RESTED & HAPPY for the long day ahead because of this app! I recommend.
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5 years ago, Phil DeGrave
Awesome but I have recently encountered a problem
I love this app. I quite literally can’t sleep without it. I have been using it for many years; however, with version 7.4.4, I have begun to experience a sleep-interrupting problem, the volume unexpectedly (and on its own) suddenly increases to full. I sleep with head phones plugged in (so the brown noise doesn’t disturb my wife). I will be fully asleep and then suddenly the volume will go full blast, jolting me awake. The volume control stops responding. I turn it down, but it immediately returns to full blast. This happens until I close the app completely. I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 12.0.1. I use standard Apple headphones. Again, no problems for years. This probable started after I updated the app. Still love the app, though.
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3 years ago, EA1982
This app does wonders!
When I was pregnant with my first child I didn’t know what I was getting into. Apparently I was pregnant with an owl because all my child did was sleep in the day and dance in the night. I thought that because I was swaying her in the day but laying still in the night might have been the reason this was happening, I was wrong . When she was born she never went to sleep . It’s like she always wanted to know what was happening, well I couldn’t blame her because I’m like that too. But I had noticed something. When I moved to our duplex we lived by the ocean, had a stream by our house ,and when we moved in it was raining a lot. I had been using white noise because I had the same problem. This app has saved me so much trouble ! Should really check it out!
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1 month ago, a nickname or try again
Reliable and high quality
I’ve been using this app to sleep for so long that I just discovered I have over a year of listen time on ONE of my old favorite sounds. App works like a dream. Lots of great sound selection — there’s like 7+ different rain sounds alone — that were seemingly picked with phone speakers in mind for the best overall sound. Never had any issues with interruptions in all my years of using this. And if you wanna get fancy and make your own sounds or mix theirs, the app will let you do that, too, in addition to having stop/start sound alarms and timers. Really I don’t know what else you could possibly want out of a soundscapes app that this one doesn’t already provide at high quality.
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3 years ago, why are no nicnames availbe
I love this app so much and whenever I go on vacation I won’t fall asleep without it. It has so many sound like airplane, rain, cat purring, and lots more and there’s like light rain, heavy rain, and extreme rain, and you can even change the sound with a wide range of volume. I also love how you can make a mix with different sounds including the ones you recorded yourself, yes you can record your own sounds and mix them with others, making the volume for one loud and one soft you can even completely customize the volume differences. I love this app so much and want to thank the developers for making it! Don’t even think twice if you are looking for a noise app GET THIS ONE!!!!
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4 years ago, sowritesauds
Drains phone battery
I’ve been using the free version of this app for years, and love the quality and variety of the sounds, but it completely drains the battery of my iPhone every time. Last night I had my iPhone charged to 97%, turned it on battery saver mode, and closed all other apps and location services off, before turning on the White Noise and setting an alarm for 8 hours later. White Noise was the only app running on my phone. Woke up when the white noise turned off 8 hours later and my phone was completely dead. The battery drain happens every time I use the app without my phone being on the charger, whether I start at 40% battery or 100%. I prefer not to keep my phone on the charger overnight for several reasons - fire safety, protect battery life - but I can’t risk using this app and missing an important alarm due to a dead phone.
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4 years ago, annalieseagain
New Update Has Broken My App, Been A Favorite For Years
I have used this app consistently for years. I have even logged over 100 days of listening! I prefer it to other white noise, such as the kind offered by paid apps such as Sleep Cycle or Headspace. There really is just nothing that works as well. However, the app was just updated and now my sounds aren’t working. I hit play and nothing comes out. I’m not sure if this is a glitch on my end (I just imported my first sound from the White Noise Marker, though I would hope that doesn’t break my app). However I am pretty sure it’s related to the new update. I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but I would love a fix so I can use this fantastic app again! TL;DR— This is a fantastic app (the best for white noise) and I would rate it 5 stars if the most recent update had not rendered it unusable.
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3 years ago, Heaving Seraph293
Excellent except for just one tiny issue
I absolutely love this app!!!! I’ve already picked a handful of the sounds on it as my favorites for any time I just want a little peace and relaxation!!!! This app is perfect for that!!!! My only issue is the fact that every sound comes with it’s own photo, for example, the “stream water flowing” sound comes with a photo of a flowing stream. These are beautiful pictures. So it sort of bothers me that I can’t seem to get rid of the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Meaning, play, fast forward, etc. . In short, I’d really appreciate it if you would please fix this issue. Otherwise, this app is one of my favorites! Thanks for the great work!
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2 years ago, papaya chick
Used for 4 years, but….
I have found this app to be the best for me to use for background noise when I’m sleeping. I use the pink noise through a speaker, turn on airplane mode and connect thru bluetooth. But I have had to delete and reload the app probably 20 times or more over the years-when I have it all set up, I close the screen(too bright) turn the phone over and place on my nightstand and it stops playing. Always the same way. After I download once again it will work for a while but it always happens again. The fix I have used works but wish I didn’t have to do this repair and that the app would just continue to work the way it should. That’s the one star removed reason.
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5 years ago, 0 nicknames available
Battery Leech
This has been a great app that I have used for years. I would give it 5 stars until the last update. Recently, after the last update, it drains my iPad. Today, my iPad wasn’t in use from the time I got out of bed until I sat down to relax for the evening. 14.5 hours later, my iPad had gone from 100% battery charge to 7%. It’s a new iPad Pro so it’s not a battery issue. I have been closing the app in the morning and did it again this morning because I thought that would prevent the battery drain. Apparently not. I rechecked to make sure that I had closed it down and I had. I checked the battery status in the settings and it shows that this app was the culprit. Please fix this. Thanks.
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7 years ago, MonSta19
Terribly Helpful
Living in third world countries as a family of missionaries, this app has helped us immensely to make any sleeping environment instantly normal. Same noise, same deafening of ambience, and four fantastic sleeping children is a HUGE PLUS! We have even used this white noise app in airports while our little ones napped on benches. Seriously, this is a lifesaver and I am so thankful we stumbled across this app years ago. I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars because this app has never had a single flaw or problem in the 4 years we have had it. Same trusty app for years and years of amazing sleep. And my kiddos even enjoy playing with the different sounds to kill time too. Thank you, for this OUTSTANDING app!!!!
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6 years ago, Swopinator
Sound stops when switching apps
This app earned my 5-star rating until I learned its one very inconvenient hiccup. It, without a doubt, has the best sound of any I’ve heard yet - even better than my embarrassingly high-priced standalone sound machine. Truly, the only drawback is that you can’t go into any other apps without the sound turning off. For some people who may use this app only for sleep that is absolutely no problem. For me, however, that is a more bothersome problem as I use my phone for contacting clients, navigation, scheduling appointments, etc. When my relaxing zen mindset is interrupted because I need to answer an email, it takes me a good few minutes to get back in the zone. If they ever allow this app to continue in the background while using other apps, I would gladly reinstate my five star rating.
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2 years ago, Well rested Girl
White Noise
I love this app already !! I just downloaded it and already created my own mixes of white noise(s)! There are SO MANY options to pick from! You can listen from only one white noise of your choice and set how long to play the sound and when. Personalize/ create your own white noise mixes), as well as the duration of time! A special option to detail (love this) your own clock! U can pick a digital or modern clock as well as whatever (there’s many) color you like. Which will be displayed while white noise is playing, if you’d like. I can go on, but I give this app 5 stars!! I especially appreciate this particular app for all of the (free) options .
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6 years ago, finally at rest
Awesome app
I have a lot of trouble shutting off my mind and blocking out noises when trying to slow down and go to sleep or focus. The sounds help me block out the noises that keep me alert and light sleeping. I love the night crickets, they take me back to my childhood home in the mountains of Virginia in my parents log cabin. In that familiarity I am relaxed and at peace. I have been using this app for a week now and it has helped with my sleep quality tremendously. I have started using the other white noise options as well at work when studying new plan reviews and projects. I intended to use it more and more in my day to day life for relaxation and meditation. Highly recommended and it is life changing.
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3 years ago, bayoulu
Traveling with White Noise
I love traveling with White Noise. I'm a light sleeper so if I'm traveling I take my small, portable Bluetooth speaker and connect with this app, whether it be in a hotel or a hostel and then I don't care what's going on around me... the "air conditioner" drones all the loud, extraneous noise out! Love that! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the app shuts off if you close out of it... I tend to put it on to go to sleep and then remember five other things I want to do on my phone... unfortunately, I don't remember them all at the same time! So it's like, I turn the app on, remember I need to do something else on my phone, the app automatically shuts off and then I have to restart it... x 5! lol!
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7 years ago, Timooooooihunt hehehsns
Puts me to sleep every time
Best app ever! I've had this app for about a year now and I listen to it when I've had a long day and need a quick nap, it puts me to sleep right away within minutes the sounds are so soothing! Love how you can mix and match the sounds as well, some of the sounds overpower the others but you can now make one sound louder and another sound quieter. Which is great. I also listen to this when I fall asleep at night, and waking up to the sounds of a fire with crickets chirping with a river flowing, man oh man it's great! I love the outdoors so it makes me feel like I'm actually camping or backpacking but I'm in the comfort of my own bed! 10/10 would recommend.
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3 years ago, pizza free🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕
This app is amazing! It helps me sleep every night! On school nights I normally stay up late, but I just put on the sound “Rain On Lake” and I sleep instantly. There are also ways you can combine your favorite sounds, and you can also make playlists. You can set alarms and there are so many relaxing sounds. Now I don’t have to spend money on a 20 dollar sound machine with 4 sounds, I can just use this app with 40 sounds for free. I very much recommend this app because it has impacted my life. I originally downloaded it for fun and it ended up being amazing. Thank you for this app a because it has made me sleep better!
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2 years ago, Campnurseg
Used to love it
This is the app that I’ve used when traveling as I have a standalone white noise machine at my house. But this most recent update is basically trash. Had to take my phone off silent to hear anything - which means that I have to remember to put it on ‘do not disturb’ or I’ll be woken up by every call/text/snap/etc. that’s not a good business model for someone that uses this as a travel nurse. I’m exhausted after night shift. Plus I can’t lock my screen anymore or it stops playing? Why? Why was that a necessary update? So while I’ve enjoyed using this app for YEARS (like as long as it’s been around) you’ve completely screwed it up and I need to find a new one. Every part of this most recent update was unnecessary. If I could give this update zero stars, I would. Update: Good to know that 2 months later you’ll get back to people. Don’t pay for this.
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6 years ago, LaBlancaLoca
White noise
Before I found this app I was sleeping with my hairdryer on at night. I have MS and nights are harder for me to fall sleep. I can sleep like a baby in the daytime. With the white noise app I don't need my hairdryer and I fall asleep within 15 minutes. I set the timer to shut off and never even hear it turn off. I don't use many of the different sounds but two so the lite version is good enough for me. I recommend this app to friends and will continue to use it. The only down fall is I wish the app would stay open when going off the screen. You can't do anything with the sound on. If you go anywhere else on phone the app stops.
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4 years ago, Brook the teddy bear lover
nice but creepy sounds
(apologies in advanc for the long review) I always use the air conditioner sound and it really helped me sleep but the one time I tried listening to the stream water flowing I swear I heard someone drowning and it was super creepy. It was a few minutes into the sound and it started with lots of splashing which seemed normal-ish but then I heard a man gasping for air and more frequent splashing and it really freaked me out. Then a few months/maybe a year later (a few nights ago for me) I was listening to the air conditioner (which I've listened to nearly every single night for years) and I heard 8-bit music? But then it became a much lower pitched sound and so I paused it and resumed it to see if it would stop and then I heard talking. Really weird. It doesn't bother me too too much, I'm just leaving this (along with the bad review, sorry) for anyone else looking for similar things. Otherwise nice app :')
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5 years ago, Cliff_787
A Very Helpful App
This free app plays soothing natural sounds (“white noise”) that allow me not to hear conversations or music around me that would keep me from concentrating on my work or reading or from falling asleep. I am an audio learner, so I’m very bothered by irrelevant talking, singing, music, street noises, etc. Thus I find this app very helpful. My only quibble is that the app plays only when it is in the foreground, meaning that I can’t read or look things up on my phone without the soothing “white noise” ceasing to play. I thus need to use two devices if I want to use it and be online at the same time, one device for the app and another for everything else.
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4 years ago, Player 152724
Turns off when phone is locked **UPDATED**
Update: I’ll put the update here first so nobody reads my rant first and stops there... Turns out it was an iOS update that turned off the background audio. Thanks to the developer for responding to my review to let me know. I’d suggest adding that somewhere in the app description if it’s not already there. Also, I enjoy the ability to record & make my own mixes to sleep to. I have beach waves, waterfalls, summer thunderstorms, and my favorite is a babbling stream in the woods. It’s like capturing an audio “snapshot” of places I’ve been. Original rant: (sorry, my bad) What were you thinking with this update, besides forcing users to upgrade to the paid version? If you have to leave the phone unlocked, it overrides “do not disturb” thus making the app useless for white noise to sleep with. Seriously? I honestly don’t think $0.99 is too much to ask, and would gladly have paid that, but this just reeks of greed. What happens when you decide to up it to $1.99 on the next update? Or $4.99...
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3 years ago, Goodgranola
Great app!
I love this app because first of all, you can close your device and the sounds are still going! The second reason I love this app is because it has a lot of sounds and you can combine them as well. I have more reasons as to why I love this app but I do have one suggestion. I think that you should add a waterfall sound where you can hear the water dripping into the stream after going down. I tried mixing sounds to make it sound like that but it didn’t sound the way I was hoping. I hope you can take my suggestion. But overall I love this app! Confirmed 10/10!
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7 years ago, MeggO32
Love and highly recommend
I love this app so much! We have a 2 month old who still sleeps in our room at night and he loves the brown noise and ocean waves crashing. We turn the app on with our phone or iPad and he is asleep within seconds. The background noise has also helped him to start sleeping through the night now that he doesn't hear cars beeping and the neighbors dogs barking at random hours of the night. I also love using this app when I need a quick power nap during the day and I don't want to hear the tv downstairs or my husband and daughter talking. I never take the time to rate apps but this one deserves it!!
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3 years ago, butterskitti
Fantastic app!
I checked into a hotel a couple days ago. The ac shuts off after it reaches a certain temp as does the fan. I always sleep with a fan on even in the winter because I need that noise! I was laying in bed going thru my Rain Rain app but it didn’t have anything like I was looking for. I was going crazy with how quiet it was and thought I’d never sleep. So I looked and found this app. Could not believe they had an oscillating fan on there. I literally fell asleep in probably 30 minutes! I love it! I love all the different sounds. But that fan sounds just like a fan! I love it! Thank you!!!!
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4 years ago, meiguoren135
White noise app
I was trying to give this app four stars but the “send” kicked in too soon. I used to travel with a Marsan (I don’t have the brand name quite right) white noise machine because it makes such a difference to my sleep. It’s what I use at home. But it takes up a lot of room in a suitcase so I was very happy to discover this app on my phone. I like the brown noise setting because it’s a steady sound — no rising and falling. I’d urge people who think a background noise will seem intrusive to try this app. You get used to it very quickly and it can mask noise in a hotel hallway, for example, and give you more uninterrupted sleep.
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1 month ago, Zelda_Unicornz
Just great since 2015
So I’m using a phone passed down to me in like 2015 and this app was on the phone but ever since I got this phone I’ve genuinely never been able to sleep without it. Overall, even with a very old phone it still functions great even if it’s on a bad phone. What I’m trying to get at is it’s very useful if you are the type to want to sleep with something, say, a fan going. They offer plenty of sounds to fit your white noise needs and you can make your own as well. Really really good app since forever and it’s been super helpful 😭😭
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7 years ago, _StarWarsDogs_
This is an amazing app it usually takes me like an hour to sleep when I'm in my bed and when I'm at my aunts house I sleep in their room. They put white noise on (the fan one) and boom. I'm fast asleep and I sleep in so late with it usually I wake up early or wake up in the mid of the night and grumpy in the morning. I recently had a flood (pipe broke) and so we have to tear out all our floors and our kitchen right now they blocked off the kitchen so mold doesn't come. We have fans and humidifiers and they r super loud and annoying so I use white noise to distract me from it and it works! ITS SUCH A GOOD APP YOU MUST GET IT! Wow I didn't realize how much I typed lol
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7 years ago, Amanda_Schumann
Reality checker
I suffer, and I mean suffer, from adult nightmare syndrome. I have a sever trauma from my past that manifests in my sleep. I dream so vividly that it feels completely real. I'll think I've told people things, and in reality I only dreamed I did. My sleep stats are utterly ridiculous. My therapist diagnosed me with PTSD, and recommended I find something to play at night to help me. Playing this while I sleep does not stop my nightmares--but when I do wake up and hear the tone I've chosen, I know I'm safe. So, I still have nightmares, and startle awake--but hearing my tone instantly calms me; because I know I'm home safe in my bed, and not trapped in my dream.
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9 months ago, Jaymbabe26
For kids and adults
My 7 yo daughter has a difficult time calming her mind and body at the end of the day, as does this mama of hers. We’re into “Rain on the Lake” right now. A real box fan is the sound both of our children are used to since infancy. When traveling we tend to choose “box fan” to give the kids the familiarity of sounds at home. It helps when they’re in a new or unfamiliar place. Anyone that has children knows it can be difficult getting them to wind down when not having the normal bedtime routine. You won’t regret this download.
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12 months ago, Bassboater
white noise app
very versatile, the autoplay feature helped. the free version soo helped me get thru my bout of tinnitus. still batteling but ent think it will get beter. i had 1.5 days of silence pure bliss blue tooth cheap ear buds swap out as 1 bud battery died made swap over to the other ,made it bearable especially to sleep the white noise and the configurable thunder/rain storm, i swapped between the 2 thanks for the free app!!!!!! Edit: Bought the app, its been awhile and this app probably saved my sanity. Still fighting the tendinitis but it’s gotten better and I’m able to tolerate it better. runs nonstop in my office. Thanks again.
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6 years ago, Davidbloom
Best white noise app hands down
They don’t cheap out on the free version or clog the user experience with ads. It is easy to use with great variety of sounds. But there is a small thing that I never thought about until I started commuting from Seattle to NYC on the red eye. I can listen to the soothing sounds of rain for more than 5 hrs across and barely impact my battery. That’s great engineering. Apparently on my red eye this week the people in the row in front chatted half way across the country. I slept in happy oblivion thanks to my Bose noise cancelling headphones and this white noise app. I got to New York down only 5% battery. Amazing.
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2 years ago, Roy848373838
Just perfect for white noise
Ever since I moved into my last apartment building and didn’t like when it was too quiet, I’ve been playing this on my iPad. So basically, two years straight and it hasn’t failed me. It seems to not even use much power, so I can run it the whole day and it barely depletes the battery too (I usually do between 20%-40% iPad speaker volume). Highly recommend “Airplane Travel” and “Air Conditioner” as good alternatives to standard white/brown/pink noise. I can’t think of any reason to get a physical white noise machine when this works just great.
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7 years ago, Do you really need my name?
I wish the sounds would continue in the background
I like this app for the most part. I like the recordings, but the sounds only play when the app is open, meaning you can't start the sounds and switch to another app or the home screen and have the sound continue. Once you leave the app, even if it is still open in the background, the sounds stop. I don't just use white noise apps for sleep, they help with my tinnitus, and also with stress, so having the sounds play while in another app is preferred. It doesn't matter if the sounds are better than other apps, if you can't always use it the way you want to...
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5 years ago, Bhallman._08
White noise has changed my life.
Hi, I’m Braydon Hallman and I’m 12 years old. I have grown up having night terrors and every time I went to sleep I would get scared. My mom started useing white noise and I always thought why she would always wake up energized. After i talked to my self I downloaded white noise. I used it for the first time and it was amazing. I was never scared because I could hear the noises of nature. From the point on from downloading white noise I never got night terrors again. Thank you to the people that thought of white noise and what you have done for me. I recommend you to downloading white noise.
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1 year ago, edc1714
Unreliable, can’t wait to delete
Update: still terrible and has ruined my night for the last time. I use this app for sound overnight for my daughter who needs it to sleep. Was already iffy trying a new app. It worked well for a little while and now almost every night it ends up just turning off. So I have to close and re open the app over and over until it plays, waking my daughter up. I’ve never had more hatred towards an app considering it’s supposed to be sleep sounds. Every other feature on the app is nice but now It’s starting to increasingly turn off more often too. Mind you it’s not my phone, Ive never had this issue with any other app of any kind. Can’t wait to delete it when I order a sound machine. Do not recommend only because of that.
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