White Noise+ Relaxing Sounds

Health & Fitness
4.7 (1.7K)
87.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dynamic App Design LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for White Noise+ Relaxing Sounds

4.66 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
4 years ago, dragon dancing on water
100x joy
This app brings so much joy just by listening to it. And it’s for 2.99. Life time. Why be so stingy to yourself and why complain about the ad ? One should be thankful this is not monthly fee. One should be thankful for the developers who toid and labor to produce this app days and nights and has to keep it compatible each time there is a new device a new version of operating system is released for each iOS and Androids. Enjoy your life! And the joy this app brings you. Let the developers know we appreciate his effort to this world !
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4 years ago, iadoreguineapigs
Great app
The app is great and it’s very fun to move different sounds across the board to get different effects. The reason I only gave it 3 stars is because you can’t do much unless you buy the extra packages. If you don’t purchase them there are video adds every 3 minutes, you can’t use all of the sounds, you can’t save anything, or set timers. Probably the worst part of it all though is whenever you click the menu bar or when you click on something accidentally that you haven’t unlocked, an add pops up explaining how you can purchase these packages and unlock everything. This really annoys me. I get that they have to do this to make money, but it really bothers me. If they could at least unlock a few more sounds and allow you to save the things you made, it really would make the app a lot better.
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4 years ago, Eduardo A Rodriguez
I really wanted to give this app a chance
The app itself is extremely user friendly and with the possibility of one time payment for really good white noise sounds instead of endless monthly payments I really thought I’ve finally found the app I was looking for, but then the widget wouldn’t load on my iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 14.1 and after directly emailing the developers an being completely ignored I can’t say this app is worth the $. With so many apps in the market developers really need to make an effort to take care of their potential clients or they won’t be getting our money or good reviews. I really had high hopes for this app, but unfortunately the tech support is a big let down.
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5 years ago, WhiteMan10
Use to be the best
This use to be the best app for white noise generation. It’s levels of customization far out class any competitor I have tried or seen other people use. But, they decided to add video advertisements with sound to the app. Which ruined it. I finally get my baby down for the night and am going to turn on my white noise generator so we all sleep better then a loud advertisement plays. And plays. And plays. Needless to say, it is very early in the morning and I now have nothing better to do than write a lengthy review. They literally come on EVERY time I open the app. Even if it has been running for a while. I have no problem with persistent banner adds and pop up adds when I launch the app. They don’t make any noise. Regrettably I must find a new app.
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7 years ago, Soquel95073
My picky ears are HAPPY
Soundscapes that help me sleep are one of the most important uses of my iPhone. I've been trying one meditation app after another: both verbal and nonverbal have their uses. This app just shot to the top of my favorites of all time (music/sounds, not verbal/meditation). Yes, all the apps have rain or the ocean. White Noise+ has indistinct but soothing noises that you can layer into the background. They set this app apart from the rest. It's a KEEPER. everything about it is smart and thoughtful. Kudos from a happy, picky listener.
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5 years ago, Create!&&:$:!/@/nibanankk
Good study tool
The sounds are great to mix and match, with such a great variety. You do have to pay a little bit to unlock the rest of the sounds, but it’s a one-time purchase and it’s for all of the sounds/features. The sounds can play when you exit the app, and they play for an indefinite amount of time. It’s a really neat app. Disclaimers: the sounds do get a little old after a time, but you can always come back to the app later! Great for studying when you need a little something to keep your mind occupied but not distracted.
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1 year ago, Jenncello
Really helpful on the go
This is a must have tool for parenting our sleepy baby on the go, or even when it’s not convenient to reach our dedicated sound machine- we always have our phones! Customizing a soundscape means we avoid annoying loops with dynamic layers of sound. We can design specific tracks for our baby (static and heartbeats) and for us grownups (relaxing nature sounds) which is really helpful as a good nights sleep is EVERYTHING.
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3 years ago, ghostlikecharm
Attn: ALL Mindfulness Instructors
This app has truely earned its stars! I am an absolute fan!! I have never found a better, easier to use app for ambient sound mixing. EVER. I can easily change the intensity or even the complexity of various sound while in the middle of conducting a meditation session or while concentrating on writing. It is extraordinarily easy to use. The nimbleness of this app is truly genius and for that I am extremely greatful as are my clients. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, peat a
Almost Perfect
White Noise + is by far my favorite white noise app due to sound quality & mixing. It suffers from one annoying flaw, however. When using over airplay, it will play for exactly 20 minutes before it stops and has to be restarted. After restarting once, it will continue to play without problem. This is annoying when using the app to fall asleep, as after 20 minutes you’ll need to get back up and restart the app.
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4 years ago, NatalieWouldnt
Easy to use, customizable, very relaxing
Love this app! First, I love the selection of ambient sounds (payed version). I also appreciate the ease with which I can whip up sound combinations and save them. I’m one who is very sensitive to sound, living in the city means night time can be just as noisy as the bustle of day. It helps me get out of my head when I’m trying to get to sleep, or when I need to reset from a stressful day.
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6 years ago, AA Manhattan
Truly great app, but :(
The idea behind this app is ingenious, the way you control sounds and there presence in a mix nothing short than innovative. Unfortunately it has very limited sounds ,like not having brown noise which far better for the ears when in a state of sleep. I don’t know if the developers are planning to add more sounds, even for more money, but I will hold the premium upgrade for now.
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7 years ago, bitfiddler
The versatility and ability to create a complex soundscape is excellent. The ability to use the same sound at different levels of awareness along with other sound elements layered in allows me to easily sculpt the primary sound with subtle nuances of the secondary elements resulting in a very pleasing sound texture. Airplay is a little buggy at this time but hopefully a future release will see that corrected soon, it does not diminish the usefulness as long as you use the device speakers or headset port.
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5 years ago, Twycross Stormwolf
White noise+
Good overall recordings of sounds if closest to authenticity and none of the digital distortion sounds that usually follows (which is always a pet peeve of mine) would like a future addition Sitar drone and seagull sounds for the waves and a low drone hum but so far loving it the least favs were the train and the rustling leaves were a little sharp but I use the camp fire to simulate it more consistent not so abrupt and loud.. overall deserves 5*
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7 years ago, IM Kitty
Nice App
It is easy to use. In less time than it took to download, I had set up a mix that sounds like morning sounds at home with birds singing and the stream running. I like that there is a choice to make the sounds simple or complex and loud or soft. Much better than other white noise apps I've tried. Looking forward to using this with the sleep timer tonight. Glad I got this White noise app.
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6 years ago, Wjgrover234
Diverse soundscapes
This app is a great idea. I use it at night with earbuds to mask ambient noise while I sleep. There is a great assortment of sounds you can custom mix to create whatever soundscape soothes you. I have written the developers to add stereo to all effects, as some sounds are monophonic and so with a headset sound “thin” in that setting. Otherwise, I really like it. An added feature, if intended, is that you can play the app simultaneously with other sound apps, such as your Apple Music.
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6 years ago, caracoops
Excellent App
No detectable loops, smooth realistic sounds, slept more deeply than I have in a long time! I had an actual sound machine that cost $25 and broke within two months - $2.99 is a STEAL for this app! And cause it’s on your phone it’s with you all the time. I use it to take some relaxation time during my lunch break, on my commute to work, to help me focus on a challenging project, and of course to sleep.
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7 years ago, Debi_FNP-C
This is an amazing app! Set up what relaxes you! If rain does it with a little thunder and some whisps of wind... you've got it! If a fire crackling next to a stream with some birds is your thing... go for it! Don't like birds, beautiful... because with THIS app you don't have to have them! Make exactly what YOU want and guess what? You can also turn it into an alarm too! Brilliant! Love it!
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7 years ago, Nuka Kola
Repetetive sounds
The sound loops are not very well crafted. The most popular loops are almost always rain and thunder. The ability to layer and modify these effects is cool, but in the end the composition is inferior to the sound of other apps out there. Especially the sound of thunder: it just keeps rambling on without a pause. That does not provide for a very realistic experience. Even after layering several effects at multiple complexities and volume levels, the output still sounds flat and unnatural.
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3 years ago, calabasas69
Gamechanger for those with ADHD!
I take Adderall to help with ADHD when studying but there are days where distractions still take away my focus. Putting in headphones and playing the rain and wind noises seriously allows me to tune out everything around me! The ads aren't super intrusive either which I really appreciate!
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5 years ago, um3boshi
Best app so far for my tinnitus
I have very high pitched tinnitus that only cricket noises reliably mask. The volume varies. This app has crickets that work but with volume and complexity adjustments some other sounds work too. Also I can make the crickets only as loud as they need to be and can layer over them other more appealing sounds. The app is intuitive and fun and it is priced fairly.
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3 years ago, CrystalH041
awesome app to get
If you're one of those parents who have young children and it's hard for you to fall asleep after they are asleep than this is the app for you! U can customize whatever you want and then listen to it when you are done creating it!
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7 years ago, Maui Kid
5 Stars!!!
Well done. This is the best white sound app available. Easy to configure and the sound quality is amazing. Unlock all the features and you will not be disappointed. Maybe include some more preset soundscapes and some other color choices. Those are just some minor things for me personally. A+ all around!! Thank you
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6 years ago, wksmac
Simple and does it job nicely
Easy to use and customise sound generator app. It may not have the most number of sounds but it allows better flexibility to balance between the intensity/complexity of different sounds in addition to volume. Hoped for more grid points but I guess to many slots results in to many variations.
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5 months ago, triadforyou
White noise
This is a lovely app, at least for me. You can make the sound of raining outside with occasional thunder. I think that is a soothing sound. I had one experience with a hurricane in Tonga. I used the app to try to duplicate the sound while it was fresh in my memory, and it worked!
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2 years ago, MisterKaiO
Best for deep study or relaxation
I rarely purchase apps because I find free stuff that works just as good, but this is top-notch. I don’t love the background audio option, the separate volume option, and the many noise combinations at whatever speed or design I want.
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7 years ago, Sirca222
Nice app
I really like this app. It helps me get to sleep and stay asleep, masking the noise outside. The only thing I would change - I would love if you added the sound of the wind rustling in the trees. The leaf sound on the app is like walking through dry, crunchy leaves, rather than laying there listening to the wind blowing through the leaves overhead.
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7 years ago, scottgsmith62
Great design and features
This app has a great design, and is very intuitive. Although I got this for free through App Informer, after using it I would gladly pay the full price to unlock everything - a lot of nice features. I have a number of white-noise apps and this one is already one of my favorites.
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2 years ago, Jsmooth26
Neighbor has barking dogs
Glad i found this app I don’t want to be the one who calls the police on everything but I do feel everyone should be able to have a peaceful sleep. If only barking dogs and loud cars could help me rest.
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5 years ago, i'm listr
You will need to upgrade for almost everything
The app is well done and the few sounds that I can use sound good but ...no timer can be set, additional sounds (and by that I mean more than 5, maybe 6), dark mode can’t be accessed without upgrade. I understand that is how money is made, but this is essentially a paid app. Just a heads up I wish I had-now I’m back to my favorite trusted free app with a few upgrades that I don’t find I need, but the features of the app work on one level or another.
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5 years ago, bebebit
Love the Layering
I have quite a few similar sound effects apps for relaxation and concentration. This has a very clean interface, and takes an innovative approach to customizing the sound experience with the grid. I left off a star for only have the basic sound effects, and hope to see more added on. In all, a great app!
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5 years ago, spiritedmatt
Awesome interactive interface!
This easy-to-use app allows you to mix your own “soundscapes” using a variety of natural sounds (rain, stream, waves, birds, crickets, etc.)—or simply use one sound or even just white noise. I use it almost every day, and I am very satisfied. Totally worth the low price!!!
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7 years ago, Mrs. Fix It
Highly recommended
This app has so many choices and variations of sound! The controls are intuitive so it is easy to create a grouping tailored to your own tastes. And it also includes some sets already configured like "morning hike" or "ancient temple". This is the best app of this type that I've seen.
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7 years ago, holmboi
Incredibly Useful. Well-Designed.
Ambient sounds are one of the few things that help me to sleep. This app is just what I needed! To be able to have such a variety of sounds with me at all times is incredibly handy. Plus, the app is well designed and easy to use. Thanks for this!
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7 years ago, UnicornChow
This is the best app for falling asleep. The preset summer storm is my favorite. I've used a bunch of these kinds of apps, but this is the only one still on my phone and used regularly. I even turn it on at work sometimes for some concentration background noise. It's a must-have app for me.
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7 years ago, N2k88dsl
Great background noise and not a battery hog
This app is so simple to use and it sounds great. Love that you can start with a preset and change it to suit yourself. Kept this going all day at work and it wasn't too hard on battery usage.
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6 years ago, drummerLA
Soothing sound, but alarm features need work.
The sounds are great! I upgraded to the full version just because of the alarm. However, I was dissapointed that you have to set the alarm every time. It does not save your presets, nor is there an option to repeat every day at the same time.
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5 years ago, CAQueen
♿️ Discrimin8ion-🧟‍♀️♿️
Until the dark mode is included in the free version I will not b using this app. @ all. I am legally blind♿️ & cannot c the little icons against that bright aqua background & I NEED a higher contrast in order 2 c. I should not have 2 invert the colors on my entire phone just 2 use this app. This is not a want. It is a need. So. There r plenty of other apps like this 1 (relax sleep breathe focus...) out there that I will b using instead of this 1. Until u include dark/high contrast mode in the free version... no thx. Deleted.
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5 years ago, Ir0nli0nzi0nzbee
Decent White Noise App, if you pay for it
This app seems to be quite nice, at least the paid version appears to be pretty decent...the free version not as much. Only 4 sounds are free and while you can “customize” them, the ability to create any type of alarm is unavailable unless you pay for it, not even rudimentary alarms are usable.
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4 years ago, MFSDeeDee
This is wonderful!
I suffer from chronic pain and I’m always searching for some sort of soothing distraction. This app is wonderful. I can adjust sounds and intensity as needed and it has been helpful. Nothing relieves the pain 100% but this is truly helpful.
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5 years ago, JGrosjean
This app is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I have created multiple soundscapes that I use for my kids and also myself while napping. The variations are endless and the alarm feature is perfect.
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4 years ago, duba-ron
App store page is misleading
.....very misleading. In the free version you don't get 80 distinct sounds (as the page states), you get 5, 5 very basic sounds & no matter how you mix it, or what with, the thunder sounds completely manufactured. If you do figure out a nice mix, you cant save it! I don't know about others, but before i shell out my hard earned cash, I want at least a taste of what I'm going to get. What i see here, is that its not even worth it.
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7 years ago, What? Another nickname?
I like this app for its versatility. Was able to create a pleasing sound within the first 5 minutes of opening the app then proceeded to buy the full version. Wether or not I ever take advantage of the upgrades I believe in rewarding good work.
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7 years ago, P1Controller
Best Ambient Noise App I've ever used!! 💯
Complete customization paired with an aesthetically pleasing UI this app is a must have for afflicted with sleeping troubles or those who simply need to clear their mind by easily and effectively by creating an audio journey that imaginations of all ages can run wild with 👌🙌🔥
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4 years ago, MajesticOwl90
Most interactive white noise app
This is definitely unique among white noise apps. I love how it works, it’s so customizable. I even upgraded although the free version is perfectly functional as well. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Chuck Nizzle
Most practical, convenient, and easy to use background noise app! Soothing sounds and diverse combinations in an easy to use format! Don’t waste your time on any other noise app this one is perfect! I recommend this app!
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8 years ago, Hoochiman city
Versatile white noise app for any situation
I use this app every day for background noise while I study, or to help me sleep, or on headphones when I'm on the subway. It's incredibly versatile. I love that I can make the exact sort of white noise I want for the situation.
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5 years ago, ayray99
Amazing white noise app!
Love how you can customize your white noise! All the sounds are so lovely — I prefer the rain sounds, and sometime when I wake up at night and hear this app, I actually think it’s raining outside!
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5 years ago, Nessa Fox
Have to pay for everything
It’s good, but you only have like four sounds to choose from and everything else costs money. You can’t even save a sound of anything. It’s really annoying and the regular sounds get boring. Please unlock a little more sounds for free.
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5 years ago, BedHeadBooks
Better than the rest
Most of the other white noise apps are buggy. This one is very stable, with a simple interface. Works perfectly!
Show more
7 years ago, Rabidraccoon76
Great white noise app
This is by far my favorite white noise app. The ability to adjust the volume and intensity of various noises is nice. I also like how you can save various mixes, so you can listen to them later.
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