Wim Hof Method®

Health & Fitness
4.8 (6.1K)
368.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Innerfire B.V.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wim Hof Method®

4.79 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Happy Duane
Outstanding program
Simply put, the most important program for healthy mind, body and spiritual development! I achieve results Far beyond my expectations. Four changes happen to my body. 1. A lymph node that was in front of left ear swollen for 8 months as a result of a tooth infection was gone in 6 days. 2. My throat was painful to the touch and swollen returned to normal in 7 weeks. 3. Allergies I’ve experienced all my life with congestion in head in the morning were gone after several months to barely noticeable! 4. 5 skin sores that would not heal and were painful to touch were completely cleared up after 5 months. Not to mention in the least is the energy to live life fully. Satisfaction knowing I’m taking action to improve and maintain my total health!! Keeping the score through the app is very motivating to keep with the program. My deepest gratitude for Wim and his team for developing and improving this program!! Of course I will do this program for now on😊❤️👍
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1 year ago, not paid todothis
Was a great app then everything became a premium feature
I used to use this app to do the breathing method and got to 3:30 retention during my breath hold. Then the 5 dollars I paid for premium became a 1 year redemption towards the subscription and then I would have to pay every month. It’s a shame to see this happen again to another good app. BMW saw this and said let’s do this with our heated seats. TLDR. Only useful feature is the guided breathing and that feature is a paid sub when it was apart of the paid app. Now 5 free guided breathing until you need premium. Sad to see. I’m sad to see the excuse that such a complicated app that took forever to develop not change in 3 years but only change how they monetize. It’s sad to see someone with such a powerful message become corrupt with greed. It’s a literal stopwatch/lap count app with voice lines. Let’s not oversell it or mislead anyone. I respect what wim did and his journey. I don’t respect how he changed and the message he made for all become for those who can afford it. 5 dollars was an affordable one time fee. Becoming a subscription that’s greed. Also responding with the same message to everyone who disagrees instead of taking the feedback. Disappointing but what else do you expect when you become corrupt chasing the money. That response got me annoyed.
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4 months ago, H. bear
More flexibility needed for 5 stars
In short, this is a great app, particularly for the guided breathing, and the charting that comes along with your retention times to log your progress. This could easily be a five star app, but there are a few things that need to be changed. For example, on the results page, you should be able to pick what you want to chart; meaning I do daily ice baths and breath exercises, but for some reason it defaults to cold showers, and will only log cold showers. This is a small detail, but one that matters for an app that you’re paying for. It should have the flexibility to change those things on the results page to whatever your routine reflects so you can accurately track the things that you’re working on. Also, a small criticism, but many of the guided exercise videos will not play through cleanly without stuttering for some reason. This is on Wi-Fi, on a new phone, so there’s really no excuse for those videos to not play through without buffering again. These are small criticisms, and I use the app every day and I love it, but I would love to see these changes implemented.
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3 years ago, Sumatra Gold
Great while it lasted
I have been a WHM practitioner for 3 years now. It enhanced my life in several ways. Thank you Wim. There is enough free info on the net that u don’t need the app. However, I purchased it anyway for iOS, as I found it very useful when doing breathwork and the price was right. But then after a while something annoying happened. It stopped working correctly.I started getting registration prompts. This went on for a bit, but I was still able to work-around and use the app. Then the whole thing went off the rails when one day I opened the app to discover I had to start paying a monthly charge if I wanted to continue. I don’t mind paying a one time fee for an app. But I’m not going pay monthly, especially since I already paid the one time fee to use the app in the beginning. On top of that none of my old registration info works anymore. Not on the website and not in the app. So even if I wanted to use it, I can’t, since I can no longer work around the registration prompts. So I will be uninstalling the app. A one time fee is fine. I do think the $5 monthly subscription is steep for what u get, especially for practitioners who only use the app in a very limited sense, breathwork for example. Goodbye WHM app.
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2 years ago, Staub77
Bug Fixed
Thank you for fixing the bug! —————————————- OLD POST Love the app overall and live the method. This is a low review to draw attention to a bug and a UI enhancement. I’ll update the review when the bug is fixed. I hope the UI gets addressed. Bug: In Guided breathing the retention phase music always plays even when turned off. Yes, I’ve triple checked. The bug showed up a few updates ago. Can’t remember which one. I’ve quit and restarted the app. I’ve turned off and restarted my phone. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled. Bug is still there. This is very annoying, especially because I play my own music in Apple Music and this bug replaces the music with retention music and I have to go in to Music and restart my music each round. UI Enhancement: Because of this bug, I’ve been using the manual retention timer. It’s fine but the UI makes the timer way too easy to accidentally turn on. The problem is that in the first round the button is not the only spot to tap to start the timer. There’s a strip as tall as the timer button that extends edge to edge that activates the timer. Way too easy to brush this as I put my phone down next to me. Then I have to stop the timer, reset, start again, all while trying to retain breath. Very annoying. I appreciate you considering addressing these issues
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6 months ago, Ra Joy
Saved my life
I was in a deep depression 4-5 years ago and body was so weak that I had struggle to do everyday things. Life seemed so bleak I didn’t want to live anymore. I knew about cold water benefits from long time ago and I was lucky to come across WHM. Facebook posts was inspiring me, and I met people who helped me to stick to Coldwater routine. (Swimming in Lake Michgan Year round) I cannot tell you how much better my moods are, and my body is so much stronger. I just started doing breathing as well and the results are simply unbelievable. However I need to do much more than the recommended dose for rounds. I need to do 14 or 20 rounds for lasting results, but it’s really really worth it to invest time in it. This app is making WHM so easy to use and stick to it. Beyond grateful to Wim and his team! I can enjoy life much more fully than ever before. Haribol!
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3 years ago, BeeRad1228
Love the app and exercises
Everything about this is great. I love the app, the exercises, and I love Wim Hof as a man. I am so grateful for him. Two suggestions I would make for the app. After doing a guided breathing session within the app, I wish it would automatically log your exercise. I would love to go back and see all my progress, but I’m not going to manually log each session and each round. I wish this was done automatically or if there was a one touch button to log the exercise without having to add each round separately. My second request also has to do with the guided breathing sessions. I wish when you are doing a round Wim could let you know when you have 5 breaths left, or if there was a chime or something to notify you have five breaths left. I prefer to do my breathing with my eyes closed but I’m constantly having to open them to see how many more breaths I have left before the breath hold
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1 year ago, mandy smmsmm
Keeps crashing and is not entirely free
I just started using the app and at first I thought it was wonderful with all these different exercises and tools, however just a few days in and the app keeps crashing whenever I try to start a challenge. I’ve closed and reopened it several times and it’s still crashing so I’m going to be removing the app from my phone. I love the Wim Hof method, and it has been truly transformative to my life, so this is not a review about Wim or his method. Please fix the bugs so the app can be used! I am also not going to be paying for a subscription. Everything has a subscription these days and I know it’s all the rage to have tiered content, but if Wim is advertising it as a “free app” the reason I downloaded it was thinking it was actually free. I was quite disappointed that I have to pay a monthly fee to do more than 3 breath exercises. I suggest examining other revenue models to make this app feasible. Thank you
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4 years ago, ConradIII
Love Wim, “the method”, AND the app!
I started listening to Wim a few years ago and was a fan from the start but have only grown in my admiration for him personally and for his team. One of the first things I did was download the app and it helped me so much. I still use the app even though I do not really need it. One thing I want to say is that I am very happy that when they updated the app they thought about the people who started using it when it was new. They did not forget about us!!!! All my info was still there AND they even “gave me” credit for my badges earned based on what I did in the past. They also did not try the BS of telling me my past purchases did not count because this is a new app. Thank you for being true to your followers and practicing what you preach. Keep going Wim. I want to celebrate your 100th birthday with you!!!!
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3 years ago, pierce916
Thank God
This app is life changing! I saw it and just took a jump to help me commit and bought the year sub. Since having done so my life has drastically changed! The breathing gives me spiritual revelations every time i do it. Truely life changing! Even the free version is enough to help people get on track and start a habit of this. The challenges are amazing and forgiving to expand ones practices and healty routines. All that being said i do have a request to the devs if this is an appropriate medium to ask: i am having some trouble with the timer, if i accidentally trigger it it is not possible to go back and delete breathing times after one submits them. Could you add that option? Also a voice activated start and stop for the timer would be really helpful. Thank you so much devs and wim hof!!!!
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2 years ago, bailskiski
Need updated support for Apple Watch
The method is life changing, I do 3 rounds almost every day and have benefited tremendously - stable mood, a better handle on my depression, increased motivation, increased cardio output, increased confidence, I feel more youthful. The benefits are innumerable! However, the Apple Watch app is in dire need of improvement and why I gave 3 stars. I got an Apple Watch for Christmas, and after putting in over 9 hours of retention time on the iPhone app, I was looking forward to using the Watch. The idea of simply tapping my wrist to start and stop retention time is fantastic! Unfortunately, the Watch app seems independent from the iPhone app. No options for music customization, nor can I expect to choose the amount of breaths or the frequency (slow, medium, fast). This is quite a let down - guess I’ll be continuing to bend my neck to find my phone and double tap to enter retention mode for now! That’s all to say, please update the Apple Watch app to make it more in line with (or even linked to!) the iPhone app. That would make my year!! The iPhone app itself I’d give 4 stars, as improvements needed are few. Mostly it’s fantastic, and I love all the customizations! I’d like the option to add or remove Wim’s voice on top of the breathing music, as I was used to him being there with the music and in a recent update his voice is gone.
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4 years ago, DancingBliss
Excellent companion to WHM
This is rating of the app not the method itself. I would love to recommend WHM to everyone as Wim Hof presents a very accessible path to greater health but I would only recommend it to those already in good shape as he does not demonstrate a safe path for working up to a potentially dangerous shoulder stand or inner fire (tummo) breath. A good Hatha Yoga instructor will prepare the body for inversions before jumping into a shoulder stand and will offer less extreme versions of some of the more strenuous poses and movements that provide the same benefit. Same with a good pranayama instructor and such a swing between hyperventilation and oxygen deprivation/co2 toxicity. These breathing exercises can bring such incredible bliss in addition to the health benefits and I very much recommend everyone try such healthful bliss, a gradual working up to such advanced exercises may yield swifter and safer results.
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2 years ago, Nubarg
To the Devs
Overall, the app is great, and continues to improve. Wim Hof has changed my life for the better, cold showers and breathing have revolutionized the way I live and feel. I am happy to support the app. To the devs, it would be great if we could check off a challenge that’s already completed. For example, I don’t take my phone in the shower, but I do my cold showers. Currently there’s no way for my to tell my 30-day challenge that’s I’ve completed that days challenge. Same goes for breathing. Let’s have some control over this because if you’re faking it anyway, you’re only hurting yourself. I would love to be able to check off what I’ve completed vs be forced to use the countdowns since I’ve already completed said challenge. Thanks.
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3 years ago, dylpickel98
Subscription Lost Me
I used this app daily to track my progress. Improved my quality of life tremendously. Since the subscription was introduced, I am no longer able to use the app. The breathing timer and other functions that are claimed to be free still, will not work for me. So the app is totally useless unless one pays the monthly fee. While I support Wim and if he needs the income, I’d love to be able to support him, during a pandemic that’s not the best move. From a marketing perspective, I believe the app should be free, as a tool to draw people into the WHM. From there, the dedicated users (those who complete significant progress in the app) could “level” up to the subscription for a fee. This would be a great incentive, plus a tried and true method of establishing quality, invested, repeat customers. But charging this month for the app itself? That’s the quickest way to alienate a portion of your customer base and offend the rest. This app is still fantastic and the developers did a great job. It’s just too bad it’s not free anymore.
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2 years ago, Magcon💙
Exercise routine
I started doing my breathing exercises more regularly and now exploring some more including cold showers and push-ups. Getting used to using the app and login my exercises really helps specially when I’m at home, when I’m away in my truck it’s a little more limited but I’ll do my best. I’m trying to challenge myself to do at least one breathing round in bed as soon as I wake up and it really makes a difference. Overall I really love the app and would recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their lives, god gives you one body and one life and we should take care of it.
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4 years ago, Death Ray of Sunshine
Overpriced and lots of bugs
I didn’t have too much of problem paying for a subscription as I am new to the Wim Hof Method so I did not have a comparison of the app prior to the subscription model update. That said it would have sat better with me if the app actually worked. Right now its only function is a stop watch. It’s not recording my progress whatsoever so there is not a journal component. Because of this I can’t move forward in the challenges. The exercises have remained locked despite completing the prompts to advance. I cannot really give a full review because the tools available to me are so limited, but as it stands $15/month or $35/year for a stopwatch is incredibly overpriced. Definitely pass for now. Hopefully they work out the issues and rethink the pricing. I m was optimistic that the app would be a bite sized way to start practicing the WHM while on a limited budget. Guess I’ll stick to the free videos out there and the stopwatch on my phone for now.
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3 years ago, edenorchestra
Fix this
I have been doing Wim’s breathing now for 11 months five days a week. I use the app to breathe along with the sound of Wim’s breath. I like the automatic timer for the the recovery period. It appears now I can no longer use that part of the app, you turned it off with only the stop watch. I now have to pay money for ONE exercise and am most disappointed. I recognize we all need an income, but this has become excessive and draconian in nature. Perhaps in time as I expand my practices I would indeed subscribe to additional training. But this is a giant turn off, that everything has been whittled away leaving a student with next to nothing. Come on, Wim promotes his “free” app, of which little to none is now free. Does he know about this? What would he say if I asked him his thoughts?
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6 years ago, Tryna use hulu
You can find it all for free, and not deal with robo customer service
Their email(and only worldwide) customer service team is an auto reply bot, or someone who just doesn’t care to answer your questions/comments. I made a comment on the new app, that it sucked they changed some previously free exercises to pay only. They answered my complaint with a redirection to their FAQ, saying this line of communication wasn’t for my type of inquiry. Even though that is their ONLY obvious line of communication. When I expressed that this reply only further frustrated a loyal WHM methoder they didn’t reply at all. I still use the method, duh. But my opinion of the entire organization has declined significantly. They don’t seem to care about the concerns of their app user’s at all. Prove me wrong WHM.
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3 years ago, TikTokisannoying
I already PAID for the app/it’s contents
How is it that you’re taking away WHAT I PAID FOR??? That’s gotta be illegal... you can’t just all of a sudden make me re pay for something I already paid for. I get that y’all need to make money, but I should be GRANDFATHERED IN SINCE I PURCHASED YOUR CONTENT YEARS AGO!!!!! Come on Wim, that’s not cool to do to your followers that have supported YOU FOR MANY YEARS. That was a low ball move. I have no idea how you are getting away with doing this. I love your content and am a persistent follower.. I really hope you will reconsider and look a all those who have followed you for so long and give us back what WE PAID FOR.
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3 years ago, shigip0hiki
Cmon man.
I love the WHM and I loved the app. For a small fee I was able to utilize great features that helped me learn some of what Wim Hof has to offer. And for an extra fee I could have unlocked additional training training programs, which I was about to do. It was really helping me. Then the monthly subscription fee came out and the terms of my original purchase were void. That’s how they getcha I guess... It’s a bummer that the training app meant to teach its users mindfulness lowered itself to the standard of a magazine company but here we are. I honestly would have paid more for the app as it was before, but not a monthly subscription. The reason being, I can’t justify paying a subscription for something I can’t use every day. I’m so sorry to give it a bad rating Wim. You had a good thing going; you really did. And I imagine you still do with your in person classes and seminars. But for those of us who cannot attend such things, or fully utilize the program every day, we are lost. Oh well. Onto the next journey. I wish you a good night, or a good day, and a good life. All the love, all the power. Stay frosty Ice Man.
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4 years ago, GeneMadd
Amazing life changing information and exercises
I have using the Wim Hof Method for about a month now. I have never been able to mediate and after using his breathing exercises I can finally relax and calm my monkey mind. I try to do the breathing once in the AM and again before I fall asleep and the same with the cold showers. I also try to take a ice bath once a week. I have been dealing with horrible bi polar depression for years if not my whole life and this is finally something that has started to help me with out the use of pharmaceutical medications. I am thinking about attending one of his work shops in the USA. That you all so much
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3 years ago, idislikehugs
Loving the customization
I initially bought a year subscription to the app because I wanted to support Wim and his company, but the recent change to customize the guided breathing bubble would be worth the charge alone. Sometimes you want to be super present with the exercises, sometimes you want to go deep and away. I don’t like having to focus on counting how many breaths I took, so that’s why I used the guided one. Being able to cut the narration or change the music or the pace of the breathing really let you suit the experience to you. I took a star off because I really only use the app for that. I wish his fundamentals course was part of the yearly subscription.
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3 years ago, VivvidJ
Absolutely fantastic tool.
This app has already made quite an impact on my life. I seem to have fallen onto a few different things all at once and somehow they all pertain to each other, this app and Wim being a huge part of that. Thanks ,Wim, for making this affordable and spreading all this knowledge. Im feeling pretty great already and Ive only been in a small routine for about a week now. I tested the breathing method with push ups against push ups without the breathing method and I almost doubled my total amount done by just simply using this method. Im stoked to see how far I can go with this! Thanks again with Love!
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3 years ago, RwsHaine
They listen to feedback!
This app is great and has helped me a lot to learn how to be at peace with myself. One thing that bugged me was the fact that when I first downloaded the app I timed my whole breathing session with the time and not just the hold so in my results it was measured on a 5 minute time scale. I sent feedback on the website asking for the ability to delete a breathing session from your history and in the most recent update they added exactly that!! Thank you developers, your work does not go in noticed!
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11 months ago, GM Reszel
Timer numbers became too small
The retention timer and recovery time counter numbers became really small. I used to be able to share sessions with my wife and people in the room. Not anymore. May be an option to change the number size? Also, at the end of the recovery breath there used to be a short pause (earliest version). That was really good to recompose before going into the next round. Swallow, take a drink, etc.. I mentioned this in another review when this was changed in the last version, and I am disappointed nothing has changed. Perhaps some settings for number size adjustment, and pause time after recovery breath? Thank you.
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1 year ago, KidRichmond
Almost there
I love this app for the guided breathing. But I hope the developers are listening because it’s missing a crucial component, guided ice baths! I love the music choices and hearing Wim’s voice in the interactive guided breathing breathing and would like to see that in ice baths. I wear head phones during the dip session, gimme Wim’s voice with some dope music in the background. Also, I’d like to see the ability to set “rounds” in the guided breathing session because right now I feel like I have to race to hit the finish button when I feel I’m done. Let me select how many rounds I want to complete before starting the session.
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5 years ago, Bells in my head
The Truth
If you truly stick with it, then you will find what you are looking for. Do not go into this half assed. It works, it truly works, but you must stick with it! As Wim says, the cold is out warm friend, and that could not be more true. I started doing this method regularly about a year ago and it has aided in helping me lose weight, and come out of a two year depression. If I feel tired or depressed then I simply do a round of breathing and hop in a cold shower, and then poof, next thing you know I’m singing and dancing around the house with my dogs. Thank you Wim for sharing the method with the world.
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5 years ago, S_Maeder
I began doing wim hof method before he was on joe rogan years ago. I’ve seen the app change over the years. The first app version was my favorite. Lots of good feeling wim videos, totally unprofessional and unpolished- you can see his pure heart. Smiling, all you ever needed. I wish i could see the video of him teaching breathing to the skinny kid in sweatpants again 😂 I understand his children got involved, I feel it has suffered immensely since then. Very gimmicky making money app now. Cheesy beyond. All he wanted to do back then was share his gift with the world, teach it to impoverished folks who need help w disease...but not it’s $300 to see him in a stadium w a thousand other people 😂 it’s all good , i hope it gets folks interested in this... but in the beginning- he said to not let your breath all the way out, now he does... a little confusing there. also you used to hold in your final 30th breath... retention... a little confusing. I’m glad I learned it 4-5 years ago, it has helped me immensely. Unsure of what it is today. Wim is a great man, I appreciate what he has taught me.
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4 years ago, Areis89
So glad I found this!
I heard about Wim on a podcast and was intrigued about trying his method myself but was a bit intimidated. This app lays everything out for you so there's no guesswork about what to do next. I was immediately impressed after my first session that I was able to comfortably hold my breath for a minute-thirty. My mind felt relaxed and I had a great meditation session afterwards. Looking forward to making this a daily practice. I think it's great that he puts something so powerful out there for free- you can truly sense that he's a good person who wants to help others.
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4 years ago, TIM38!
Game Changer
The Wim Hoff method has changed my life. From the first day I have felt a difference. The most profound moment was during a time of great anxiety and anger. I decided to try the Wim Hoff breathing. I wasn’t expecting anything to change. However, the anger, the anxiety and the sadness were gone. I was amazed. For someone like me, whom has struggled with anxiety and depression for 30+ years, this is astonishing. I highly recommend this method and this app that helps you get started easily. The cold showers are key as well! You come out feeling energized and ready for the day. Thank you Wim! Thank you so much for this gift.
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3 years ago, baronkimo
Please make the timer free again
5 starts for the app, 1 star for charging a subscription to access the timer. I am a long time practicer of WHM, own two of the courses, attended Wim’s course in person, turned over 50 people on to the WHM and was more than happy to pay for this app when it came out. But I was extremely disappointed to find out one morning, that I now needed a subscription to access the timer. I completely understand having subscriptions for content, but the timer?!
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4 years ago, K2arazy
The power is in the practice. It’s reassuring to know that I have instant access to inner power whenever. Besides the instant buzz from taking in extra oxygen and increasing physical strength in all my personal exercise routines , this method has helped my emotional wellness, and my overall sense of feeling mentally strong. I’ve been hitting all the practices , cold shower , breathing , stretches , pushups and staying motivated to continue. The results come quickly you don’t have to wait for them. Thank you Wim for being here for us and bringing this truth to the masses. We are all greater beings for it. 🙏🤙
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3 years ago, David Allie
Love the app and the method
Started doing the Wim Hof method during quarantine for something to do and have found it absolutely life changing. This app is a great tool for tracking progress with the method and motivates you to stay on track with different challenges. I have also purchased the course so I can watch the classes on the phone as well. If you are thinking about trying the method I believe there are tools you can use on here for free. If you are already a believer than this app is the perfect companion to track your progress and keep you motivated.
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7 months ago, Franco Amerikan
New updates often break the app - get it together dev.
I’ve been using this app for years…there have been issues occasionally. With the past 2 updates I have experienced login issues. Now the interactive breathing section is not functional because “there is an issue with contacting the server”. This basically made the app useless to me. I’d contact support but this is a dev issue. Also.. not really important to me but the badge system doesn’t work and hasn’t worked for a while. I’ve completed many of the milestones but I don’t get the badges. Probably going to unsubscribe and just use a stopwatch. If you are hoping to use this app for interactive breathing don’t subscribe as this functionality is currently broken.
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4 years ago, CaleWhale
Faith Restored (?)
Was frustrated that the Wim Hof team decided to charge for the app, but I believe they may have rolled back charging for the Breathing Bubble? Not 100% sure as the app still says “first 5 sessions free” but I’ve surpassed 5 and it still lets me use it! Which is awesome for me and anyone else hoping to discover the basics of Wim’s method. It even made me consider paying monthly for the lessons, because I see value in going further with the method. Thank you for listening to feedback and probably (?) rolling back the charge for the basics. I appreciate what your team is doing!
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4 years ago, Theo_0
Love it
I love the app and I LOVE WHM. Only feature I don’t really like is Wims comments when holding breath after exhale. I enjoy the music but when he talks, specifically when he tells you how long you’ve been holding your breath for, I loose my focus, and instead of focusing on the meditation I start thinking of how long I’ve been not breathing and such. It just breaks my concentration. Would love it to be just music on breath retention. Other then that I love the app. Helps you stay on track of your WHM practice. Makes me feel more dedicated. Thank you so much to the developers
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3 years ago, jkvc1979
Extreamly user friendly and well done
This is one of the few out so Fong so user-friendly. I believe a little kind companies or people don’t consider how good it is to have a very easy to use so you can foam and you can actually do whatever they want you to do. I have been following wim Hoff for a while now and I can say I’m feeling great with the new breathing in the cold exposure exercises. I’m working my way to the other type of exercises I didn’t know and I was able to figure out based on this app .
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11 months ago, Kgarvey4444
Update ruined the app
I loved the app until the recent update where I got logged out of the app and now cannot log back in. I’ve paid for a year subscription but can’t get in with either logging in via Apple login (how I originally signed up - but not it says “the user credentials are incorrect. the user credentials are incorrect.” And I tried to “sign up” using my email address but it said the same error message. (*facepalm*). So I got about 2 weeks worth of use for an annual subscription that I can no longer use. Hopefully customer support will respond to my email and help me fix this issue because I really loved it before this happened! If so, I will definitely update this review to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, meditatealways
Crooks — Extortionists
4-5 years ago I paid for the Wim Hoff course, paying almost $300 for it and access to the tools to practice the learnings in the course. There’s rarely updates for this app, but recently there was one or two. I go to do my morning breathing — I’ve been doing it everyday for 4-5 years — I all of a sudden get a pay wall. This asks to pay $5.99 p/month or some obscene amount for the year upfront… just for guided breathing. I then email support and explain how unfair it is to now charge again after me already paying, and no response from them to say anything. I’ve been an active member for half a decade and they won’t even respond to an email. Wim Hoff, you should be ashamed and embarrassed!
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2 years ago, Lyndsey Loo
Almost Perfect
I love this app so much that I have a subscription two years running. The only thing I wish is that the cold shower challenge had an ending timer. There is a timer to begin your cold shower but none to end it and I’m so focused on breathing that my time detections skills are thrown off and I get out or in before the timer goes off. I wish there was a chime to start and one to end but there is no ending timer. Please fix this. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Sg333301
I love the app idea, features and the program! The app itself I have had trouble with. Twice I have tried to access the beginner challenges and it closes the app when I attempt it. The first time I logged out and couldn’t log back in and my account was lost. Created a new one and had to start all over and now the same thing. Went to access my challenge and it closed up the app every time I select it. It’s very frustrating and don’t want to have to start over again. It could be great without the glitches.
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6 years ago, Schermoa
Now free and greater than before
This app is now free and I really love it. Has all the basic videos and explanations plus a stopwatch and tracker for breathing and cold shower! The one-on-one section (10week course member access only) however does not work yet. each time I try to open a week the app crashes. I hope this will work soon! Also I think that all the essentials should work without internet connection to enable exercising in the cold woods while listening to Wim. Still great so far - way to go!!
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11 months ago, SederGraphics
Part of my morning routine for 5 years
Wim Hoff breathing and cold showers have been part of my daily routine for over five years and I can’t see myself ever stopping. I’m not one that could get into traditional meditation, but my Wim Hoff breathing is my meditation. The feeling I get after my last round of breathing is utter bliss and calm. I feel the daily breathing has also helped my cardio and helped keep my blood pressure low. I recommend Wim Hoff beathing and the app all the time.
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1 year ago, miller74md
Whm is 5 Stars - the app is not
Sadly there’s bugs - I have the paid subscription but get “InvalidStatusCode” errors every time I try to sync the app and my profile. Badges don’t seem to track what they say they track - or they don’t unlock when they are supposed to. The last update was 4 months ago. I’ve emailed customer support and they say “please give us your patience”. I still use parts of the app daily but it just isn’t up to the quality of a subscription based paid app like Reveri or the like. I hope it improves. I’m a daily practitioner of WHM and it’s frustrating that the “official” app isn’t better.
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4 years ago, Leefer7
Changed my life
After having COVID in March of 2020 I had some lingering health issues. This shook me deeply as I felt I was a very healthy person. After many months of research I began using Wim’s breathing and cold shower/ice bath techniques. Within a two week period my lingering lungs issues completely went away. I have been doing these everyday and could not feel better. I even feel a difference in my fitness and exercise. Will continue to use these methods going forward. 100% recommend.
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1 year ago, CatalinaLaFrance
Life changer
I have practiced this with my husband for years now, off and on… it really helps calm my generalized anxiety and panic feelings, plus helps my body heal when I breath into that area. I am now ready to go all in and try the cold baths and breathing regularly to really tackle some major issues and feel better physically and emotionally. Thank you Wim, your words are truly soothing and guiding to a better humanity who can take charge of their life.
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3 years ago, LondonSparra
Changing what the scientists have told us is true- Wim’s INTUITION is now proven correct!
I knew in my gut when I first hear Wim speak he was talking the truth and science was WRONG. As it was years ago when common medical intelligence thought blood letting was acceptable, as was sterilization for homosexuals! Thankfully we live and learn- this app is the gateway to YOU having dominion over YOUR body - along with a GREAT nutrient rich diet. Trust Wim - he’s found a way to heal your body and connect with your soul - wishing you well
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4 years ago, goodnotgreat73
Life changing!
The WHM has in no uncertain terms changed my life. I use the app daily to learning and help guide my breathing sessions. I also use my Apple Watch to track workouts, so I can see detailed recordings of my heart rate throughout my sessions. A few pieces of feedback I’d love to see implemented in the Apple Watch app: 1) offer the same choices as in the guided breathing bubble (ie Wim’s Voice, Pace, etc). 2) track the number of inhalations for me 3) like the Apple “Breathe” app, during each round of breathing, have the Apple Watch vibrate to simulate inhale/exhale 4) include more detailed analysis of heart rate and blood oxygen levels before/after and throughout guided breathing sessions And in the iOS app, please log an activity for me automatically whenever I compete a One-on-One or guided/learning session. Keep up the great work WHM Team!! Thank you.
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3 years ago, JGoldenBright
Love it
Love this app. Perfectly designed support to implement the WHM. I’ve been practicing Wim’s method for a while now, but the app features, challenges and being able to save my progress has me really leveling up my commitment and practice. Auto-immune related inflammation is way down and energy level is fantastic. My husband is healing his chronic asthma! Just went off half of his meds and looking forward to kicking the rest soon. So grateful. I love sharing this simple, revolutionary practice.
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7 months ago, nettles73
I love this app, but still not working on Apple Watch.
Still doesn’t link to the newer Apple Watch. Gets stuck when you start round two and doesn’t start guided breathing. Stays in this mode where you can’t start or stop it so I’m forced to uninstall it from my phone just to get it to stop running in the background on my watch. I hope it gets fixed because it’s frustrating at 5am when I look forward to the ritual. Thank you team Wim Hof!
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