Withings Health Mate

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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Withings Health Mate

4.6 out of 5
264.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Kamalamclem
Waste of money and zero support
I purchased ths item for my husband, I already use their scale. I have multiple problems, the first of which is that their customer support is next to nothing. When they can’t fob you off with stock, copy and paste, replies and they stick with it long enough to actually read your problems, well, then you are not any better off. I’ve long since abandoned the use of the blood pressure monitor, since it is quite useless for the purpose it was purchased, taking blood pressure and recording it wirelessly. Simply does not work. Now the scale has been successful in weighing us both. Unfortunately, it has no ability to differentiate between people who are close to the same weight, like my husband and I, even though I always select my name at weighing. Again, after constant effort to attempt to get customer service, they just stopped communicating with me. I guess customer service is not their thing once they have your money. Now the app has removed the week display, or should I say, it’s gone from mine, I’m trying customer service again today but I’m quite honestly very much less than optimistic that I will have my problems addresses anytime soon, if at all. There’s lots of products on the market that do what these items are ‘supposed’ to do. Vote with you feet and walk away from Nokia/Withings products and save yourself the headaches I’ve been through.
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6 months ago, basic beat
Generally OK
It does the things well enough. My beef with the app are the sleep tracking and Fitness Level. Regarding the sleep tracking, it's just pulling data from the Health app and that's a well and good, problem is it thinks I've slept, on average over a week, 15 mins a night. This is patently false. I'm closer to 6 hours/night. Regarding the Fitness Level functionality... I am a 52 yr old man, 5'11", 160lbs that works out 5-6 times a week at a high level of intensity (weights, HIIT and running). I'm in far better shape than most 52 year olds yet the app claims that my fitness level is under that of a 65 yr old. That's insane. And wrong. Not sure what the app is using to calculate this, but it's doing it wrong or using the wrong data. Happy to share info with support to fix the problems. Update: the sleep tracking has been fixed, it’s showing accurate data. The fitness level is still garbage. Same notes as above. NEW problem... The periods that you can view your data in are ridiculous. Sure Week, Month seem logical, but it's not. It's literally the current week, month, quarter(??) and year. Quarter?? Huh?? How about just 3 months w/o this weird quarter limit. And year? I can't see my progress over the past year bc it's literally the calendar year. Wha?? So in April I can only see a couple days. If I view quarter and go back, I can't see April. If I go back a year, I see 2022 NOT the past 12 months. Ridiculous. This needs to be fixed.
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1 year ago, OrganicAngie90
Manual Measurements a Hot Mess
This app has issues when trying to delete a measurement, it doesn’t always delete the measurement that you select. It will delete the measurements that were taken the time before the one you want to actually delete. For example if trying to delete your 3rd measurement that you’ve selected to delete, it will delete the 2nd measurement. On top of that, customer service is poor , not providing any viable solutions but to tell you to ad them back in if you remember them. You can’t add back in all the measurements even if you do remember them. The program only lets you add Weight, Fat Mass and BMI. You can’t add Bone Mass or Muscle Mass. quite disappointed after spending quite a bit on this scale. Customer service is not good since they have no way of retrieving measurements that were deleted and there’s no phone number to call so I had to wait 2 days to find out that they couldn’t help me. I would not recommend this scale because of this app and no help when the app manual function isn’t working properly.
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3 months ago, Remito21
I would love to love this app
I have been using this app along with the scale Body + and the ScanWatch for over two years now. So, I kind of love it. It gives me my fitness measures: weight, fat and muscle mass, bone mass and water. The watch tracks my fitness level but… There is always a but. The App keeps adding a weight measurement each day even if I don’t weight myself. So it messes my metrics if I don’t remember to manually remove this measurements. In addition, the watch gave me trouble at the beginning (malfunctioning) but even though the company was super responsive and they replaced the watch, it was really hard to get the information on who to contact and how to get things done. It was almost as if they didn’t want me to find out. In addition, they have raining sod their products but no place to write a review. That’s why I am writing it right here!!! So, over all the app is great (besides the adding those measurements), and the products work (my watch measures my sleep, I can even take me ECG, and it is beautiful). And customer service was nice over all but honestly there are little exasperating times, like when they updated the app and I really hated the new look where things are not easier to grasp but the contrary. Don’t update just for the heck of doing it. The last update added not a single feature but just changed the look and I didn’t like it.
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4 years ago, SprtHealer
Great Idea, needs some work
I adore this product for its sleek lines how easy it is to use and how it looks when I’m wearing it. Yes, it counts steps lower then other step counters but I am just looking for a baseline and day to day progress so once I had a month in that wasn’t an issue. My reason for choosing the model I did the Steel HR was for heart rate and sleep tracking and here is where I am constantly feeling somewhat disappointed. I love this feature and the HR monitoring seems to do well. The sleep tracker however needs some major improvements, when it’s working it’s fantastic but you can’t really track sleep if it doesn’t even pick up you’ve slept 2 or 3 nights a week OR doesn’t record sleep activity until after the first time you’ve gotten out of bed to use the bathroom at 2 am. I’ve looked at all the fixes and reasons this might occur and none of them make sense to me. I don’t shake my arm wildly after I get into bed and often wake 3-4 hours after going to sleep in the same position I fell asleep, yet the tracker does not record. More frustrating is when it fails to record a night at all. It keeps record of my sleep heart rate, why is it not giving me sleep data? So I love it’s sleek design, it’s exercise features, and much of what they are trying to do but it’s more a a parlor game then a health gadget at this time. It does have a clock and the ability to get notifications is a huge plus. Fix the sleep tracking and it’d be a 5 star.
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8 months ago, permiefan
I have questions
I generally enjoy the app and started using it primarily because we got a smart scale. One thing I haven’t been able to figure out since I upgraded from my old iPhone 6 to a 13 mini: The daily BMI% figures are no longer available on my new phone and I can’t find anything that says why it’s not. When I go to “Customize the screen”, the option for BMI is there. But it doesn’t show up on my phone. And since I wear glasses (and weigh myself with them off to make my weight results accurate) I cannot see the readings on the scale and have to wait until they appear on my phone. Sometime ago I also started using it to capture the stats on our nearly daily walks, because it gives me more info than my pedometer, mainly steps but also the distance covered and the duration. Most of the time the app captures the data, but sometimes it’s as if the walk never happened. I find it frustrating not to be able to count on consistency. I also have started to manually enter my rowing sessions, however sometimes those also disappear after I’ve entered and saved the info. Anyway, just a few frustrations, but I’m happy to finally have found a scale that weighs in one-tenth pounds instead of the usual two-tenths. I’m small and small increments matter more to me than it does to others I would imagine.
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8 months ago, Nightshark89
Connectivity with Apple Health
I really wanted to like this app. I have been using Renpho for 4 years and decided this year to make the switch since my old scale was having trouble staying accurate. So I took the plunge and purchased the Withings Body+. I love the hardware. The scale looks nice, it works well for a larger person like me, and it seems really accurate. However, my problem is entirely with the app. I have worked with their support for three weeks now or so(which basically is two email interactions both asking me to confirm that I’m not stupid) so I have tried to do my due diligence. I cannot seem to get the Health Mate app to consistently share information with Apple Health which is what I use for keeping track of trends. There were some days it would sync and then it would skip 4 or 5 days. Now I’ve been using it for three weeks with no sync at all. I’ve reset it several times. I am giving it one more try by deleting the app, resetting the scale, and then strictly using Bluetooth to connect (to mimic my Renpho experience). If this does not start working within the next two weeks I will be returning my scale and just sticking with Renpho. I am bummed about that but I don’t really see a choice. Withings maintains that the problem is due to restrictions Apple puts on the syncing between the apps but then how come Renpho works flawlessly for years and I can’t get this one to work consistently for more than a couple days. It’s quite frustrating.
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9 months ago, wxangel
Fantastic Motivating App!
I have been using the scale and the app for the last year and 3 months. In that time it has helped me drop - A LOT - of weight. Seeing the data is key to my success. I can see the trends and be proud of myself both in the app and on the scale. Love it! Recently there was an app redesign. I mostly like it, but some data points were taken away, and others should be adjusted. I imported data since 2011, from another app/scale. So I have a LOT of historical data. The old version of the app showed me positive and negative changes per year, month, week, etc. this was great because I could not just watch the graph, but I also saw the numerical change. With the latest version, it compares original weight and current weight for the trend. So even though I have lost 30lbs+ over the last year, if I look at all time data, the trend says gaining. From a numerical perspective, I can see that as true, but my trend for the last 2 years has been losing. I would rather not see that trend, and see the monthly or yearly ups and downs numerically instead. I am probably an edge case - and over all, I really love the app and the scale. I can’t wait for a new version that maybe gives me a choice (setting) to see the data in multiple formats rather than one size fits all.
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5 years ago, Ken Akerly
Don’t buy the blood pressure cuff
This was a good app and blood pressure monitor when it was originally released. The new owners have turned the blood pressure cuff into a brick. I’ve lost over a year of health data because of the “updates”. The most recent update resulted in the app no longer recognizing a device I’ve been using for over a year. The app also now requires the user to create an account and to share health data with them. This is frankly another ignorant move to try to collect used data to use for marketing. This is no longer a health app for that reason. Save yourself some money and privacy and buy the simple blood pressure monitor from your local pharmacy. One that just uses batteries instead of you’d private information. Update: a customer service person responded to this review promptly. The response included an apology. However the response did NOT include a solution. If Nokia can’t offer a solution I want a refund. The device stopped working because of a forced update that Nokia sent out. Update: I contacted Withings customer service by email and requested a full refund. Withings responded by saying they will only warranty for 30 days. Even if they make the device useless due to their failure they will not refund the purchase. They are very stubborn and just thank you for your patience. Once they get your money that’s all they want. Save yourself a lot of money and buy the stand alone blood pressure device you can get from your local pharmacy.
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5 years ago, DonRWatters
Inconsistent UI, but not many do better
It’s an average app, for what it is meant to do. Data collection and presentation are at the core of the product. Unfortunately, the app tries to hard to make data relevant, and becomes inconsistent across the experience. Want to see your aggregate sleep for the week? Awesome! Now try to go back to the screen you were on. The UI sometimes choose to provide no way of going back. So, then your only choice is to exit the app and start over. Want to rotate the app? Cool...that will work, sometimes. Other times it’s like fighting with an obstinate spouse. Not happening unless it wants to make it happen. Useful things like, average REM sleep are missing (or possibly buried so that can’t find it easily). This app desperately needs sparklines to be extended to many categories, and I should be able to choose which categories, in my dashboard. The weight, steps and sleep sparklines are great. Why not use them in a daily snapshot that represents the last week, in one dashboard view that also shows the other things that are already being captured? It’s the inconsistency that is holding this app back. BTW, this the kind of rating and review that happens when a popup requests my feedback in the middle of me just trying to go about my daily review routine. Stop doing it, no one likes it.
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3 months ago, Andy Swats
Update 28 Jin 2022: I used to love the data this app could provide when it was health mate. This new app withings is a huge step backwards. Used assign the weights to the right person, now it doesn’t. My wife, ½ my weight, is always getting my measurements assigned to her and I recently lost over a hundred pound one day and got it back again the next. Can you fix your app? If you try to look at the data so you can manually adjust the measurements? Can’t now. Could before. And most of the data you used to see is gone. Should just get better, but seems to have go e backwards 10 yrs. Older review: I have like my scale and BP cuff at home for sometime now. Then they rebranded and I’m not sure what happened. Seems buggy now. Weight data shows up sometimes other times it doesn’t. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled a couple times. It works at first then the graphing doesn’t show up, or the data doesn’t load. Used to be easy now note like before. I thought they merely changed the name, but seems they altered the app. I am sure they will fix it, but i don’t know if I’ll stick around very long. Lots of apps out there. I just don’t know how a stable program can become so unstable. Upgrades tend to have a few bugs to work out, but this is not an upgrade-just a name change.
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1 year ago, Hikercapecod
You’ll like it but …
It’s been buggy since I’ve had it, and I have yet to find a doctor that really cares to see it or rather the data and it’s entirety. They almost are irritated that the patient is monitoring their health that closely. However that’s not a flaw of the product my main issues are it’s interoperability with products outside of the Withings ecosystem. I also feel that given the amount of data that it already consumes could provide more reporting or at least the appearance of more robust reporting. It suggests that there are insights and other elements available however I have yet to find any details, they’re always a work in progress and have been for upwards of two years as of the date of this review April 2022. However with that being said, tracking blood pressure wirelessly with their blood pressure cuff and with their tools or other hardware that all works wonderfully and you’ll be very happy it’s just a bit too proprietary for my tastes but then again what isn’t especially within the Apple ecosystem. To that end Apple users usually are paying for a premium for that non-interoperability so we should expect an extra level of exceptionalism and I don’t feel that they’re delivering on this expectation, but I’m a nit picker.
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7 months ago, IX50
A bit spotty
This is a good app along with body plus scale. Displays are good and easy to read. There are days however when although all new numbers are recorded and loaded to the app, they are not updated to the dashboard trend graphs. When the graphs are updated a day or two later, those prior days are missing. Otherwise a nice app. Update-after signing out, deleting app and reloading, the same problem persists- daily data is loaded and appears with widgets but dashboard graphs often don’t get updated and those data points never get plotted. Second update: after following developers suggestion to sign out, delete app, and reinstall problem still exists. Numerous emails to Withings customer support have gone unanswered. The app and scale would be a great combo if app worked consistently but given its spotty nature and no support from Withings I would not buy this product again. I no longer have the automated response with the case number. After waiting weeks, I stopped thinking a response would ever come and gave up! 3/1/23-Hello Josephine. I did get the automated response to each of my last 2 inquiries to Withings but never an answer beyond that to either one. Withings support has gone to zero. Is there a direct email I can reach you on? 3/3/23 follow on question-can you clarify how averages are calculated on the graphs. Over a given number of hours?, days? weeks???
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5 years ago, patapra
Updated: So much better than used it to be
Update 1/1/19: this is more of a feature request than a review: i often find myself wishing there was a current weather screen on the steel hr. the current weather (within a configurable interval) could be pushed when that particular screen is viewed. could eventually be expanded to included forecasts for the next few hours. Updated Review: After following the link in the developer response, i learned that health mate will only show an app in its notifications list, if the app pushed a notification while health mate was running in the background. this is why i never saw google calendar as an option for watch notifications. this isn’t very intuitive; i would suggest adding help text that explains this. Still a good app tho! Original Review: The new notification and on-watch workout selection systems are game changers for the steel hr. Kudos to the deva for delivering these features. I just have a few minor quibbles: 1) no google calendar notifications. 2) the new workout mode continuously shows the elapsed time in full brightness instead on-demand check ins. 3) it would also be nice to see a summary (elapsed time, avg and peak hr, etc) when you complete a workout. Keep up the good work!
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8 months ago, Fungi008
Buggy app; Support process is hostile to users
I gave the app of my target weight, which is 20 pounds below my current weight, and it somehow concluded that I wanted to maintain my current weight, saying “so you want to maintain your current weight” and providing tips about how to do that. Weird flex. Update 1: Withings reached out to me and instead of taking this feedback, they asked me to submit it again for some reason. And when I clicked on the link they gave me, it took me to a page that actively tried to keep me from submitting any feedback. Guys. You’re doing tech support wrong. Update 2: wow, they did it again. Once again they reached back out to me. Once again the link they sent to report a problem is not a link that allows you to report a problem. To the developer or tech-support person who is reading this, please do not reply to this post by sending another link that does not work. Maybe try it out yourself first. I wish you the best of luck. Update 3: OK, they got back to me with step-by-step instructions. It turns out it takes 6 very specific, non-intuitive steps to get to a “contact us” form. That kind of design is hostile to users. To the Withings rep reading this, please let your managers know that users may find your “submit your issue” steps to be confusing and hostile.
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3 months ago, thxuebti
OMG - the WORST!!!
What are Withing developers thinking? Every time they “upgrade” the app it gets worse!!! The original app - several years ago - was pretty good! You could share your info, view your friends info, etc. The broken stuff: - every time I launch the app it says it’s still importing / converting my data - I can still see my buddies profile and weight. He can’t see mine now in the app now… even though we’re on the same (current) version of the app. He can see me still on the website - there appears to be no way to share my data with someone or stop sharing….from the app. (Only the web) - the app shows “family” but literally no way to do anything with it The enhancement requests: - there are now all kinds of unnecessary data fields. I don’t want Withings to track my workouts, steps, etc. it would be great to turn off and hide all these fields. - the app is incredibly un-intuitive. Developers, plz take a human usability class or…. Look at any other app out there for a clue! In short, I like my scale. I like my blood pressure cuff. I HATE this app. PLEASE just bring back the old one. It was actually great! I appreciate Withings getting back to me with their developers. I hope that we will see some meaningful updates to ease of use. I have been a long term Withings scale and pressure cuff user. I hope they’ll consider the app usability.
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2 years ago, Nelchina2
Works most of the time
Update: I updated the review as it seems to be working better. The 301 error is solved by a slight adjustment (white unit is parallel to my upper arm and none of the cuff is touching anything hard). To sync with the Apple Health, once the cuff has synced to the Withings app, I close i the Withings app and then open it again, swipe down, and it then syncs fine with the Apple app. It still seems to give different readings than my other two cuffs (sometimes as much as 10mmhg for systolic; diastolic is basically the same) but not all of the time; I’ll work on that. 🙂 I’ve had the blood pressure monitor for about a month and for the most part it works pretty well, although often times it is much lower than my other two cuffs. Sometimes it gives me a 301 error, which I have not figured out why yet since it seems to be in the exact same position on my arm (I take my BP sitting in the exact same place every time and the different cuffs are in the same position). The app does a pretty good job at syncing up with the cuff ( as in real time), but does not sync well with the Apple health app - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I have not figured out that one yet.
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9 months ago, 5an1
Wi-Fi Not working properly
Setup process itself is confusing, not user-friendly. First step is to turn the unit on for 3 seconds. But no explanation on what to expect. So when the unit is not showing anything specific, I didn’t know what I did wrong. It’s also awkward to begin with, the button and the display is on opposite side. Wi-Fi connection is not readily available on the app. The unit shows weather when it connects, and when first time testing it. For a few minutes everything looks OK when I tested again. But after a few hours, it is back being a basic weight scale. No data transmitted to the app. No weather info. The only way to check in the app is to update Wi-Fi connection. For this the unit has to be turned on again, like I have to go through setting it up again. Next thing I got was Setup Failed, or options to set on Mac or reset. That just means I do have to reinstall everything. Erase bluetooth, erase the unit from app. I’m thinking maybe I have to erase the app and reinstall it again…. If you don’t erase the Bluetooth, it will just act like you already have it in your phone and the reinstall will go do anything. Second time I did the reinstalling, the next morning Body became basic weight scale again. I really want this to work. But probably I just got a defective product.
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3 years ago, Persnicketyone
Setup is a negative but it gets better
Set up is not a good experience- lots of glitches and warning signs ( why do I have to keep entering my Apple ID? What do you mean “payment processed?). I wanted a scale. I do not want advertisements for sleep trackers etc. and drivel passing as insights (Did I know weight is important? Actually, yes: why do you think I got this scale?). I have gotten the family set up on the scale (relatively painless) but my wife can’t get it to talk to her phone. I wish the developers would just focus on weighing us and communicating with a smart phone over Bluetooth. I don’t want an account and another password. I would like the displays simplified so you can see weight over time (with dates) and maybe other parameters on their own page. The app tries to squeeze way too much onto the screen of an iPhone. As for the scale, it is quite sensitive but not stable. I stand there watching it flip tenth of a pound digits so long that sometimes the scale shuts down without a reading. A little signal filtering would help. Also, the percent body fat is all over the map (I doubt it fluctuates by more that 1% day to day). But I do like the display and being ableto track progress.
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5 months ago, Peanut Butter Fan
Fix the view screen please; confused by athlete mode
Someone else posted this recently, but I’m here for the same. I want to see 3-months of data at a time, up to the present. But quarter view shows only “this quarter”, which apparently is April-June. But it’s April, so I can only see the last week. Same for week and year - I don’t want to see “this” year, but A year’s worth of data. Just absolute nonsense and should be easy to fix. Who made this terrible design decision? I’m also confused by athlete mode. I was confused that in regular mode, it was telling me I was dehydrated all the time. Someone on Reddit suggested using athlete mode if you work out regularly (which I do, but am not a professional). So I changed it one day and my “muscle mass” jumped to 30 lbs more (from 90 to 120 lbs) and my fat percentage decreased from 34% to 19%. I think the regular mode is more accurate, but it leaves me wondering about the accuracy at all. It apparently is making some huge assumptions for one or both of the modes. I probably wouldn’t buy this scale (or any other smart scale for that matter) again. (Note that this is maybe just the scale, not the app itself, but the athlete mode is in the app so…?)
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9 months ago, djc0
Back to being great!
UPDATE: Have discovered you can click through on some of the graphs to see only that property. That helps somewhat. I appreciate the devs reaching out. Withings has always been great. ORIGINAL: I have used Withings for years. Through all the ups and downs. I’m a big fan. But why oh WHY do developers feel the need to redesign things that have been working beautifully for years! I use the Withings for the graphs. Now they’re half the size on my screen, only show averaged data when I go to the month or longer view, no trend line. And the big one: the y axis range is so large I can no longer see any trends. 72kg for my body composition graph! Does anyone there even use this app to track their weight?!? Please put the graphs back the way they were. Individually one their own graph. With an axis range 5-10kg so you can see what’s happening over the week/month/quarter. So they can actually be used to see how weight and other body properties are changing. Pretty please?
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5 months ago, AB_6644
Unable to Export Health Data
About 2 months ago, I was exporting data for an upcoming medical visit as usual. For some reason, I never received an email with the download link. I tried again a few more times with the same result. I also tried changing my email address, then trying the export function again which was unsuccessful. I then contacted Withings Tech Support for assistance, explaining the problem and all the trouble shooting procedures attempted. The rep acknowledged this, set up a case and said that it was being turned over to a ‘senior tier’ group for resolution. After a few initial contacts via email, I’ve still received nothing from the ‘Senior Tier’ group to resolve the issue. I tried to calling the help number and it’s connects to some plumbing company. This was attempted several times using different phones with the same result. I let a representative know about what was happening but the rep insisted that the number was correct. In the past, Withings has been more responsive to issues, questions and change recommendations. After a month of nothing but crickets since the initial assistance request, l believe this negative review is justified. If Withings ever does decide to provide some help to get this issue resolved, I’ll submit an update.
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8 months ago, tipiwi
I have been using withings for many years but the latest UI changes are the worst they ever made
I love that my scale connects to an app and tracks all sorts of data points every day and for that reason I have been recommending the scale to friends and connections on a regular basis. The one terrible thing is that they keep making changes to the app UI that are showing how little they understand their users. The current UI is a recent change that is ruining the experience like never before and I can only hope that enough users complain so they change everything quickly. It is a disaster. I’m no longer able to see graphs of my data the way I want, trends are gone, navigation is terrible, and sadly it all has an impact on my daily motivation. If only they did a user survey or something to provide feedback but I couldn’t find anything like it. It shows how little interest they have in their user experience. I really am considering looking for alternatives despite having my data there for years and having the scale that goes with it. If you are working for the UI/product team and would like to hear more please connect with me, I’m more than willing to share precise feedback…
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5 years ago, beatVjiking
Getting worse over time
This app has been on my phone for several years. The last few updates have seen a nosedive in quality. First, the app now requires multiple authentications before opening if you have passcode access on. Inconvenient, but not a dealbreaker. Then, the app started adding phantom steps when the phone was charging. It’d add steps at a constant rate during times when the phone, and any step counters, were stationary, at a fixed rate (usually 270 steps/hour). When attempting to shut off step counting in the app, I found it was no longer possible - and when I contacted support about it, I had to send them screenshots from my app to prove to them the option was missing. Support was unable to help, so eventually I just removed the app’s permission to write steps to Apple health at the OS level. I updated today hoping they’d been addressing these issues but now it’s no longer even *importing* step data from the Apple health app (it cuts off right at the time I updated!) I hope the developer can successfully address these issues. I really like their health hardware, and the software, until about six months ago, has been rock solid. But if it continues in this fashion I’m not going to have any use at all for it.
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3 years ago, nnsmith
I’ve had the app for years. I used it to monitor my steps years before Apple Heath and Apple Watch. I eventually purchased the scale, blood pressure monitor, & most recently, the sleep tracker app. Recently, I started receiving multiple weight measurements every day. I noticed that whenever I opened the app a new weight measurement would appear even if I hadn’t stepped on the scale that day. So I contacted support. I was asked to provide a considerable amount of information, which I happily did as I assumed it would lead to my problem being resolved more quickly. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Here is the response I received, “Our development team is aware of the loop effect which is causing this issue to take place (HM → other app → AH → HM). I do apologize however, we do not have a planned fix, we recommend users only export from Apple Health.“ My reply was that their response was unacceptable as according to the description in the App Store at the time was that the app “plays well with others” (in all caps). I was assured that my concerns would be forwarded to the development team. This was On May 13th. Apparently my concerns aren’t worth much as I haven’t heard from anyone & it’s now the end of May.
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9 months ago, EHoneywort
Please Create a Way to Hide Weight from Dashboard
I’ve started using the app for my Scan Watch and I am trying to stop the app from prompting me to weigh myself or calculate my BMI. Not only is BMI entirely discredited as a measure of health, it can be extremely triggering for those of us with a history of eating disorders. I avoided getting a watch like this for years for exactly this reason. I know that having height at weight data in the app can help with other data gathering and calculations, so I don’t want to avoid inputting it altogether. I just wish I had the option to hide that data, as well as the prompts to start logging my food intake and fat mass, from my dashboard. I don’t need to see them every time I open the app. I do not need to track those things, and doing so would be actively detrimental to my health and wellbeing. I know Withings wants to sell scales, but there are those of us who would like to have the health tracking benefits without being prompted to set a weight loss goal, or start engaging the exact habits that we are trying to recover from. I want to keep this watch but I may need to return it if I find my mental health suffering.
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9 months ago, OMG! So Disappointed
On the way to 5 stars!
This app is better than most, with the potential to be one of the best! Got their Sleep Tracking Mat. Worked flawlessly on the first night, then intermittently after that. BUT… It turned out NOT to be the mat or the app. It’s the FOCUS MODE setting on Apple iOS 16 — blocking notifications from the app. You can make an exception for the app (phone settings —> Focus —> select the Focus —> under Allowed Notifications —> tap Apps and allow Health Mate app. I’m waiting to receive technical help because my device was accidentally disassociated from my app during troubleshooting. Hopefully, it won’t take too long. In the meantime, I’m ordering the scale. The Health Mate app works flawlessly with Apple’s Health app. WHAT WOULD MAKE USING THE APP BETTER: Comprehensive instructions (even if only available in digital format) would be a GREAT solution. The app refers users to a Forum (which I tend to avoid). I’m giving their technical Help a try this time. Update: Great response from their Customer Service. Even so, I will be returning the Sleep Tracking Mat and may try their ScanWatch as a substitute.
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5 months ago, Older_Wiser_More_Cynical
Hardware was good, software turned into non-functional nightmare
When I first got my Body+ scale, everything worked nicely. The app synced with the scale over Bluetooth and passed weight information on to the Health app. Then someone at Withings decided that it must be true that everyone’s home Wi-Fi setup would connect well to devices on the bathroom floor half a house away, so why not deprecate the Bluetooth sync with the scale and run everybody’s date across the internet to a Withings server for the app to retrieve. That is when I lost the ability to reliably pass data off the scale. I tried again today, and got the app and scale to communicate again once out of at least 10 tries, then the setup timed out while I was looking up my Wi-Fi network password. No subsequent attempts succeeded. The scale acts for all the world like starting a new attempt to set up the scale still sees data from the previous failed attempt, and jumps from step 1/4 Start the App to step 4/4 Setup Failed. I’d suspect that the Withings software team had been infiltrated by agents for their competitors, except for the old rule, “Don’t attribute to malice what can be more easily explained by incompetence.” In the end, my evaluation is good hardware failed by terrible software.
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5 years ago, PeteMcD3
Like the watch and app
This has been a great investment for my personal program of activity. I am 55 and interested in monitoring my activity. A great feature of this watch and app has been monitoring my sleep patterns and blood pressure. I have been researching how to get better sleep patterns with diet and exercise factors. I like the fact that the alarm on my watch vibrates to wake me up to get to Crossfit class without waking my wife. I looked at many options when trying to find a device that would help track mostly my sleep patterns. I am working with my physician in also trying to monitor oxygen levels and other factors. I like the feature that Nokia has of measuring steps taken in a day with the smaller dial. It helps motivate me to walk more. Also, like the feature where I activate the watch at the start of my workout and end it at the end of the workout. In my opinion, this is a great addition to a good fitness program. It is helping me find a good sleep routine to make the best of my overall daily fitness.
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9 months ago, Munzi88
Works but trend lines stink
I have the scale and the app. Been using it for about 2 years. It works it’s fine. Not my favorite but no serious complaints. Then recently there was some sort of software update that has been really frustrating. Previously you’d put in your weight and they’d show 2 lines, one was your actually weight readings and the other was a more smoothed out average of sorts. It was nice seeing both to help you not get too hung up on one bad day. Now they just show your weight readings and declare a “trend” which can be “stable” or going down or going up. I hate this. As someone who looses weight fairly gradually it literally always says “stable” when in reality I’ve lost like 20 pounds in the past 5 months. It’s very obviously a downward trend if you look at the graph but the app seems unable to recognize this. I also miss the smoothed out graph. If you’re just going to put points on a graph, seems like a real waste of an app. That’s easy enough to do with some graph paper at home. Clearly they didn’t do any user testing with this new ui, it seems objectively worse.
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1 year ago, Mojo Surf Design
Great UI and data crunching
The app itself is great, love the beautiful interface and overall UX, it’s highly modern and easy to understand data at a glance. The sleep tracking portion is my favorite part of the app, and seeing if I’m getting enough sleep over long periods of time is very valuable for me. I’m currently using a Withings Pulse HR and Body scale to upload metrics. My main complaint is with the Pulse HR not the app itself. It won’t track swim distance, even with phone nearby, only heart rate and duration of swim. I feel that there is probably a way for Withings to track that metric if they wanted, as the Pulse HR can easily track walk distance. The other sore point of Pulse HR and app is that it won’t recognize a nap, and add it to sleep score. No major complaints with Body scale except that hardware itself is a little buggy and seems to take a little while to upload data and prepare itself for next user to step on scale, if being user by a whole family. Lastly I love that I can manually add in my own BP, temp, heart rate and other metrics as needed.
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5 years ago, Kathryn Finch
Make sleep score optional
I am such a fan of and very grateful for my Withings watch and app. It has been a great support for me to understand my sleep so I can identify how deep I’m sleeping as a vital element of my health during some trying, long-term health challenges. This 1 star review is not for the watch/app overall, it is for the sleep score update. I find it very damaging to rate the quality of our sleep on a point system of 1-100, most especially the negative evaluations of each element of sleep. Examples of these are: “Sleep score 20. Depth= Bad.” “2hrs 6mins isn’t much...try to sleep a little longer tonight.” Next to a bright orange exclamation point. “OK, so, it’s time to bring sleep back into your life.” Next to a bright red exclamation point. “Your bed and rise times diverge too much from those of these last few days.” Next to a bring red exclamation point. (This was a night I slept well and long.) As if I don’t already feel the weight of my lack of sleep and it’s negative reflection on my health challenges. As if I don’t already feel stressed and even grieved about the harsh reality of being unable to sleep well. As if I should “Just try harder! Just do better!” As if we don’t get this message enough in every other area of life. They need to make these CRITICAL COMMENTS OPTIONAL. Make the sleep NEGATIVE SCORE OPTIONAL. Sleep is valuable and clearly we want POSITIVE SUPPORT about it. Thank you for your care and attempted support.
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1 month ago, CEDJH
App is still unstable after update
It’s been few months since the major update. Some of he issues has subsided but a few still remain. None of the tabs in the measure section work; clicking on each doesn’t provide any results. App still freezes on certain screens, particularly the profile screen freezes right before the goals; so you can’t change your goals. Trying to edit a workout, the numeric pad covers the data and you can’t scroll the data, so you have to position your cursor in the field and blindly backspace to delete the data, and then type in the number you want, all while not being able to see the field. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app. I’ve let it install for 4 hours and it’s at 74% and I finally closed the app; same issue two months ago. No indicator to let you know if it’s doing something or frozen. I have a lot of years of data and maybe this new version can’t handle this much data. I was hoping there would be more quality improvements by now and this would be working better as I’ve had this issue since they launch the new version about months ago.
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5 months ago, CPT Kirk
IMO Best smart watch on the market!
I hate the look of modern digital watches. Those square and rectangular smart watches seemed to foretell the end of classic chronographs by bringing unusual, but enhanced functionality to the market. Fortunately, Withings stepped-up to the challenge and made the dignified, classic look competitive again. Now, the Withings ScanWatch reinvigorates the classic look while including all the digital functionality and even exceeding the technical accuracy of anything that Apple, Google, Casio, or the other manufacturers produce. Yes, you now have the highest medical certification of any smart wearable in a traditional timepiece. Besides the enhanced functionality, this watch is truly unique. In fact, every time I receive a text or a message on my ScanWatch, onlookers marvel at my watch. They cannot believe it’s a smartwatch and comment on how it looks so nice. I couldn’t be happier with this watch and I believe you will feel the same way.
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7 months ago, JhoannaH1
Old way was easily readable.
Although the new format has more information, it’s difficult to read. The axis mark is labeled backwards (in month for, Dec should be in-front of the major line instead of behind). The periods are cut off from each other; ex before you could see Dec and Jan on the same screen in month form, now you have to swipe for one or the other. It was nice to see weight, muscle and fat on the same screen; you have to flip screens back and forth to understand what you’re looking at. Having the number of weight lost/gained from the beginning of the period was also helpful; reading “stable” every day isn’t helpful since that can mean different things for different people. Body composition for lean mass also doesn’t interpret well when the setting is by weight instead of percentage. It used to move with your weight, and you can only understand this graph if you ready the teeny tiny table when you hit the question mark.
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5 years ago, Shukhrat
This app is the Mercedes in it’s industry!!!
A little more than a year ago I wanted a hybrid watch to track my activity and I started my searching Journey for a perfect product which would be a device and supporting application. I started trying hybrid smartwatches with their respective health app like Skagen, Michael Kors, Fitbit, Garmin, Suunto and many of the products were good but the health apps that supports them were not, till I came across the Withings which became Nokia and now Withings again. When I tried hybrid watch steel HR with its health app I was amazed, it simply speaks my language :) I have been using this app with watch for a little over a year now and I must say I am impressed by design, functionality and practicality of it. Step, sleep, activity, Heartbeat tracking, they all are displayed on one screen with Minimalistic looks, and yet not cluttered and confusing like other competitors. This is exactly what I wanted and it delivers the way I like it, so I give 5 STARS!!!
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1 year ago, Slim Nicky
Connected to wifi and Synching again! Resolved by…..
….deleting additional users. Also deleted unmatched measurements. I’ve been using this app and a Withings Body+ scale for years and love both. One month ago the scale stopped connecting to our home wifi. Tried everything on their support site, Reddit, etc (resetting scale, deleting app, reconnecting…. ). The thing that worked for me finally was removing two users and\or deleting measurements that had not been matched to a user. Leaving this here in case others are having this problem. Was so frustrating …. But glad it worked out. I even bought another withings scale thinking mine had broken and had the same issue so I returned it…. And upping me rating from one to five stars. The app and scales are generally solid. Love the ability to track weight and other body measurements over the year, as well as synch with Apple Health and Strava.
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2 months ago, paulsar
Update: Great App to see the whole health picture.
My wife and I have been a Withings customer for many years. We have scales, blood pressure monitors, thermometers. (A while ago, the Thermo data no longer needed the Thermo app and was sent directly to the Health Mate app. This was a huge improvement. However, today I noticed that Health Mate does not have the capability to send that data to the Apple Health app. This is a big miss. I would like to request the inclusion of that feature.) Otherwise we love the Withings ecosystem. Update: The above section in parentheses is no longer needed. Withings suggestion worked, and now I have my body temperature data syncing with Health. Withings has really created a great ecosystem that helps both me and my wife monitor our health and work to actively improve it. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in easily and accurately measuring their health data.
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2 years ago, SasquatchTheEngineer
Useful app, responsive developer
I have a BPM Connect BP monitor and a Smart Body Analyzer scale that I use daily. I’ve had the scale for years and am very pleased with it (although I can’t use it in a humid bathroom because it changes units and I have no idea what a stone pound is!). The BP monitor is also working well 6 months in. Well, I started experiencing a crash (when clicking into the BP history) in this app early this year. Eventually in June got annoyed enough to open a ticket with Withings support. Finally today in October it’s been fixed! Withings support was quite attentive, checking in every couple of weeks, but not in an annoying “please check if it still occurs” kind of way. It felt like a long time to wait for a fix but four months is really pretty good for a nuisance with a minor impact to me. Many developers wouldn’t even bother to respond in a case like this. So thanks, Withings, and cheers!
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2 years ago, reesk
Best health app available!
I purchased a Withings watch primarily because of the looks, but I still wanted to track steps and general activity. I have owned an Apple Watch, Fitbit and Halo and in the end just couldn’t keep an athletic looking watch on my wrist day ina me day out. And the apps were nothing special with those. Hands down this is the most educational, interactive, clean interface and easy to use of all available. I am continually blown away by the content they are providing. It is similar to an app our company PAYS for to provide this sort of content to help keep employees healthy. Love love LOVE my watch and if possible, love it even MORE because of this app. It is now an indispensable part of my life and I say that without regrets. I have never written an app review. But I literally get so excited about this one that I had to…and to thank the developers for a job well done!
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2 months ago, PFloyd2011
Latest update loses functionality
After the latest update I no longer see my weight in Latest Measurements and I cannot edit my sleep time (the three dots on sleep data only take me to help sections and no longer have an Edit option). I used to find Withings more helpful than Apple Health in terms of hose it presents data but now I’m not so sure. EDIT: Lowered to 1 star after a horrible customer support experience regarding the problems with the app. While the sleep time edit functionality was addressed awhile ago, the weight display missing from the Home screen is an ongoing issue. The rep I was working with misled me multiple times about the status of that (it was removed/oh you have one of our scales let me see why the weight isn’t on Home/etc. it went on for almost two weeks) and eventually stopped communicating with me after supposedly bumping over to perhaps the engineering team. One of the most basic pieces of health information and they won’t put it on the Home screen or at least allow you to customize Home to put it there. There are better apps out there.
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3 years ago, Maple wood kid
Former success on WW, love Lose it
I’m very pleased with what I’ve experienced thus far. On WW, I focused on recording everything I ate, exercised vigorously and lost 60 lbs. 6 years later, after a heart valve replacement, the weight returned. Now that I’m feeling better the nutritionist at cardio rehab suggested this. Because I’m a competitive spirit, and a numbers guy, I got a fit bit and even a smart scale to assist me. Although only 2weeks into it, already down 7 lbs, I really am pleased. Monitoring levels of nutrients, calories, and everything else allows me the opportunity to understand what foods provide proper balance. I’ve increased my fiber intake, while reducing carbs and sugar, but right now I’m focusing on dropping my sodium levels. I truly am impressed with the easy to use technology. My blood pressure has improved, I’m feeling good and seem to have more energy. Very useful tool, glad to recommend. 5 Stars!
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6 years ago, Peblëna
Useful but buggy
I enjoy using this with my HR Steel but I’ve noticed some weird UI issues. It has yet to learn that I do not swim. I do not swim. I do not swim. I always select ‘fitness’ when I do circuit training. I circuit train, walk, and occasionally run. Yet it continues to insist that I swim. It has asked me twice if it was right, both times I said no and selected fitness. It still says I’m swimming. Very annoying. Secondly, the UI looks poor on iPhone X. ‘Synchronizing’ message is cut off at the top, it somehow appears above the native UI navigation (to go back to the previous app/search), and the toggles do not reach the bottom of the display which would fix the UI issue. Strange that I’ve had no issues with other major apps in this regard, just this one. Please fix the darn watch insisting that I’m swimming. Fix it so it actually learns and stops auto-selecting what I’m doing when I’ve told it countless times what I am actually doing.
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3 years ago, calaiz
Good App
It tracks all your data really well and pretty much forever; just slide back and forth with finger. A bit slow starting after pressing button on BP cuff. The Notes has a bug: first text entered is often lost after tapping check mark to accept it and has to be re-entered. Great for gathering a lot of statistical long-term data on blood pressure, which helps to manage it better, find out what works in controlling BP. The coin slot for the battery compartment: it’s unnecessarily wide and the plastic is somewhat soft, so it erodes and then it becomes difficult to open and close using a coin as intended. When the battery gets below 70% ‘Measurement Error’ happens more often and when it gets to about 60% it may become inaccurate. The battery life is reasonably good before it gets down to 70% where performance starts to suffer.
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8 months ago, jimmybob683
Body Comp scale not work with App
The current issue is with the app and not the scale. The App imports incorrect data from the Apple Health app, primarily the weight and height. The weight is off by 100 pounds and the height is off by a foot. When you click to customize the screen details which allows you see your body fat %, muscle mass, bone mass and ect, there is no option to select any of these options. You have a blank screen. I’ve deleted and resintaled the app multiple times and nothing works. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max with the latest software update. My old scale works fine the app, but the NEW BODY COMP scale does not. As a result, I’m returning the scale since I don’t have the time to constantly deal with the poor customer support. UPDATE!!!! I’ve sent over 6 emails now over the course of two weeks requesting a refund. They’re simply ignoring me at this point. I’ve reached out to my credit card company since this Company is beyond useless. I’m not sure what’s happened lately, but their customer support is awful. It’s also difficult to deal with them since they outsource their customer support.
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11 months ago, geekgrl1
Great scale but terrible app
The scale seems great, but it doesn’t always transmit data to the app, and the user guide doesn’t have any information on viewing the data directly from the scale. I lose about every fifth measurement, despite following all the troubleshooting steps. The user interface on the app makes the readings really hard to read, especially if you just want to see all of the measurements in an easy to read table to see progress over time. The dashboard only shows weight and body fat - when you view the detail you can’t see how it compares to other entries. The graphs are not useful the way they are presented. The app needs a ton of work - it would be much easier if I could bypass the app and just retrieve the data from the scale myself when the app doesn’t work; but it seems that’s not even possible unless I’m fast enough to write down all the information while I’m standing on the scale. If the app can’t be improved, then please add a feature to the scale so that I can retrieve my data without it
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9 months ago, Colb20130210
Bad trend graphs and connectivity
Now the weight graph is as stupid as the BP graph. Instead of the nice smooth horizontal scrolling and scaling we get super frustrating snapping to arbitrary time boundaries. The graph is MUCH less informative than before. Before I could see raw values and the running average. Now I just see a single set of poorly traced values. PLEASE fix the horrible connectivity issues instead of wasting time making trend graphs worse. I check for updates on my Withings BPM Connect and the app says “connected” but the Next button does nothing. It always takes 2-3 tries to connect to my Withings watch over Bluetooth, 2 feet away. The temperature input controls are vertically reversed from the rest. Confusing. For BP and weight, the bigger numbers are below. But for temperature the bigger numbers are above. Seriously? Suggestion: make the vertical direction consistent across all inputs. Don’t most people think about bigger numbers being above smaller numbers? Maybe this is a UI conspiracy to force me to buy expensive blue tooth health devices?
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1 year ago, Bobbi Pat
Where is Withings ‘ Customer Service ?
Product is good. Customer support is terrible. I have a Scan Watch. I would like to be able to speak to a tech support person or just a customer service representative. Those services seem nonexistent. If I had known there was no phone support prior to purchasing my device I would not have purchased it. I don’t equate ion app FAQS as a substitute to speaking with a knowledgeable company representative, especially when I’ve purchased an expensive complicated device. In addition, the font size in the app FAQS is minuscule and “stretching “ it with your fingers doesn’t work. I read a response in the App Store from someone who had a customer service issue and she was provided with an email address that was more like a sting password for contact purposes with no link! In the 21st century, is this for real? I’d like to see some progress towards customer “service” before I’d even consider recommending this product to anyone else. Very disappointed.
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1 year ago, MrsCatherineS
In accurate Body day %
I’ve had my body composition analyzed at the University of Nebraska Sports and Physiology lab in their submersion tank and it showed my body fat % just below 17% which agrees with my $24 Renpho scale. This withings Body Cardio scale while it agrees within a few 10ths of a pound in weight, it claims my body fat is almost 29%! I’m 5’6” weigh 130 lbs. I cycle 200 miles a week, walk, and lift weights regularly. There absolutely no way. I did just discover today after having the scale nearly 2 months that on my profile there is a selector button to choose “Athlete” so I will see if anything changes but if this scale is so accurate with “scan technology” I shouldn’t need to select a button so it can ACCURATELY identify the tissue! It either can or can’t accurately scan. It gets 2 stars for the weight feature alone. Also, my resting heart rate is below 50. When my HR is higher the scale will measure it, but i’ve noticed when I relax and gets below 50 and then step on scale, it won’t read. It shows an “X” that’s a flaw in my opinion.
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2 years ago, Jake¡
This is not a 5 star app… i have no idea how it is rated so highly
Trying to lose some covid pounds so i thought a smart scale would make logging it more easy. Turns out this is not the brand to go with. Signing up was a nightmare. Neither their website nor this app worked. It kept failing and i had to try several times before it worked. THEN… my favorite part, it requires you to enter a weight to sign up! REQUIRES! I don’t own another scale. How the heck am i supposed to do that. Next it wouldn’t connect to the scale itself. Tried multiple times… finally took the batteries out and reset it which worked. But wait, there is more! The $100 scale I bought doesn’t record accurately. Get off and back on and its a different by several pounds. The app makes setting your units annoying. When i set them all to not be metric it changed it all back.. the readings didn’t upload to the app. And the scale itself has feet that make it incredibly unstable. Just stepping on it slowly and it will try to slide out from under you. I’m never buying another thing from this brand.
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