Workout for Women: Fitness App

Health & Fitness
4.8 (512.6K)
268.1 MB
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Workout for Women: Fitness App

4.85 out of 5
512.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Linklisa
Exercise that doesn’t judge me
Before the shelter-in-pace, I was going to gentle exercise classes for seniors at the Y. Most of the exercise apps I looked at seemed geared towards people without any of my limitations, or offered very few routines geared only towards seniors. This one is a revelation. I LOVE the wake up stretches workout: who knew you could exercise ON YOUR BED? That allows me to do much more than I could do at the Y, and I can feel how good each stretch is for keeping my muscles in shape. The app has a wide range of workouts (all FREE, with very brief ads) to work on different muscle groups, both stretches and cardio. Clean and useful layout, easy to search. Each workout shows a list of exercises, with clean sketches and links to short videos. When you start, a voice guides you through the timing for each exercise, counting down to start and stop and announcing when you’re halfway through. You can customize the sound to turn off any of these voice features and/or background music. I love that I can choose workouts for my current ability, and see the details of what else I may be able to do as I get stronger. I love that I can follow a good pace, without watching a video that might get boring. I love that the illustrations use simple female figures, so that I don’t focus on body type. I would encourage anyone to give this a chance. If you want an exercise app that doesn’t focus on women, look at the other apps from the same developer.
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2 years ago, aredford12
Awesome workouts
I really love this work out app!! I had not used it in a long time, when I opened it again they had completely updated and redid the app. And I love the new updates. There is a little bit of everything. If you are new to working out, or have been working out for years no problem there are TONS of beginner workouts and they cover everything from yoga to full body workouts, and they start you out slow and work you up to faster and harder exercises. They cover each part of the body and then some. There are so many I can’t even get a routine or order to start. They make it so easy to find what you are looking for with sub categories. If you are not sure how to do something there is a video that will show how to do that exercise or what ever it is you are doing. There is also a category for programs that you do some many days a week for how ever many weeks. And it again it has a beginners problem as well. We can pay a monthly or yearly subscription to open up everything. There is so much that you can do without a subscription. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking for a at home workout app. This is my number one app that I always go too. I have deleted all the others everything I need or would want is right here in this one app. Awesome job to the creators!! Don’t take my word for it try it yourself you will love it.
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4 years ago, Abby Picar
I love this workout app! It’s the only one that I’ve actually been consistent with because it’s been consistent with me. I utilize the reminder feature as an extra push and motivation for me to work out. My wedding is 7 months away and I don’t have the typical leisure time to go to the gym before or after work, so I love that this app is built for those who would love to get a quick and effective workout in. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now, mainly working out for up to 30-40 minutes a day. Surprisingly, I’ve already had about 5 people tell me I’m looking more fit and sexy!! One of the many features I love about this workout app is the daily motivational quote that boosts confidence. Second, I love the workout options for whatever part of the body I want to focus on. I usually mix and match and will do something like a 20 min workout for abs and then 20 min cardio or whatever I feel like doing. It also has quick 5 minute workouts that you can do at work or at a desk! I end my workout with one of their stretch or yoga options and it’s essential for my cool down because I have respiratory problems. Third, I love the tutorial videos linked with the workout lineup! It definitely helps with posture and with good habits! Last but not least, I love that I can play any music while working out to any of the programs! It makes it more personal and fun!
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4 years ago, Redhead4peace
No time? This is the app for you!
For the longest time, I had trouble getting a consistent workout in. I work 60 to 80 hours in any given week, so working out became on the back burner of my priorities. This app has honestly changed all of that for me. I can’t reason my way out of not having seven minutes to dedicate to myself every day. You don’t get bored because the workouts change every 30 seconds. You can go at your own pace; but I find this system gives you the incentive to push harder. Most times, after the daily 7, I get pumped and do more workouts. Once you get the 8 minutes apart of your routine, it’s much easier to turn it into 15 or 30! The music helps pump you up, except for the yoga ones which help you zone in more. And the boot camps give you a short term goal to meet. I’m not a bot I swear; I just have told everyone I know to download it since I’ve started with it. Try this app, even to add to your routine! You won’t regret it! The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I wish there was a way to connect with friends, like on Facebook, and challenge them. I know some people who like the app, but need even a little more encouragement. If we could see each see when our friends do workouts, send encouragement, maybe even challenge each other to streaks, or do boot camps together for badges, that would be really cool. I’m sure more people I know would get into it if that were the case.
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4 years ago, babyblue2000
i feel like me
i love this app.. i wake up everyday eat and do what i have to do and then instantly workout. i love how it gives you different options of what you choose and want to workout. they even have ones for your face ! ☺️ i suffered from depression because i’ve had and still have insecurities with my body but using this app it’s slowing boosting up my confidence. when you’re working out it isn’t just to lose wait but it’s for you to make you have the confidence you want. i already feel like i’ve lost so much weight. people doubted me but with this app i’m proving everyone wrong. i had problems with eating a lot until this app. my parents would tell me “you’re too fat for your age and when you get older you’re going to get fatter” id tell them “no i’m not and i will prove you wrong” it isn’t really about proving them wrong it’s about proving myself wrong because i myself had doubts. THANK YOU for this app it helps me get through everyday. i prefer people to work out in the morning because it boosts your metabolism and you have energy throughout the day. i eat three meals. breakfast i have a bagel with bacon and vitamin water.. for lunch i have white rice with vegetables and a little bit of soy sauce for flavor and then for dinner i eat meat just so i’m not eating small foods all the time. i love it it’s great 💙💙💙
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12 months ago, Mimi Parkerson
Help the programs!!!!!
Okay… there are like 4 advanced programs. None of them have a picture on the front, they are repetitive, and like half of their workouts are just stretching! Only 10 workouts in 3 weeks? I of all people know we ALL need rest days… but add a stretch day at least, not just every other day workout. Add more to the programs!!! Like 4 days every week should be a workout, one stretch day, and 2 rest ones. I’ve never been able to just do a program, I always add stretching and more workouts. Like today I did the bikini 3 program and lower abs advanced. And I’m probably going to do some stretching before bed. There’s almost no reason I should do the program…. I still add more to it. People who use the app a lot and LOVE IT, don’t tend to care if there’s a super cute new Home Screen or a quote… or if there’s dance and boxing. (But I still love the variety, thank you for thinking outside of the box with those!) I like the Home Screen and I read the quote, but there is almost zero attention being paid to the programs!!! I’m just asking that all aspects of the app are being looked at, not just adding in new features. All in all this is an amazing app and I love it!!! Thank you 7 m team for your time, I love you guys so much!!!! 🤍 Have a a wonderful day and keep doing what you are doing!!
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2 years ago, NDStardust
Still (Still) LOVE!!
Still love this app! There’s a few out trying to compete but this is still my go to. Easy, affordable (I really hope you don’t change the price), fun & accessible. I’ve recommended to most if not all the women in my life! **if I were to make a fun suggestion: it would be cool if we could customize the animated moving figure to different hairstyles, outfits, & skin tones 😃** Thanks for providing this app! Last review: Lost a considerable amount of weight using this app in the past year and I still love it (maybe even more) and it’s a staple & keeper! My past review still sums up why I love it but in addition I’ve noticed the upgrades they’ve made to this app and it’s a total game changer!! So innovative and so easy to incorporate workouts into your daily routine:) Past review: The workouts are fun & the music is inspiring & awesome and I never get tired of it. It’s like having a (virtual) trainer in your home or wherever you are. The app is very motivating with quotes & reminders. If you’re looking to get back in shape or don’t know where to begin. This is the app for you! I’ve recommended it to so many around me already because the free version is just as good too! I bought the annual subscription out of love & appreciation of this app & it’s creators/maintainers. It’s truly #1 & a lifesaver!!
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4 years ago, aves✌︎
Best app!!
I was super insecure about my body, as a teenager and being active on social media where everyone has the “perfect body” is a big cause of that. I wouldn’t say I was fat, in fact I am really active because I’m a dancer, but over the summer I got super depressed and didn’t eat anything because I felt fat. I know it sounds really silly and stupid, but unfortunately its true. During the fall I decided that I wanted to step it up. So I started eating a healthy amount, I worked out everyday, and went to my dance classes. but even with all of that I wasn’t seeing any progress. So I did some research and downloaded this app. I started using this app in November of 2019 and after a week of doing 7 minute workouts I started seeing results. Being a teen I have loads of homework, and after school I don’t always feel motivated to do anything but sleep, and I don’t always have time, but the 7 minute workouts are so easy and anyone can do one once a day, no matter how busy you are. I’ve never been one to like exercising or be consistent with exercise but this app made it really enjoyable and I found myself looking forward to working out! its been a couple months and I am happy to say that I feel way more confident and I see so much progress.I recommended this app to my friends and they all love it! This app really changed my life.
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1 month ago, II Barbie II
Wonderful results & awesome cheap price!
I don’t know what to compliment first I can start by the up itself quite easy to navigate awesome workout selection very nice voice guide, excellent music, very motivating and uplifting, even though you can change it to your liking. Then to continue on the workouts themselves, they have great variety for many different levels. You can do intense bikini body. You can do yoga you can do relaxation. You can do injury-based workouts too, even for elders if you want. it’s fantastic. And then you have the price first of all they give you seven days free which is fantastic because you can see if you actually see results (by the way I am on my sixth day and I’m in shock. I feel this awesome gym related pain and I do feel that I am getting better every day. And then if you want to continue you pay around $30 for the whole year! The whole year, when some around there are $15 even $30 per month, these people just charge $30 per year so that’s amazing in my opinion it’s totally worth it and best I can say is at least download it. See if you like it and if you don’t like it subscription plan for a week. 5/5 - and I hope I tone my body finally, I actually decided it so I’m looking forward to it everyday !
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5 years ago, WinterPanda
100% recommend this app!!!
This app has changed my life. 3 weeks ago, i was really insecure about my body. I decided I finally needed to step up and do something about it. I searched for the best fitness app and this one stood out to me. I downloaded it and did a few workouts and I instantly fell in love with this app. There’s workouts for beginners, and for advanced. There’s short workouts and long workouts! This makes it easy for me to fit in a workout everyday, even if I have a tight schedule. I’ve never had fun or looked forward to working out until now. A few weeks of doing 10-20 minute workouts everyday, I can see that I’m making progress. I’ve been focusing on bodybuilding and abs, and now i already see the 6-pack lines coming in. I’ve never felt more proud of myself. These workouts relieve me from my stress and anxiety, because it pushes me to be a better me. I now want to start doing longer and more advanced exercises, I’m determined to work harder. No matter how old you are or how tight your schedule is, this app will make is super easy to workout and find yourself in a better body within weeks. Help yourself out and take care of your body, you live in it for the rest of your life. Downloading this app will not only help with your body, but also your self confidence.
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2 years ago, Kat5552
On my 5th year
This is my 5th year with this app and I still love it. I used to only use the app with the free workouts but I decided 3 years ago to switch to the yearly plan and it is totally worth it! So much more variety or workouts and programs, it is not that expensive (something like $45, maybe $50, after tax ANNUALLY), and the exercises are all shown how to do them with the option to see a written description as well as real people doing them and not just the cartoon video. I love that this app is also targeted towards women. The exercises are very well thought out for how a woman would do them or need to do them and I just cannot say enough good things about this app. I have used it through 3 pregnancies and recoveries every time and it’s a great way to exercise with doctor approved and safe exercises while pregnant and then to help your body get back into the swing of exercising after birth. I use this app almost every day and love the reminders to work out as sometimes I forget. Even my children love to workout with me using this app because there are a few programs and specific workouts that are kid friendly. Highly, highly recommend this app if you are looking to add short, quick workouts to your day
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3 years ago, izzypuplove321
I've had sooo much trouble forcing myself to workout in the past, but I hated my body. I would criticize myself and every little "imperfection" until i would break down crying. One day I was at my friend's house and she was showing me some apps on her phone, this app caught my eye. I ignored it for a couple of days, kept my unhealthy lifestyle of laying in bed watching movies. When I finally went to go change, I decided enough was enough. I downloaded this app and took the survey, then clicked the daily seven. I worked out in my room, it felt horrible at first, I won't lie. However I pushed myself to keep going and just finish it, that was the goal. When it was finally over, I was panting on the ground, tired as ever. The next day when I got home from school, I took all the self-control I had and repeated it. The third day I added another workout, then overtime, another, and another. I've had this app for less then a month and I've lost five pounds, just exercising around 20 minutes a day. I'm so much happier with myself. If you're feeling insecure, please please PLEASE know that there's always time in your day to make a change. (You are still beautiful and valid and every body is perfect, this is just for a boost of self-confidence)
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2 years ago, Anonymous48374729374
Highly recommend.
I love this app, and I usually find workout apps and I try them out but then their just not the right app for me. But workout women is amazing. It’s just the right app, and I say this for everyone. It’s motivating, and it makes you want to keep going. And I love the workouts they have! There’s easy workouts to hard workouts. And you can even make your own custom workouts, which I love. And I also love how there is always new inspirational/ helpful/ motivational quotes, right when you enter the app. And it’s nice how you can pick dance workouts, full body workouts, cardio, basically everything. Something I like is that, you can make playlists or save workouts. It’s really helpful if I’m just trying to save something for later or if I really like a workout and want to save it to a playlist or just save it in general. Something this app has that not a lot of workout apps have is, goals, setting and reaching goals. I also like how there are reminders you can set on the app for when you want to workout. Overall this app has been so incredibly nice to have and I recommend it to anyone looking for an app that can help with basically anything your interested in.
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5 years ago, oreos are good too
Very helpful! Great workouts!
I don’t normally write reviews because the amount of time they take, but this app needs it. I’ve been using this app for a couple of days now, and I definitely do sweat. Yesterday I did an arm workout and my arms are very sore! I know what you may be saying, but this app is really helpful. They give you 7 minute beginning workouts for everything with a bunch of variety so that you can switch a workout if you’re not enjoying it! You can favorite workouts so you don’t loose them, and just as easily unfavorite them. If you are starting to break out of beginner workouts you can find intermediate and advanced workouts quick and easy. There is a section where they give you a workout for the day, but I decided that I didn’t want to pay $5 a month for it. Not having that feature doesn’t get in the way. Before you start workouts they give you an option if you’re ready or not and then an ad pops up, but you can exit right out. You don’t have to wait 30 seconds to click out. While working out it counts down, let’s you know which exercise is next and what’s happening then. When you’re done it tracks your workouts, and keeps a workout streaks going. All in all, I like this app.
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4 years ago, AmandaLeigh1012
My favorite app
I used to dance constantly, but once I took a gap year after HS, I realized how much dance worked my body. So once I started seeing my dancing body go away, I decided to look for apps (I don’t like going to the gym) and I came upon this one. When I tell you this is my favorite app, I’m not lying to you. This is the only exercise I’ve ever been so consistent with! I can always squeeze in my 7 minute daily workout, with the apps daily reminders reminding me to do so, and a counter of my streak of days I worked out which makes me push harder. I love how it has so many different programs to work certain parts of the body, at different speeds and levels. The music helps hype me up, and each exercise being only 30 seconds helps me not get bored and doesn’t tire me out too quickly. I recommend this app to all of my friends, and I even got a friend to download it and make up a workout routine with me. We chose 3 programs to do 3 times a week, and we help push each other to do it! It’s so easy to do 30-45 minutes of working out with this app. I got this in March during quarantine and the results are amazing and push me to keep going at it. Thank you for making such a unique, truly helpful, non judgmental app!
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4 years ago, Klemkekid
Glad that’s over. It’s good again
I HATE the new update. I have been using this app to exercise every day, and I HAD a solid routine. To keep pushing myself, I sometimes add a new workout to my routine. I enjoyed the way I could pick and choose exactly which exercises I needed/wanted to do. That’s why I’m really annoyed at how all the workouts I do have had the old exercises replaced with new ones! I don’t like the new exercises, and I wish it would go back to normal. I had perfected my routine, but now it’s completely different. Now I’m doing too much of the same exercises and completely missing other ones! It’s all wrong! For example, I used to love the previous version of the “Beginner Core” workout. Let me add the description here: “Planks are one of the most efficient ways to work out your core. A strong core is essential to a healthy life.” I agree! However, this workout doesn’t even HAVE any planks in it anymore! It’s not the same at all! Why couldn’t you have added NEW workouts with these new exercises instead of RUINING the old ones. Please fix it! Update : Everything got changed back :) I was really worried I’d be stuck with what happened. This app has returned to its former glory. I still use it every day. It’s awesome.
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2 years ago, lion king lover. 🦁
A Workout Wonder!
I’m very active in sports, soccer, softball, cheer, swim, dance, etc. I finally decided to start, doing yoga, some stretching, and workout! This is one of the best apps I have tried. Within the first week of using this app I have easily seen change through all of my body. But, I was sore due to the new routine. But that goes away within 1-2 weeks. They have many exercises, some daily, some whenever you decide to do them! What I love is that there are different exercises to help with different things, some exercises are for flexibility and ballet/dancing technique, and some are just basic stretching. You can decide to work on your arms, legs, chest, and strength are just a few options. The workouts can be long or short! They even set up a daily workout based on the information you give them! The short exercises have persuasive music that matches your personality! They have encouraging comments during each exercise. There are different levels of easiness, some exercises are for beginners some are directed towards more experienced people! This app is truly a good one! I recommend to all of you! (P.S. It would be cool if you lovely developers could respond!)
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1 year ago, Jkrafty775
Love this app
I’m really happy I found this app. I’ve worked out for a long time and am familiar with different exercises and programs. Unfortunately over the last couple of years I have not worked out like I used to. I’ve started and stopped different programs. I wanted to get back into working out and found this app. It is so great! You’re welcomed with a daily motivational quote, there are different programs you can mix and match based on your preferences or how you’re feeling that day and what you want to work on. Workouts are nice and short 7-10 min and each program can be completed within a certain timeframe, giving you a sense there is an “end in sight” and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. I like the streaks making it more of a fun competition with yourself. There is an overall dashboard as well showing you your overall progress. The workouts have a timer and a guide on screen walking you through the exercises. You can also listen to your own music as well, but the app also comes with music. I am using this app and another one to track daily calories. Very excited I found this app!!
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3 years ago, SweetieDarlng
Sweaty fun!
Update: I still love the app! I do still wish that I could create and save a series of the workouts, as I like to daisy chain a few together to get a great full body workout. I love that there is a category to save my favorites! It would be even better if I could put them in order as I like, or even have a few different categories within my favorites. Great app! I love my WW app! Look forward to the workouts, and feel so strong and refreshed after. The demos of the exercises are really clear and easy to follow. The pace is perfect; just when I feel like I can’t do any more, the next thing is a little respite. I particularly like the longer programs. I can get a really hard, complete workout by doing two or three of the workouts back to back. I only wish I could set a few programs for myself, because when I find the perfect two or three workouts to complement each other, I have to remember which I used or make a note elsewhere for myself. It would be great to have the option to create those custom series of workouts for myself and save them within the app. I might even pay for this option. :)
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4 years ago, squid997
This app is amazing !!!
As a teenager it’s tough seeing a bunch of girls with perfect bodies! And there is so much pressure for girls to have one! I started to find myself less confident going through middle school especially when people really care about this stuff! I have always been an active person I play sports almost year round, but even with that I noticed that I would start looking in the mirror and judging myself. I wanted that to change I wanted my self confidence back!! So I started eating healthy and what hung my portions and using this app after a friend recommended it! I am already feeling better with myself and my body! My favorite part about this app is the fact that they tell you flat out you can’t just workout and get the best results you have to eat right to! I find a lot of apps don’t advertise that which can really mess up people’s results! This app is just so perfect for anyone no matter how experienced or how in shape or out of shape you are there is a workout for you! And don’t worry if you don’t know how to do certain things they have a guide for everything!! Thank you so much for this app it really is making a big difference in my life!! :)
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4 years ago, kcbsikz
Great app
I love this app I use it my best friends use it my sister uses it even my mom uses it. It’s free and doesn’t push you to buy a subscription you can do most things for free and it keeps track of your workouts every time you work out it even keeps track of your streaks (as someone who like to see the satisfaction of the shaded dot on the workout calendar each time I work out it’s nice). There are tutorials that are easy to follow if you don’t know how to do an exercise or stretch and it’s very motivating. I personally prefer to listen to my music or watch a show while I do my work out but when I don’t the music they play (which you can turn off if you want) is super motivating. I’ve been using this app for about a month and I’m starting to feel better about myself I originally got the app because my arms needed some help and after doing arm workouts a couple time a week they’re doing great I’ve moved on to my abs and core now but I still can work on my arms that same day if I want to. This app also has good yoga and stretches that help if you ever feel sore. In general I love this app and I love that it’s free 10/10 would definitely recommend.
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4 years ago, wqpla
Yes! Yes! Yes!
I’m not usually one to write a review, but this is one of the BEST workout apps. I am not very old (not willing to say age) and not so experienced with workout apps, although I will say this app is good for any age. She’s her it’s a 10 year old or a 50 year old. You don’t have to subscribe to a thing unless you pick to. There is no login to this app. All you do is personalize it for you!! You put in how old you are, then it has a list with things like “strength” “lose weight” (much more.) It even lets you save workouts and immediately sends it to a section called favorites. This app has an avatar to show you on screen what the workout should look like if you’ve never hear of it before. It tells you when you are halfway there and one of the best things are you get to choose the music to keep you going throughout your workout!!! One of the things that is also really cool is that at the end of each and every workout is gives you a survey of faces asking if you enjoyed the workout! (going from sad to happy.) Overall though, a great app. I have nothing negative off of the top of me head that needs to be stated. Thank you.
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2 years ago, princessnala1113
Absolutely love it as a former athlete!!!
I used to play volleyball and basketball in high school which kept me in shape. Now, I’m in college and I don’t play anymore. I don’t like going to gyms because I hate working out in front of strangers so this app is perfect for me to work out in the comfort of my own home. I love how flexible the app is. It offers a wide variety of workouts (short/long, beginner to advanced, targeted areas to full body, etc.). You can pause the workouts at any time and skip exercises that you don’t want to do. I usually work out in the mornings and blast my country playlist. Most of the workouts are about 7 minutes long but there are longer ones that range from about 20-60 minutes. One thing I would like to see is a feature where you could plan out the workouts that you want to do for the day or even for each day of the week. There is already a feature to add workout to your favorites but I have so many in my favorites that it can take a while to find the ones I want to do for that specific day. Other than that, this app is perfect!
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3 years ago, JenniT07
Workout from home
First a little about me: I am a single mom of a toddler, working a full time job and currently going back to school. Working out for me has become a luxury. I have tried so many apps that were provided exercises that were too difficult, workouts too long, or the app itself kept freezing up. I finally researched different ones and found this app. I have only done two days but I absolutely love it! The workouts are perfectly timed. I actually break a sweat. The background music is good. I will continue to use the app. Update -April 8th 2021- I still love this app! They have updated and added more workout programs. I have the standard membership where I pay once a year. There is so many exercise programs to choose from. They have different levels Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The only thing I wish is that they have more Cardio based exercises for in home instead of Cardio-HIIT workouts. I like to alternate my HIIT workouts with Cardio. Since doing the plans in the app for 2 weeks (5 days a week) and proper diet, I have lost 6 lbs. Yay! Best app.
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5 years ago, Sam ⭐️
7M Workout
I love this app. As busy teen, I feel that we don’t get enough time outdoors, and lot of us don’t have gym memberships, and don’t plan on paying for one. This app enables you to participate in an at home workout. This means you don’t need to drive to a gym or put on expensive workout gear. Throw on some leggings and a tee shirt and you are good to go. I use this app almost everyday before I go in the shower. I use the 7M Ab workout, and there are plenty to choose from if I want it to be “leg day” or whatever you choose. This app also enables you to play music while working out, and even allows time for that. While the music is playing a voice-over encourages you. It tells you when you are “half-way there!”, and “almost done!” And when there are “5 seconds left”. It even allows you to pause the workout and resume where you left off. This comes in handy when you don’t quite understand what it asks you to do, or when you want to turn on or off a fan in your studio. All in all, I strongly recommend this app when you are short on time or prefer staying home, in a personal studio.
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4 years ago, Sabrina and mae
Good free workouts, REALLY touch sensitive
I’ve had this app for a few years and it’s honestly really hard to find an app with some solid workouts where you don’t have to drop $30 a month. You have the option here but you really don’t need to. Some of the things that frustrate me is that the app is INCREDIBLY touch sensitive. If you finger ever so lightly grazes over the screen, the app picks it up and selects whichever workout option you touched. It’s small but annoying. Another thing is that I love the example of the character doing the exercise with you as you continue your workout. What I don’t like are the sample pictures of what you would potentially look like if you did the workout. The “Victoria secret angel body” picture icons I think, promote an unhealthy idea of what a body should look like. That one is just an example but I think they should be careful with their picture icons because it sets an unhealthy standard of what your end result should be. I don’t know if anyone else had that result but I did, for sure. Other than that, there are good workouts in this app and the Daily 7 is nice and helpful. This is a good app to use if you want a good and solid workout.
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2 years ago, emma.36&/
Very good app!
I love this app so so so much! I do about 3-4 workouts on here a day, when I wake up I do the “ morning stretch” and then I do the “Ad shred” and “hiit 20” later in the day! And then at night when I’m ready to go to bed I do the “ nighttime Pilates” that burns around 290 calories! I also bike and walk so I burn around 400! Although I love those ones there’s another one I really really love like the “hiit the killer” which burns 233 calories! The other one is called “ Full body sweat” and burns 213!!! If you did both of those One in the morning one in the afternoon you would burn 446 calories! The workouts are amazing! There are difficulty levels like beginner and advanced, it also tells you how many calories the workout will burn! Most of these workouts are super fun! I also love this app because it’s very customizable! There is a voice in music that you can turn off at any point! I really recommend this app if you’re trying to lose weight Especially as a teenager! It’s so fun and I look forward to doing my workouts sometimes! Thanks for this app!!!!!! -Emma <3
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6 years ago, mcather
Results in only a week!!
I’ve been using this app for a little over a week. I recently finished up my freshman year of college, and I was looking to shed some of the “fluff” my body gained throughout the course of the year. I started out with the beginner’s abs workout once a day, and even with taking a couple days off, less than a week later, the center line for my abs began to appear! This app changed my life. It’s quick and easy enough to do before jumping in the shower each morning, and the graphics were easy to follow along for each workout. All praise aside, I should note that if you only do one, seven-minute workout a day, it will help, but I don’t want to mislead people. I have been drinking more water and trying to stray away from snack foods more, too, so no doubt that has played a role in my body looking more like I want it to. That said, this app has made working out fun and easy! I can now work out in my room instead of the gym, where I get intimidated. My boyfriend and I are doing distance right now, but I can’t wait for him to see how my body has transformed since he last saw me!
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3 years ago, faithlminer
Best App Ever
This app is super helpful when I just want to feel better about myself or do a weeks routine. I’ve never found a workout app that is first of all free especially for this apps value and all of the different things you’re looking for. From things that help with period cramps to body building this app can really make you feel comfortable getting out of your comfort zone. The music is actually really good especially for a workout tone which is hard to find good music for free that can encourage you to push yourself. The workouts tell you how many calories you’ll lose, how long the workout is, and how many workouts are in it with videos on how to do a specific workout. I love how the workouts push you but make you feel comfortable and basically lets you go at your own speed. This app is perfect for basic working out for anyone who breathes but had a lot of cool features for women, and anyone who experiences periods or is pregnant specifically. 10/10 recommend and already recommended to my mom. I will prefer this app any day.
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1 year ago, PurpleBlossom12
It’s a lifesaver to getting back on track!
Let me tell you that this app is one of the best out there they have a variety of different exercises including the stretches after workout because believe me you’re going to need the stretch afterwards because you burn good. The exercises are never mundane you get to choose your choice of music that helps push you, also you get to choose how long you want rest time and also the circuit meaning how many times you’d like to repeat the exercise I push mine to about 2 times meaning I get a good 18 mins workout because the 7mins just goes to fast. Did I not mention they give you a quote of the day and you get to choose your rest days all this for free it’s one of the best hands down I never have to rush to keep up with the trainer because I can go at my own pace and still be able to feel the burn. Please do keep up with this app because if you don’t like me if you give up then your results will quickly fade away. Soo keep pushing and sweat it out with this motivating amazing app.
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2 months ago, Jacqs549411
Real human real review
I’m 27 and I’m alright with my weight but want to get toned up a little bit to match my boyfriend with his goal to workout. I’m not fit I sit at one job and stand at my other one. I don’t run or lift weights I’m just an average girl who needed somewhere to start. Everything so far has been easy to not only do BUT to understand wether it’s the workout or getting around the app. I bought it to get the year membership not sure what access I have or didn’t have since I bought it right away. Never have thought about spending money on an app but took a chance. Honestly was looking to do that 28 day Pilates challenge I saw an add for all the time on my fyp but couldn’t find it and I’m glad I didn’t because this will be something I can keep up for more than 28 days. They have daily workouts that walk you through it along with a workout challenge for you spread out for a certain amount of time which is very nice when I want to do one or two workouts since each are always under 20-30 minutes! I do it while I wait for my dinner to be done cooking or watching tv :)
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4 years ago, lorileisuperfly
Life changer
This app has changed if not saved my life. I quit smoking 3 weeks ago while dieting. I needed to find something to do besides smoke, have a cocktail, play games on my phone...all associated with my smoking habit. So, I tried WFW. Diverse and brief bursts of fitness fantabulousness! (Not a word but should be). You feel so accomplished when you complete a workout that you want to do another. My routine starts with a morning stretch and one maybe two yoga workouts. Evening I complete my Intro to Fitness 6 week challenge and finish my day with an outdoor walk. Raining outside? Not to worry. There are two insanely fun indoor walking workouts (30 or 60 mins) to get those steps in and tone at the same time. I just finished my first month and don’t see me slowing down anytime soon. Plus? You can mirror to your apple tv as you go. Syncs with apple health and myfitnesspal. Negative- doesn’t trigger the heart rate sensor so you may need to run a similar program on apple watch to trigger HR sensor to record true calories burned. I find I am burning more calories than WFW estimates.
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6 years ago, Foot on a train
Already Seeing Results😄
I downloaded this app because summer is approaching and I wasn’t super confident in myself after sport season was up for me. Throughout a good course of the winter I was deeply depressed and never felt good about myself. I criticized how my stomach area looked everyday in the mirror and told myself I’d be so much more attractive if I’d just loose weight already. So I came up with my own workouts that I did every morning and whenever I felt the need to break a sweat. Long story short I felt much better about myself eventually and was able to pull myself out of depression. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to see great results if I didn’t do it right! So I got this app already pretty knowledged. I’m currently on my second week and my abs feel MUCH tighter and I see the six pack line???? I know hard it’s hard to believe but this isn’t the only thing I’ve been doing. But with this, It really helps me see better results from myself and Im confident enough now that I can wow everyone when swimsuit season is on thanks to this app. This is not a paid promotion I’m SERIOUS!!!👍😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
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1 year ago, Julie Diane T.
This App Got Me Moving Finally!
As a busy busy mom of 3 young children, I’d fallen out of shape and kept using the excuse that I just didn’t have “enough time” to exercise. But after I turned 40 my body really started changing both visibly and internally. I was so tired of feeling tired, stiff, achy and weak! So I tried this app and after loving it I decided to invest in the one year subscription. There are so many great workouts and programs for all areas of the body, even specific ones that don’t put any impact on knees (I have a knee issue), etc. And I love that each workout move is linked to an optional video showing you exactly how to do it, preventing injury and confusion. But what really motivated me to get this app was that most workouts are only 7-10 mins! For someone who’s out of shape and trying to ease back into it, a 7-minute workout was perfect for me. We all have 7 to 10 minutes every day to move our bodies! Over time I’ve increased my workout times and am building back my body slowly but surely. Highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, Desert Rat desert rat
Just plain awesome
I love that The free version is amazing you have access to all of the workouts and access to some programs and I love that three users have access to so much so that they can really get a feel for the app before they decide to invest in it I love the app it has worked very well for me I love the format of the workouts and the voice guiding you not exactly a video of another person and I like it how we get customizable settings for workouts so we can change certain things to make it more custom to what we like this app has definitely compelled me to work out more and it has taught me so much. My favorite feature is the daily seven and the motivational quote seven minutes is not that much out of your day and once I do one work out it makes me feel a lot better and I can do more which is why the daily seven is so great. It motivates me to keep going because the hardest thing for me is to get started and that daily saving get me started because it short sweet and makes me feel good about myself. All in all I love this app would totally recommend.
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4 years ago, Avtomatkalashnikova
LOVE this app
This app is amazing, truly. The workouts are no joke! I was super active before the quarantine, but had been feeling super unmotivated at home. I downloaded this hoping I could get HIIT workouts similar to the classes I used to take and it delivered! The music is loud and motivating, the automated voice reminds you when you’re half way, almost done, and even when to hydrate! It genuinely felt like a boujee gym class. And seriously, the workouts are not playing around. Like, I jumped into an intermediate one, thinking “hey, I used to be super active, I’m still pretty fit,” and DANG. I never knew a 15 min workout could be so tough! I’m sure they make ones tailored to be easier but I was super impressed with how hard I worked in those 15 min. My only concern is that I used my last “free” workout from a program today, and I don’t know how much they’re gonna charge me for the next one 😬. As long as it’s reasonable it would be worth it! Seriously, if you’re looking for motivation until the gyms open back up, or you just want to be safe at your own home, these workouts are great.
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11 months ago, the winden yamsay
I actually lost weight!
I wanted to try this app out since I gained lots of pound, and it seems to be going more downhill as time goes by. This app have very easy exercises, I haven’t exercised in a long time so when I went into the app I picked beginner. I also have asthma but this app is very friendly! I lost 3 pound in last than a full week! And yes I did eat more fruit and no more snack but beside that I wasn’t on any diet at all. If you have no time or aren’t the best at exercises, I would definitely recommend this app! I also started to like doing exercises more the third day I got this app, when I’m bored I don’t know why but I just wanna click into the app and do some yoga and stretches. It also helps my mindset. For anybody struggle right now with their weight, I just wanna say prove them wrong! I went from 110 to 100 and now I’m aiming for 95! I know you can do it, I thought it would be impossible for me to go back to when I was 90, but now I think it is possible. Keep trying and I promise you, you will get there! <3
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1 year ago, MgmtCons
I have started on this wonderful journey of eating healthier and exercising since January 2022 as I was close to being 300lbs. My back, hips, knees were hurting so bad I had to do something …. Change the way I eat and exercise more. This summer, I got down to 211 and then my knee gave out. I gained some weight back (5-6lbs) more. Frustrated as I wasn’t exercising as much. Now that it’s January 2023, I have been watching what types of activities I can do (no floor exercises). This app is so amazing as it gives you instructions on how to do each exercise which is so helpful…. I have a group text with a personal trainer and with each exercise I get I always have to look up on how it’s done.. frustrating as I have spent more time doing that then exercising. This app has given me a reason to reach my goal…. I’m pretty sure it will help others as well. Thank you so much for putting this together. My weight goal is 130lbs to which I know I will reach but am going slow. I want to do more 5K races and just be in the best shape I can be.
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4 years ago, Noelani Nadia
If you are looking for a good workout app LOOK NO LONGER! Download this and I guarantee you will not regret it!!! The workouts are all free!! And now they have programs which you must be subscribed too use, but the programs are even more awesome. And the monthly subscription for them aren’t expensive. The programs are each several weeks long with different exercises, music, and targets parts of your body to get the results you want!!❤️If you don’t want to pay for the programs (even though they are worth it in my opinion) don’t worry. They have what seems like hundreds of exercises targeted for different parts of your body.😍They even have stretching and yoga categories. It’s honestly the best app I’ve ever used. It’s not like other apps where everything cost money. I truly believe the creators of this app are trying to help in you in your fitness journey.💪The best part is the daily encouraging quotes and the reminders that you can set to exercise. There’s even a calendar to track your progress. Please download this app! You won’t regret it.👏🏽😭
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4 years ago, ayyyoop
Great app, very useful
I enjoy this app for many reasons. First, after downloading this fitness app, they will ask you questions to find workouts that will help you to reach your goals. Weather that be loosing weight, getting stronger, or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. It is optional, but you can set it up so that you can remind yourself to workout. Another reason I like this app is that when previewing the workouts, it will tell you how many calories each workout helps you burn. There are many easy and advanced workouts. It doesn’t matter if you are new to physical activity or already got it down. And if you struggle to workout because of time or energy, this app will be perfect for you. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself, but with a new quote everyday, you can give yourself a little boost in confidence. My hope is to be completely fit by the end of summer, and I truly believe this app is helping me do that. its a good quarantine app because you can track your gray areas and see where you are doing well. 💪💪💪
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2 months ago, Kstu SLP mama
Love it!
I love the layout and approach of this app. I’m just starting with the beginner level since I’m out of shape and coming back postpartum. There are multiple workout options to choose from (prenatal, postpartum, senior, beginner, yoga, etc.) looks like you can select a different type of workout any time or select a “program” for it to plan a daily workout for you. At the beginner level it gives me 4 mini workouts each day to choose from and includes a little motivational quote. They are typically between 8-20 min each. (You can do as little or as much as you’d like). Pairs the workout with music or gives options to link to other music apps or silence it so you can play your own. Shows a little animation of each exercise so I can see what I’m supposed to be doing if it’s one I’m less familiar with. Gives countdown warnings before rest interval and switching to the next exercise. In the settings you can adjust the audio on/off to customize. Been just what I need to get going to push myself to start and so far the workouts have been great for toning but haven’t felt too hard to make me feel overwhelmed in starting (beginner level). And since they’re broken down to small pieces I feel much more encouraged to start as a busy working mom because I can sneak in 8 minutes of quick workout time even with the baby crawling around. So affordable also! I got a “discount” price of $30 for the year subscription. Totally worth it. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, tlohman
Feeling IT!!!
I thought 7 minutes may not be useful and was worried that I couldn’t go that long anyway. You can pause if you need to and there are small breaks in between each new movement. I am so focused on what is coming up that I break and move on without even thinking about whether or not I can do it and then, all of a sudden I’m done. The moderator gives you a halfway notice and a 3–2-1 countdown at the end of each set which is also very encouraging. The movements are not hard to do but are obviously very useful for me as I feel muscles that haven’t been heard from since high school calisthenics. There are also quick demos during breaks in case you are not familiar with a certain movement. So far, I am loving this app!!! Asked to review again and still standing behind my 5 stars. I love this app!! Quick, easy and results are obvious within a few weeks. I have lost over 60 pounds and look very fit because I did these simple exercises every day without fail.
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3 years ago, DrowningDophipha
Woohoo! Perfect during Covid. Only some changes, please!...
Lately, due to COVID-19 I haven’t been out much, so this is a perfect app for anyone stuck at home. I really feel more motivation to workout and LOVE all the different choices for different workouts! However, is there any way at all that the programs could be less expensive? I feel like $57 is just too much to get fit. Shouldn’t fitness be free for everyone? I mean in order to get people fit, it’s probably best to start out with giving them free training programs for the benefits of their health. Please make these programs free or at least a lot less expensive! If not even that, please make it possible to have the ability to permanently buy all the programs for a one-time price instead of for only a year or a month. This would really make me—and probably a lot of other people who simply can’t afford this— A LOT happier and healthier!! Also, last thing; whenever I add a workout to a specific day and say I want to delete it—there is no way to delete what I added. Now on one of the days in which I added a few workouts, it duplicated the workouts instead of erasing the items. Therefore, it says that I burned 408 calories when I actually haven’t. Would you mind making it possible to ‘erase added workouts’ entirely and prevent an edited workout from duplicating? This would be much appreciated! I sincerely hope you take the time to read my comments—it would mean the world! 😀👍 Thanks so much and stay safe!
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3 years ago, summer1194739
this app is seriously amazing
this app is seriously so good. it gets me in the mood to workout, which to be fair isn’t normal. this app is perfect for you if you want to start changing your body/making it healthier. It also has such an amazing variety of workouts!! it has exactly what i look for in an app. It even has as short as a 5 minute workout which is great for on the go! it also has great stretching classes too! when you are doing the workout, it shows great visuals of what you are supposed to do. I struggle with getting the motivation to workout but this app has changed it for me. It has amazing workouts that are fun for me and ones that i will willingly do again. I can also feel these workouts WORKING my body! some other apps made it feel like i was just doing it to do it. But this APP makes me feel like i’m working myself. This app is very great if you struggle with motivation like i’ve already said, It MOTIVATED me to start working out and get my dream body. This app is great. 5/5
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4 years ago, billiefan🌊
works great!
i would give this app 10 stars if i could. i love it! i mean, i wasn’t overweight or anything, and every workout app i downloaded always had weight losing workouts and barely any workouts for just getting fit. when i got this app, i was so happy that there were not just weight losing workouts, but other workouts too! and i love how it connects to apple health. when i first started, i did the daily 7M everyday. then i started the intro to fitness program. after a few days i stopped the program since i felt it was too easy for me. on my very first abs tuesday in the app, i decided to do one abs workout every day in addition to the daily 7M. i like how everything is free except for the programs (excluding the intro to fitness and 2 free workouts for every program). this app has really helped me love my body and make fitness a habit! i owe my happiness with my body and my fitness habits all to this app! i know this might sound a bit too much, but this app really changed my life.💪🏋️‍♀️❣️
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6 years ago, Kay S P
Being a wife, stepmother, and having 3 children of my own (including a 1 year old); time isn’t really what I have much of. Going to the gym is near impossible. Unfortunately, my lack of time to workout shows on my unfit body. This app works because it has a range of workouts for beginners and those who are more active. It has different styles of workouts such as cardio, aerobics, toning for target areas, stretching, etc. Also, I love that they have 7 minute workouts because if I see a 30 minute session ( that I clearly need), I will make excuses not to do it for fear of not being able to complete it. When I complete a 7 minute workout, I’m so motivated I do another one or try a different workout, and before you know it, I’ve worked out for 40 minutes. It helps that they ask you to go again after each workout. The progress reports, and reminders to work out help as well. The best part for me is that it shares info with my activity app on my Apple Watch so I stay motivated as I reach my activity goals.
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4 years ago, MadBopper
I think this app is great it tracks your calories it gives you reminders to workout and you get to personalize the reminders you don’t have to pay ANYTHING!! It also will show you how to do a workout if you don’t know how to do it! Another thing I like about this app is it will give you you a quote everyday! My quote for today was “You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow. You choose.” You can also track you progress and click on a workout and it will show you what you will need or what else you can use instead and it will show you the workout you will be doing! It also has great music and you can choose if you want music or not! There are so many great things about this app I really recommend it! One thing tho I really think you guys should figure out a way to play different music because your music is fine but I think it would be nice if we could play our music playlists instead! P.S. if you are pregnant they have workouts for that to and they also have workout programs
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2 years ago, KerryAnn104
Love this app!
The beginning of the year they offered a discount for a full year subscription so I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! I love the variety of workouts, I try to do 45 minutes in the morning every day. I alternate between Hitt training on one day and yoga on the next day, and for me yoga is just as challenging at times. I can see the changes in my body and I can feel the difference, and I feel stronger. My only complaint would be that sometimes when I click on the exercise it doesn’t tell me exactly how long it is because I do try to stack them based on the 45 minute requirement, although when I looked recently it did show how long the workout was. This app is worth every penny, so glad I took the chance. I’m not a gym person, I’m not a get up and go work out somewhere person, I like being able to work out in my own home. While I do have some free weights, I like a lot of the exercises that use my bodyweight and it’s just been amazing.
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7 months ago, Alowishs
UPDATE: changing my original review, hoping W4W will address a problem. When changing devices all my workout records/weight logs were lost. I’d like to see better customer service and a more streamlined & seamless process within the app for when customers change devices. Why was all my information lost? It doesn’t need to be this way and it was very frustrating. W4W encourages and makes it easy to track weight, workouts, etc. but then can’t save it? I’m paying for a subscription and will be for years to come….. hopefully. There will be phone updates. Can I expect lost data each time I update phones? - - - - - Love this app! I’ve been using Workout for Women since 2021. It goes everywhere with me supplementing when I can’t make it to the gym, but also complements my gym time when I can go. Some days I need gentle movement; other days I need my abs to burn. W4W can adhere to what I require on any given day. Workouts include many of the accessories we gym rats have grown accustomed to. I don’t imagine a time when I won’t discover to this app. Recommend to everyone, even non-women. 😇😉
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5 years ago, RossJoyS
Amazing App
I’ve been searching hi and low for an app that really helps to lose weight and this is it!! I’ve only been using for the last 3 months on and off and I’ve already lost weight. (Of course with better eating habits included). This app seriously surpasses some other apps that you have to pay for and it’s free!!! I love the daily 7 workouts, how it keeps track of the days you work out, the exercises you’ve done for that day, different workouts to target different parts, and the list goes on. Seriously cannot day enough good things!! Just to be fair, if I’m to include something I’d like improvement on, it would just be to add even more exercises. There’s definitely a good amount included already but I wouldn’t mind more to keep things interesting. Also, maybe consider including some type of workout calendar, for example, Monday’s are arms, Tuesday’s legs, Wednesday’s etc.. You get the drift. Other than those suggestions I still give this app, 5 stars all the way! Thanks for such an amazing app and for free!
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