Workout Maker

Health & Fitness
4.6 (377)
65.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Corey Diamant
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Workout Maker

4.62 out of 5
377 Ratings
5 years ago, Bnaatz912
The best coach
I’ve been in the fitness industry for 5+ years and working out for years before that so I know what to do. And I’m a huge planner. I like to plan my longer gym workouts before I go to the gym and I was using just Microsoft word and taking a picture on my phone of it, or making. The workout in my notes section. And this is so much better. It’s so much more organized and I can change it at the gym if something doesn’t work out and I need to change to a different movement or weight. Another great feature is that it’ll time you for everything and you can set rest times to keep You on track. This has upped my workouts so much. I’m telling all my workout friends about this. Can’t wait for the new features to come out. Love this app already.
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1 year ago, nanaki0888
Amazing could be 5*
Edit: thank you for responding! Change to 5B stars. I did not see the reorder and supersets button when edit was hit. Kind of blends in! Haha. None the less I am super happy now. Thank you! Only reason this is four stars is because: 1) I can’t move around my workouts. Example when I created back/bis I put one set after a different set, but I needed to switch them. Couldn’t figure this out. Solution: let us drag and drop the workouts when we edit it/add new sets to the workout 2) is like to have super sets and giant sets. 2/3 different works grouped as one set before resting Solution: somehow make this happen. Right now I just keep swapping workouts. Other than that love this app!
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3 years ago, RockClimber47247
One of a Kind
Was looking forever for an app like this but couldn’t find something that fit my needs specifically. As a rock climber, none of the mainstream apps have the exercises I wanted to do, so I just had an excel screenshot of a table of exercises for the week on my phone. This app allows me to create custom exercises, custom workouts, and track my progress and make notes during the workout so I can look back and adjust future workouts based on my progress. If you have experience working out and are looking for a tool that allows you to create and track custom exercises/workouts, this is the app for you.
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4 years ago, Rhino1621
Best workout material ever. For several reasons:
1. The app is free. Many apps cost money and don’t give you all you want. This app is free and it does give you what you want. 2. The app provides workouts for different things you want to do, as well as a custom workout you can make. 3. The app has a voice to tell you when your set is up or when your timer is up instead of looking at your phone the entire time waiting til the clock hits zero. I would say more amazing things about this app but I’m in the middle of a good workout. Please check this app if you are looking for a workout app.
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5 years ago, flippsizzle
Great for workout organization AND motivation!
The simplicity of this app makes it an easy sell for me, but there are so many other good things about it, too. The sample workouts are great for when I don’t otherwise have the motivation to think something up for myself. That has helped motivate me to just get out the door instead of overthinking potential workouts. In addition, the well organized list of a wide array of workouts (by body part, equipment, etc.), and the GIFs showing how to do many of them, is really helpful—and such a no brainer! Overall a great, simple app for workouts that I look forward to using as I get in shape!
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4 years ago, Bamaguy56
Great App!
Thanks so much for making this app, it’s really been useful. I hope this review will help. I have noticed a few small issues when using the calculation system for BMI and such, it doesn’t allow you to use the Decimal, for whatever reason. I have also noticed that when I try to schedule workouts, it closes me out of the app. Other than that though, it’s been great so far. Can’t wait to use this to track my plan, as I’ve been have issues with being consistent, so having a plan is going a long way to help with that. Thanks again.
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3 years ago, anonanon2017
How to log?
UPDATE ok I figured out you have to click Timer I really want to give this more stars but I cannot even figure out how to check off that I worked out. I create a custom exercises, and there is no checkbox to say that it's completed. There's no help button and there's no way to even click anywhere to show that I completed an exercise. I find this really frustrating because it's a basic feature and should be in the app where you just press the button checkbox to show that you have completed the work out the app keeps telling you that it will show on your logs but there is no way to log it that I can see and there is no help
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5 months ago, A wombat
Checks all the boxes
I haven’t added a workout yet but that’s the best part. My wife created workouts from her personal training sessions and can share them with me. Once you receive (or input) a workout, the app works flawlessly. Absolutely no downsides. I paid for ad free to support the very intentional and well thought out app that has everything that I was paying a personal trainer for through her app. This will support beginners through higher levels of training.
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3 years ago, urbanm0nk
The Best
This is the best workout program I have ever download for creating custom workouts. The graphics are very clean, and the app allows you to upload your own photos and add custom exercises. The layout while working out is also extremely informative where you can view the lapsed time, enter the amount of weight, view your next work out, enter varying rest times, and easily access the photo/ instructions. This is exactly what I was looking for.
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2 years ago, freckledphantom
Amazing app
I was skeptical that it would work when I downloaded since it has little reviews, but I am so glad I did so anyway. This app has everything I’ve been looking for. I’ve downloaded dozens of workout apps trying to find the perfect one for building your own programs and this is the one! So many different workouts already available and you can even create your own/ add images to remember how to do them. Absolutely love this app!
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5 years ago, moomoomoomin
Most customizable workout app out there
I’ve tried quite a few different workout apps and I feel like I’ve finally found one with full flexibility. In a realistic gym scenario, a machine is often taken and I’d have to change up my plan - but with this app I can even swap exercises mid-workout seamlessly! Not to mention it can handle a variety of exercise types (timed, reps, weight, even supersets) and allows you to create your own exercises (not an option with most free apps). Thank you!!
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5 years ago, kustomkitten
The workout app I’ve been waiting for!
Thank you for this! As someone who barely has time to make it to the gym, planning workouts has always been an inhibitor to my progress. I know a lot of exercises but forget them all when I get there, and lose steam trying to keep setting timers for every rep and set. This makes workout planning fun and easy, and gives me the targeted variety I need. I love my personal trainer in my pocket! Will happily pay to remove ads cause you deserve it!
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5 years ago, Lgilli6
So versatile!
This app is perfect for my workout partners and I because we never stick to just one activity. It gives us the opportunity to customize our workout entirely, no matter our skill level, and to keep track of it at the same time! I also love the amount of information included with each exercise - I have learned not only new moves but a ton about the way I am doing moves I’ve known forever. Great, well thought out app!
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4 years ago, Money deletes
App is perfect. It’s like $2 or $3 bucks ONCE and does exactly what I need. I needed something that allowed me to build my own custom workouts and create exercises. So many apps require subscriptions. This app is simple and works perfectly. It’s honestly better than some of the subscription based apps. I haven’t had one technical issue either. I think that’s because this app isn’t bloated with a fancy design. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, impy too
Nice organizing and planning tool
This is a nice tool to create and organize workouts. I in the past would use a spreadsheet and it was a pain because I either had to print or write down my daily workouts. The only thing that can improve this app is adding more preset workouts for medium to advanced lifting. But all in all if you enjoy creating your own schedule this app will not disappoint.
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12 months ago, xidbtjfixmshwoxbsk
Timer not great
No option to turn off the timer for specific exercises. Great to have the overall time but sometimes you do not want to have a specific time to do a certain set. Won’t let you turn it off by exercise. Actually there is an option to turn it off altogether. But not one that stops the countdown in certain exercises but keeps the overall timer working.
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11 months ago,
This app was great for 2-3 workouts but is too glitchy and I can’t rely on it. With custom workouts it often randomly added or removed the number of sets, for example: supersets it couldn’t match the numbers so instead of 2 sets for each exercise you’ll get 5 for one and 2 for the other. The app crashed multiple times in the middle of a workout and if I tried to resume a workout or end and start a new one it crashed again. Great app on the surface and love the customization but needs work.
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11 months ago, Taylorswiftinthruhere
Simple, and useful 5 stars all around
It is simple, and very easy to use after going through the tutorials. There’s no gimmicks or hidden fees and it’s a breath of fresh air to see that these types of apps still exist. It allows you to customize your workout and the timer is built in. Amazing app, if I could give me 10 stars I would.
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4 months ago, BobR123
Finally! A workout app that makes sense!
I love the customization and how it’s not a monthly subscription either. Just a one time fee of $1.99 to remove the ads. I’ve been working out for a long time and finally found an app that can support my custom exercises and workouts!
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2 years ago, J__Roon
Game Changer
I’ve looked for years for a workout app that would simply let you add custom exercises. There’s so much functionality in this app that make it head and shoulders above others if you’re looking to add your twist to traditional movements. Great job guys! I’ll be a customer for a long time.
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4 years ago, yesikapress
So close!! Please add functions-
So close!! Please have the option to make different sounds (beeps etc) to notify exercise is ending/ over and next is starting- no only voice cues. Would like to make hiit workouts/ circuit workouts using this. Also having an option for clean looking timer only if you turn sideways etc. So i can see the numbers big when im working through a circuit. Love that i can add my own exercises to the library with pictures!
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2 years ago, BlkJck
Great app
It great that you can build a work out, and add pictures and notes to help you remember. Just one request? Adding progressive overload option for workouts? Like adding 5 lbs for the next work out. Other than that perfect thanks!
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11 months ago, goofpants
I accidentally removed an exercise for my workout and I can’t add it back how do I do it please tell me!!!! Soon!!!! There’s a button that says add exercises but doesn’t add them to the workout 😡😡😡arggghhh fix this bug that should be there nevermind! Sorry
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2 years ago, tonysracing
Great customization
As someone with knee issues I have to be careful in selecting exercises. This app allows full customization for someone who has intermediate experience and can build workouts from scratch. Easy 4 stars, would be perfect if it integrated with Apple fitness to track workouts and rings!
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5 years ago, Google you can do it
Just what I was looking for
Been searching the App Store for just this exact app. Does everything I wanted and more. Love it. Everyone should give it a go, this app is actually full of little features that the developer didn’t have to add but makes it so awesome to use. 11/10
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3 months ago, bigtimemoneyman00998
Great app!
Used BodyFit for awhile and was disappointed that I couldn’t customize workouts. This app does all I needed from BodyFit and more, for free! Would love a paid option to remove the (minimal) ads you see.
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1 year ago, rolito17
Great but
I love this app it has organized my weeks and I’m making all kinds of gains. But, at the beginning i was scheduling my workouts but now when I try, the app shuts down. Please fix this so I can continue scheduling my workouts and continue training like a beast!
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1 year ago, Hawkrageous12
Great app
I have used many apps to track my workouts. This is far and away the best app I have used. Easiest I’ve used and very easy to make your own workouts. Highly recommend
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1 year ago, My review K
Great App
Great app for my workout trackings. Only recommendation I have is to input the functionality of allowing the user to move back, and forward between an exercise routine. Many times I am forced to temporarily skip an exercise due to people using certain weights.
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3 years ago, Erica626
It’s like having a personal trainer at your beck and call. I design the workout for x minutes for each exercise and then let the app tell me when to stop start and switch. Exercising for first time in years!
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10 months ago, 4589742
Love it, but …
I love making my routines but I cannot copy them to another device, as advertised. Definitely a much needed feature. In addition, the instructions say you can edit an included exercise by copying it first and then editing. Not so. It empties all the fields and images. Same with workouts.
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4 years ago, ShervySherv
Really like
I really like this app and have found it particularly helpful during Quarantine to keep me on task with my workouts. If you’re willing to spend the time it’s incredibly useful. Only con is there’s quite a few exercises that’s missing and those can be a pain to add.
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4 years ago, turbotalley
Turning phone off
This app is great but is there a way where I can be able to turn my phone off and the workout still tell me the next workout?
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3 years ago, Ellridge12
Great app
Best app i have found for work ing out. Very useful. Customizable. Get in the app before your workout to get use to it. Can be frustrating especially wearing gloves in the gym. Gives useful data.
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4 years ago, Marinimouse
The app will not let you share workouts with friends
This app says that you are about to creat and share workouts with friends. I have been trying to share my workout with my friends to we can do it together of Corentine and it is not working. It keeps giving a dear link or a file that is dead and can’t be opened. Pease fix this it is the only reason I got this app!!
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2 years ago, Mlg420xXxN0sCopp3R
Scheduling Bug
The scheduling is bugged on my phone. I don’t know if this is specific to: my phone, iOS, or my type of phone. User interface leaves something to be desired. The tutorials were very helpful, but I found the a couple aspects of the design to be unintuitive. An otherwise great product! If the bug was not an issue this app would be 5 stars.
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5 years ago, landon4420264
Awesome! Everything I Love!
This is an unsolicited review. I love this app! Easy to use! Intuitive! Nice graphics! Using this app makes my workout more productive and efficient! Seeing progress and enjoying the reps! Thank you!
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1 year ago, Ads playing constantly
Ads wont stop
I downloaded this app to create and track my own workouts. I can understand the ads after I complete a workout but now the ads are playing in the background constantly and I cant find the ad that is playing to turn it off.
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4 years ago, Eryodi
Awesome app!
This app has been so helpful throughout my pregnancy and for helping me to stay on top of physical therapy exercises. If it weren’t for the prompts from the app I know I wouldn’t get my full workout in. It’s awesome!
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5 years ago, dygfjotfj
Crashing workout
The app’s crashing if I make a workout. 😢 then I’d have to repeat creating it again. I hope you guys fix this!
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5 years ago, MoFaAu
WM keeps me on track!
As a 65 year old woman I’m probably not the target user but I love this app! I use it to guide and track my workout therapy for an old rotator cuff injury. It’s just what I needed. Thank you!
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5 years ago, DPavitt
Get off spreadsheets
This is exactly what I needed to get my workout tracking off spreadsheets and into a program that adapts to my needs. Very easy to creat workouts!
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3 years ago, joeb2788
Perfect Customization Workout
Perfect app to customize your own workouts the way you want them.
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3 years ago, Dailey88
Good app
Really nice app. Just using it for the first time at the gym today and learned it doesn’t sync with the Apple Watch. If you could make that update, it would be top notch.
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4 years ago, KillaBRealFresh
Thanks workout maker!
Thanks to workout maker, I’m getting stronger during this quarantine than Inever did at the gym. I’m not going back!
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3 years ago, 7890sdfghjkh
Th best
I recently wanted to create my own personal workout plan and this is it! Great workouts!
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4 years ago, skakejrnensnsbdnxbsw
This app is great but...
Although I prefer to do workouts with my friends I’m more motivated. The sharing system is broken and doesn’t work. So either I’m doing it all wrong or the app needs some fixing m
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2 years ago, Liz Martin 11
this is so simple and perfect!
i decided i wanted to stretch more, and have s routine but i know i could never remember. this app was the first one to pop up when i searched for a custom workout app, and it is exactly what i want with all the features, im so happy!
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4 years ago, kingj12345
Bugs killed it
Used this app for 2 years and loved it but now it will not let me edit an exercise without crashing.
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2 years ago, bigcheesyboi123
Bugs for iPhone
It keeps crashing when I go on the profile, also when I try to make a workout thingy. I love the idea of the app but it’s just unusable.
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