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User Reviews for Workout Planner & Gym Tracker

4.86 out of 5
145.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Officer Candidate O
I’ve been in the gym for 4 months straight, 5 days a week. For the first month I was just using my old workouts and my notepad. I quickly realized I needed more structure. I decided to give this app a try and built my workouts how I like them, 5 days a week, bro splits. This thing really changed my workouts, I have followed it to a T even when I didn’t like some of the workouts (you can change the workouts up and customize them to target the same muscle group). The biggest improvements I have seen are my legs and lower back. This app really “crawl, walked, run” my progression to see real results and not destroy my legs and back and make me hate it. It does a great job building you up to be able to do more and more. Another great thing is that this app tracks your gym time and performance and charts it out. If you’re looking for a little extra discipline in your workouts or a way to track your progress and keep you on track this is it. It makes it so easy. I workout and read between sets and the timer let’s me know when to begin the next set so I’m not staring at the clock or my phone during my whole workout. I get to read and lift and really enjoy that ability to not be tied to my phone timer or the clock. Excellent, excellent, excellent!
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9 months ago, Nylza
Loved it at first…
This app was great with holding me accountable and allowing me to progress. I enjoyed it so much I purchased the Lifetime membership. However, with the new update my app crashed and would not open at all. Each time I clicked on it, it went back to my Apple screen. With that being said, I had to delete the app since I was unable to access it. Which I figured was not a problem since I had my password for my account. But I was not aware, the developer did NOT create a sign in log for their members. So I was starting over like a new customer and EVERYTHING was lost. I sent an email suggesting making a login for members just in case something like that happens again. In addition, to add in the customers account their membership status. In response, they apologized for what happened; and then proceeded to say “ At the moment this option is not part of the app, but we've added it to our customer requests and we will try to add it in the future - but please don't hold us to any promises, it depends on the number of requests that we get for it (we always go by most popular requests first)”. With all that being said, proceed with caution with this app because if it crashes you will lose everything until the developer implement these necessary changes. This is especially important for Lifetime Membership because their nothing in my account that states “Lifetime Membership”, then basically they can just take our money without repercussions.
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2 years ago, GarrettWick
I love the app just a few recommendations
I love how easy it is to use and the ability to customize the workout. The customization feature makes it easy to change up my workout in a crowded gym. For reference I was a personal trainer for several years and I use this app because it simplifies everything for me. I don’t have to think about it, just go to the gym and follow the app. Saves me hours of thinking/planning my workouts through. Just a few things I’d like to see: first, my gym doesn’t carry 2.5 lb weights so I cannot increase my exercise (squat, bench, etc) by exactly 5 lbs after each weak. Please change the formula to recommend realistic weight increases. Second, I’d like a way to mark when I worked out but didn’t follow my plan. Sometimes I just do cardio and I’d like to reflect that in my workout app. Third, I would like some sort of function to indicate that I did not complete a workout. If I do 70% of the workout then I have to either input fake numbers or don’t mark the workout as complete in the app. The fake numbers don’t help the formula and saying I didn’t do anything at all is not helpful either. I’d like to just say that I didn’t finish the rest, and let the formula adjust my weight down for the following week. Overall I love the app!
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9 months ago, Luke ashraf
Actual user with realistic results
I’ve been working out consistently for since around 2017. Of course I’ve been through the billion workout apps, diets, supplements, etc. About 2 months ago I found this app and I though “why not”. I had hit a plateau and stopped seeing any results. I did the week long trial and was amazed at just what one week was able to do. The app is amazingly user friendly wether you are a beginner or an advanced gym goer. There is something for everyone and their personal goals. The ability to change my workouts is my favorite part because I go to multiply gyms and none are the same so one my have the machine I used one day but when I go to another gym they don’t have that. So being able to change the equipment was an amazing feature. It has many other features to use but if you were considering giving it a try, do the week trial and I can almost guarantee you will be very pleased with it. Only thing I’d like to see them add is an option to plug in your information to determine how many calories/protein you should eat based on what look you’re trying to achieve. I’m very happy with the purchase and to add one more thing, it also helps with discipline in the gym. Keeping you on track and focused👍🏽👍🏽
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2 years ago, TJAndSons
This is so cool.
I think this app is amazing. It’s awesome how you are in a way held to a standard and how it gives you the rest times and alerts when the next set is time to execute. I also like the fact that there are many different workout plans that you can not only choose from but also customize if you have or home gym and have limited equipment or go to a fully stocked gym. I also find it nice that you can alternate exercises and it’s cool that in a way this app tracks your progress. The only thing so far that I would ask for you to change is the amount of workout sessions that you can have when you create a workout. I mean, at the current setting the maximum is 7. Problem is, is made a workout where i split half of my work out in the morning and the rest later on so with a 5 day workout I would need to be able to create “10” instead of the current maximum which is 7. Unless otherwise there is a way to start a workout, exit the workout and resize the workout later on that day which I don’t believe you can do. If I am correct as soon as you exit it the app thinks you are “done” with the workout. I still give it 5 stars though.
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2 years ago, TimBlaise92
Great App For Strength Trainers!
I used to go to the gym 2 times a day, 4 days a week and followed a customized workout plan I build out myself. Over the last couple years my presence in the gym has been spotty to non-existent. After getting a gym pass again, I realized that I needed to work up to the routines I used to do and came across this app when looking for help. I cannot speak highly enough of my first impressions 2 weeks in. They start by gathering information about you and your physique aspirations, the frequency of you going to the gym. From there they have a library of customized workout plans to cycle through every few months. I feel like I have a personal trainer in my pocket with this app… but at a fraction of the cost. You log each set, your weight and it formulates how to help you achieve your goals. My gym is always busy when I go so I cannot always get the equipment needed for the suggested routine but it provides alternative options for working the same muscle(s) so you do not have to wait. For newer people to the gym, it also has videos you can click into on your workouts to see proper form.
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1 month ago, NewbieNowaPro
Now I feel like a pro at the gym
1. I can’t afford a personal trainer 2. I can’t always rely on someone coming with me at the gym to show me things 3. I felt unmotivated and not confident at the gym And then my boyfriend showed me this app. I paid for the lifetime use and it’s been worth every single penny (and I’m cheap loll) This has helped me improve my confidence at feeling like I belong at the gym and breaks down what I need to do every single day and shows me how to do it with videos and text instruction. Whether you’ve gone to the gym your whole life or you’re just starting off, I believe this app is sensational. I feel incredible I feel determined I feel like I finally am going in a direction with my health that is where I want to be. The only thing I would love is if parts of the app were a little bit more user-friendly. If I could add that I’ve done a workout that week that I didn’t use the app and if outdoor activities it as well other than just what’s on the app. All in all I highly recommend this my entire family has it now and I’m just excited for future updates
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6 years ago, ExplorerDave
Clean layout but extremely limited for the price
THIS APP HAS ZERO INTEGRATION WITH APPLE WATCH AND DOES NOT RECORD ANY INFORMATION TO THE HEALTH APP This app seems to only serve as a ready made workout catalogue. These workouts claim to have a few different variations but they are not very different in some categories like the “get in shape” workout. These literally are the same other that the cardio portion. There is a nice chart that describes appropriate exercises for each target muscle area however the list is very limited in certain muscle groups. I hope this will expand in time. In terms of keeping track of your progress this app has a horrible layout that does not allow you to edit your workouts or give you any type of usable data to track your progress. They consider it a way to log your exercise but you’d be better off writing it down on a sheet of paper. If you want a quick and easy list of workouts that will eventually grow stale then this app should work for you. If you are serious about your exercise and want an app that will actually work with your iPhone, Apple Watch and health app then stay far away from this app until the developers actually give you something worth paying for. There are far better apps available like Gymaholic.
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2 years ago, RDMDGD
Best workout app I’ve used
I’m not a professional athlete nor do I have the budget for personal training. I’ve used 5-7 other exercise apps, and this is the most useful one I’ve found. I do pay the premium membership; as with any other exercise app I’ve used, you don’t get the great features on a basic membership. The money is totally worth it for me. I can customize workout plans based on objective, current shape I’m in, venue (gym vs home) and number of times I plan to workout. There are several off-the-shelf plans to choose from based on the above. I instead had the app customize a workout plan just for me (also based on objectives, current ability, venue and workout frequency) and it’s exactly what I need - calibrates both the exercises and the weight resistance based on how much I can lift at the time. There are very detailed and helpful demos for each exercise along with a video showing proper form and a tracker of past performance on said exercise. Again, by far, the most useful, flexible and customizable app I’ve found and totally with the money.
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1 year ago, mcsledgehammer
Very good but has a lot of minor flaws
Ive tried for years to go to the gym and it’s always been frustrating trying to figure what workout I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve felt kind of silly every time. I had almost given up. I committed to using this app and it ABSOLUTELY works. I walk into the gym confident that I know what I need to do that day because of this app. I’ve noticed changes in my body I haven’t had in literally more than a decade. I love Apple Watch support my only complaints are: It can be difficult to enter the weight on the watch. The box is small and hard to get to the weight you want it too - I’ve gotten better at it but it’s frustrating and could see it being very difficult for some people that might not have quite as much finger dexterity. Sometimes at the gym the equipment you need to use is being occupied. There isn’t a way to skip to one of your other exercises while you wait. There is no way to see what the next exercises I have upcoming (yes I want to see the full list, not just the next immediate one) unless you exit the app on your phone and the relaunch it to see that days plan.
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7 years ago, Crossfitiscool
Great App with plenty of exercises to keep you busy in the gym!
This app features a ton of exercises specific to every major muscle group in the body. For $40, you can get a lifetime subscription that will give you access to all of their professionally developed workouts and exercise plans. Even if you choose to use it for free like I do, you can tailor each one of your workouts to meet your individual goals. You can also share your homemade workouts with your friends and vice versa. The only issue I've run in to so far is that there aren't enough single-arm variants to most of the typical double-arm exercises. I like doing single-arm movements because it allows me to focus on each side and prevents me from depending on my "stronger" side during double-arm lifts. However, the app doesn't have a lot of these single-arm lifts so I can't plug them in to my custom workouts. It's not a huge deal, but it requires me to explain my workout a little more when I share it with my friends. Other than that, this app is great and I recommend it to anyone who is committed to or wants to commit themselves to going to the gym more often.
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2 years ago, Frostyg623
Results after 1st week!
I’m 40 years old and weighing in at about 250 pounds. I’ve never done any weight training in the past. The only thing I do is walk. I’ve been experiencing some pain in my forearm which I attribute to old age and weak muscles. I figure getting cut is now or never. The clock is ticking and I believe it’s time to give my wife a true man’s body lol. I’m a manly guy (car mechanic), but my body flab says otherwise. Within the first week, I could visibly tell that my body is changing. My chest area already has less moob and my arms are starting to show some definition. Flash forward to week 3 and my chest is larger, my arms are larger, and my waste line is shrinking. I’m able to lift more weight than when I started, do more push-up’s , and almost able to do a pull-up! This app works! Give it a week and see if you don’t notice a difference. Btw I just have a bench, pull-up bar, a couple dumbbell's, and a yoga mat. You can do this too! With the app I’m all in at about $250.
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3 years ago, Tavoschky
"My trainer" feature is a great improvement
Having now "My trainer" as a full option with the opportunity to log the workout, time the rest pauses, log the weight you lift and all other features in one single option without the need of jumping from one place to the other is simply amazing. I found this feature to be the main reason for me to be motivated to go to the gym every day and stay focused during the session. The badges and the summary about how much weight you lifted is a plus to keep your motivation in line. I'm not giving this update 5 stars just because I found annoying the fact that once an exercise is started you cannot see the video and exercise information again to check if you are doing the right technique. Also, it should have an option to pause the exercise to exit temporarily the log without telling the app you're done with the entire workout, for example to check the video again or in the case your battery is about to die, you can save what to have done so far, and re-start the log when you get enough battery life again.
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2 years ago, still lookin...
Does some things very well and some things not at all
Week 3 of using the app. It does a great job of guiding you through a workout program with many options to choose from. I really appreciate how easy it is to customize a scheduled workout mid-flow. Can’t get on the station you need? This app has you covered. Just customize that exercise to find another one that hits the same muscle group with the push of a couple buttons. HOWEVER, if you enter an extra 0 on the weight you’ve lifted and you don’t catch it, it’s going to through off your progression graph and the recommended weight the next time you do that exercise. And, as far as I can tell, there is no way to amend a past workout. This is a very simple function and should be simple to execute. PLEASE ADD. Also, I’ve noticed that some exercises do not seem to keep the weight lifted data from previous weeks. It’s frustrating to see a lift coming up with no recommended weight listed because the workout the previous week doesn’t have a weight load assigned. Simple fixes, all. Overall, I do enjoy the ease of use, but without fixes I may not stick with it long term.
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2 years ago, Kolta117
Used to be great, new updates ruined it
Been using this app for years and was good, simple, and clean app to track my workouts and weights for each one. The updates in recent months ruined it. First all the update deleted my saved workouts with no way of getting them back. I tried to remake them, but I can’t even select the starting weight and the rep count for each exercise anymore. Like really? Remove such a basic thing and replace it with stupid “suggested” reps and weights. I tried one of their workouts since making my own again was almost impossible and it doesn’t even save your previous weight and reps from a exercise previously. So you have to keep entering the weight and reps every time you do a workout, which is very frustrating. On top of that you can even go and see your past workout history, or add a new exercise while you’re in the middle of a workout. The fact that I paid premium for this app and they ruined has lost them a customer. Time to find a new app that can do simple basic things like saving your workouts, weights, and reps without manually entering them each time. Fix your app and stop treating your customers like idiots.
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12 months ago, Rcg1996
Impressive but disappointed
This app is absolutely fantastic in its creation but the reason why I’m giving it a 4 out 5 stars. It’s because originally they had a question system that asked about your experience and then it would build you a work out around your answers. Don’t get me wrong it does just that at the beginning when you first open the app after downloading it. Before even after doing that the first time, you were able to go back to the work out and rest it and redo the questions and have it recustomize a workout for you when ever you wanted. Now just to do that, you have to delete the app and redownload it just so you can do the customization again. Not like how they had it before were you could just reset it and answer the question to have your custom built workout schedule. So that y I gave it a 4 out of 5, I would give it a 5 if they added it back to have a customization for you just by answering the questions whenever you want. Instead of deleting and downloading it again just to do that.
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1 year ago, Jjsuperman09
Almost perfect…some improvements needed
Downloaded several workout apps and eventually stuck with this one. The best feature is the interface design and “My Trainer” syncing up with my Apple Watch pretty easily. A lot of other apps interface isn’t as easy to use to doesn’t work as well on Apple Watch. The main improvements needed: custom workouts you build cannot be used in My Trainer and will not sync with your Apple Watch, so your stuck with using My Trainer to sync with Apple Watch (can’t build from scratch). When you want to custom your My Trainer workouts, you cannot change a muscle workout to another muscle group (I.e your 2nd workout is shoulders…you can only custom that to another shoulder workout), and if you custom My trainer and add other workouts , you cannot change the sequence (I.e let’s say i want to change the 2nd workout to another muscle group like the example above…you’ll have to delete it, delete all the workouts below it in sequence, and start all over). Overall, pretty good app but customization is difficult.
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6 years ago, Noam Chevy
Love this App! Best workout App!
I love this app ! Its definitely become my most loved fitness app. I use it when Im at the gym and also at home when I can’t go to the gym. For the gym I use their pre-planned workouts and for home I built my own using their exercises. I like the way the workouts flow and guide my through my exercises. I don’t have to keep track of time because it does it for me, and I don’t have to remember the exercises because the phone is with me and I can see what is the next thing I need to do. If you want to build your own workout you can just create different workouts from scratch, or what I like better you can take one of their existing workouts and just modify it and that way its really easy and a lot less work. To build a REALLY quick workout on the fly you click the muscle you want to train it brings up exercises for that muscles, then you click the star to add it to sort of a list of favorites and use that as a workout plan. Click the star again to take it off the workout plan.
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10 months ago, MBP-Work
Great for beginners and to higher levels.
I have been using this app for about 6 months. 3-4 days of week. What I love: - I like their training programs. I wanted to have long term programs over one-off exercises. Lot of good options to choose from. Started with 3 day — went on to 4. I cross train other days mostly running or Apple fitness+ things. - love the descriptions and videos. They have helped me get good form. I have not been ever had trainers. - Love the Apple Watch integration so i don’t need to open the app What i wish were better (but not deal breakers) - Better handoff between Watch and phone. Need to open the app on phone to sync the workout to Apple fitness. - single hand exercises don’t talk about training both sides. I have usually just changed the reps on them. - some really ad-hoc weight increments which often my gym does not have. - from an exercise jumping into the history of it. You can only see what you lifted most last time you did it (not what reps and sets were there). - Suggestions for post workout stretches - History of programs completed. - exporting details of workout/programs to friends for advice or improvement - recently started logging my body measurements. Seems ok. Things which some competition has but i don’t really care about - heart rate integration - live coach over text or video Things which they have but i don’t care about: - sharing workouts on social media. - transformation pictures
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2 years ago, k9divine
Best Work Out App
Honestly have been using this app on and off for 5 years. I enjoy the updates and the extra work outs they have added to create your own. I used this when i was first weight lifting and its great for tutorials for beginners, tracking for all levels, & recording to see just how hard you go at the gym. You can share your workouts with your friends and/or ask someone hey does this look like a great set list. This keeps me in the zone with knowing what i need to do next and not just aimlessly walking around and looking lost. Oh a machine or area is taken; thats fine. You can click on the next set and come back to what you need. You can also modify it while actually using it to get an accurate reading of how many reps, how long you work out is, and how much weight you lifted in total. It’s pretty awesome and totally recommend it to all my friends and family! Thank you for creating this, as it has helped me feel more comfortable in the gym!
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1 year ago, GeminiJen16
Differences in Male and Female options
My husband and I have this app and noticed there is a difference in the male and female options for the app and exercises. We both need the same options since we are using our home gym but the female version doesn’t offer those options, for example the male Vera offers options for basic home gym, minimal equipment push/pull/leg split (which I’ve done in the past with great results) yet I as a female do not have these options and have to input and/or change my workouts to alternative workouts because even inputting that I’m using a home gym it still gives my plan workouts the require commercial gym equipment. It’s rather frustrating. I had to change my gender in my o profile to make in order to get the same options as my husband. Other than that I can see the app being a great tool but it needs to be more equal across genders for its options when it comes to gym type, equipment, splits etc. or give all the options and let the user decide what works best for them instead of putting them into gender specific plans/versions.
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2 years ago, McAppleMac
Great interface for workouts - Possible improvements
Been using this app for the last 3 weeks. I really like the layout. Some improvements could be added. I would like to see a exercise counter for what exercise your on, 1 of 8, 2 of 8, 3 of 8 etc… When entering in you weight or reps, you have to hit a super small “done” button. It would be great to see that as big as the “Did it” button. I wear glasses and usually take them off during my workout, it’s very hard to see, even on my iPad mini. On choices of exercises, you can choose other ones, but I have limited equipment and sometimes you have no choices (pull up bar) for example. It would be great if you could pre-select your next workout day exercises before that day and not at the moment you’re working out. Not sure if you can do this, I haven’t found a way yet. I’m sure I could nit pick, but really over all, I’m very happy with it and my results.
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1 year ago, Daniellie_Cinderellie
Overall great app, need to work out issues with Apple Watch
Overall this is a great app. I have had it for some time now and o started this app because I wasn’t seeing progress in my strength with my own routine that I’ve been doing and switching up for years and tracking in another app. They recently rolled out an Apple Watch app which is great and I had been waiting for. But you either have to use ONLY your watch or your phone. And the Apple Watch app is hard to maneuver. If you try to switch to the watch or phone it stops your whole work out and cancels the entire thing out and you have to resubmit EVERY REP AND WEIGHT (then time will be off cause that also resets. The only other improvement that could be made with regard to the entire app is that you can’t edit a work out after you complete it. I accidentally clicked on the complete work out when I was only 2 sets into my entire work out and I could let delete that work out or go back to edit it to put in the rest of my work out.
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4 years ago, D857a
Trying to make the best of it
So now that corona quarantine feels imminent I looked for “equipment free work outs” that I can do at home. There is no full workout, fine I can deal. I thought I’d make my own. There are no equipment free exercises for lats, shoulders, traps, forearms, biceps, abductors, adductors, or hamstrings.... there is no way to search for equipment free exercises. The most annoying part is I can’t find a way to create my own exercise. So I’m pretty much not able to use the app if I don’t have equipment..... Beware the 7 day trial. I used it once, then was on vacation and got charged the $89. So now I’m trying to use the crap out of to get my moneys worth, which has kind of been working to get me to the gym more often. The workouts are good. I’ve been doing the get in shape workout and I like it. I’ve noticed it being a little glitchy with giving the ding noise before the timer is actually done. It also won’t let you look at the info for the next exercise while you are on the rest for the last one. When you click the ? For the next workout, it just brings up the info for the current workout.
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3 months ago, GracieBeeSpencer
This app is great! I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks now and I love it! It takes the stress of planning a workout out of the equation. I struggled with knowing what workouts to do and could never keep track of how much weight to add to each exercise. This app tells you exactly what to do and if you’re unsure what to do or you think you look stupid doing the workout it has a video you can watch. It also tracks how much you lift and suggests when it’s time to lift heavier. If you don’t like an exercise then you can customize your workout by changing that specific exercise. I change from a home gym to a regular gym every few days so it’s super easy and convenient that I can go into the settings and change the workout machines on and off quickly. When I go to the gym I feel so much more confident with this app. Definitely recommend this app! If you’re a beginner or an expert this app is definitely for you!
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2 years ago, alyson1002
Great workouts so far
I am on day 3 of my strength training workout. I am not a beginner, but I am restarting after an injury and surgery. So far, I really like the workouts. I have a couple of suggestions though. I would like the ability to manually increase the rest timer between sets. Maybe this happens automatically as weight progression happens, but I like to rest 2-3 minutes between working sets on my compound lifts instead of 1 1/2 min. It would be nice to be able to adjust that in the app without having to go to a different app for the timer. I would also like the ability to add weight or at least add a note to the exercises. I was doing neutral grip pullups the other day, and the exercise in the app only gave an option to enter the number of reps. Since I’m recovering from a hand injury, I was on the assisted pullup machine and didn’t have the ability to enter weight or add a note to specify what weight I started at. Those two features would be helpful moving forward.
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1 year ago, Jmc311
Fantastic app for most
Generalization: I think this is a fantastic app for most people. If you are new or looking to get back into strength training the app has premade workouts. This app made a tremendous difference in my overall health by enabling me to have a workout plan that worked with my schedule and equipment. As I progressed I added more equipment and was able to customize my workouts. I also had a very serious injury and needed to build 100% custom workouts and it enabled me to do so. For those more experienced you could easily build out your current workouts and use this solely as a tracking app. My complaints are really in two areas: No integration with apple health. I always end up running this app on my phone and simultaneously running the strength training activity on my native Apple workout app. This really needs timo register in Health/activity on the Apple Watch like Peloton/Nike/Runkeeper and many more. The Apple Watch version is nice and I’m sure some people use it. I’d prefer the ability to start a workout on my phone or watch and seamlessly enter the reps/weight from either throughout the workout. I don’t care for the it’s entirely on your watch or your phone. Overall it’s get the job done, but I can’t really use the Apple Watch feature and since I run, use Peloton and other items I wish it integrated with Apple Health and Fitness so there is a unified place for me to track my calories and other activities.
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5 years ago, wowzadare
So Far So Good!
Easy to use, routines are clearly explained with video for each exercise in a set. They just updated the app with new stuff, which was cool. I did buy the full version. Also there are no problems listening to music and going to the app to update the reps/weight (using iPhone). It’s simple to enter reps and weight for each rep, as simple as using those older paper logs. Very easy to enter during rest period then get back to the next exercise. They do have exercises with a little ‘chain’ icon (superset?), I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with that so maybe a bit more explanation in that area would be nice. But that doesn’t take away my recommendation experience of the ease of use and depth of exercises and routines offered. Great app, especially for anyone wanting some variety in exercises but maybe not knowing how to properly perform a new exercise. This app contains the routine and technique guide, great for new and vet trainers.
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10 months ago, Birds and Bees Podcast
Amazing App one frustration
I was hesitant to pay for an app like this because there are so many out there. I did the free trial and then signed up because it was more user friendly and convenient than others I have tried. I really have enjoyed the app over the last eight weeks. I’ve seen a lot of gains and I love having a personal trainer on my wrist and in my pocket, I’d give this five stars, if it weren’t for the app crashing every time I miss an update. If the developers would provide an update notification on the app and on the Apple Watch, that would help significantly. Because there’s no notifications of an update, I find out because the app on the watch will crash mid workout and I lose all of my data for that workout, as well as the time in the gym. If I keep it up-to-date, the app works amazing, and I’m excited to keep exploring Workout. I love the milestones. But I’ve met all of them now. Let’s get some more milestones on the app those are fun to reach.
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7 months ago, Burton311
Switch to Fitbod - Half the Price - Better
I really liked the app because it tracked things well and keeps you on track week to week. However, I got a new phone, and all the data on the progress I was making for months is completely gone. It’s not backed up. I’m super sad about that, and I feel that the owners of this app have let me down in an extremely basic area of expectation in this space. By the way, you also can’t go back and update a workout or pause a workout for more than 24 hours. Losing all that data means I’m no longer a customer. Let’s see if they do the right thing and refund ALL of my purchases, not just the last two months. I doubt they will. These are not people of good character. People who allow peoples’ data to be lost like that are not people that we should be doing business with. Shameful. Update: They lose my data and zero response. No attempt to make it right. No apology. Not even an auto-generated response. Second update: I switched to Fitbod. It’s half the price, and it’s much better. Update: Apple only provided a partial refund. This company still hasn’t responded in any way.
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1 year ago, DM_LiLNinja
Great app for starters
First off, I think this app is amazing for those who are new to working out or anyone who just wants a.. well.. personal trainer. Its great for learning, technique, exploration etc. However, there’s flaws in this being reality. One thing being.. as a working adult, I don’t always have time for the commercial gym but once you choose your place to workout you cannot change it to a home or small gym. Also, I travel for work so there’s months where all I have is a hotel gym. In addition to that deterring me from giving this app better stars.. It also does not allow you to take a day off of legs/arms/chest, etc. If you’re sore in an area, you will be working it the next day which can be fine or can be dangerous depending on the level of soreness. This app is not personal and does not cater to life factors. But if you’re looking for Form, Technique or expanding your knowledge of work outs I’d give it either the trial or a couple months. I bought the life time and it’s not worth it in my opinion.
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5 months ago, ds101495
On the right track.
I’ve done 24 workouts with the app so far and I really enjoy the variety as you move along and the ability to customize, especially when my gym can be flooded with people sometimes that take over certain pieces of equipment. I can pivot to another exercise if needed when that stuff isn’t available. I wish the app was a little more specific on “one arm” or “one leg” exercises. Does it mean I need to work each side that many times? Or split the difference? It’s not clear in the instructions for each exercise. I will say I’m definitely noticing a difference in my muscle structure and ability to lift heavier weights with ease so far. I haven’t lost a significant amount of weight, but the muscle tone indicates I’m replacing that weight from fat with muscle. I’m a “newby” and I’m trying to be a better me and so far I think the app has me on the right track. I’ve also added more cardio to the plan I’m on so I feel more balanced.
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6 years ago, Gabriella.C
what a GREAT workout app!!!
I love this app ! Its definitely become my most loved fitness app. I use it when Im at the gym and also at home when I can’t go to the gym. For the gym I use their pre-planned workouts and for home I built my own using their exercises. I like the way the workouts flow and guide my through my exercises. I don’t have to keep track of time because it does it for me, and I don’t have to remember the exercises because the phone is with me and I can see what is the next thing I need to do. If you want to build your own workout you can just create different workouts from scratch, or what I like better you can take one of their existing workouts and just modify it and that way its really easy and a lot less work. I sometimes use the star on each exercise to buildd workouts on the fly really quickly. its nice, and simple, and quick, and it does everything I need and even more. love it.
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1 year ago, LuisMa1987
Great App and Versatile!
I started using this app over a month ago and I appreciate that it comes with plenty of at home or gym exercises and workouts. I especially enjoy the feature where if there is a certain workout you can’t do you can replace with another one that is more accessible to your individual need. It comes with beginner or intermediate and advanced levels. So where ever you find your self in your fitness journey this will accommodate that. I will keep using this app and will become my go to. I also wanted to add one more thing it tracks your previous workouts for you and recommends each week a amount of weight to increase based on your previous week’s performance overall a really great app and for the prices it’s amazing!! This was a well put together app for anyone who is just beginning or wants to continue their fitness journey.
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3 months ago, MusicBrother2610
No Guesswork
This is an easy to use app to help program your workouts. The tools provided are useful in helping you by asking a few questions and your goal. Depending on that goal, your frequency of workouts, and the details you provide (I.e. weight, height, goal deadline, etc.) you will be provided with a workout routine. It gets you moving, provides great video and written demonstrations if you are unsure of the proper form for certain movements. As well, it helps you log and track your progress which is quite helpful. My only qualm with the app is that there does appear to be a slight shortage in the library of exercises or it could be due to the routine I am using or the wording of the machines or equipment. Not the end of the world, but should be addressed if you are a paying customer. I would advise that this isn’t first app to have it all figured out, but it is good to get you moving, and with most apps, it can be improved upon.
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5 months ago, I win bob
Nice app, but needs fine tuning for home gym users
Overall, I like the videos, exercises, & structure of the app. I wish there was an easier way to look at previous week’s weights and reps per set mid-workout, but at least there is a way. Also, a lot of the lower body dumbbell workouts need to be done on each leg, but there are no instructions to do so. Also, my dominant leg can do more reps than the other, so it would be nice to have a simple way to log that in the app. Basic arithmetic is missing from the weight lifted calculations. The app adds the weight based on the dumbbell weight in one hand (per the app’s instructions). So, if I do a dumbbell lunge with 70lbs in each hand and do 10 reps on each leg, I get credit for one dumbbell lifted 10 times instead of two dumbbells lifted 20 times. So, doing a goblet squat with 70lbs is worth the same as two lunges with 140lbs (2x 70lbs dumbbells), when really it’s four times as much.
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1 year ago, Nickdeleon1344
Fast process.
Yeah this app works and I’ve seen more progress in a month than I have in the three years I’ve gone to the gym. I’m pretty stupid when it comes to fitness stuff, I have no idea what most machines do and I usually just did cardio and made my body even more exhausted and often felt worse. This app taught me to train EVERYTHING to really see progress and it also taught me the importance of consistency. Having a routine helps and every exercise, I feel like I’m making more and more progress. I’m about 6-7 weeks in and I’ve seen so much progress, I take weekly photos and it’s working!! I’m so happy. I’ve still got a long ways to go, but I feel so much more confident and happy with how I look. I was always so negative about my appearance and felt so hopeless, but this app has seriously changed my life and how I view health. THANK YOU to the creators of this app!
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3 years ago, JacksonDoty
Great app
Because success with this relies mostly on you, this is more advice than anything. First, be patient with yourself and the app if you’re new. It’s a lot, because frankly it’s a lot to know. So start slow. Familiarize yourself with every feature and modification. A lot of people have health issues (I’ve had 5 spinal surgeries) so a rigid plan off the bat isn’t feasible. It took me a week or two to realize modifications are easy. Second: know your level and take the advice for that level. If you’ve messed around with weights once or twice but never had a legit trainer, you are still a beginner. That’s okay. Everyone has to be at some point whether their parents taught them at age 6 or they started mid-50’s. And there’s nothing wrong with either one, if you’re mid-50’s and still a beginner, then at least you’re doing something about it finally.
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7 years ago, The space oddity
Well made app !!
I never wrote reviews for apps but this workout app is helpful for all skill levels and so user friendly! The app provides pictures, categories, and a simple workout template which is easy to fill out with auto options and recommendations. You can set up multiple workout routines, add and name the days, add reps and there's so many different workouts on here! The workouts are sorted by muscle type and showed you exactly where on the body the exercise focuses. The only exercises I didn't see listed were unweights squats and lunges. My only suggestion would be to add a notes section on the workout routine page to add notes on a particular day or create your own exercise that isn't listed! This app has honestly motivated me to make a multi day workout routine just because it is so easy to use and create on the app! I can't wait to start using the app for the routine I made. Thank you !!
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1 year ago, Scotty Reed
Can’t believe I am just finding this app
It’s awesome! I’ve been a casual gym goer all of my life, with spurts of regular visits to nonexistent for short and long periods of time. One thing I feel that is important in a gym is to **come with a plan**. Don’t just say you’re doing arms or legs or back, etc. and this app does all of that for you in a super easy to use way. Each set of weights and number of reps is preplanned for you based off of your initial workout and then after that, the algorithm takes over. You just start with the muscle group you want to bulk or shred and it will create a well rounded, yet specialized workout regiment for you. I’m almost complete with my first ten week regiment and it motivates the heck out of me. And when I don’t know how to execute a workout, there is a well produced short video to show you the proper form. Anyways, 5 stars/A++
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1 month ago, AttyRyan
Good but quickly gets real extra
I’ve used this a little over a year. The app works well and there are lots of positives. The interface is really smooth and nice and the videos really help get form right. However, there are negatives: 1. The app likes to set single arm and single leg exercises but forgets to account for the total weight being both arms (25x12x2 arms) is treated as 25x12. 2. The app significantly under accounts for time. You’ll tell it an hour, it’ll schedule you 9 exercises 3-4 sets each with one or two single leg using some obscure equipment you have to hunt all over for, all for no apparent reason other than scheduling the most extra workout available. Plus a 15 minute run and in practice it’ll either take 2 hours or you’ll have to leave because you can’t spend your whole day a the gym. These will also be (from mine today - 4x10 squats, 4x10 single leg leg presses, 3x12 deadlifts, 3x15 calf presses, 15 mins running, etc etc.) like I have Superman legs or something. 3. It really likes weighted pull ups and sit ups. Gyms don’t have leg weights and you can’t hold a weight and jump. It’ll also tell you - do 4 sets of 10 weighted wide grip pull ups and I’m like listen you’re asking for 40 pull ups and you want me to McGuiver a way to hold weights between my feet? Just be normal. That would be great. Thanks. Otherwise, great. 4/5.
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4 months ago, Cusatoadventures
I love this app so so much. I have attempted weight lifting in the past and always made some progress but then stalled out. I can’t afford a personal trainer and I’ve always been plus sized so getting in the gym, knowing what to do, and not being self conscious have always been major struggles. To top it off I have ADHD and autism so I have major analysis paralysis AND a major fear of doing things wrong or forgetting what I’m supposed to do. This app takes all guess work out of it for me. I can view my workout before I ever get there and there’s a huge selection of alternative exercises so I can pick something my gym has AND an exercise I’m comfortable doing without sacrificing a good workout. I love it so so much!! The images at the end that tell me I lifted the weight of a large truck are pretty encouraging to come back for the next exercise too.
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3 months ago, MUMorales
GAME changer!
I have been using this app for my strengthening workouts for the last two weeks and I absolutely recommend 10/10! I do not know my way around the gym on my own so this was a game changer for me. This app mimics what a personal trainer would offer you but for a much cheaper price point. You are able to customize your workouts and also view a video of how to accurately do all of the exercises. You can also view and read about the muscles you are targeting during each workout! As you grow in strength, your ‘trainer’ grows with you suggesting increased weight. It also offers a rest time timer which is one of my favorite features. I can not think of one thing that I wish this app offered. The developers have done amazing job! THANK YOU so much! I feel a lot more confident in my home gym!!
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1 month ago, Nameynamename
Good base, could be better
It has some positives if you aren’t sure where to start or are too tired to create your own plan. However, if you are a little more advanced the options are limited. Suggestions to make it 5 stars: (1) offer better splits. Example, right now with commercial gyms, you can’t do a push/pull…makes no sense. Only full body with specific targets. (2)Number of weeks- maybe I didn’t dive into enough programming but it would be great to pick the number of weeks of progression. I don’t like to do a program for longer than 6 weeks. (3) Vacation mode- have a process to pause programming and do a vacation or notified training. This way do not need to restart a program but can get a planned workout while you are adjusting to your equipment and time - again you can do this on your own, but isn’t the point of the app to be your trainer?
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6 years ago, Chicostix89
Great app, but missing some exercises.
I’ve been downloading tons of fitness apps to build and track my own routines, and so far I’ve that either you pay to track your work out or you don’t get enough exercises even basic ones. This app falls in the later category, missing some key basic exercises. The app is great in other ways, you can creat and track your own workout. You can start the workout and it will time and notify you when your rest period is up, even on your Apple Watch! At the end of your workout it gives you a summary report of the time you spent and how much weight you moved overall. My only compliant so far is in the lack of basic exercises, I don’t see any Smith machines exercises for people who go to gyms that don’t support barbell free weight, nor did I see any barbell back exercises. Shame, would have given five stars if they had more exercises to more accurately capture your workout.
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3 months ago, Eric1186
Love this app
This app is the only reason I’m still going to the gym. As a newbie, it it was up to me to decide my own workout, I’d go and do a few simple things, then head to the house. It keeps up with how many reps I did and how much weight I lifted, and increases that weight over time. I don’t have to remember anything from week to week, as the app does that for me. If I don’t like a particular exercise it’s recommending or a piece of equipment is busy, it’s super easy to just pick a different exercise that works the same muscles. Lots of options. The app has videos for every exercise, so I’ve tried exercises I would not have regularly performed because I wasn’t sure of the proper technique. I have definitely gotten results using this workout app too. I don’t workout without it. It has been worth every cent.
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2 years ago, bigmac187211
Great Exercise App!
This app has really help me fight my procrastination when it comes to getting back in shape. I wanted to remain old school by creating my own workouts and writing everything down in a journal. Now that I’m older, I don’t really have the will power to be consistent like my younger self. Workout has helped achieve everything I want to accomplish in simple but effective way. I enjoy the custom workouts and the ability to chose an alternate exercise if a machine is not available. The automated journal is awesome. It gives weight suggestions to help improve your strength through your customized workout plan. There many workout plans to choose from. They vary from full body or you can focus on a certain area; legs, abs, etc. I recommend this workout app to anyone that needs a “trainer” for motivation.
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3 months ago, Drrty Harry
Could be easily 5 stars
The Positive : The fitness app is a game-changer! The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through a variety of workouts, and the personalized plans keep me motivated. The app's tracking features help me monitor my progress, and the diverse range of exercises keeps things interesting. The Negative: Unfortunately, the fitness app falls short of expectations. The tracking features does not sync with Apple fitness on iPhone so my one hour 15 minutes exercise ring did not move at all nor do my move goal. Making it difficult to rely on the app for accurate progress monitoring. Overall, it needs some improvements to compete with other fitness apps on the market that are way cheaper and gets the job done. It also does track one rep max for all the weights lifted. Which is, a good way to gauge strength gained over time. Fix these issue and it’s easily five stars and worth the money!
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1 year ago, lollipoptwisterface
Great App to Track
I really enjoy this application. It helps me track my workouts. Therefore, I stay consistent and I am able to see strength growth. However, I do wish there was a feature in which I could change workouts or exercises in the section that creates a workout plan for you. There technically is an option to do this, but most of the time the options to switch out a certain exercise or movement is limited. For example, on my workout plan, it has me doing pull ups, however, I would like to change that movement to a lat pull down on a machine instead. I am unable to do this and I can only select variations of the movement. That said, I think overall this app is great, and I would recommend it to somebody that is seeking growth in their strength and commitment to working out.
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4 weeks ago, Rhee D
Needs more flexibility
I really do like using this app and the workouts because it helps me to have a purpose in the gym. I also like that it lets you substitute workouts. My issue is that I wish you could toggle between gym and home workouts and it record the workout without resetting whatever path I originally chose. Right now I am set on the gym, but due to lifestyle changes at home I can’t go to the gym and need to do home workouts. I can see the workouts and still do them at home, but if I want my home workouts to be recorded it’s going to reset what I already did at the gym. Basically, I have to start a new workout plan and when I can go back to the gym I’ll have to restart again. For that reason I’m going to look for another app. I lost my money because 7 day trial wasn’t really long enough for me to figure all that out. If that could be changed in an update I would gladly stick with this app.
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