Workout Planner Muscle Booster

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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Workout Planner Muscle Booster

4.56 out of 5
100.3K Ratings
4 years ago, mvlghost82
Transforming your body!
I’m just now starting the program. I just did my first morning session. It’s too early to say how I really feel about it. But I do like what I see so far of what the program offers. I am a pro athlete, a professional fighter. I’m so used to cutting weight and being ripped up for my next fight. Now I would like to focus on building up more muscles for my chest and legs. I fight as a junior middleweight and always have to cut weight for my fight, and most of the weight is water weight. So when I saw this program, I said to myself wow! they have everything you need to transform your physique to what you wanted to look like. I am also a trainer and have my own boxing gym, I say this app is good for everyone who wants to look good and get rid of the same fat that they carried around for so long. If you don’t know what to eat, they have a meal plan set up for you and his program. They tell you what the ingredients are. They also tell you how to go about cooking it. I recommend this app to any trainer and anyone who wants to transform their physique and look good about it!
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2 years ago, Todd_Dre
A few frustrating gotchas
I never buy apps but I wanted to get a workout routine that was tuned to me and would progress as I do. I loved this app in the beginning, my muscles are more sore than any other workout I have done in the past. I’m a week in and my triceps are at their max so I figured my routine would move into my legs or abs, but it kept having me repeat the chest and arm strengthening. I found out today that the app is not tracking my progress, it doesn’t think I have been working out all week. For those that this is happening to, the developer requires you to hit the share button at the end of the workout to track that you completed it. This is annoying, I didn’t plan on posting to Facebook my workouts, the developer is trying to get free advertisement for a paid app. They need to add an option at the end to share or mark the workout complete. The good news is you can click on the share button, but cancel the actual Facebook post. This will mark your routine done but keep it private. I’m going to try that until my subscription is up and look for another app. Also, like others mention, the “contact us” button doesn’t work. I’m very suspicious of the integrity of this app. The workout have been great though so I hope they make some improvements. This app is too pricey for it not to “requires” free advertisement to Facebook. No one wants to see me post everyday I performed a daily routine for 7 minutes, how annoying I would be 😀
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2 years ago, Rich Becker
Starts Strong
I love this app. It provides a great workout routine that supplements my own. I felt immediate results and have seen them is a little as five days. I hope to continue on with the app, but that’s where I’ve run into trouble. A glitch in one of the routines caused it to repeatedly crash on that routine. I decided to skip to the next day’s return until it could be resolved. The routine worked but wouldn’t log as compete. I tried various fixes like powering off the phone, etc. Then I tried to log back on … and the app would not let me log in, reset my password, or restore purchase (I tried them all). I was effectively locked out and my support inquiries all bounced back in email, indicating no one was likely to help. So, I decided to subscribe again until everything was resolved - but the app said my Apple email was invalid, after charging the subscription. I had to use a different email in order to make it work… so who knows what will happen in 90 days. I was ready to refer this one to friends and my trainer, but now I’m holding off until these basic functions - email resets, restores, etc. are cleaned up. This should be a five star workout support program, but I have to give it a free until basic support and customer service are part of the package.
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7 months ago, yone hundessa
Long-Time User, Still Impressed!
I've been using this workout app for years, and it's honestly been a fantastic journey. The app's design is user-friendly, and the variety of workouts keeps my routine fresh and exciting. What stands out the most is the value for money – the price is incredibly reasonable for the features offered. From beginner to advanced levels, it has something for everyone. The community aspect is a bonus, keeping me motivated and connected. I'd easily rate it 5 stars for its consistent quality and the positive impact it's had on my fitness journey. Frustrating Technical Issues Lately I've been a loyal user of this workout app for a long time, and while it's been great overall, I've encountered some persistent issues recently. The most troubling is the loss of video functionality, which is crucial for following along with workouts. The sound occasionally malfunctions, and now it seems the audio feature has completely disappeared. These technical glitches significantly hinder my workout experience. Moreover, the app feels outdated and in dire need of an update to keep up with current standards. It's disappointing to see a previously 5-star app decline like this.
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2 years ago, BLAH-BLAH!!!!!!!!
Decent so far but doesn’t track all workouts
I just started using this app. Paid for a month subscription just to try it out. I already work out every day but wanted something to help guide me and mix up my routine. They put together your fitness plan based on a series of questions. This is great. Like the ones I’ve done so far. However, it is really annoying that it only tracks and records your workout history if you do the exact workout in their plan in the exact day they schedule it. For instance. I did the Monday workout as scheduled and it was recorded. Tuesday they had a rest day but I workout every day so I skipped ahead to Wednesday and did that workout. It didn’t record it in my workout history because it wasn’t done when they scheduled it. Today is Wednesday and I obviously didn’t want to do the same thing twice in a row so I chose one of the workouts listed in the app. Again, because it want their scheduled and planned routine, it doesn’t record it. Three days of pretty solid workouts and the progress only recorded one workout in Monday. Not sure why they would create a fitness app intended to guide you and record progress, not actually record your progress. Only 3 stars because of this. But routines are decent.
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9 months ago, HomeGymRat
Update for the worse
Notwithstanding developers’ reneging on a promise to extend my subscription for 6 months, as compensation for participation in a product survey, I find that the recent update introduced so many new but mostly effortless body weight exercises into the routines that I no longer find the workouts challenging. Before the update, I would break a good sweat, and occasionally worked to muscle failure. After the update, I barely got warm. Additionally, the app now ignores your setting for workout duration. I set it for 20 minutes; before, my workouts would be programmed for between 20 and 30 minutes. After, I received workouts programmed for 40-49 minutes. Yes, graphics are nice, and the ability to change any particular exercise gives nice workout flexibility, and the 7 minute morning routine was a great way to warm up for my cardio days, or to top up the strength day with a quick workout, but I have now found a different app to challenge me. And don’t bother with the menu recommendations unless you are a chef with a huge ingredient inventory. They don’t give you a shopping list for the week so you can have what you need on hand to make the meals. And LOL epic fail when using AI to voice the exercise names: “push U.P.S.” (not “push-ups”). You can find a better workout planner.
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4 years ago, dncsofchs
This app has been made to prey on the insecurities of males
Asked me for my body type and my desired look which is standard in a muscle building app but doesn’t have any real way of helping a person determine their actual body type. If I were to have more weight on me then I can’t determine how much muscle is underneath or even if I’m “skinny, muscled, or heavily muscled”. It doesn’t allow for me to type in my height, weight or anything that are needed to help determine which workouts will better sure my interests. The “get started” screen is a picture or a heavily cut man more standing like a egotistical model rather than a man modeling his physique. After picking my body type the app went to the target my weaknesses rather than my strengths. They call them “problem areas” :wimpy pecs, skinny arms, small legs. Connotations like that are unnecessary and not user friendly for someone trying to improve themselves. This app has been made to prey on the insecurities of males and push the typical negative agenda of what the mainstream media calls the “perfect male physique”. I don’t think there is any changes to be made to make this app better. I’d say throw it out and start from scratch. There are so many other apps out there. This one is a dud not needed in the lives of people trying to become more. Thank you for giving me the ability to rate this app.
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11 months ago, The earth is his
Great presentation - has potential!
I’m on day 102 of a 120 day plan, and just received an update that added more exercises. The variety and presentation of exercises is great, but it acts more like a random exercise generator based on parameters you set, rather than using the feedback you give (too easy/too hard, like/don’t like). The feedback applies to the whole exercise - there us no way to give feedback on certain exercises. It often repeats exercises to the same muscle group more than it should e.g. 3 different push-up types in a set repeated 3 times, and then 2 more push-up types in the next set repeated 2 times! Telling the program it’s too hard and don’t like doesn’t seem to make a difference. Audio voice sometimes calls out the name of the next exercise but usually it doesn’t. It would be great if it always called out the next exercise so you don’t have to look at the screen after each. The program should be collecting lots of data, but there is no way to access it. It should provide progress charts. I payed for a year in advance. I’ll use it for the rest of the year and see if future improvements make it worth keeping.
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5 months ago, ldconejo
Not perfect, but still deserves 5 stars based on the results I’m getting
I pay $60 per year subscription. Working out everyday. Biggest advantage for me is getting a different workout each day based on the equipment I have selected (essentially, the few things I have in my garage gym). Short morning workout every single day (~8 minutes); longer, and harder, workout three times a week (~50 minutes). I’m on a 27-week streak, some shortcomings aside, I love it. I stream it (via Airplay) to a 32-inch TV in my gym, which is great for noticing the details in the video demo for each exercise, I wished it had the option to go horizontal, therefore using the TV screen’s space better. Not perfect, but still really good and for a reasonable price. Note that the app also comes with a meal plan, which I only use randomly to get recipe ideas. One thing to keep in mind is that weight loss is heavily dependent on a healthy diet, this app is good, but it won’t get you a free pass to eat whatever you want (no workout plan will).
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2 years ago, Amevitts
Uncanny results that boosted my life.
I don’t even know where to begin. I started off like many of you, a total loser. A lonely shrimp of us man weighing only 70 lbs. Someone who poured his milk before his cereal and ate Peanut butter sandwiches without jelly. That was, until, I discovered the Muscle Booster app. Within a short span I was able to put on weight, increase my PRs, get on a steady nutrition plan, learn to overcome my fear of talking to women and I even gained the courage to dabble in the stock market and grow my financial portfolio. I am now a married man with a smokin’ hot 6 for a wife and I have two 5 year old D1 bound sons (Arnold and Sergio) who bench press our Great Dane for morning warm ups. I expect them both to solve world hunger by 2042. Needless to say this app is quite the turn-around point my life needed. I swear by them. Live by them. Die by them. These workouts blow anchor arms outta the watta. If you want gains on an unparalleled level, give muscle booster a shot. “Shreddalations 3:12: Father forgive me for the gains I’m about to receive.”
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10 months ago, FauxReelz
Too buggy and deceptive to be worth the subscription
I paid for and used the app for a few months. Several questions in the onboarding survey have no effect on the workout plan and are placebos to try to drive subscription sales, which are optimized for pricing rather than value. If you purchase, the app will immediately go for the upsell. During a workout, there is a voice that repeats generic motivational phrases and can’t be disabled. There is also a countdown beep that gets out of sync if you skip a move. Integration with the Apple Watch is rudimentary and not thought through. The app doesn’t stay connected to the watch and fires seemingly random haptics when it is connected. To skip a move, you have to swipe to another screen first. Several phrases are awkwardly translated to English, like a question after a workout asking “How hard it was?” The app asks for feedback, but if you touch anywhere or switch apps, the feedback field will immediately dismiss forever. A friend of mine has felt like he’s seen good results from following the workout plan in this app, but my experience was more disappointing as the subscription model felt more expensive than useful.
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4 years ago, Sekrubas73
Such potential
I would give five star review because it has potential but extra frustrated this morning. I limited my time using this app for the past month hoping the glitches would be fixed or at least minimized. Wow, wrong direction guys!! This app has potential to be a top product that is why I continue to come back to it but is more unstable than ever. I start a work out only to be stopped because it freezes or doesn’t show the exercise even though the counter continues to run or gives me a countdown of 59 min. And I can’t skip because then the whole thing freezes again. I’ve restarted this work out five times now. Not really looking for a workout app that’s going to take the wind out of my sails. I wish I had pics but when the app freezes it freezes my whole phone which I have no other problem with any other app I use and I have a lot of them I use daily. Please fix.I will update this post and add stars as things are resolved.
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3 years ago, ccflier
Muscle Booster first impressions…
After the first workout, I find that the App provides clear prompts and good visuals to show how exercises are to be performed. I notice that it does not seem to read or write to Apple’s “Health” App (even thought the read/write permissions have been approved on both the Health and the Muscle Booster Apps). The Apple Watch “Muscle Booster” App only provides the basics such as pause, and stop… It would be nice if it would allow the ability to start the exercise routine and also to advance to the next exercise from the watch App. Looking forward to to using this App on a daily Muscle Booster after 35 days… Thank you for the recent App improvements. The integration with the iPhone and Apple Watch is much improved. IMO, this App now rates 5 stars. The exercise selection is great and I’m seeing positive results. Thank you!
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2 years ago, JoshKap19D
My Review
I have been actively working out on my own for 20 years or so and needed something to shake things up a bit. I also got pretty tired of coming up with workouts myself and thought trying something new might help a bit. The workouts are pretty decent and the variety didn’t disappoint. I have a home gym and do not always have all of the equipment that a commercial gym would have but the app allows you to swap exercises as needed. The one thing I would change is the countdown comments (“there’s a little time left”). After a month or two using the app, hearing that gets old. I have also noticed that sometimes there are bugs that result in two countdown voices happening at different times making it a bit confusing. Overall I think the app does its job maintaining my lean figure, I wouldn’t go as far to say that it has “bulked me up” any but with my high metabolism that is no surprise. My recommendation is that the app is certainly worth a go for someone trying to shake it up a bit!
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2 years ago, Thepocketlover
Good app but needs some quality of life changes
The app has a wonderful data base of workouts and specific exercises by muscle group but I have two really big issues with it. I listen to a lot of my music on SoundCloud and don’t necessarily need to see how the exercise is done every time so I pause the demonstration video. However, by doing this it pauses my music every single time and whenever I go to the next exercise demonstration and I pause the demonstration it pauses my music again which is extremely frustrating. Also there is no way while doing a workout to go back to the full list of exercises listed in the full workout without completely stopping the workout to see it in list form. The other option is scrolling left or right through the exercises demonstrations but then again it continues to pause my music. Seems like a super good app but it really needs to make it possible to just pause the demonstrations without it affecting music and there should be an easier way to see the exercises listed in a list and not have to do the demonstrations while doing a workout.
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5 years ago, rijehgdbwjc
Very shady
A lot of people talked about free trial here so I thought it comes with a free trial. I downloaded it and purchased it. But then I realized that there isn’t one. I decided to give it try. I’m not a fitness expert but I personally don’t like it. The workouts look really basic and especially there are not many gym workouts. When I went to the developer website, there is no info on the people who developed the app. Are the people who created the app professional trainers? They’re very sneaky with the billing. So later I realized that if you download the app through the link from Google, you do get a 7-day free trial. But the subscription price doubles compared to direct download from the App Store. That’s so shady. I wonder how many are paying that much money. I looked more deeply into the reviews and realized that a lot of people had the same issue as me, and the customer service here imply Apple controls the refund. But if you go to Apple refund page, it’ll tell you it’s not within policy to refund. The policy is set by the App developers. Overall, I really have some suspicions over why this app is one of the top ranked apps but so many much better similar apps (Nike training club, Fitbod, Centre, etc.) are ranked far below.
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4 years ago, CJ_LV702
Where did my purchase and progress go!?!!!
This is probably the first review I have ever written for an app. I was on my way to actually getting back in the gym and this app was keeping me on track. I’ve gone to the gym for a long time and I know correct form and workouts, but I was losing motivation and needed someone to just get me there and tell me what to do. This app was doing just that. I downloaded and purchase a monthly plan on December 30. Right away I started working out on the regular. I could see what days I had worked out and tracked my progress. I opened the app yesterday to see what my workout would be today and guess what? It acted like it was the first time I had ever opened it after I downloaded. It is asking me all of the qualifying questions and wants me to pay....again! Firstly I have paid for this month (I double checked my purchase in my apple account) and I am not paying again! I want my progress back and I want the app to give me access again. I’m very disappointed that I can’t access it because I was on a roll. Thanks guys! Guess I’ll have cancel my monthly subscription (which I was happy to pay for a good while) and go to another solution.
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8 months ago, great app. simple, functionsl
Room for improvement
General idea of a great app. Execution seems compromised. Paid for a year membership, observations after 4 months - 1. Of the “screen shots” shown in the App Store, only the last 2 seem to actually exist 2. I set up a plan when I started. I see no way to change the plan, change the days, or refresh, or focus on different body parts other than to make a one-off custom workout (the beauty of the app is that it gives new workouts on your scheduled frequency, picked for you. Having to over-ride this every workout is far from useful 3. I don’t want leg workouts. The app appears to require that you do leg workouts interspersed with upper body (even though I did not select legs when creating the plan). When I override the leg workout with a custom workout, it saves the leg workout for the next session. Oddly, none of these problems existed in the version that I used during my 3 month trial before I bought the year.
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2 years ago, Bob Baker
Mostly great
I use this daily for the 7 minute morning routine. I hate working out, and it is the only thing that has kept me motivated. With a few adjustments it would make it easier to use and I would give it a five star rating. Here are my suggestions. -The background is always black. Have the background be a different color during active periods than rest periods. Then you can more easily tell when you’re supposed to be moving and when you’re supposed to be not moving. -The end of rest and end of active noises are the same. It confuses me as to whether I am supposed to stop moving or stop resting. Make them be different noises. -My workout is too leg heavy. How do I adjust this? I can’t find a way. -When I choose an alternative exercise, when I am setting up my routine, it should tell me if that alternative is easier or harder than the suggested exercise. -I would like to be able to reject some exercises outright because they are not the parts of the body I am working on. -I have some equipment at home. If I could tell the app what I have, then maybe it could work some of that equipment into my home routine. -My morning routine is always 7 minutes long. Sometimes I would like to increase or decrease this number depending on my energy levels. Could there be an “extend time” option? Other than that, it’s easy to use and I love it. Thanks for helping me get fit.
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3 years ago, BK Wil
Loving this app!
I’m a 42 year old male who has had some decking health over the past few years. It has been a struggle to get the motivation to start working my way back to a better, stronger me. Especially since I am intimidated by the gym atmosphere and feel lost when it comes to developing a plan that I know will produce results. I came across this app and was a little skeptical on how well it would work, but I have to say I am impressed! I am 3 weeks in now and have already noticed a HUGE difference in my strength and endurance! I have even started to notice decent muscle growth and toning, all from following the plan that was developed by the app! No equipment, just my own body weight at home and now I am regaining my confidence that will in turn help me continue my journey of regaining my health and becoming a better/stronger me. Thanks Muscle Builder!!
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5 years ago, huzaifaaaaa05
Some fixes needed
I love the workouts and the way they work, I just want it to work with my Apple Health app and sync my steps, weight, height, blood pressure etc and everything else a regular workout app uses to help personalize the experience for each user. If you can do this, I won’t need to hit start walking, and then walk 30 minutes and hit stop once I’m done in order to record that. I walk more than half an hour a day everyday, I just don’t log it. It counts in my phones pedometer via the Health app but I want that reflected on the app too with my workouts and I want it to affect the way my workouts will be when I start to do it. I would gladly pay more just to make it easier for me and make it easier on everyone else who are having very similar issues as well. It’s a feature that’s expected that isn’t there and it’s kinda disappointing that we pay for an app that has so much potential but lacks in the basics. If these features get added, this app would go from a 2-star to a 5-star top 5 fitness apps in the App Store. Just the basics are lacking.
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1 year ago, Alakar Drake
Lousy and Disappointing
Hey, maybe the app is great. I wouldn’t know. It’s been over a week, and I can’t log in. That’s on me though for buying into the Instagram ad that was in my feed. Went through the process of answering the prompts, took advantage and paid for the promo, and downloaded the app. I tried to log in, and my account info I entered through Instagram didn’t register. They app couldn’t even find my email. Went through the whole registration process again after filing a concern, and was then prompted to answer ALL the questions I already answered on Instagram and told to choose “restore purchase.” Nothing. Have tried every option. Every communication to I filed since the first was an automated response saying “it looks like you’re requesting a refund.” Out of all 5-6, I responded I only wanted to sign in. I’ve never gotten a legit response from a person since the first complaint. Terrible customer service. Save your money. I now have to go to my bank and refute the charge. What a waste of what I hoped would be an app of inspiration and motivation.
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2 years ago, SamuelClark04
I’ve had the app for a few days and it is pretty nice the workouts are great I like the schedule and routines it puts you in but my problem with this app is that the meal plan is not very good I am looking to bulk up and there are several food options but none of them involve any meat meals or really any weight gain plans also there is no true way of tracking your progress like I meal tracker you can put in and in my case a tracker to see the amount of weight I gained and in what time frame and what I was eating during that period where I was gaining weight there is really no progress tracking at all in the app I can’t even see the ideal weight goal I set in the beginning Changes - I would say a better meal plan that includes meat diets like chicken beef and other forms of meat ways to track progress so it can be seen And track the meals that were consumed during high progress moments in goals
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1 year ago, getagrip15
Really good app
I’ve been using this app for the last 4 months and it’s been exceptionally helpful. I love the fact that it changes up workouts just enough to keep them interesting, but not too much to slow you down. I’m not a fan of a loud instructor attempting to cheer me on while I workout, so this is perfect. I tried Apple Fitness+ before this, and it just annoyed me. Some may like that “motivation”, but I don’t. I use the app to do all body-weight workouts, and it’s really good for that. One of the last updates really improved the Apple Watch integration, so that’s been helpful. The app has received several updates since I started using it. Nice to see it constantly improving. The custom workout generator is great too. One suggestion would be to have an option to choose how long rest times are (short, normal, long). Sometimes I find the rest periods a bit long and would prefer to speed them up. I can always skip ahead, so not a huge deal. I’ve had a couple of issues with the app crashing mid-workout. That’s was a bit of a pain, but not the end of the world. Also, occasionally my watch won’t sync up with my workout until the apps have been force closed on my watch and phone. Once again, a minor issue that doesn’t happen much.
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1 year ago, Briandnezhad
It works, but a few improvements
Very good app. I have been trying it for six weeks now, and I can see some transitions already. A few recommended features I suggest are: - Add muscle group Injury avoidance setting: For example, let's say someone has shoulder pain from last week's workout, they can go to the setting and add the injury, and the app would personalize it, and it would substitute it with another workout. Then come back and remove the injury once it is healed. - Option to skip workout without rolling into the next day; this would be useful when someone is on travel and need to cut but want to keep the days as planned for that muscle group. - The “Gym” and “Home” Option is very fantastic, but an additional setting for people with limited equipment would be lovely too; for example, some may have some free weights equipment and not machines; it would be cool if I could select the equipment I have and the app would personalize my workout base on that equipment. - Track Weights and recommend weights. For example, 10lb/kg, 60lb x 6 rep, etc Overall very cool app, this improvement will defiantly put you more of an advantage over your competition. FYI, I am an app developer so I know this market well. 😉😊
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2 years ago, estvhfb
App needs a lot of work
The app is great I’m actually loving it but it can use some adjustments. It needs to allow you to go back and see what you did. It needs to let you do the workouts without actually hitting “start” and let you manually complete them without having to hit “start.” I don’t know how many times I completed the workout without hitting start and after I’m done forget to go in the app and just hit start and click click as if I followed it with it. So then guess what the next workouts day I have to do the same exact workout or else it won’t give me a new workout. I’ve had to do the same workout like for a whole in the beginning bcuz i didn’t know how the app worked. Again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow users to manually complete the workout by just being able to click one button AND allow users t go back a day and hit complete workout and give you a different workout the next day. For these reasons I gave only 2 stars. I hope developers are reading this. 🙄
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3 years ago, Corwain66
Having trouble
Hello developers I purchased this app a couple of weeks ago, I used it once and I liked it but for personal reasons I was not able to continue to use it for like a week but as soon as I was able to I got to using and working out with the app. I was using the app without any issue until after a week into using it (fully) that I starting having issues. At first it was that the workouts would take 10-15 minutes to download, and then I tried to get on yesterday to do my workout and I couldn’t get in. At first I thought that it was a loading issue so I let it load for 30 minutes and it was not loading at all, like I didn’t even see the Home Screen that has the workouts. So I said whatever I will just try tomorrow. Today is tomorrow and now the app won’t even open, so I deleted the app waited a bit then got it again, I tried opening it but it still wouldn’t open… so yeah I need help with this because I spent 105-ish dollars on this…so any help would be appreciated.
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2 years ago, sap4319
This is not worth of your money if you are onto Fitness already
I am working out even before I purchase this app. I wanted to customize my schedule (like have excercises ready for my Chest, Shoulder, Tricep day or have them ready for back, biceps day) and to learn new exercise. I realized that they are making a plan of exercise. E.g. They have 6 days plan in my app where it shows me to do some Tabada exercise one day and Chest on another day and they gave me which exercise I should do for every muscle. I want to customize exercise which I want to focus on, not what they want me to do. They have nice session of exercises for muscles( like Arms, back, Legs etc), I think these exercise distribution should be (Biceps, Triceps, Forearms etc instead of Arms) and we should have option to search particular exercise e.g. If I search Squats, I should get all different type of Squats, this application doesn’t have this functionality yet. This feedback I gave on my experience of version 2.4.1. I hope they change the application.
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2 years ago, Marn Fan
Ok contents but buggy app
I really enjoyed using this app for the first week. The gym/home combo really adds to the daily workout time. However, I have noticed multiple bugs / room for improvements: 1. Workout cannot be switched in the middle of a session. All changes have to be planned ahead. This is not a user friendly feature, as I might want to switch workouts in the middle of a session given how busy different stations are. 2. Workouts can get stalled even though they are completed, which means you could always have the same session showing up in your to-do list as the next one. 3. Countdown voices can be buggy and overlap with each other. I can hear overlapping countdown beeps in the same workout. This is a very distracting bug. Given the reasons above, I have decided to go back to the market and find some alternatives to this app. The ideas and actual workouts of this app are good, but the execution is faulty.
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10 months ago, DatFatKid54
What happened??
I don’t know when but I had left for about a week or so for vacation and the app was updated. The workouts are completely different from before and the videos have been sped up. Before it would show an exaggerated slowed down version of the workout so I could truly focus on form. Also all the mew workouts I’m being given are really hard on the knees, and because of the speed of the videos I have no idea if im even performing correctly. Along with the sped up videos, all the new workouts no longer have descriptions. The old workouts have detailed instructions underneath including breathing techniques and other very helpful tips. It seems like they’ve added way to many videos without giving them the full attention necessary. About one or two updates ago the app was perfect, now I’m just going to cancel and find workouts I’m not required to pay for.
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1 year ago, Sparrow_Hawk
Great routines, but app needs work
I’m a trucker who is out for a week at a time and home on weekends. The workout routines are simple and can be done anywhere, which is the biggest plus for me. My only drawbacks come with the app itself. Since I’m only home on weekends, I need to be able to plan my meals ahead of time, whether I’m in a fitness program or not. This app does not allow me to see the meal plans for the week ahead. Also, Hurricane Ian threw a huge wrench into more than just my workout schedule. I would love to just start over from scratch, but the app won’t allow mw to do that either. Any attempts to contact the company through the ‘Contact Us’ tab has resulted in emails being sent back to me. This review is the only other attempt I know at how to get their attention. Again, great workouts but app and customer service needs work.
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2 years ago, PGV Guy
Terrible Support, Decent App
I signed up for the 3 months subscription when I got the app so I could try it. The app is fairly decent, and I liked that I had a plan made for me for every workout. I was going to keep the app and so I wanted to switch to the lifetime plan, and that’s when I encountered misinformation for the subscriptions, with the lifetime option not available. I contacted support and had one of the worst support interactions I’ve ever had. Support could not help me to get to the lifetime subscription option, and kept suggesting me to just pick one of the options presented to me, which were all repeating with similar names (some the exact same names), but also different prices. After useless back and forth with support via email, I decided it was not worth it supporting the app and continue using it, so I researched other options and switched to a better app. Another aspect of the app I did not like very much was the repetitiveness of the same exercises. App has good potential but terrible customer service.
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2 years ago, Perrymedic
Great potential but lacking key features
This app is outstanding when it comes to pacing your workout. Once you start the workout, you have to do very little, if anything at all as it transitions through your routine and rests. I gave a three star for the lack of features I believe would be very simple to implement and for the cost of the app, should be included. 1. It lacks the ability to track your previous weights from exercises meaning you can’t actually track progress over time. 2. Although it will allow you to modify the exercise routine at the time you are doing it, it loses all modifications and goes back to default once you exit the routine requiring you to modify the routine every single time you do that routine. 3. it doesn’t have a configuration for homework outs with Dumbbells. It only allows you to set up “Home” using functional training or calisthenics or “Gym” using traditional gym machinery. Summary: would I recommend this app? Yes, if you don’t mind keeping track of certain things in another app or on a piece of paper that this app doesn’t provide. if you’re looking for tracking and progress over time, then this app is not going to satisfy you. The workout routines are excellent, the usability of this app are perfect, it just needs these few extra additions to make it the best app out there.
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3 years ago, Teddster123987
Excellent customer support
I’ve been using this app for 5 months regularly. I’m 56yrs old and I’ve I’m definitely seeing results. I love not having to worry what workout I need to do each day because they have designed a program for me. A 7 minute Morning Routine to warm up followed by a workout tailored to different parts of my body. I always leave the gym tired and feeling good. They build in some rest days or easy days so I don’t burn myself out. I recently had an issue where my app wasn’t working. I sent an email and an actual person wrote me back within minutes! (Thanks Alex!). I’m sure the issue will be fixed quickly because they take their business seriously. I will gladly renew my 1yr subscription when it is time to renew.
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4 years ago, Ssssssss12346789
Not Worth The Money
I never would have downloaded this app if I didn’t need home workout ideas during quarantine. I’m a mid 20s male who was at the gym 4-5 times a week and I stated that when the app ask you a questionnaire in the beginning. Rather than give me a workout that made me sweat and tired daily, like at the gym, it’s mostly stretching and abs. The stretches are things you learned in middle school gym and the abs are from any ab workouts you’ll find on the internet. This app switches from timing you on certain workouts, to giving you a number of reps to do (Example 20 squats vs 30 seconds for squats). The workouts that are timed only give you time to do so many reps to the point that you have to run through an extra cycle or two by yourself after the workout is done to even feel like you got a workout at all. The only reason I didn’t give this a one star review is because as terrible as 90% of the workouts were, I did get a handful of new home workouts out of it that I didn’t think of originally. Save yourself the money and do different variations of pushups, squats/leg workouts, and look up an ab workout, along with running/walking. You can find these anywhere on the internet. The best part about fitness apps is there’s a lot more out there to choose from. I would suggest looking up target muscle groups that you want to build, and build your own workout instead of spending money on an app.
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2 years ago, Cfonzy
App Tracking
I’ve had the app for 4 days, purchased it so I could get some new exercises into my weekly routines. I am not new to working out nor inexperienced. However having a program to track and rotate your exercises for you is a time saver. Especially when you enjoy changing up your workouts. I have had this app for 4 days. Completed a morning workout each day, to include suggested workouts, as well as an additional workout in that time. Not one has been tracked, the history shows no workouts completed, and the contact us in the application does nothing when clicked on. So besides being able to select workouts and do them. I had to manually track the workouts completed, which I was doing before the app. I have the correct version of iOS operating system for the app and I have no issues with any other applications on my phone. So I paid 63 dollars for basically a list of workouts for a year, which I already new 90% of. Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, KaponeEscobar
Definitely recommend
I love this app, Downloaded a few months ago. The Initial set up of the app to set and achieve your Goals is my favorite part about the app. “Who do you want to see yourself as” The work outs are great, morning routines and the fitness tracking with my Apple Watch is a plus. It’s a well rounded app and definitely gets the heart pumping and sweat dripping if you decide to take it seriously. There’s various work outs to chose from, even accommodates If you don’t have access to a gym or gym equipment. My only complaint and this is what held me back from a five star review?(since a new update) Bring back the stretches menu!! Other then that I’d recommend this to anybody, heavy set or skinny. Busy or not. Download this app if you’re looking for an app that is legit and worth the money this is the one hands down.
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3 months ago, 1WHOSHINES
Just What I Needed
I am 68 years old and a very active person. I love kayaking, hiking, and cycling. So I need to be in shape. I had setbacks because of multiple surgeries from accidents. So I need to be very careful on how I do my workouts. I was interested in the chair exercises and how to do them. This app, which I am still learning to get the best of it, has helped me greatly in doing my exercises correctly. I love that once you have put all your personal physical information, it creates a great program that’s best for me without risking injury. I am still learning to synchronize the time for my workouts. I don’t exercise every morning like I used to when I was younger. In the near future I will give another review on my progress. But for now? It is an amazing app.
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2 years ago, Sclark05
Seriously lacking experience
I really wanted to like this app. There are no audio cues for changing positions and working through the workout. There is a button for audio, but nothing happens when you turn sound on. You will have to do your workout while staring at you phone. I was expecting a voice to describe the exercise and cue me for time elapsed. The one bright spot for the app is the calendar of workouts. Everyday it has a set of workouts with how much time the routine will be so I can plan my day around and them. I didn’t get into the meal planning, that wasn’t that important to me. But I canceled the subscription pretty quickly because of what I describe above. Maybe they will enhance and I might give it a try again. Also the animated cgi muscle people that do the exercise look like robots. And there is no time between exercises for you to transition. So by the time you have transitioned it’s half over.
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1 year ago, Bkweaves
Fantastic app; keeps you out of the gym
This app is amazing and has gotten me into a great rhythm to work out every day. I started the program after having not worked out in 9+ months due to back and shoulder discomfort. The daily 7 minute workout was difficult for the first week but evolved into a must do after I get out of the bed in the morning. I also do three 20+ minute workouts per week. After 3 months of the program, I feel stronger and look better. My back and shoulders feel great now and I’ve lost 13 pounds off my 46 year old body. Only complaint I have is that they need a womens version for my wife who would love to get into the program. Or at least a disclaimer that shows workouts are good for women.
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2 years ago, yourmomsbox8oh8
Super glitchy and confusing but great at the same time?
Wish I could give this the 5 stars it deserves and at the same time I wish I could get my money back 😮‍💨. So it’s great, I’ve done yoga for years now and I’m starting to want more strength building which led me to this app it’s an awesome mix of build n stretch n eat n walk with a ridiculous number of choices! Custom fitted to pretty much any life style if you don’t get back in shape this app won’t share any blame, it’s YOU! There’s just a few downsides that I hope 🤞 can be fixed soon so I can give 5 stars and start spreading my praises! Firstly in my last 26 minute work out my phone used 62% battery 🪫 it’s was 🔥 hot I’m very nerdy when it comes to changing my settings for the longest battery life so I was shocked imagine if I was using all the gps’s n Bluetooths n health app settings 😱 Secondly that 26 minute routine was supposed to be a 22 minute routine but the glitch of repeating exercises made it so instead of resting I’d have to grab my phone to hit “next” button. Thirdly glitches at the beginning and end on countdowns were screwing with everything. It’s strange to have a exercise be 10 reps then the follow along avatar preforming the movement does way more than 10 maybe 20-30 plus Repeating for infinity! Please fix these
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2 years ago, Ali Radwani
Needs improvements
First I’ll start with saying how and why is this app in the top 15 in the app store. No idea at all. Second thing ,the app on my first day started syncing my workouts with my health app, which is helpful, then for no reason Stopped doing that. Went and did force quit, reset the app. Reset everything, nothing changed. I have to manually open my workout app and start a workout and then go to the app and start my workouts. Second thing, the workouts need a lot of improvement especially the ones that are done at home, none of the workouts that are done home have dumbbells options, it’s strictly body weight oriented, if you want a dumbbell workout, then you need to go and start a separate one. Which let me tell you the list is so short. Noticed only one bicep workout. The list is very short. Third thing, same way that the app asks you if you want to workout in the gym or home. You can add a third option which is home with dumbbells. Believe me people will love it. I’m not going to talk on behalf of others, but most people have dumbbells or some sort if weights in their house they can use while working out at house. The app has potential to be something great. But at these options, 2 stars is enough for me. 1 star for the black theme, 1 star for the effort. Don’t think I’ll renew my subscription.
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6 months ago, AtlGrady
Best Physical coach I ever had
For starters, I purchased this app back in the starter phase to see what it adapted to now is unbelievable and I don’t know what the price is now for lifetime membership but when I paid for totally worth it. I have to say I found anything wrong. It would be a grocery list for the meal prep so we can actually shop the week before and actually try to make the food on a daily basis or meal prep. To be honest, I have not used the app faithfully as I should. I recently had spinal surgery, so I’m still in recovery mode. I just started the new challenge today injured back challenge. I was pretty decent and I’m slowly trying to get back into the workout again thank you for this app and everything that you provide.
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1 year ago, WickRunner
Just Starting
This is good. If you are way out of shape when you start, as I am, there may be a couple that you can’t do as prescribed. For me it was the tricep ups. I just scaled it down to the lowest step on my stairwell, and I could only do 2x5 instead of the 2x20 they wanted. Oh well. I got through it. Good length workout and overall reasonable expectations of me based on the info I gave them to use to design my program. And the voice guiding you is very helpful, as are the images. I also like the way there are warm-up and cool-down stretches, and one of them helped me discover an imbalance I did not know existed. The right side of my neck was tighter, so now I know that I need more work there. Very good app so far. I feel optimistic.
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4 years ago, freecompliments
Missing key function and customer suppot
Muscle Booster’s customer support team is non-existent. I cannot get the help I need for the technical issues I am experiencing. My uncle, who is a busy CEO also purchased a subscription to this app is also experiencing issues and no one is there to assist him. What is going on with you guys? On Monday I did a leg and shoulder workout from this app. It was excellent. Now it's Wednesday and presumably time to do a Chest workout. I load the app to checkout what I need to do and it says Legs & Shoulders. My Monday workout for some reason was not logged and there is no option for me to manually log my workout or switch todays workout to Chest. Instead I have to pretend it's Friday, which throws my whole flow off. The Contact Us under settings is just there for looks and give you no actual option to contact someone for help. Also, some type of log to insert the weight I worked with would be nice. *edit* it is now Friday and it has not registered I have worked out at all this week!
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2 years ago, Lewis Eggison
Please FIX the BUGS
I’m very interested in this app. It appears to have the design I want to setup my workout routine while focusing on all the areas I want to improve. It sounds like it takes into account where your body is at and when it needs rest. I actually really like the fact that it is the model used to show the workouts rather than an actual person. Over all, everything sounds great and I want to purchase the app as my new guide! HOWEVER, after reading many reviews it appears there are many bugs in the app right now. Everywhere from just having purchased the app and registering to not marking and keeping track of completed workouts so that you don’t progress. This is very concerning for someone who is looking to buy the app. Right now I can say I’m very interested in purchasing the app, but I first need to start seeing that the app is updated and working. If you look in the recent reviews it sounds like it isn’t working for anyone. Hopefully these issues can get fixed so that I can use your app rather than going elsewhere. Just know that until these bugs are fixed you are losing costumers like myself until they are fixed. Thanks and I hope these are taken care of soon so that I can buy it in confidence.
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1 year ago, jacedotcom
Beware!!!!! Workout not customizable.
You can only customize a workout partially ONLY!!!! When you select a type of workout you want to do (for example chest) it will default the number of total time (for example 40 minutes). Then you will have a pre-program routine of various work outs. You can select an alternate workout for that exercise but it LIMITS YOU TO A SMALL SELECTION and most of the time the exercises do not pertain to the exercise you are wanting to exercise even though you selected at the beginning which exercise you chose to work on (for example chest). So for the mot part my workout I just my timer running and the exercise on the screen is a bunch of exercises that im not performing. Waste of time and 85% the program crashes or freezes on the app WHILE you are doing your exercise routine. I emailed there customer service yesterday before I will renew my subscription and they said to just cancel my subscription if I’m not happy. SO DISSATISFIED.
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3 years ago, laudy4
Would be 5 stars if the scheduling system actually work
I am subscribed to the premium account and the software should be adapting to my workouts and the parameters I set. However anytime I open the app it starts on Dec 5th, the day I bought the subscription. It was working for about a week and now the scheduling system isn’t even close. I have my off day set as Sunday because my gym is closed on Sunday’s. However the app doesn’t register I’ve completed workouts in the history except for 5 total workouts from the first week, and it has my rest day as Sunday with workouts on Sunday. I have tried several alterations to the schedule to try and fix it and nothing works even when I change the rest days. I love the workouts the app provides but something in the infrastructure of the apps development needs fixed.
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2 years ago, Wallaxe
Great value and great app
If you’re a beginner, great; if you’re in excellent condition, this app will challenge you. Simple morning starts lasts no more than 10 minutes. Home programs and gym programs… it will challenge you if you allow it to. The value… they must’ve lowered the price from the apps inception… I thought about trying it out for 3 months at $30/month but the annual subscription is $99. No brained right? BUT, lifetime is $150… that’s better than a gym membership. I’m using weight loss and muscle builder. I love the description of every diet offered from vegan, low carb to keto! It caters what meals you should eat and you can add snacks as well. The app lists a variety of meals you can make on your own. My issue with the keto diet (I’m trying to lose 30 pounds in 4 months) the daily caloric count was is than 1000 kcals. That tells me I’m losing 30 pounds in a month! I want a different meal plan according to my weight, size and age. I’m supposed to have a caloric daily intake of 3200. I usually get to 1800 at the most. Other than that, it’s a great value and a great app IF you allow it to challenge you. I’m just glad I have this app for life!
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4 years ago, Jbaybay 123
Please read, I want to rate so much higher
I really enjoy these workouts, they are basic but I am new to the gym and like the simple workouts but please make a way to select days you can workout on. I was stupid and bought a whole year because I thought it would be cheaper than doing one month and then going for a whole year. Once I got in the app there were days I could work out and when i could I would just go back and do the past workouts. I have fallen behind because I can’t workout as frequently as the app wants me too. Also please make it so you can turn of you phone and the app keeps playing. Multiple times I have started a workout put my phone in my pocket and the app just restarts. I have to skip the workouts I’ve already done to get to the one I was on. If these things get fixed it would make the app so much better.
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