Yoga | Down Dog

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4.9 (302.2K)
45.6 MB
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Yoga Buddhi Co.
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3 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yoga | Down Dog

4.92 out of 5
302.2K Ratings
2 years ago, India 😊
Applause for the creators of this app
I absolutely love this app. I’ll try my best to put it into words, but guys have created what a safe space can be in an app. Ultimate peace. I absolutely love the design and interface as well. The fact there’s at least 10 different voices to choose from shows how much effort and love was put into making this app. The many many different flows of yoga to choose from, and the descriptions of each one…perfect to understand and I feel smart reading them because I’m learning new and different types of yoga. Everything is so well put together and it makes enjoying this app so easy that I want to pay the team because you guys deserve it. Anyways, right now I’m struggling a bit and I think $10 a month is completely fair if not underpriced, but you guys are so sweet for even making this section in the first place. I lost my job due to Covid and my car broke down months ago, first the alternator, then thermostat, then the starter haha, so I haven’t had the best luck with her. I struggle with BPD (borderline personality disorder) and it’s been hard even thinking about getting a job with everything going on. This app brings me so much joy and it helps when I’m depressed and overthinking. You guys have created what Zen physically embodies. I thought I’d right here just explaining my financial situation but you guys have blown me away with every part of this app, you thought of it all and I have to say be proud of yourselves!
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2 years ago, Shannon Kiera
Love this app, best yoga routines
I’ve been using the app since 2020 on and off since the the start of the pandemic. I originally found out about it from my brother in 2018, when I started my yoga journey at a local studio near my house. However, with things studios closing and prices going up to cover the effect of what happened, I decided to download this while I was at home. You can pick what you what to focus on, the pace you want to go, whether you want a full practice or a quick flow, and it generates a new workout each time. Whether I want to do a quick 15 min or a 45 full practice, it’s got everything and I never get sick of the workouts cause it’s always changing. You can practice with or without music, and change the voices of the instructor. I have literally nothing bad to say about this app, super impressed. To top it off with a cherry, I was going through some financial struggles with my car being totaled and I saw that they had an option for having a membership but not being able to afford it. I figured what’s the worst they could say and it’s always worth a shot. They gave me the app free for 6 months and a discount upon the 6 months ending for the year! Seriously, amazing people, I am so immensely grateful and will tell everyone about this app, nothing but positive love and vibes over here. PS: I have also tried their other apps like barre and hit, but by far, the original down dog is my fav!
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6 years ago, sherryCT
So far so good!
I have been practicing yoga on and off for 10 years and just started up again with a small class once a week. I wanted to supplement my class practices at home with something I could do daily. I have used other yoga apps before but they were ‘meh’. I like this one as you have a real person narrating, you can see them in the poses and you have a music selection. You can do a full on hour long practice or a quick 10-20 minute one. You can do beginner or advanced (I am beginner/intermediate). I have done about 4 practices so far with this app. The only thing I would caution folks about is to be sure you are doing things correctly. I cannot stress enough the helpfulness of a real class with a real teacher to tell you when you are not in a pose correctly, or maybe alternate forms of the pose if you have neck, shoulder, hip, whatever issues. This statement is not for just this app but for anyone who wants to start yoga and think it is a good idea to do it via app only without instruction. You can hurt yourself. Instruction also helps you improve your yoga ability. One awesome thing that could be added is a meditation ‘set’ here. Say at the end of a short stretching yoga practice, spend say about 5-10 minutes with a guided meditation. Something to think about but in no way detracts from this app. Maybe it is here already and I have not found it yet. I know there are separate apps for this. Namaste!
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7 years ago, Lostbonsai
Best yoga app I've used
I'm astounded. They got it all right with this app, and it's hard for for me to find the patience for yoga. The process and the way I feel afterward is amazing, and I never feel patronized, pseudo-spiritual, or like I'm trying to be a soccer mom. From the language used in the narration, the soothing yet energizing voice, the musical selections (and option for no music) the quality of the images.. I'm just really happy with Down Dog. Evidently there are in app purchases, but I probably wouldn't have realized that if it wasn't indicated on the app description. It's not in-your-face at all - I'm going to have to go back and search for them. And I will, because the quality of the free product is so amazing. Maybe I sound like I'm gushing- it's just that I have never had the patience for yoga before. It was one of those things I thought I maybe "should" do. I have used this app 5 times in 7 days, and always feel amazing afterwards. UPDATE: it's over a year later, and I'm still using and loving Down Dog. I also paid for the upgrade, mostly because I wanted to support them so much, but it also unlocked some great features. I am impressed with how the app has evolved and how responsive the team is. Even when life is at its most chaotic, I can fit their 10 minute sessions in every night before I go to sleep, and longer sessions during the day whenever I can. Thank you, Down Dog!
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2 years ago, womder twin
I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to use this app. I couldn’t afford the full version but the people from down dog let me tell them my story and I received the full version for free for a period of time plus a discount when I’m ready to join . I’ve struggled with addiction most of my life . During those times the only thing that gave me any relief was exercise . One day my best friend , my wife , introduced me to yoga . It gave me something my soul yearned for . Yoga along with the love of my wife and family gave me something bigger than myself to believe in. I couldn’t afford classes anymore and I took time off for a hip replacement . That’s when I discovered Down Dog. With so many choices of what I want to focus on and with the beautiful music and soothing instruction from the teachers I don’t need a yoga studio . When I can’t sleep at night I’ll come out and practice yoga on my own. It helps me settle down . I don’t seep a lot due to trauma and the damage to my brain from drugs . But Yoga helps me . It helps me sleep . It quiets my mind during the day. It puts me in touch with emotions I could never seem to get out . I am very grateful to everyone involved in the down dog community . To me This app is definitely worth the membership . Thank you all and thank you to my beautiful for giving me a reason Down Dog is changing my life
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6 years ago, Mayumi96
Best app for yoga
I started off with this app a little over a year ago when I wanted to start meditating and centering my mind due to anxiety. I didn’t want to go to yoga classes because they are very expensive and I was afraid of looking dumb and inflexible. I practiced each day for at least 10 min for about 3 months, I then saw a deal on Groupon for some classes at a local yoga studio and I bought it. After the first class the teacher came up to me and said they were happy to see a new face and that they hoped they see me again. They asked me if I had been practicing long and I informed them that I had been practicing for about three months, they then asked WHAT STUDIO I WENT TOO!? Hahah they were surprised when I said it was a app. Down dog! I recommend this app to all my friends and family who want to start their yoga journey. I had their free version on my phone for about 8 months, I now have the paid version because I trusted the app and was willing to pay a small price compared to what i would pay at a yoga studio each month. I was prepared to deepen my practice, and I knew this app would help. Now here I am a year and a half later, loving this app still (using this for a majority of my practice) and anxious to be attending a yoga institute in July 2018 to become a yoga teacher! I love yoga and I Love this app. I cannot stress that enough!
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1 year ago, ElderEmo19
I have cycled through so many apps and finally found this one after months of searching. I have never been the type to do yoga or anything of the sort ( trust me) but following a traumatic loss of a loved one and physically just being riddled with body, back, neck and arm pain from years of hard labor (roofing, tiling and now a chef) my body as a whole felt like it was falling apart. At first I gave simple beginner yoga a try and just the way either the person was instructing or the moves they were doing felt beyond what I could do at the time so I kinda was starting to give up. I gave this one a try and I gotta say it’s easy to follows the female instructors voice I chose to follow is clear in instructions and just all around soothing to hear the movements have helped me 10 fold my body hurts less my anxiety about my health has lessened since really starting this I recommend to anyone it is worth whatever plan you chose to pay. The only single thing I have found wrong is that sometimes the track playing in the background while listening to headphones every once in a while lags a bit but honestly I’m just the type that notices little things like that but the music and background noise is so soothing to listen too I recommend this app to anyone at any age!!!
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5 years ago, myincomparable
Thank you creating such an awesome app.
I have started doing yoga using this app for over a month now. I tried beginner 2 but it was easy for me as I have been doing other exercises and I swim, but never tried yoga until then. I started doing intermediated 1 and I fell in love with yoga and the app. The app has very clear explanation and very easy to follow instructions. The level is challenging enough for me. I tried another yoga app for about 2 weeks before I started using down dog and this app is far more superior. I paid for the subscription and thank you for the 30% discount. I like how you can chose full practice or to focus on specific body parts , different types of yoga and different types of music and also choose the duration. The sequence of the poses never repeats. I have referred this apps to many of my friends and relatives already. My husband started doing this, he paid for the subscription as well and he loves it too. Now the part I want to be added on it to be able to adjust the time even after starting the practice. For example today, I set the practice to be 45 minutes but it went by quick and I wanted to add another 15 minutes to the current practice but I couldn’t. Please add that option. Again this is THE BEST YOGA APP.
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7 years ago, Kaymin
Excellent Yoga App
I tried this app on a friends recommendation as I had been using a different one for quite awhile. This app is way above any other yoga app I have tried. It has many choices for difficulty level, even more selections for type of practice and time (full, short etc) with times ranging from 12 minutes to 110 minutes. The spoken instructions are easy to understand. The upgrade to buy after the trial is to change the type of music as well as having a certain "boost" such as hamstring opening, heart opening, strength etc and it very may well be worth the $50 for the year. What I love the most is that no two classes are ever exactly the same. It generates new sequences and keeps the practice fresh. The other app I was using had static classes, and while that worked, I much prefer this app with the ability to have a different class every time. My only complaint on the free version is that the default music "alt beats" is very loud and often drowns out the spoken instructions. I sent feedback to the developer about this so we will see if they change that or at least allow a bit more volume control with the unpaid version. This app is so smooth and simple to use, kudos to the instructor and the developer on a job very well done!
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3 years ago, Madame Cotillion
No detail overlooked!
This is the most phenomenal app on my phone. Idk how they did it. Every detail has been considered to create an unprecedentedly smooth, easy, personalized experience that I want to use every day. There is no part of the yoga practice that is not completely customizable, down to the voice of the guidance and speed of the flow. Speaking of the voice, how is it possible that my entirely personalized practice is generated in a few seconds when I press “start”, but the guidance is so naturally fluid that it basically seems live? Magic perhaps? The completely adjustable timer, so I can do anywhere from a 10 minute practice to 75, at intervals at only 2 minutes…genius! How can I ever argue that I don’t have time for yoga when I could do a full practice in 10 minutes? Even the fact that the app asks you to select the type of music and plays actual pieces by talented artists, some little known; the type of thing that the average user wouldn’t even notice if they were missing, that takes the experience entirely to the next level. I’ll keep telling all this to everyone who will listen. I have never said this about an app before, and rarely say it in life: I am so impressed.
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2 years ago, #bestbf
3 days so far and 5 stars
I made a commitment to myself to start doing yoga but I didn’t know where to start. I actually have Fitbit premium so I tried a couple of their guided sessions and they were just way too fast. I found this app after a google search for “slow yoga” and as a complete 100% beginner, the slowest setting on this app is perfect for me. Today is my 3rd day, I’ve been doing the most basic Sun salutations flow and I can already feel myself becoming more flexible and comfortable/familiar with some of the yoga poses. I think the one thing that would make this app better is if there was a library of poses with instructions on how to do them/tips on good form. The instructions in the videos are helpful but I found that downward dog, one of the foundational yoga poses, was very hard for me. I am not very flexible (yet) and I thought my stiff hamstrings were limiting me. It wasn’t until I googled more about the pose that I started doing it right and focusing less on getting my heels to the floor and more on making sure my hips, core, and shoulders were all where they were supposed to be. I’m a cheapskate but I have a feeling that after my free trial I’ll be purchasing the subscription! Yoga is fun!
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3 years ago, Usaf4fprincess
Best app ever!
*Update 9/3 As a yoga instructor this is my favorite app to continue a personal practice which can be difficult sometimes. I use it to explore different types of yoga and I love the added Yoga Nidra! Having prenatal anxiety I struggled to find an affordable app to help me with a guided meditation. This is the perfect option and I love being able to customize my Nidra to what I want to focus on!! I love this app! I don't have a lot of time to go to a studio class because of work, nor do I have a lot of money to go to the studio everyday. This app allows me to really enjoy yoga on my own time and if I only have the strength to do 15 minutes for restorative flow this app allows me to do it all! Quick on your feet flow when I'm rushing in the morning with the flexibility to allow me to do 90 minute flow on the weekends with full practice. I would recommend this app to anyone new or advanced. The app grows with you and has amazing advance features when you become a member! The music is amazing. The new advanced technology is really making the app accessible for all levels with a change in options for instructional voices with different styles. Love it!
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1 year ago, Trulia rentals
Best asana app EXCEPT
TL;DR: Fantastic for home practice, especially if you want to tailor your flow for limited time or mobility. The ONE thing this app lacks is diversity represented in pictures, videos, voices and music. Long form: I’ve been practicing asana for almost 30 years in one form or another, and as the practice gained popularity in the US, I found fewer and fewer studios were offering hatha or restorative flows. While I love a good ashtanga session, I have a chronic condition that dictates whether or not I have a enough energy day to day for a full workout. On top of that, my career often has me traveling or working odd hours. So for many years my studio memberships would lie unused for weeks or months because of a flare up, or because of a job. With DownDog I can practice on the road, for as much time as I have, and tailor my flow for days when I’m just not feeling good. Thanks to this app I’ve been more regular with my asana practice than ever in my life! THAT SAID, its hard to ignore the lack of diverse bodies and voices represented in the app. The developers have done an amazing job of offering different styles; what would REALLY take this app to the next level is for them to tap into the Southeast Asian, Black and Latine communities for more diverse photos, videos, voices and music.
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6 months ago, pickyyogi
Fits like a great pair of yoga pants
The thing I love about this app is its customization. I was a little disappointed when I discovered that the voices were AI generated, but then I realized that the AI was really well done so it doesn’t quite feel canned. The nearly infinite customization erased all the irritations I have had with home video yoga. When you customize it’s not too hard or too easy, too long or too short, too slow or too fast, doesn’t have annoying music or a voice you can’t stand, and if it is any of those things you can change your settings for next time. One feature I’m looking forward to trying is the like/dislike pose feature - good for injury recovery! Even with the same settings the workout is different every time. Right now as an overweight middle-aged woman recovering from back surgery whose yoga practice has seen much better days, I can still feel challenged without feeling defeated - and the app supports momentum toward better things in the future. Well done, I enjoy this app and once more have started looking forward to my practice. Excuses are gone and progress and enjoyment are happening.
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4 years ago, 2013nana
What keeps my back and ankle from falling apart
I have been practicing yoga on and off for over 10 years; it began when I walked into a pilates class and the substitute only knew yoga. After years of practicing at the gym I began looking for an app to do anywhere, as my kids are older and their schedules do not coincide with the gym’s all the time. This is the third app I have use for yoga and I have had it for several years. I have lower back issues due to a fall in my early twenties and now scar tissue on my right ankle from missing a step; the wrong move and either injury can leave me out of commission for days. Thanks to this app and its use on a regular basis I have been able to control my ankle issues to the point I don’t need a cane anymore (I am 51yrs old) and I can lift, twist and bend my back with no issues. I love the flexibility that this app gives in terms of time, type of practice and ability to focus on particular areas. The videos are good quality and help double check posture; the verbal instructions are detailed and are great reminders to keep double check how am doing. Well worth the money, only app I need.
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1 year ago, ihateLoganT
Good app but the description of difficulty levels seems completely wrong.
If you’re a true beginner like myself, then pretty much everything over the lowest settings will seem advanced. Even after several months of practice I find I can’t really do more than the beginner modes and even beginner 2 can be too much, making me skip poses. It would help if the instructor would give you alternative poses to get the desired stretch. Maybe it’s a slower process than I’m envisioning but some of the poses in beginner modes have the model bending like a pretzel, touching toes, head down by their ankles, full splits. It’s honestly hilarious the expectation that a complete beginner can do some of the chosen poses with the speed and repetition (even on the slowest, most descriptive settings possible) going on in this app. It’s admittedly very discouraging. I wish you could remove certain poses from your practice because some of them I just know I will never be able to achieve. TLDR: This app is great for intermediate and maybe advanced people. This app is hardly beginner friendly but I have still enjoyed it as a complete beginner. Worth it, all things considered but I don’t think all beginners would like it.
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7 years ago, Haddock Brae
Thoughtfully designed
This app is a pleasure to use. The instructor is very clear, and gives separate instructions for the left and right sides, something that is very helpful for more complicated poses. I was at first put off by the use of photos rather than the video, but after some use I do not miss the video at all, and it is nice not to require the bandwidth and the storage. The app is very stable; I have not encountered any bugs aside from a small display issue in 2.0. I like the range of choices for difficulty level, as well as the duration selections. The addition of Boost, which allows you to choose a body areas to focus on, is great - I'm really happy they added this and it's clear the app is continuing to improve. I previously used FitStar Yoga, and became quite frustrated when trying to select times, not to mention all the bugs. There are a lot of music choices, more than I need, but I did find that soft instrumental worked for me. The levels of the music are somewhat variable, so sometimes the music is too soft and sometimes too loud, but it is tolerable. Finally, of course, it's great that there is a new routine every time you use the app. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, JasElaine
Download it ASAP
I have so many nice things to say about this app but the most important thing that I can say is that I've found my safe space. I've found a way to transform my living room, the park, a hotel room, a cramped Brooklyn hallway, a rooftop or the beach into a private meditation space. It has truly changed my life and the way i live it, especially during these peculiar times. I downloaded the app in 2017 when I was unemployed and couldn't afford a yoga studio membership or class. Since then Ive been in 2 car wrecks, started physical therapy / acupuncture, gained (& lost) and regained employment, joined a yoga pilates studio, rejoined the gym, and moved from BK to LA but one thing has remained a constant in my life - using this app. I'm not one to over praise technology -- in fact I resent it often and try to avoid it as much as possible, however I am not a fool and acknowledge the ways in which technology has eased a lot of things in our modern lives -- this is one of them. Don't overthink it just download the app and try. You will be surprised at how much you can do and before you know it you'll be advanced. God Bless You!
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5 years ago, Ahdjfjeidj
For remote practitioners who want to improve
Being in a place without any yoga community and spotty internet, I tried out several yoga apps. This one is simple and elegant, and with a focus on improving your practice. Never boring and easy to grow your skill. I feel it’s really aimed at people who really want to practice yoga as an integral part of well-being, instead of just another type of superficial workout. The coaching voice is so soothing and I keep it on full instruction to take advantage of the timely reminders to self-correct. The generated videos are ridiculously seamless, and shows the transitions between the poses clearly. And, required for me, you can download sequences to use offline. It is not overwhelming with unnecessary bells and whistles. Their beginner app is a delight as well and is a great introduction (or re-introduction) for those who may not have recently been on the mat. The one thing I could recommend may be the option to have a chime or bell when it’s time to transition to the next pose as a cue to look at the screen. But overall, this has been the first yoga app I have stuck with since the dawn of iphones. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Peachds
Just completed my first 30 min. Beginner session. As an on again off again, VERY tight yogi who would rather run than stretch, I have neglected going to a studio for a few years now. (Did I also mention I'm over sixty and have moderate spinal stenosis?). If I could underscore the word 'tight' it would still be an understatement. Although I've tried other apps because I can't seem to get motivated to go to my favorite studio, nothing seemed to captivate me. Wow! Enter Downdog!!! This felt just like a true studio class (especially with the music as other apps are missing this feature). Instruction was clear, video was teal life, and voice/music was perfect. I especially like that I just chose a timeframe and skill level and Downdog did the rest. It's why other apps left me cold. I don't want to put my own sequence together, I don't know how. That's why I would go to a studio! Can't say enough good things about this app without sounding like I'm on their payroll! Thank you so much for offering such a powerful tool to enhance people's quality of life! Feel like my flexibility goals are much more attainable with your app.
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5 years ago, mom and 4 boys
I can yoga now!!
Before trying this app I ran. I would run for 30-40 minutes a day, trying to lose weight and get back in shape (I took a couple years off with four kids at home). I’m 37, and running just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. My legs were slim and toned, but my back and upper body were weak and without definition. My friend suggested yoga. With four kids and two jobs (and a husband who travels), going to a studio every day was out of the question. I downloaded this app based on the reviews and tried the first two free classes and was hooked! I started at beginner 1 and I’m now up to beginner 2 (a month later). I try and do one workout a day, but sometimes miss a day or two. I do this in my living room or family room with the kids with me or joining me for parts- it’s so unbelievably easy to do at home! And after a month, I’m able to do most of the moves on my level and I feel stronger. I’m seeing a difference in my arms and back, and I’m so happy that I have this app to help me get a powerful workout in at home. I cannot recommend anything more. If you’re thinking about this- don’t hesitate. You’ll love it.
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4 years ago, Dyl G8
I love this app/company because it allows me to have a daily yoga practice when I can’t go into a studio regularly. The app handles everything you need in a full practice and even has different versions of yoga practices. A couple problems that I’ve noticed is: 1. When practicing, the instruction from the instructor often does not align with the visual practitioner on the screen. Ie.) “warrior 2 with left arm up and right leg back” often shows actually the opposite on the screen. The person will actually have the right arm up and left leg back (the opposite). So that’s slightly confusing. And 2. The app glitches sometimes. Even with a downloaded practice, the app will glitch and not play smoothly. During a yoga practice, rhythm is a big factor. So, being interrupted by lagging tech can be tedious. Also, when toggling back or forward, it takes the app longer than it should to switch to another pose/position within the given practice. Simply, slow tech. These are the two main fixes I hope to see DownDog improve on, or their competitors strive in. If a competitor performed the above elements better, I would switch my subscription to them. Perhaps this is a simple tech solution. -DG
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3 years ago, BreeAx
Best App for Yoga
I would like to state that I usually do not write reviews for any app, but I feel this one deserves a HUGE review for changing my lifestyle. I downloaded this app during quarantine because my gym closed and I needed something to do. I am a teacher, so I experienced a high level of stress and anxiety during this shutdown and thought yoga might help. This app changed my life! The easy to use platform and the gradual increase of difficulty had transformed my flexibility, stress, and mental health. I use this app every day before work to help me wake up and get refreshed. I recommend this app to every teacher and have referred much of my school staff to this app. I will be using it for life and will continue to tell every teacher the benefits of this app on your life. I have even used some of the poses and breathing techniques on my students and have seen a huge transformation on their overall stress, energy, and focus. Teachers MUST get this app to help with their stress and overall mental health. It is a lifesaver and it is free right now! Thank you Down Dog for supporting teachers and creating an app that helps our health and budgets! You are amazing!
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4 years ago, AlliOopYoga
Easy to Use and Generous Company
I started using this app when my gym and yoga classes were shut down due to COVID-19. Being a full time clinical grad student, I have a very limited budget, and this company was gracious enough to give teachers and students free 3 month trials. As my trial was reaching its end, I was sad to think I couldn’t afford this monthly bill on top of my other bills that are coming back due to reopening. Just got an email today saying they are extending the free period for students/teachers to JANUARY 2021! I’m thrilled!!! What a generous company that understands not everyone can afford the big price tag that often accompanies studios and Western yoga practices. They make yoga accessible, as it should be! On top of being a generous company, the app is easy to use and modify to your wants and needs! Depending on your mood they offer everything from yin to full vinyasa and everything in between! It’s so easy to modify speed, length, voice, music, focus areas (e.g., glutes, core, shoulders, etc.). I’m so appreciative of everything this app offers, and that I’ll continue to be able to afford it throughout the rest of the year!
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7 years ago, ALG426
Down Dog lover
I downloaded this app because I started yoga and am a dog lover, an interesting combo, I know. I was using another yoga app that I thought I really liked. However you could only do the same 5 workouts unless you "unlocked" (aka purchased) the monthly subscriptions so I was quite bored after a few weeks. I really like the "flow" tempo in the app because it gives you a little bit of an elevated heart rate without having to run or go to the gym. I'm not avoiding those things because of laziness. I have a condition that limits the intensity I can work out at. I used to love running and lifting weights. Well I have to say, after 3.5 years since I last stepped in a gym or gone for a good run I've finally found a workout that's both safe for my health and an amazing workout!! The flexibility of pace, level, speed, etc. makes it so versatile for my pain level, time allotment, and energy that day. From first seeing that smiling doggy icon to practicing with the app for several weeks, I'm fully committed to Down Dog!! Thank you so much Down Dog for helping me regain my self and finding a perfect fit for my life!!🐶
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5 years ago, lalalalaland1970
Good so far - but not all bodies welcome?
I am an older adult, getting back into yoga after years away. I appreciate that I can try this app for free. I am still undecided about whether to commit to it. I would really like to see more variation in the bodies doing the poses—nonwhite, older, fatter. Surprised that the beginner flow, 30 Minutes, slow, has us suddenly and immediately do challenging poses like Warrior iii with no advice about how to work toward that balancing / strength pose if you’re not quite there yet. (I have some ideas from earlier classes but it helps to be giving a quick warning / permission to move to a wall if you need support). The only pose where an alternative of using a wall was offered was for waterfall pose, which is fine, but that pose seems considerably less challenging for most bodies than many of the other poses in the beginner flow. So obviously probably no true beginner should work outside the studio from the start, but it also seems like all of this sends unwelcoming signals to anyone who is not white, young, fit, slim, and already very strong.
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3 years ago, Kaizmimi
Great for beginners to explore yoga
I started Down Dog yoga in July 2020 during quarantine. I had always wanted to do yoga and had one class 10 years ago. I love this app for three reasons: you can customize it, it offers so much variety, and you can explore yoga styles. Customizing: length of practice, amount of verbal instruction, different boosts (aerobic, hips, etc.) music type, level of “difficulty”, etc. Variety: even if you stay at the same level with the same settings, each practice is a little different so you do familiar poses but don’t get completely bored. Types of yoga: The different types allow for days when I want a full practice to days when I just want deep stretching. I paid for a subscription after the free three-week trial and have been using it several times a week ever since. I am now starting to explore DD HIIT, DD Barre, and DD Meditation, which come with my subscription. I love this app and enthusiastically recommend it. There is also a supportive community group on Facebook that helps others fine tune poses and offers encouragement.
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5 years ago, the bird 81
Game changer!! You gotta get this app!
I never write reviews for stuff but this was too good not to share! I’ve been teaching yoga around 7 years- I teach mon-thurs and I also am a musician who works at night, so finding time for my own practice has been incredibly hard. This app is incredible. There are many options to customize your perfect class. You can choose from video or no video, instructors voice, length of class, length of savasana, difficulty and pace of class, how much “instruction/talking” you want, choice of music (music is awesome btw), you can “favorite” a class to revisit, and you can also pick an area of focus like core or twists, etc.. I was able to purchase the app through their website for $35 for the YEAR. If you’ve been looking through different apps and don’t know which one to choose, look no further. Plus they have a free trial for 3 classes- I only did one class and bought the app right away! So great for traveling too, and there’s also an option to download practices to your device. Great app and awesome price, so glad I took a chance on this one!
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2 years ago, AngellynnXOXO
Restorative and Yin Yoga ♥️🙌🏼
I have a lot of spinal issues due to harsh overuse as I’ve been a CNA and VA for the past 10 years. My coworker friend got me into hot yoga 4 years ago to help me minimize the cortisone injections I was frequently getting, Physical Therapy, and massage therapy. It was drying my bank account with medical bills and missing work. Not to mention the anxiety, depression, and frustration due to the extra stress. When Covid started at the end of 2019 I wasn’t able to go out as much as I have a weak immune system and am allergic to the main antibiotics. I got sick regularly and it would last forever even before covid. I love Down Dog it is so affordable and I get to do it at home whenever I want which has been keeping me healthier and saving money. I love the ability to see proper demonstration and the calm verbal instructions with cues for breath and with serene music. The fact that they have different voices and Restorative slower yoga with less challenge has allowed me to build up and destress my body and mind. I feel peaceful and healthy after these sessions ♥️
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5 years ago, Turtle again
Great app - liked previous music
I still love this app but lately some of the savasana music has felt distracting and creepy. One example sounded like a creepy woman voice yelling (sounded like a Halloween witch shrieking into a dying off voice with other high pitched voices) on alt beats (not spiritual where I might understand that working for some cultures) and another sounded like a rattlesnake (again in alt beats, not spiritual where it might work for some.) Today I was thankful that all of the selections were relaxing (and I still like the sung chants that I can drift off to savasana in.) Maybe the music categories could be broken up more for different preferences or cultural needs. Also I had to reduce talking for the new option to just announcing the pose on the new voices because she talks way too much even on limited talking with breath cue so it makes it hard to relax into the breath. I wish the classic voice could be combined with the new options even though the instructions would have less detail. The original voice was more inviting and soothing/relaxing for me personally.
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4 years ago, briznit
Update KILLS your Battery, No Fix
For a week or so, my phone’s battery life has been pitiful. Finally, today I sat down to figure out what was draining it. It’s this app. It is using HOURS of background refresh activity which is draining my phone’s battery life. And guess what? THIS APP IS NOT LISTED IN BACKGROUND REFRESH LIST!! So, this means the app is not asking for your permission to refresh in the background. It is simply doing it without your OK. Not acceptable! ——— I LOVE this app, and I use it nearly everyday. Some days, I need to have the practice through my wireless headphones, but the app does not allow me to adjust volume through my headphones. I must go through my phone to adjust the volume for my headphones which is extremely inconvenient during a flow when a new song is just a bit too loud. (Swipe up to unlock, pause practice, adjust volume, relocate the time I stopped to change the volume to ensure I’m not missing a step, rewind, start again... it’s a hassle!) That’s not to mention needing to have my phone next to me. I’m doing yoga-the whole point is to get away from my phone. Having the ability to adjust volume as the songs change in type over the practice would take this app to the next level for me, personally. This seems to be its only flaw. But it’s a really big one for me.
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4 years ago, Smilez9015
Practices I Can’t Stay Away From
I’ve been practicing yoga for about 4~ years now, and this was recommended to me about a year ago by a yoga teacher. It has easily become one of my favorite ways to do yoga at home! The app gives many options before you start your practice. There are lots, but to name a few: you can pick how long the practice is, what voice you’d like to be instructed in, what kind of practice whether that be Yin or a full Vinyasa Flow. One of my favorite features is that you can select music from a list of genres, and the songs match the beat of your workout! It tells you the song and artist on the screen in a non-obstructive way, and gives a song list at the end of the practice! I’ve found a lot of new favorite songs through this app! I can share practices I really liked with friends and family by sharing a link, too! The app has several notable features that I think are worth checking out for yourself! They give you a free trial to try it before you commit, and I really fell in love with it during my trial!
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5 years ago, HyMSanchez
It does the job for me!
I like how I can customize the practice options. Length, focus on a body part or function, type of music, speed, instructor, and more. I have mine on beginner 1 and still find some of the pose suggestions a bit advanced. I wish like most classes I’ve been to in person they had instruction that started basic, and then options to increase the postures (the video instructors are able to perform them well so if I can’t bend or move like they can it’s hard to know the right but “lesser” pose options. As a beginner I love the reminders for breathing sprinkled in as well as reminders to adjust the posture so you are getting it correct. Sometimes the flows seem repetitive with a LOT of down dog, plank, up dog, down dog sequences in a row - but maybe this is a style I’m just not familiar with in the “in person” classes I’ve taken. I love that you can also lengthen shavasana at the end or even remain listening if you forgot to lengthen it. Overall the app is a deal if you buy in during the holidays and works great for an at home option to get you through the week of you can’t make or can’t afford a group lesson.
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4 years ago, MoMo~Asana
My Absolute favorite
This app is so near and dear to me, I cannot begin to even give an accurate written review because it lives in my heart(without words). It’s a moving meditation for me from the moment I hear the voice, have rolled my mat out and then awaken from my savasana. I choose the spiritual music setting and close my eyes.. in the sunshine under the trees. I’ve used this app while in the woods camping. It’s a treasure on my phone, in my pocket. I adore yoga.. this app took that feeling and quadrupled it. With the pandemic, I’ve done Insta workouts/yoga, zoom yoga and a few social-distanced outdoor classes. Coming back to down dog is like coming back home. The ONLY ONLYYY thing that I can think of to offer for advice that would make this amazing app give me everything, would be to have a yoga sculpt option in the active settings. I have my favorite virtual yoga sculpt teachers(body weight and hand weight)elsewhere.. having that option here would just be incredible. Great app Down Dog, thank you thank you for all that you do🙏Namaste🧡
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7 years ago, Sennehs
EXCELLENT! I would not change anything about it!
I have only recently begun to go to yoga classes at the local gym. I'm having trouble keeping up with the "Flow" class, and wanted something that I could use at home to up my game. Loving this app! One great thing about it is the number of levels you can choose from (Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, and Advanced) before you start each practice. There are also 3 types of yoga to choose from and different lengths of time. That's great for me because sometimes I want to try a 45 minute "Flow", and sometimes when I'm quite busy I can take 10 or 15 minutes to do a "Restorative" practice to just relax. Once you have chosen all of the options you want (Type, Level, Time, Pace, and Music Playlist Type) the sequence is generated for you and you're ready to begin. And, even choosing all of the same options, I have never had the same practice twice. This app is a winner all around!!! (Note: I only have the free version of this app. I'm not sure what purchasing the membership "unlocks" for you.)
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6 years ago, Dinolovesyou
Thank you
Just want to thank the creators of this app. It’s uhmazing! Not only is it free on all levels but there are different kinds of yoga! Restorative, quick flow, short practice, full practice, and even intro to yoga ( for my new to yoga partner!)!!! But there is also different levels of intensity! I can also choose how quick or slow paced I would like my practice to be! It has background music and the option to have full little or no spoken instructions; and these instructions are good! I can keep my eyes closed during my practice and be guided through the entire session! Love the playlist options too!!! Seriously all around my favorite app!! It is the only thing that gets me up before 6 am! And I feel GREAT after practicing. Serious life changer. It’s also great to have on my phone so if my anxiety gets bad at work I can just sneak away and do some quick flow yoga ! Thank you for this app and thank you for making it free!!!!!!!! I love it and recommend it to all my friends!! Thanks for helping me bring yoga into my life! ❤️💜🧡💛💚💙 namaste!
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4 years ago, Little Miss Math
Best Yoga App!
I used Down Dog while they were offering the app for free due to the COVID crisis, and I fell in love. Easy to use, excellent for any level, and really the best features such as selecting the sounds/music you’d like to hear, the voice of the instructor speaking, how much the instructor says during the practice, how long the practice will be, and my personal favorite it the ability to customize the actual practice. This customizable feature is what really sets this app apart from others like it. You are able to select something specific you’d like to add a bit of focus to during your practice, such as neck stretches, flexibility, core strength, etc. Between that feature and the variety of the flows (although you can always save a practice if you really liked it and access it again) I knew as soon as I tried this app that I would remain a customer even after the free trial ended. So I just purchased the yearly and I encourage you to do this same if you are on the fence about buying this app, just do it!!! It’s worth it!
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3 years ago, Mercenary Pawn
So impressed
Not only is the production value top rate, but the ability to customize your workout on all levels is outstanding. Length of time, style of yoga, difficulty/experience level. What kind of music (or no music in my case). The type of voice. How much/little instruction is needed. You can dial it in so you get exactly what you need. I just set up a home gym in my garage. On days I’m going to do more intense lifting/boxing workouts I’ll use this app to do a 20 min warm up and get my body stretched and ready. On off days from the intense workouts ol use this app to do a 60 or 90 minute yoga practice to stretch my aching muscles and keep my body moving. Just an FYI - I did take yoga for many years in the past at a good studio, so I do have a foundation and am not a total newbie- mileage may vary a bit if you’ve never done toga before, but with the model as a visual example and set to the most detailed instruction, I bet you’d be fine. This app is going to be a mainstay of my fitness practice.
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4 years ago, k.yoojung
Tailored to Your Needs
I had been using Down Dog for a while and liked it so much I decided to pay the yearly subscription for access to all of their apps - I am excited to try out their Barre app this week. The best feature of Down Dog is you can ADJUST almost everything: - music volume vs instructor’s voice - a new practice is created everyday, OR you can “heart” a particular routine you like and choose to do it again from your list of favorites - style of music - length of practice (in minutes) - pace (slower or faster) - style or focus of your practice (salutations, aerobic, flexibility, core strength, backbends etc) - amount of directions! (I love that they offer a level where they just say the name of the pose! But I used to use the level where they explained everything about each pose when I first got into yoga so I could really learn the correct postures.) One suggestion I have would be to see if they could add one more feature where you could select a body part that is injured or weak so that the yoga practice would omit certain poses based on that feedback. Or if they could add a section where they have explanations of ways to adjust for those injuries (like articles or pictures or videos), or tips on how to strengthen those areas, that would be really cool! I am not injured, but I think it would be pretty cool to have a section where they show you how to “train” to build up strength or flexibility to reach certain poses.
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7 years ago, ChgoGal5
Best yoga app ever - saving me money and time!
I have been a fair weather yogi mainly because of time and in LA has many varieties of yoga, but parking and traffic make it had to justify the cost sometimes. This app has been a godsend. I started with the free app, and decided within a month to just cough up the $20 for a year to be able to customize the practice...and I wasn’t disappointed! In fact, I was overly impressed how much focus (and variety) the shoulder practice has, I’m sure it has helped my shoulder pain immensely. And because I mainly do my yoga practice with my eyes closed, I also love the step by step instruction (but with the premium you can turn this off if it’s not for you!) While there is no teacher to correct your poses, I have been to too many studios where it is overcrowded and they never get to you anyway. So for the cost of 1(!) yoga class, you can have hundreds at your disposal, anytime, anywhere, minus the traffic and parking! Do yourself a favor and download this app! Your body will thank you!
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7 years ago, Tori McG.
Turned this yoga newbie into a yoga junkie
I had never tried yoga before this app... I have always been a HIIT kind of person! But when a medical condition made it dangerous for me to raise my heart rate too much, I was desperate for some physical activity I could do without the danger of stressing my body. I decided to try yoga with this app, and now I wonder why I didn't try sooner! This wonderful app walked this total yoga newbie through her first seamless, awesome 30 minute routine. I felt like I had a personal trainer the whole time. The instructions are super clear. I've now been practicing for 10 days straight and I've never once felt completely lost or confused. I've definitely noticed improvement and have even ventured into Beginner 2 practices a little 😊 I plan on using this app every day so long as it's ok with my doctor. The funny loading screens make me giggle, too. I may even seek out some classes soon... but with this app I feel like that's optional. TL;DR: converted a newbie into a junkie, get this app A++ will brew kombucha again
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4 years ago, JeSuisJamie
Great exercises and variety but glitchy app
My husband and I love both the HIIT and Down Dog apps, and use each every day. We purchased the subscription after trialing it during the COVID quarantine. We absolutely love the variety of exercises- how it’s never the same workout each time. We both feel like we are getting solid workouts in. But the biggest problem we have is how glitchy the apps are; we have the same issue with both. When we attempt to cast the workouts onto our TV, we get about halfway through, and then the app seems to reset itself. Casting immediately ends and the workout returns to the beginning of the session. Sometimes we are successfully able to fast-forward to about where we left off, but other times it seems to crash and force us to start a completely new sequence, which is incredibly frustrating after putting in a solid 15-20 minutes worth of workout. If not for this big issue, this would without a doubt be five stars from us.
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4 years ago, Aidybug526
Great for beginners+
This app is a great yoga app, and I am annoyed that many of the practices need to be paid for, I love the ones that don’t require payment. I am very uncomfortableness with how I look physically and with my personality. This app helped me feel better about my physical self and improved my mental state. Thank you Down Dog! Plus I was able to start knowing very fee things about yoga, get flexible, build strength, and get good at it! Im at intermediate one now and Im loving it. Its hard staying consistent though, I am just getting back into it again (I used to do yoga everyday but stopped after Christmas break because my school workload increased second semester, and just started a few days ago). Finally, I really really appreciate Down Dog eliminating membership fees on any practices that once had them (I can do ANY practice now) due to Corona, it was a very kind gesture and Im so excited to try the new practices like flexibility, hamstring stretches, and especially core strength! Thank you!!💖
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8 months ago, JoelZzZ123
Worth every penny
I had tried yoga before, and even got to the point that I went about 1x per week for about 6 months. But for lots of reasons, I stopped for several years. About 2 years ago, I really hurt my back, and my doctor said part of the problem was my core was weak. I did some physio, but I never really was able to stick with it because the repetitive nature made it really boring. Then I got Down Dog. I do about 30 min of yoga ~5x a week because it is so crazy convenient. Only have 20 min? It can do that. Want to make it harder? Sure, no problem. Want to focus on something specific (like core strength)? Yup. Want less direction, or more description of what you’re trying to do? It’s got that too. And on top of all that, it’s got a real person doing the poses, so you can see what it’s supposed to look like. This app has everything you want and some things you probably don’t know you want. I can’t say enough good things about it.
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2 years ago, Jeskaagee
Really happy I found this App !!!
Update: still love this app! 🥲not a single complaint on my end As someone who normally HATES yoga, this app has shown me that I actually do like it (a lot), I just wasn’t enjoying the classes I was taking. I’ve always felt really in my head during most yoga classes (in person or online) because of the instructor voices + the music played. I was really happy to see there were multiple options for both instructor voice and music in this app!! I currently have it on the Mars voice and Nature sounds. It is THE BEST right before bed. Honestly, this app is my new favorite thing. They are currently running an offer due to the pandemic, and I really appreciate them opening up their app for people to use for free. Now that I’m working from home I feel my back is constantly in pain and in need of a good stretch. I also feel like this app helps me stay active while indoors. I 100% plan on becoming a paying customer afterwards.
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3 years ago, Fragola Farfalle
they’re still billing you every month
It’s a nice app to do yoga but I think they’re scamming people into believing it’s free and still charging behind our backs and then making it near impossible to get our money back. It’s not right. Would be a 5 star app but they’ve stolen my money and that’s really gutter. downdog was kind enough to offer a free for schools feature during the economic hardship. Just change the email in your downdog app to your student email and it’s free until July or June 2021. Well I did that and was notified my subscription was successfully converted to the free for schools option in July 2020. I’ve still been billed every single month and neither downdog nor apple are taking responsibility for the issue and are making me jump through hoops to get my money back. Did downdog not notify apple not to bill people who use the free for schools feature they offered? I don’t know and I don’t care. They should fix the problem and send me on my way. Instead I’m stuck in an endless loop of emails in which these two companies are clinging with an iron fist to my $9.99/mo that was erroneously billed for 7 months. Check your account. I bet they’re still billing you too. Yikes.
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7 years ago, KeMey
My Fav, Never boring, sense of timelessness
I have tried many yoga apps and videos over the years in my practice, but I have never come across one that gives you a sense of the unknown every day. The beauty of this app is that in each day's practice you don't know what comes next so your mind has nothing to anticipate and can be more present. This also brings timelessness to the practice and an hour goes by without you realizing it. This is what is so lovely about this app. And of course...the great sequences, soothing and supportive voice, the boosts, ability to play music or not, tracking of your history, choice of practice style, length of practice and speed of practice, and amount of vocal instruction. I tend to like no music, and am experienced enough to have minimal instruction. I like that I can choose this more soundless approach because it supports my intention of presence & focused meditative awareness of the physical, internal, energetic, and mental mechanations playing out as I practice. Truely a well thought out App. Stellar :)
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4 years ago, ceh1014
Anyone can do Yoga with down dog
This app is so great for beginners (or people who have been beginners several times over and never made it past that phase🙋🏻‍♀️). It’s easy to use and understand. I like that you can change how much instruction/ sound or music you need. I LOVE the boost options for when some places are just tight as hell and you need to hold that pose! And breathe, girl! I’m the type that needs a lot of specific instruction so the combo of the video, the narrative instructions, and the ability to choose the pacing, it feels like I actually have the time to focus on my breath! I love this app. Also, you can pick how long you want it to be. Anywhere from like 5 min to over an hour and every increment in between. So I never wanna do it and I’m like “ok, but I can do just 5 minutes.” And then after 5 minutes I’m like “woah, I need more!” And then I usually end up doing another slightly longer practice. Mars is my favorite instructor voice☺️.
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6 years ago, jbureau77
This app has made me fall in love with yoga!
I downloaded and tried every yoga app I could find on the App Store and none of them can hold a candle to this one. First, unlike the others, this app is fully functional, with an unbelievable number of options (including music), and free. Not temporarily, not with things you have to buy to actually have a full practice... free... right out of the gate. Secondly, the practices are amazing! The voice that talks you through each pose and breath is the perfect mix of relaxing and encouraging, without that sort of snobbish tone that I found some had. I am a beginner at yoga but, since finding this app, I have found I am completely in love. I practice every day. I’ve begun meditation, I’ve purchased things to make my yoga space welcoming and supportive, and I’ve already seen a huge improvement in how well I can do each pose. Seriously, don’t bother with any of the other apps... I’ve tried them... download this one and find your way to downward facing dog!
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1 year ago, Mas4sam
Best yoga app out there
I love this app so much that my friends sometimes think I get a sales commission on it, when I talk about it. It’s like having your own personalized yoga coach, right in the comfort of your home. Everything is customizable, and the sessions change every time you use it, so it never gets repetitive. There are also *so many* different types of yoga offered, so you can also change that when you feel like you want something a little different. I mainly use the Full Practice, but when I’m not feeling very get-up-and-go-y, I switch to the Restorative one for just a bit of stretching. You can also set the amount of time you want in your session, how long you want savasana, your pace, how much instruction you want… really everything. The instruction and voices are also great. I’ve been using this for nearly 3 years almost daily, and I still love it. If you’re looking for a new app, this one is worth it.
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