Yoga for Beginners | Mind+Body

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User Reviews for Yoga for Beginners | Mind+Body

4.82 out of 5
114.7K Ratings
3 years ago, pretty_teekyree
Great for beginners
I started using this app about a month ago as someone that knew very little about yoga and was also not very physically active or flexible. My goal was to intentionally incorporate physical movement into my daily routine and to become more flexible. So far, I love the app. It’s very easy to use, and perfect for beginners since you can choose your workout based on whatever level you’re already on, you can preview the workouts, and there is a video on how to execute all the poses correctly so you don’t have to wonder if you’re in good form. The app also tracks your progress, and you can choose to add your weight and things like that if you’d like to track weight loss. I like that there are a variety of workouts to choose from, and that it talks to you so you know when to change poses without having to look at the screen, and I like that you can add the workouts you like most to your favorites folder, which makes them even more easily accessible. Before using this app I tried getting into yoga several times but couldn’t stick to it, and now, because of the ease of use and the guidance during sessions, I look forward to doing yoga every day. My flexibility has improved, I feel more energized, and I’m excited about moving on to more difficult workouts. Definitely will continue to use, definitely recommend.
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5 months ago, Akito Souma
Best Yoga app ever!!
I’m benefiting so much from the practice of Yoga with the help of this app, all of the time. It has explained and illustrated, in detail, all of the different Yoga poses. The music is good and there is an option for adjusting the pace and for holding the poses for different durations. There is also an excellent premium version of this app that offers even more than all of the essentials that are covered with Basic, and Basic is what I have although I badly want to upgrade to Premium and am wondering if there is a scholarship option available for those who are low income but really love the app and give it support as much as possible? I seriously actively recommend this to all my friends, even to people who I know will never do Yoga.. that said, the only change I can think of making at this time is that the app could cover Pranayama (breathing techniques) and also—unless Premium already has this and I missed it, some Guided Visualization and meditation within the practice by some Coaches. That would really help me a lot and complete my Yoga practice so well that I might not even need an in-person class at some point. I love Yoga by at 7m!! :) :) <3 Oh, also being able to customize my profile more would really help me with some medical needs that I know myself and a lot of other people struggle with when it comes to identity issues. Thank you for listening and for helping me through my best-so-far Yoga experience, kind developers! -L
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6 months ago, WinterYogaGurl
Good stretches, and a quick burn
I’ve been using this app for a few years now and so far it is really helped me in regards of my mental health or really getting a good stretch after a workout. I don’t use the premium so in regards to the features that are available to me I’m still able to fulfill the calories that I want to burn or the stretches that I like to do after a workout or just simple cardio on days or I just wanna be indoors but also still exercise. The app records information about your progress. For example, how many workouts you’ve done, the amount of calories you burned in the week/month, or however long you’re using the app. Optionally, you can also keep track of your weight on this app to see if you were burning calories. I personally don’t weight myself on this app but if you want to see progress using this Yoga app, you can . The yoga workouts programs fits for all levels. I’m a beginner so most of my workouts are filled with beginner level programs.
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1 year ago, hjohnson1014
disrespectful & presumptuous
I used this app a handful of times a few months ago and honestly loved it at the time. as a beginner, I found it helpful and informative. however, I recently re-downloaded it and found that when you first enter the app, it asks for a few pieces of data that I don’t remember it asking before. there is absolutely no reason for a yoga app to ask its users what their “goal weight” is, with no option to skip past the prompt. honestly, I don’t think there’s any reason for a yoga app to ask its user for their weight at all, but the assumption that the user has an interest in changing their weight is disrespectful. as someone whose weight has fluctuated quite a bit over the course of my life for a myriad of reasons, it’s exhausting to constantly be expected to be working toward something different from what I have. beyond that, the app uses BMI as a data point, which is an outdated measuring tool that’s been used for decades to label and shame fat people. I enjoy yoga because it’s a relaxing, engaging, and challenging way to move my body, no matter what it looks like or weighs that day, month, or year. it’s disappointing and frustrating to be in search of that feeling, only to be met with outdated measurement tools and assumptions about my weight and body. going forward, i’ll be directing my energy toward creators who more clearly have their users’ true health and happiness in mind when creating their content. peace and love.
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10 months ago, New to Yoga!
Just a few comments but overall very happy
To add what I have already written in the second paragraph, I have also started listening to the voice directions for each pose. Not every direction matches the visual given. You have started to add different music and offer different sessions which is really nice BUT now I have to pay for them and you are locking me out of others that you have previously offered for free, both exercises and music. The reason I have used your app very consistently over the past 3 years and recommended to many is not just that it is a free app but you allow the opportunity to choose my workout based on my time and mind set on that day and I WANT to do it on a daily basis, it is fun for me and I like how I feel after completing each session. The minute I have to pay for the app then it becomes a chore, something I feel I HAVE to do because money is involved and then it is not enjoyable. I am less likely to do it willingly and certainly less likely to recommend it. PLEASE, make sure that your verbal directions match your visuals. Some of them don’t even go with the particular pose you should be doing or are for the right side when you have told them left and vice versa.
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4 years ago, Katarina Lacina
Mixed Feelings
I downloaded this app a while ago. First, I was looking for a way to exercise, but in a way that I’m not sweating, and running. So, I checked the App Store to see what they offer for yoga apps. I tried literally every single one of the yoga apps, and this one is the one I liked best. One of the things I was concerned about is this app has an animated person to show you which pose to do, and the animated person doesn’t even have an actual face! Basically all of the other apps out there have real people as your personal trainers. Also, I would enjoy if this app gave you more time to settle down between poses. Like, it gives me 10 seconds to 1., get out of my previous pose, and 2., get into the current pose! I mean, doesn’t that take AT LEAST 10 seconds?! Anyways, now to the positive things. I love how this app shows you how much calories you’re burning (or gaining I’m young so IDK) and it shows you how long it is, and it even has a name for the workout! I just completed another workout today that was intermediate, 30 minutes long, and burns/gains 111 calories! I feel like a strong and healthy girl due to this app, and I will be using it in the future!
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2 months ago, Keri the B
Excellent app!!!!
This is the best app I have found !!! I share this with everyone and I am hooked on it for myself! It helps so much! The best!!!! Current streak of 367 days on a row. Just 16 minutes a day! Update!! Currently on 465 day streak. Daily stretching is so important!!!! I love being able to listen to my own audio. The app has easy to follow pose instructions and links to videos if further instruction is needed!! The Best!!!! Update: current streak 504 days! I love that it keeps me accountable ! Starting with a daily stretch allows me to move pain free through the day plus I don’t want the streak to end and have to start over. Update to update: current streak 625 days in a row. I keep sharing this app with anyone I know who is looking for a great addition to their daily routine of fitness, stretching, meditative routine. Try it!!! Still loving this app!!! Current streak 645 days in a row. Update: currently at 750 days in a row. This app is the primary reason for my consistency.
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4 weeks ago, Aki✨Lucky
I actually enjoy this app
I’ve cycled through multiple exercise, fitness, and yoga apps and this is the only one I’ve actually liked and stuck with. It gives you comprehensive instructions for the poses in multiple formats so that you can read how to do it, but so that you can also see how it’s done. This app doesn’t push you to go at a crazy speed and doesn’t expect things from you. It can track weight and also the days you do a workout. With the weight, it can also help calculate your BMI, something I’ve never been able to figure out. But it’s all easy to use and actually enjoyable. And they’re adding new workouts and programs all the time. Some things have a paywall, but the whole app is like 90% free. 10/10 recommend if you want a yoga app that will actually teach you the poses and give you guidance, visual instructions, and premade workouts for specific goals while also letting you make your own.
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9 months ago, angelinafuentes
Amazing app, very user friendly
I usually never write reviews for apps but I had to support this yoga app. It is very user and beginner yogis friendly, which I couldn’t be more grateful for. I started working out not too long ago and realized something was missing from my routine. Stretching!! With this app you can chose what you want to work on, which body group, balancing, strength, or even if you’re injured or sore in a particular part of your body. The stretches are helpful and you can chose your duration. I use this app every Tuesday and Thursday (my yoga days) and it has made my muscle flexibility so much better. The best part about this app is that there are little to no ads and most of the features are free! Of course, there are some premium items but even the quick start option is free if you don’t know where to start and want a new set of stretches every day. I love this app and I’m very thankful to the developers. Namaste yogi!
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3 years ago, Rascal (my dog)
Thank you
Thank you for this, I’m retired, and was looking for some kind of exercise while going through this Pandemic Period. Before all this I would go to the gym three times a week. It’s pretty chilly out now, so taking a long walk is out of the question ( I’m out with the dog .5 miles daily) sometimes shorter depending on the weather. I really look forward to my Yoga, I have been continuing this program since October. (Yes I’m still doing the beginner) once I get bored I plan on trying intermediate. So once again I thank you,! Be safe, stay healthy! That was back in October, it is now May and I still continue to enjoy my yoga every morning...M-F.. lol.. I’m just returning from vacation and saw your new update. Can’t wait to check it ALL OUT... Well it is now August, and still enjoying the choices of yoga to start my day, I’ve been off setting yoga with my kettle bell. I really enjoy my yoga choices. Thank you
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6 months ago, Colonel Bruce Forbin
So many problems
First off as stated by many other reviewers, this is not a free app as advertised. Deceptive marketing is a big strike. Secondly asking people their height and weight and then determine what their target weight is as well as highlighting the calories that each routine would burn is extremely superficial and off putting. Most importantly the routines themselves are absolutely nonsensical as if the poses are chosen entirely at random with no thought regarding the flow or safety of the session. The graphics shown tend to not match the verbal instruction. In many instances what is being shown and described are two vastly different things. In some cases the potential for an inexperienced user to injure themselves would be very high if not almost a certainty. This is not a good place for anyone to learn about yoga, a very frustrating and deceptive app. Be sure to cancel your “free trial” before the seven days ends because you will be charged for a full year automatically. It’s a shame that a useful spiritual practice such as yoga has to be tarnished by this haphazard money grab of an app. No doubt preying upon the well intentioned people looking to make a positive change in their lives.
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2 years ago, Brooklyn879123455670
Love, but new update is not good
This was my favorite app and I’ve recommended it to everyone who wants to get into yoga because it’s perfect for beginners. I highly recommend it. However, the new update has diminished the quality significantly. There’s a weird mix of an automated voice with the original voice during workouts. New names for the poses make it complicated and confusing, and sometimes the name doesn’t match the pose (like head to knee stretch). We no longer get a ten second preview of what the next pose will be. Sometimes you won’t get both left and right versions of a pose so I have to stop the workout and do it myself. This is frustrating because I really do love this app. There are so many pros to this app and I don’t think I’ll change simply because it works for me, but it’s making my yoga workouts harder to get through because I’m more focused on figuring out what I’m supposed to be doing instead of breathing and stretching. Please please please fix.
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5 years ago, Gilbegar
Love it, but could be even better
I am brand new to yoga, and this app has been a great introduction. The teaching videos are great, and there is a good variety of routines to choose from. There are a few things I think could be improved though. The order in which the routines are displayed should be more progressive in difficulty, especially since the app is geared towards beginners. Yes they have the beginner routines grouped first, then the intermediates, then the advanced, but the order within each group is not progressive in difficulty. The first beginner routine listed is the most advanced of the beginner routines, and the first two intermediate routines are the most advanced of the intermediates. When a beginner is trying to learn it is difficult to figure out the best routine to try next. I also think there should be the option for the instructor to give direction during each pose. There is so much to remember when starting out that details like when to breathe or having correct posture are easily forgotten. But overall it's a great app!
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4 years ago, <3 bex
Great on the surface
I love the layout of the app and how the routines are labeled as beginner, intermediate and advanced. I LOVE that there is a video explanation of each pose easily accessible both before the workout and after. My main problem with the couple of routines that I’ve done is a lack of repetition and logical progression/ flow. For example, in the beginner Yoga for Abs, the explanation of cobra pose says you should start in downward facing dog, move through plank, push up to cobra, hold, then reverse the flow back to downward facing dog. However, downward facing dog is not part of the actual routine. Likewise, the extended side angle pose is meant to develop from Warrior 2, but there’s no warrior progression. There were also a couple of occurrences that I went from hands and knees, then to my back, then back to hands and knees. It would flow better to do all the exercises in one position (standing, sitting, hands and knees, laying down) before changing. I would love to see more routines built around specific flows— I haven’t done the sun salutation flow, but it looks a little more like the yoga classes I’ve been to.
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4 years ago, Elisa!🤩🤪😎
Best calming app ever!!!
I love this app! I’ve been really stressed out lately but this app has been very helpful and calming! I love that it has all the different options of types of yoga you can do. This also has an inner peace yoga that is really helpful with stress! If you just want to do a workout type of yoga it’s there! There is a fat burner, and core blast! Lots of different types of yoga. The yoga they give you is mostly intermediate and beginner yoga. If you really want to challenge yourself then this app is not for you. But for me this was my first experience with yoga. That means I was doing mostly beginners but it got to easy for me so now I do mostly intermediate yoga. This app has a morning yoga and a nighttime yoga. The morning yoga is a little harder than nighttime yoga because in the morning you are trying to wake up at and at night you are getting ready to go to sleep. Overall this app is totally worth it!!! I highly recommend it!
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1 year ago, Pghfrftr
Quick Start
I really like this app, but especially the way you can set up the quick start to your own liking. For example, the time you can set for each session, depending on the time you might have available in your day. After my first written review, on an issue I was having with the app, I received a response within a day or two. They were already aware of the issue, and worked quickly to fix it. Since then, they have been on top of keeping this app running smoothly. They have also made updates that have improved this app for the better. I wish all the apps on my iPad were this responsive. I have no doubt, that this app is responsible for helping my body to feel better, after all of the sports abuse I put it through in my younger years. Thank you to the people responsible for keeping this app running.
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3 months ago, Cel316
If a cancer patient can use this you can too!
Best yoga app I’ve ever used. Love the peaceful music. Love that it’s a cartoon showing you the move (way less distracting than a person). Love the poses and workout options. So much variety to choose from. I never ever leave reviews but this app is the absolute best so had to leave my first review! I have stage 4 breast cancer so the beginner options that are 10-15 mins are great for me. I used to be advanced in yoga, so I’ll say it again, this is the best yoga app I’ve ever used. I plan to do the subscription, but I’m super happy even without it. But it’s just so good that I’m gonna buy it just to see how it could possibly even get better. Update I bought it and LOVE the programs- they allow an easy commitment. I’m almost done with the three week yoga for abs and have loved it. 15-20min 5 days a week and I feel amazing after !!
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4 years ago, Audrey 102
Great app
This app is one of the best abs that I’ve tried so far I think I’m gonna keep this app because I’ve been looking for stress little relief yoga and this has really helped I like how there’s different options through morning yoga neck yoga bag not yoga tone yoga bedtime yoga morning yoga full body yoga I like how there’s so much options and I like how they don’t let you pause more than a minute which is great for people that need motivation I like how it talks to you and I like how it gives you representations of what to do and the one thing that I love about this app is that it also sets the mood with music and I’ve never had something else that would set your mood towards music with the different ones and I completely love this app and I’ll stick to it no matter what and it has workout plans and weight loss plans that you can connect with your Health app and you can control your Weight I love this app
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4 years ago, ldgropp513
I have a couple different yoga apps we are using for myself and my son (post bone marrow transplant patient) to help with an injury for myself and to strengthen his muscles and flexibility again. This is by far my favorite and we use it daily! They don’t charge you insane fees and seem to genuinely just care about the person’s well being by offering it for free. Very impressed with it and the designers! We do not have the funds to waste and they are truly helping a family in need. You are appreciated and we highly recommend! It’s relaxing, calming (my stress needs it) and strengthening. The workouts are easy to learn the poses with each illustration and you can choose the level you need or just feel up to doing. He cannot do harder levels yet so this is perfect for him and is helping his atrophy and pain. Also helps him relax for better sleep. Thank you from a mother’s heart!
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4 years ago, GamerAvaMay2
This app is amazing! I am a dancer and I will soon be joining the company of my dance studio. I am both excited and nervous to do so. Before I join I want to be able to do the splits. I tried my best to do stretching routines in the morning and night time but I couldn’t keep it going consistently. I searched around to see if there was anything that could help me. Then I found Mind+Body. It has incredible stretching routines and yoga that actually help! You can even set a timer for yourself on the app, so your routines will always be consistent. Also, the sessions are only about 8-10 mins long, so you do not have to worry about taking to much time out of your day:) And don’t forget Mind+Body is completely free! No subscriptions or out of pocket charges just music, yoga, and fun! So In conclusion I absolutely LOVE this app and recommend it to anybody and everybody who wants it! Sincerely, #YogaQueen
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1 year ago, disappointedplayerboooo
Just what I was looking for
I’ve been wanting to get into yoga and lighter exercises, but I could never find an app that would break down each pose and how to correctly do them and I can’t stand the videos that are on to the next thing before I’ve had time to figure out and do the pose they started with. This app is so great for that. I has a simple to use list of all the poses offered that you can browse individually at your leisure and there are videos of each individual pose. I like it because I can take my time to understand and learn them so I can do them right. I like that you can customize your own routine with poses you like best, also something I was hoping to find but has never done so before. It’s a very no stress, chill app that lets me enjoy yoga without feeling bad about myself.
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4 months ago, ShaeZa5
I love this app
I don’t really write reviews but I’ve been using it for 4 years. It’s honestly my favorite app I don’t pay for it, I just search different areas of my body I want to focus on and select a work out that fits that. I don’t do any of the programs but I’m sure they’re great to. I’ve learned a lot of new yoga poses and have gained more balance and mental focus from different easy sessions that are mostly meditational. I popped 2 ligaments in my ankle about 6 months ago and I used the app after talking to my physical therapist about what I needed to be doing. He was so impressed with my improvement 6weeks later apparently I improved by 135%. It comes down to consistency which I struggle with but when I stay consistent there really is an improvement in my body, balance and mental fortitude.
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3 years ago, Yeahthisappisawesome
Life changing
I have chronic pain, arthritis, and scoliosis. Regular chiropractor visits were not enough. I got this app because it offers so much for a free app. I don’t need to be an expert, I just want to manage my pain and have better posture. This app is easy to use, has customizable routines, instructor videos for every pose, and simple work outs from beginners to experts. They have recently added more routines too! Highly recommend to anyone who just wants an easy yoga experience without all the excessively annoying ads or the other apps that basically say “I’m free but you have to buy a subscription to use me!” Not this one, an ad before every work out but so worth it. Honestly I will be buying a subscription just to support the creators and developers. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 years ago, HP84858
Needs some fixing
This is a good app for beginners yoga, but there are some issues I have with it. It has trouble when you play your own music from a different app, sometimes causing bizarre static noise or the ‘instructor’ not speaking at all. On occasion, the instructor voice will be so quiet, and if I turn up the music, it’s like the instructor voice stays the same level while just the music noise goes up. This causes me to stay too long in poses and get off track. The time the app gives you to get ready for the next pose is 30 seconds, which is way too long, but no matter how low I adjust it in the app settings, it defaults back to 30 seconds in the routines. I also am irritated with the recent updates, in which yoga for abs was removed entirely, and there is now a loud bell ringing sound when a pose is completed, instead of the instructor voice calmly saying “rest”. I find this bell noise to be very jarring and disruptive to my routine, and find I now cannot focus while doing yoga.
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3 months ago, Marlee9104
The ONLY way I’ve gotten myself to FINALLY develop a yoga habit
I can’t say enough good things about this app—I can’t believe it’s free. I LOVE it and for the first time in over 20 years of *wanting* to have a consistent yoga practice, I finally do because of this app. Choose your difficulty level, your desired practice time, your area of focus (stress relief, tension release, flexibility, weight loss, etc), even your music. See ahead of time what poses are included in your selected program, see how to do a pose if it’s something new to you…the app even sends me a reminder on its own at the time I usually practice in the evening if I have forgotten or been delayed. This app is incredible and I now recommend it to anyone who has says the word ‘yoga’ in front of me. So, so good.
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6 years ago, Sruedu
Love this app!
This app is an easy way to incorporate yoga into daily life. As a busy, homeschooling mom of 8, it’s often had to get down time in. In stressful moments, I can take a 6-10 min break and calm my mind and heart. Even my kids will sit and do the poses with me. I love that it’s simple, calming music, has easy videos or directions for unfamiliar poses, and that is very neutral. There isn’t a lot of eastern influence. It’s a simple, “pose, get ready, start, rest” repeat. I like that there is no chatter during the poses. My only suggestions for the app are that 1. There be an paid version to get rid of the pop up ad before the yoga workout starts. 2. There be a way to link workouts together. I often will combine one of the 6-7 min workouts with one of the longer 10-15 min workouts. If I could link them so that they flowed seamlessly from one into the other, I’d love that!
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1 year ago, vdcafe92
A great find!
I have dabbled in yoga a few times before so I know the basics. When I came upon this app I liked the idea of the convenience it offered (quick segments, well organized, great illustration, and it will travel with me) I thought to give it a try. So glad I did! The segments are organize in various areas to work on what is best for you....I have arthritis is several joints and the Twist Detox is helping me stretch them open without pain. It is amazing and in just a few weeks has made a major difference in how I feel. I look forward to the next few months...perhaps I will stop walking a stiff duck! 🤗 Thank you so much! Update: been using for several months and still feel so good. It is the perfect way to start my day
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3 years ago, Jhfdgjghgjgffgghgjfdfhji
Simple yet effective
I started using this app a few years ago and didn’t stick to it past a week. I redownloaded this back in March of this year and used it to dip my toes into losing weight. I would do this every day, twice a day for at least a month and a half. (Along with cardio exercises) I haven’t kept up with the cardio but this is the only app I use to kinda keep me moving even if it isn’t absolutely everyday. But this has definitely kept me motivated and doing a lot more than I usually do. I have managed to lose 18 pounds thanks to the fact that this is just a simple, easy to understand way of doing yoga. Plus I love the customizable times and music. This just keeps getting better every time I go on. Love it.
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3 years ago, hermione10501
Great for beginners!!
This is a very simple yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ app! Ever since COVID started, I would get stressed out. Just recently I found this app and it is really simple but helpful! I love how you have different levels like beginner, intermediate, and advanced! I also love the different sessions, especially the morning and bedtime yoga. 🧘🏻‍♀️ Everything is free, and it shows you very simple but straightforward pictures of how you are supposed to do it, and if you don’t understand it, you can click on the picture and it pops up with a video and instructions of how to do that move!! This is definitely a recommended app, it is just great! The first time I tried to do yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ I tried to do Yoga Booty Ballet. That was a MISTAKE. It is very very hard. I got this app and it really helps! I can even do Yoga Booty Ballet now!!
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3 years ago, Switched stores
Feeling better
I’m 60yo and have come to terms with a certain amount of pain. I have mild ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, scoliosis, osteopenia and a collection of motorcycle and car accidents from my younger days. I’m exercising to treat biceps tendinitis and shoulders impingement. I walk my dog at least 2 miles each day. And I deal with a certain amount of pain. It’s only been two weeks since I started the easy beginners routines. I’m amazed at the reduced amount of pain that I experience. I’m sitting in Easy Pose writing this review. I don’t think that would have happened three weeks ago. I can’t twist myself into a pretzel yet- I’m thinking Cow Face Pose. I might get there in a couple of months. Or maybe not. In the meantime I’m feeling better. Thank you.
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4 years ago, CalMby
Beyond Expectations
I’ve been looking for some time now for a place that makes yoga easy to find and easy to do. I’ve looked online for free resources and find that they have nice routines and great instructors; but dang, I didn’t expect to have to sit and talk for 5 minutes before every session. This app is smooth, seamless, and gets right down to exactly what I wanted. Easy yoga for beginners, short session, long session, all in an easy to use and beginner friendly way for yoga. The music and the poses are easy to do and super nice if you just want to get into yoga! I find that this is exactly what I’ve been looking for and it actually keeps me interested. If I need that quick 10 minute yoga session in the middle of the work day or a nice 30 minute stretch, this app has me covered.
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3 years ago, daisyfloweroftinydesert
Wonderful app!
Had this app now for over 2 years and it’s been nothing but amazing. The content is free and motivating when everything else about weight loss can be exactly the opposite. The workouts are shorter and fit into my schedule or if I just do happen to have ten minutes free, BOOM!, I got some exercise in and I feel better about things that I can’t control like school and work where I sit for long periods of time. Recent updates encouraged me to sit down and write a review (since I rarely do) because of how much they have changed and added to the app for better. I really would recommend this to anyone looking to find some inner peace throughout the day and know that every little bit counts!
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4 years ago, ~Cultivate Kindness~
Discovering yoga
I’m a newbie to yoga and this app let me choose how long I do it for and it also tells me how many calories I’m burning. I love that it gives visuals of what I’m doing, how to do it and time to prepare to get into the next pose and instruction on how to do before it starts. I’m loving it and my whole body is feeling worked and stretched. I feel wonderful after each session and can also choose to do more if I feel up to it. They speak very calming with a calming musical piece in the background. The great thing about this app is that it’s for beginners, intermediate and advanced and you can decide which you are up and not feel any less if maybe you can’t do that pose yet or you can also feel very confident after you’ve stepped up a level :)
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4 years ago, INeedNoNickname
Best yoga app out there
Due to COVID I was looking for a way to start practicing yoga on my own since obviously studios closed. Didn’t want to pay for anything online since it’s nothing like the studio experience, but it was hard to find anything for free. I didn’t want anything fancy, just a simple walkthrough I could do at my own pace. So glad I found this. Truly no subscriptions or trying to sell you anything at all. I miss when apps were around to help instead of to turn a profit. Anyway, not only is it simple and actually free, the app is beautifully designed & so easy to use even for the poses I forgot or hadn’t done before. Very thankful for this app and if they never update it again I would still be pretty happy because it’s that good
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4 years ago, ReGina and Ronnie
I am in LOVE with this app!!
I have heard that yoga has great aspects for flexibility and increased wellbeing but I was skeptical. I have OA and along with a form of myalgia. Both are painful and life limiting. I had become less able to bend my knees and true to OA my back hurt constantly. After just 3 days of doing the 10 min morning yoga I can feel such an improvement!!! I can bend my knees with little discomfort and I can already stand for longer periods of time without my back hurting!! I’m still early in this yoga relationship but I plan to add a 10 min yoga during my lunch. Eventually adding one before bed as well. THANK YOU for this app and the life changes I am already experiencing after only 10 days!!! I am feeling ready to start my day and my body is happy too!!
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2 years ago, Writer07
Huge gap between beginner and intermediate
I’ve been really enjoying the free version of this app. After a month of doing beginner workouts I felt confident enough to move to the intermediate level. I can’t do about 3/4 of the exercises; they just require an insane amount of flexibility that looks advanced to me, so much so that I am afraid of what the advanced version looks like. This is why I’ve never been successful at doing yoga long term. I’ve never been able to find a program that doesn’t have this gigantic gap between the most basic of beginner stretches and turning yourself into a complete pretzel. It would help if there was at least some suggestion on how to modify the intermediate moves. So many of these moves I don’t even know how to adjust or practice a simpler version so that I can gradually ease myself into it.
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2 months ago, ApplexEve
Nice and Easy
Unlike most apps that give you a full survey of your body types and goals for minutes to the payment options, this app has a free mode that is still valid for what you’re goals are but if you want faster and better results there are payment options that I would consider feasible. I am not able to pay because I am not working at the moment but it feels good an app out there cares enough to not charge me and still give me options. If I could pay, I would because it’s worth it. I even have bad knees from an accident and they take that into consideration for my work outs. This app is very nice and easy to use, I appreciate them.
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5 months ago, WhiteCherryIcee
The elixir of life!
This app honestly saved me from a deep depression. In a moment where I didn’t know where to look and felt like I had nothing I felt like I had to go back to the joy I felt of being limber when I was a kid; I’m not old lol (26yo male), but I wasn’t as flexible and in tune with my body as I used to be until now! I’ve been using the app consistently for about 2-3 years now and each update keeps getting better. The stretches and explanations are helping with my own practice and I enjoy having the ease of something low intensity or high intensity. I recommend this app to anyone wanting to get started! It’s so much fun getting to know yourself again ;p
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4 years ago, Jkl1289
Great Yoga App
I’m always put off yoga or am uninterested when yoga is suggested. I’m more of a walking/HIIT go to person. However, I opened this app last night to try the bedtime yoga as it was only ten minutes. It really increased my blood flow, clarity and overall feeling of wellness, I was surprised but maybe I was more invested this time. Since, I’ve done a beginner yoga and felt similar. I’d recommend this app especially if you have limited time and interest in yoga as there are a variety of short yoga videos. Also, the music is nice, guided instructions with a 30 second count, rests between poses, and additional instruction and simple clear videos that loads quickly if you need further direction. Five stars from a non yogi! 💛
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4 years ago, gandertaker
Simple and efficient
In the free list, I did the back version available at toward the bottom. Every time I wished there was a button to do a thing, there was. It’s short. It has you hold for about 30 seconds a pose, and it’s a pretty perfect length in whole and in its parts for someone like me, who typically gets bored out of her skull during yoga. The images are easy to follow, with time to realign yourself between moves, and while I don’t feel pressured to focus on the meditative aspect, the music and very sparse, very calming, and incredibly unobtrusive voice would also allow for meditation on a morning when my puppy isn’t smacking me in the face with his squeaky toy pig or attacking my hair. Nifty app. Zero complaints. Very effective.
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3 years ago, Nobody142359678
Amazing app! 🧘‍♂️ 💖 😍🤩
Namaste Yoga creators! I love this app it’s amazing! I tried the advanced course with my grandma and we both enjoyed it much, she wasn’t going to stay with us for long, and we were really bored the whole week, but I found this app and we decided to install it: great choice! We had fun times, laughed together and worked out! Thank you so much for making this app, I love yoga now so does my grandma! Thank you! Also here’s some feedback: could u guys make a course for the hips for advanced, intermediate, and beginner? We were looking to do that, anyways, I hope you take my feedback in consideration, thanks 🙏 Happy summer to whoever is reading this! 🔥🔥🔥🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🔥🔥🔥
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4 years ago, Addi =^0~0^=
This app is fantastic, it keeps me doing yoga with daily reminders and enjoyable workouts. Each workout shows the length, the level, and calories to burn! One small glitch though; when you open a workout it shows you all of the poses you do, with little sketches and names, but a couple times I've noticed that the sketches were different from the name. I hope the creators fix this in the next update, but don't let this stop you from getting the app! The only pose I've seen this glitch effect so far though is "seated side bend (right)"'s sketch become the sketch used for i don't know the name! Still a great app despite the one glitch I found! Recommended for sure!!
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2 years ago, beautiful Nicola
Worth it!
We are in July of 2022. I am 5’7 and 285lbs. I have been using this app for years. I used to do more yoga on my own and was very flexible but I have had a lot happen to me and gained a lot of weight and haven’t done yoga in a while. This app is perfect for me. I don’t like listening to someone talk or sometimes seeing someone’s face lol. When I do yoga I like to listen to my own music and be in my own mind without distractions. This app is so easy to use and I saw someone say it goes fast but I don’t think so and the thing is you can pause your workout at any time. The app has a beginners introduction telling you that you should go at your own pace and modify if you need to. This app works with Apple Watch too which I love. And it’s my favorite thing to do every night. I think it helps with a structured routine for me. Of course I go beyond this app but it’s a good start. I recommend it to every one ❤️❤️❤️ yes you may have suggestions but that doesn’t mean the app is not good. This is a 5 star app! Thank you for creating this for us 🙏🏽
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5 years ago, Katie[DDG]
Routines need work
App functions well, have had no problems setting rest times or voice and music volume. But the routines themselves need work. This app made it super easy for me to start yoga again after a long hiatus but 5 days in and I’m so bored of the app. No matter the routine you choose you’re basically doing the same 5 poses with one or two different ones thrown in. And they need better transitions into new poses and focusing more on the whole body and no just a part of it. Stretching routines are basically just for back and neck and nothing else , while yoga for abs only has one move the different from the stretching and slow flow targeted directly towards abs. While I like the set up of the app especially how it tracks how much you’ve done I’ll be looking for a new one that’s got better routines.
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5 years ago, Lucy 500
Best workout’s ever!!!!
A really easy every night & early morning work out for anybody. That is looking for exercise methods that aren’t going to, have any strain or very little of it on your body. Can leave you feeling like a new person and ready to take on the world! It’s a really easy set up with no complications. If you want to feel challenged while working out than this won’t to be the workout app for you. It doesn’t have any diet plans. So if you’re also looking for a combo of both then this isn’t it either. But I think it’s ok for your beginning workouts just to ease you in it. You still can have this app. And a separate app for your meal plans and it still works the same.
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4 years ago, Con+Con
My go-to app!
This app is amazing, whenever I’m feeling stressed or just need some yoga I come to this app. I love this app so much that I would recommend it which I rarely do with any app. I always look forward to doing these yoga workouts cause their fun in my opinion. I have had lots of yoga apps ( that i deleted ) before that caused money or subscriptions. BUT THIS ONE DOESNT that’s why I love this app so much. Also is their an morning workout? If not I would love a morning workout for yoga and for beginners! Another problem is that sometimes when theirs a number telling me how many seconds left I count how many seconds to go and I don’t like it. And in the settings it doesn’t say to not show the numbers! That’s the only thing I feel stress about doing yoga with ur app.
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1 year ago, Brooke Young_924
Great app!
I’m so happy I found this app. It has been such a great tool and motivator! There are lots of different options so you can easily mix up your workout. They have different levels of difficulty, length of workouts, and focus areas. You can easily save your favorites. They also include programs that take you through 2-3 weeks of workouts. I love that it tracks your workouts and it’s easy to see your longest streak. This has pushed me to squeeze in workouts on busy days when I may not have otherwise. I’m on day 75 of my streak, and I’m highly motivated to hit at least 100. I can’t say enough good things about the app!
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4 years ago, To T or not to Tee
Great app - I had never done yoga
As a complete beginner and someone who is not flexible, this app is working great for me. Here are all the things I love about it. - It’s Free. - It’s easy to use. - The Music selections are good and I can choose which to use. - The instructor’s voice is just right. Normal and calm. Not too plain and not too whispery. (The right, and left, verbal instructions, however, jump out in an awkward way and do not match the tone of the main instructor‘s voice) - It tracks each time I do a routine. - There are a variety of routines to from which to choose and they tell me how long each lasts. - I can browse through the routines and get information on how to do each pose. - It explains each pose with text and can link me to videos with a variety of instructors (which is great because you get to see a variety of styles and approaches). It’s helped me to make yoga my own instead of feeling locked in to one approach/mindset. - Each lesson is short which I love because of time constraints in my life. If I need moe I just do another lesson. Perfect. Thanks for a wonderful app.
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1 year ago, CourtyRex
Great app!
I had never done yoga before this app, but the instructions were very easy to follow, and now I’ve been using it for almost three years. Within the first six months of me using it consistently, I had lost 15lbs, which wasn’t something I was expecting, but yoga is harder than it looks! Very happy with the results and that I can take it with me wherever I go. I also love that there are different types of yoga programs for different benefits/results. I feel limber and stronger. Very thankful for this app! If you’re someone who hates going to the gym like me, and want something that’s easy to stick with, this is for you.
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3 years ago, nicolover95969596
Great for Getting Started
hi, i have been practicing yoga for a while but took a break from it and this app was a great way to get back into it. the subscription is a great price and i love all the different programs offered. it’s the only yoga app i have found that doesn’t use real people to show the poses, which i appreciate because i start comparing myself and feeling bad with real instructors. it also doesn’t have an irritating/distracting voiceover. i just wish this app would one day add some more challenging workouts. it’s very beginner friendly but isn’t worth it for me anymore as i need something more difficult now. i wish there was an app just like this one with tougher flows!
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