Yoga-Go: Workout & Exercises

Health & Fitness
4.5 (50.9K)
132 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yoga-Go: Workout & Exercises

4.5 out of 5
50.9K Ratings
5 months ago, o2bjsc
Love it, this app is going places, I just have some feedback!
I’m getting back into yoga after a long absence and a couple surgeries and this is great way to customize my practice based on my changing needs. I love that you can share feedback on class difficulty each time and it was only 2 days before all my classes were the perfect level. I really enjoy these classes, the instruction, and the ambient background noises like birds, rain or crackling fire. My feedback it about monitoring what I’ve done for the day and tracking more information. For example: I want to easily see that on Wed, I completed 5 classes for a total of 30 min and maybe burned 100 calories. If this dashboard exists, I wasn’t able to find it. Ultimately this would be an amazing program if I was able to track my weight and measurements and how long I had spent on each body part and if I could integrate it with Apple Health or my Apple Watch. Can’t wait to see the amazing places this program goes!
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2 months ago, H25556678
Poor presentation
The layout of their product/services is very disorganized. I purchased two specific features, and was unable to even find them once I opened up the app. I was unable to view the app to see how it would show up prior to authorizing my purchase. Once you buy the regular purchase, they force you to go through a whole bunch of other selections to add more things to subscriptions. I did not like this pressure, marketing, but was still willing to give it a try. Once I finish the purchase process, I downloaded the app. this is when I found out it was not possible to determine where the things were that I purchased. Since I did not like this format at all, I looked for another app and found one that is great! It offers more services and is extremely well organized for the same price. It is called Bettet Me. I tried asking for a refund since I didn’t use any of the services at all, however, despite my attempts to explain not only that I didn’t use it, but I didn’t want a free year subscription since I didn’t even want the three month subscription due to the poor user format. I kept getting repeats of the same offers and denial of refund. I can understand not refunding if I had used even 30 seconds of any of the program. I would definitely not recommend this app not only for its inability to be user-friendly but also for the poor customer service try better me it is amazing!
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2 months ago, kpey88
Workout videos could use better editing
I like this app for the most part and I think the beginners yoga is actually “true beginners”. A lot of workouts like to claim they’re for beginners or all skill levels but they’re actually more advanced. I think the voiceover does a decent job explaining each pose which is critical for completing the workout correctly. My issues with the app is more so with the technology. Nearly every video I watch has at least one portion that switches poses abruptly. Like one minute, we’re laying down and then all of a sudden the trainer is standing up and neglected to mention the changes. The video should be edited better to allow people to transition easily rather than feeling like we have to rush into the next pose and being behind. Also, when I try to rewind using the 10 sec back button, the video will not go any further back than the beginning of the pose you’re currently on. So if you want to go back any further than that, you’d have to exit the video and start over. There’s definite potential with this app, would just like to see some of the technology features cleaned up a bit.
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2 months ago, Angry in Texas LWS
Refused to give refund.
Company is crooked and refused the promised refund on a technicality. WELLTECH APPS LIMITED responded to your review of Yoga-Go Pilates & Home Workout WELLTECH APPS LIMITED "Hello! Thank you for reaching out. We understand your point and are sorry you got such an impression of our service. Our Terms of Use and Refund Policy are always available to users during the sign-up and before the checkout. If you have questions, please contact us at [email], and our support team will be happy to help you." Regarding your canned response above. I signed up for a trial membership on a flight and did not run your terms and conditions by my attorney. It was a $15 charge. I have already cost your company much more than that in email exchanges with customer service personnel and your response above. Just because you can possibly keep my money, doesn’t mean it makes good business sense. If you had refunded the $15 on the first or second request you would have had my good will and I may have tried another one of your fitness apps and recommended your company to friends. I will be happy to discuss further if you reconsider your ridiculously rigid position. I mean come on. It’s $15. After much back and forth, my concerns were never addressed.
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4 years ago, Cara_Sue
Made my day!
I usually don’t purchase fitness apps and I normally don’t do yoga unless it’s the basic stretching from home. This app is the easiest to follow and I love that she shows you the exercise first and speaks slowly and then does the reps with you while continuing to talk and guide. I have always wanted to do something like yoga to become more fit and lean, and this mixed with a few at home workouts during quarantine, I hope really pays off. I quit drinking alcohol yesterday and plan to see what I can achieve after a month. Trying to find balance mentally and physically and I think with this app I will find it and look forward to the next workout. Not to mention the food/meal/snack options on here are quick easy to find in stores and not too expensive to prep and sound delicious! Definitely worth the money spent even though I’m not working and can’t afford it. My mental health and being body conscious is worth every penny to me! Thanks YOGA-GO!!!
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3 years ago, Staceyjay7
I like it, but...
Overall I think this is a decent app if you want yoga routines that are not spiritually-based which is great for me as I use yoga as a way to work out without high intensity. However the way that some of the videos are laid out is very clunky and obviously they have just pasted together videos of the instructors going from one posed to another but that leaves bizarre gapsWhere it tells you to sit up from a lying down position only to immediately go back into lying down for the next position and awkward transitions like that. It also seems to not have taken in my change of settings as I went from beginner to advanced to intermediate while using this app for over a year. After each workout, it asks me whether or not it was too easy, perfect, or too hard but there’s no indication that the app is taking that into consideration for my future workouts, only if I share it with other people which I don’t want to do and as I’ve paid for it I don’t feel like I should have to. It just seems overall but the app is very much on auto pilot rather than actually taking the users preferences into consideration.
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8 months ago, GareeeBearrr
Hard pass - better options available
I signed up for this app looking to get into yoga. The app itself has lots of options and “custom” workouts. However, the custom workouts are just cut ups of different positions. There’s no flow to the workouts and the audio doesn’t match the video in some cases. On top of that, I forgot to cancel my 3 month membership and it auto renewed. I hadn’t used the app in a while and contacted them the same day the renewal charged. Due to their policy, they would not refund my money. I’ve done many subscription type plans and every single one has always refunded money in cases like this. I still can’t believe they will not refund me my money. The customer service support team was responsive with the matter but I’m very disappointed that they have a stiff policy like this that they are unable to budge on. I’m sure this policy was listed in the signup terms and conditions but no one reads those lengthy conditions and I have an expectation that companies will use common decency in cases like this. I feel like I was ripped off and want to warn potential customers that they could run into something similar.
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2 days ago, M14845838
The app doesn’t have great design and didn’t match the visuals that I saw in an ad that brought me to the app in the first place. I signed up for the trial period and paid to get access to that. I knew it would charge a subscription so I tried to cancel (update: the app developer wrote back about their auto billing and I was aware of that, but I tried to cancel and it didn’t work). Seems like it didn’t take because a week later, I got charged a $39 subscription fee. I reached out as soon as I got the notification and explained that I did not like the app, I thought I had immediately cancelled, and hadn’t accessed anything or opened the app since the day I downloaded it. Chris, their customer service rep, emailed back and forth with me just copy/pasting policy and wanted screenshots of the ad I saw- which I didn’t have because I thought I had cancelled an moved on. They offered me a one year subscription for free but I don’t want something that I realized on day one had a UX that was visually confusing and not what I was looking for. They would not refund me and I am hoping I don’t end up like other users here where I continue to be charged.
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8 months ago, Bolangrl72*
Yoga-GO Will Get You Going
I wanted to start Yoga on a daily basis to feel better and lose weight. I started with the Daily Yoga (AI generated just for the user). Soon I was doing much more. The sessions are good but you may need to modify your poses as the model is quite slim, young and flexible and I couldn’t get up from the floor like she did, could not not reach the poses to the extent she did. But still I gained benefits! And started to lose weight! I see there is a version for Seniors, so if you are in that category, you may find it easier. Depends what your capabilities and goals are. Last, there is a lot of variety in the app-from Yoga - different types, to Pilates (mat and wall) etc. There’s also meditation sessions. I recommend Yoga GO to anyone who wants to get going doing Yoga daily (it will notify you as well!). And last if any health or back issues, be sure to check with your doctor before proceeding. Have fun!
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4 weeks ago, TanyaPerry
A must for my daily routine
I love this App. I never review apps, but this is one of my few essential phone tools that I cannot live without. I love the 30 day challenges and now that I’ve been using it over a year, I typically have a few challenges running at the same time and I can wake up and decide how I feel that day. This app was part of my tool kit to lose 60 pounds over this past year. Waking up with this app and getting started every day with a little yoga has become part of a routine that gets my metabolism started, but more importantly makes me feel good about myself. I love the feeling of getting my muscles going and a good stretch. I’m not a gym rat so this is nice that I can do this in the privacy of my room or my hotel or wherever I am. I travel a lot so having this right on my phone and with me all the time is a lifesaver.
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2 years ago, Need Location
Don’t Download! Don’t Start a Subscription
Edit: I just received an email through PayPal of a refund. If it goes through I will edit my rating. Don’t do it! Originally saw this advertised on Instagram and decided to try it. Somehow I got hooked into a reoccurring subscription. They will not refund even though the renewal was 8 hours ago. The email I recorded looked fake like spam so I didn’t even pay attention to it right away. I thought this was a 3 month trial with no reoccurring charges. Never did I see it was a reoccurring charge when adding the app. There no number to call. There’s an email in the app that says you have to send an email to cancel. There’s a different email in the charged account email. As I write this, I’ve received a email stating they can not refund my card that was just processed less than 8 hours ago. SCAM! They claim I agreed to a renewing subscription which is not true. Stay away from this app! Unbelievable how they can charge for a subscription, then offer for it to be cancelled with lifetime access??? Will dispute with my credit card company then! Way to make a name for your company.
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1 year ago, skh409
Terrible Product - see reviews on trustpilot
Impossible to cancel your subscription, they will indicate you can cancel through the app, but there is no documentation, so make sure you take a screen shot when you cancel. With out proof, they will indicate they did not receive your cancellation and will bill you for another month. Indicates there is a 30 day money back guarantee, take a look at what the terms are, almost impossible to meet. Would strongly encourage you do an independent research before purchasing, take a look at the reviews on Trustpilot. In addition, it is not a very good product that is not worth the cost of the monthly subscription. I would rate it a zero if possible! Typical follow-up response, they say they don’t intend to mislead (see the app reviews); misleading is there business model. They will always quote their disclaimers. A suggestion for them is to actually read the customer reviews and change their business practices/program. Perhaps a better cancellation process and a better product would improve their ratings and the customer’s experience.
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2 years ago, montanadan
Caution! Misleading information
Make sure to read through the most recent reviews for this. The app itself is definitely not a personalized plan but different collections of yoga exercises with a AI voiceover. The videos I’ve tried I’ve been OK but go way too fast -there is no way to slow them down you just have to stop and replay them. Also, even though I had put in beginner level there are some poses that are definitely not beginner level. But I think the worst thing is if you read through the comments there is no way to get a refund and there is no Way under your account settings in the app to turn off the auto renewal feature, despite the instructions in the AppStore description to do just that. I had signed up for a three month subscription that was just under $30 however when I got an email confirmation I noticed they had tacked on another three months at a higher price. And again when you try to turn off any auto renewal function you cannot find this feature.
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1 year ago, JimSul72
Deceptive Lures
As someone who is obese and out of shape, I was looking for an app that would start easy and gradually increase difficulty. I was lured in by the ads for “lazy person 50+” workouts and the personalization quiz. The first couple of workouts were perfect and I like how the app asks you if it’s too easy, perfect or too hard. By the third workout, poses were included that I would say were far too advanced for a beginner level, and especially for someone who is older and obese. I gave the feedback that these workouts were too hard, but they still kept getting incrementally, harder and harder. I would expect an app that asks for that type of feedback to intuitively increase or decrease difficulty. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good challenge, but this app misrepresented what the workouts would be like. I find myself discouraged after most workouts, but I’m going to continue to try my best and get my moneys worth. Most likely, I will be canceling after the first 30 days when the subscription price increases.
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5 months ago, stephie1367
The yoga app goes slowly for beginners and increases in time I and level when you are ready. Since I have started this program my breathing has greatly improved and so has my balance. I am less anxious and not as hyper. I sleep better at night and wake up at a reasonable hour looking forward to my workout. I have in little time increased my workouts to 7 days a week without hesitation.I feel really good about myself, and when I do miss a workout, I feel off about my day. There are also many other apps with the program, I have yet to try…but in time I will. I just find that it is better to concentrate on one thing before adding incorporating other exercises to the mix. Do this at your own pace, do not rush it for the best health benefits.
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3 months ago, PamPlamoUsse
Pack of Lies and Unsafe
Update: I continued trying to use the app. After 30 days I told it I did not want to upgrade my level. The way it edited exercises for me after that cut out instructions on transitions and how to do some of the exercises. This is highly unsafe and could lead to self injury. I reported my issue over three weeks ago and have yet to hear back from anyone. Do not purchase if you value your health and safety. I paid for a year upfront because it looked like a really good deal, but I am definitely only getting about 5 dollars a month quality. The app said I would reach my weight goal by 30 days, but 20 days in, I haven’t lost anything. In fact, I’ve gained a pound and a half. The workouts are almost always 2-4 minutes longer than the homepage indicates. While I can reasonably do most of the exercises, most of them are actually too hard on my hands, and while it does ask if my workout was too hard, it doesn’t ask what exercises were too hard, and will give me those exercises again later. Needless to say, I will not be renewing.
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2 years ago, Angpur
Not a personalized plan
I wish I had read the reviews before paying for a subscription. This does not appear to actually give you a personalized plan. After entering your information and answering questions about your goals and skill level, it tells you that it has generated a personalized plan for you. The only way to get to the plan, or to use the app at all for that matter, is to pay for a subscription. After doing so, you land on a page with a bunch of suggested workouts that don’t seem to have taken your answers into consideration. There isn’t one plan specifically suggested for you, or a path to follow as far as I can tell. I also noticed the other reviews that mention this seem to get a condescending reply from the developer. “We understand this may be overwhelming for some users…” No, not overwhelming, underwhelming. Lacking direction. Lacking personalization. I’m going to attempt a refund, but based on other reviews, it doesn’t seem likely. I’m mad at myself for falling for this and wasting my money.
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9 months ago, Topherlee420
It's ok.
The yoga seems ok, but it's kinda hard to follow the instruction. The music overpowers the AI voice, and the transitions from pose to pose are not smooth. Listened to the "Deep Sleep Bliss" which in the description says "Dive into Deep Sleep Bliss with our transformative meditation series. Discover serene visualizations and mindfulness techniques, guiding you towards restful nights and tranquil awakenings. Embrace a rejuvenated sleep experience through these inspiring sessions." At the end of the meditation, (8-12mims depending on the meditation) just as you are relaxed and falling asleep, it tells you to wiggle your toes and fingers, and slowly open your eyes. Emailed support, and got the response "Unfortunately, currently, the app doesn’t allow you to turn off this sound at the end of the exercise, you can only turn off the sound completely or turn it down so that it does not disturb you so much. This exercise involves waking up calmly, which is why there is this sound at the end to help you wake up smoothly, however, I can definitely understand how this would be handy for our users. I’ll certainly pass this on to our team as we always aim to make our app better ". I don't think they understand why a waking at the end of a sleep meditation designed to put you to sleep is counterproductive. Will be looking for another app.
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4 years ago, Morgan72020
Day 1 down...
And am looking forward to the month ahead! I purchased one month to try it out. While i do really love the idea of short workouts, i cant help but think, should i be doing all (8) challenges every day AND at least one targeted longer workout?? Being such a rookie, it would be nice if there was a suggested guide of which workouts to do to achieve weight loss results. Also. An important question. Bc theres so many awesome workouts to choose from, i dont think ill be able to do them all within 30 days.....will i still have access to this first months workouts that i paid for even if I decide to cancel my subscription after one month?? Or will i lose out on all the workouts?? Really hoping for an answer on that. Thank you so much!!
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5 months ago, jkennedysf
FAIL - do not waste your time and money
This app is a misleading fail. You will get a “personalized” 30-day plan filled with the most basic information about health and wellness in a slideshow a kid might have made. Your daily yoga plan will consist of a series of 40-second exercises that after about 10 days, will be almost the same every day but shuffled into a different order. They will be narrated by a monotone AI voice that says things like “Hold a little. Dot. Now repeat with the left leg.” Objectively, it is extremely basic and poorly executed instruction. Worse, this is marketed under a number of different brand names on social media, and the exercises and people in the advertisements were not anything like what the app offered. It was a total bait and switch scam which I complained about on day one, but they refuse to let you cancel the first month or get a refund. Horrible customer service, horrible product, horrible capitalist jerks who exploit the art of yoga in the most dishonest and unprofessional manner.
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1 year ago, mm197000000
Waste of money
First, if you are a beginner the exercises are too fast, watching the figure, understanding what it does and simultaneously following the spoken guidance about correctly breathing and adjusting details of the pose is next to impossible. Also, if you are using a phone the screen is too small to see the exercises (the figure often only fills 20% of the screen and the coloring of the figure has a lack of contrast within itself (skin color vs. clothing color) so that it is hard to see what the figure is doing in detail). This means, that if you are short sighted, you have to wear glasses while working out, but even with glasses it is hard to see and I often have to pick up the phone and scroll back in the video to check. Some poses are so different that you have to constantly adjust the phone and move it around, which together with following the way too fast instructions, is stressful. It feels like I just wasted around $25 and I am extremely frustrated. I want my money back.
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2 months ago, SyNice
I would like a refund. There is no Support Team for this App and it is difficult to Cancel
I would like a refund. I have written previously but did nit receive a response. There is no Support Team for this App and it is difficult to Cancel. I have written complaints to the Support email about billing and they are unresponsive. It is virtually impossible to cancel the app subscription. It can only be canceled in the app not in Apple Subscriptions. By the time I figured out how to cancel, I had already been charged. I have tried reaching out to the App’s Support email but have not gotten a response. If signing up for a free trial, I would simply avoid if at all costs. You will be billed and it will be difficult to cancel and it will be difficult to contact someone on the support team to request a refund. I did not receive a notice that my free trial had ended and that o would be billed. I have written the app’s Support team but no one has responded. I would like a refund. I am very disappointed in the App.
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2 years ago, junktique
DON’T BUY IT! Not personalized-can’t cast it to your TV
After you give them all this information they do not personalize anything. They make you pay for a subscription e fire you can see the app and then one hour later after you look at the app and realize how generic it is they tell you they cannot give you a refund. Once you pay for a subscription you open the app and nothing is personalized. There are a bunch of videos that you can choose from and hopefully you can see them on your little phone screen because you cannot cast it to a larger screen. I paid for the nutrition along with the app subscription and then when you click on the nutrition guide in the app they ask you to pay for it again. The nutrition guide consists of telling you the basics about the food groups which most people already know. No personalization whatsoever. I noticed they must have disabled the comments on their Facebook page because you can’t see any of the comments.
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5 months ago, Fussy ears
Can we get a count while doing the exercise?
Yes; I enjoy Yoga-go, am in my 5th Day and the exercises are easy enough for the most part, too easy for me in a few cases. Strengthening and flexibility but go for a brisk walk or do kickboxing routine for aerobics, right? The videos are well-done. Transitions from one exercise to the next are a little abrupt. I miss some kind of one-for-nothing on the technique and then a count on the reps. Is this perhaps a setting I can turn on? That is, something like this: “ now we will do two minutes of The Hundred, remember to press into the floor, look at your knees, keep your arms stiff for the count of 100, inhale or exhale on every fifth beat, now inhale and 1, 2, 3,…” (I just made that up). This would save me from having to watch the screen continuously while trying to follow the program.
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6 months ago, tcwest
Deceptive App
I took the $29 3 month trial. My first mistake . First let’s talking about deceptive billing and balking customer “support”. The 3 Mon overpriced . Th Subscription renews on 3rd of month , as I signed up on 3rd of month. So I cancelled 2 days before the stated renewal date on Jan 1 . But they actually also billed and collected 2 days before their stated renewal date! . Very tricky and unfair . I have now had multiple emails to support with All the receipts of my cancellation and their email acknowledging it. But they won’t give me back the $53 they prematurely charged me!! Antietam deception: All the class offerings show real people in picture teaching them . Yet the actual classes are all taught my creepy primitive AI demonstrations and I suspect the voices at too. It’s had enough to motivate to work out without the mechanical ness and lack of form support on this app. This app seems designed to capitalize of folks impulses to get fit , but offer little but have lured you into a subscription trap you cannot avoid. Stay away.
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5 months ago, dushsusuxxhhs
Paid for it but can’t log in!
I went through the whole sign-up process, gave them my credit card information and confirmed it was processed. Set up my email address to use and password downloaded, and downloaded the app. The app opens but will not allow me to login. Says I am my email address is not registered. I also tried it online, and online, my email address is registered. Even online, though, my password is not recognized! I clicked forgot password, they say they sent a password reset to my email address. It has been over five minutes and the reset password has not arrived either in my inbox or spam. Come on! You have persuaded me to send you money, and I’m ready to go! It’s not sufficient to say, oh well I’ll do it later. Procrastination is a whole reason. I can’t do this on my own! If this is not resolved soon, like by tomorrow, I am going to stop my credit card charge. Because it is fraud. I paid for something that I do not have access to.
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11 months ago, iRepairClinic
Misleading Yoga App with Hidden Policies
I am extremely disappointed with this yoga app as they fail to disclose their policies upfront, leaving users in the dark about crucial information. It is unacceptable for any app, especially one claiming to promote wellness and transparency, to hide important details from their users. Upon downloading the app, I was excited to begin my yoga journey. However, as I started using it, I noticed certain features were locked behind a paywall, which was not mentioned anywhere during the initial sign-up process. I understand the need for in-app purchases, but the lack of transparency left me feeling deceived. Furthermore, when I tried to cancel my subscription after the free trial, I discovered that the cancellation process was buried deep within the settings menu, making it unnecessarily difficult to find. This kind of practice feels like a deliberate attempt to trap users into continued payments. A reputable yoga app should clearly outline its policies, including pricing and subscription details, upfront and in a user-friendly manner. Unfortunately, this app falls short in that regard, which undermines the trust of its users and tarnishes its credibility. I hope the developers take this feedback seriously and work towards improving their app's transparency and communication with their users. Until then, I cannot recommend this app to anyone seeking an honest and upfront yoga experience.
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6 months ago, tkaren79
So cheap and “somatic” exercises are just easy stretches
Please don’t pay for this app! I got it for $20 for the year I think and I saw somatic workouts so I was excited to try it. I logged on and chose the somatic series day 1. The video is good but the audio is AI so the affect is terrible and IT DOESN'T MATCH UP WITH THE VIDEO! If you’re trying to do a video- you can’t always be looking while doing the stretches and you need audio to tell you what to do- it is so terribly bad- poorly written and doesn’t tell you when to change to next stretch until the model has already started or done it. Just really bad production and you can tell it was done to be cheap and quick. The stretches are not somatic- they’re basic stretches that you learn to warm up and cool down. I’m glad I am only out $20 for this, otherwise I’d be so mad. It gets 2 stars because the video part is ok, and there are different kinds of yoga videos to do.
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1 year ago, User8704
It’s okay
The workouts are fine and easy to follow. I enjoyed them. I found a yoga subscription plan that has an easy to follow app that is $40 per year where as this one is $60 per 3 months. I tried canceling my subscription via the app where it provides a cancel subscription button, but after submitting the request several times it would pop up a red error box that said “subscription not canceled”. I went to the FAQ section where it said to cancel you have to go to the website. The link provided in the FAQ sends you to the quiz page where you’re locked into filling that out. I had to google the correct page, which lead me to sending support an email. So now I’m waiting for them to confirm it’s canceled. It was such a hassle and I think they try to trap people in this crazy work around where people might just give up on canceling because it’s frustrating.
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3 years ago, tmcchea
I never leave reviews but I wanted to on this app because I almost didn’t download this app due all the negative reviews I read. This app is awesome. There are many complaints about it going from exercise to exercise but I feel like that’s more beneficial for people who are very busy. Yoga carries so many benefits and I can feel it working. It may not be as personalized as it seems but I personally like the fact that I have many videos to choose from and I can decide what works for me and what I have time for that day. I have had no issues with the app itself everything works and loads fine. I like that it teaches you how to breathe while working out and it has honestly reduced my stress and anxiety already.
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5 months ago, Lucky 74 stage 4
Chair yoga
I purchased chair yoga due to my being in the hospital and then back at home for several weeks due to chest cold due to my stage 4 chest cancer. I was very weak and tried a couple of different exercises program. But I was not improving much. After learning about how chalk yoga works I tried it. It gove sounds a lot of stretching inn the program. Due to my lung issues it takes me a lot longer due to my breathing issues. It’s taken me a week to the first four days. However I am more mobile and able to reach up and bend down. I have to do the 5 min program in about 25 min. But I am no able to walk and get about much better. I would encourage anyone to take the program. It works !!
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7 months ago, rarelywritesareview
Used to be outstanding app, new updates have rendered it terrible
I have used this app for over a year, and prior to September/ October of 2023 would have expressed my overall enjoyment, satisfaction with results, and happiness with using this app on a daily basis. The only complaints to that point were the inability to share the app on another screen or ability to use the app in areas with poor signal. Customer service was generally excellent. However since September/ October 2023 the app has been terrible. The exercise program never the runs the correct length or capability level anymore. The poses are no longer called out. The updates are complete trash. And while customer service is very timely, they can do nothing to help you roll back the app to a version that actually works. Stay away from this app now. Do not renew it. You will be disappointed. It’s too bad, this was an excellent product that I used to recommend to others.
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4 years ago, A-jacquay
Love this app
I have been using this app for 25 days now, I’ve been working out every day. I have got to tell you they aren’t that long of workouts, but they are extremely affective and time efficient. Being a mother of 3 with a full time job, things get crazy. But using yoga has helped me find peace of mind, and taught me how to breath properly, and I now look forward to my workout (which sometimes doesn’t even feel like a workout). My husband has even been doing them with me, it’s so much fun! I highly recommend this app, I would give it 10 stars if possible. The only downside is all the meals are vegetarian, hubby loves his beef, but it is easily fixable, but they are always delicious! Especially the quesadillas
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5 months ago, K1298745
Utter waste of money! If you like an AI voice, literally this is the app for you
I am very disappointed. I spent $25 to try it out, and now they say they won’t refund it. I was willing to do it for three months, except that it all it is is an animation of a person doing poses with a terrible grating AI voice. Utter waste of money! Furthermore, they state a certain set of terms about a free trial period etc. when you sign up, then, when you download the app, in order to use it, you have to click accept new terms which takes you to the page of terms. You have to accept the terms before you can even read them?! Oh, and by the way they changed. I hope Apple pulls this ridiculous app from its platform. Oh yes and in the sign-up process, they offer you nutrition plans, and everything else but when you actually pay the money for the subscription? Nope, that’s an add-on, and you have to pay additional amounts for it!
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4 months ago, Okcathy
I had signed up, thinking I would absolutely use this in an effort to try to get in shape. After signing up, we had several different things happen in my family which made life crazy as it sometimes gets. Completely forgot that I had done signed up just recently received another charge. When I asked for a refund and I did go in and cancel my membership from renewal essentially was told it’s my responsibility to read all words in the agreement prior to selecting it, and absolutely no refunds are issued. Even after explaining it to them. I had my friend go on to go through the process, and when she did it finding the terminology that they are referring to it’s not something easily found it was in there yes but honestly feel like they did nothing but scam knowing that people don’t read the entire agreement letter for letter. Learned my lesson, but I want to save others from the same experience.
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1 year ago, Me4e
Annoying and unafffordable
I tried a one month subscription and used the product consistently for about half of it. The workouts and flows were easy and fast, but beyond that were not worth the price. Often, the listed time and completed workout time were inconsistent, with completed time running close to 5 minutes longer. The guides were often difficult to follow due to competency level and sometimes due to annoying vocal pitches and patterns. I felt little to no improvement in flexibility or fitness during the time, and was not impressed with the product for the trial 14$, let alone typical $30/month. My subscription renewed sooner than I expected and the company refused to refund the $30, despite the request for cancellation occurring within hours of the renewal. I have used multiple fitness and yoga apps, many expensive, and can say the price of this one exceeds the value.
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2 months ago, Mufkins
Wall Pilates good but some oddities
I’m older, just wanted a daily reminder and videos I don’t have to search for, don’t take too long, and aren’t too difficult. This fills the bill! The oddities are when it says to hold the stretch for 10 seconds but almost immediately goes on to a different pose. And yesterday the avatar went from standing to lying down, and vice versa, with zero time in between. One frame standing, the next lying. It takes me a second to transition! You have to watch the screen, not just listen, because the exercise is over by the time the instructions are given. All of that said, I mostly like the pace and use it daily, I just hope it doesn’t get any weirder. “Enjoy the flow” is sometimes too much. Ha.
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5 months ago, auntkari13
Another scam!
Unfortunately I fell victim to this scam. I followed through all the questions about my current fitness and skill level. They said they would tailor my workouts just for me. I thought I would give it a go as it stated on the site it offered a 30 day money back guarantee. I tried the introductory neck stretch and was fine. I moved onto the first lesson and was unable to do a lot of the movements which were supposed to be tailored to my fitness level. I contacted them next day, and stated I would like to cancel and receive my money back. They did respond quickly by offering me the whole year at no additional charge (of movements I couldn’t even do on the first lesson). I stated I just wanted a refund to which they sent me a large document with all of the restrictions for getting a refund. So now they want me to take a video and/or screen shot me doing the movements that I can’t do. Don’t waste your time or money!!
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3 years ago, Amber LuWho
Unoriginal and Very Over-priced
Primary reason for One-Star: When I downloaded the app, I was immediately told to sign up for a membership even though the AppStore said there was a 14-day trial period. The screen presenting the information did not readily make it available or known this was the case. It just instantly said “sign up to enter the app”. The app had awesome reviews, so I signed up for three months and spent the equivalent of a compact car tank of gas to achieve it. I found the programs disjointed and weirdly set up. There was no flow between the exercises and even though I put in I was a beginner, they threw some serious strength-stressing work at me. I couldn’t finish one such, so I ended very sore on half my body. There are a bunch of other apps that do this in a more cohesive manner. I was just hoping this one would exceed those in offerings. And it does offer more than yoga, but truly the classes are too robotic for me.
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2 months ago, krazers
Beware 🚨Odd soulless experience and total lack of empathy
I am utterly disappointed with Welltech App’s complete lack of empathy and refusal to provide a refund for subscription time I didn't use, despite explaining a tragic death in my family. This company's actions are not only callous but also demonstrate a blatant disregard for their customers' circumstances. Less than one hour after being charged for a subscription, I realized my mistake and promptly cancelled my subscription. I reached out to their customer support, explaining the recent passing of my partner and the overwhelming responsibilities I've been grappling with. To my shock and dismay, instead of showing any semblance of understanding or compassion, this WELLNESS COMPANY sent an email that admonished me and delivered a firm refusal to refund the unused portion of my subscription. It's disheartening and shocking to see a company prioritize profit over basic human decency, especially when a person came to them sharing such sensitive circumstances. Welltech claims to uphold certain values and ethos, but their actions speak louder than words. They have failed to live up to their purported commitment to helping people and providing genuine support to their customers when they need it most. I strongly advise potential users to think twice before engaging with this app. They are not walking the talk.
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2 months ago, Sjsr03
I have many physical issues due to back surgeries and connective tissue disease. I downloaded this app just to see if I’d even like doing any of the programs in it. Downloaded it 4 days ago, and honestly thought I would have deleted it within the first few minutes. I was/am completely shocked at how much I’m already enjoying it! I love that there are short workouts that I can squeeze in when the kids nap or at night when they go to bed. Fantastic that it’s easy to adjust the degree of difficulty and tailor the programs to my level. The ONLY suggestion I could make after only 4 days would be a way to track weight.
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5 months ago, Loveshack baby
Unable to access
I started on the web site with my subscription then when it took me to the app it had me answer all the questions again and when it went to the login page instead of choosing I already have an account I picked the other and it made me 2 separate accounts and they finally did reimburse one of them of course it was the $25 one and they charged me $36 or 37 and deleted that account but I’m still unable to login because it takes me to the get started page instead of a login page and asks me to put in my email and it says my email is already being used and I need to do a different email , I have sent several emails only to get the run around if we need to see proof of everything . Very irritating and confusing so I can’t even get into the app to use it for the 3 months so I’ve already canceled it and won’t be renewing it . 🤬😡🤯
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4 years ago, Whendoigetit
Started using today
Read the description of the app and it says you can use it for free however it made me pay for the app right out of the gate. After purchasing a one month access, I have come to discover that the plans aren’t quite personal. It has you set up the app as if it is going to give you a day to day schedule with your workouts but instead it gives you like 30 videos. I am not sure which ones I am supposed to do or if I am supposed to do all of them? I do like that they are short and easy to follow. The lady on the videos is quite annoying though. I wish she was more personable, not just commentating the same 4 words over and over. Will continue using it for the month to see how it goes and if I see any results. If my views change about the app, I will update a review.
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3 months ago, sfh1958
No free trial and no refunds
I thought this looked like a good app when it presented on instagram. I downloaded it and paid for an 8 month subscription. After trying to do the first workout, I realized I am physically unable to do even the first workout. When I contacted support, I was informed that you don’t even get a 24 hour trial. Nope, you’re immediately charged and are locked in to whatever subscription you paid for. Support did offer me an extra 4 months of subscription at no additional cost. Well, that does me no good when I can’t do the exercises. So, let the buyer beware. If you are younger, maybe this app will be a better fit for you, but at 65, it is too difficult for me. If you sign up for a subscription, only sign up for a month to check it out. Then, you’re not out much money like I am at this time.
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1 year ago, ___SpecB___
Good app with annoying problems
This is ultimately a good app that accomplishes what it sets out to do. Unfortunately the editing is at a C+ level at best. I’m 30+ days into my “custom workout routine” and I can’t tell you how many times they skipped an exercise. As an example let’s say they have you stretch your right leg, but then they move on to another exercise without stretching the left leg.. In almost every video you have a random louder voice that comes out of no where and its kind of jarring and breaks your concentration.. I’m guessing during the original filming/editing they forgot to record specific instructions so they inserted them in after the fact however, they used a different voice actor with a deeper voice, and the volume level is not the same.. My last gripe is that they end each video with a relaxation pose which feels great but they don’t provide any cue to let you know the exercise is over. It’s not a big deal but I have been lost in the relaxation/meditation and found myself losing 5-10min. To recap the app does what it’s designed to do but the editing leaves something to be desired especially for a subscription based app.
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8 months ago, kshbooks
AI is a bad yoga instructor
Their personalized plan is a AI computer generated plan. With a computer generated flat voice that is quite artificial and most definitely not inspirational. I love getting inspired by a real human. I love listening to real humans encouraging me to practice yoga postures going deeper into a posture. I love following along to a yoga plan that a real human put together. This artificial AI generated “personalized plan” is the worst. And yes like many of the other reviewers I too got snared into paying for an app I’m not using. I gave it 2 stars in support of the real human instructors on the app that are putting their hard work into sharing a real workout. But due to the artificial nature of the “personalized plan“ and how much they push it, I cannot give it a higher rating. I’m pro- human. Yoga and fitness in general is no place for computerized artificial coaches and instructors.
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4 years ago, Smac31Brooklyn
Confusing plan - they just throw everything at you
I emailed the team for guidance to which I. received a very generic response, and my follow up email for clarification remains unanswered. I get you fill out information and they recommend different exercises, but there are maybe 100 or more they give with no “personalized plan”! Only one per day is given as your daily workout and it is maybe 10 min long. Same with the food - a bunch of recipes with no direction. Do we pick one of each? No clue - nothing is really personalized, except maybe on the back end they narrow things down? The workouts themselves are pretty good, and I’ll give it another couple of weeks. But I’ve seen this particular question be posted before in a forum and the only response was “thanks for the feedback”. It would be a better app if you told people what they needed to do in order to get the results you are selling them!
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2 weeks ago, Wendi 1225
Won’t refund even if you cancel before the trial is over!
Very unethical refund policy. I wasn’t able to use the app and so deleted it. I was still charged the annual fee, requested a refund and was told I didn’t meet the refund requirements even though I requested a refund and canceled prior to the service being provided. VERY PREDATORY BUSINESS PRACTICES since they have access to your card number on file with the App Store. I’ve emailed politely several times only to be offered to have the App for 1 year free as a resolution. If I wanted the app I would have kept it! What I asked for was a refund for a $66 charge for a service I never used and never would have authorized. I will remove this review IF we come to a resolution otherwise if you can see it assume the app provider did not provide the refund. I’m also filing a dispute with my cc company. I’ve never had to do this before, ever.
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3 years ago, MsRCruz09
Not as advertised
I don’t usually write reviews but thought I’d take the time for this one. The advertisement says you’ll get personalized workout plan but you really don’t. Upon signing up (and they offer free trial), I find out they just “suggests” workout videos to you. Still, I thought I’d give it a try. So I joined 1 workout plan, and the audio doesn’t work. So I try another workout plan. Still nothing. I have deleted the app and downloaded it again, nothing. I then message support and they asked me to delete and download the app again. Still nothing. Turned out at the moment, “some parts of the content are temporarily unavailable.” They’re working on a big update. When that will be? I don’t know. So, working on requesting a refund from Apple for my month’s subscription.
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4 years ago, Dryarber
Do not be fooled - not as advertised
False advertising. The advertisements indicate that you will receive a tailor made workout plan. 1)You are asked a series of questions which would indicate that, in fact, there is an assessment of your abilities. 2) At the end of that series of questions, you receive a message that a plan has been developed for you. 3) You are offered three payment option. 4) You pay. 5) You realize there is no specialized plan for you, just several tile with various and sundry workouts that YOU choose. What’s worse. Even with false advertising, there is no refund. Both the developers and Apple Pay are complicit in this scam. I requested a refund in less than 12 hours of my purchase and was informed that there is no refund and my subscription will renew in one-year if I do not cancel it one day before it is due to renew. The conclusion of this matter....DO NOT PURCHASE.
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