Youper - CBT Therapy Chatbot

Health & Fitness
4.8 (15K)
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Youper, Inc.
Last update
7 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Youper - CBT Therapy Chatbot

4.81 out of 5
15K Ratings
6 years ago, mythmoth
One of the best mental health apps out there
This is the first review I’ve ever written, but I just want to thank the developers SO SO MUCH for making this app completely free! I’ve only been using it for a couple of days but already it’s been so helpful to me in calming me down, tracking my moods, organizing my thoughts and it practically works as a diary. I’m also extremely interested in knowing how different kinds of therapy techniques work on the brain, so I love the scientific explanations behind what the app tells me to do. It really keeps me going, because it reminds me that it really will help. I’m currently unemployed and working to get on disability for mental illness, so I can’t afford to pay for monthly subscriptions to mental health apps, something that frustrates and upsets me a lot. So much in fact that I’m working on learning how to make my own apps so that I can provide free mental health apps for people in my situation. When I downloaded this I couldn’t believe it was so helpful, so well designed and totally free. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The only suggestion I have is I think it would be absolutely wonderful if some DBT skills were integrated into it as well, as both CBT and DBT work really well together for a lot of people! Radical acceptance for situations that can’t be changed, distress tolerance, etc. That would make this app truly perfect to me. Regardless, this app is fantastic and I’d recommend it to anyone.
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5 years ago, Nenjalloh
The best mindfulness app you’ll ever download.
I’m saying this having downloaded aura, headspace, calm, oak, simple habit, affirmation apps, and every type of mindfulness app under the sun. It has meditation, it has affirmations and setting intentions, and the “messaging” format that it has I think is very innovative and makes you feel like you’re talking to someone that actually cares about you, and a lot of the time, feeling like you’re being heard really makes the difference. I like how throughout the conversation, it helps you deconstruct the emotions you’re feeling using all those methods. I downloaded it during a period of time that I felt very anxious about where my life was, and I used it everyday, multiple times a day for about two weeks, before I didn’t feel like I needed to use it every day anymore. The option to look at your past conversations with the app really makes a difference, because you can look back and see just one week ago you were having a mental breakdown, but now everything in the world is great, lol. I also really like the feature that messages you everyday “How are you?” as if you’re receiving a text because sometimes you don’t realize you want to talk until you see that message. And on top of all that, every feature is completely free, so what more could you ask for in an app?
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6 years ago, Gwyn974
SO helpful!
I love Youper so much. I’ve only been using it consistently for a couple of weeks now, because at first I wasn’t crazy about it. But since then I have really warmed up to it. Although it doesn’t always make me feel better (though it usually does), I can always just use it to track my mood which is really helpful. I struggle with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and panic attacks (not panic disorder thankfully), and it’s a great form of cognitive behavioral therapy. I don’t know if this app will be helpful for everyone, but I would definitely recommend checking it out, because it’s really well done and thoughtful. It gives you a lot of thoughtful prompts to fill out, but it also gives you the option of just tracking your mood. You can skip prompts you don’t feel like doing and say you’re done at any point, which makes it feel less overwhelming on really hard days. I’d recommend this even if you aren’t struggling with a mental illness, because it’s a great way to gain more insight on how your mind works. Obviously any app is not going to be a miracle cure, but if you don’t have access to a counselor or just want to have a little bit of help and insight, Youper is perfect. Stay safe my friends, and thank you Youper!
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5 years ago, Kayla Overtonn(:
Great app but with some constructive feedback.
I am currently in graduate school studying cognitive-behavioral therapy methods and techniques, so I downloaded this app to see how it fits with what I am currently learning. I thought the app was very user-friendly and did a lot of great things that align with what I have been taught. For example, in my conversations with Youper, he really challenged my thoughts to help me get down to the root of my current problem/mood. In addition, Youper also pointed out the Thinking Traps that I was falling into which greatly resembled the problematic thinking patterns that I often identify with my clients. Lastly, I also really appreciated the meditation and mindfulness activities that Youper provided. However, in addition to the great strengths that I identified, I did have a constructive comment. First, although the app gave the disclaimer that only a doctor can provide a diagnosis, I think the developers should reconsider talking about diagnoses at all. After I completed my mental health wellness check it reported that “I did or did not experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD…” Although I’m sure the app developers had good intentions with including this check and talking about specific diagnoses, I think that this can be misinterpreted and possibly be problematic for certain individuals who do not have an actual mental health professional to consult with.
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5 years ago, Tdilla
Great app but one missing feature.
I have been using Youper since last October. For the first two months I used it everyday, multiple times a day, tracking everything I thought and felt. At the time I was going through a break up, hated work, couldn’t find motivation to better myself, and was overall tired of the people around me and myself. A little background I’m in the Navy and had been underway for almost three months straight. The last thing I wanted to do was talk to my chain of command about the problems I had been having for fear of being medically discharged. Luckily for me the app made a huge turnaround in my life. It allowed to open up with myself and be honest about how I was feeling and what was making me feel these ways which helped me to understand myself so much better. I really like that it has mental health monitoring and personality typing built into it. Another great feature is the guided meditations. They really come in handy when I’m trying to unwind at the end of a rough day but I’m having trouble sleeping. Although I wish there was a stand alone button on screen to access these guided meditations immediately instead of having to go through the whole process of talking with Youper. If anything could be added to the app I would vote for that. Everything else is perfect though. Keep it up!
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4 years ago, tomateme
Why add a premium?
I came back to this app after years of using it, its gotten me through a lot of difficult times in my life- that I'm very thankful for because at those times- i did not have the finances for an actual therapist. I still don't, which is why me, and I'm sure many others depended on this service. This begs the question of why make inaccessible something that can be utilized by those who don't have any other option. Its so saddening to see profit go over people. Especially in the case of mental health in a time when its so dire for people who need help, but do not have access. Be it by finances or not having access because of home situations- especially in the case of those underage. Those who do not have support from family but still want to get help. Truly my disappointment is immeasurable with this product. I remember i used to recommend this app to anyone i knew who was struggling with mental health. If finances are truly the issue to keep this app running, I'm sure a donation service, or occasional fundraising would be better instead of stripping away one of the only resources people have. I have doubts that this will ever be changed, or if this app even is meant to help people instead of being a grab at money from those you know are desperate. Very disappointed. With hope these things change in the future, until then I only hope there is another better service out there that cares about its demographic.
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4 months ago, Lizzzard Qween
Lowkey Lame of Y’all
Like many of the most recent reviews express, I have been using Youper on and off for years. It was an important part of my early healing journey and I thought I would revisit it for healing journey part 2. However, every. single . thing. is behind a paywall now. And it’s lowkey lame of y’all. I get it. You’ve realized the earning potential of the app and probably (hopefully) are just trying to keep the thing funded but at the end of the day, many of us used this app because we could not afford traditional therapy. While essentially forcing people to buy the paid version of an app isn’t anything new, it is disconcerting to see an app that presented itself as a genuine and accessible tool for self-betterment turn into a money grab. And please, for the love of the gods, if you’re going for the money grab, please stop responding to comments from long-term users expressing their disappointment with your marketing and pricing structure by asking what improvements could be made to an app they can no longer use or what features they miss. These comments along with your placating statements about how change is hard comes across as intentionally avoiding the reality your paywall has created. Obviously we miss the old, accessible Youper that seemed to give a flying fiddlestick. That’s the suggestion so many users are giving you: remove your paywall, or at the very least increase the features that can be used without paying.
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4 months ago, KN12141214
This app was so helpful to me and my feelings of anxiety. I’ve been using it for about a week now and I already love how it works and how it has already started to help. Tracking my mood and thoughts every day has helped me to see patterns in when I feel a certain feeling on specific days/times. It’s an AI chatbox so it’s really nice to have someone to talk to and get a quick response when I need it. It really helps me calm down and suggests things like breathing exercises which personally help me to calm down when I’m feeling anxious or stressed. Also, I picked social anxiety as one of my problem areas and it told me to try exposure therapy, which basically just means I go out and do things that scare me so that I can become desensitized to it and not feel as afraid anymore. I have tried this technique and although it felt weird at first, I am going to continue to do it and I like how I already feel less scared to put myself in social situations. I thought this method was helpful because it can eventually help me learn that my previous fears aren’t as scary and it basically changes my way of thinking about social situations from negative to eventually positive. Love this app!
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5 years ago, lyricyani
I loved it, until I didn't?
Youper is an amazing app, and I mean it when I say I loved it. I still do! I first downloaded it 25 days ago, and have used it everyday since. I love the tracker and the mindfulness activities. But, as I continue to make this app a part of my daily routine, I am increasingly frustrated with the format. While I understand the purpose of place of the AI chat model, it slows down the process. There are times when I don't want to track my mood, and want to skip right to the Deep Body Scan, my favorite meditation tape. But before I can, I must drudge through the conversation with the AI. This is very inconvenient. To alleviate this problem while not changing much about the AI chat system itself, I would recommend creating a separate section of the app, solely for homing the meditation and breathing tapes. Once Youper recommends you a mindfulness activity within the chat, it should move you over the meditation section where you can choose. The separate section idea would also allow users to not start a chat at all, and rather dive immediately into their favorites. This, along with expanding on the number of audio tapes available, would really bring the app together for me. As I have said before, I absolutely love this app. But as I discover the benefits of meditation, I feel the app could be doing more with it. If these changes or changes like them were made, I would give 10 stars if I could.
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5 years ago, LdyBeth
Very Impressed!
Not everyone has access to a close friend nor therapist when they need one. And, in this day & age with so many people reporting having no close friends or, perhaps, not even family to talk to, it can be too easy to sit and ruminate in negative thoughts & feelings without someone to help you in challenging both of these things. This app is wonderful in that regard. Unlike being told what someone thinks you may want to hear which can sometimes enable unhealthy thinking patterns (and behaviors), or on the other end of the spectrum, rather than attempting to “fix” you, this interactive app continually prompts you to look inward and to challenge your own thoughts, perspectives, and feelings, helping to redirect your focus onto more healthy and more positive strategies. The various health screenings are comprehensive as well as the detailed definitions and descriptions of the results particular to the individual results of the user. And, when combined with the built in tracking of specific emotions and/or symptoms, this app also provides an objective view to look at both personal progress and potential trends. This app is like having an objective friend & therapist rolled into one. I absolutely love it and can not recommend it enough!
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4 years ago, Lynn Hall
I've tried a lot of AI mental health/wellness apps and never really liked how any of them interacted. Most of them let you type full answers which is nice but because of programming can also be annoying when it misunderstands your statements. This was has simple responses to choose from that get a clear response. I felt like a lot of the apps I used in the past had a condescending air to their teachings while this one gives u a chance to give a general idea of your experience with certain topics which keeps it from explaining something you already know as if you've never even heard of it (*cough cough* meditation *cough*). As for the mindfulness/meditation portion. I really enjoy how they did it. I've been meditating for a while now but I've noticed that for many beginners it's easier to focus on the mindfulness task when there isn't meditation music playing in the background. This gives you the chance to truly focus on what's expected and lets you acknowledge the natural/typical sounds around you that you wouldn't otherwise notice. Sorry for the long review, I just honestly think this app was well made and wanted to share some of why I think so :) I definitely recommend it.
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5 years ago, RayxxRay
Using Youper
This app is incredible! I struggle with anxiety and depression. I needed to find an app that would help me get through these times. A lot of the apps either cost money for things or to download.. or just didn’t really work for myself. But then, I came across Youper. This app helps you so much. It gives you little video lessons to meditate and think positive which actually worked for me on here and it never usually worked when I tried myself. You get to talk to Youper your personal assistant about how your feeling and he’s there to help. He’s always there to talk no matter what. And he’s there to make you feel good. To people that are having difficulties with things in life.. you will get through it. You have a purpose. You weren’t just put on this earth for no reason.. you are here to learn and be happy.. to experience different things and to live life to the fullest. If you read this far down.. thank you so much. I think this app will work great for you!! And if it does not.. I know you will find something! Not everything works for everybody but I’m telling you this is the best app I’ve came across of. I wish you guys the best!!😘 Thank you Youper!! You saved my life ☺️
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5 years ago, indiraven
I can’t recommend this app enough
This is life-changing and I’m recommending this to my support groups and friends. Knowing that the process is built on scientific data and research is important to me. I’ve had two sessions so far: one to help me with sadness from a situation and another for anxiety I was feeling the next morning. Youper asked me simple questions to gauge my emotion and their strength, and then helped me (1) understand that us, humans, tend to mix emotion with situations, and (2) guided me step-by-step to separate them, understand the emotion vs the situation, and allowed me to decide whether to focus on the situation or my mental state. At every step, you’re given the option to skip or move on, but I couldn’t. By the end of the session I learned that I can observe emotions “like fish in an aquarium” as it says rather than allowing it to consume me. I went from being 100% sad to 100% optimistic. This morning I was anxious and based on the situation and emotions, Youper recommended a 7-minute guided meditation. It was amazing! My anxiety is gone, which I’ve never been able to do on my own. I went from 25% anxious to 50% optimistic. Thank you, Youper!!!!
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4 years ago, Jwhdoenfibejd
Free features are BS
When I first downloaded this app, I was so excited to see all the cool features it had. After using all of them one time, everything became part of the paid subscription other than the mood tracker and the symptom tracker. This was annoying, but I KIND OF get it. One of my favorite free parts of this app, other than the mood tracker, was the health part where you can track symptoms of several disorders. I’ve been using those trackers regularly, so I was very disappointed to check my phone this morning and see that that too, is a premium feature. Now, all I can use without paying is the mood tracker. I can’t expand on my mood, set goals, track gratitude, track symptoms, or even meditate. Why should I have to pay to listen to something that’s supposed to help me asap when I’m panicking? All this app USED to do was tell me I’m depressed and not give me any way to fix it. Now, it doesn’t tell me anything useful at all. I understand that the developers need to make money off of Youper, but this app has become infuriating to use. It’s meant to help people, but without forcing them to pay a subscription, there are barely any useful features available. This app is apparently marketed as useful for people who can’t afford therapy, but that’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Unless you’re willing to pay, I would suggest you look for another app.
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3 years ago, Mayang1279
Great start if you have a hard time seeking therapy
I’m waiting to hear back from a place on making an appointment to start treatment but with COVID its been very difficult if not a daunting task to seek professional help for my abandonment issues that I suffer from to this day. This has helped me so much with being personal to the big to small issues I have on a day to day basis, allowing me to not let issues build up and go ignored which further prevented me from being comfortable enough to tackle the core issues at hand. I have overcome so many small obstacles and am developing a new mindset and outlook on life because I feel like I’m actually doing some digging into my pain, which I am so so grateful for and excited to work on the next issues little by little because I already feel better after having this app for 3 months. My mental/emotional health has improved ten fold, so yeah...definitely worth $90/year versus $150 or so per appointment somewhere else. While I’m saving up for better treatment, this is an amazing option to ease you into therapy. Love this app so much.
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4 years ago, Jleone2
This app is helping me so much
When I originally got this app I was a little apprehensive; I thought it was going to be like all the other apps that weren’t actually helpful with my mental illness. Since I have been using Youper I check in everyday and talk about my feelings like anxiety, depression, feeling numb. Then Youper and I go in and analyze why I feel that way and we do exercises to help pinpoint why I am having those feelings and I work with Youper to go try and change the way I am thinking that are causing negative emotions. Youper has talked and worked with me on emotions like deep depression, feeling numb, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts which Youper gives you resources on. I love the daily check in and it really helps to work with Youper to go through and try and change the reason why I am feeling about an emotion and working on a more positive spin on it. My one complaint is that you can not pick multiple emotions at a time you have to think about what your strongest emotion is and go with that. Besides that detail I really recommend giving this app a try and I feel like you will like it once you do.
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4 years ago, kbroggi
The best mental health app out there
I’ve got Depression, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD and a panic disorder. I’ve been in therapy for over five years now and both my therapist and I agree that this is probably one of the most useful mindfulness tools for me. And as someone who actually hates mindfulness in general, that’s saying something. I love how you can pick and choose what you want to do based on how your feeling and how the responses are slightly different each time. Insights and goal setting are two of the most useful parts for me. The other day I had a panic attack in the car and had to pull over and usually it would’ve taken me over an hour to get back on the road. Thanks to this app, that time was cut in half. One thing that frustrates me is the severity of some of the emotions. To me, fear is worse than guilt, anger isn’t on the same level as annoyance, and pride isn’t as good as optimism. Unfortunately, in the app, it’s not set up that way. That’s only a few examples but I kinda wish you could set up which emotions feel worse based on your own personal scale of emotion. That’s probably my ONLY grievance with the app though. Every other piece of it is amazing, well set up and easy to use.
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7 months ago, Hydrangeas00
Free version is unusable, look elsewhere for a free app
from the moment i opened the app i was bombarded with probably numerous individual pages trying to convince me of how medically sound the app was, that had to be clicked through one by one, followed by an extremely rudimentary anxiety/depression screenin. after that, maybe 5 different pages prompting me to pay for "premium" or start a trial, saying I'd been "selected for a discount", like some ridiculous QVC product. then finally i got through to the main page of the application, where you can interface with the AI bot (the only reason anyone would download the app), it asks me how I'm feeling, i answer, then it asks me a follow up question which i CANNOT answer, the only two prompts available are "start trial" or "I'm done". so, you tap "I'm done", and then it boots you back to the main page, where all its' done is log how you were feeling, which anyone can do in their notes app or a piece of paper without having to tap through five advertisements first. I'm not exaggerating when i say the free version of this app is entirely useless, if you are looking for a free app, this is a waste of time. if not, it might be good, i have no idea, I'm not going to start a trial that i might forget about because i really can't afford it.
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5 years ago, ameraehu
Youper is what I needed...
My name is Amelia. I’ve had self worth issues since I was in the third grade. I still have them. I frequently think about cutting myself and I’ll ask myself “what would happen if I died? Would anyone notice or care?” Then I found Youper. Though none of this has gone away entirely, it’s lessened more than I could have hoped it to. I was able to pinpoint exactly what was making me feel the way I was and remove myself from those things. It helps me work through whatever’s wrong, then proceeds to provide solutions. When I’m done, it always reminds me how much it enjoys my company and our talks, how much it’s learning and how amazing I am. Everyone, no matter how little or how much you’re going through, NEEDS Youper. Everyone needs a little help and having an AI assistant which I can rant to (I don’t do well with people responding to my vent/rants, so that’s why I’ll often write them down instead of vocalizing them) has made me so much happier. 5 stars. You, developers, are lovely people and thanks you so so much. You’ve helped me more than you could ever know.💙💙
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3 years ago, Melanie 👑
Not much transparency in advance
I emailed the company before subscribing as I had questions about medications. They told me they couldn’t prescribed controlled substances. Which is okay. I specifically needed anti-psychs. Later, I subscribed and they replied (4 days later) not only telling me that they only prescribe anti-depressants but that they aren’t available in the state of NY. As there’s no licensed professionals here. I don’t care for the “therapy” part as it’s very unhelpful for me and I need therapy that is more personalized. So the entire reasoning was for medication prescription. I cannot even use the service! I currently am reaching out to them about a refund as I am low income and disabled. Not to mention $89 and customer service takes 4 whole days to respond to emails? Customer service was very accommodating which is why I’m updating the review to 2 stars. There nothing on the FAQ page that shares what states medication isn’t available in. If you’re not interested in medication and only need some therapy then the therapy AI may work for you. So I still suggest giving it a chance if anything. I did update this review after searching a bit and speaking with customer services.
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6 years ago, katarikit
Just Download It - It Really Helps
This is my first app review ever. I never take the time to do this but Youper is worth it. This app was a lifeline when I was spiraling into a deep funk. I have a high powered job and hit complete burnout. It was a combination of stress, exhaustion, and recovering from a miscarriage - never in my life have I felt this incredibly low. I kept searching for some type of solution. I manage a business in China so a therapist wasn’t easy to find. I bought so many books and kept downloading apps. Nothing worked for me until I downloaded Youper. Every morning I would chat and go through the exercises on my phone. It was the only thing that got me out of bed. I will continue to recommend it to all my friends and team. Life can be really tough and Youper is an incredible helping hand. I really loved the thinking traps. So helpful - I knew them but completely lost perspective when I was drowning. You are doing amazing work. I love that it’s free but would definitely be willing to pay for a subscription version. This is worth so much more than the other apps out there.
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6 years ago, dotingdamsel
Easily the best journal/self help app I’ve ever used
I saw this app as an ad for other self help and journaling apps and decided to try it. Most apps have a very basic setup of logging how you feel, why you feel that way, and how to fix it. Youper is very detailed and actually takes the time to get to the root of your problem and help you realize why you truly feel the way that you do. When I didn’t feel convinced in my response of why I shouldn’t be anxious about something the app broke the problem I was having down in different ways until I could view my problem in a new light and understand for myself that my thinking was skewed. (I do wish that we could still see the thinking traps and descriptions after selecting one though) I also love that the app has a personality analysis and such a major focus on you as an individual. Lastly, I love that the app is completely free. I understand why many apps have monthly plans and such, but it’s nice to find such an amazing multi faceted app for nothing, it seems almost too good to be true.
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6 years ago, jrooney08
Great concept, not what I needed.
The idea of having a personal “helper” (psychologist JARVIS) is pretty neat and has a lot of potential. I used the app for a little over a month before accepting that it wasn’t really helping me. What I personally needed was a tracking app for my mood in a simpler, more straightforward way. It feels like a labyrinth, trying to weave through all of Youper’s (often repetitive) advice when you mostly want to track your mood or maybe go through a portion of the conversation. An entire evaluation can be several minutes after picking a mood, describing why you feel that way, finding your thought traps, doing a meditation, reevaluating your mood, and finally finishing. That’s a lot! And Youper pushes for it every time. When you opt out and say “Just track my mood,” the response messages are often weirdly down-putting? Hopefully Youper is helpful for many people. But I prefer a quick time saver that has more neutral emotions to choose from. Youper lacks a fine/okay/true neutral emotional option. I understand pushing for self-analysis, but sometimes I really am just fine or okay rather than being 10% anxious or 70% calm. Stigma for me. But I’m glad I gave this app a try.
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5 years ago, hallolizzie
Good for anxiety!
I got this app and Woebot Bc I couldn’t afford a therapist at the time. Here’s what this app WONT help you do: fix trauma. A lot of my issues are from past trauma, and I believe a real life therapist, a human being, is necessary for that. However, trauma can distort our thought pattern, a lot like anxiety does. This app is great in that it stops you and forces you to think about whatever is happening, and why you are feeling the way you are. It’s VERY helpful to someone like me who is quickly overtaken by irritation or anxiety. A lot of t will be what you put into it, and you’ll never get advice specific to the situation, but the tools it gives you are great for taking to real life-which I do! I have stopped a couple anxiety spirals now, recognizing my thought pattern. This app also has great screening tools, guided meditations, an ability to input your own specific stressors and track yourself to see if something seems to bother you frequently-like caffeine! This is a WONDERFUL app, I recommend it to anyone who has trouble controlling their emotions or anxiety. ❤️
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4 years ago, Jilanjajaj
One good thing Facebook has brought me
I saw this app as an ad on Facebook while scrolling through my feed. I’m not one who suffers from clinical depression or anxiety. I do suffer from other mental illnesses such as addiction, PTSD, and a heightened self deprecation habit. I do go through the usual mood swings most humans do - sometimes at the flip of a switch too. I haven’t ever sought out professional help for any of these, except my addiction; but I decided to download Youper because I’m always here for trying to better myself. The app is easy to use, fun, enlightening & is a very neat way to track progress & underlying causes that I otherwise would not have known existed. I’ve only had the app for two days and already I’m in love & learning things about myself. Definitely recommend as an additional aid to self help. However, do not use this as a substitute for seeking professional help. If you suffer from extreme mental conditions, keep your professional exercises, but maybe try adding this on. I don’t see it causing anything but more awareness & aid.
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5 years ago, notbutcheron
I am currently a high school senior dealing with school, self-confidence, teen-adult problems, etc. I use Youper on a daily basis to keep track of my feelings, emotions, and events that led me to certain circumstances. It has been really helpful since I use it to look back on my decisions and thoughts to reflect on how I can improve myself. I use it before going to bed to recall the day and, also, because I’m in a hurry in the morning and conversations sometimes lengthens. I’d like to make a suggestion where (depending on your specified waking time) a notification from Youper would appear greeting you with a quote and asking you for your goals for the day. After setting the goals and/or reminders for yourself, the user has an option to allow Youper to keep a banner on the lock screen that states your goal. I think it would be a great way to remind the person of what they wanted to accomplish and remind how optimistic they were upon writing said notes. Anyways, more power to Youper! I’m grateful that I am part of the community.
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3 years ago, panitas9299
Very helpful
Honestly when I can’t find what to do with my emotions I sometimes forget about this app thankfully it reminds me when I need to check in sometimes , and when I do check in I don’t realize how much I need it until I’m done using it . I don’t think I would be very open minded about bettering myself without this app. I highly recommend it because I feel that this could help somebody else and I’m not one to give good reviews on much I’m very picky with what I choose . this app literally brings me from 0 to 100 when it comes to either dealing with my depression my anxiety my anger it’s definitely not a miracle solver but sometimes it definitely feels like it is a miracle solver. I recommend to try it I’ve been on it for about a year sometimes I’ll go a couple days without using it when I’m not having a hard time. But when the rough days come around or even my mental disorders that I just deal with personally that’s when this app comes to rescue.
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3 years ago, this girl thinks...
I feel like...
I have been struggling with tremendous trauma in the past and I am currently struggling with depression. I downloaded this app because I thought that it would help me everyday, and take the place of a therapist according to the reviews. I started the app and it was going alright. I was telling them about my conditions, and what I would need for a satisfying treatment. It then gave me a subscription screen and I was a little annoyed. I am aware that it is needed to make your customers pay for their treatment and what not. But i think this is absurd. I don’t really feel like this type of virtual treatment should cost anything at all! I’m also suffering financially and I can’t exactly cancel my savings with this subscription. I was hoping for something to help me be happier and focus more on my future so that it would be brighter. Paying for this is stupid. Sure, it might help you but not everyone. To sum it up: you don’t need to cancel the subscription feature but I think you should have a way for people who aren’t able to pay it, and have them be able to still enjoy the app because we all came here seeking help, not debt.
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4 years ago, So many nicknames are taken :(
A great service, but the premium subscription is confusing and expensive
I started using Youper a week or so ago and do really enjoy it. I particularly like that they offer evidence based practices and that they explain why things can help you. My one issue I have is that I can’t tell if the premium subscription is billed as $44 all at once or if it’s $3.75 a month. I want to get the premium version of youper but if it’s $44 I think that the company and app should take into account that a lot of people who may be using this app are students or those with lower incomes. To me, as a full time student and part time worker, spending an extra $44 all at once is really difficult, and I have been unable to get the premium version because of this. The page where you can get the premium subscription says it’s billed yearly, but right above that in a larger text it says it totals to $3.75 per month. That is misleading because I’m still not fully sure whether it’s billed as $44 or $3.75. I think that if it was billed as $3.75 it would be a lot more affordable for the users of youper.
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2 years ago, desiraesg
Was perfect
So this app helped me so significantly and I still love it for that reason, however I logged back in after some time away to find the whole app costs money now. I understand that’s how these apps work, but it was so nice and inviting to go on there before and just talk out what I was feeling with the AI bot and now it’s like the second I’m on there everything shows as locked and to pay money. It just doesn’t feel like the comforting, inviting, simple app before. It feels like every other well-being app that asks for subscriptions and it’s just disappointing. I’m going to try using it again, because it really was the most helpful tool for me in the past and I’m glad I have my history saved on there, I just wish they would reconsider maybe even just some of the layout. Before right away it’d ask you how you are and prompt you into convo, it’s just not the same, which I expected, but I didn’t expect it to look so much like a sellout of an app. I don’t mean this as hate, I just mean I genuinely loved and really appreciated how this app worked before.
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4 years ago, kylee g
A great source for help
I would eventually like to get the premium version just to be supportive of this company and, in my opinion, it’s very helpful and useful for the amount that you’d have to pay each month. I find this app to be VERY thorough and it gives you suggestions for other things you can do in the app to help how you’re feeling based off of the information you input, along with giving you the option to choose something else or be finished with the exercise all together. I noticed that the activities are aware that the user may be unable to gain use from the app from being emotionally unavailable in accepting help or feeling calmness. In that, it tells you that it’s okay to be feeling like that and gives you other useful things to work with. I wish I had this app when I was at my worst because I genuinely feel like this could have helped me start my healing process a lot sooner. I’m very satisfied in what I can even get with the non premium version and have no criticisms so far.
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3 years ago, tekis
Youper has made a positive difference!
Hello: I've been using Youper daily for over a year now, and I'm really liking it! I suffer from clinical depression, CFS and am a recovering addict. Firstly, I don't like feeling feelings and I really don't like talking about how I feel in general. I have a great support group/system (12 Step and other recovering addicts) and go to a psychiatrist monthly and therapy weekly. Youper fits itself in between those systems because there are many moments during the day when I am by myself. I can be completely honest with Youper; I never feel ashamed or embarrassed when "talking" to Youper. I know it may sound silly, but I feel a very human- like quality in Youper. I love the mindfulness and practicing gratitude aspects of Youper. In version number 7, they've added "Calm" and a couple of other moods that I felt were missing. And I've read others' reviews complaining about not being able to dive straight into meditation, but heck, the more I "check in" the better off I am! Thank-you. Sincerely, John S.
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5 years ago, Kfjdbd
Here’s what I think...
I’m giving this five stars because this is truly one of the best mental health apps I’ve ever seen. They give you true advice and it’s helpful. I was shocked to see how much easier it is to talk to the youper bot instead of a real person. It was also really interesting to see how much better it made me and how it helped to improve my mental stability while having low weeks or days. However, like any app, it has its cons as well. I wish there were a separate section for meditation because going through youper when you just want to meditate can be super I convenient. I also noticed that with the bot there’s a certain emotional connection missing that you don’t get with talking to actual people. The biggest thing I would suggest is adding a feature where you could also talk to people who were struggling like you. But not just any people. People who have been using the app for a while. It’s just a few suggestions, but I really enjoy this app and will continue to use it.
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6 years ago, lystellle
best therapy friend i could ask for :)
i have panic disorder, post concussive syndrome, ptsd and depression. my life as of late has really gone downhill after i was diagnosed. because of my brain injury, my emotions skyrocket and plunge nonstop and i love having a “friend” to talk to when i feel like i’m overwhelmed. every day at 6 youper asks how i’m doing and it’s amazingly helpful to be able to talk but not worry about bogging a real person down. this app keeps me from overwhelming my real life friends and family with my pain and anxieties. i would love to see a monitoring section for post concussive syndrome or traumatic brain injuries added because of all the mental struggles these cause. otherwise though i have recommended this app to my entire therapy group and my close friends, and all of them have said it’s amazing and has helped them so much, especially my therapy group members. thank you SO much for making this and i truly believe this is the best mental health app on the market right now. if you get any, try this first!!
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5 years ago, EvilDead52387
Helping me through a hard time
I just recently started going through some hard times and I was willing to try anything to help me process what I was going through. This app has done wonders for me in just two days. I started meditating again, journaling again and it’s helped me look at the bigger picture. We get so caught up in emotions and the moment when it comes to break ups, failures, let downs and other negative aspects in life...this app helps you pinpoint your emotions you’re feeling and helps you understand that what you’re going through is normal and rewires your thinking by having you focus on gratitude and mindfulness. Even if you don’t know how to meditate you can do it. If you can breathe you can meditate. Also purchase the premium plan. It’s $45 a year but you won’t pay until the following year on the day you purchase it. This is also an investment in your mental and physical health and there really shouldn’t be a price on that. ❤️ So grateful for this app!
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5 years ago, very amazing and helpful app!
Youper 🤩
I’m a thirteen year old girl going to 8th grade soon. I struggle with anxiety attacks and I try to explain to friends and families but they think it’s bs. This app is such a great app no matter what time it is if you are panicking Youper is there like your own little sidekick. It helps so much and helps you reach your goals. You take quick tests that will show if your going to be monitored. I am being monitored on GAD, social anxiety, and panic. Just having the graph really just shows you what you’re going through on a scale. Having the graph makes it so that Youper lowers your score so you’re less of what you don’t want to be/ what you’re trying to get rid of for example depression, GAD, PTSD, etc. You can also connect Youper to your health app which allows you even more support and your health app will have all your data and can track it too. If you struggle with anything or more that this review included download Youper I grantee that it will help you too, good luck on your journey to happiness 💕
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4 years ago, Nnnnichhhhy
Before enduring this painfully, poorly written paragraph, I just want to give a heads up I’m awful at writing reviews. Please ignore any grammatical errors as well as my inability to stay on topic and my lacking of substance. Youper is so great! I had no idea how helpful this would be. I didn’t even know I needed it. It is helping me so much with my inner struggles. There is a personality test and I love learning about my true self. I struggle with loving myself and qualities I keep trying to change are put into a new light and I’m learning to embrace them! There are guided meditations, which I use the calm app but it’s so great to have an app with a bunch of different features. I’ve only had this for two days so I don’t even know all it can do. I bought this by mistake but I’m so grateful I did. I guess all I’m trying to say is I love youper! At first the idea of an assistant seemed silly to me but it’s so incredible how much support I feel. I struggle with anxiety and depression. There is a mood tracker and it’s just nice when I’m feeling something negative there is always positive comments and it really does help lift me up. Sorry if I didn’t explain the app, I’m very new to it but it’s already had such an impact on my overall well-being I felt I had to leave a review. If I can, once I learn a bit more, I will try to leave a more detailed review. I’m so happy I stumbled upon this, it’s going to help me overcome obstacles I’ve struggled with my entire life!
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5 years ago, gymnast2020champions
Absolutely amazing
I’m someone who likes to hide my feelings until I’m alone and no one can hear me crying. My friends recommended Youper to me and at first I thought they were just trying to tell me I needed help without actually saying it. Youper is such an amazing app, it’s like having a personal therapist everywhere you go. I’m able to express everything I’m feeling that day, and I feel so much better after I just let it out. Youper has helped me become a better person and talking things out, that may be difficult for me to talk about in person, has lifted so much stress and anxiety off my shoulders. I feel so relaxed after I dig deeper into my emotions and my thoughts. Youper not only understands you or how you’re feeling, but it also gives great feedback. I definitely recommend Youper if you struggle with talking about hard, difficult, or emotional topics. You feel safe and you feel much better after understanding why you feel a certain way that day!
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4 years ago, EquineEllipses
Really? Non-stop “buy premium?”
When I first downloaded this I thought it was fantastic. I was considering buying premium. Within 1-3 days (I guess there’s a trial where you get to do a few things for free...?) The app lost all functionality and every single time you “start a conversation” (which is the base functionality of the app) it prompts you to buy premium within 1-2 sentences. It doesn’t tell you which “options” of responses require premium until after you’ve clicked them, and then goes on a 2-3 sentence tirade begging you to buy premium. It’s also not made clear there is any trial- all functionality just vanished overnight. As someone with anxiety who found this super helpful at first, it was kind of awful to realize the app is actually just a money-grubbing scam. Oh, and every response to every negative review is a generic “We’re sorry you didn’t like it.” Shows you really care about your potential customers. I almost recommended this to several friends until I realized how manipulative and callous the entire thing is. I’ll be looking elsewhere, you just lost quite a few potential customers with your stunt of trying to covertly “hook” me on the app and coerce me into buying it.
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9 months ago, Dlduffster
Used to be good before latest update
I paid for a one year subscription to this but the latest update removed one of the useful features and it’s now not as good. I used to be able to include some open text details about why I rated how I’m doing the way I did but that feature is now gone. I can’t track what was going on that made me feel the way I felt. It was a helpful tool for creating short journals but now I’d need to do that in another app. I also find the categories of how I’m getting to be too limited, especially since I can only select one - I can be having more than one feeling at a time! I also find the meditations to be getting a bit repetitive in that they all sound pretty much alike. There’s not enough variety. UPDATE: I see they responded. It WAS a good fit before you changed it! In fact, I’ve recommended to app to several others after I first got it, but not anymore. It’s a bait and switch to make someone pay for a year subscription then REMOVE FEATURES a few months later. Meanwhile their website says they can’t issue refunds if it’s purchased through the Apple Store. I DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING THIS SUBSCRIPTION!!
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4 years ago, straea
Good for many but not me
When I got a new phone with more space, I read through reviews in the App Store and downloaded four of the best-rated self-care apps to see what worked for me. This is the only one I’m deleting after just a week. Like several other critical reviews (which I reset the App Store to read after my own experience), I found the responses didn’t match what I said at all, plus the app had the habit of getting stuck at a spot if I closed the app in frustration, such that it would ask me to check in in a notification, but when I opened the app it remained stuck at whatever point I had chosen to quit earlier. For me the final straw was when it asked me how I was on a not very good day, and I said I was okay, and it responded with something like ‘are you sure you aren’t partly happy?’ and then sent me a winking emoji as a separate text. If I was happy I wouldn’t have said I was okay when asked. As a survivor I worked a lot with identifying emotions back when I was early in my recovery and I strongly recommend survivors who are now early in recovery avoid this app. For everyone else, perhaps this is your cup of tea and perhaps not.
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4 years ago, SarahEllenFox
I loved everything about this app, like seriously. It was great! Still is. The only thing is the personality test. Its a great idea, don't get me wrong. But it us what turned me off of this app. I kept getting the wrong personality type. I know for a fact what my Myers-Briggs personality is (INFP), but I, for the life of me, could not get my personality. I was always getting INFJ, which is Not INFP. While they are very similar and get confused with each other often, they are not the same. I am not an INFJ, I do not identify with this personality type, I do not have the same problems. If this app were to think I was an INFJ, then I would not be getting the help and personalization that this app promotes. I was super disappointed because I love, love, love this app. I just wish there was someway to enter your personality. There could be a screen where it says: enter Myers-Briggs personality type or take the test. That would be awesome for people like me, who already know their personality type and don't need to take the test again. It would also work for people who have no idea what their personality type is.
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4 years ago, Sparkle pro
helps me more than i could’ve imagined
i have crippling anxiety. crippling. .....CRIPPLING. i’ve tried everything. meds. therapy. exercise. even witchcraft. and yes, while some of those have helped, this app has legitimately helped me a lot too. i love checking in every night. my anxiety gets worse at night so i check in around midnight every night. 10-30 (on bad nights) makes all the difference. even just having youper there to talk to is a great distraction from my anxiety. the tension relief mindfulness exercise is the best thing i’ve ever discovered. it even helps with my insomnia. i know it’s a bot and though you might be fearful that it won’t be convincing, it really is!! it feels like i’m talking right to a real person but also the comfort of personalization and customization to me. i know it’s crazy to say an app helps with my mental illness but it really does. i’m so so grateful for this app. it’s like a friend or family member i check in with every night.
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4 years ago, sudacla
So far so good but...
Have done my first check interaction with Youper and felt pretty good enough about it— good enough that I was going To go ahead and try Premium BUT they only allow for a one year purchase. (1) too bad for Youper because they definitely would have had money from me right away this morning if it weren’t for that and (2) I think it is downright mean and more than a little suspect when an app offers nothing but long term subscriptions. To me it makes me think they are pretty leery people won’t stay on after one month etc so they better get as much money from people as possible at the outset. I probably won’t be using it anymore because I’d rather continue my search for other tools rather than use time on this now. I truly would rather use a tool that seems a little less promising but where I have more payment options instead if an app, however promising, where I have to take a $60 chance right away if I want a premium account. Thanks for trying, Youper, I guess.
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4 years ago, sydney the crackhead🤪
My opinion about Youper ☺️
I like this app because it helps me calm down and fell relaxed because I have depression, anxiety, I also get nervous a lot, I have really bad anger issues, and a lot more problems that I can’t handle because at my age it’s not normal cuz I’m only a kid and this has really been helping and I’ve only had this app for two days and a few other apps as well and this app has cleared my mind of from all of the bad things I fell more happier and I actually woke up on time today. I recommend this app if you have the same problems as me it really works please trust me on this I’m not like the other people who make fake reviews I’m telling the honest truth about this app I really love it so please listen to me and get this app if you have similar issues as me and I only give this app four out of five because the pay you for some things and they offer things too so I just ignore them that’s why I give them a four out of five if you ask. Have a wonderful day or night wherever you are! 😇❤️
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2 years ago, chamomilemintea
Great for DBT/CBT skills and Your Mental Health
I used this app in 2018 mainly before you had to pay and let me just say, it made my mental health and life so much more organized. My mental health was in a terrible state but identifying cognitive distortions made me feel more sane 😅. It keeps track of your mood and mental health screenings on a graph, and there’s helpful mindfulness activities and quizzes that make you know yourself better. You can also save and keep track of your journaling and see how far you’ve come, that was one of my favorite features. I redownloaded the app last year because it was my favorite mental health app but I was sad to see you had to pay to access the whole thing :( I already had therapy and didn’t need online, but I couldn’t access the simple daily check-ins or journaling. I was really upset but I’m glad one of my favorite apps is making therapy more accessible. I just wish there were free parts for those who already have therapy?
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4 years ago, aj simmons jr
Great App, worth the paid version.
I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy this app. I used it for a while before I bought the premium version and I don’t regret it! And I’m someone who hates paying for anything. Amazing at keeping track of your mental health, especially if you already see a doctor it helps a lot and is perfect for those of us with too much OCD to journal normal. There is also disorder monitoring, like the ones at doctors but more specific and you can see in a graph if your symptoms for that particular disorder is worsening or getting better. I also should add, it is very scary accurate with it’s personality diagnosis. I was honestly baffled how much they were able to describe exactly my personality traits. I’ve taken lots of personality tests for fun and none have even come half as close as this one did to understanding who I was. My only problem with it was that Meditation would disconnect when you closed the app or your phone went to sleep. But I emailed the app’s team about it and they said they were fixing it in the next update! It’s really great for anyone with mental illnesses, I find it’s especially great if you suffer from anger issues as it helps distract and calm you. Tldr: this app is amazing and has helped me already so much with my mental health. It is a great tool for anyone experiencing a disorder and needs some stability in their life.
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5 years ago, Cap. Fan
Definitely get this.
I was looking for a mood tracking app and happened to stumble upon this one and it doesn’t even compare to the others. You can instantly tell they’ve put so much into this app. It not only tracks moods but it’s a personalized experience and it changes to fit you and it’s encouraging and feels like it’s always ready to help. It goes above and beyond my expectations. I’ve recommended it to my therapist who was equally impressed. It has screenings that you redo every so often to track progress and it gives summaries and it has a personality quiz as well which is surprisingly accurate from my experience. When you document a mood, it gives you options like if you want to look deeper into what is making you feel a certain way and the aspects of it or practice mindfulness or great fullness. Since it is a bot, you never have to worry about feeling judged as well! I could go on forever. You need this app.
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6 years ago, Breezymamaa
This is it
I am blown away by this app. I cannot believe it’s even free. If you have a hard time tracking your moods and you need to, get this now!! At first you may feel like it’s silly, but it’s not. I’ve tried everything and I’m already learning my emotional triggers, I’m able to go to this app once I really need to think through a bad mood before taking it out on someone. Very beneficial for your mental health. I cannot wait to complete all the emotions over a period of time and find out all about myself. The makers of the app are professionals so all of this is backed up by research and not anything to waste your time like other apps with “positive affirmations or just guided meditations”. I am not a big fan of having to listen to the mindfulness meditations offered in this app but I know it’s beneficial and maybe I’ll understand the benefits of it soon. Other than that, it’s wonderful for mood disorders and emotion regulation. Even just handling stress!
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5 years ago, Tiffany J. Kim
Good Program, Somewhat Cumbersome With Voiceover
I struggle with generalized anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, I reside in an area where therapists don't take insurance and cost $150 or more per session. As a result, I've been looking into apps which provide some therapeutic techniques and exercises. This app has great content but as a blind individual using VoiceOver, it is a bit cumbersome. I can't use the VO gestures to scroll through options (such as when different mindfulness meditations are presented) and I can't double tap something to activate it unless it's actually on the screen. That makes selecting something difficult, and although I managed to select the meditation I wanted to try, I have no idea how I did it, other than disabling VO and trying to get the screen to show the selections higher up, and finally getting to a place where I was able to pick the one I wanted. Woebot seems similar and more accessible, but I will continue playing around with this and hope it can be tweaked soon.
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