Zeel In-Home Massage Therapist

Health & Fitness
4.8 (10.8K)
162.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zeel In-Home Massage Therapist

4.84 out of 5
10.8K Ratings
6 years ago, vic's review
Massage on MY TERMS
Honestly, was a bit uncertain about massage people coming into my home at first. But, Zeel and it’s massage people have been always VERY professional. Yeah, some therapists have not met my expectations - but you get that with traditional retail massage too! The difference is that Zeel Cust. Support is excellent. And, I can block therapists who aren’t the “right fit” for me. I went with the (3) month package and got a prof grade massage table. VERY happy with the table, as I use it to stretch AFTER the therapist has left, so I don’t feel rushed out the door (as traditional retrial therapists can do sometimes). Can play MY music, from sauna to Beach Boys, to hip hop. Awesome!
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4 years ago, stuartsumj
Horrible Customer Service
I had been a customer of Zeel for the past year and was recommended to try to Soothe out. I purchased the annual subscription to take advantage of the 25% discount. I originally charged my corporate card accidentally, instead of my personal credit. Soothe was supportive and refunded my money right away and paid with my personal credit card. I booked one massage, and the therapist was okay, nothing to rave about. I have since booked several times, and the Soothe staff were unable to find me, therapists. I prefer male massage therapists and booked both in advance and last minute. I understand not finding someone last minute, but even the advance booking did not find a therapist. I have had a few that I cancel, simply because I had the massage therapist previously and was not a fan. Needless to say, I have now purchased a home outside of their service area, and are refusing to refund my money. I am not stuck with massage credits that I will never use. Their customer service is subpar at best, and if you deal with Brittany L, the supervisor, you'll be extremely disappointed in the lack of customer service. I've filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Washington State, as well as the Better Business Bureau. If you are looking for in-home massage therapy, I would NOT recommend Soothe. If you need immediate service, don't expect it from their customer service.
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9 months ago, Metatron32
I went to book this service and stopped short as there is an enforced tip!!! Who does that? That's ridiculous! What if your therapist is poor? They get the signal that their inept performance is okay. This is NOT okay with me! I expect excellence and pay well for it but WILL NOT be forced to tip without quality! You're losing a huge opportunity of repeat business behaving this way! I already stay away from restaurants that do this as well because I find they have apathetic service. I'll look elsewhere. So after I write this review, I get a complete ZOMBIE RESPONSE from the unconscious folks at this company saying they ENFORCE A TIP AS A CONVENIENCE!! Obviously they have NO IDEA what the general public wants or thinks about their socialist company ethics. Their policy to enforce an unearned tip is a way to abuse customers financially, disrespect them, and ensure staff are DISINCENTIVED to perform well.
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4 years ago, kronkiue
Should be called “Steal”
Bought my wife a gift card for a 1 hr massage since the Covid stress has been getting to her. She scheduled appointment for 8am yesterday morning. Therapist did not show. Very hard to reach customer service to figure out what was going on. Best I could do was talk to a chat bot. Eventually, at 8:45am — 45 minutes after scheduled time — she gets a text that the therapist cannot make the appointment and they are searching for a replacement. Well at that point we had to get on with family plans for the day. Tried to get money back and went into another loop of chat bots and automated non-responses. They offered a $30 credit which is useless when the minimum massage price is $150. But we still haven’t gotten money back. Truly bad service - from the therapist and from Zeel in handling customer service. They still have my money. Should be called “steal”.
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4 years ago, ajoe4christ
Efficient and accommodating
If you call a brick and mortar massage location you are waiting until next week for first availability. So far I have scheduled (3) massages either same day or next day and never had any problems. You can’t beat that. You can also rank your therapists and mark the good ones as a priority. This is the way to go for any businessman or woman who doesn’t have the extra 15-30 min drive time, wait time, and then drive time back. They come to you and this can save an hour as well as be on your terms.
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3 years ago, sweetchopper
Bad service
An absolute pain: most of the appointments i book either never get accepted, or do get accepted then get cancelled shortly after. Out of the 15+ appointments I’ve made ive only had one successful appointment where someone actually showed up. Incorrect charges: after having such a terrible experience with the app i considered cancelling the membership, only to find out there was a $200 cancellation fee, decided to wait until i could cancel without this happening and still got charged the fee while having the app. Overall this is one of the worst apps ive ever used due to terrible coverage and inexperienced customer service if i could give it a lower rating i would, the only redeeming thing is that the one masseuse that came was very nice and apologetic
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4 years ago, SeanMVCA
Massages are great, but the app is ridden with problems.
The number of issues I have had with this app over the couple of years I have been a customer to Zeel is really frustrating. In one instance, I booked a one-off massage, and Zeel activated a monthly membership without my permission. (Apparently even if you don’t have any cards listed in Payments section, it will just use the Apple Pay instrument and charge a monthly fee to that.). When I contacted the support team, they replied with an extremely condescending response where I was told they are refunding the fee as a “one time courtesy” rather than recognizing that the error was with their app. Beware when you are booking a single massage with a one time payment. It might sag “next deposit” date even though you never activated a membership.
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5 years ago, mbcc750
Great on demand service
Really convenient having this now we’ve moved to the suburbs, and it’s a great treat for my husband and I. App is easy to use, but there are some kinks that still need ironing out. My main gripe is when booking, sometimes the person you’re booking the massage for changes by itself, and you only see it when you’ve confirmed. I’ve had to cancel the requests immediately three or four times in recent months because of this, as it would switch to a massage for me instead of my husband. Would be great if they had this more visible on the final page before you hit confirm!
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6 years ago, affordablepro
Customer service
I gave a bad review before because the customer service never responded to my many messages asking for help. It turns out that they had a wrong phone number. I was wrong to jump to conclusions and am I’m agreeable with all the other glowing reviews about Zeels excellent customer service. Everyone makes a mistake once in a while and we are all entitled to that. I apologize for my snap judgement and have learned a valuable lesson through this experience.
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8 months ago, Elfmodem
Membership locks you in and then doesn’t give you credits
I have been signed up for a membership for nearly a year but have only received a credit as appropriate to my contract 3 times. Zeel continues to hold me in this contract despite the fact they are failing to credit me appropriately. There is no way to contact them to find out why I’m not being credited and they want to charge $200 to cancel my account which by this point has already elapsed the expected 12 months of the contract. The credit card on the account has over more than 10 times the available balance as 1 month’s credit but it’s not being billed. Also, therapists frequently reschedule or cancel at the last moment.
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3 years ago, JPoirx
3 Days Wasted
I looked around and saw that this app was preferred so I tried to book my wife a massage. I created an account and tried to book a massage. I understand, 3 days notice in the NYC area (NJ), especially a weekend, may be difficult to book. I kept checking in until the day of and I’m unable to sign in. Send a password reset just to be sure and go through the steps. I keep getting the error that I don’t have an account but I can’t sign up again because my email is already used for an account... that I used a password reset twice to confirm I was using the right login details. I tried to use the chat function on the app and after some basic questions it just sat there for a while with no responses before I finally just gave up.
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1 year ago, tnmskeena08
Zero follow through - therapist missing appointments
I’m 37 weeks pregnant and really looking forward to getting a bit of relief and peace before the big day. I was excited of the idea having a therapist come to our home. Being extra cautious with COVID - I have not had a massage since 2019 - and was very willing to spend above the normal rate for this luxury of a home massage. The app confirmed my therapist for Saturday morning at 8:00am. At 8:15 - I texted the therapist asking for an ETA, and didn’t receive a response. I sent a chat to Zeel asking for assistance at 9:00am. Their response was “Thank you for waiting. It appears that your therapist is no longer available. We can also cancel the appointment, and submit a new request for a later time. Let us know how you would like to proceed“. Understanding Zeel can not control therapist, I found this response cold and not helpful. Zeel should have proactively offered how soon they could help find a new therapist and offer a discount for the inconvenience. Very poor costumer service. Deleted the app and looking for a new option.
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6 months ago, Jesus, he the best
Shady practices with memberships. Just charges a homeless unemployed person for messages
I am unemployed and homeless, and been trying to cancel this for over a year. They make it really difficult to cancel your membership threatened to charge you a massive early termination fee and they will just randomly charge you a year after you’ve used their service for the monthly membership fee. I’m homeless I’m unemployed and they overdrew my account taking a membership for a service I couldn’t use in the first place. I have no home for them to come to. no one responds to customer service inquiries. This is basically a scam. Don’t sign up for the membership and I wouldn’t use them at all.
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6 years ago, ZaraY1955
Unbelievably convenient and safe
I tried this service in Los Angeles at the urging of a friend who is a huge Zeel fan and uses Zeel nationwide. The therapist showed up in a Zeel shirt, was very professional, did an intake to customize the massage to my needs, and gave me an excellent, mixed Swedish/deep tissue to both relax me and work out some knots in my neck and hips from travel. I just signed up for their Annual Zeelot membership program, which gets me a free massage table and sheets and a massage a month at a really good price ($89/mo + automatic 18% tip).
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2 years ago, NathanGrey
DO NOT RECOMMEND. Consistently unable to deliver.
Although I used to be a satisfied customer, it appears that the service has fallen significantly with this company. I requested a massage two times in the past three days on this app, and on both occasions they failed to deliver. I received copied and pasted robot texts on an exact time schedule for both cases. I asked when the service CAN be fulfilled and received another robotic response that did not answer my question. I looked at the other recent reviews and see that this is not an isolated issue. I am deleting this app from my phone and recommend that you do the same so that your time is not wasted.
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5 years ago, bdudbsh
Loyal customer
I have had a membership with Zeel for over a year now. I love the convenience, the app is super easy to use, the therapists are great and the customer service is very professional. This service has been a life saver for me being a full time mom. I often put the kids to bed then answer the door and go unwind with a relaxing massage. I love that I don’t have to drive to a location, they come to me. So easy, no babysitter and no driving.
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2 years ago, kindCapitalist
Great service until you run into an issue
I have booked massages through Zeel twice. Each time the LMT was remarkable. However, on Saturday my account locked me out after I had a confirmed appointment later that day. I tried resetting my password multiple times, contacting their customer service via the app, email, and their phone number. As of this writing I still haven’t received a response or been able to log into my account even though I have paid for a premium membership. I have spoken with some LMTs about their experience as providers through Zeel. Every single one complained about their garbage customer service.
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6 years ago, SBoss1978
Great therapists, fair price
I’ve had multiple massages from Zeel and in several different cities. The massages have all been excellent, with two exceptions, where both were just average, but my hit rate is definitely better with Zeel than at the many spas I’ve been to. Also, the therapists I’ve talked to generally love the company vs the competition, many of which I’ve tried and all of which don’t ID check customers or guarantee tips, so I’m sticking with Zeel.
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5 years ago, JennFainer
Best masseuses.
You can prioritize who you want, so the company reaches out to them first. My problem is that I’m on my third masseuse that I want prioritized. Their app is easy, they reach out to you immediately, and will try to accommodate you as best that they can. I wish more companies would model after them. I like to give a few days notice, but you can ask for a massage that same day. Wherever you are. Try it. #zeeladdict
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4 years ago, Bankerguy02
Scam use Soothe instead
Great concept and very similar to Soothe for massages. The therapists are great. The reason for the one star is because of the joke that they try to PDS for customer service. There is no way to actually speak to a real person. All communication is done through a crappy chat feature that no one actually reads and when they do, it takes forever to get a response that only answers half of the question. I had two massages booked. Needed to cancel one only, customer service said to cancel through the app. When I asked if it will cancel both massages, I was told, no. Of course once I did, both massages were canceled and I was charge cancelation fees for both massages. I have reached out to customer support via their email address on the app. Never got a response. Plus you must include tip before the massage. Save yourself time and frustration and download and use Soothe for massages instead. Update. I contacted customer service. Never got a response. Seriously, use another app.
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5 years ago, thePASSING
I’m not much about writing reviews, but this definitely needs some attention. I have enjoyed this app when I used it, but because of my line of work I’m not always able to request a massage once a month and because I had it on auto-pay I managed to save up a couple hundred dollars worth of credits. Today, when I decided that I didn’t want to utilize this app anymore I thought I was going to get refunded the money that was saved up and Zeel said that they would not refund me. I admit that I made the mistake of having it on auto pay, but still there shouldn’t be an excuse for not working with me to give me my money back. Shame on you Zeel!
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2 years ago, Jayman548
“The login credentials you entered don’t match any in our system”. Except…I didn’t enter any credentials. I just tried to book a massage as a guest. I did try to sign up, but when I submitted my information, the app returned to the Home Screen and wouldn’t allow me to log on. So I tried to “get started” without logging on and now anything I try gives me the credentials error. Completely non-functional. In response to the developer…if you read the review, you would see that I tried signing up. It didn’t work. The app remains non-functional for new users. And I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 15.4.1.
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4 years ago, GeronimoJoe
Not worth the headaches. There are plenty of less expensive local options.
Seemed worth the extra for the convenience. Cancelling my membership after two years was anything but convenient. Took money from my account for two months after I asked them to cancel my membership. I definitely recommend finding someone local and dealing with them, directly. Cheaper. Better service, in my prior experiences. Once I finally got the membership cancelled, they then refused to give me a massage for the money charged. Have to pay a higher rate because I am no longer a member. An additional $23. Quoted that the membership agreement explained that even thought they automatically put money on your account, as you have asked them to stop doing so, you now owe a $23 higher rate. The therapists are not as skilled as the ones in private practice. The App is difficult to navigate, as there are no back buttons, and much of the functionality is not remotely intuitive.
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6 years ago, cgallotto16
Top Knotch Experience
Customer service was impeccable. I felt like I was texting my friend, a friend as fast and helpful as ever. They handled it for me, and I got updates on a conflict of booking via email, text, and on the app. It was clear to me immediately across the board on all platforms when a change of therapist was made. I know that would have stressed me out otherwise, but the customer service was soooo amazing!
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1 year ago, luxarra.com
Waiting and writing
"I'm extremely disappointed with the Zeel app. As someone who flies frequently, I was hoping to use their services to book a massage during my travels. However, every time I tried to use the app in multiple cities, I found that the service was never available. It's frustrating to have an app that promises on-demand massages but never delivers. I've tried multiple times to use their services, but it seems they're never available when I need them. I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone looking for reliable and convenient massage services while on the go."
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3 years ago, nycte
Customer Service Improving
Original review was negative reflecting a horrible experience with the service / follow up a support but got a call from the head of support a few hours later who said and did all the right things to make it right. I definitely believe he is on the right track to make the experience better.
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9 months ago, Funguss
“App should be called STEAL”
I love that people are calling the app STEAL. Nothing could be more accurate. I have been battling with them for nearly 3 months over refunds that they agreed upon. I am in San Francisco and even here it is hard to find a therapist and when you, do they might cancel. They lock you into the year subscription but still raised prices mid term??? Additionally, I sent Zeel gift cards to two friends and they both either couldn’t access the the cards, or had to spend hours with support to access them. Their support also blocked me the last time I tried to follow up. BUYER BEWARE.
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2 years ago, ItsMissyBch
I experienced s*xual harassment from a massage therapist, he’s a male and I am a female. I feel very unsafe. Every time I try to contact someone through Zeel I get a copy and paste response. The Zeel team just wants to argue with people or not respond. Now I am writing this review because they can’t act like adults and continue with argumentative responses. Wanna keep going Zeel team or do you want to correct yourself ? You’ve lost potential clients and therapists because of me and i won’t stop :) continue to lack professionalism in your communication and business practices and I’ll keep exposing you for what you are.
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2 years ago, D123456_
Big supporter to switching service
I was a big fan of this service. Last night I ordered a massage. 5 minutes after the massage was complete I tried to contact the therapist was getting an error message. I reached out to Zeel and was told that the massage was not verified. I shared a screenshot of the verified booking and was told that this must be a bug and they would work to resolve. I never heard back and now I am locked out of my account. Very frustrating experience trying to book my wife a Mother’s Day massage.
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6 years ago, shellyseeelea
Use to love this service
Use to love zeel, then one day I tried to change my email on my account and could never log back into my account again. I’ve emailed them, texted them, called them...for a week now. No response. Or they’ll respond and about half way through them helping you with your issue they’ll stop texting back. Worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with and it’s caused me more stress (funny this app was suppose to do the opposite?) will be moving to your competitor and getting a membership with them instead.
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5 years ago, whatsabudget
Unapologetic Zeelot
I have been a pretty consistent spa massage recipient for the past 10+ years. Zeel has ruined the spa experience for me. Why deal with the attitudes, wait times in the majority of local spas if they don’t have the additional amenities of hot/cold therapies etc? I love being able to put on a robe and crawl into bed for a nap after a 90 minute massage....no check out required!
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4 years ago, Veronica WA87
Horrible experience!!
Nothing went right with the Zeel experience. From the start the user experience for signing in was broken, the toggle to book time was broken so my appointment was booked for the wrong times, it took 2-3 days for them to find massage therapists for a couples massage and then one of their therapists canceled and they were not able to find a replacement. I was forced to cancel our anniversary couples massage day of without having time to book an alternative. Highly regret going through Zeel instead of booking in a store front. Would not recommend this experience to anyone!
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6 years ago, Lauren Summer
Downloaded this on a whim when I was in desperate need of a massage and was not disappointed! My masseuse showed up in under an hour and give me one of the best massages I’ve ever had, and I didn’t even have to leave my house! She was so nice and talented and I have already used her twice since then! would definitely recommend anyone to use Zeel.
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5 years ago, horrible services 0000
Horrible over expensive an inconvenience
DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT ISE THIS SERVICE. They literally base time off of there convince. They constantly cancel my massages or change my time because they claim they can’t find a therapist an book me for times that I’m unavailable for. Big inconvenience! They also don’t care about your schedule or if you need to cancel/ Change, they will charge you! But they change and cancel on you as they wish. You don’t get to pick how much u leave for a tip, they add it to your final payment without your authorization.! Horrible unprofessional an inconvenient company
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6 years ago, RelaxDreamRide
Great experience!
At first, I was skeptical. But, I am so happy my husband bought me the annual membership. I thought I would have to sacrifice on quality for convenience, not true! I have had excellent, knowledgeable therapists each time. And it IS so easy to book around my schedule. I will keep my membership once the gift has expired.
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5 years ago, seppy7000
Was very unsure
Was unsure of an app like this at first, with so many random people coming to my home, but app has been wonderful. Throughout my injury i had many wonderful therapists come to my home, so i decided to keep using them after. Wonderful membership program includes massage table you keep too!! 👍
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1 year ago, Gsotoaz
Are used to really like using this service to get massages at home. But I actually stopped using it because the price increases were just a little bit too much for me. The value proposition just isn’t there anymore. if they could make it more affordable, then I would actually use it again.
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3 years ago, K-Low 21
I booked and confirmed a couples’ massage ten days in advance of our anniversary. Less than half an hour ahead of our appointment, I received a message informing us one of the therapists was no longer available. When I let the representative know one therapist would not be sufficient (as it was our anniversary and I was nine months pregnant, by the way!) I received a condescending, “We understand. Thanks for being a Zeel customer!” text message without any attempt to make it right. Save your time (and money!) and take your business elsewhere.
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2 months ago, Frequent diner
Excellent in every way
App is easy, efficient and accurate. Service is dependable, professional and high level. I've had several in home massages booked through Zeel and all were excellent. I can not recommend more highly.
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2 years ago, Watzmynickname
No call no show therapist. She even to the company she came to my address and the guy who answered said he didn’t order a massage and left. Funny thing is the unit number she said she came to does not exist. Attempted to get paid for something even though she never came. I appalled that someone would lie like that and try to cheat me out of the credit I paid for in advance. And all Zeel can tell me is reschedule a different therapist another time. ZERO compensation for my day wasted by this jerk in their network!!!
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1 year ago, Quiddity55
My zeel credit disappeared, no customer support
My zeel credit disappeared and I tried contacting support, couldn’t talk to anyone. Then it logged me out of my account and I can’t log back in anymore. The reset password process doesn’t work and again tried to contact support and I can’t get in touch with an actual human that can look into this. I’m a long term user of zeel and have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars, before this I thought zeel was great but I literally can’t use it anymore
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6 years ago, lperkin
So Convenient, So Lovely
I just love that this is an in-home service and I don’t have to call around and negotiate schedules. I pick a time window, even same-day, and someone rocks up to my doorstep with a massage table. No getting dressed and driving home after. I can slip right into the bathtub if I want. Amazing.
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1 year ago, Sad potatoplayer
Stunning how bad it is
Once you sign up for membership, you better get ready to jump through hoops to cancel, otherwise it’s like a car loan every month until it bleeds you dry. Wanted to try so i signed up, turns out therapists are so unskilled and inattentive, wanna cancel, and requested multiple time, but still been charging every monthly with no customer support to help, it’d just automated loops, then 48 hours wait then automated loops again. Hopefully, I canceled it for good today, people, be aware
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3 years ago, Punchyfrisky
Last min cancellations
I loved Zeel and used it reliably for 3 years. But over the past few months, it’s become increasingly difficult to book a massage same day and twice in a row I’ve had advance bookings canceled last minute. It’s beyond frustrating to plan an entire day around a service that is cancelled with only 20 minutes’ notice. I’m guessing the therapists are going to a competitor, and I’ll now be looking to one.
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2 years ago, John C ATL
Inconsistent and unreliable
The very first massage I tried to book, it took thirty minutes to make a connection and then the woman cancelled then rescheduled. It’s like the cable company. They expect you to sit around waiting for them. Easier and more reliable to just go out. Also no ability to choose therapists. Would be much better if you could read about their experience etc and see individual ratings (like Uber) rather than end up with some rando.
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6 years ago, wnyone
God but terms feel deceptive
Like most companies today you are flashed terms of service you never read. After scanning their terms it was disturbing to realize they accept no responsibility for their company actions and force you to use arbitration. Good massages but hope the people they employ don’t hurt you.
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6 years ago, MDAlligood
So far, so good.
I had my first Zeel experience today. The therapist arrived about 10 minutes early, set up her table, asked about any problems areas, and went to work. I will definitely use Zeel again and highly recommend this app and service.
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5 years ago, hjkulover
NO customer service
Only putting one star because I have to, I had used it a couple times and I wanted to continue using them, not sure why but I got logged out of my account on the app, the reset password is not working at all! When I tried to get a hold of anyone at customer service, every text got ignored, they have zero customer service the number is seems to be fake and it only goes to a machine and there are no customer service hours, they lost a good customer :/
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5 years ago, ROKA1000
The real deal.
I can say as an annual member for two years that as a woman, I can have any Zeel employee in my home for a service and I fell like a VIP. This is a very vetted and highly accredited massage service that makes my life so much more happier. I love the app because it’s so easy to use and it’s beautifully designed. Bravo Zeel.
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5 years ago, -Jon O
Poor Customer Service
Attempted to use service for the first time. Therapist called 15 minutes before arrival telling me she couldn’t find my place. After 5 minutes of me trying to help her find the place I gave up and told her to cancel because she was rude and could understand basic directions. Text with customer service (that wouldn’t call), and they tried to get me to pay full price to cancel and full price to reschedule someone else. Highly unprofessional!
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