Zepp (formerly Amazfit)

Health & Fitness
4.5 (53.9K)
473.6 MB
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Current version
Huami Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Zepp (formerly Amazfit)

4.55 out of 5
53.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Triplemock
SO HAPPY and it’s about time!!THANKS💕
Hands down the best app for any of the many smart watches/bracelets that I’ve tried in place of the 3 different versions of iwatches I’ve purchased that forever needed charging and were uncomfortably heavy watches on top of the miserable issues that should’ve been fixed several versions ago. Now I’ve had the GTS2 the GTS 2 mini and now I’m on my fave the GTS 3. I keep up with my paperwork and when my charger on the mini acted up the process to use the warranty wasn’t complicated or upsetting at all. Please continue these practices bc I’ve talked others into purchasing and most recently purchased one for my mom on Mother’s Day and she’s loving it!!! She had an Iwatch as well that gathered dust too! There’s a mild learning curve but honestly I’m amazed that my mom didn’t call several times a day for the first couple weeks, as she is NOT technically savvy at all. At first we thought the Fitbit line was the best alternative but purchasing a subscription on top of the devices cost just to fully use the features of the devices was a slap in the face,so was finding out the most popular,highest reviewed devices were all gouging users through these additional annual subscription charges. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep on convincing others to purchase devices I’ve used in the Zepp line!!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
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4 years ago, Jam it!
Amazfit GTS User/s from Myanmar
It is an amazing app which fully support hardware with most of the useful watch features commonly found in sport smart watches. But just want to raise my personal concern ( probably many users [ thousands of users ) in my region might want this too) about one implementation or development. I am one of the users of Amazfit GTS and have been using it for 3 months and love to use it for the future as well. But I found out just a little language limitation. Seeing message notifications in Burmese font that appear as 'question marks' on my watch face often annoys me. Would it be better and more handy for users in Myanmar to easily read out notifications written in Burmese font only on their watch faces whenever they appear correctly? If you could develop or figure out implementing 'Unicode Font' into 'Notification Popups', this will be very helpful and handy when mobile phone is out of reach. I am very sure most of the users in my region will definitely love and appreciate for that improvement. Since Myanmar has implemented new unicode system for Burmese font, almost all have already installed it in their devices. I guess the attempt of improving this little feature especially for users from Myanmar would not bring any difficulties to you. I highly appreciate if you could figure it out.
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1 year ago, James mudd
Easy layout, has what you need
TLDR: AmazFit/Zepp App are great and great alternatives to Fitbit/Apple Watch, highly recommend them. I’ve used Fitbits and Apple Watches before, and now AmazFit/Zepp. I feel Apple Watches do pack a lot of features, but the less than one day battery life is incredibly annoying. Also, for how much they have, some things feel limited. Sleep tracking and workouts aren’t as intuitive, but the 3 rings are cool. Fitbit used to be my favorite, until Google stepped in and messed things up. I know they are pushing their smartwatches, but battery life is important to some people (like me) and they don’t have any products that have long life. The Fitbit app is/was very intuitive and easy/fun to navigate in Amazfit/Zepp is honestly a fantastic setup for what the competition is like today. Just slightly less intuitive/fun than Fitbits layout, but highly functional and has all the data you still want or need. Sleep tracking and workouts are just as easy to see/use. Not to mention the battery life on their watches… holy crap is it awesome, even better than Fitbits are. I use the GTR3 Pro, and easily get over 2 weeks between charges. The dedicated bottom button for workouts is nice, and it still picks up my light runs, even if I don’t actually start an official one on the watch.
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2 years ago, Snorlax70714
Love it! 4.9/5
Hey there! I absolutely love the T-Rex 2! But I've noticed one thing about the App Alert Notifications settings. I got it set up with Google Maps finally lol. But I noticed the alert would only send me the first alert directions I was getting from Google Maps (I am a truck driver and love using Google maps to find my way around) and it was great until I noticed it only sent the first notification of directions while my phone kept popping up the next set of directions. Maybe it's a "Time Sensative" thing with Apple iOS, but would be cool if you guys can check that out. Thanks again! I would love the safety and confidence added if I can just look at my watch for the directions instead of pulling out my phone and get distracted less. absolutely love your product tho!! Apple who? Lol AND PLEASE ADD MORE iOS compatible apps to the Watch App Store! Only thing I want is a more constant notification or iOS maps compatible.
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3 years ago, Gaston78
Far away from the competition
I started with the band 5 and I upgrade to the gts 2 mini and used the app for 8 month… I actively send error reports that where never resolved… the app and the watch have countless bugs… I think one of the most annoying is the inability to retain data on the app… I lost all the data 2 times during this period… first time when I upgrade from one device to the next one… for what I have an account on zepp if the data is related to the device? A week ago after 6 month of using it, I lost all the data after an app update… again, why the account is not retaining the data on the phone?? Whats the point of having an account at all? Other complains are every so and then I open the app and is taking me to activate Share System Notifications on the phone bluetooth settings when it is actually ON… the synchronization takes over 15 seconds not allowing u to use certain parts of the apps. It need to synchronize all over again if u quit the app even if there is no new data to sync… sometimes taking more than 30 sec or even failing and forcing u to reload the app and resync again… there are only 2 faces that are customizable… all the other faces do not allow u to change anything so u have to find not only a face that u like but one that shows the information u need too… I think they have a long way to go… again the worst is loosing the data and not being able to recover it loosing month of workout logs
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4 years ago, sgmiller
ZenBuds great, app not so much
The new ZenBuds are wonderful and the only earbuds I've ever used it actually fit my ears. I do wish they had a bit more battery life and that you could play your own audio but for sleeping purposes, they do the job. They are very light and extremely comfortable. The auto off option is particularly great because the latest research suggests it might not be so great to have sound playing in your ears all night! (Just a Note it's not a dealbreaker because I don't use it for that purpose but the sleep tracking is awful, way way inaccurate.) I'm not a big fan of the app, mostly because the app is designed for all their devices, you have to go and click a couple of times to get to the earbuds. That is a real pain, especially do something simple like just change the volume. Same goes for having to turn them back on in the middle of the night after having used the auto off option and then waking up. I suggest providing a widget of some kind that would directly provide these functions without having to use the app. Better would be a dedicated app for the earbuds alone. So let us play our own audio and provide a better way to access the control functions and I would give this five stars.
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2 years ago, Alphega4
I had first purchased a FitBit Charge 5. It was SO inaccurate it, was ridiculous. It was counting steps as I slept. I would wake up to 60-80 steps every morning. It would also count steps as I was sitting. I returned it! Then I purchased my Amazfit GTS 2 Mini. I LOVE THIS! It is very accurate on counting my steps. I love that I can use any photo for my watch face, especially since I couldn’t do that on the FitBit and the ones they offered were awful. Don’t get me wrong. This one isn’t perfect. I was awake and laying in bed for about 30 minutes. I moved around. Stretched and wiggled my arm around, but it still showed I was sleeping and it also showed that I stayed up late when I didn’t. I was laying in bed watching tv. However, I am still extremely happy with it and highly recommended it.
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2 years ago, Mrsockomarinara
Scam tech and app
Got an amazfit watch due to price point. That was a mistake. Watch functioned okay for about a month, then started running into errors. Most common was the watch would stop tracking heart rate during workouts. It would suddenly display “—“ instead of values and if you checked heart rate manually it would display “please put device on.” This became more and more frequent as time went on. I would report these errors via the app and only ever received one response. They said to wear the device properly. I never heard from them again, despite multiple reports. As time went on, these errors became more and more frequent. I continued to report to no avail. The last workout was over two hours long and the watch recorded less than 30 minutes of data. It failed no less than 7 times. This is a great irritation if you’re trying to keep an eye on your heart rate for steady pacing. The owners/operators of Zepp/amazfit operate like scammers. Their products do not provide the features indicated and they offer no solutions when reported. They exist purely to separate you from your income. Avoid at all costs. Apple should remove from their store.
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2 years ago, HansWorldTravels
Love it, but it’s off
The GTS2 Mini is the first watch (let alone activity tracker) I’ve used in my life (mid 40s) and love it! It inspired me to start doing more walking, jogging and trail running and the GPS works better than I could have imagined. As I was getting noticeably heavier than I like, broke 200lbs, I got the Amazfit Scale also. I don’t believe any of the weight or body scores in the app. It tells me I am overweight and have a poor body score and says I need to lose 40lbs to be ideal weight. I have not weighed below 160 since before I turned 16 and put on muscle working construction. I know where 10-15lbs of fat are, but not 40lbs! So I really don’t know how many calculations the App is doing or how accurate the scale is (blood O2 is always 50% what watch says), but if I went to the weight the app recommends I’d be a walking skeleton given muscle is heavier than fat. Not sure how the App could improve in this regard, but there should be a few more user defined metrics to better improve its body health categorizations.
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12 months ago, Scary Downloarder
Love most of it
I love this app but I do wish it recorded daily calorie usage of the steps taken and you activity level not just the exercise activities that are logged with exercise, but also the calories you spend gardening or cleaning that also cause you to sweat and work. I like it has tons more features than Fitbit ever did and it seems to always record my sleep, however for me who works nights, it won’t breakdown day sleep stages, which are considered naps to this app, are my actual sleep times and I would like to see that detailed data too. The menstrual cycle section is a complete fail. It doesn’t matter what I record, when I come back in a few days to record more data it has completely changed the dates I recorded, sometimes adding more or removing some days, so I have to always delete the period and reenter the info. That is quite a headache and a disappointment as the tracker could be really helpful if it worked correctly.
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11 months ago, Fill Ossifers
Good and Not Good
I’m new to fitness watches and apps. I like the features but some are very confusing and I can’t find any support. Every morning I get a report about my sleep that is incomplete and ends with an incomplete sentence and ellipses (…). I cannot find the continuation, and when I try pushing the arrow it turns on the music and sleep stories which I don’t like and don’t even want. It’s a waste of energy. There’s no way to opt out of the music, and when I tell the AI to turn it off, it pauses it instead. I just want it gone. And I’d like some true aupport on how to use this thing. Then there are the steps. I love keeping track of my steps, but today I discovered that when I use my walker, which has wheels, it doesn’t recognize my steps and count them in my total. I use the walker when I’m going to be walking a lot for a long time, such as a day at the museum. While I was at the museum, I checked my steps and they remained at 300-something, which is how many steps I’d walked before I started using the walker. I checked the fitness app on my phone at the end of the day, and it registered thousands of steps while my watch remained at just over 300. Also annoying is the reminder to get up and move when I’m already up and moving! I think it goes off once an hour regardless of whether I’m sitting or standing. Other than that,Mrs. Lincoln, the theater was quite satisfactory, TYVM.
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2 years ago, spiritedst
7Sep22 New Update
I don’t like the layout of the new pushed update. The color of REM & Light Sleep are nearly the same color blue. It was better when REM was green and easily identified especially since you changed the chart layout. You also could scroll down and see time you fell asleep and woke up which is important data in a sleep study and I did see the times tucked away under the chart before exiting to write the review. Though they weren’t labeled I know that’s what the numbers are, so everyone else should also know, it just wasn’t easy to find. It to me a few minutes to realize I could get urn the chart or hit the two arrows to see the full chart as we did before that you can run your figure across to see your times and pulse. I’m sure I’ll get used to it except the two blues riding on top of each other hard to identify. I would like to see the green come back.
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1 year ago, catfish hunter 27
It’s nice,Except.
I like the aspect of this but it doesn’t seem to be accurate, especially with my sleep, since having it I’ve slept two nights and took a nap. It only documented the very first night, the sleep monitoring was one of the main reasons I got this app/watch due to ptsd and nightmares cuz it affects my daily life. Knowing how I’ve reacted in my sleep will help me take steps to reduce anxiety and triggers, and now it doesn’t line up with my sleep patterns. If it doesn’t do that accurately, how do I know everything else is working correctly? I love the watch it’s an excellent idea especially for people with heart and breathing problems,but if it can’t provide accurate information what’s the point? If I wanted just a watch that’s what I would’ve bought. I know I sound harsh but these functions are why ppl get these. I would think you would be disappointed and feel the same.
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8 months ago, Till another day
Not all it’s cracked up to be
I was excited about this watch because of the price and features the watch purported. As I wear the watch and try to use it I realize I have some frustrations. The features seem quite limited. For example “find my watch” usually doesn’t work because it says phone not connected. The water drinking app doesn’t work well… deletes my progress or starts my day like I’m still on the last day. No way I can find to delete the app. Workouts are limited. For example… I haven’t used indoor cycling for a week or two, so this morning I’m ready to record a workout and it says this workout turned off because I haven’t used it in a while! No way that I can find on the phone or app to turn it back on. So many issues like this!! Wish I had gone with a different watch!! I don’t like having to mess with settings things up and to have to figure all this stuff out constantly is SO frustrating.
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1 year ago, Crash our
Very Durable
The watch (T-Rex Pro, Amazfit) has withstood multiple drops on concrete, wood, and banged against (while walking) multiple walls without issue or scratching. The Zepp app is 4/5, like Fitbit it continuously tries to get the user to upgrade to their monthly fee service options which for this app include advanced sleep improvement and therapy. It is very annoying (same as Fitbit) that we, the user, can not permanently turn off these adds on our devices. Besides that the fitness tracking is great with multiple workouts, it is missing a few such as in door running, and in my opinion common things like cleaning (vacuuming, sweeping, dishes, folding clothes, ect). There is another feature the watch is supposed to start tracking exercise after 3 minutes, I have never gotten this feature to work so I just start manually.
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2 years ago, JonDavidL
Love Amazfit!
I see all these negative reviews and don’t understand them. I’ve used Zepp (Amazfit) for years. I own 6 of their watches and have never had a problem with either the devices or the app. Things have only gotten better and better with every passing year. The new Amazfit GTR3 works fantastic with the Zepp app. Everything is so customizable. I use an iPhone and have never had any problems receiving notifications or iMessages. Again, I have never had any of the problems described in the reviews below. I think the latest OS they are using on the GTR/GTS 3 series definitely works the best with Zepp. I used to be a Fitbit user but I have totally left them for Amazfit. Amazfit is innovating whereas Fitbit has stalled. Hope this helps with your decision to purchase or not.
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2 years ago, B. Wat
Everything With This App Stinks As Does It’s Other Products!
Having had an Amazfit Bip since 2018 without many issues. I switched to an Apple Watch only because I entered a study and received the Apple Watch to track my habits for the study. I have since dropped out of the study and went back to my standby, the Amazfit Bip. Well, the new Zepp App will not work on my iPhone 13 Max Pro, which in turn renders the Amazfit Watch useless. But, here’s the kicker. I just purchased the ZenBuds and only one will pair with my phone. The left ear ZenBud will not pair with the app(that doesn’t work now)or the phone. I understand that Amazfit maybe aware that there are issues with ZenBuds pairing. I have started to cut back on all of my purchases. My process going forward is to buy only what I need and purchase only from reputable companies like Apple. My time is valuable and returning items that are crap from the beginning is a big pain and it’s costing me sum’s of money that in this environment I cannot afford. I’m done!!!
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3 years ago, maserkani
Apps settings like music not found!
I bought an amazfit GTS 2 mini and the music controller didn’t work, the worst part of this was instruction for activating this part of watch that referred me to music settings on app page! That not found at all. Two days with 3 people we researched and absolutely nothing even near that found in app or settings. Yes it is still don’t work for me this simple feature. And another thing, the app syncs every minute with watch in profile settings and it looks much unstable! For last tip, when you are looking for something in zepp you don’t know where you can find it, the structure of app and categorization is so busy, for example when watch says you go to settings, it has 4 page of settings! which one i must? thank you for next improvements. I was between two choices of apple watch SE and amazfit GTS 2 mini, you must know Paying less money for device isn’t matter any more, the service matters more now for this number of users you have.
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5 months ago, Lojavvvv
The watch is 100% worth the money
If you’re thinking about getting the amazefit watch and you’re on the fence about getting the Apple Watch because everything else you own is Apple, ill tell you that the amazefit watch is better and much cheaper. You don’t need LTE on your watch. This watch connects to your phone with Bluetooth and acts in the same way when your phone is near, and its battery lasts over a week on a full charge so you can wear it to bed to track your sleep. The GPS function is accurate - I’ve run 600 miles with it and it’s always spot on when I go out 4 miles and back the same way, it ends at 8 miles on the dot as I get home. I love this watch. Best $100 I’ve ever spent.
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8 months ago, Hate MetLife
Worse than FitBit
This device is not at all intuitive. I programmed it so that I can look at my daily stats when I raise my wrist. I also programed it to not disturb me at night time. Even though I programmed it to “do not disturb” at night time, every time I turn my wrist the device lights up really bright. Not quite sure what part of “do not disturb” this device does not understand. It also continuously vibrates for no reason whatsoever. I had to de-program the raising of the wrist, and only program it to turn on when I touch the screen. This, of course did not work either, and the stupid device still turns on, even when I don’t tap it. Even with do not disturbed program, and programming. It to only turn on when I tap it, the stupid device still vibrates in the middle of the night, for no reason whatsoever. It is pointless to have a device that measures your sleep activity, when it keeps waking you up in the middle of the night for no reason.
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2 weeks ago, PodiniRuns
Just Missing Distance vs. Time
This app has been great to work with considering the affordability of my Amazfit watch to track my running. The one glaring feature that is missing is the ability to view distance vs. time. There are graphs for all of the other metrics vs. time (e.g., heart rate, pace, etc.), but I have yet to figure out how to show distance. For example, if I wanted to see how far I had ran at 5 minutes and again at 10 minutes, to see my total distance covered in those five minutes. It tracks everything else and it displays continuously on the watch, just like the other metrics, so I have to figure this would be an easy add? If the devs are reading - please consider adding this! Otherwise, I think I would go with a garmin for this feature alone.
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2 years ago, lyonzhrt
App is flaking
Have had my watch and app since Christmas. Last month the app was slow to upload my sleep data from the night before. In the last week it has not updated correctly, missed the time change so using it as an alarm was a bust, began freezing so that none of my data updated for sleep or steps. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and now it won't go past the first screen asking for notification permission. It freezes then closes. Just went from 2stars to 1 because when I try to contact support the form asks for my user ID. I don't use my user ID often enough to have it memorized, no I didn't write it down. Ok, bad on me. But to retrieve my user ID, what does it tell me to do? Go n the app!!??!!?! So now I can't even report my problem!
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2 years ago, SbakeShack
My personal coach!
I have lost 15 pounds in a month and feel soooo much better. This is like having a personal coach. I have been using a Samsung watch for 3 years now and I find that I just don’t use it because I always have to charge it every night. Because of that I never used the sleep tracker. Also If I didn’t carry my phone and used the GPS, I could kill it in a few hrs. The T-Rex 2 goes for weeks with heavy use! The software is also so much more comprehensive. It tracks everything! I got the digital Wi-Fi scale for free with the watch and it also works seamlessly with the app. It is a complete system. One of the guys with the Garmin Phenix is very impressed and can’t believe the price! No regrets!
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1 year ago, rjs 1
Great app, horrible customer service
I got the watch to help track my sleep disturbance, which it does a fantastic job of. The app gives a lot of information. Now that being said, DO NOT DO THE FREE TRIAL OF ZEPP AURA SLEEP MELODY. I forgot to cancel before the free trial ended, noticed the next day that I had been charged $50, so I immediately canceled, and attempted to contact customer service for a refund. There is not a phone number, finding the email to the correct department was tricky, and once I sent an email they respond sporadically, and feign confusion on my request for a refund. They don’t seem to understand that I don’t want this for the next year of my life. I don’t think I’ll ever get my money back, but the lack of communication from Zepp is horrible. There really isn’t any customer service on their end. I’ve been attempting to resolve this for 2 weeks now. Again, great watch, the basic app is solid, but don’t do any add-ons, that’s where it gets shady.
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10 months ago, isaac278
Add more apps to receive notifications from
I got the amazfit 3 wrist watch it’s amazing the watch itself it very comfortable and there should be a wider variety of watch faces and you should be able to add your own photos as watch faces with custom time displays and all the different functions of the watch to display also on that note add more apps to receive notifications like /Discord/Amazon delivery notifications/Twitch notifications/ Uber notifications/ cash app notifications/ just to name a few apps that would be very useful to have and it should be like a update that adds these features but other then that it’s an over all a nice watch and app
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2 years ago, JohnC--
Better than Apple Watch
Sports tracking is better especially the swimming tracking and it has more sports than Apple Watch and the battery life is much much better The reason I got this Amzfit band to replace Apple Watch is that Apple Watch has to be charged every night and every charge takes about one hour and half. I don’t want to take off the Watch every night to charge. I wanted to monitor my sleep or rest time but due to the poor battery life I had to take it off in the night and put it on charger , this band works excellent it charges fast and one charge lasts at least seven days.
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1 year ago, Ashleigh Peach
Still having problems
I still have problems with both in the app again due to the lack of Accessibility on the watch face, and Maisy fit band seven. talking about ZEPP, however, I have to close open the app in order to save walking data. “No workout data, “is shown now still even though there is some data for today. However, it for January. 11th,. Seems to work fine, and some other things with VoiceOver. However, could not send any error reports due to field log upload. The support emails have not helped. I wouldn’t recommend, unless you need PAI help you with your goals. again, I am not paying $50 a year for better sleep. If it were $12 a year, then, yes. However, I can find a better way to get a good night sleep aura for now. Thank you, Ashleigh.
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8 months ago, Lolololololorockonbroimcool
Weather issues
I like everything about the ZEPP app except the weather feature. When I have the automatic location on, regardless of where I am, the location is in Chinese. The city is correct most times, by the way, but it’s never in English unless I go in and reset the settings. I have location settings set to always and I’ve gone through their app feedback system, I have responded to numerous customer service emails and they then send me an email saying I need to respond. They have assured me that they are working on it, however, I am not confident as I’ve now had this issue for the last month and a half and it’s still not fixed. their solution was just to enter the city manually. That is very inconvenient.
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1 year ago, Lucy the 4th
I need 12 alarms to remember to drink water
It is a great app, not doubting that. But I have one small complaint, I. NEED. MORE. THAN. TEN. ALARMS. I previously had my alarms on the clock app on my iPad but it would annoy the heck out of my family so I thought to have the alarms to go off on my Amazefit (your product), but when I tried to set more than ten it said “sorry you can only have ten alarms” and I just went 👁👄👁BRUH. This was a bit long to just say, let me have more alarms. PLEASE. I will go for hours on end without water if I don’t have the alarms and please don’t just tell me “JUST remember to drink water” cause with my ADHD I can’t. And if you let me set more alarms then I will come back here and write a five star review.
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7 months ago, Chris Gormz
Really good watch/app!
I have been using the Amazfit GTR3 for almost a year now and I am so happy I decided to purchase this watch instead of an Apple/Samsung. Being as this is a review for the App, I’ll stick to that: The Zepp App is everything you want in a good fitness tracker app. It accurately syncs with my watch when I need it to, and displays all the health information my watch gathers in an easy to read format. A couple quick things of issue: First, and this is a very SMALL oversight but it’s worth mentioning, the app doesn’t calculate the yearly average sleep accurately. It does so for weekly and monthly, but not yearly. It just seems like a small thing that got overlooked that could be fixed. Second, the watch face gallery. I appreciate the abundance of options for watch faces, however, I would like to see more by the Zepp app. They only have a handful and the rest are user submitted that you have to buy. I really enjoy an analog watch face so I’d love to see a “choose your own picture” with the analog hands of a watch like Zepp offers with a digital readout. Overall great app!
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1 year ago, 80minus1
Data is key for a data person
My son bought me a TRex T2 and it pairs with the Zepp Application on my iPhone. My son knows that I’m fitness motivated and knows that I journal my workouts and progress. But I journal no more. Zepp compiles everything that I used to track and a number of things that I hadn’t previously tracked. Now I’m back on the walking track and soon to be back in the gym extending my active life. My son was right. The data is in and of itself a motivator for me. As a 60+ fitness hobbyist, incremental increases more effective, and Zepp’s PAI tracking makes it quick and easy to adhere to the proper progressive improvements.
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1 year ago, CrankyPants94
Want to give it more
My first complaint I had with this app was the lack of watch faces. The problem continued for quite some time before they finally started to address the issue.. Now my big complaint is having to open the app for it to sync updates to the watch such as current weather tempature. Since this review is for the app and not the watch itself, I feel 3 stars hits the mark. I shouldn’t have to open an app every time I want to keep the data on my watch current. And while they have released quite a few more watch faces, most of the new ones are locked behind another $1.99 purchase. Love my watch as I have had it for a year now, but this app is hardly improving.
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1 year ago, cheerios.1
Love this app!!
I really enjoy using this app! It easy to use and is very organized. I tracks a lot of different things like sleep, PAI, steps, workouts and more! I was really happy when I found out I could match my watch to it also because I have an older model but yet it still pairs and works really well with the app! Everything that I have on the watch automatically goes on the app when paired, so if my watch unpairs during the night I can still get the sleep data on my phone! Overall this is a really great app and I highly recommend it!
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2 years ago, Chidex 145
Everything in this app app is good. It works with my watch and it’s very fast. I like her design everything but the only reason why I’m giving it four stars is because I lost my watch a few days ago and I found it but they should add a tracking app and app like Find My because it took me like five days to look for it because if there was a tracking thing in there, you would’ve been able to see the location and you’ll be able to find good close to where it’s kind of like AirTag that’s what they should’ve added, so that’s why I said suggestion and this app is good. It’s just finding the watch.
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2 years ago, Mr. Koozie
My sleep tracker
I have definitely noticed the improvements, it was already a well rounded but now it is quite an impressive app. The only issue I have ever had with this app is the inability to adjust my sleep schedule. However if you are pushing to have a healthy sleep schedule to coincide with what is perceived to be a normal sleep schedule. Then this will definitely put you on a path to succeed without breaking the bank, with top quality results. I work night shifts so my score suggestions for improvement are off but my data is still accurate. I have hypersomnia and my effects of sleep deprivation have severely improved.
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2 years ago, mecalee79
Not monitoring sleep
My wrist bad is not monitoring my sleep well.. it’s saying i only slept for an hour when i know i was sleeping longer than that.. ugh frustrating.. it was doing good then it just stopped monitoring that properly.. everything thing else seems fine.. i wished it could take walk run and bicycling off the main page on my watch front and show yoga and walking and workout instead.. might be looking for a new watch.. this one has things i like but its not well thought out enough as far as what i want to see on my watch face and now it not monitoring my sleep well plus it doesn’t integrate well with my other health apps.. so yeah.. back to the market i go.
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1 year ago, Nickey000
Good value.
I’ve been using it for about 6 months now. It shows a lot of data IF you use the Amazfit app. It doesn’t take in health data from Apple health or activity. Can’t really hold that against the Amazfit but it would be nice. The battery is pretty amazing. Lasts at least 5-7 days and charges in about 3 hours. The screen isn’t very easy to read but I’m 65 and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. The messages clear too quickly. I wish they stayed until I swipe them away. All in all, for what you pay, it does the job. I wear it everyday, and night. It tracks my sleep well. I have an Apple Watch 3 that needs to be charged at night so the Amazfit is the one I go to bed with. TMI?
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2 years ago, webean03
I love this!
I got this watch from my brother and absolutely love it it comes in handy so very much for my medical situations as well however I went to go log onto the app today after having it for two weeks and I cannot for the life of me to get the app to work for some reason? I’ve also tried to contact the app company but there’s no way for me to get a hold of them it won’t allow me to send a message or contact customer service does anybody have any ideas and I did start my phone over, reinstalled the app etc.
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6 months ago, sage_117
I love these watches😍
The quality on these are amazing!, all you have to do is get this app and set a couple of things up and 💥boom💥it worked , I can track things like my heart rate, track my workouts, play music, take pictures that get sent directly to my phone, and it can even track your stress levels! I really enjoy having it on to because if you charge it to 100% it should last you a day or two and you can also track your sleep which I think is awesome!
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1 year ago, GlobalRoamer
Great layout and good insights, but data recording, analysis and sharing are unreliable
Ive been working with the ZEPP app since it came out, and have occasionally had frustration with the recording and storage of exercise dara (I.e. sessions not being fully recorded, gps cutting out, data not being shared with Strava) and sometimes questioned the validity of analysis, particularly sleep data. Now that I have a highly accurate tracking ring to compare, I can confirms that the sleep data accuracy is highly questionable. AND the Synchronisation of data between platforms seems to work only on Wi-Fi. Why? The watch is great - I love the battery life (GTR3) and form factor, but the integration with the app still needs attention to detail.
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2 years ago, lastlapofthepark
It only keeps track of the sleep I get til I get up to go to the bathroom.
It’s frustrating because the thing stops keeping track of my sleep when I get up to use the restroom ( which happens EVERY night ). So it keeps telling me I didn’t get enough sleep, when I went back to bed and slept at least a couple more hours. It also doesn’t accurately count the steps when I go out for a walk. Last time it counted 44 steps, which I probably did walking down the steps and out the door before I started the walk. I think it’s pretty accurate with the heartbeat and the clock works well, but it’s kind of expensive for a watch.
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3 years ago, Expatdana
Early review
Bought an Amazfit T-Rex and started using app yesterday - set up of watch was fairly easy, some little issues not so clear like the personal activity tracker (PIA?) - but a couple clicks and definitions appear. App and watch fairly simple to set up and no major complaints so far - I’d really want it to be able to write workouts to Runkeeper and/or Apple Health and/or MyFitnessPal, but it’s not connected as yet. GPS on watch seems solid and that’s why I bought the watch. Overall app a four star so far, mostly due to its connectivity limitations to apps I’ve always used for exercise.
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4 months ago, spanks77
Not getting messages from iPhone
I like this watch a lot. My neighbor bought it and I had a old Fitbit that I never used so I changed and it’s awesome. The only thing I’m getting frustrated with is it’s not sending my messages to my watch. I’ve clicked on everything to enable it and even reset, factory reset and repaired it all and it’s still not working. I can receive calendar and everything else alerts but not messages. Can you guys help or have an idea as to why? I’ve also googled and YouTubed setting adjustments to make it work and it’s still not working.
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4 years ago, sld888
Absolutely love this app
The thing that had me 100% sold on this is the fact when it’s tracking your sleep it tracks all of it from the second you fall asleep and lets you know if u wake up and for how long and continues to track your sleep, so when u check the app it might say you got 5 hours of sleep woke up twice and you got 60% deep sleep and 40% light sleep ect. All the other fitness watches I’ve had once you wake up it stops tracking your sleep. So I’m really impressed with everything it can do 🙂
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3 years ago, udell85
Alexa does not stay connected with Zepp app
I can log in through the app connected accounts all day long and shortly after trying to use it on a device or even check to see if it’s connect through the app, it asks for me to log in again. This is a well known issue on Reddit and multiple people have requested support from the publishers to no avail. Having a microphone on the Bip U Pro is pointless without Alexa being connected, that is unless they are using it for nefarious reason, Apple... The watch works great and the app kind of works but the major function of both don’t without Alexa. This is clearly an issue with the Zepp/Amazfit side of programming and needs to be addressed immediately. They advertise the watch works with Alexa. Whatever happened to false advertising laws in America?
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3 years ago, Lahza
Please update for weight watchers compatibility
Would be nice if this app could sync workouts to apple health workouts. that’s what the weight watchers reads in order to calculate fitpoints. right now i’m manually adding it in myself but obviously that starts to get tedious. Please make an update for more apple health syncing especially for workouts to sync to workouts in apple health. Also, there is still a bar above aerobic that’s in characters, not english. I also went to report then clicked add photo and the bottom option was in characters. first time using the app and this fitness brand so not sure what these characters say.
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1 year ago, @MrRonn
It does not show contact information when receiving a call
This latest update does not give me the option to activate "show call information" when receiving a call... nor does it leave or request access to contacts for Bluetooth when pairing with the phone a second time. In short, if I receive a call on my smartwatch but as an unknown call... They have to fix that, it's desperate. Updating my terrible experience!!! Now I must disconnect the amazfit gts 2 watch to be able to record an audio on WhatsApp because if I do it connected to the watch it does not record…. :(
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3 years ago, Gavs24
Useless GPS
GPS is useless. A few weeks ago it stopped being even remotely accurate on my runs. My run that’s 2.3 miles, the same route and the one I tracked with another app before I bought this paperweight. Now it’s up to half a mile off, either tells me I’ve done a mile in Olympic time half a mile before my mile marker. Or it does the other side and tells me I just did a mile half a mile after my other app told me I’d run a mile. So now the step counter, and the run parts are useless. Oh it also tells me I woke up 3 or 4 times a night when I know I didn’t. I think I’d know if I was awake for 15-45 minutes. Or it tells Me I went to bed at 9pm when I was up working until midnight. So pretty much this is an overpriced watch.
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2 months ago, Ryder The Legend
Could you collaborate with apple health?
Im in school most of the time and don't take my phone every time i walk. I have my watch but it doesn't connect to apple health. My apple health is connected to health apps so if my watch isn't connected to those it wont calculate. If it would be possible could you make a banner pop up when you open the app and ask “connect to apple health?” Or something. It would be very appreciated because i don't have an apple watch.
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3 years ago, ohmegan
Good but needs work for US units
I recently got the Amazfit fitness tracker and I really like it. I’m using the Zepp app to track the data the band collects. The only issue I’ve run into is that there is a setting for units of measurement of distance and mass, but there isn’t a setting for time (it’s in military format) or temperature (Celsius). Can this be added as a feature in the next update? I’d also like the ability to go back to specific days to view data, instead of only having the option to view today, this week, this month, etc.
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