ZRX: Zombies Run + Marvel Move

Health & Fitness
4.8 (22.9K)
195.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Six to Start
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for ZRX: Zombies Run + Marvel Move

4.79 out of 5
22.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Pryde90
Thank you for changing who I was running from.
I downloaded ZR in 2012 after hearing an interview on NPR with Naomi Alderman. It sounded like a fun way to get exercise, which was exactly what I felt like I needed at the time. I had just graduated from college, and was broke, jobless, and severely depressed. At first running was just a way to get out of my head, but at some point in the next few months, it turned into something important and meaningful. I was running because I wanted to learn more about the residents of Abel Township, I wanted to hear Jack and Eugene bicker and flirt with each other, and I wanted to collect bras and water bottles to support a fictional community that sometimes felt more real than my own. An activity that had in the past served as a kind of self-punishment became an activity that brought me closer to my values. It made me feel fulfilled and accomplished. I can’t count the number of times this story has made me laugh, and how many times it has brought me to tears. Since 2012, I’ve run hundreds of miles. With the virtual races, I’ve pushed myself beyond anything I ever thought I was capable of. But I no longer do it to become more fit, or even to feel less depressed (although both of those things did happen). I did it - and still do it - because it’s truly fun. Thank you.
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6 years ago, MetAl/mASter
I want to love this app but.....
I have ran a few times with this app and I love the immersive story line and the zombie chases but that’s were the fun stops. I’ve ran outside with it and it seemed to connect with my watch just fine. But the other times I have ran in the gym it won’t connect to my Apple Watch 3. Also it seems almost after every transmission it won’t go back to playing my music. I after to stop running and either pause the run a couple of times to get it to play or advance the song a couple of times to get it playing again. Also I have noticed that when I am at a jog and am getting chased by zombies I can’t get away even when I’m almost at a dead sprint....which seems crazy when your at 5 miles or more and are having to sprint to escape....but I can’t escape and end up having supplies dropped to escape!! I got this app years ago when it first dropped and came back to it....it seems really buggy now and also like the developers aren’t putting the time in it to fix the bugs....I am will to pay for the subscription but not with these kinda bugs.....I did order the book and am looking at doing the virtual race....so hoping they get these bugs worked out!!!!
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9 months ago, GXT22
Problems with the new app changes
I usually don’t write reviews but with all the problems the app is having at the moment I decided to write this. It’s been taking a long time to start up, crashing, zombie chases glitching out and tracking has been off both on screen and with the audio. Also when the chase audio plays and you hear the zombies, normally the audio would play and warn you about the incoming zombies. During this and the 20, 50 meter warnings the audio would muffle your music. Now it’s just completely muffles the music even when no audio is playing and zombie chase are 100 meters with tracking not working correctly so I’m sprinting far more then I’m supposed to. Zombie noises would never muffle the music. They would slowly increase in audio as you got closer to them without the muffling. I’ve been using the app since 2015 when I was in middle school running track and cross and never once ran into a problem. Now with the app change it’s been doing all of this and making it impossible to use the app to train. Please I hope this gets fixed because I don’t want to stop using this app because of all the sudden problems. (Once the issues have been fixed I’ll switch the rating to a 5 because other than the problems it’s having the app is super good. Just that the problem make it practically unusable for some who’s been using it for years.)
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5 years ago, Dogs_Luvr
Best Motivation to Run. Period.
I’m a 17 year old going into college. Throughout high school I played rugby so I stayed fit, but I decided to not continue that in college so I had a hard time finding the motivation to work out throughout the summer. I purchased various (inexpensive) gym memberships and at-home CrossFit programs, but never followed through for more then a week or two because I would get bored and cancel my membership or pack up my workout CD’s. I didn’t have the money for fitness classes, so I tried running and found that I enjoyed being outside, but I found myself getting bored of that fairly quickly too. After a few months of bouncing around different workout styles I found this app and let me tell you it works wonders. As soon as I start to space out and get bored the story comes on again and I’m able to focus on that and get excited for the next piece of the story. I use a secondary app for interval running, but as soon as I get some money from my upcoming birthday I plan on purchasing the yearly runner’s club membership and working out while following this totally rad story. First app I’ve ever rated btw
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4 years ago, Alergic!!
Love this app!!
I haven’t ran in over 10 years and I’ve had 2 kids. I thought I would die if I ran now because my energy and activity level was pretty much 0. I started with the 5k training and I wasn’t even able to finish the 15 second runs in the beginning. Now here I am 6 months later and I love the motivation it gives me to keep going. There are some glitches here and there but totally worth the $35 a year!! I have cut almost 20 minutes off of my 4 mile run! I have been sharing on my Facebook and trying to get my friends to do it with me. None yet, but my friends also help keep me motivated by cheering me on. There is also a base and you gather supplies as you run to use in your base later. There are so many things that get you with the reward center of your brain that it’s easy to find motivation. It also kind of relates to our current global situation! Bonus motivation! The best part, if you don’t want to run, you can just walk, until zombies chase you. Definitely recommend for any fitness level!!
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3 years ago, Caitlee M.
Got me exercising
Years ago I saw someone talk about this on Tumblr. My parents always got on to me about not exercising during summer breaks and I thought this would get them off my backs. It did—and more! Years later, I can run 10ks. I regularly run five miles, each under ten minutes, without slowing down. This year it kept me moving even in the middle of a pandemic with the Home Front, and my arms look better than ever before! I can plank for a while minute! Even on days I don’t feel like exercising, the story and characters always come back for more. The other features—virtual 5ks, e-mails from the characters, earning enough supplies to finally upgrade that big building—are icing on the cake. I love Zombies Run. I recommend it to all my real life friends, and I would recommend it to whoever reads this review too! Zombies Run inspires me to stay active and strive to learn more and run better all the time. It was well worth the original download price all those years ago, and it’s well worth the VIP price now. Thanks, Zombies Run!
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7 years ago, Flaxenfox456
Worth every penny
This is an AMAZING app!!! Interesting story, heart-pounding zombie chases, sports bras, side-missions, this app has it all. And I'm not even into zombies otherwise! There is something so inspiring about going on missions for Abel Township with Sam or others in your ear all the way. I've always been on the imaginative side, so to immerse myself in this world and run like my life depends on it is awesome. I have encountered no bugs in six months of use. The app has season upon season of main story, with more on the way, plus side missions such as interval training, airdrop, and supply runs. Then there are six super awesome race missions for 5k, 10k, and 20k. When I purchased the year subscription for the pro version, I thought the price was very steep for an app. But the motivating story, number of interesting voice-acted characters, and diversity of easy-to-use features make it my favorite purchase of the year. The developers do a great job of improving and adding to the app on a regular basis. They are always working on new seasons, and I feel my money helps make that happen!
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7 years ago, TSellers27
Love it!! Would Recommend
I can't believe there aren't more reviews for this app - it's fantastic! It's the one thing that's kept me running and exercising through the winter and beyond. The writing is fantastic, the storyline is great, I love being able to build my own little base, and I constantly can't wait to see what happens in the next mission. I've gone from 220lbs with no running experience to 180lbs and almost making a half-marathon, in less than 5 months! And I'm not even in it for the weight loss anymore - I'm in it for the story! The company is fantastic, too - always looking to see what their fans have to say, and doing their best to use that input to make this game even better. They always seem to be striving to make it open to everyone, too - it doesn't matter what kind of runner you are, or what shape you're in, anyone can play this game. Tl;dr It's a great app made by a great company and if you're thinking about giving it a try, I'd definitely recommend it!
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4 years ago, Blah blah143
It’s great, just wish there was one thing...
I wish you could set a timer or something for the chases. It’s really hard to know when to slow back down. If I could set it for different speed bursts or something for 1 minute, 30 second, or even 5 minute intervals just to keep from burning myself out halfway through that would be great. I do like being able to pause or stop my run at any point if I need a break though. The radio operator already has a lot of character and personality! I feel like if the game kills him off later or something like that I will start crying while I run and have to delete the app on principle of him not leading me around anymore! The plot is really cool so far too. And I love the at home workout feature and the mini world building game. I like how I haven’t seen any “buy more parts to build this” ads yet, so it means I really have to work to get those add ons every run and I’m not cheating myself. If you want to get into shape and start running this is a fun way to get into the habit real fast. I can’t wait to run again to find out what’s next!
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6 years ago, .Dan79.
First Time User Impressions
Note: this isn’t a game to score points, you can leave your iPhone on a table and the story will still progress. Voice actors aren't terribly realistic; under tense moments they still sound like their privately and quietly recording the dialogue. Like it’s a bedtime story.,Having only finished mission one I don't know what happens when you've completed all missions as a free user, I guess I can continue to do the unlimited side missions. I've yet to see how to implement what I've picked up into my town so I wish the overall instructions were more clear. BITTOM LINE: This is just an app that plays a radio drama about a zombie apocalypse while you work out. You can’t lose the game, you were not competing against anyone else, you can’t get more points than someone else for the same mission, you don’t have to run when the story tells you to run in, you literally don’t have to do anything different than if you weren’t listening to the app at all. It is merely audio entertainment while you walk, jog, run heck, even drive!
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7 years ago, bbmcg10
Great Concept, Buggy App
I really love the idea behind this app -- the narrative storyline does a great job keeping me motivated to get out running consistently, and the writing is funny and engaging. The app also has a decent amount of free features like the settlement mini game and item collection. Unfortunately, the app is really buggy and the amount of bugs really minimizes my willingness to pay a subscription for this service. For instance, in the seven weeks I've been using the app: it counted chapter one twice, it only randomly calculates calories expended per run (and sometimes not at all), the zombie chases seem really inconsistent in whether it senses you speeding up (even if I'm all-out sprinting), and sometimes you get two zombie chases that overlap each other so that I can't tell what's going on. I really wish they would polish the main functionality and fix these bugs before trying to do spin-off apps or make people pay subscriptions for content. If they did that, it would be a killer 5-star app. But as it stands, it's just a decent app that I don't think is worth the money for the premium features.
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5 months ago, JunePages
Marvel Move is the BEST!
Marvel Move is seriously such a cool way to train. I’m nearly through my first 5K training and it’s been so motivating to return each week for the runs. The stories are fun and have a lot of depth. I can tell the writers did their homework on the characters, locations and stories. I’m an avid comic reader & MCU watcher, so coming home with fun tidbits of supplementary info (that I pretend is happening in another multiverse) has been so fun. The voice actors do a great job at showing emotion and they work the training into the stories so well. I’ve seen fast improvement in my run time and cardio fitness and I plan to continue for as long as they provide it! I also love that they brought Kamala Khan, Photon & Captain Marvel into the mix. That’ll be the challenge I do next! Thank you for offering this. It’s been money well spent and I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve never looked forward to my runs the way I do now.
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4 years ago, AyameShimitsu
Got rid of some of my favorite things
I do want to start out saying that I won’t run without this app. The story is great and I love Sam in particular. Over the years, certain aspects have gotten better:the robot voice, transition between story and music, better tracking, etc. However, a lot of my favorite things have been taken away. The base builder feature no longer have achievements to work for or gets attacks while you’re away. Zombie link no longer tracks your speed throughout the run. They got rid of most of the achievements in general to only a handful of them. Lastly, I miss just purchasing the seasons straight out instead of a yearly subscription. I miss that option. I know it’s a better business decision and some people prefer the yearly thing but as I’m not consistent with my running (and it took 3 or 4 years to get through season 3) it was a nice option to have. I still like this app and recommend it, but the elements I enjoyed most and fueled my competitive/gamer side has mostly been dismantled
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4 years ago, TwilightPowerDiamond
Amazing story, but broken app
The writing in this game is great. The story is immersive and includes a diverse cast without over-stimulating or overwhelming the user. I feel genuinely connected to the characters and I can both celebrate their successes and feel their pains. It’s a gripping story, sometimes. This app is incredibly buggy, though. You can “pick up items” for your base in this game, but the app is broken and will only pick up one item per run and get stuck before playing the “item pickup” speech. Second, the mission dialogue is broken. I have to pause and un-pause over and over to get dialogue to play. These two factors greatly de-motivate me from playing the game. The app also has some poor design choices, in my opinion. Despite having a login feature, bug reports need to be sent by an email directly connect to a device. This could be fine if instead an email was displayed to users where they could open a browser and send a email, but I can’t find that address. Also, the automatic downloads for the next mission doesn’t work as advertised, and I still have to do it manually. Sometimes I download the wrong mission and have to wait get the actual next story, further demotivating me from playing. Don’t pay for this app. It’s buggy and has some user interface issues. Play for the story, though, because it’s fantastic. (FYI, I’m on the iOS 13’s current update and the bugs are still present.)
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4 years ago, GodofRatsAndSeeds
This is hands down the best app I've ever downloaded! I really struggle with staying motivated to run, or even to keep running when I finally do. It gets boring just running for what feels like no reason. But this app is the absolute best! I've started going on runs even when I don't have to, because I love the stories!! I feel so immersed in the story! I've had to look behind me a few times just to make sure there weren't actually zombies... I love that there's side missions you can do as well, like supply runs. That way, if I want to take a break from the main story, I can! For FREE!!! How many running apps can you say are beneficial for no money?! And there's even special features if you want to subscribe! Personally, I'm on the free version, but it is just as good, if not better! I really enjoy this app, and will most definitely be using it for a long long while! And I'm buying a waterbottle and a phone case to go with!
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5 years ago, JKLNSargent
This app has changed my life!
I was a confirmed smoker of 20 years who had given up on trying to quit. I never EVER would have thought I would be a runner someday. But about two months ago, I found Zombies, Run! Now, I’m proud to say that I’m almost two months smoke-free, and I’ve dropped about ten pounds! My older two kids (10 and 8 years old, and usually glued to some screen or another all day) actually put down their devices and started joining me. Now all of three of us run pretty much every day, and they are helping me train for the virtual 5k race coming up in about a month! This app makes running really fun! If you’ve tried running before but can’t seem to stay motivated, nothing is quite as motivating as NOT being eaten by zombies! The story is well-written and engaging, the voice talent is superb, and the technical aspects of the app are very sleek and well-designed. I really can’t say enough great things about this app!
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5 years ago, Eighty-seven15
Great, but some real problems
Using the app is great. Over time, the story gets confusing, and the characters run together. This is especially because it’s playing while you’re exerting yourself and only ever paying partial attention to the details. Still, the zombie chases spur you on and keep running fresh. The watch app is absolute garbage, and has been useless for years. It hasn’t worked in about 5 versions of this app, and I’ve been running the latest hardware and OS on both the phone and watch. The watch app never loads, and when it did many years ago, it still required the phone to be nearby. The watch is no longer new tech, and there’s no reason this shouldn’t be fixed by now. Unfortunately, the problem with the watch app is causing me to use the app less and less, and pretty soon I’ll probably discontinue my paid subscription. It also should have better integration with popular tracking apps like Strava or MyFitnessPal. As of now it only links to RunKeeper, though those things can meet in the Apple Health app.
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2 years ago, Carepluslyn
Zombies Hate Fast Food
Truly my favorite app! I’ve lost 30 lbs and gotten into the best shape of my life with the help of Zombies, Run. It honestly makes running so fun! I used to dread the idea of running and never thought I could do it- but Zombies, Run has made it so that I look forward to going on a run! I gotta collect supplies and know what happens next! There are a couple things I would change- I wish I could switch to radio mode in the middle of a run. Sometimes I want to do 2 or 3 missions in a row, then switch to radio mode. You have to totally stop your run in order to make that switch. A little annoying, but minor. I also wish the zombie chases were more consistent with the settings I’ve chosen. If you have the chases turned off for a while, the app seems to want to “catch up” by giving you WAY MORE CHASES than what you have it set for. Still a 5 star app, though!
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5 years ago, Yogi2.0
Come for the workout- stay for the story line
This running app has gotten me through more tough runs and long weeks than I can tell you. I wanted a fun way to start back to running - and now I am fully hooked. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a little motivation to get after their next run. I thought the whole being chased by zombies thing would help me finish a run faster- and it does. However, what surprised me most is the quality of the acting and writing in this app- it is excellent. The story is immersive- and before you know it, you will want to get your next run in just to see what happens next! The run logs -stats tracking and base building - as well as the ability to set an air drop goal and run to a specific location are all great as well. I am about a year in and still completely loving the app. Happy Running all!
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5 years ago, WolffHiker
Best intro to running app imo
ZR5K is freaking awesome! As a new runner several months ago I tried various apps and programs to gradually get me running more and more. Most of them were too advanced even for a noob and I couldn’t keep up. But ZR was gradual enough and the story fun enough that I was hooked and actually enjoyed my runs because I wasn’t about to die or injure myself. I stuck to the schedule and had to keep myself from running too much because I enjoyed the runs, and this was during the summer in 90+ degrees and I’ve always hated running. Now I use the regular app but I suggest to everyone I run into that wants to start running to look into this app. I’ve also had issues attaching the app to my Apple Watch so I have heart rate data but I learned to simply put my phone on me for music and the story and simply run with Strava on to follow and for HR.
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8 months ago, wlizard
Was 5/5 before rebranding…
Now it’s 3/5. I’m sure I’ll get used to the layout changes, and I’m sure the bugs will be fixed with time, but it really is unfortunate that they had to rebrand the entire app for a Marvel partnership. I was under the impression that Marvel Move would be its own app, and I would have MUCH preferred that. Instead, I can’t access my race missions without losing my progress each time, can’t do interval training mode, and can’t do hardly ANYTHING without the app crashing. All for a tie-in with a media franchise I care nothing about that costs extra to even have access to. EDIT: Removed a star. I spent so long fighting with radio mode trying to make it play me the episode I’m actually on instead of a random one I’ve already listened to that I literally ran out of time to work out this morning. This app has gone from motivating me to work out to keeping me from working out. EDIT 2: Removed another star. Audio is straight up not playing for me now. The bugs seem to be getting worse instead of better. This is really disappointing… I used to love this app.
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6 years ago, lassojeb
Great app but NEEDS a VITAL update
Let me start by saying I love this app. Zombies, Run has a great story and amazing world/app that made me actually excited to work out and dive back into the next episode or work on building my base. The issue is you MUST have your phone always. A big problem if you have the Apple Watch with cellular and prefer to run without lugging your phone around. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to stream just the basic aspects of the game, running and the audio stories while tracking my progress, on the watch and then work on my base, etc. after my run is over and I’m back at my phone. This is an update I hope they are working on as it is the only thing that is keeping me from using this app as much as I like, every time I run outside and not on a treadmill I’m not taking my big iPhone plus with me. If they added this feature, it would be an easy 5 stars no question. PLEASE put some thought into adding this feature to the watch app!!
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5 years ago, AxlRosa
It used to be love
Honestly, I bought this app when it first came out and it was THE BEST run app. I told everyone. People I ran with, people who were just starting to run, strangers. It didn’t matter. I told literally everyone. Then I had a few surgeries and couldn’t run for a bit. Came back to find that all of my progress was gone and it was now a subscription. So I started over. Or tried to. This is where the glitches made it impossible. Music crashes happened on every run, progress didn’t save, miles weren’t accurate, run times were off and no matter the pace, you couldn’t outrun zombies. I’m talking about a pace increase from a light jog to a full on fast-as-you-can sprint, without being able to outrun them. It also doesn’t work on a treadmill, which is a bummer for people who need times to run with softer impact. I truly loved this app. I’m still trying to, but it doesn’t look good. The concept is amazing, the designers are talented but the cost is absurd. Especially for something that crashes on every run.
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1 year ago, DiehardJeans342
It’s decent, but the story leaves a lot to be desired.
I tried really hard to like this app, I thought it would be the one thing to make going on walks actually enjoyable. Unfortunately as the story progresses you quickly realize that, although the story is supposed to involve you personally as the main character, I find myself constantly frustrated by the fact that I have no agency or control. You know if a character is going to betray you almost immediately upon meeting them, and yet the other characters are so blind that the events of the story just seem like everyone is bumbling along and things just somehow work out. Not only that, but they try to incorporate ‘you’ in the story more and more often, and more often then not instead of ever fighting back ‘5’ just rolls over and lets things happen while I shout from the back row to just punch someone in the mouth already and get things moving.
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7 years ago, scubadp
Extremely Motivational
Two years this app has been a part of my exercise, and it has continued to be an amazing experience. You know when you look back at your college years or something similar and think of all the great times you’ve had? I do that constantly with this app. I think back to oh yeah I was running past a lighthouse during that scene. Or yeah I totally flipped off an imaginary helicopter and ran the farthest and fastest I ever had before in a desperate imaginary race to save an imaginary character. The voice acting and writing is phenomenal. The immersion is incredible if you let yourself really get drawn in. I am on Season 6, but Season 1 sound when I started was lower budget but then Season 2 BOOM you can tell they got money and put it to good use. My head is always on a swivel due to the incredible sound manipulation that makes me want to look in the direction of the narrated action and I find myself barking with laughter or crying out with shock at a plot twist. This app is the only reason I run. Dead slow pro 12 minute mile pace is my avg across all the runs I have done, but I feel like I rule those runs as Runner 5 and I am always motivated to make it to the end as strong as I can be especially when being told to pick up the pace or just simply RUN!
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3 years ago, Just a believer
The reason I run
This storyline for this app is amazing. I highly suggest and want everyone to try it. I’ve been using this app for 5 years now. This time last year I would have given it five stars. However, it’s only getting 4 stars as the company is now beginning to nickel and dime you for everything. You want to run one virtual race? You have to pay for all of them. They argue that their annual price is cheaper than two races combined in the “real world” and you get ALL of the virtual races. Sounds great but if you want merch to go with the virtual race you now have to pay for that separate. They’re branching out away from the main story too much (in my opinion) and they have yet to fix the Apple Watch glitch. Seriously, what’s the point on having the app as Apple Watch ready if it glitches with every single use? I do love this app but I’m a bit frustrated with where they’re currently taking it.
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5 years ago, grimmp
The best app on my phone.
This is the coolest app ever! Ive been using it for about a month or so and it’s been so much fun! When i hear “zombies detected” i run for my life and it feels so freaking good learning what I’m capable of - that my limits are a lot further than i thought they were. I haven’t experienced any of the negative things others on here have. Maybe I’m just lucky, maybe they’re doing something wrong, i don’t know. I’ve been using it for over a month now and i have yet to experience a single bug. The acting is very good imho. I’ve heard a whole lot worse. And while the plot isn’t groundbreaking or realistic - it’s a story about zombies. How “realistic” do you expect it to be? Lol. Overall it’s a lot of fun and i had no problem paying the 36 bucks for a yearly subscription - and I’m a big cheapo. I don’t pay for apps. Lol.
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4 years ago, Kolith
I can’t run, but I can ride!
I am not a runner. I have a bad back, and bad knees, however I just got a recumbent bike and it has been amazing! I wanted to find a way to track my rides and I remembered a friend had mentioned this app awhile ago. I had actually downloaded it and used it to try and run once or twice but was miserable. When I got my bike I decided to see if it would still work and to my absolute delight it did!!! I live in a gated community that is just one block of houses basically a big square. I hop on my bike, turn on the zombies and Boom, I’m riding as fast as I can to escape! I love the story and get a little thrill every time my music lowers and the story starts. I I also love the radio station, it feels so real! Thank you so much for making this app! I went from barely doing anything to riding 10 miles a day!!!
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4 years ago, addy.mae
I used to HATE running!
I used to absolutely hate running. I was trying to get better at running and I was just not very motivated. When I found this amazing app, it helped me get exited to go for runs every day knowing that there was a new mission waiting for me. I highly recommend this app for new and advanced runners. Their are so many different amazing features to help to help you meet your goals and track your progress. One of my favorite feature is the mapping feature where it color coordinates your speed on a map so you can see when you slowed down or sped up. This app has motivated me to push myself to go run 5Ks with the awesome race mode. They have 5Ks, 10Ks, and 20Ks. If you want to get into running or have fun adventures while tracking your progress and pushing yourself, this is the perfect app for you!!
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4 years ago, drsaramcb
This app is getting me through the apocalypse
I truly, utterly, deeply adore this app. I’m not a natural runner or fitness person; I’m a bit overweight and generally kinda lazy. But boy does this app get me off the couch! I regularly run 3-4 times a week now due to this app (which I’ve had since 2012 but only occasionally used until August 2019). I’m now midway Season 2 and omg the story is fantastic; the characters and the actors who play them really make you like you are in this game. A really fantastic new addition is the at home workouts, which I do every other day right now when I’m not hitting the pavement. I highly recommend this app if you want to maintain your fitness goals and keep listening to riveting content. What a great team behind this app. Thank you so much ❤️. Runner 5 out.
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4 years ago, MacReviewedAnApp
Perfect to Game-ify Your Run
If you’re like me, you’re looking into this app because you have trouble just going out and *running*, even with your favorite music/podcast loaded up. If that’s true for you, I have great news: Zombies, Run is probably what you’re looking for. It’s equal parts cheesy and motivating, with narrative that pops in enough to keep you grounded in your Mission, but stays silent enough that you can enjoy your music and “Zone In” to your run a bit. I haven’t encountered a bug or hitch that would cause me to give this app anything but five stars - I look forward to my runs just enough to keep me going, and asking for more would be greedy. Give this app a shot if you’re looking to trick your brain into some positive feedback related to running, and you just might surprise yourself!
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3 years ago, ThatSOSamazing
my first and only review
This is my first and only review of an app in all my many hears of having just about tthe whole gambit of all apps. In a nutshell: THIS IS AWESOME x 10^ 10th power! It has both my fav things all in one :horror, gore, militant milieu of an atmosphere, and running and pretending like im a FEMA Fed and/ or serving a higher purpose. Fight or flight response on whilst listening to songs from the walking dead or Rob Zombie songs in the backdrop ..,running at night on top of the fact that when if you ever face a predicament where you reallyyyy need to run for your life, you would be AMAZED at how hard you will push your body when it is a matter of survival ie life vs death. Kudos to whomever in Silicon Valley created this app; I really wish I had come up with something so ingenious!
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4 years ago, Bob bukinshna
One of the best games I’ve ever played
I don’t know where to start. It is so immersive and feels so real. It’s cliche but I genuinely used to sit in my room almost al day and get no exercise, but this has helped me a lot. Within a month I went from doing almost nothing physical activity wise to now walking around 5 miles a day. And it’s not a chore. It is fun to do and I look forward to it. The missions are amazing, storyline is intriguing, and the interface is user friendly. You gather supplies and build up your base which really brings it all together. And it doesn’t use much battery at all opposed to other games that make you walk like Pokémon go and the walking dead game. The developers and people involved did an amazing job and they seem to always be improving and adding more to the game.
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3 years ago, Weglian
Like an interactive radio drama
When I first heard the premise of this app, you run and it sounds like zombies chase you, I thought it was going to be dumb. Then I finally tried it, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. You actually are immersed in a story and you are a central character. And, sometimes, zombies chase you! When I was a kid, I used to listen to radio dramas as I went to bed. These stories remind me of those dramas. The stories are great. You get attached to characters, and, occasionally, you get your heart broken. I find myself running longer, because I want to get to the end of a mission. Tip: if you are on a treadmill, turn off the zombie chases, because it will be hard to change your speed to get away.
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6 years ago, Lithooves
I’ve been supporting this app since a month or so after its release. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I remember getting rid of it on my old phone because I needed space. Back from my old phone, this app had an interesting twist for a running app, immersive story, unique characters, and a cool book. (I really recommend the book.) But coming back now? What the hell happened? Look, I’ll cut to the chase here, I’m a student. I can’t afford to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription for content that should be accessible for free. The radio station for example, used to be free. Now I have to pay for it? I have to pay to see my own statistics? That’s a foul move. I understand that having a free app needs to have some sort of way to make money, but this is really a slap to the face to those that supported this app from the very beginning, and to those who really can’t afford to spend four dollars a month.
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2 years ago, (Grizzly)
Great story!
I’ve been playing Zombies Run since back when it was a one time purchase and have subscribed off and on. The story just gets better and better. But I keep holding out hope that they will do something more with the base builder. The zombie attacks were such a little element of gamification, but it made the supply gathering more meaningful. And the base itself is a visible measure of my own progress as it withstands challenges. I understand if people are concerned that they may be injured or unable to exercise and the base might suffer, but I see no reason attacks can’t be paused or opted out of whenever needed, just like the zombie chases. Just my two cents! Regardless, I keep coming back and zombies run helps me get back in shape whenever I struggle with my routine. I’m very grateful to have found it!
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5 years ago, scott1731
Great for anyone who walks runs etc
Discovered this and tried it as i have been walking a lot. This is such a unique app that you have to try if you like to enhance your walking running experience. You simple listen to your favorite music and the app makes you part of this story and you enjoy your runs even more as your part of an adventure all while your music is still playing. Truly has enhanced my walking experience and has keep me on track as i make sure i dont miss a day as i want to get on with the next mission. And even though you may complete a chapter you can keep going and so does radio Abel just brilliant. Best of all you dont do anything but run or walk. Watch out for zombies. Stay safe out there .....
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8 months ago, Nathan_1977
Will get you started…
I tested it out for free for a month and liked it enough to subscribe for 3 years. The storyline was successful in getting me out and running early on, and it encouraged me to stretch my runs from 2 miles to 3 miles, 2 to 3 days per week. But I really didn’t improve my time or fitness. I augmented this last year with a Garmin watch and the connect app. That really has helped improve my fitness way more than sporadic zombie chases. I let my subscription lapse this year for 3 major reasons: 1) The app has been upgraded to allow marvel runs, and a bunch of old features broke or were removed. Main storyline is there, but missions don’t download automatically, no interval training or airdrop, and new features are behind a second pay wall. 2) I got tired of the LGBTQ+ storylines. It felt I was getting more sexual drama than zombie action. I really don’t need that when I’m running. I want action! 3) I needed to augment my runs with the Garmin training program to see significant physical improvements. This will record your runs, but it isn’t a very good virtual trainer. I’ll still take advantage of my free weekly mission on my easy run day, but I’ll go back to music and podcasts for background engagement during most runs.
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6 years ago, ac7891
Making me a runner
I always hated running, but I needed a way to get some extra exercise so I gave it a try. I’m building my endurance by running for a certain amount of time during the story parts (started 30 secs and increasing by 30 secs each run). I love this app! I’m only on season 1 but the story keeps me interested. I also love the supply pick up and base camp features. It gives you a sense of reward and accomplishment that you can enjoy before you start seeing the results on your body. Seeing your results through supply pick ups then leads to noticing you increased your steps or run time. Overall great running app for people who don’t like running. I now wake up excited to run and it’s thanks to this app. Hope my enthusiasm holds out in the winter.
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7 years ago, Lizicat
Good way to get in shape
I downloaded this about a year ago around Halloween. I have been working my way through the story missions. They missions are made up of episodes that steadily increase in time, so it’s a great way to gradually increase the length of your runs while being distracted by chases and odd scenarios. The story line is engaging but allows for lapses where you can just listen to your music. There is also an option for run/walk training if you don’t want to follow the missions. The app tracks the distance and time of each run. It’s helped me change up my routine and increase the time I devote to running as I will not let myself advance in the mission storyline until I’ve done the previous episode. Highly recommended
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6 years ago, John.Glenn74
Fantastic App
Ive never enjoyed an app on the App Store this much before so this is my first EVER review (that should say something about how good this is) this app keeps my time, pace, steps, calories burned, and honestly what keeps me coming back EVERY DAY is the STORY!!! Sometimes it’s a little odd but it’s really immersive for me and the zombie chases are honestly scary as hell. + you can collect supplies for upgrading Abel Township—and anybody who’s every played an MMORPG can tell you how addicting steadily rising numbers are, lol😂. This encourages you to run and I also recommend “Zombies, Run! 5k” you should start with that app if you have no prior running experience, and train yourself up to that point. Totally worth the small monthly/yearly subscription fee if you want a few extra perks.
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4 years ago, 63Bren
Zombies.... YES!
2020: a few years later I’m still having fun with this app... A lot more outdoor walking these days and it’s fun to send my son a map and share my walk. Get this app !! So I mostly walk with this on the treadmill and elliptical machines. Still fun. I even got a coworker to buy this and start walking by telling him about a reference to "Red Dwarf" in the 1st season :) I recommend Zombies, Run to anyone who wants some humor with there music during there workout. And then you get to decide what to do with Able Township. My only complaint would be that occasionally my music doesn't load and there is dead silence or the other way around where it just plays the music and doesn't give me the storyline. All in all? I want season 3!
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6 months ago, tecelf
Sad to see this happen
It really pains me to write this but I just had to add my voice to the other recent reviews. Since switching to ZRX, the app has gone from one of my favorite fitness apps to unusable and not with the effort to work through. I’ve been a VIP subscriber for years but at this point, I’m not going to renew my subscription unless the app is drastically fixed. Since the switch to ZRX, the app has trouble loading at all and often hangs at start-up. Even when I do get the app working, I’m not a fan of the new interface. I was never interested in Marvel Move and suddenly I feel like I had to go digging to pick up my ZR storyline. There are even small nuisances like music now stopping when you end a mission that just irritate me enough to miss the good old days with ZR. It’s really sad to see this happen to one of my favorite apps. I’ll still fondly remember all the runs I did with Sam and the crew at Able Township.
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5 years ago, MagalioFan123
From out of shape to a sub 30 min 5k — I LOVE THIS APP!!
No joke, I literally did no exercise before this app. If you had told me a year ago that not only would I be running regularly, but that I would be ENJOYING IT, I would’ve told you you were crazy. But I swear I am doing it!! And it’s all thanks to this amazing app. The production is great, there are so many great features, the actors are beyond talented and the story is captivating — I cannot say enough good things. The other day I was in a running group and someone saw me turning on an episode and she mentioned that she uses it too, and we both fangirled about how much we love this app. Okay, that is all, please give it a try if you’re on the fence, I promise you won’t regret it!!
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5 years ago, rsteffy
Getting buggier by the day
I want to love this app. I do enjoy the immersive storyline however the app sometimes requires in-run maintenance that causes me to stop to keep it working. Lately it won’t continue to the next downloaded mission automatically. I have to stop my run and restart it with the next mission in the queue. It will not connect to my Apple Watch. I have tried everything. I contacted support and they said other people have found workarounds. I don’t want a workaround I want my watch to connect. I track my time with Nike’s app since it is reliable. I look forward to the new stories. They are very well done. The developers need to put some time into the functionality of the app for something that is truly five stars.
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1 year ago, hour.by.hour
Very Motivational!
I never write reviews, in fact this is my first one, but this app deserves one. I have the free version and even without buying the extension there is so much content! The 9 seasons of just the zombie apocalypse is enough to keep me busy for up to a year easily. Once I finish those, I’m most likely going to buy the premium as well because it is so worth it. The sound is so real, with headphones it bounces around your head like real life. I love that I can play my own music in the background and it will transition from story to music so smoothly, really makes it feel like a movie. For people who love dystopian and apocalyptic vibes, this is perfect. I hate cardio, but this app has provided so much motivation for me to keep running to hear the story and feel so immersed. I have a small issue I’m finding though, if I don’t finish my run (like today, I had to cut it 3 minutes short) it doesn’t seem to save my progress on that mission and I have to start over or go to the next mission without finishing the previous one. Maybe this is operator error, if not this would be awesome to fix. Overall amazing!
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6 years ago, SnowAster
The perfect motivator
I got this app when I was trying to find some way to keep myself better motivated and entertained while walking. I remembered hearing about the app years ago and finally tried it. I quickly fell in love with the story and characters. You don’t want to stop going because you need to know what happens next! Another addition: in the almost decade I’ve been using apps since my first smartphone I have NEVER made an in-app purchase. This was the app that broke that streak and I believe it was well worth the price. Access to as many missions as I want and i still have a LOT of content to go through. I just started season 3 and now 7 is starting.
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7 years ago, Cheese-Muffin
A fun way to distract yourself while running
This game helps take my mind off the moving of my legs and the misery that is exercise. With the help of this app I've been able to keep an interest in running 6 days a week for over 2 months now, having previously participated in no exercise for easily 6-8 months. When I first downloaded this app in 2014 it only had the capability to play music on your device. Now that I've resumed playing I would just like to express how much I enjoy being able to stream music through pandora while I run- it really makes a difference in a great way. All in all, great game, and I can't wait to keep playing.
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7 years ago, A Sigurdsson
Whoa! Super fun app!
I recommend his app to anyone who has been trying to start a running routine but couldn't stay interested. The video-game elements of the app let you "level up" and accomplish goals that take the focus off the fact that you're "exercising." I have a very hard time motivating myself to workout, but this app makes me want to just keep running (well, walk/jog/run at this point). The storyline is fun and compelling, the growling zombies are surprisingly motivational--I haven't run that fast in years! Love the voices, the format, and the entire idea. I'm hoping to be in good enough shape to run the Halloween Race in 2 months. Thank you guys! Next step: make it work with VR glasses!
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6 months ago, Create Nickname. Okay.
New ZRX very buggy
I purchased the app just before Season 2 came out, back when some episodes required certain buildings in your town be completed (I liked that the town mattered back then). I really enjoy the app, but this ZRX stuff has just been a mess. A lot of issues have been fixed, but at least twice, including yesterday, I would start a run, it would play the first audio clip, and then… nothing. Not my playlist that I had selected, not the next audio clip, just silence while I collect items. So disappointing. I can’t troubleshoot this app’s issues while running! I just have to quit the app, turn on the playlist in my music app, and hope it works better the next time. It’s a good thing I don’t rely on ZRX to track my running (I just use it for the audio).
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