Angry Birds 2 by Rovio: 2.5M more installs in just a week with ASO and A/B testing.


As you might have heard, Rovio Entertainment has just released a new version of its super popular title – ANGRY BIRDS 2. The app got more than 20 million downloads during the first week after releasing the game. SplitMetrics can be credited for at least 2.5 million downloads. For a game like that it is a huge cost cut. The Rovio team ran a series of experiments to discover which combination of icons, screenshots, description, video preview and cover maximizes the number of installs.

We are proud to make our contribution to the game success and want to share the insights on the optimization process.
1Office of Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Having appealing screenshots, icon and description is very important. No matter how great your game is – if your app store page doesn’t appeal to the users, it doesn’t appeal to the people who want to download it. And that’s something we were always aware of but did not have the tools to do it. Now we have SplitMetrics.
Rajeev Girdhar
ASO expert at Rovio

App Store assets optimization is not a one-iteration process. Growth hackers know that every assumption should be tested out before making a decision.

The first experiment for an iPhone was designed to test landscape (horizontal) screenshots. The difference between variations was in displaying the game characters and having a colour frame.

2With a character and a frame and without them

The second variation won in this experiment: familiar characters of the game increased the conversion rate.

In a while the team got a new idea: compare vertical screenshots with horizontal ones. An A/B test with 2 variations was launched.

3Portrait (or vertical) vs landscape screenshots

The experiment yielded 99.7% confidence level and demonstrated curious results..

Portrait screenshots did better in terms of conversion – which is, to some extent, against the industry standards. Previous experiments by Rovio had other results. Often landscape screenshots displaying game play and clear objects worked better.

Our team assumed that Angry Birds 2 is not just targeted at gamers that are constantly looking for and research new games. Angry Birds 2 is played by people who have just one game on their iPhone. Such users are more accustomed to holding their phones in a portrait mode.

A series of experiments produced the assets combination that generates a maximum conversion exceeding others by 13%. It is a sound improvement that in absolute figures means millions of new users who download Angry Birds 2.

If we can improve the app store conversion we actually reduce the load on our marketing team and significantly reduce the budget that we spend on user acquisition.
Rajeev Girdhar
ASO expert at Rovio

What kind of screenshots do you use for your apps? Comment and share your apps links and your optimization experience with us. We are eager to help you get better conversions.

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  • Ian

    Is it 13% as in “50% and 63%” or as in “it was 50% and we improved it by 13% so it’s 57% now”?

    • Eugene

      Second option. Improved it by 13%.