אפליקציית החדשות של ישראל N12

2.1 (528)
44.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Channel 2 News
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for אפליקציית החדשות של ישראל N12

2.14 out of 5
528 Ratings
3 years ago, Tachsheet
Good articles, bad implementation
I like the articles and how news and magazine videos are embedded in them. However, the app itself often either doesn’t open when clicking on a link from the Home Screen or from the app’s home page, or sometimes the app just crashes. It would also be nice if the live streaming would continue to play when the device is in standby mode, similar to how some of the competitors do.
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9 months ago, User13524
Advise from חבר
I like the app and use it to read news from Israel after so many years I have left Israel. However, the ads are just killing the fun: 1. Ads open every time I switch into and from an article. Once per launch is enough. But this is a double-punch! If it was only an ad to read an article - ניחא, I get it. But an ad to also get back from the article to the main menu, just so I can decide what to read next? Try one article for launch, do A/B testing, and optimize from there. Also try a paid version without ads. Please make sure I get on the right side of this A/B testing. I will pay! 2. Ads seem to be misbehaving and finding loopholes to block the articles. For example, fake close buttons, close buttons hidden so far on corners that I need to remove my phone guard to press them. 3. Depressing ads. I get ads for Florida retirement locations and some other stuff. Fine. But I once got an ad encouraging me to secure a burial plot at the nearest Jewish cemetery! בכלל לא קול! תודה Regards
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3 years ago, Lea Gerber
I am slightly dissatisfied, please help!
I was watching Hakochav Haba Thursday, JUly 15, and then I got a phone call and I couldn’t go back to watching it, all I got was the news all over again, with no way to get back to the program. Why is this? Why is there no way to go back to the program after the news? Whenever they have the 8:00 N12 news there is a very long pause for the advertisements, but it’s a quiet, frozen pause that if you miss it, you have to start the news all over again. Some of them are five minutes. long and it’s very annoying.
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4 years ago, iPadnews reader
Horizontal/landscape view of the app
Just as an observation, as good as this app may be, building an app in 2020 without a horizontal/landscape view (for an ipad display for example) just looks very unprofessional, amateur and a lack of effort on your part. Not understanding the need for it is just too big of an oversight to be coming from a respected news channel that promotes this app so vigorously. I hope you get a chance to fix it as soon as possible so ipad users could true enjoy and benefit from your new app like most other apps these days too.
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7 months ago, amitg779
(Fixed) Used to work well until today
Updated rating: increasing the rating due to the dev team’s quick attention and bug fix - working as usual now. Original: Now I’m unable to use the app. The Google ad on load is not optimized for the latest iOS/island. The X button for the add is not clickable. Very poor QA, and the priority is ads revenue over usability. What a shame. I cannot watch N12 now on my phone.
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5 months ago, Al220002
This app is really bad, especially for the “Startup Nation”
I am sorry to be so critical, but this is supposed to be the top Israeli news site and app. The thing is unstable and keeps crashing (iPad version). The advertising seems to be the main focus of the app, and not delivering the news. What a shame, this could have been a really goo app, now I mostly get news from Ynet or Channel 13 News. Please fix the orientation of the vertical/horizontal plains, this is BASIC, no need to reinvent the wheel. סליחה, אבל האפליקציה הזו לא טובה, והיא אמורה להיות מקור החדשות העיקרי של ישראל! כל הפרסומות הן המיקוד העיקרי של האפליקציה, החדשות הם סתם התוספת. סטארטאפ ישראלי… בולשיט.
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1 month ago, Bari T.
Love the app but it stopped providing live TV!
I depend on this app to keep up with news from home. However, as of April 29, 2024 I have not been able to click on the “live” button as it disappeared! I thought it was due to Pesach but it is now May 1 and the app is not connecting to live viewing. Did Mako/Keshet stopped the free viewing of N12 on their app?
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5 years ago, Dr. DoRe
change it back!
The new font is bad. This font may work well on large screens or in print edition, but it’s a terrible selection for mobile screens. It’s harder to read, and takes up more vertical. space. Can’t see the headings for pictures in the reports - another bad decision re font and contrast. The new layout didn’t make the app better; it’s actually LESS user friendly now. You had something that was working well. bring it back!
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5 years ago, The outsider chitown
Thank you
Thank you News channel. Thank you for making me so depressed every single morning over our corrupted politicians, crooked rabanim and violent public workers. Thank you for reviling of how our bad is our society and sounding each and every single day. Thank you for being so diligent and not afraid of finding out the truth!
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2 months ago, MEny23x
Super Annoying App
One of the most annoying apps in terms of ads. Yes, understand that free apps rely on ad revenue to operate, but this is the only app that pops an ad on every navigation click. It is beyond frustrating to use. It’s a news and information app, the content of which is great, but it’s just terrible from a user experience perspective. The ads even mix closing methods to try and trick you into clicking them. Have been using it for years, deleting it now.
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9 months ago, Eli rat
Awful site
This site does not allow you to close ads. You open the app and there are ads that you cannot close no matter what. What is going on?
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6 months ago, New User 57
The evening news (מהדורה מרכזית) available only the next day?
I dont know if this is a bug or a feature, but access to the news, the full program, not individual segments, seems to be available only in the next day, which is useless. If this is a feature, please let us know so that we dont spend time looking for it (ie don’t use N12). If a bug, then, well, you know what to do. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Gio22447
App crashes 80% of the time
Worst app I ever encountered in my life. The App Store needs to remove this app. It’s crashes 80% of the time. I wish the developers would fix it but unfortunately it seems that they simply don’t care. Perhaps since they receive their monthly profit from the paid ads, of this app, then, that’s all that’s important to them and that’s all they care about.
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3 years ago, Kfir F.
White screen, articles not loading
For every article I want to read I have to press on it, see a commercial, press on the X / close button & after that I’m getting a white screen, then I need to go back & try it again & again for several times (around 3-4 times) till to article loads. I’m on the latest version.
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3 years ago, Jon the reading Mon
Cannot find this in English
The Hebrew looks great and I can read some of it. However, the product description says it works in English. I need that to check my understanding of what I just read in Hebrew. I searched and searched and could not find how to use or read this in English. Please advise!!
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4 years ago, Grhfhducjxn huc
Updated review
I have just downloaded the new version of the app and now can finally watch the news from today. Thank you!
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2 months ago, Inspector Cruzo
Terrible User Experience
The incessant and insulting advertisements that bombard users with every click are disgraceful and repulsive. They demean the intelligence of your audience, driving me away as a consumer and fostering resentment towards the promoted products. Your advertisers are achieving the opposite of their intended results, pushing people away from your products. Do you even take this into consideration?
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5 months ago, Marcostan
Whats up with the ads that positioned over the entire screen?
There’s an issue with ads that are popping out and have no close button even after 15 seconds. That forces me to restart the app to continue to see another ad that hopefully lets me through to the content.
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4 years ago, Dormak23
No landscape/split screen in iPad, website on iPad suffer user agent
Love the reporters chat i keep it open all the time on my computer. On iPad- you need landscape and split view currently its useless as an app. Then when using your website to fix it - the user agent on the iPad’s safari app (iOS 13) gives fault responsive site. As long as I want to use the reporters chat - its all useless.
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2 years ago, normal!12
News Reporter
I’m expecting news reporter to be all reporter and not more than that, on this app they’ll always picking up sides and legit everything that they doing. The worst case is doing yesterday news day post cameras and microphones into space police faces when they were trying to protect citizens and not letting them do their job.
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6 years ago, Louzia mordekhai
I love this up especially after up date. Best program I have all news from Israel thank Best of the best news from israel
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8 months ago, udabby
Are you still watching?
I’ve downloaded this app so I could watch and listen to live coverage while doing other things. The are you still watching feature that pauses the broadcast every ten minutes is annoying.
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4 years ago, Roni~11
Excellent news source
Reporters chat is great feature, direct channel to the public
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5 years ago, Moishe ezri
I used to hate the old version
But now that you updated it, it looks amazing
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11 months ago, ytorbaty
App won’t launch and previous version wouldnt load articles
The app’s latest version wont launch on iOS 16.5.1, erroring out with “something went wrong, please try again later”. Prior to the upgrade most of the articles wouldn’t load retiring with “RBZ access denied”.
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7 months ago, Elibman
Commercials that won’t close
Starting today I can’t close the commercials when lunch the app or when going between pages
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4 years ago, snafkstkydmz sndymsg. stmmmgs
News net
Please give get the news without your opinions as facts this is very important in order not to divide this nation we don't care to know on which political side you are we want to hear news
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5 years ago, Amir 1969
Thank you
Thank you for doing a great job Giving us all the news 24/7
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4 months ago, Bakbakbakbakbak5
Horrible ads!
Full screen ads with multiple screens for each. At his point you get more ads than content. Want to read a story - a two-screen ads, go back, ads again. In a story more ads. Wayyyy to much!
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9 months ago, can’t use on ios
ads can be closed on ios
when open the app am ad appears and the x to close it on ios is too high. Trying to close it brings out phone notifications but won’t close the ad. can’t get to content.
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5 months ago, בלהבלה1234
Adds are blocking the screen with no option to close then
The “x” button to close the add it too far up left, and it’s not clickable (at least from an iPhone). I can’t see any content since the adds are blocking it once it loads
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4 years ago, The DeBusks
Videos never upload
Always get stuck and really full of commercials... chill on the ads and maybe the video won’t bounce.
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5 years ago, tzofe
The App’s new face
I prefer the old version much more, it was simple and faster. The layout/design of the new one is nicer tho, looking more modern and attractive but i still rather the speed and control i had previously. My opinion, Hachadashot should consider the bad reviews and improve their app!
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6 years ago, ddrgal
Very poor quality
I am a native, educated Hebrew speaker and I am sad to say that too many reports are written in poor Hebrew, laced with grammatical mistakes, usage of wrong terms and spelling mistakes. To me, some of the reports and storied read like tabloid media. Also, the website seems to be too slow ...
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4 years ago, Shemikin
Suddenly It wasnt working and it wasnt working so I deleted the app and now cannot get it back - liked it very much ... who ever made a new version screwed it up I put in my password and it makes me go thru hoops and I still dont get it to download :((
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2 years ago, nc1890
Please update this Apple store with the latest version!
Why isn’t this store up to date?
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4 weeks ago, Eladbbb
Ads Ads and more Ads!
Ads Ads and more Ads! Why for every f page we need to see ads?! Is this a app nees or app ads. Here and there its ok, but its every step you make in this app. Ridicules! Switching to another news app..
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9 months ago, Odeddan
Ads cannot be closed
On iPhone, ads cannot be closed in the start screen making the app completely useless.
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6 months ago, H aviv
Just bad
“Articles” that more like click bait headlines and no consistency in posting videos / news clips. The livestream is also inconsistent and shows aren’t uploaded in a timely manner. Overall, a hot mess.
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7 months ago, Shauli12
You can’t login due to advertisements
Seems like the App is not compatible to IPhones 🤦‍♂️ When you login you get the welcome advertisement, and its close X market at the top left side of the screen in a way that you can’t really press it. The result is that the user is stuck on a n advertisement with no real option to open the App. This is not the first time this happens with this App.
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6 years ago, Rowee Y
Amazing app!
I wish You create a version for Apple Tv
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4 years ago, faken12
Worse news channel
They are fake news completely. Unbelievable
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3 years ago, yossi- oregon
Too many advertisements
This app inflicts advertisements on the viewer before an item is opened. It is extremely annoying!
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3 years ago, Nofim
Great app
Keeps us informed in real time.
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2 years ago, goolmamad
I like to read my News in the morning but unfortunately I have to update this App almost every other day!!!
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5 years ago, ifla01
Stopped working in October on iPad
Used to be a Decent app for watching the news, but it stopped working on the iPad in October, 2019. Can read, but NONE of the videos play! Some of the buttons are unreachable (beyond the edge of the screen).
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9 months ago, Pablo Garfunkel
Imposible to close ads sometimes
Sometimes, when launching the App, the ads persist and are impossible to close, rendering the App completely useless.
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3 years ago, gil.vak
Freezes on me upon launch
This app is not launching to broadcast, the thinking circle keeps going but nothing happens. This happens after the app update. Too bad....
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4 years ago, karmonable
Poor News App - Mostly Ads
Poor news app - Every click is an opportunity to show ads which cover the app and slow it down
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4 years ago, Inka1803
Horrible app
1. The notifications are popped up by push for any minor incident 2. The commercials are irrelevant and pop up randomly every 2 minutes 3. The journalists express their political preferences in the ‘chat’ and try to impact the elections 5. Most of the stories are not written professionally, look like yellow press items, probably someone is pressured to create as much content as possible Removed the app after 3 days
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