1000 Books Before Kindergarten

4.3 (763)
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1000 Books Foundation
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1 year ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for 1000 Books Before Kindergarten

4.3 out of 5
763 Ratings
2 years ago, Sassy Gypsy
Improved, but could use more
I’ve been using the app for a while. It’s pretty easy to scan a barcode to add a book and that works for 90% of the books we’ve read. The latest version also allows you to mark it as read as part of the scanning/adding to library process so the workflow is simpler/faster. You can manually add books when the system cannot scan or find the ISBN. They add to the library just find. My issue is that for some reason if I have to manually add a book to the library it will not add to my readers list. So about 10% of what we’re reading is not getting logged.
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3 years ago, Puggleby
Too Many Unlisted Books
I downloaded this app to help keep track of how many books I’ve read to my child after losing the chart that the library gave me. I’m surprised that nearly half of the books that I try to add are either unlisted (even when I look them up by isbn) or missing information such as a cover image. I think some kind of system for adding these books should be put into place. I’m also a little surprised at how slow the app is. It took a while to add my son as a reader because when I clicked the “yes” button it would just go back to the previous screen. After the third time of this I waited a minute and suddenly he loaded as an added reader. The same occasionally happens when I try to add a book. It sometimes takes restarting the app for his read book count to go up. I do like that you can scan the barcode to add some books. This is really convenient and definitely a time saver. I also like that it makes it easy to keep track of what books he has read and that you can share the list. I have been keeping a log of the books he’s read (but again I misplaced it T.T)
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1 year ago, Abigail Burke, SPT
Good idea but very cumbersome
The app is a good idea but the task of adding books manually as well as adding books from the library to the reading list doesn’t work well. Many times after clicking “read,” the book doesn’t make it to the reading list, therefore not counting the book and not keeping record of which books we’ve read. I’ve also had the app just close on me while it was in use. Additionally, when you manually add a book, you can’t go back to make edits if you want to add a photo or misspell something, for example. They also don’t have an option to write the ISBN number manually. Overall, the app needs to fix these issues to make it worth keeping. Too time consuming for such a simple task.
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1 year ago, woodie4
Close but not quite
I was happy to find an app that would track my grandkids reading. I had really hoped to get my 5 and 3 year olds successfully on the right track to loving books and learning. We had started a paper trail previously but a move and eventual pandemic lockdown curtailed that method. While we have been reading a lot, the app doesn’t reflect this for the following reason: What I would like to see is an easier way to upload books. Many we finished either didn’t have a recognizable ISBN to scan or had inadequate author/publisher info that the app would accept. Once a book would be added, it would be helpful to allow favorites that get read multiple times to be tallied. If the app has the capability to do these suggestions already, please show me how it does. Thank you
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1 month ago, AdaJoyF
Better Than Paper
I like that it’s easier than paper because I kept losing our list. I wish at the end I could print the list as some programs around my location have you turn it in for prizes. And as always, I hope more books get added by the barcode as entering them manually isn’t as easy.
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2 years ago, Kriss kriss
Room for improvement
I think the concept behind this app is great; however, it needs some major work. I don’t mind adding books here and there, but I would say 90% of the books we have read aren’t uploaded into the system. I like the idea behind the app of not having to use a sheet of paper that I got from the library. With that being said, If we read several books and night it takes time uploading them into the system. It’s a great idea and with some work this app will be great.
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6 months ago, A great reader 417
Cumbersome app
I find that going to Goodreads to get the isbn and copying and pasting works pretty well- I first add it to the main library using the plus sign at the bottom and then going back to the library to add it to my granddaughter’s list. However, it often takes a long time to populate to her list which has been frustrating- I’m thinking of just keeping the list on goodreads, because Goodreads also allows me to say how many times we have read a certain book- such as the 5 times a day my husband reads But Not the Hippopotamus to her!
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2 years ago, KristenLynn3
Too much trouble
Writing my books saves about 10x the amount of time. This app concept is great however there are only about 30 books in the bank. I have to manually add each book which honestly isn’t too terrible if the isbn is present. The big issue is that half the books I add don’t load under my child. I do the same steps each time and after every entry I check and some do not appear. They are in the database because I added them and can see them but they do not show under my child’s profile no matter how many times I add them to his name.
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1 year ago, Judy Z2
1000 Books
I have used the app to track books for my twin granddaughters since they were several months old - and now they are almost 5 years old. It is a convenient way to track books, when they were read, etc. very easy to use - the girls love to help me scan and enter them
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1 month ago, EllieVicious
Needs Improvement
I love the idea behind this! I read to my kids every day and we’re making great progress but I get so frustrated adding books. It always glitches out and will force close the app, not add to their list or even add to the library in general after I’ve done all the work of entering in all the info. I think this app is great, but there’s some bugs that need to be fixed for sure. Keep it up! What you’re doing is great!
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2 years ago, Mamma Reads
Made it worse
This app always has been slow and clunky, but the updated version is driving me bonkers. No option to start typing in a book into the search field anymore - you have to scroll through. No more option to order books by most recently added - it’s now alphabetical. And why - oh why - do I now have to type in my email address and password every time I open the app now??? It takes so long now to log books that I’ve found that I’ve stopped logging books - I literally no longer have time to.
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6 months ago, MargoRed
Very limited
It’s easy to create an account and click that you finished a book; but it seems you can only choose from books the app already lists - which is super limited! There doesn’t appear to be a way to add new titles. So I think you’re left with a choice between reading only the titles 1000BBK suggest (which is foolish) or tapping on random book titles every time you complete a book of your choice to mark the act of having read a book to your child.
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2 years ago, mstach4
I want to like it…
This app could be great. As it is now, it’s worthless. There is a limited selection of pre-loaded books to select from. When you attempt to search for a book outside that selection, they don’t show up at all. If this app could somehow connect with the apps libraries use or just had a vastly larger selection of books to choose from, it could be so much better. Hopefully some serious changes happen soon so this app is more relevant.
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1 month ago, jskfncignrmg
Log in is a pain
I like being able to track the books. I also like that I can scan a barcode. I really wish I didn’t have to fully log in every single time I open the app though. It prevents me from just quickly adding a book each time we read one.
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1 year ago, Rusty Stranger
Great Concept Needs Some Minor Tweeks
I really like the concept of this app, it’s a cool way to track what books you have read. It’s frustrating that the library is so small and I’m constantly adding new books.
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2 years ago, ForLoveOfTheGame
Censorship? Probably not on Purpose
This app is a brilliant concept! Thanks for the hard work people put in to create and to sponsor it. However, why the incredibly limited reading list when, nowadays, apps can be built to scan and to search ISBN numbers simply by taking a picture? The limited list severely limits the number of books caregivers can add to children’s reading lists.
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2 years ago, Happy reader on a budget
Needs work. Tedious to use.
It would be great if this app had a function to scan your books by the barcode to upload them. Most of the books we read are not on here. I like that it lets you add one book to all of your children at the same time. It would be great if you could click on all the books that you read that day and how many times you read them and add them all at once.
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1 year ago, paige_culnan
Where are the books?
I got excited about this concept. My daughter and I easily read 5 or more books a day. Tracking I was hoping would be easy when I saw there is an app. I downloaded to find like 30 books? And cannot figure out how to add my own. Where are the books? I see some people saying they added manually or they scanned them but I don’t see those options. If there was a way to get help I’d appreciate that. Otherwise I guess that was that. 🙄
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2 years ago, bavdjeyaowvs wbeyciahs dh
I was excited to start using this app! It is so disappointing! It is s-l-o-w. If I try to add a book manually, it might take days to load or it might not load at all! If I add more than one book that we just read, it can’t handle that. I am very surprised that this group can not make logging books in an app easy! It certainly takes some of the fun out of the program. Glad I also keep a log on paper. Can’t count on this one to have an accurate list.
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1 year ago, Elliefonte
Won’t Save Books
It’s a simple concept, but honestly sometimes more frustrating than it’s worth. It will scan the books to add to the library, but then not allow me to save to the reading list of different readers. And if I close the app, it randomly wont save the book in the library at all. For such a simple app, it functions very poorly.
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9 months ago, Jennifleac
Really disappointing
Was looking forward to using this app with my toddler and it just doesn’t work. There is not an easy workflow to add a new book you just read to your list. And even when you do, it doesn’t always update the number of books you’ve read on your way to 1000 (and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to refresh). Also, this app is incredibly slow.
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2 years ago, s3wm0mma
Scanning could be easier.
It’s a nice way to keep a list however it could be more user friendly when looking to add books. The search bar should search the entire app not but my library and then the app. And adding a scan feature to simply scan the barcode to pull it up would be so much easier!
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12 months ago, Cheapiegamer
Annoyed that so many books don’t scan
I find a lot of books we read do not scan into the system and I have to add manually. This is annoying and takes extra time away from actually reading. Never any updates to this app.
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5 months ago, Katey8611
Sign in and force closing
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this app. I have to sign in again everyday and it’s extremely frustrating. We just passed 600 books last week and the library is getting big enough that when I try to add a new book, the library force closes. I’m probably going to find another way to track our progress because this is becoming more of a hassle to track daily.
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2 years ago, Lisacw516
Great Concept, Terrible Execution
If you happen to read one of the books in the short preloaded reading list, sure it’s easy to add. But what a pain in the (you-know-what) if you’re reading anything else. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to manually add a book, then after typing in the title and author name then submitting, it didn’t show up as read. What a hassle! Not worth my time in its current state.
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2 years ago, Rookie Designer
It froze for days
Was it just me? The app has frozen for days. I kept updating the books my kids read and it’s not keeping the record (the main purpose of the app). I had enjoyed it very much when it worked, especially the feature to scan the ISBN.
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2 years ago, MorbidSun
IPhone SE 1st gen
You can no longer scan books and you can no longer look at your reading list of the last book you readlike to edit all books in the library, so ones that did scan I can attach a picture to it. Biggest problem is the don’t work on small screens. I have a tiny phone and I can’t scroll down or through. Doesn’t work with 5” screens!
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2 years ago, Butler_M
Wish there was more
Love being able to scan and add. Would love to be able to start a timer when you start reading to your child and be able to set reading goals besides just the number of books.
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3 years ago, klo1992eo92
FINALLY updated!
This app has finally been updated to the 21st century! Way less finicky so far. Thank you!
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2 years ago, RLBlauw
Not Intuitive
Great concept, poor execution. Having a separate library tab in addition to the reading list is confusing. It’s very frustrating to find and add books unless you can scan them - and even then I find that a lot of popular kids books cannot be matched in the database.
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2 months ago, nutterbuttersmith
Crashes and logs out frequently
I love the concept of this app to help us track our journey of 1000 books before kindergarten. However, the app crashes multiple times a day and frequently logs me out without the option to remember my credentials. This has made the app frustrating to use.
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2 weeks ago, Kkkkndddh
Not counting books properly
I’ve had to add several books MULTIPLE times to the app and while I am able to finally add them - the app will not count them towards the total books read - regardless of how many times I click read for them :( very frustrating
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2 years ago, Rini723
Doesn’t work most of the time
The app is clunky but once I figure it out it’s easy enough. However about 30% of the time when I add a book as read it doesn’t actually add to the reading list. I have added a 3 books tonight. 2 were fine. The third I have attempted to add 10 times and it just won’t. Very frustrating. Defeats the purpose of the app.
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1 year ago, In need of a workout
Love the Idea but the app is not user friendly
I’ve had to manually add most of the books and by the time it takes to do so, I could have read another book to my kids. With 3 little ones it would be nice to just tap a couple of buttons or so to log a book. Because of the time factor, I just don’t keep track.
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1 year ago, goodbyelizajane
So far unusable
The app won’t allow me to add a photo of my daughter. It has a ridiculously small number of books from which to choose and there seems to be no barcode scanner. I don’t yet see how to add a book manually but given these basic shortcomings I don’t think I will bother to continue with it.
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8 months ago, KennyHenny317
Just use GoodReads
There are way too many glitches with this app. It doesn’t accurately keep track of books I’ve marked read. Many books are missing, hard to find, or mislabeled. The scan feature should be nice if it didn’t crash the app every time I tried to use it.
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1 year ago, CherylGeorge404
I spent a lot of time adding books but when I closed out of the app and opened it back up they were gone. Very dissatisfied. Plus everything is difficult to navigate. I feel like every time I open the app I have to re learn how to use it.
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1 year ago, Mags7915
Had to manually add almost all our books as the library seems limited. Then it would take 3-4 times to get the manually added book onto the reader’s list. Great idea, but needs tweaked. I ended up uninstalling and just using Goodreads.
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2 years ago, kate51485
It’s better overall since the recent update. I haven’t been able to save any books to the library or reading list for several days, though. Very frustrating!
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2 years ago, Falco88sn
Bug fixes?
Just downloaded the app. It won’t let me add a reader. It goes through all of the steps but then doesn’t actually add anything.
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4 months ago, frustrated biz traveler
How do you scan a book?
This app is very simple and I can’t seem to find how to scan a book. How are we supposed to Record books not already uploaded ?
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1 year ago, Angelizabef
Good idea, but works terribly
I love the idea of this app, but the execution is terrible. If you want to add a book that isn’t on the list it doesn’t seem to add it to the count. To me it should keep track of the books read, not read from a predetermined list.
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2 years ago, Lil'rockclimbimggirl
Needs major improvement
I can’t enter a book read that isn’t already on the list. Kind of defeats the purpose of being able to track books we’ve read...
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12 months ago, big bunkie
Where is scan option?
Downloaded app doesn’t have option to scan an isbn and looks different from the instruction illustrations on the website
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1 year ago, S. G. H
Could be better
Good idea but there’s room for improvement. Tried to finish a book but failed every time
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1 year ago, DEPlum
App won’t let me add books
Can’t add books on my phone through the app no matter how I try and add them, I can on my iPad but it rotates the wrong way when scanning which makes it very difficult
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4 months ago, Annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
This app simply doesn’t work. You’re much better off with pen and paper.
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1 year ago, NewCricketUser
Books not listed
The books we checked out from the library aren’t on the list and there’s no way to add them.
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1 year ago, SBQH
Needs updating
It’s a great way to keep track of books if you don’t have to put in multiples at a time. It crashes more than it doesn’t.
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2 years ago, Intrepidms
Doesn’t add to her list
If I can’t add a book to the readers list, I can’t give the app anything but a poor rating. App worked fine up until trying to add a book.
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