1011 NOW News

2.6 (148)
77 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 1011 NOW News

2.57 out of 5
148 Ratings
6 years ago, DAD&LUCY
Crashes on stories without picture
There is at least one story a day that causes the app to crash. It is the one with the 10/11 symbol on it. I just came in to rate this app and realized I had already given it one star for crashing with the story described above. Wish you could give less than one star. That may sound a little harsh but now after a year and half I came back in to review and see I already left a review for the same reasons plus it is the only app I have that has a commercial or advertisement before you can enter the the app. With that being said it is the only real option for Lincoln news. It’s hard to believe but they just get worse from here. I have raised it up from one star to three. I mean I do use this for the news and weather. A few small tweaks it could be superior
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6 years ago, practicepromimi
Battery life and crashes
I went into my phone settings and this app takes more internet usage than any other app including Facebook and Facetime. It’s constantly going apparently. It also crashes when you pull it up and click on a story. Not every time, but several times s week. It just goes away completely and goes to your home screen. You have to start all over trying to find out where you were before to view what you were trying to view in the first place.
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1 year ago, CarolZanetti
Won’t load or crashes.
Crashing or not opening at all. Never used to have this problem. Latest update issues? Cannot get it to load at all now.
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3 months ago, Slacker6969$!
1011 news
Good reporting,Excellent on all news and weather,u can’t ask for anything better,I’m very happy with this app,it gives me the option to select different topics, and they are on the ball with the NEWS,Thank you so much for the opportunity to have this app.
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6 years ago, J_732
Stability issues
This app has stability issues and fails to load OFTEN. I’ve tried to use it for over a year now to get local news and weather and have spent more time trying to get it to load than actually using it.
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1 year ago, Snowkyn
Newest update broke the app
Don’t know what the folks behind the scenes did to the app, ever since the most recent update the app will not open. I can let the app sit till my screen auto locks and it never opens. Definitely time to roll back the update and hire come quality control folks to test these updates before loading the up for folks to download.
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6 years ago, Mister 14
Crapware continues
This latest release continues to take apps to a new low and is worthy of negative ratings. Now, the make ads look like news articles with the same size and shape if their news article. They even go as low as put their 10/11 logo on these ads. The WatchIOS interface continues to be useless and only shows Lincoln weather. I guess they want this plugin to say “we have a watch app” as crappy as it is.
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6 years ago, Neb Shopper
I get the info I need, just with an annoying ad
Every time the app opens, the ReBath ad takes up the whole screen. I get it, ads help pay for the cost, but it’s ridiculous and more than annoying. I’m not opening a ReBath app.
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4 years ago, teresa baum
The same ad FIFTEEN TIMES!
My husband and I enjoyed this news and weather channel...until the SAME ANNOYING AD PLAYED....over an over and over and over and..... It’s almost a repetitive thing to drive a person to insanity! Do the people at Gray even pay attention to what’s going on in the app? We have started watching other channels just to escape the same Education quest ad...over and over and over and over and.....
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2 years ago, bcf1980
Too Much Spam
Like all websites 1011 relies on unwanted and infectious spam to provide their content. 99 percent of the supposed stories that are not news but spam. 1011 editors need to do a better job of vetting who they allow to advertise on their site. Also, it is sad that there are at 3 or 4 stories a day with grammatical errors. I thought to be a reporter, you had to have a college degree.
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3 years ago, NebraskaJacob
Put the weather back in the news app
There is no need for the weather to be separated from the news. I won’t download two 1011 apps.
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2 years ago, New to the i
Not getting banner notifications anymore
I used to get news updates as banner notifications. My settings have not changed but I no longer receive them.
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2 years ago, Tapper Jan
Doesn’t work on my iPad
I have tried restarting my iPad, as well as deleting and reinstalling the app. I did NOT allow notifications nor did I allow it to know my location (I very rarely do on ANY app). I wonder if that is the reason? 🤷🏻‍♀️ The app works on my iPhone, which is newer.
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6 years ago, 88 and 24 and 10 fan
Get rid of the stupid ad that pops up
I am really hating the stupid bath ad that pops up before you can get 1011 Site . Please get rid of that ad so we can Get to the sites to see the news.
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3 years ago, HJF1956
Hmmm. Live feed?
After using this app for years, I keep getting a live feed not available. Nothing I do or change fixes this. Have used this app ‘out of area’ for years. Now I must use a different news source app for my hometown news.
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6 years ago, Yanxfan49
A grammatical nightmare
Those who are responsible for the content of app should be made to go back to third grade. The spelling and grammar is at the level of grade school students. They use improper words or the wrong version of a word ( example: balling instead of bawling to describe someone crying). This is an embarrassment as a news and information service.
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1 year ago, gerryvan
Clearly one sided reporting.
KOLN News clearly falls off the cliff Left. For a small “small town” news source, one would think that a bit more balance would be seen. Nope! Zero two sided reporting. The brass at KOLN must be terrified of retaliation of the extreme Left for any even handed news reporting.
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7 years ago, GoodSamCornhusker
I’ve had the app for quite a while and felt compelled to write a review in the hopes all the good it provides for local news particularly the notifications of local breaking news with the 1-2 liners even on a lock screen. Unlike the large 24-hr news stations where it seems EVERY story is “Breaking News”, the 10/11 app folks do a great job of being selective so we the user aren’t bombarded and remain alerted as opposed to numbed. On the other hand there are so many links by “ sponsors” and no evidence there is any journalistic approach or basic vetting to ensure the same commitment to quality news with quality reporting, sound sources and verifiable to the same extent that the local 10/11 News team does. I realize the sponsors are paying and essentially making the app possible, however seems that every time I open the app every page has multiple sponsored links with headlines that appear to be news yet many are filled with falsehoods, no basis in mainstream, fall into a category of writing that is deceptive, misleading and perpetuates falsehood. In this day and age it ALL THE MORE important to remain steadfast in the commitment to Truth and honor the the sacred role & responsibility the Press has in our Democracy. When on the air we hear all the time “this program is sponsored by...” and we then expect to see a product commercial for that particular sponsor. The electronic wireless has launched us into so many new capabilities that are frankly awe-inspiring but with it has also come a wave of attacks on the trust between the People & the Press, leading to speculation, unable to distinguish that which is true from what is deceptive. Also if you’re going to have a story, then there should be more than a paragraph that displays so one doesn’t have to click “next page” so frequently. Also when there is a Breaking story and an alert notification is sent, if it’s so recent and nothing has otherwise been written or recorded then don’t let the link from the notification proceed. Those of us who see all the alerts know you only put out important relevant news and understand it’s too early to know more. For example a convenient store robbery at say 3:30a, you notify us, and have said, “more info at 5a morning news program, etc” If the local news alerts from the app were not so selective, making it a very useful and helpful alert, I would have rated the app a 2. And that is because of the sheer number of deceptive sponsor “headlines”. I expect the ‘most-trusted news team’ to fervently protect that earned title from anyone or any sponsor paying to call it into question. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Al_P44
Crashes EVERY time
Every time I open the app I can hit the “x” and it takes me to the home page. Once I click on the “NEWS” tab it crashes. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app then it will work for a day. Then starts doing the same thing.
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1 year ago, farbat56
Fake news
1011 used to be pretty respectable, but they are not at all anymore. you can’t even comment on a lot of their fake new stories.
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2 years ago, papa784563
Font size needs to be adjustable!
Font size is too small. I can't find a Way to make it bigger.
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7 years ago, BlueBanjo9
Can't get to the news due to ads
Lately ads are blocking my access to the news stories. Not helpful.
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6 years ago, Husk04
I’ve tried multiple times over multiple days and cannot ever get the app to open. Just a continuous spinning wheel. A fix would be nice, but I’m not hopeful it’s coming anytime soon.
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2 years ago, ButterfingersMcGee
App crashes on startup now, a new issue. Please fix. Doesn’t even load to the ad that always pops up.
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2 months ago, TDomgard
Horrible app!
This App constantly gives me alerts that don’t link to anything.
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6 years ago, Missing Nebraska
Just spins...
Since your last update, all the app does is get the spinning wheel of death. Nothing opens. Can someone please fix this? I'd love to get my Nebraska news back.
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2 years ago, Kduit
No more news
What happened to the news? Now just a whited space
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4 years ago, Lyndsey85
Crashing app
App crashes every time I open it - my phone is up to date, as is the app. I’ve even restarted my phone.
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2 years ago, Hskr GKB
App doesn’t open
After last update app won’t open!!
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6 years ago, Gardenmusic
Fair app for a poor station
10/11 has biased reporting and won’t cover stories that don’t reflect its conservative viewpoint. The competing ABC affiliate has better reporting and a good app.
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4 years ago, BojiPat
Can’t even open the app as it crashes every time. Using on iPhone 8.
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3 years ago, baron1911
Just like mainstream
Nowhere is the NYT story on the crooked Biden’s to be found- what a shame - glad that President is showing me what you are all about - garbage media
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6 years ago, notcounciltucky
Spell check anyone?
Does anyone in your office have spell check? These articles are terrible.
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4 years ago, Pekins
Wish facts only were reported. Looking for a news source where I can get FACTS ONLY and make my OWN decision.
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3 years ago, what374the563
It would sure be nice...
To read a full article without an Apple malware scam popping up
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5 years ago, BOOTYFINNESER
crashes often
super laggy, crashes when u try to play videos.
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8 years ago, NuiPhoneUser
Good News - Horrible Notifications
A great source for news when browsing but notifications never lead you to the article.
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4 years ago, anonymousinlincoln
App doesn’t work
The app won’t open!!!
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6 years ago, The Dude 69696969
It never opens
Just a spinning wheel of annoyance.
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10 years ago, Haecker11b
Well organized
This app is well organized! And when winter school closings are happening, I know I can depend on this app in finding out in the fastest way if my school is closed. Also beware that current news and happenings are constantly updated! Great app!
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7 years ago, agco8010
New app is terrible
First it changed to a news app from weather which was fine. Weather was still first now with this new "update" it's hard to even get weather for the area you live in and you can't click individual future days to see the details. Completely ruined a decent app.
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11 years ago, Ozzman777
Not So Good
Videos take for ever to start and then are very choppy (even on wi-fi). Hard to find the app when searching. Runs pretty slow. I love 10/11 and it's previous app better but this looks like it has the potential to be great, please speed it up. Please fix :(
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9 years ago, Dandge
Great app for news
Was having some issues but now is working 100%.
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8 years ago, Sparky-Boy
Great app!
Especially good for weather news. But all around good app for news too.
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11 years ago, Doubled a
National news
I still don't see the national news like u was told would be added
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8 years ago, JRT20000
School Closing List
Love the app. Hope Central Community College can be added to the school closing notifications list.
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11 years ago, Robert synhorst
Worse app
So the old app gave a place to click to download the new app but doesn't take you to the new app. Here's a tip. Add an update like every other app. Slower to download content. This is junk compared to the old one, which wasn't the greatest.
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9 years ago, Free_hope
Functionally impossible
I'm sure this app would be great if I could actually use it. However, any time I try to view a story an ad pops up and opens Safari.
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8 years ago, HankeFam
Never Works
Downloaded this to watch the news live. It NEVER works. I check everyday at 6am and 10pm. And I get to watch the news maybe 3-4 times a weeks. Maybe.
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10 years ago, Abhgie
Bad app
Your app stinks! Ever since you switched it crashes all the time and the weather isn't even updated. I use the channel 8 app instead. Thoroughly disappointed!
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