102.5 The Bone: Real Raw Radio

4.4 (707)
64.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cox Media Group
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.1 or later
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User Reviews for 102.5 The Bone: Real Raw Radio

4.43 out of 5
707 Ratings
6 years ago, Jace Inoffa
So close to perfect
I moved out of the Tampa area a few months ago but still listen to The Bone every day! The app is great with the exception of one thing, there is no way to pause the featured cuts without having to start the whole thing over. Additionally, there isn’t a way to fast forward or rewind to catch up. The app crashes periodically, as any app does, but if you’re listening to the featured clip and it crashes you have to listen from the beginning. Outside of that, the app is really user friendly! The quality of the audio is just as great as it is when you listen live. I’m happy I have the option to still listen to my favorite shows even from the other coast!
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3 years ago, Danette F
The only channel I listen to
I never use to care to listen to talk radio. I’m 43. About 5 years ago someone I was with was talking about the station. I gave it a shot. Now I couldn’t tell you what new in music or what new music artist are out. I love the diversity. I love the feel of how they are a family.. I mostly love they support the Tampa Bay Area. I’ve been sad to see a few people leave. Even still my son even knows to turn his radio to 102.5 when I get in his car... keep up the great work you all do. I know the work you have to put in to putting out the kind of material that you do. No one compares.
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7 years ago, Welderjamie
Great app but needs a few things
I love 102.5 the bone!!! And often times I'm on the road working and can't listen so I go back and listen to the replays, only thing is if I have to go to a meeting or lose service for a few min the replays have moved on and cannot rewind or pick up where u left off, and on clips of the day if you have to stop listening it starts over from the beginning, hopefully the go to a podcast format and build an archive!!!!!
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2 years ago, Deanna0426
Fix The Glitches and Too Many Commercials
I love that I can listen to The Bone outside of the area. I am active duty, stationed in Virginia. This app is constantly freezing, or if I switch from my car to headphones, it pauses Al rather than a smooth transition and every time the app pauses, it starts back up with at least 2-4 commercials. When it glitches and starts back up, 2-4 commercials. I am constantly missing huge chunks of the show. There are already plenty of commercials on the shows on their own, having additional mandatory commercials every single time I hit play, makes me but want to bother. If I didn’t enjoy the shoes so much, I would’ve given up on this app a long time ago.
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2 years ago, N8DizzL
I want to listen but…
I moved years ago, I really miss the 102.5 talent and I TRY to listen but I can’t stand that if I pause for even a millisecond or take by earbud out and right back in it will restart the feed and I have to listen to the commercials all over again even if I JUST listened to them. It’s too much for me to have to listen to these inserted commercial AS WELL AS having to listen to the regularly broadcast commercials as well!?!? It’s too much, I switched back to regular music streaming app. Too bad, I would listen regularly otherwise.
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5 years ago, wasteofti
Unstable app, great content
I have a new IPhone, and the app can’t handle switching from WiFi to cell data without crashing much of the time. Also if I am walking around at work or the gym, the app stops playing and hangs when switching access points. This becomes especially problematic when I am streaming Full Show Replays. When I end up restarting the app, it loses my place that I left off. The app doesn’t give me a button to fast forward or record the time I was at in the show. Great content but the app seems undeveloped from our current app technology.
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3 years ago, couldn't clock
The only thing I wish was different is that the shows weren’t on a loop. When you press play I wish it started from the beginning of the show not just wherever the loop is, this would hopefully make it possible to pause and pick back up where it left off. Having a few more than just the most recent show would be nice as well
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2 years ago, Andrea Svensson
Should be 10 out of 10
Love the BONE!! All you guys are great! I’ve won tickets before been a while! But they are fun to listen to and fun to call keep you up to date with everything going on and it’s an awesome show what else can you listen to if you’re not listening to 1025 the bone??? You found a great talk show just listen you’ll see!
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3 years ago, Cruiselover1983
Love the app when it works
I’ve been listening to the Bone for a long time. Now that I live in Orlando, the app allows me to continue listening to my favorite shows. It’s great when the app works, but there are a lot of times I have to play around with it (disconnect/reconnect my WiFi, close and reopen the app) to get it to work.
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5 years ago, Tyrlilpluto
Ride home from work
I love listening to the bone On my ride home between 6 and 7 I get to listen to the Mike Calta show and hear the parts I missed. I can’t listen to the show that is on the radio at 6pm. It’s too much talk of racism and bashing the president. I am real happy that with this app I can still listen to the bone even if I don’t like a specific show.
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2 years ago, KnightFestive
Lost stream or paused. START PLAYING ADS
It’s infuriating when the app drops, or the stream is interrupted. Just start playing a Wendy’s ad? In the middle of the live show any basic interruption. You guess it another ad. Going from a WiFi to cellular. AD. If it replayed where it left off that would be great and all is well. It doesn’t and the shows on the bone are over it as well. They have openly spoken about how terrible this app is. Sound quality is great so 2 stars
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5 years ago, GankingBunney
De Bone
Here from the UK, here to stay Found the Bone and love all of the hosts Mike stop picking on Carmen and I’ll take the gaming chair thank you, Kevin love to you I respect what you have been through I was to be a living Kidney Donner to my own brother “Keven” unfortunately that never happened as things went wrong you have gone through so much keep lighting up the air waves
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6 years ago, BlaineM95
Great show app needs improvement
Needs pause option during cuts. App randomly crashes while in playing a cut. While selecting a full show the app will very often start it at the middle or near the end of the show before ending and once restarted the app will then play the full show from the begininng. Other than that it’s a great app.
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2 years ago, mlking89
Love it
Moved to Clarksville, near Nashville, last summer. Love I can still listen to Mike Calta and in particular “News with Galvin” every morning. Need my Mike, Galvin, Carmin, Spanish and crew fix!!! The app issue I have is losing connection sometimes while driving or at McDonalds which is not an app issue or the app will go to OnDemand out of the blue sometimes.
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4 years ago, rcoyle6
Good enough
Good app to listen to The Bone anywhere, but missing features. Needs to be available for Apple CarPlay. The show rewinds and feature cuts would be much better if you could pause/rewind/FFwd. I assume this has to do with advertising though so not sure if that will happen. Wish I could also search for smaller cuts like Medicine Man interviewing Tito Jackson’s daughter. Amazing, but can’t find it anywhere.
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5 years ago, Awesome7389hxfg
Almost perfect
Wish I could pause and play easier. The app seems slow to respond and no always correct when pausing and playing. Other than that, really easy, convenient, and nice. Love the big, easy to read content.
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3 years ago, Deeroc311
Please fix the bugs in the app!
I love having the app but what’s the point of on demand when it won’t hold it’s place on any show when u pause it?! Or when u freshly start the app and pick one of the most recent shows to replay it’ll start in the middle of the show?! Come on this should be an easy fix! But I still love it!
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6 years ago, Bradcrites
Where are the improvements?
The app crashes way too much. If you did actually listen to the reviews, why haven’t you added a fast forward feature? If you listen to clip of the day, if anything happens and it resets, you have to listen to the whole thing from the beginning. And now with the most recent update, it doesn’t want to connect at all. It says to check my connection.
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5 years ago, icebricwall1
Things to work on
The app is clean and easy to navigate. The issues are with the pause/play button is more of a mute button. The stream continues while no audio is played. The shows on demand all seem to start at random points in the broadcast and same issue applies as before for the pause/play button. There is also no way to rewind or fast forward through the podcasts.
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7 years ago, Logan062498
Great App
Love listening to The Bone and the replays when I miss live, and when I'm out of range. My only concern with the app is that when you listen to a reply, it starts somewhere in the replay and not in the beginning. A fix for this would be great, but overall great radio. #LOD
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6 years ago, jdmzhfl
Good app but need improvement
Good app and I enjoy being able to listen to shows that I miss. The biggest issue is that if I have to pause a featured cut when I go to resume it always restarts the clip and will not allow you to fast forward. It's a pain to have to listen to the same parts of a clip several times just to get to the ending.
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6 years ago, scubagator96
App works aside from a big flaw
I rated this 2-stars because every time I open the app (on my iPhone *and* my iPad), it gives me grief for not sharing my location with 2 separate pop ups. This app does not need to know my location; very aggravating. Aside from that, the app version works better than ones in the past. REALLY wish the app let you skip forward or backward in replays, however.
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2 years ago, Rodmiche
Great staff awesome shows.
This app seems great though it has trouble sometimes connecting to the Bluetooth in my truck. When that happens I’ll listen online. Other than that it’s a good app!
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7 years ago, Rushing spirit
Only issue
Is that since the last update, the TV portion won't rotate or flip whatever you call it. So Ots hard to read the screen when they put stuff up from their computers.
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1 year ago, ....AH....
Never works
Half the time shows aren’t uploaded. I’ve done all the updates, closed out of the app completely, etc and there will be no full show replays just updated sporkle and clip of the day. The app crashes, it will restart completely if you pause it and leave for more than 30 seconds. It’s shockingly bad. I hope COX doesn’t pay a lot for this.
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1 year ago, WGK A
Great Content, Bad App
Like the title says, love the all the shows on 102.5… the app offers a lot of content and bare bones features, but at least on iPhone, it’s a pain to use/skip/etc…
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2 years ago, KimB351111
Love this app!
I love listening to the Mike Calta show while I’m working out on the morning! Love Galvin’s News and Spanish giving Reddit credit. Carmin’s follow the money! Makes the work out time fly by!
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5 years ago, The Fitnessgram Pacer Test
Clip of the day
Please add a way so listeners can tell how long a clip of the day lasts. I like to listen while running and I can never tell If a clip is going to be good for a run or too short.
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7 years ago, Ktown327
Love app few things to work on
Great app ya miss shows live but doesn't start from the beginning and seems to feeeze a lot . And also if ya have to stop you can't resume where it was at ! #LOD
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2 years ago, Elijah Jablon
So wonderful
I recently moved away from Florida for college in New York and I love this show I’m so glad I can listen to it everyday because if this app it’s amazing
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3 years ago, BlindDoug
Great morning shows great radio all day
This app is amazing. It allows me to listen to great radio show. Being blind it allows me to listen to a great morning show with complete ease.
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7 years ago, Condition_one
Love it
I hate missing the shows, but app makes it easy to catch them when I can. Very easy to use and great quality.
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6 years ago, StrongIslandKE
Shows NEVER play from the beginning!
Its been a year and they still havent fixed this. The only way to hear full show replays is through the app and it just doesnt work. Give us a fast forward/rewind option or put the full shows onto iTunes through an RSS feed. Its ridiculous how long they have gone without fixing this!!!
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7 years ago, vzcraig70
Fabulous app
Love being able too listen and catch up on those days i miss live shows
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2 years ago, Cluckent45
Fantastic app
102.5 the Bone app is great you can listen to live talk any time all the time. Nice and clearReception no matter where you are.
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3 years ago, JaySki938200
Poor upkeep
The app is never reliable, plays the wrong shows on each selection and on many other occasions when you try to play anything including live stream, it says “slow internet connection” when I’m clearing getting over 100mbps. FIX YOUR APP!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, ABuck2291
App needs much work
I am an avid Bone listener, and this app is always a struggle to use. There’s no way to control the playback rate of replays/clips of the day. It doesn’t switch from WiFi to cellular without making you close and restart the app, and since the most recent update, the app does not work on cellular at all. Please fix!
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6 years ago, Copwinfamily
Too many interruptions
Love to listen through the app but it cuts the live feed and starts a chain of commercials that go as long as 12. Goes back live in time for actual break. Very annoying.
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4 years ago, Mrfoomanchu
Crashes all the time. Trash app
This app is trash! Constantly buffers. Crashes every few minutes. Clip of the day or show replays can’t be listened to because when it crashes you have to start the replay over. App can’t handle jumping from WiFi to non WiFi. Just use the website to listen.
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5 years ago, WRW1972
Does the job
App does a good job of providing replays and info etc... only gripe is not being able to fast forward and/or rewind the playback portions (cut of the day or full replay) Other than that - it does the job well
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5 years ago, jeffcameron
Let’s be honest - this thing is a good 10 years behind
I don’t feel like wasting a bunch of time describing in detail the plethora of issues with this app. It’s just terrible. I suppose it delivers on hot/funny clips of the day from the various shows but good god at what cost? I recall a few years back thinking, “Oh it’ll get better, this is just their beta version or something.” Nope - still terrible. Galvin should have a funny letter about his company’s own app. I mean - if they owned the terribleness of it, at least they could appear as rebel’s making fun of their employer.
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5 years ago, Themadtux
Works as intended... one thing
The app works as intended but could Apple CarPlay support be included? Being in Ft Myers reception is sporadic while heading to work and not having to use the phone while driving would be a plus.
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5 years ago, lola from taco bell
Moved to Tennessee
From npr.. still listening.. I love these guys... They get my day started every day.. it’s like a little bite of home every day . Xoxo Lorraine Lopez
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2 years ago, RyanTampa
This app is trash. It used to be great but got worse over years and now almost unusable at times. Says slow internet connection but speed test will show 80mbps. Get it together CMG.
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6 months ago, Me420000
Bad update
The latest update is trash, can’t fast forward through parts of the show that I’ve already heard. The shows Restart every time the app is closed. Please fix, can’t use in the current form.
Show more
4 years ago, progrockbob
Roger and JP
These guys and Monica are keeping us level headed and light hearted as we are all facing this crisis. Thanks for all that you do!
Show more
1 year ago, Nlbucfan6111
Never up to date
Most times it’s behind the date
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2 years ago, cyjdstbfygwrhbceub
Great content TERRIBLE app
It’s hands down the worst app I’ve ever used. At any given time there is at least five things broken or glitchy or down. It’s like they finished making it and just stopped caring and sent it out.
Show more
6 years ago, Jessy Cee
New Design, Same Terrible Options
The redesign is great, but please let us finally pause, rewind, or fast forward the clips and replays! This was a chance to finally let us have a great way to listen to you guys.
Show more
3 years ago, J.M.D.C.
Doesn’t work well without WiFi
If you’re not on WiFi it doesn’t work well. Constantly stopping because it needs perfect reception or nothing it seems.
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