12+: An Israeli Streaming App

1.8 (224)
38.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Keshet Broadcasting Ltd.
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 12+: An Israeli Streaming App

1.77 out of 5
224 Ratings
6 years ago, Someone who loves radio
Wish they gave less commercials
Not only do you pay a subscription but every click in the app brings you to a mandatory commercial, which is so annoying, i need many times to leave the app- as the repetition of the same commercial drives me insane, having them in the first place after you pay for the channel is horrible. Otherwise, i enjoy the programs.
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4 years ago, Beginner Cannondale owner
Bunch of bugs and fake free first month. Charged immediately even though it doesn’t work.
Didn’t expect much (based on past experience with Mako apps) but even my minimal expectations were not met. The app is full of bugs (both on the iPhone and AppleTV). Live broadcast gets stuck and I got kicked out back to the main menu every 5-10 minutes. In some cases I was only able to go back to a news broadcast re-run from 30 minutes earlier and lost the ability to watch a live soccer game. The most frustrating part is that the iPhone app offered $3.99 add-free monthly subscription with a 1st free month. My attempt to subscribe on the phone was met with “fail” messages. Instead, I downloaded the AppleTV app (which didn’t mention a 1st free month or ad free option). That app has more glitches than I’ve ever seen. Amazingly the following day I got a $3.99 bill from Apple for each of the apps (iPhone and AppleTV). Unfortunately, unlike the Israeli channel 13 app (which is also free and works great) this Mako app costs money but works terribly. Such a shame. I was so excited to see it on the App Store. Do better, higher a real developer, and take your jobs seriously!
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1 year ago, Shabtay Matalon
Buggy and hard to use
I was using it for more than a year. The content is fine, but the user interface is buggy. It shows you large icon of news at the top, but it doesn’t refresh and never opens. The workaround is to go to a smaller news icon, click to load, abort and then mostly the large icon refreshes. Every month on the renewal date, you can’t open any program. It took a while to figure out that you need to go to subscription, logout and log in again. Recently they didn’t update the daily news at all. I reported to their support line all the problems but none were solved. I finally terminated my subscription to this App.
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6 years ago, Eyalkr1
Some good shows, but far too many bugs
Even after paying, still have too many Ads. A lot of bugs (control play/pause sometimes does not work, moving a bit backwards or to a specific time is not friendly, screen orientation when phone is upside down does not remain landscape as in other apps - useful when watching in bed, sometimes need to restart the app to be able to view, a lot of connectivity issues even if internet is good etc). Could be a good app with a few bug fixes and stop ads after paying. Rating is for the app, not for the content (which is good...)
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5 years ago, Happy dad 123
Horrible user experience
Paying a subscription does. It eliminate ads. You will not be able to use the app because every time you click on a show tile you will be presented with two full screen ads which play for 20-30 seconds. You have to wait for the ad to me play out completely before a tiny and barely noticeable “x” shows up. If you like browsing for content then this user experience was likely designed by a Turkish prison guard. And if pain is your thing - the app is for you.
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3 years ago, Sadie25
Streaming get stuck and subscription doesn’t work
Streaming get stuck a lot. And if you sign up for the monthly subscription it will stop working after a month and it will be impossible to recover. Even deleting the app and reinstalling will not fix it. The developers didn’t implement “restore purchases” and they didn’t handle the monthly case. So it only works for one month. But as I mentioned when I said working I meant working with streaming troubles.
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2 years ago, Eyaleyal123
Full screen button doesn’t work anymore.
They stop putting effort on this app.
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5 months ago, Sivan Schwartz 1979
I have to say there isn’t any other for me All the others have such long way to get to your level on every category Especially love the news shows.
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5 years ago, Tap & Track User
Apple, are you listening?
How is it possible that you allow this app to take our money without delivering the service we are paying for? I have a subscription it does not recognize. I cannot imagine That I am the only one that is having this problem. Can you please do something about it, like removing this app from the store until it is fixed? And FYI - Pressing the link for support takes you to Mako website where support for the app either does not exist or is extremely well hidden. So no luck there... And yes. I have cancelled my subscription. So disappointing! Attention Keshet - Whoever is responsible for this app should be fired. Such incompetency should not be tolerated in a respected company such as Keshet Broadcasting.
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4 years ago, raf2013
Worst app ever
Paid for a subscription however have been unable to log in on my apple TV but only on the iphone app. No matter how many times the password is changed and the apple TV is reinstalled one cannot log in . Numerous emails were sent to the developer who does not even bother to answer. Such a shame especially since the apple TV for Israel’s channel 13 is free and works flawlessly.
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5 years ago, oferk65
No customer service!!!
I signed in through my Apple TV and paid , couldn’t see even one show, it’s blocked me out because I done have a user, thought that’s how they charged me through Apple, apparently not! Contact their support and client service 4-5 times and no response. I paid and can’t watch and have no one to talk with! Bad service ever
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6 years ago, Ella TK
One word. Avoid!
So I upgraded the app only in order to see streaming content from Israel. But it never worked, the premium shows I paid for never worked. Tried for one or twice, but got an error message saying my region (California) is not supported. To my surprise I just found out that they charge me since then a monthly fee! Unacceptable!
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2 years ago, Rdhibsho
Would expand their user base a lot with english subtitles…
Not sure why those aren’t offered yet…
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5 years ago, at.horow
Doesn’t work!!
This is very annoying - I pay 3.99$ a month to use this app and whenever I try to actually watch something it ALWAYS tells me that the content is not available in my region. Isn’t that what I’m paying for?!
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6 years ago, eladmaz
No more chromecast
Chromecast is no longer available on both iOS and iPad apps
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3 years ago, avilond
It is very difficult to use it
So many endless problems all the time. I have been using this app for years, and nothing has changed!
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6 years ago, מרכ
Horrible Ap
Had this app for many years but although I paid the 4 dollars every month it stopped working!! I sent many massages to them with no reply at all!!! Horrible service, so I stopped the payment!
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4 years ago, MSG426
Don’t waste your money
I subscribed using my AppleTV. It worked for about a month then stopped. I’d get a page telling me I need to subscribe, even though I did and paid automatically. Really, truly, don’t waste your money.
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4 years ago, נירנירון
Horrible. And they don’t care.
I pay a subscription. It should enable watching from outside of Israel, it does not. It should eliminate ads, it still shows ads... What is that supposed to be? No wonder it has 1.6 stars. Shame on you.
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6 years ago, Menachem Z
Don’t bye this BS (Not working from your area)
I just paid yesterday $3.99. I’m trying to Watch some shows I click on it I’m getting that error “is not working from your area”... To take my money was working from my area... is one BIG scam
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6 years ago, Tsooriel
Feels like a scam!!
They charge you about 4$ but you still need to watch adds when you open the app and when you’re about to start a show. Definitely unsubscribing!!
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2 years ago, Boaz a
Not a live stream
Paid for the live stream subscription, but apparently “live” means “rebroadcast with a 1hr delay” so don’t expect to watch along with any friends using the website or tv broadcast.
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2 years ago, mrscleanliving
The worst!
Viewing is impossible, constantly blurry and makes it impossible to watch!!! Does NOT worth the money!!
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8 months ago, AEM2
Apple TV app stopped working
The Apple TV app suddenly stopped working. I have the most expensive subscription but can’t watch on Apple TV. Please fix this issue. Thanks in advance
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1 year ago, whn964
Cannot watch full screen videos
When I flip the phone the video is still bound to 1/4 screen
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2 years ago, Bitbitsa
Application does not support IOS 16
The video player does not open to a full screen on iPhone iOS 16. Please update the version to be compatible with the new iOS
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1 year ago, MaximilianArturu
Doesn’t let you background the app and listen to the news :(
Please enable backgrounding the app while playing the news, pleeeease!!!!
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5 years ago, TheWizardOfOz76
Worst app ever!
Subscription is not being recognized. $3.99 are gone. Subscription cost, is through amount and quality of the content not justifiable. Never again!
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6 years ago, RannyS
Works in the background without permission
I’ve found out it works in the background for many hours even without my permission.
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1 year ago, Eliezermosehbagezer
Boycott Poor Apps
Buyer beware. Many 1 star ratings means stay away from it. Apps that fail to deliver decent quality must be removed. Except when a monopoly owns said App.
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4 years ago, Dand123-123
No Sound when watching live! So buggy
Even after being paid customers such a bad app. Can’t you do basic test?!
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6 years ago, Tal USA
Never Download it !!!
This app charging $4 and nothing never work well this is so sad that it’s being like that I did a disputed by the bank never use this app again!!
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4 years ago, Nivak
Low quality app
Low quality app. Constantly crash when casting. Doesn’t meet the bar to charge money for it
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5 months ago, Justmeyou@forever
Live stream and floating window
On iPad - Live stream is not allowing rewind back. Same works on iPhone app. On iPhone floating window isn’t always working.
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6 years ago, Avigdor Susana
Really buggy and unuseful app
Paying member here. App won’t let me watch anything saying: מנוי לא קיים Even after login in successfully. Didnt work for a few years now!
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6 years ago, sorenzi
Terrible app
You pay for the content but they keep showing the screen to choose a subscription. Poor execution on the app development side and QA
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3 years ago, loki5990
Needs improvement
Can’t even access the login through apple/google/Facebook.
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5 years ago, murich
Are they for real?
This app is a joke. Most of the time you can't get access to the content. Complete waste of time and money. Save yourself the frustration.
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6 years ago, Wild horn
Does not work on iPad
This app no longer works on my iPad, but does on my iPhone. I did a full reset on my iPad, and it still doesn't work. Please fix this soon!
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6 years ago, hg0987654321
Terrible app
They promise that you can use on 5 different devices but it’s not working. And the worst, you can’t stream to Apple TV !!! What’s the point? What a shame Don’t buy.
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1 year ago, Jason McCarter
One of the worst apps out there
You had one job… Full screen doesn’t work! Seriously?!
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6 years ago, Idan gozlan
Ads on premium membership
Why am I getting ads after paying for premium membership?!
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2 years ago, Blackkkkotp
Tooo many advertisements every single click
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4 years ago, LameNok
Casting from iPhone stopped working
What the actual f? How can you just drop this feature and not notice!!?
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5 years ago, FifAvi
Good idea but doesn’t work. I paid but still all content blocked. They need to fix it or just don’t offer it. Ganavim b’ema
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5 years ago, Elliesl
Content cost money and non stop adds.
Non stop adds, app is free but content requires monthly payments. Not recommended.
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5 years ago, Joy1836
So many Ads and slow please fix it. In general the App could be pretty good
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6 years ago, Sla5h
Terrible app - do not subscribe!
I tried the app on Apple TV and subscribe, but I was unable to view any premium content.
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1 year ago, B777 PIC
Shows up in App Store as an update but, Ive never loaded the app before!
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5 years ago, tiptopim
Not working
Stopped working on iPad completely
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