3.6 (6.4K)
43.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
David Buhauer
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 123Play

3.63 out of 5
6.4K Ratings
6 years ago, MechaTimmy
One issue
I think it’s a good app, How ever when i click the play single on anything i try to watch it doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii😂
I hate this app
I hate this app so much I tried to play something but when I went in to the thing and I clicked on it and then I went down and I scroll down and then I hit the season I wanted and then I hit the episode I wanted but it won’t let me at all there’s no play button the screen is all messed up oh my gosh don’t download this there are so many more apps that you can download just do not download you are wasting so much time when you do😡😡😡
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1 year ago, Ckg marnes"7"
Great thank
Well, I would like to say my thank to owner of this app, and it is very good help to the people who are able to check out their needs and I feel excited with this app!
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2 years ago, LizzieAnimatesYT
who said that this app had free movies???😂
if y’all actually learned how to read you can see that this app CLEARLY doesn’t have free movies and NEVER SAID THAT IT DID!! it’s literally an app to help guide you to the iTunes Store easier.
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2 years ago, I.R.J
I hate this app I can’t watch anything
I hate this app I cannot watch anything it does not let me watch anything I tried to watch chicken girls but it will not let me watch anything it won’t let me write a review on this I hate this do not download do not download there are much much much better apps out there this is a scam I hate this app I hate this app I hate this app DONT DOWNLOAD!!!
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2 years ago, connor et flying home
Can’t even watch
When I tap play on a movie and it send me to a whole different app that came with the phone and most of the time the movies are not free if you can fix this that would be great
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1 year ago, gabbynajera
I like this app
Love this app because it’s a wonderful app where you get too watch movies!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, 1Maura1
Crap app
Don’t even bother getting this app. I d/l’d it and no matter what I did it wouldn’t work. I even deleted it and tried a second time, but still nope, not working. I’m done. Delete, walk away and don’t look back because it’s totally useless and a waste of space.
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6 years ago, dnandkx
This app is cool but when I click play it does not start
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4 years ago, llsnxwmanll9
Please don’t get this app first of all when you press play you have too buy it when I look up free movie apps!? 😡 2nd not too brag but I found a much better app called GoMovies it’s FREE and it has over 200 movies! 😀and that’s why I give this app a 1 star please make the movies free. Thank you stay safe 😷
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3 years ago, yulianna salinas
Don’t donwlod this app
I don’t like it because it says that the movies are free and when you want to watch a movie it takes you to somewhere and you have to pay to watch it I don’t recommend this app
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4 years ago, geraldbet
Don’t even bother
You can’t see movies for free on the app, it redirects you to iTunes Store so you can buy o rent the series/movie you want to watch. Is not even worth the rate and still you have to rate the app otherwise I would have been able to post this review.
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4 years ago, zhikall hassan
I can’t watch the movies💔
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6 years ago, Billal J
Don’t download it
The only thing this app is good for is nothing. When you search a movie and press play it takes you to ITunes Store to buy it which one can do even without downloading this app. The app should be called 123 play search engine
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2 years ago, siididuduuxis
amazingggg app, definitely recommend if you want to watch any movie for FREE. tysm to the creator 🥰🥰😋🥳
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6 years ago, i dont really have a name
I hate the app
The problem is that the app doesn’t let play the movie it takes u to the iTunes Store I also thought that it will be free when I searched up drake and josh it wouldn’t let play it am so mad that people can’t just make a app that is free like come on it’s 2018!
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3 years ago, RedKushDreamz
Waste of space?
This app has a bunch of movies on it but only certain ones can be watched and if you upgrade to pro you still cannot watch these movies, so what’s the point?
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5 years ago, Sharialean
I was under the impression that this app was free but it is not every time I click on a show or movie it takes me to iTunes and tells me I have to pay why call it’s free movie app if you still have to pay that is why I gave it a one star
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5 years ago, S. Packham
Excellent Selections But App Continually Crashes
Just downloaded and while browsing the app closes. I haven’t selected to play a movie yet, and I really hope that the app doesn’t close during the movie.
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6 years ago, Emmett Logan
Don't waste your time
If you try and play a movie it takes you to the iTunes store where you either need to buy it or rent it. I definitely wouldn't recommend it for anyone who doesn't want to pay the watch movies.
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4 years ago, 😬🤯😡
This is bad
I wanted to watch sonic and I pressed play and it opened iTunes trying to get me to buy it. 123movies the app is terrible. Searching it up on computer is you best hope. Because on there it’s free
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4 years ago, Ghffgbgghh
This website on a computer or whatnot let’s you watch movies for free. Because this app is the same exact company I figured it would do the same thing. Instead, it’s just a portal to iTunes. Try the website if you want free movies
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7 years ago, An Alien👽👽👽👻
It's not lying to you. It doesn't let you watch the movies, it just takes you to the iTunes Store where you can rent it.
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2 years ago, lola rose parks
123go is a 123NO
When I downloaded this app I thought that I could watch a movie for free . BUT NO! When I pressed play to the movie scream 😱 it took me to the Apple movies app . And literally no movie on Apple movies are free , so they scammed me my heart is so broken 💔😢😭😩😔😡😞
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4 years ago, im_confuzzled_too
You shouldn’t buy it
I downloaded this thinking I could watch free movies and when I clicked on one it took me to the iTunes Store and wanted me to pay $20 for the movie. Deleted immediately and didn’t get to watch a movie
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5 years ago, kandicane703
Garbage. I tried watching a show and it wouldn’t let me play any of the episodes. Then I tried watching a movie and it told me it was 20$ seriously? Garbage. If something is free that usually means free. Why even have this app if you can’t watch anything.
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6 years ago, panda pinapple
Don’t use this app
If you’re wanting to watch a free movie don’t go to this app will make you pay I thought it will be like a fun app when I want to watch movies but that can’t happen cause you will always have to pay
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3 years ago, McClure mkt
App crashes
Why does this app crash right when you try to open it. It continues to crash and can’t be used. Why don’t y’all fix the issues?
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5 years ago, Samuela3017
Different expectations
I thought I can watch stuff for free. It takes you to iTunes Store and you have to buy it.
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6 years ago, AmeraaLaya
Terrible app
This app has false advertising! It says you can watch tv shows and movies for free, but when you click on the play button it takes you to iTunes and asks you to pay for the entire season or movie!!! WAIST OF TIME! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
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4 years ago, 🥶🥶🥶😬😬😬
Wasn’t even free
I went on to the app to find a movie that I loved as a kid....”AFTER EARTH” when I saw that it had the movie I was excited, only to find that it sent me back to the App Store for me to buy the movie, don’t use this app if u are looking for free movies
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5 years ago, NorthBeachBro
Best thing about the app, you can look at the cover...don’t like that well here’s something about it in YouTube.....ok don’t like that how about reviews of the movie....still not sold well you can press play and not watch the movie
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5 years ago, 123478902252675
Won’t let me touch the
I try to watch a movie that has a green play button it lets me but I try to press another movie does it have a green plate but it is still has a play button it will not let me
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5 years ago, wvuvg
It’s very slow and it won’t load I’ve tried for 15 minutes
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5 years ago, Alejandro mechanical Engineer
Not what I thought it was
Although you can see trailers and as well as the budget for all of the films on this app you can’t actually watch the movie.
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4 years ago, sandmanxy
This app is trash
All this app does is take you to the iTunes store. Nothing free about it and it was a waste to even make this app. Why download this when the itunes store already comes with my phone?? Dumb
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5 years ago, Sophia Rollick
I searched up free movies in the App Store and this popped up. I thought oh yay and I downloaded it and when I tried watching a movie it took me to the iTunes Store and said I had to pay for it when in the app it said $0 for the movie
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6 years ago, Kyllonenhouse:)
Worst app ever
I downloaded this app so I could watch free movies and every time I clicked the play button it just brought me to the iTunes Store to buy the movie... don’t waste your time and find a better app to use
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4 years ago, sp;-;
Does this even let you watch movies?? There’s a play button but it doesn’t work. If it did I would give it at least 4stars.
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5 years ago, coolrapgod
Do you say this is free but it’s not you got a pay for everything on there I want to watch them you got a pay money it not for free shouldn’t say it’s free too watch bc u still got too pay
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5 years ago, Ghost_shawn11
Let me watch movies free
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4 years ago, Salma 101
It’s a scam!
Ok, before you get this app, make sure to read the reviews, because if you want to watch a movie, it just shows you the trailer and the cast. It’s really infuriating, the name of the app, is not even use 😑😡
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4 years ago, LitttleRoss
Don’t buy this app because it goes to the itunes store also Download HBO max when it comes out it comes out in may 27 just to remind you also it has all the stuff like crunchyroll,warner bros, hbo, Cartoon Network, CNN,truTV,TBS,TNT all of it now bye! WORST STREAMING APP EVER DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP
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3 years ago, people's eye
Waste of time
This is just waste of time. You click on a movie & they send you somewhere else to buy the movie
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4 years ago, oimeczkzj
This app allows you to search up your favorite TV show or movie, THATS all its good for. When you want to watch it by pressing play it sends you to Apple TV and you have to buy it!! Don’t waste your time on this Bull**** of a app.🙄👎🏽
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5 years ago, bad äpp
This is is bad...
It just tells you to buy the movie, it doesn’t even make the app look like a good app. It literally sends you to the App Store telling you to just buy the movie for like 20$
Show more
4 years ago, Cerebral Nonconformist
All this dose is refer me to another app that could have done the same task without giving my information to a third party to sell to the highest bidder without my knowledge or compensation.
Show more
5 years ago, zuri5516
I hate this app
It says free and you freaking have to pay for every movie and it is a waste of my time to be thinking I’m getting a free movie then I have to pay like are you serious
Show more
5 years ago, pastyFaceSharkBait
Doesn’t Even ATTEMPT to work
Trust me. Do NOT waste you time. You’re going to be extremely disappointed if you do. There’s not really anything else that needs to be said here.
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6 years ago, Watermelon Goddess
This is a scam!
All it does is take you to iTunes so you can buy the movie yourself I would not use this app if you are not trying to spend money
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