13WMAZ: Central Georgia News

4.8 (22.3K)
88 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tegna Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 13WMAZ: Central Georgia News

4.78 out of 5
22.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Board Chairman
Good App, sometimes
When the advertisement loads at the beginning the App crashes. Otherwise a very good app. I do not mind advertisements at start, but they never load properly, and I am left with a dark screen with no way to get out of the app. I like the app a lot, but not enough to waste my time every time I try to use it. I am done playing the fool. I wonder if your advertisers know that they are wasting their money, they are also alienating their potential customers. Thanks for your efforts, but for me just a waste of my time
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2 years ago, Nonaree54
Enjoying WMAZ
I learned about WMAZ from my husband of 40 years. I am from Marietta, GA, so when we got married and I moved down here to my husband’s area, Macon, I started watching the News and Shows on Channel 13. My husband and I have loved all the people there because of the way you all invite us in to your home and make it ours. My husband said to say that he loves Ben’s wit when it comes to the Weather and his other endeavors. AND how “cuts up” with Lori, Frank, Marvin and the rest of the cast. Thank you for presenting Macon in such a great Light. We love you, WMAZ, channel 13. Harold & Winona Sapp
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3 years ago, Jackson Lake Storm watcher
Love This News Station.... I live in Jasper County close to Newton and in the Atlanta NEWS viewing area..... But will never watch Atlanta NEWS again because for some reason seems as if they are trying to stir up RACISM..... and cause conflict just so they can have news to report about..... and the weather folks for some reason don’t have what it takes to get more men involved with watching 😜😂..... even though I’m just right on the line of viewing area now that streaming is available..... never watch No other news .....
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5 years ago, MsPiggy83
I use to hate watching the news growing up & still did a few years ago because it’s always bad news. Yet watching 13WMAZ isn’t news to me. It’s my “keep me grounded” tv family because that’s exactly what they do. Sure it, like others, show the negativity of this world BUT it shows so much more about the community I’ve grown up in, things families can engage in & they are ALL humorous. Always leaving their viewers on a easy or even a happy note. An let’s admit it..w/ as much sad & bad there is out there..we could all use a little happiness.
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6 months ago, T. Denison
Love this station… But
The app needs to be updated more regularly otherwise I love this station. It is the same stories for days sometimes with 1 new story here and there. Please think about having a person update the website hourly. There is enough things happening in Macon and surrounding area’s that I do not see lack of news stories to be told. Thank you and have a great day 😊
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5 years ago, jmwynnern
Used to be better
The new update to the app is less user friendly and I often miss updates on the news. I can no longer share stories with others. If I click on the share option, it shares something completely different. I really despise the new app. I miss the old one. It was straightforward and easy to navigate and share with others. I get notifications from the app now for stories, but when I try to locate them, they are nonexistent on the app. If I click the notification itself, it will sometimes take me to the story, but trying to find it on the app without clicking the notification, I am often not able to locate the story. It’s very frustrating.
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9 months ago, Hangingonastring
Not so great anymore. In the past I haven't had any problems with this app. But lately more often than not I'm unable to get the videos to open and play. I don't have this problem with the other stations apps. I use this a lot when I travel to stay up to date on the local news. There are too many commercial adds before the story line. Please allow us to skip the adds all together, and don't continue to post old stories. We want update news. Please fix this problem.
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2 years ago, Carmen1964!
One thing I can say about 13WMAZ... They are honest. They get the facts first. They don't lie on people to get people to view them. They are more like family than anything. I'm thankful to have such caring people that help keep us informed of not just bad weather but anything that may be harmful to us. My hats off to each of you and your family members. God bless you all and keep each of you safe!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Dry Branch
Thank You!!
We watch channel 13 because we know we are always going to get current and factual information. Weather with Ben Jones is the best. We stay up late during weather problem nights because Ben makes us feel informed. The interaction between Frank and Lori keeps our attention and is always very professional. Thank you for all that you ALL do straight from the heart. Debbie and Fred Howe
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1 year ago, donnadixon
Worst app
When I open breaking news video an ad pops up then it crashes or the video won’t open. It’s the same thing over and over and over. During the last storms that came through our area, I tried to keep up during tornado warnings and I could NOT get it to work without ad then crash. It’s useless.
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5 years ago, Sheila Weeks-Wyatt
Reliable and informative!
I have lived in this area for 11 years now and I have never been disappointed in the information that the Channel 13 WMAZ news team has shared with my family and they have kept us safe with the warnings of upcoming severe weather and given us time to prepare and believe me, we have come so very close to disaster many times 😱😱. Thank you all at WMAZ Channel 13 News
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5 years ago, Aiden b Clark
Aiden Clark
I have been watching 13 wmaz and reading all the news articles in the app the are so good about putting good articles out when the happen I have been with the since I got my first phone when 10 2 years ago now with them I can stay up to date with everything that is happening in the area
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4 years ago, life long wmaz viewer
Too many ads
This app is useful, but the number of ads has increased to an annoying level. If you want to watch video, you have to watch a video ad even if you just watched the same ad seconds earlier. There are many “read only” ads plastered everywhere too. When you get a notification something is happening live, you have to watch a video before you can see the live feed. Beginning to not be worth it.
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5 years ago, FelkerEMT
Annoying Ad
I have the same issue as a lot of other people, when I first go to the app it brings up an ad that says “Swipe Up” only you can’t swipe up. There’s no way to close out the ad and the app is frozen. I force close and try to re-open only to have the same issue again. I went through this about 6 times the other day and finally gave up. With that being said, when I can actually get into the app I love it. It’s how I keep up with news and events around middle GA. I just wish it worked properly.
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5 years ago, Talk of the South
My 13WMAZ app used to be my go-to app every morning. I really do not like the new app, though. It is super glitchy. Quite often when I click on an article, I get kicked out of the app altogether or at least back to the home page. Other times the page “freezes” and will not scroll. Very annoying! Please fix my app!!
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7 months ago, Beingsickisntfun
The Best
I have loved watching 13WMAZ for the last 28 yesrs! I have continued to watch you even when I moved to North Ga 3 years ago and now living in South Ga. You are my home station. I feel like you are family. I have many wonderful memories of y’all with my children over the last 20 years
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7 years ago, Db223290547
Commercials hinder this app
App takes power away from you and forces you to watch commercials when you want to read certain articles and you can't back out of it unless you hit the home button. The webpage is even worst, a big commercial takes up all of your screen when you just want to read the headlines. Other than that the app is stable, articles are updated frequently, doesn't crash like it did before. Some articles are video and don't have words. Overall the app needs improvement 2/5
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2 months ago, Mama2+8
Super fan
I went out and bought me a Roku tv when Direct TV took CBS off. I don’t like the news on any other network. I believe what I here and learn on WMAZ Channel 13 News. I now have 13+ and CW so I can watch when I want to or need to. Best News Person I have ever watched. Thank You for each News.
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3 years ago, Resident of G Town
13 WMAZ Amp
I enjoy being informed about things happening in the surrounding areas good or whatever Weather alerts are always good to. Road closer are Informative because I have family out there so in case they didn’t see it I can tell them. You’ll ROCK!!
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4 years ago, Fred46632
App needs a lot of work
I like the station but this app doesn’t do what it says. When reading news stories the links keep jumping all over the place. I prefer to read stories first then do video. The auto play disabling for videos doesn’t work. Not only that but if you pause the video it plays a second time and you have to stop it again. Really glitchy. Thought the update would help this problem but it’s still there. I might as well delete the app because in this state I’ll never use it.
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4 years ago, Teledawg69
Broken Notifications
Update-3-6-20. The recent update has made no difference to the alerts. I was hopeful it would be fixed but sigh... oh well, all alerts off again for 13WMAZ. Down to 1 Star. My favorite go to is 13WMAZ weather. However the app lacks the ability to only receive weather notifications. You can turn off all but weather notifications but it doesn’t work. I had no choice but to turn off all notifications for the app as I’m not interested in all news notifications.
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3 months ago, jmat57
Ads and old news
There so many ads they send you a notification and you click on it and it’s the story but there’s an ads about there own app that you already have or right now it’s a Roku ad you have to read the story. Most of the time they don’t report the news accurately or even on time WGXA is much better platform the way they’re app is set up is way easier to navigate.
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1 year ago, Eloisa Borgato
New Residents
This is a terrific app and local news coverage. Most of the time they publish the address of the local event. It’s worth it to set your GPS and explore Macon. The people are sweet and the family fun events are endless. I love living in Macon. Fun for everyone, bring your dog too. :)
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4 years ago, dodex12345
Great content. App design is annoying
Love the content. However the app design kind of ticks me off. It was great before the redesign some months ago. It became harder to find most current news, requiring me to sift through whole categories of info I frankly don’t care about. Another big peeve is that the app frequently pauses music or podcasts I’ll be currently listening to. I’ve emailed support multiple times but they never respond... maybe they’ll see this review.
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5 years ago, gigicarroll
Need to revisit program
When you go to read an article and then go back, it always takes you back to the beginning of the app instead of where you were when you exited to the article. This needs to be corrected. It would be more convenient and also a time saving aspect.
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5 years ago, Charm P
Loved it before the redesign
I have used this app for years to check the weather and get news updates. Since the redesign, I have only used it a handful of times and even then I get frustrated and just close it. This is no longer my go to app!
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2 months ago, ABB # 1 Fan
Very helpful!
I love the live Doppler Radar ... anytime I need to make outside plans "whatever that may be" ... I appreciate very much the alerts I receive which are relevant! And I get to keep up with progress of my hometown of 40 plus years ...
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3 years ago, Happigolucki
Local Lady
13WMAZ is my preferred station! I trust the news reporters to give fair and honest and informative news. I love The Andy Griffith Show every weekday at 5:30pm. It’s a calm relief before local news and the national news. There are other features straight from the ❤️.
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3 years ago, Gray Township
Real News!
Best news team in the central Georgia area and beyond. They share the news in a transparent and honest way. That is very hard to find today. The 13WMAZ team are respectful and fair to all parties involved in the news they share. THEY ARE REAL HARD WORKING PEOPLE WITH BIG HEARTS FOR THEIR COMMUNITY AND CARE ABOUT GETTING THE NEWS DONE CORRECTLY!!! REAL NEWS!, STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART!!!
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3 years ago, djacksondjax
I have enjoyed WMAZ through the years. Even though I know they lean left. Today was my last day watching. Try to hide your happiness of the election results. All of us can’t afford what is about to happen
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10 months ago, Catty Gal
13 News
The Channel 13 news is a big help to the community. It helps to keep its viewers in the know about things happening in our area. Thank you for a job well done!
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2 years ago, Mrs Beverly
Mrs Beverly Ford
I Love 13 WMAZ news awesome reporters, it’s just makes me mad that I can no longer watch the local news because of some type of politics or money. “I live in Milledgeville and I want to watch the local news.” 13 news.
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2 years ago, jandr4140
LOVE this news crew!
We just moved here from California a year ago. My husband and I just love the morning crew here! They are always so positive even in the face of adversity. I absolutely adore the great chemistry they have and the diversity of this news cast!!!!! Rachel Reeder
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1 year ago, Punki88
Local news
I love to watch my local news on my phone, especially for weather updates.
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3 years ago, darrnaar
It’s good when it works!
Every since the latest “fix” the app has trouble loading. Some days it works fine, other days it won’t load. Have to delete and reinstall. Please fix it.
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3 years ago, real_dexbot
No PiP
I love 13WMAZ but in times of severe weather, it is nice to have PiP to stay in touch with friends and family. Thankfully the website supports it, so I switched there for coverage. With that said, the emergency alerts and local news are great. I’m happy we’ve got such a good app :)
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2 years ago, Sherri.appleby
The one and only
Our TV stays on 13WMAZ! I love the team! I can tell they enjoy what they do AND they have a great working relationship! Thank you for being so involved in the community!! Thank you for ALL you do!!!!
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5 years ago, grandma 111
Very nice new app
I like this app it does have the option for a lot of personalization which takes a little bit of time in the beginning but it is a great app much better than the old one was.
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3 years ago, Mediababe
Navigation issues
It’s another local news app, however, I have yet to discover the listing of station personal, employment opps and a few other items. To be honest this not the most intuitive news app around. Please rework it and i’ll continue using it. Thanks!
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1 year ago, MsSteppie52
Very informative
Love how they have the weather alerts and able to watch live so we can be aware of weather before we head to work
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3 months ago, Random generated
Non relevant notifications
I have the app settings for notification only about severe weather, but several notifications per day about other topics. The notification setting menu seems obvious, but does not function properly.
Show more
3 years ago, BlutzXenaandShelby
Highly recommend
This app keeps me up to date, and alerts me for anything! I trust this app to get the weather, local news, state news, and national news. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Show more
4 months ago, fortdiedabbbb
This is amazing for me since I’m younger and afraid of storms this helps me out for if I go on road trips or trips I can change the setting to where I am now and the the weather thanks yall!
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6 years ago, msbooky
It would be great if you would update and refresh the news more your stories are the same all day there is plenty of news to report please do better
Show more
3 years ago, splashover
A little to much advertisement and you can never watch the story about the article because of the time it takes to load the advertisement. Really great other than that
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3 years ago, Phillyy58
Good source of information.
I enjoy the fact that I can receive local news from them
Show more
1 year ago, musicbearman
Excellent app.
Thank you for making this app. It is a great way for people to stay connected with local news and weather.
Show more
1 year ago, joanna382
Good news
I would recommend the Ch 13 app. It reports the news in an unbiased way and seeks to improve our community by bringing people together. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Meems and Peep
13 WMAZ is great but App is a Zero
I LOVE 13 WMAZ on channel 13 and the anchors are Great but this news app is more like reading an old newspaper than an up to date news report. It’s easy to find what was reported on a week ago but updated info is very rarely accessible on the app. Format is even less friendly than before. I’ll never give up my 13 WMAZ news but I’m looking for a better local news app. That should not be hard to find.
Show more
1 year ago, lesleyshell
Not Functional
When this app first came out it was great, now more than 10 years later it is so bogged down with relentless ads that trying to click on a story is impossible because the ads overlap and override the content. Why not have the option to pay for it? 41NBC has a very smooth non invasive app so this one is being deleted sadly.
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