14 NEWS WFIE Tri-State Leader

4.5 (5.8K)
78.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 14 NEWS WFIE Tri-State Leader

4.48 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
3 years ago, DebbieHoff
Update isn’t worth it!
I updated to the new app yesterday. It consistently doesn’t open when there’s a news alert.
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2 years ago, jlcrosser
Honest review by a long time forced user.
The gray broadcasting company is perfectly named if you enjoy watching a grayed out screen with silence this is the app for you! There doesn’t seem to be any concerted effort to sell airtime to local businesses. You will occasionally be forced to view gambling based apps for slots and games that require you to spend money to play. There are a few P essays lately for Covid stating that Christian Covid patients believe God has created a cure and have gotten vaccinated yay! You will receive short and I mean really short snippets of news and teasers of weather when you watch the live option. It says if they decided how little can we supply before people just stop using this app altogether. When you are able to watch actual news it’s supplied by very young personalities who do not have an adult’s range of vocabulary, pronunciation or the context to use the chosen words properly. Even my seven year old granddaughter can spot their mistakes. In all fairness I will have to say some of them seem more comfortable on air now they no longer resemble a constipated cat sitting in the litter box while trying to project a serious demeanor.
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4 years ago, Ivanahc
I love Ch 14 news! Have only one complaint I wish you would consider. Please start airing Gov. Andy’s press conference in full. I know it falls at the time when local news is on - but! Now that most of us are home constantly do we really need to hear the weather three or more times during that time period, especially when it’s a beautiful day?? While we were working we appreciate having several segments of news to watch at the various times around 4 or 5 p.m., but now it’s just redundant, and we’re all anxious to see reports from him in full. We can’t always get the local KET station, so we miss out on it. Just a real thought from a loyal fan, Thanks a lot! Ivana Carmon
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3 years ago, jeff.thornton1
What happened to this app?
This was my go to app for local news and this most recent update is making me consider deleting the app completely. The news notifications do not open the story from the notification. It usually drops me in the app and the story doesn’t come up and then I can’t find it again. Just today two times I tapped the notification to read and watch a story. It opened the story, played an ad and then sent me back to the Home Screen of the app where I could no longer find the story. It also seems like the app is filled with a lot more ads than before. I can tolerate ads (especially with a free service) when the app is functioning well. Looking forward to an update in the future to make this more stable or I will have to stop using it.
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5 years ago, obororocks.
There are better apps for weather
After you wait a minute for the video to load then watch a 30 second commercial you are treated to a vague 20 second teaser for the weather. I think this app is geared towards selling local advertising and getting people to click back often to get their “view” numbers up. You are constantly provided with uneventful notifications a few times a day that try to tease you into checking the app, again an attempt to get you to in and provide them with the traffic to better sell advertising. There are much better weather apps out there that are faster and less bulky. When I get a clickbait notification from wife the first thing I do is check a real weather app like intellicast to see what’s really up.
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6 years ago, Snoopy2135
14 News
Our family watch 14 as our primary news and weather channel which is second to none! You guys are wonderful! As for the News “app”, since the format changed to the larger bolder print, etc. in the last few months it has definitely lost the appeal and we seldom look at it anymore. The earlier format that was used perhaps a year or so ago and going back was great to easily scan the topics and read those of interest. Thank you for asking!
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3 years ago, B_ritz
Only works occasionally
This app is extremely unreliable. It stops working for weeks on end for no apparent reason. When this happens, it will not load past the 14 news logo page (although the pop-up ad still works without fail). I have tried closing, deleting and redownloading the app, as well as restarting my phone. Nothing brings it back until it magically works again one day. I hate the 44 news app, but that’s what I have to use because I cannot depend on yours.
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3 years ago, aVidMaCér
New update is 👎
This newest update seems to be copying the other local news app, Eyewitness News 25. The reason I used 14News was because I liked their platform over Eyewitness 25. The way this new update repeats the same story published above it is frustrating and makes me just close the app and go somewhere else for news. I’ve noticed I spend way less time on this app now. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s a good thing...
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3 years ago, $$BadApp911
What happened !?
Please tell me you have a team working on improving this app. The most recent version is really bad. Slow to load or fails to load. Have to search for headline news as that’s now not the landing page. Regardless of where you navigate, first stop is always a full page ad. The black border around the tile is ugly. Previous versions of the app were EAY better. Take us back to your previous app if you can’t get the current version any better.
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3 years ago, Duane_99
New 14 News app
Great edition of this app. I’m so glad that there is finally a good streaming feature, such that I can just click on it and see the newscasts for the day. I can’t always arrange to see the news when it airs on TV. This is a GREAT feature.
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6 years ago, Sam Winterman
I want to look at the radar, news, or weather information, NOT constant pop-up ads. I understand that that is how revenue is generated for providing a free app, but when the entire screen gets covered up by an advertisement, it gets annoying and dismissed immediately without my even looking to see what the ad is for (usually vehicles). I think the annoying banners at the bottom are enough.
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3 years ago, CKJaxon
The New App Needs More Work
While the new app consolidates the news, weather, River City Weekend, it’s missing important weather information & makes finding things cumbersome. We are under a heat advisory but the new app doesn’t address this information. I still have the old app and use it more often.
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3 years ago, energy1200
Allow ad tracking??
A previous update had asked to “personalized” tracking for the user. I didn’t want that so I replied NO. This lasted version wants the user to continue with “personalized” tracking and states that the user can change their settings later. There are a lot of other options for local news. This app was a great one for local news, not at this moment. Fix your app.
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1 year ago, Rooney33147
Notification links don’t work properly
It’s awful! Clicking on a news notification takes me to a video that has nothing to do with the story notification. The app is riddled with too much junk & ads. Just the news please! Maybe take a look at the AP app or even Apple News outlines to better construct this app.
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3 years ago, cuogxf gvot
Updated App
Not happy with the updated app. Hard to see what’s new and every few hours I have 20-40 new notifications. I have adjusted the notification settings and no change. Also the screen refreshes or something when trying to read an article and I have to start from the beginning. There are wayyy to many ads. I love 14 news but not at all happy with the updated app
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2 years ago, TN.2.tx
Streaming news
Leading station in Evansville. All their News and sports programs are available for free streaming live and archive. The other station in market does not stream their news.
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3 years ago, dsaw72
New version is horrible
This last major overhaul is awful. Can’t turn sound off on alerts, so had to turn alerts off all together (which alerts about local news was probably the best feature before). And now almost all the new is videos; I want to read news, not watch videos.
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3 years ago, Uodate it
Go to a updated version
I have totally deleted the app. Keeps showing many news alerts but cannot get to them. Try to read the news it stops for an add then sends me back. Not good. Will use again if improvement are made. Tried on several iPhones does same thing. Friends have deleted or stopped using the app.
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5 years ago, 081784
This is amazing it helps me track down strorms like a hurricane it helped me TWICE during a tornado AND a hurricane I known it’s crazy but it is get this app if you wanna live or survive okay now do not trust the people who make bad comments on this ITS GOOD SO GET IT NOW
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6 years ago, Hpffie
Give me back the older version
This does not give Evansville news or at least difficult to find. I am sorry I updated.
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3 years ago, pleasebringbackold app
New app
I liked the previous app much better! This app has small font making it hard to read on my Apple 7, changing the font to large in settings didn’t seem to make a difference and I don’t use this app nearly as much as previously.
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3 years ago, mack451
Terrible app
Please bring the old app back. This be app is absolutely awful. I can no longer rotate the app to make it larger and easier to read. Not everyone has a phone the size of a iPad. Full of more advertisements than ever making it difficult to even get to the news. Stories repeated multiple times in the feed. USELESS!!!
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3 years ago, fux it
Fix the news alerts
I like the app but news and weather alerts frequently link to a completely unrelated story. If you are going to a send a alert test the link first. I use other apps that don’t have this issue.
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5 years ago, EricInOwensboro
The last two updates in a row have caused this app to crash before opening making it useless. Try testing your updates, testing them better, or hiring better techs to fix or update your app in the future. This and all the commercials are making me just want to give up the app and just use the website instead.
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3 years ago, Evv Guy
New version won’t work if location services is off
I hardly ever had an issue with this App until this new update. Now, it won’t load at at all!!! Keeps asking me to turn on my location services, but when I cancel the request, it just spins. Absolutely terrible!!! Update, still does not work!!! Just spins.
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3 years ago, EvilleB
Horrible update.
I’ve only used WFIE as my only local news app for several years. After the latest version I’m going to another station’s app. This version is terrible. I open the app and then choose news. Up pops an ad. I close it and it puts me back to the main menu. Now I have to click news again. I’m on the latest IOS version with an IPhone 12 plus. Did anyone test this thing??? Why can’t it be like before. Just go straight to the news stories as the main page? Channel 14, you messed this one up. It’s been a good run but now it’s goodbye.
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6 years ago, Sandy G55
Local News
Keeps me up to date on local news and national news.
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4 years ago, Aaron 48
Very informative
I’m a disabled veteran and don’t drive anymore. I don’t like things such as Face Book or Twitter. Between your app and the radio, I feel like I’m in the loop again. TY
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5 years ago, benjamin060281
App works
This app has always been suburb. The developer is always updating the App. As far as apps go this is the best one in the tri-state and very dependable.
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6 years ago, stupid 14
Too many ads
Jeez, every time I click on a video those stupid car ads pop up, over and over again. The worst part is that they’re screaming loud. I hate that about your app, as do many people!!! It’s old stories, updated every 8-10 or more hours. I use your app because it the only one available but it’s terrible ....
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5 years ago, Thy word!
News and sports channel
Really all they have as news and sports!
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6 years ago, JudyII
Most of the time when I get an alert on my phone or iPad and attempt to read it....it isn’t there. I have to scroll through all the news, and most times, I still can’t find it. The site isn’t user friendly at all.
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6 years ago, Jim's apple account
Liked it better before the update. Ads continue to pop up as I scroll. It’s hard to determine what is sponsored content and what is real news, the font is the same. I use this app less and less as the week progresses. Seems like the same story is on here for several days with no updated content.
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3 years ago, This guy right here!!!
Bring back the old app, this terrible. It crashes constantly and navigation is horrible
Oh my god! This is my second post on how horrible this app is and you guys still haven't fixed a thing. The old was so much better and I have no idea why I waste my time.
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4 years ago, bassin man
Get rid of this color radar. Can’t tell a thing on it. Just went through a heavy storm and the radar did not show it. Go back to the previous radar system where you can tell exactly what’s going on. I hate this new color radar. Does no good to watch it if you get no color warnings on it. I hate it!
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3 years ago, Urameshiimaru
Just no
I was met with an ad as soon as I opened the app, BEFORE I even got to anything relating to the app itself, then as soon as I closed the ad it asked for my location to which I said no, apparently that’s required to use the app? Nope, I can get my news elsewhere if that’s the case!
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3 years ago, 84Redneck
Good app but headaches
I love the app but the weather part is screwy. It’s 7:40 on 12/18 but I am seeing the weather from 12/16 thru 3am today. Also it doesn’t always have the right city. It jumps between Evansville, Owensboro, and Paduka with the occasional Henderson
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5 years ago, Robinsville
Download this app if you like watching advertisements...
Can’t watch a video without a 15-30 second ad...I understand that’s their bread and butter, but for crying out loud, 1 ad every video? Why not 1 every 5-10 videos? Worse than trying to watch TV these days. A lot of the videos are shorter than the ads!
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5 years ago, Evansville Native
I understand Ads are a great source of revenue. But, please, can we not have a 30 second Ad every time I want to play a 15 second video?
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6 years ago, MtV Bob
New Format
I don’t like the new web page format. The articles are too big. Each article fills up my screen on my iPad. Before you could see several articles at a time and easily scroll down to the one you wanted to read. Still a great news source.
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3 years ago, kynewsneverreported
To many pop ups
This app has so many pop ups that when you open junk immediately. Who ever thought this was good to throw up junk needs to be fired
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3 years ago, Phin fan 234
All ads - awful
This could be such a great news app but all it does is force ads on you. Everyday, as soon as you open the app, you are hit with an ad. I understand it helps pay for this but it is excessive. I love Jeff Lyons, but I bet he also hates this app.
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6 years ago, grandy75
Too much extraneous material
The new format is focused on too little news compared to the space devoted to commercial messaging. There is also repetition There is a lot of new that is not reported. Why not an equal portion of positive news as well as sensational and negative?
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2 years ago, History Lee
Needs improvement
Please get rid of the advertising and make news stories in list form for easy viewing
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3 years ago, RedRaiderTex
Good News Lousy App
Enjoy 14 News and weather, but this app is lousy, especially the latest update. This is the worst of all news apps I use. It makes me not want to use it at all.
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8 months ago, JnsGrl
Up to date info
News 14 app reports some news such as a man on the loose the police are looking for armed and dangerous but 24 hours later no update and still not in custody not a good way to keep our community safe.
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3 years ago, **DontLikeIt**
Updated App
Do not like the new version. When you tap on an alert, it sends you to a commercial then to the home page that does not include the alert. I have given up using this app.
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3 years ago, User29066
The app isn’t user friendly at all anymore. Used to have news at my fingertips, now I have to go through several screens. I’ll be switching to a different network app ASAP
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3 years ago, Wanengs
How to clear notifications. The total still shows in the icon after clearing all. The old system was better. This is just too complicated.
Show more
3 years ago, Koolroy
Wish more time spent to prepare the upgrade
I upgraded the app a week ago and I have yet to find how to clear the notifications. ( in the red box). Links to the new are weak at best. Hoping for a better upgrade soon
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