2.8 (118)
71.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 16 NEWS NOW

2.75 out of 5
118 Ratings
3 years ago, bhunsbuns5
What’s happening?
Visually I prefer this app to other local news apps, and it used to function really good. Occasionally, the app crashes for no reason. A more recent glitch, the badge on the app shows a new notification, so I open the application. Every time I open the app (and I mean EVERY time), the (notification) bell icon is missing front the top bar. The only way to navigate to the list of notifications is via the bell. So I navigate to the settings, and choose “Enable Notification Inbox”, and then go to bell icon and read notifications. The next time I receive a badge notification... you guessed it... repeat. So VERY annoying!
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4 years ago, SwanyB
Fix problems and update quicker
Usually pretty good, but every once in a while, it will close out whenever you click on anything which is very irritating (putting it nicely)!! And also it gives update breaking news notifications, but doesn’t show up on the app till hours later.
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6 years ago, former loyal supporter
The ads are misleading
I have had this app for several years. Unfortunately they have added misleading advertisements that look very similar to their stories recently. I do not recommend this to anyone that is looking for factual news anymore because the ads can be misleading. It is sad that so many of our “news” sources are more interested in $$$ than actually informing us about what’s going on. I understand that profits are important, but these ads really look like their real stories and are extremely misleading.
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5 years ago, Billlllliebobthorton
Terrible app from a terrible news source!
I used to like WNDU, then I learned how they treat the people in their articles! Total disrespect for the recently deceased, accused etc. Not to mention how all of their political articles are overly emotional and biased making them atrocious. Ignoring all that, the app itself is quite buggy. It often crash while launching, the weather radar struggles pretty hard and the ads they run are the kinds of ads you’d expect to either give your computer a virus or rip you off.
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4 years ago, wantsbetternews
Run of the mill
The comment section moderator is a right wing Trumper that bans folks for opposing views. The content of my comments never had any vulgarity or name calling or anything of the sort but, was banned anyway. On the other hand the comments from folks on the right were and continue to be rude and threatening. It is an echo chamber and dangerous for our country to have so much media ( radio, local news, and newspapers both on and offline) owned by Sinclair or their cohorts.
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1 year ago, amelia_hart
why the ads🤦🏽‍♀️
why does a weather app have ads? it’s so annoying. im trying to look at the weather but i have to wait 30 seconds while an ad plays😂 and 30 seconds feels like an eternity when waiting for a boring ad to stop. this app never used to have them and i know apps have ads that’s a fact i just find it random and odd that a weather app of all apps have ads. i’m tired of it.
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6 years ago, CHLOEDD63
The Big Red Bar/ ease of use of entire site.
Was looking for a story on the big red bar. Did not find this section user friendly. It would take forever to find what you’re looking for. No search area available on the entire site. That would make the site so much more user friendly. No back < button to be found. I was really shocked at the lack of ease of use. I’m going to take my own action and DELETE!!!!!
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1 year ago, Jeff 0806
Commercial just to open the app?
There are plenty of advertisements already. Now users are required to see an advertisement before seeing headlines. I am deleting this app as I cannot stand the blaring startup when I am passing time in public places.
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3 months ago, Lighthouse1960
NBC news app
I think this app is absolutely fantastic except for the close captioning at the bottom. I can’t find a place to get rid of that. It bothers me.
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8 months ago, Rokeyswoman
My favorite local news station in South Bend.
I love all of your news programs. Thank You WNDU for hiring and keeping great employees. Thank you.👏
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6 years ago, Dixon Cider (for Kyle)
FBI most wanted
I’m surprised your picture of the FBI most wanted is not centered so it’s easy to read. Someone took the picture from a side... It’s difficult to make out the picture or the writing of the poster. I would expect more from 16
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1 year ago, Bankerb_99
App Changed
I ABSOLUTELY hate this app since you updated it. The weather radar is gone and now transfers you to another app First Alert that is SO hard to read and follow. Nothing on it is easy to understand like the old app was. Why did you mess with a great app and turn it into something so sub par it’s laughable? Ugh
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5 years ago, alexis loves 1d
Interactive Radar
One of my favourite features to look at for the weather.
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6 years ago, doesthisnicknamesork
Clear Understanding
There needs to be a clear definition of what a breaking news alert entails. A sting of vandalism in Warsaw, a traffic jam in Shipshewana, a opening of a new Restaurant opening, or someone dyeing in South Bend should not classify as a breaking news. Getting 15 alerts each day over these types of things are extremely frustrating.
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3 years ago, Rosonous
App doesn’t open
It seems the last three weeks the app hasn’t opened. Deleted and reinstalled and it works fine for a couple days.
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10 months ago, I am an oldie
I’ve been watching channel 16 news since I was a child , best moves channel I’ve ever watched
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3 years ago, TomRRT
I have used this app for many years but it was hacked a week or so ago, a yellow text warning popped up with instructions... I simply shut it down and then deleted the app. After a few days I reinstalled it but it was broken! Deleted again and won’t be reinstalling it.
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9 years ago, ostrich egg
Won't work
No videos are playing, and I can't go back to the news page without removing the app from my use history.
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5 months ago, khelm1
App doesn’t work
Downloaded but just shows an information page but no ability to go to the next page nor main part.
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7 years ago, Upsetviewer22
Very Disappointed
Worse app out there. Live streaming only plays commercials during news cast. Same commercials over and over and over again! Wasted 30 minutes of my time! You lost this viewer for good!
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3 years ago, Aepalisades
App won’t open anymore.
Used to love the app. But starting today on my iPhone XS it crashes and won’t even open. No idea what happened but suddenly it’s useless. I want it back please. Please fix.
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5 years ago, cjohnsonpaint
Lack of professional service
Why does your staff continue to post news stories that are not fact check or hell, just edited like a professional news organization. WNDU HAS TURN INTO A FAKE NEWS, conservative hating,AP regurgitation, yellow press organization.
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7 years ago, HostRose
Cannot get alerts
I wish you would reinstate text alerts for closings as the app does NOT alert me when my daughter's school delays. I signed up for WSBT's text alerts since you don't do them.
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2 years ago, boarman 2000
Pop up
I hate the pop up political vote for something before I can get to the news
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3 years ago, help-help
Good app needs more sports & entertainment Needs south bend Mishawaka school closings need all sports..
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3 years ago, doomedtechnology
All of a sudden, the app wants me to turn on the location for my phone. When I ignore the request, the app just sits there trying to load. Why do you need my location?
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4 years ago, gping broke
App won’t load
Downloaded the app. All it does is show the loading icon. This has been going on for months. Sent a email to them. Had no response.
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7 years ago, Tlee1005
Last to post
News is not updated or current. No sense in looking up news from days ago.
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6 years ago, bondjames42
Tricky ads. Always crashes.
This app always crashes. Also the advertisements are disguised as news stories and may trick a lot of users.
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5 years ago, maxmhamilton
Not loading...
I loved using this app on my iPhone SE but it doesn’t work for my new phone. I don’t know if that is what everyone else is experiencing but it is not loading for me.
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6 years ago, Twlemons
Breaking news...app needs work.
App works about as well as their station automation.... not that great. Crashes often on launch. New update is worse.
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3 years ago, jud p
After they did up grades last week I can’t open the app. I have to keep deleting and renown loading the app.
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5 years ago, Chuckh25
Closes after opening
Every time I open the app and tap on an article, the app just closes!!! 👎
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1 year ago, TooTall574
Forced Apps
If you want view their weather, gotta get the App. Not gonna do it!!! Sorry I like WSBT better
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7 months ago, doglover1976
Remove the ads
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5 years ago, Daddy4Abby
Fix app
My app does not work since it updated
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5 years ago, KylieHJ
Won’t open 🤬
App won’t open 🤬🤬🤬 It immediately closes.
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4 years ago, Colsri
Zero stars
Reporting is Terrible. Used CNN reports to support its own reporting. Deleted the app
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6 years ago, JoeBoilermaker
iPhone X support
It would be nice to have some iPhone X support!
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6 years ago, 80AM33
Won’t load
The title says it all.
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5 years ago, jennooooo21
Crashes EVERY TIME I open it.
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8 years ago, Meaq
This app is for reading historical news, you get push notifications but when you click on it the app opens to just the regular news in the app not the story (which won't be in the app for a few hrs) and the push notification will have vanished. A few weeks ago I lost power I was searching for any updates and searched the app and the face book page but nothing. So I sent them a msg telling them I had no power and the area I was in. I got a response a few hrs later stating "we know" smh. Story wasn't in there app till the following day. Why have a means to spread and report news quickly but never use it??????
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11 years ago, Blewbary
Much Improved
It's a nice app. I use it for weather only, so I wish you would make an app for just weather like WSBT did. However, it is easy to get to the weather in this app and intuitive enough to figure out where other weather things are. Some of the weather icons (rain specifically) are a bit hard to figure out against the background. I like the side scrolling hourly forecast on the weather overview. Much improved over the last app!
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10 years ago, Workhardplayhard12321
I absolutely LOVE this app! Works very well for all the lastest news when I don't have time to sit and watch the tv. Radar works very well, that's what I use it for most.
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9 years ago, D'wicked
Can we at least go back to the Syncback option?
This app is only getting worse. I can't watch the news live because it won't work 99% of the time so can we go back to the Syncback option so I can at least see the local news sometime within a 24 hour period?
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9 years ago, BrideyLiz
This app has had ongoing problems since its creation. It's really a disappointment. Most of the time it crashes, but when it does work, it seems I have holes in my local news coverage. These app developers could take a cue from WSBT's app, which has become my go to for local news. Fix it 😕
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9 years ago, Jel250
I am signed up to receive only breaking news alerts with your application but I keep getting spammed with random push notifications! "Countdown to Kickoff is about to start" is not breaking news! Please try to keep these notifications to only REAL breaking news and not programming reminders!
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11 years ago, Wingnut2000
There's so much wrong with this app I don't know where to start. 1. Just look at the weather picture above. Whats the deal with the days? Did someone re-order the days? Hourly is just as bad. Neither the days or the hours are in proper order. 2. When going from story list, to a story, and back, it puts you at the top of the list rather than where you were and you have to scroll through the entire list to get where you left off. Inexcusable. There's more but I'll quit here.
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8 years ago, BettsOpine
Comments do not load
While waiting and waiting and waiting for the comments to load the app completely crashed my iPad. It worked just fine until the latest update. Please fix this.
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8 years ago, Jaundicedsjsjdjdnx
Amazing app, I have a concern for bad storms and I love being notified so I can be aware! It cat really get better than that!
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