16 WAPT News The One To Watch

4.6 (2.3K)
116.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 16 WAPT News The One To Watch

4.58 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
5 years ago, D0507
News on the Go
I like being able to get the major headlines and any breaking news as it happens and The Severe Weather Alerts. I don’t like how some stories lead you to a page that’s 98% dragging you from Ad to A to be anke to read the story. That should be stopped. I know ads pay the bills and are very necessary but some of the stories linked on your website have Malicious links in them. And if your not careful scrolling quickly you’ll hit those scare tactic pop ups made to fool simpler minds into purchasing something. But all in all if you stay on local events only your ok.
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4 years ago, Bret K
Reliable alerts and updates
The content is updated VERY quickly for metro news. This is one of the few apps where I leave the notifications on. I feel like I know the most important news from Jackson without getting overwhelmed by irrelevant or clickbait stories. The weather section is also a lot more detailed than the basic iPhone weather app
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4 years ago, Willow1953
It is ok, but there are issues
Reading the stories and watching the accompanying videos are fine, but I do not like the haphazard layout of the news page. Since I don’t have a television, I watch on my iPhone or iPad. However, it often takes more than 5 minutes for the Live broadcasts to begin, and sometimes, they never connect. Too many times a reporter gets cutoff in the middle of a story, an anchor will be giving a story that has another story playing on top of it, video stops and repeats what was just said, or it just stops playing altogether. I do like the notifications throughout the day.
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6 years ago, Combat spades player
Had app for years, real nice would like better weather interactive radar
I appreciate the alerts. I like hearing about what’s going on and we talk about the updates at work. I would like more traffic updates. I would also like a better weather interface when I’m watching for tornadoes. The Hattiesburg news station app has a much easier to read weather interface. The weather interface is the only reason I subtracted a Star.
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4 years ago, Angle Touch
I Appreciate What You All Are Doing And Thank You All So Much For Keeping Our Community Aware Of What’s Going On Around Us We All Have Lives To Live Not 9 Lives Just One Praying Each And Every Day That God Go Before Us And Keep Us Be Bless
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5 years ago, Edward fishstick
I could only give this app 2 stars, simply because some days it works well and others it doesn’t. Not sure if it’s the broadcast or the app, but some days it doesn’t play at all it simply buffers. Other days it will ply a few seconds, stop and repeat itself and stop. While there are other times 6am it seems they take a 15 or 20 minute hiatus until it comes back on. It’s free so what can you expect. If I paid for it, I would demand a refund because it too inconsistent and unreliable.
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7 years ago, howie-t
More of a complaint than a review. I have all three of our local tv news apps installed. I rarely watch any news and I ALMOST NEVER open any of my 5 news apps. I have push notifications on for all news apps and only read those alerts. After a certain length of time of not opening this app I will get a push that says, “We miss you! Open the app to continue to get push notifications.” NO! Stop making me open the app just to continue to receive notifications.
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3 years ago, ANTROSS72
Live news cast
I think that the app is better than similar apps here in Mississippi. One improvement can be made with the news feed that loads when you want to watch the news it will sometimes load the 5:00 pm news at 9:40pm forcing you too each that instead of being ready for the late news. The feed doesn’t always load properly or on time.
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5 years ago, Seb'smama
I like the weather information and the maps. I would like to see more info on breaking news stories not just the headline in the body of the story with the all to often tag line “we’re following this story and will follow up as information becomes available “.
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2 years ago, c-dee
I love the app but just one thing I can’t stand. When you get notifications on news once you click on one it wipes out all the others and then you can’t find them. I was hoping to be able to click on multiple ones
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6 years ago, hlydkn
One problem
My only problem with the app is that STUPID notification I get saying "you're about to stop getting notifications because you haven't opened the app lately". I like headlines & only occasionally actually read the stories if it's something pertinent to me. Get rid of this (or make it an option in the settings) & you can have 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Missstify
Used to love it
I wish the stories would be on a single page instead of scrolling from one story into another story. I suggest instead of that use links to other stories instead of scrolling down into another story. Also I wish the weather radar wasn’t so complicated. When I wanna see a storm coming to my house I wish just seeing the radar only was default.
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4 years ago, t makaj
The ads ridiculous , you can’t read an entire story without parts missing because of the freaking ads. So sick of this, going to delete app
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5 years ago, financialfiduciary
Disappointing radar change
The recent change of radar format is disappointing. The loop goes back way too many hours. It is very slow loading and doesn’t load most of the time without having to close and re-open the app. The previous app was easy to identify roads and it had a crosshair that could pinpoint an exact location as the view was widened. Please bring back the previous radar app.
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2 years ago, Marlee O.
Great news reporting.
Thank you for your “on the spot” quick news and weather news.
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5 years ago, nig jr
Review of news on internet
Appreciate your app, & current news & weather. I do not watch much tv exact for your WLBT news at 6 & 10:30 pm. Keep us current. Thanks.
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4 years ago, mywave
Captive audience live stream
Live stream is buggy. Very annoying to watch it and have to watch an ad to rejoin after closing stream to do anything as simple as check the time. No complaints other than this but I don't really use the app for anything else.
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4 years ago, weathermum
Weather alerts
I have been relying on channel 16 weather reports for years. I’ve been using the app for 2 or 3 years and particularly like the weather radar.
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5 years ago, scamptus
I love the updates you post. I see them before they appear in the newspaper (if they ever do) and before the news comes on
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4 years ago, live -@6
Thanks. I appreciate the updates. They keep me knowledgeable thorough out the day when I can’t watch you live.
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4 years ago, westbayfl
Enjoy the app but.....
Takes too long to read an update because of the ads. Some ads are twice as long as the update
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5 years ago, Socks Slippers
Weather news / alerts
I really appreciate the weather alerts. WAPT David Hartman weather is the most correct weather forecast. Thanks
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6 years ago, gagepage
I especially appreciate the weather alerts. Even when I’m asleep, if severe weather is approaching the app will alert me. Thanks!
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6 years ago, The Shaw87
Great news coverage!!!
Most of all I appreciate the alerts provided in a timely matter with information that keeps me informed.
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4 years ago, Conls
Weather and Breaking news
I like knowing what is happening around our great state
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6 years ago, Donthesouthernone
My rating
I gave a rating of 1, because that’s the lowest rating offered! If I could I would rate this app in the negative. The reason? Pop up adds! Can’t X out of them. You have to close out the app and try again. Sickening. Hate it. I’m on the verge of deleting this app and getting my local news from another app.
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7 years ago, Mrs.*M*by God's Grace
Great app
My only con is a lot of notifications about every piece of news update. I prefer traffic and weather only
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6 years ago, MzGerrie 54
Great App
I’m enjoying this App, it a way to keep up with what going on in our community and State ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, b0nnoe
What irks me is you send out a notification then when I click on the the story is not there yet. If I’m doing something wrong let me know and I’ll give you 5 stars.
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6 years ago, lune2ne
Pop up video ads
This use to be a great app now half the news stories are video only. I have a tv for that. Also the pop up video ads make it unusable I’m probably going to delete it from my phone
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5 years ago, signman2015
Top news stories
Every time there breaking news stories You have to listen to a commercial From T and d furniture first they need To b able to stop it
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6 years ago, Incyberspace
Most news stories are from outside station area.
I want local news from a local news affiliate. If I wanted news across the nation I would have selected a national news outlet. More ads than most. Plus, too many push notifications begging for ratings.
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5 years ago, Faye Russell
I love all the alerts and also keeping the public informed on news and weather. Love channel 16. You definitely earn a 4 stars.
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4 years ago, SS Central Ms
Wapt App Review
I was asked in App to do this so here goes Too many ads Do not care for the was local news is intermingled with National News and Human Interest Stories I am an avid consumer of News but at times that is hard to separate in this app
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4 years ago, NetProphet1976
App has started locking up
Every article cause the app to just freeze until I shut it down. WLBT works fine so I guess I’m getting my local news there until this is fixed.
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4 years ago, Jfdial3
News coverage and weather are great!
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4 years ago, Downe0449
Prince Charles
It’s not a review it’s a correction request please!! And maybe someone corrected it while I am sending this e-mail! It pertains to the news strips that are running below the screen; the news pertaining to Prince Charles. You will find that the word “heir” is incorrect please change it!! you have “air” not “heir”!!! Thank you so much!!
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5 years ago, mad in miss
I should not have to share my location with you to be able to read WAPT news on my phone. Where I am is none of your business I will be changing to another channel
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4 years ago, kyle dutiel
Plz give us more alerts on the weather .really want more notifications on the weather and news
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6 years ago, ChrissyLou102
Keeps me up to date, I like the alerts. App could work better and be more streamline though
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6 years ago, zarcc1961
Auto play ads
Can’t seem to open the app without a video ad starting automatically. I don’t do videos as such this app is gone. I have auto play videos on wi-fi turned off.
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1 year ago, kkr516
Review App
Greatest news app!! We love it! Thanks
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6 years ago, Overstuffed
Finally deleted it. Like the news articles but despise the Blue Cross Blue Shield opioid epidemic ad that pops up CONSTANTLY! App seems jumpy when scrolling, too.
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5 years ago, CRV48
Needs Improvement
The current version of this app doesn’t work and needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, Kosy Loulou
The Best!
I love the WAPT app! Thank you for being so thorough with your app!
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4 years ago, djmgbt
Too many ads
I want to open and read the article. I don’t want to see a ad each time. I quit using this app because of this.
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4 years ago, uncle dodge
My station
Best station in the state.
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6 years ago, Schatzis mom
On newscasts
They need to learn to pronounce and also need to learn to spell on those news banners should have been counts and they wrote County gets worse on news every day
Show more
6 years ago, Babejae
News you can use!
Show more
6 years ago, lvilles89
Ads keeps popping up while reading article. Its annoying.
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