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Current version
TestMax, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for 1L

4.68 out of 5
283 Ratings
4 years ago, J. Ray Slatton
1L is top of the life and an efficient way to preparing for your 1L
I was preparing to ask my parents to pay for BARBRI or some other program dedicated to prepping me for my 1L semester at KU Law. However, they were kind enough to purchase a lifetime membership to LSATmax, which entitled me free usage of the 1L program. I‘m grateful and feel more prepared for this upcoming fall semester.
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5 years ago, 1Lstudent rev.
Just okay, not worth the $
Not great. If you are considering the product for the law in a flash cards, it makes more sense to buy the physical flash cards and resell. In terms of other things 1L offers, the outlines are okay, but not exceptionally good and pretty comparable to other competitors out there. I found the multiple choice section is very glitchy and difficult to navigate (swiping left and right has issues, seeing the correct answer after finishing a portion has issues) Although the questions are okay (although they tend to be too easy for a standard law school course), there’s a huge disparity between how many are offered for each course (some have 100+ questions while civ pro has only 14 questions). The quality of each video course (torts, contracts, civil procedure) varies by the person teaching it, but overall, it does not go into as much detail as I would have liked. I think this app has the potential to be better, especially by developing more difficult questions and fixing all the glitches in the multiple choice. Right now, there are better products out there that in my opinion will prepare you. I’m a bit disappointed because I expected more for the price. Also, it is very easy to overspend because they only have an auto payment option and not month to month.
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4 years ago, racheocity
Crashes immediately and previous issues
It looks like they updated it about a week ago. The app now crashes and will not open at all. I just restored my phone to factory default settings, most up to date OS, and reinstalled the app, so the problem is not on my end. Prior to this, it asked me to log in with my Apple ID to confirm my subscription EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPENED THE APP, including if I kept it open and returned to the home screen. Support was unhelpful and just kept repeating to uninstall, reinstall, and update my iOS, none of which worked. Functions within the app worked okay, when I was able to use them, but for the high price I expected more, and will obviously unsubscribe now that I am getting zero content for my money since the app does not even open.
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7 years ago, megmck1239
Misleading advertising
There was no indication in the social media ads or in the App Store description that a "subscription" would be necessary or cost so much money. I expected in-app purchases, but I thought there would at least be SOMETHING available for free. That's generally what I expect when I download a free app. Instead, I was invited to make an account and only AFTERWARDS learned of the price. I was looking forward to checking out what the app had to offer, so that was an unpleasant and disappointing surprise. The app itself looks wonderful, but I never would have downloaded it if I knew it cost so much. I'm displeased the advertisements were not upfront about that.
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6 years ago, Jessicagomeza
Highly recommend!!
Honestly one of the best study aids out there. I love that I can quiz myself at any time and place (So long as I have my phone), the lectures are very helpful and the hypotheticals are great. The only con is that I cannot get access through the computer, but having it on my phone has its own benefits.
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4 years ago, 007birdwatch
Love this course
Very different to my previous Bar course. The structure and quality of the notes and lectures is wonderful. Loved the flash cards. I would highly recommend this course.
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5 years ago, reed-law01
Very helpful
It’s a good tool for clarifying things from confusing or complicated lectures. Essentially saying the same thing as your professor, just in a slightly different way. But it’s real worth has been prepping for finals and augmenting my own outlines.
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6 years ago, eddie803
Excellent Resource!
Excellent resource that supplements your legal education and prepares you for exams. Barmax also offers comprehensive bar review programs. Overall, this a cost effective solution and has helped me master substantive legal subjects.
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5 years ago, Liz40!!!!
Good but sometimes frustrating
For some reason it is often unable to play lectures. Maybe something with software? Otherwise I’ve really enjoyed the app.
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6 years ago, BossLadyKD
Priced Right
I feel this product is a good study aid and support to go along with my day to day study. I am an online student. I feel the extra lecture and questions. Are good reinforcement for me LadyK Dennis
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6 years ago, Just another law student
Amazing supplement to your law studies!
I’m doing a law office study program and this app is a life savor! The lectures are great and I especially use the MBE questions throughout the day. Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, iAGTC
Got me to the top of my class. It’s my secret weapon when it comes down to the pre-finals grind. Rule statement honeypot. I never review apps - I just got my property 2 grade back and I owe it all to this app
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7 years ago, 68WCMB
This app has so much info! Well organized and up-to-date!!
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6 years ago, Mellybeeme
Great Resource, but trouble cancelling account
I loved using this while studying but now I don’t need it anymore and can’t figure out how to cancel my subscription. Hoping to get some help here after contacting support and not hearing anything.
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11 months ago, Young Mabel
CRASH course
App is unusable. It has crashed every single time I’ve tried to use it. I’m sure the content is good, but I’ll never get to find out. Will try again if that ever gets fixed, but not paying for something that doesn’t work ☹️
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5 years ago, lawschoolsuffering
Too bad it’s unusable because it only crashes
I was excited to have something that could work on my phone but nothing would work. It freezes and when I try to open a flash card set or an outline it just crashes. Basically useless. 🤙
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5 years ago, the real BE
Glitch Hell
Complete garbage! When you finally get past MULTIPLE sign in attempts, download 14 flash cards... the app crashes before the first card is displayed. Oh yah, they wanna lock you in for 25 bucks a month before you can get far enough into the app to see it crash.
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7 years ago, Inspirational and Informative!
Amazing for law students
If you're in your first year of law school, this is a *MUST*
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7 years ago, PauloLeite
Excelent for studying american law
As an international lawyer, I think they did a very good job in summarizing the experience of 1L!
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5 years ago, Reginajin
Very helpful for student commuters
Used it for one semester on the train to get A.
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4 years ago, Sincere Student
Best Study Aid
#1 reason I finished at the top of my class.
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3 years ago, Fhdbbdbhdhux5677
Really helping study for 1L !
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3 years ago, AutryPruitt
Crashes Worthless
Thus app is horrid. I have had bit for months and it always crashes. I reset the iPad - complete wipe (network and settings). This app really is a disappointment.
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10 months ago, Nnestic
The app crashes after 10 seconds of opening.
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4 years ago, Jacajwjsnksw
Why can’t we do mcqs per area anymore? For example in torts before I can choose to review an area. Now you include all questions. Please fix this. I don’t like this update
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5 years ago, twinky260
Not worth it
DO NOT waste your money. Find another app because the information within this program can be found for free in other apps and YouTube
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