4.3 (100)
57.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 3ABN+

4.31 out of 5
100 Ratings
2 years ago, Happy Sabbath Keeper
One adjustment
Recently the original 3abn app had a feature where when you listen to the music radio channel, they’d display the title of the song and the artist. But now that it went through the “update” of becoming 3abn+, that feature is gone, so when I hear a song on the radio music channel that I like, I can’t look and see what the title is and who the artist is. Instead all I see is just a black screen and nothing else. So please, maybe fix it so we can see the song title and artist name like before!
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6 years ago, DiappointedInStPeteFlorida
PERFECT, (well, almost Perfect)!
I absolutely LOVE the 3ABN app, it’s an addition I could not do without & it’s the only app I access daily (including my weather & calendar apps)! The choices & variety in programs, especially the life skills (Dr. Neil Nedley, The round table of Therapy Counselors, Celebrating Recovery, Cherri Peters, as well as showing the “oldies but goodies” like the Meditation Time featuring nature scenes with Christian music, Pastor Lyle Albrecht & Pastor Walter Pearson! It’s PERFECT (well, almost)..... The only thing is, if/when I need/want to do other things on my phone, the app closes (stops working)! Unlike the Hope Channel, BBN or Pandora (just to name a few) that remain open, meaning I can still hear it, even if I go check my mail, check Facebook, the weather, my calendar, whatever! If I have other things to do electrically, I have to use my computer as well, which is impossible unless I’m home. PLEASE make that adjustment and 3ABN will be head & shoulders above aLLLLL others, otherwise it’s not PERFECT, but almost! *Blessings to one & all!*
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2 years ago, Wubrova#1
Artist/Song Playing on Music Channel
This is a great app 3abn. I think you can make it even better by having the name of the song and artist that is playing on the Music Channel. Can we bring that back again please? Thanks for considering this request.
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5 years ago, Xx.dsxx.12xx
I’m new two this app and I’m looking for new Christian channels so I give this a shot at if I like it I will keep it I will give it a month I watched u guys on tv at night and I’m a reborn Christian can u watch live tv from this app I’m trying two get closer two Jesus my mom likes watching u guys every night around 6:00pm though 7pm I live with a Christian family anyways keep up the good work :)
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6 years ago, RCB68
Great programming. I enjoy tuning in Please adjust the app so when I minimize it...it still runs. Sometimes I’d like to listen to it while I do other things. Thanks!
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7 years ago, simplycynth
3ABN radio is the best
The music and devotional thoughts are so encouraging and uplifting. I turn it on first thing in the morning as I get ready for work and I listen as I unwind and get ready for bed after a long day. The app itself is clean and user friendly. Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, Merakii
Loved it until it started to have some problems
This app is an amazing app. I love the fact that it makes all the channels so accessible. Then out of no where the schedule to see upcoming shows and show information stopped working. So now I am not aware of the times certain shows come on and their episode titles. Please fix soon.
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2 years ago, PernellDH
3ABN+ is a must have!
This app, 3ABN+ is a must have! Their subscription is free! 3ABN+ is better than Netflix, Disney+ and other secular streaming services! This app is family friendly and Christ-centered for people of all ages!
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10 years ago, Drumstix131
A wonderful resource
I have met some people at 3abn and I know they pour themselves into what they do. God blessed the 3abn! One thing though, can we get better ability to lock iphone and program continue to stream while screen is off? For the next build, maybe? Thanks for a great resource!
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5 years ago, 🐼ㄗ丹れ刀丹
Great app but...
APPLE TV APP 🙌🏻 APPLE TV APP 🙌🏻 APPLE TV APP 🙌🏻 APPLE TV APP 🙌🏻 APPLE TV APP 🙌🏻 ??????!!????!!!!!!?????? I don't want to break the 5 star rating for this app, i'm probably the only one to give it 4. But I have a feature request, see I would like to make notes and be able to watch 3ABN at the same time, can you please incorporate picture in picture mode? This is a much needed feature. Also there is a need for a AppleTV app, surely it cant be that hard? Thank you.
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5 years ago, Burt Model
Latest release is having a lot of problems for visually impaired customers that are using voiceover. It does not say the name of the buttons or the icons on the main screen like 3 PM today three ABN proclaim it pronounces them as graphics colors please fix this problem.
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5 years ago, rambran
When will you be coming out with chrome cast.
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6 years ago, Alex Musat
Amazing app
Amazing app. Works perfect for us. Thank you. May God bless you.
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4 years ago, JojoJoeM92
Please we need an Apple TV app
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7 years ago, Jmo5ke
Great but add casting
The app is great but please add casting to tv... thank you
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10 months ago, Ctdfan
Praise the Lord for 3ABN
3ABN has changed my life.❤️🙏
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6 years ago, Edit Dude
Apple TV
I admit I’m no programmer but it’s my understanding it isn’t a difficult process to update the codebase of an iOS app to support tvOS. A native Apple TV version is long overdue.
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1 year ago, Granny Moses
Please put the menu back so everyone can find the programs Thank w
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5 years ago, pingjockey1966
Creator revealed?
Crock of crap for your crackers. Jesus peddler claiming to be a scientist . Boo
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10 years ago, Woriyapurinces
Best app ever👏
I love 💚💚this app so much because it provides value able programming for my kid. He goes to the sunbeam channel and i don't have to worry about him watching junk. And i love that i can see the schedule of whats coming up next. Its been a blessing. And they have made just an impact in my life and am just grateful. Thank you lord for 3abn and the iphone app😄
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10 years ago, 1940
Praise God for 3abn
I have a neighbor that speaks Russian and does not understand English very well. I have been trying to share God's message of love to her, then I found the Russian 3abn and shared it with her, she smiled and understood well what was being said she recommends that we watch together sometime and I pray sometime very soon.
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8 years ago, FDWLAW
Landscape on iPad issues since last update
I use the 3ABN app more than any others. I just want to thank all those that are doing the lords work at 3ABN. I have received blessing after blessing after blessing watching David Asscherick, Doug Batchelor, John Lomacang, and John Carter, and many others. Praise be to God!
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8 years ago, ljoeisraelmn
Love this app, especially since d2 channel was discontinued on my local AIR TV antenna.
Only one reason for the four stars is that it doesn't seem to work in landscape mode on air pad 2 which I think is a must for viewing video. Still think it's an awesome app with some great teaching & love tabletalk.
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11 years ago, Della reesa
This window say offline error try again later. First of all I never applied for offline. Please fix! Good app otherwise
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11 years ago, Blaxicangal
If I can't make it to Church I just pull out my iPhone and have church. There's no excuse now 😂. Thankyou SO much for this App! Its layout makes it really easy to navigate and find what you need 🙏😇. I also like the App icon, it looks clean.
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8 years ago, DoeJoe
Works Great!(mySDAtv)
Truly a life changing app, with a life changing message. Gospel on the Go! The Sabbath message has changed the life of myself and my family. I really love my new mySDAtv box! Much better than roku or appletv. It covers so many networks!
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10 years ago, Meredithjane
Such a Clear Clean Picture!
Easy to open and pops right up. Now when my exercise or cooking show is on, I can catch it easily and even wear earphones. The convenience is amazing. Thanks for this app.
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11 years ago, hermdog
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
I have so longed for this. I have a feature request. How about the capability of seeing previous hours of programming. Like the MOIP device does.
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9 years ago, Princess IME
Landscape problem
I love this ap, and enjoy watching 3ABN but it doesn't switch to landscape mode anymore. Can you please fix this problem?
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11 years ago, Made a Believer
An app that worked right away without issues. You can stream the broadcast and it works like watching live TV. Outstanding!
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11 years ago, mexchikkis
Great APP for phone & Apple TV, too!
We are able to view the programs on our TV too! God Bless you on sharing God's word to more people around the world!
Show more
8 years ago, Ciera.lewis5
This is one of the best apps. This helps bring a new perspective on the Adventist church and gives the ability of the gospel to be reached across the world
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9 years ago, Desi Chic
Great App but lots of glitches
I have loved this app very much but recently the tv videos have not been properly working. The tv shows/videos freeze or don't show at all. Please fix ASAP! Thank you!
Show more
10 years ago, ksg loves music
You need this!
This app is such a blessing. I love being able to access all 3ABN channels, any time, anywhere. Thank you!!!
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10 years ago, Vielma1969
To God Be The Glory
I was soooo pleased to find this. It works great and I love it! Thanks 3ABN for your great work to send the message around the world. And what a great way by making a an app 🙏👍
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9 years ago, 1stspring
Won't rotate on iPad
4 stars because of no screen rotation on iPad since last update. This is a notable inconvenience, yet app content remains of high value.
Show more
10 years ago, Glukez
Great App!
I love that I could hear the video even when I lock the screen ! Keep up the great work :)
Show more
8 years ago, hajilef
Apple TV (tvOS) app?
Thanks for fixing the landscape issue on the iPad. But I would really like to see the app updated to support the new Apple TV. RoKu has had a 3ABN app for a while now. Why not add support for Apple's latest platform? Thank you.
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10 years ago, Gobles2400
This app is a fantastic requirement to any mobile device.
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9 years ago, Riffats44
Fix landscape
Love the app but landscape mode doesnt work anymore. 5 stars after fix
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11 years ago, sabreu1179
Amazing!! Thanks
Telling everyone! So great that this app was created. So many more will be reached. May God continue to lead.
Show more
8 years ago, Sister210
Thank you so much for fixing the landscape mode. I just love this app! The programs are so informative and inspiring! God bless you all.
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11 years ago, 007pda
This app was necessary to simplify speeding the truth of the Bible and Jesus testimony through the Church. God richly bless the developer that helped us receive this gift! Amen, PS
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9 years ago, Nona First
Hard to watch without the landscape option and having to twist head to watch straight up
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11 years ago, Briman7608
Wonderful app!
Everything works great! Great for watching on iPhone and tablets.
Show more
11 years ago, Matt0894
Awesome outreach !!!!
This is amazing when traveling and being on the go. I love this.
Show more
9 years ago, BB6er
Landscape mode needs fixing
This app is over all good but need the landscaping mode to be fix I don't use my iPad in a portrait when watching videos
Show more
11 years ago, inkandartca
Best app ever
Thanks for making this app! Now i can enjoy 3ABN in my phone.
Show more
10 years ago, armlacoste
This app is really amazing, it works perfect and the image is clean. 😱👍👌
Show more
9 years ago, idontwanttocomeupwithadumbnickname
Please provide landscape mode to operate.
Thanks for the wonderful programming. Last update only operates in portrait mode. Would be great if landscape mode was restored. God bless!
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