3D Wallpapers Backgrounds

3.7 (75)
27 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rise Up Labs
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for 3D Wallpapers Backgrounds

3.72 out of 5
75 Ratings
6 years ago, Go back 76
This is an ok app there is a little more than average amount of ads and that’s annoying but for everyone who is talking about the downloading problem heck, just screenshot the wallpaper and crop out what you don’t want. 👍
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3 years ago, Blueshine66
Great app
Great wallpaper and you can get a lot of theM for free. But even if you do unlock everything it’s so inexpensive. There is a lot to choose from. This is where I’ve gotten my wallpaper from for years.
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2 years ago, 💛Lovey💛
I really like the quality of each photo. Although I don’t really favor the point system, it is very pleasing to look at, and there are so many to choose from!! 🤩
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3 years ago, Nettajulle
This app would be so much better if…
Ads ads ads ads. Do I need to say more? Purchased all categories $4.99 for all time. I thought erroneously this would stop or at least slow down the freaking ADS. I’m still using it Bcz I paid but for the app but otherwise I wouldn’t bother downloading unless every 3 minutes you want an ad in ur face!!
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5 years ago, L.Wessells
Best wallpaper on web
The 3D papers are terrific. I use them all the time. No matter what I am making ,I can always find the background or imagine I need here. Everyone should try this app, you will not regret it.
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4 years ago, love2 boop
3D wallpaper
I really enjoy this app it’s got lots of categories and plenty of wallpapers to choose from.....
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4 years ago, DianaElaine
So many great wallpapers!
Beautiful fascinating photos to place on you phone, tablet, or computer! I found the perfect ones for me. You won't be disappointed!
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6 years ago, LoganGirlFriday
Too much !
Has too many ads popping up WAY to many times! Deducts points from amount they give to you & after that you have to pay money. I was so overwhelmed by pop up ads that I can’t even tell you if the pictures were good or not because I only got to download three or four!
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4 years ago, ~Quata~
Kudos! Thanks for all your hard work!
If your looking for some wallpapers, this app is a must have! Easy to use on my Apple iPad!
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5 years ago, C. Jakimowicz
Excellent Wallpapers
I look forward to reviewing and selecting various wallpapers and retaining them in my storage for future use. Keep up the good work. Thank You! C. C. Jakimowicz
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6 years ago, Seleach
Love this app
10 Stars this app is the best for cool pics it never gives me the point you say you will . Help ! Charles
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7 years ago, dina anderson
3D wallpapers
Very nice, good variety of categories and many choices within ea one
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4 years ago, fips 11
3 D
This app is well worth the purchase to unlock All features.
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3 years ago, PurpleTXLady
Women’s nite gown
Can I see photos of women’s nite gowns?
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4 years ago, Tink63490
Love app
I love this app but too much adds
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7 years ago, Chromebat
0 stars
Cannot search properly, and clearly riddled with viruses. Ads and pop ups show up every 5 seconds
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11 months ago, Ride when’s ensemble
To many ads
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6 years ago, Landslide19
Excellent choice
I just love this
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6 years ago, Shannonpuffdaddy
Awesome wallpapers double recommend this app!!!
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5 years ago, chocodany
I love the beautiful wall paper!!!
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14 years ago, Zak K
Improvements (And People Are Being Stupid)
Double-check your connection, then restart the app, making sure that it isn't running in the background (iOS4 [double-click the home button, hold the icon, press the delete icon]). It worked for me so =P most, if not all, apps have problems- it helps if you look for a solution. This is an excellent app- note that it isn't "true" 3D- it is just 3D rendering. Adding tagging of photos (and with it, searching) would make this a 5 star rating
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5 years ago, Twetty 480
Love this app... More holidays apps
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4 years ago, Thersa72
Very good app
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7 years ago, +Sophie+
An ad popped up every 10 seconds
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4 years ago, kitkatkLi
Great app cool wallpapers
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4 years ago, Suns out Guns out 671
There was s to much adds
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7 years ago, Yzordie
Ad pops up every 10-15 seconds
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4 years ago, Cameron_124
Way to many ads
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4 years ago, Ix blah
I hate this app, I caused me to get add ware aka. A virus!
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2 years ago, guy5349
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12 years ago, Leetabeetaeetapeeta
Omg this is horrible! I took a screen shot of a picture and just realized that i have viable proof of this sexually oriented ad in their app! Upgrade me now at no charge so that i dont have to put up with that. Also, there are Four to five ads constantly running at the same time even in the background! The photos are not 3 d and u cant save them directly either. Only email! I hated how much advertising is going on at the same time! The ads are distracting and EVEN WORSE IS ONE OF THE ADS WAS SEXUALLY ORIENTED! This is an iPad not a phone so why flash lights to point me to an urgent call? That someone is waiting to talk to me?! "HOT GUY WANTS TO CHAT" who said what my gender is? I hate that crap, hate it hate it hate it! Just upgrade my app to full right now without me paying cuz i feel like had to work hard to just focus on what i downloaded...or at least what i wanted from the download. Not all these ads....there are more ads running than there are pictures on the screen! So upgrade me at no charge! And remove all ads! And btw my spouse cheated on me and i don't want to have to be reminded of that from this kind of bs...even worse still, those ads are on an app that was supposed to be decent! It is bad to solicit sex ads and so remove them.
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8 years ago, Purple<3r
I'm impressed!! Pretty nice wallpaper!
I was genuinely surprised by this app! First of all, it isn't the same wallpapers that every other app has on it. Secondly, the pictures' graphics are better than other 3-D apps seem to be. Finally, the amount & frequency of the ads seems quite a bit less often than others but of course, this is only MY opinion. And finally, I really like how just browsing through the pictures earns points for your use. So, thank you for not just another run-of-the- mill wallpaper app!!!!!
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14 years ago, tartia2
U idiots
U idiots out there who r saying that this is a horrible app all probably have I touches and issues with patients. Can u read ????? They r working on it!!!!!! This is such a good app that it doesn't feel that ur good enough for it so it wont run for u. Appreciate wat u have!!! Wat if ur family was so poor they couldn't even aford 2 sleep!! Then the next morning u got this app and the I phone or touch U would think this is the best thing in the world. Huh. Am I sencing some guilt ??? I better be!!! This is an awesome app!!!!!!!!!! Just be patient!!!!
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13 years ago, Sccar Face
Revolution says... Eye popping good app
Revolution says... Am, I in the movie theater? I better not be watching Justin Bieber. That would be torture. Well, turns out we are at home, or in the car, or on the toliet. Anywhere you take your IPad. Anywhere, but the movie theater, unless you are watching something really bad, like Igor or Astro Boy. I really like the pictures, that's it. That's all I have to say. Random kid: But, Revolution I am here to listen to an amazing review you have to come up with. Well, to all who thinks this app crashes, it's not the app, its you.
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12 years ago, Comprt2
Pros: Has some good pictures. Cons: Has to download pics, which at times can be slow. Very glitchy, and by that I mean after flipping through pages of pictures, picture screen blacks out. Only thing showing are the adds. Only way to get out is to hit the home button and reopen the app and start over. But worst of all is all the spam/adds that is thrown at you. Adds pop up as the app opens. Adds at the top and bottom of the picture pages. And finally a little shaking add box on the left side of the screen which sits in front, slightly blocking the picture page all at the same time. So if you can get passed all that, you might like this app.
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9 years ago, Scittles2
Not worth the time
This app boasts great pictures & some are but all are scrunched down to fit the screen rather than being designed for smart device screens. For example, there are Earth pictures. You would expect them to be round but instead they are oval, stretched tall. Additionally * there are advertising popups every couple of screens you view, almost all of them when you press the X to close it, it opens to download the app {so Rise Up Labs gets click through $$} * You need points to download pictures so you either pay or watch videos or take surveys. Fine. but you don’t always get your points. You can open a ticket but no one addresses your ticket * Not all wallpapers are unlocked. You need more points * Point Offers state you will get xx,xxx points but instead, you get x,xxx {10% of the promised points} *App crashes if you browse too many wallpapers, that they offer * Many wallpapers are duplicated in the same category
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14 years ago, Andro.Lover
Great images
I did not use the other version but this one is super fast. Images don't take too long to download images. It take less than one second with my connection. Of course, there are some room for improvement. For example, it would be great if you could make a search by keywords and by categories. But it is still a good option you must have!
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14 years ago, Kuhndog203
Great images, but....
Great images. No problems loading over 3G, but there's something wrong with the favorites list. I could only keep three favorites, then a moment later all of my favorites were gone. I'll make sure to just save the ones I like from now on. It would be really nice to actually keep a favorites que though. *ahem, developers...* Other than that, it's a great app with some really cool artwork. This one actually gets to stay on my phone.
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9 years ago, EmilyG21
Great But.........
I absolutely love the app. I love that it has a variety of cool wallpapers to fit everyone's style. There is just one thing though. I don't like it that you have to earn points just to download a picture. I know that playing a game will also help, but it only gives 10 pts. Please either stop making the people earn points just to download a picture, or just give people more points so that they won't worry about working hard just for a picture.
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8 years ago, Njbeemaster
Great, but needs better organization
I really like this 3-D wallpaper site a lot, but find myself treading through the same wallpaper over and over again to get to know newer stuff that I haven't seen. It works on a point system and watching commercials and clicking links buys you additional views of the wallpaper as well as downloads. Again I do you like it, but it's very repetitive any it's wallpaper images when searching.
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14 years ago, Sephiroth726
Not buying full version!!!
It was fine at first but now the adds are very irritating, and it has a big flashy thing at the top saying "full version" and it keeps interrupting me asking me to buy the full version... Don't the adds pay for it? Who would buy a wallpaper app? There are millions of free pics to get online, it's just more convenient in an app... If they don't change this I'll probably delete it... The wallpapers aren't bad but they've just made it very annoying with updates! Not only that but you shouldn't have it on here free, then pester people to buy a full version, false advertising...
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14 years ago, Bigjaybo77
Needs work.
It has beautiful wallpapers WHEN you can get them to load! Load time is long, too many pop-ups when the download fails, and the lack of the ability to go to the next page until they all have loaded or failed. It's just annoying. This has the potential to the best wallpaper on iTunes if the issues get resolved. For that, !
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8 years ago, AndyB828
Good app, almost solid.....
Love the quality & diversity of this app's wallpapers....and I dont mind that alot of great wallpapers are locked, someone gotta make loot, and the app gives you an option to unlock them thru a point system by playing a mini inside a wallpaper app, very cool & unique....but i have one criticism & it might be just w/ me but I spent like 40 mins uploading sick wallpapers & half of them r missing & other half say pending?? Doesnt make sense?
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14 years ago, Lostlove
Idk what these people are talking about, the quality in the pictures are amazing and there are a TON to choose from. Yeah they have a few half naked girl photos but people should stop freaking out about it, it's not a porno by any means. Guys don't like looking at puppy dogs all day long so they have a huge mix of photos for everyone :) and it is very fast too.
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10 years ago, Skyjo02
This app does not make it impossible to do something without spending real money. On top of that, it does have a wide-range of awesome photos to choose from. Also, if you are an artist who likes to show their work in several different ways, you'll like this app because you can send in your work, and if approved to be ok to put on there, everyone can see it.
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10 years ago, Bekah595
This is the best wallpaper app I've ever used, and I have used a bunch of them. The pictures are appropriate for all ages. They let you upload your own pics for others to use. And best of all, they use a point system that 1) motivates people to keep using the application, and 2) keeps people from over downloading. I love it, and I think you should try it too.
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9 years ago, Gymcats gymnastics😍
I love this app!!! When ever (like every day)I fell like I need a new wallpaper change I use this . Right now I have a fairy land looking one for my lock screen and on my home screen is a sun set I love all the 3D on this app it just brings out a lot of just like good wallpapers you kinda no what I mean? I hope ever body else who has this app enjoys it just as much as me!!!!!!!!!!!!❤
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11 years ago, Kdaddy525
Top three of wallpapers in App Store!!!
Tons of cool pictures that if you wanted you could probably change both your home and lock screens everyday and have both pics that you would be more than happy with... Tons of variety, serious, funny, pretty, sci-fi, etc... They just go on and on and on and on and on and on and ...
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9 years ago, Rickster317
3D Screens 4 Free
One of the best screen saver apps I've ever had the chance to use. It not only has the option to download unique screen shots but with no cost making it even better. This app allows for the ability to acquire more points so you can continue to download the screen shots for free just another great perk.
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14 years ago, Wexfyf
This app is great I've had it for about 30 mins and a already have like 20 new backgrounds. One issue I do have with it though, is that when I scroll far enough right it just goes black and I can't refresh. Wait that's 2... Oh well it's the best app I've gotten in a long time.
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